and i just gained quite a few

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Hey, I've got myself into a cycle where I'll eat great in the morning, since I don't eat that much. But around lunch and dinner I just eat whatever is in sight, and then feel like dying. I constantly tell myself I'll do better tomorrow but I never do. I think it's because my meals are quite big and after I've ate I'll just want to keep eating more and more? Idk but I've had over 1000 cals yesterday and today and I haven't even had dinner yet fml. I need to start fresh but idk how :/

You exactly described me. It’s also my situation. But the last few days I am slowly getting back on track. But like seriously the only thing that really has helped me is that I literally felt too disgusting to eat yesterday cause I realized how much weight I have gained. The thing is you need to find a motivation something that really motivates you and keeps you going. If you manage the first days it will get easier. And seriously everyone always says if you eat more you won’t binge. But like if I eat much for lunch I am always like ‘fuck this’ and eat so much more.


I’ve been MIA for the last few months because I’m in recovery for addiction (specifically alcohol!) I’m 79 days sober today.

I was drinking beer almost every night for about three years. I think I drank beer because it made me feel like less of an alcoholic, like “Oh, it’s just beer. You’re not drinking the hard stuff. You’re fine.” I gained about 30 lb and was severely depressed and suffered from anxiety attacks. I didn’t want to go anywhere or do anything unless there would be alcohol there.

Since I’ve quit, I’ve discovered a few things. First, my anxiety is almost completely gone. So I guess that was alcohol induced. Second, the depression is still there! And that’s something I’ve been struggling with these past few months that I’ve been basically missing from Tumblr.

To anyone who placed an order in my shop– I’m so sorry this is happening right now and I’m working on orders today, hoping to get every single order out by the end of this week. If you didn’t receive a tracking number, you should receive one in your e-mail by Sunday. I’m adding in so many extras for you. Doesn’t make up for me being shitty and flaky, but hopefully they will bring you some joy.

Here’s my before and after so far. I lost 17 lb. and then gained 1 lb. back because of election stress. #fuckdonaldtrump

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We had someone quit so I gained a few extra shifts. No problem. But when my manager gave them to me she was like "I would've taken them but I already have 60h this week and they would've just sent me home." Like 60h?? Someone help this poor woman..


Whew! What an easy year that was, amiright?!

Just kidding. We literally got the shit kicked out of us for over half the year and quite honestly, I couldn’t and we couldn’t have had a better support system to get though it than this damn fandom. We lost a few along the way, we gained a few new people, who were brought in by the injustice they witnessed being committed, and when one of us fell, the others picked them up. That is what I truly, truly love about this fandom. We’re a fucking family and I don’t care how hippy that makes me to say. I have never felt such strong love and support from a group of people in my whole life than what I experienced with you guys this year. From my hiatus before the shit storm, to during and after, you guys sent me the sweetest messages, consistent support, and I promise you it did not go unnoticed. I even saved a bunch of the messages because they gave and give me strength when I was weak this summer.

Last year, I made a list of just things that I did that year and I had a separate ‘retrospective’ for Johnny’s year, but I’m going to combine them this year and highlight everything we and he have done.

  • DEPP THOUGHTS {Because I was bored and thought it would be fun to write what I thought was going through his mind during certain scenarios}
  • HOLLYWOOD VAMPIRES TOUR {Every single one of his musical wet dreams came true in Summer 2016, when he embarked on a four month world tour with the Hollywood Vampires; the band he created with his musical heroes, Joe Perry and Alice Cooper, and his childhood best friend and band mate, Bruce Witkin. I think I can safely say that every single one of us were so proud of him, and so, so happy for him.}
  • CAREER AWARDS {In early 2016, Johnny won two prestigious, career spanning awards for his brilliant contributions to the film industry. First, the Desert Palm Achievement Award at the Palm Springs Film Festival. Second, the Maltin Modern Master Award at the Santa Barbara International Film Festival.}
  • #WEAREWITHYOUJOHNNYDEPP {Together, not only on Tumblr but everywhere, we used this hashtag to show Johnny our support during the toughest time he’s ever faced in the public eye. Along with this, we created a support video comprising of Tumblr bloggers and other Depp fans as well, reminding him of how much he means to so many, and how much support he has. He was sent a version of that and we were thanked for the support.} 
  • THE PRICE OF FREEDOM {I read this incredible novel, the canon origin story of Jack Sparrow, last year, and decided to make a whole lot of edits, complete with quotes, for those who haven’t had the pleasure or opportunity to read it!} 
  • FINDING THE CREATIVITY IN MADNESS: ASU TALK {Johnny graciously agreed to sit down with his friend and hero, Professor Lawrence Krauss, at Arizona State University to discuss how Creativity could be found in Madness. He opened up more than ever about his past, his mental illness, his struggle with addiction and more. He gave so much of himself to us in those two hours and is important to watch for anyone who doesn’t understand Johnny Depp. (Part 2)}
  • JOHNNY DEPP 53 {We went BIG this year for his birthday and made and delivered to him a vinyl record, comprising of covers and readings of his favourite songs and literature. We even received a thank you back from him! Thank you to everyone who participated in the polls and the ideas and for the incredible support surrounding the project, and especially to Justine, Alysha, Rowan, Annika, Lisa, Alessia, Vera, Emerson, Jordan, Sabrina, Elisa, Stefania, Oriella and Maya for all sending in tracks and participating on the vinyl, and to Gina & Stephen Deuters and Malcolm Connolly for all their help and kindness! :) ♥} 
  • SPARRABETH ARCHIVE {I decided to rip open my heart by going through every Sparrabeth fanfiction I could possibly think of, and that were submitted to me, and organized them all on one blog! (This may be particularly useful now that LIZZIE MAY BRIEFLY RETURN SHSKSHDKAHDUKK)}

Honourable Mentions:

As last year, I want to also give a huge shout out to a few amazing blogs run by some fantastic human beings. If you’re on this list, it’s because I truly love seeing you on my dash, or you’ve helped give me perspective and hope during the worst year the Depp fandom has ever seen, or you’ve helped me and supported me throughout this year; when I was at my absolute lowest, the messages I got from some of you were what kept me going. If you’re not on this list, it’s probably because I am #TheWorst. I’m excited for a much better year in 2017 with all of you, and Johnny!

@aades // @all2thecontrary​ // @apirateslifeforme123​ // @avondepp​ // @becauseitisjohnnydepp​ // @changebelief​ // @deppdeppishlydepp​ // @depphead1963 // @depplyinlove // @depplyobsessed​ // @deppody // @donapirata​ // @dreamofdepp // @fireflydances​ // @goldepp​ // @havithreatendub4​ // @johnnydeppismybae​ // @johnnydeppskank​ // @johnnysboots​ // @justwantbackthosetimes // @leannabee // @lovingjdepp​ // @orionredstarr​ // @proudtobeadepphead​ // @sakurafavjd​ // @scream4johnny​ // @trickstercaptain​ // @truestench​ // @wolfinsheepclothing

so while i don’t really draw attention to it too much, i do occasionally try to remind people that i have depression, anxiety and ADD

not to gain sympathy or anything like that, but i often get really sweet and kind messages from many, many different people, just genuinely complimenting my art or my analytical abilities, or asking my opinion about something because they’re honestly curious about my thoughts on a specific subject

even tho i have several of these mental illnesses, they haven’t stopped me from producing work and impressing people with what i can do

i hope this doesn’t sound too big-headed, but i know there are quite a few people out there who admire me or find me as a source of inspiration, and i kinda just wanna show them that while i also have these mental illnesses, i’m able to continue on, and people really do enjoy what i have to say or create

(ahh i hope this makes sense…)

(Massively Fattening)

Audio 10: My Feeder Bucket List

Okay you guys so this one is going to be a little more casual and hopefully I don’t ramble too much! So far I haven’t had the pleasure of being a full-time, long-term feeder to anyone so there’s quite a few things I wanna do, a feeder bucket list if you will. I guess we can start with the numbers. I would love to help someone gain 100lbs, just so I can say we hit that three digit milestone. I’d also love for them to be at least 100lbs heavier than me. That’ll probably come first depending on their starting weight. Of course some of this is dependent on height and stuff too, 100lbs could be a lot for someone but I can’t resist those big numbers. I’d like to help someone get to 300lbs, 350, maybe even 400. And when we get there, I want to celebrate with a huge weekend feeding. Maybe set a goal of 15000 calories over the course of 48 hours. That would mean funneling lots and lots of calories into my piggy which is another goal of mine. Even better if I can tie them up. I want to keep track of their gain too… I’ve always liked the idea of a chart on the fridge that way every time they go for a snack, they can see their progress. We’d have weekly weigh-ins, plot the little point on the chart, then go out for dinner to get a head start on the next week’s gain. I’d want my piggy to wear something tight when we go out, just tight enough for them to be aware of how fat they’ve gotten. Of course I’d want to get a booth because I’m hoping their huge belly would be pressed up against the edge of the table. I want to order for them, or at least order something extra they aren’t aware of so when the server brings it to the table, my big piggy pretends to be confused but is secretly turned on at the thought of having an extra entrée. I kinda hope other people in the restaurant will be staring, amazed at my fatty’s size and appetite. If they aren’t staring then, they’re certainly going to be staring when we go to the buffet together. I’d want them to eat at least five full plates, and I’d wanna be in charge of the dessert courses. Afterwards I’d help them waddle to the car and we’d go home for another weigh-in. It might not count for the little tracking chart but I’d curious to see how much weight we can add with a huge public stuffing like that. Speaking of the scale, I’d really love to see my feedee break one… seeing ‘error’ show up on that little screen would be one hell of an achievement. I’d also like to see them break a chair or two. Even if it means purposefully buying some cheap flimsy thing for the sole purpose of collapsing it. I’d want to record it too, with their permission of course. It doesn’t even have to be posted anywhere. I just want to document my piggy’s accomplishments for our own personal enjoyment. Now, with how quickly they’re going to balloon for me, we’ll need to make a few trips to the mall. Of course I’m going to dote on them, be very sweet and encouraging when picking out new, bigger clothes, but I’m definitely going to sneak in a few too-small items in there too. I’ll ask them to come out and show me how everything fits, just so I can see how snug that 3XL shirt is now. Well that’s about all I can think of for now, I’m sure there’s more. You guys will definitely hear about all the other things I want to do with my future fatty when I think of them!

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Yoongi Scenario: Thick and Thin.

Request:  can i request one where you gained weight and you said you’ll lose weight you just keep eating and Yoongi keeps saying you’re getting fat and all but actually keeps feeding you.

Genre: Fluff / Drama

Looking at yourself in the mirror was all the confirmation that you needed, you didn’t even have to step on the scale to know that you had definitely gained weight these past few months. Because of university you had to quit going to exercise this semester and the long studying nights made you want to eat to help you stay awake, seriously, all these kilograms were the university’s fault. It wasn’t like you were indulging with ice cream late at night or that you ate pizza every time you could, nor even that your boyfriend insisted in eating those korean dishes so full of calories, no, this was obviously the university’s fault and you wanted it to be over.

-When this semester is over I will be the fittest girl in the country, I will be a model, a goddess- you said to yourself still looking at your reflection trying to suck your stomach in all you could so you would look skinnier.
At that moment you heard the sound of the door and after that the sound of the keys being hanged on their usual spot, Yoongi was home.

Running to the bed you laid there as naturally as you could, turning on the TV and starting to swap channels like that was all you were doing this afternoon. Yoongi entered the room soon after that, greeting you with his classical lazy smile.
-I’m home babe-


He sat on the edge of the bed and you got closer to kiss his lips lightly, one of his hands going down your hair and then he tilted his head a bit so he could kiss you again.

After that Yoongi started to undress to put on something more comfortable, a pair of sweat pants and plain t-shirt. He saw you laying there and he thought about the thing he was going to say to you today; he was a blunt guy and he didn’t like to go around the bushes but, how could a boyfriend tell his girl easily that she had gained some weight? Television and Instagram pictures told him that delivering that kind of information to a girl could be highly dangerous, so as straightforward as he was Yoongi felt that this matter should be carried with care.
-I’m going to check some things at the computer- he said before leaving the bedroom.

Yoongi came back to the room half an hour later, he had the same troubled expression on his face and a mug of coffee on his hand. He closed the door and stood in front of the bed.
-Ok Y/N this will be a bit awkward but I’m going to say it- You arched an eyebrow but nodded, encouraging him to go on. -You know you are my girlfriend-

-Yes Yoongi, I know I’m your girlfriend- you said trying to contain your smile.

-Let me talk, this is serious-

At this you perked up and sat properly on the bed, serious talks were always delicate. -what’s going on babe?-

-Well, you know… I don’t know if you have noticed but… babe you’re gaining weight-

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Hey new followers!

I’ve gained quite a few followers recently so I suppose it’s time for a bio post on everyone. Hi!

I’m a female nearing 30 (egads), from Indiana, moved to Colorado a few years ago. This is primarily a dogblr though I also post hiking, scenery, and occasional random crap. I’ve been training and competing in dog agility since 2004 and started teaching agility a few years ago.

  • Solstice was my white shepherd who died in August from a freak medical death, mesenteric torsion. She was just shy of 5 years old, and my heart and soul. I didn’t know it was possible to love a dog as much I loved her and so of course living without her is still very hard, but I’m trying. Some days are better than others and I do stuff, some days all I can do is curl up on the couch but those generally aren’t the days I post about. She was a fearful dog by nature, and she helped me learn about fear and patience. Agility helped her confidence and she earned a lot of titles, but I’m just proud of how much she blossomed and I was looking forward to seeing her grow even more in the coming years.
  • Ryker is a 7 year old GSD from working lines. He was my first “all mine” dog, and was supposed to be my ~serious agility dog~ after starting with the family pets. Didn’t really happen though, he injured a leg when he was young, and while he was still able to do agility, it did make jumping and turning more difficult and especially so now that he’s older. He also had/has over-arousal issues that I was unprepared for and also made agility with him frustrating. I often liken him to a Malinois in a GSD body and I’ve suffered the huge training learning curve that has come with him. I have been dabbling in agility again with him after Solstice passed, to keep myself current and because with all I’ve learned in the past few years I’m better able to work with him. He’s one of those “I wish I could start over with what I know now” dogs. Mostly Ryker and I work on competition obedience stuff, and mostly for fun as he’s not a dog I care to trial much and it gives him something to do since he can’t do much agility. He’s got two legs towards his CD and eventually I’ll be brave enough to try for the third and finish it up.

  • Chandra is a 6 month old GSD from working lines. Not much to say about her yet since she’s still young, but she’s fun and is my up-and-coming agility dog as she gets older. I’ll also be training her for some competition obedience, but not sure how much I’ll do with her beyond Novice either.

  • Spice Cat is the resident cat, of course. About 7 years old now. We adopted her from a shelter when she was about 2 years old, supposedly as a stray who’d had kittens under someone’s porch. She’s really confident and friendly, also very food-motivated so I do some clicker training with her.

Yes, all my dogs are from breeders. I support responsible breeding. I support rescuing as well, even though I currently choose breeder dogs. I am also not a force-free/all-positive/whatever trainer. My training is largely rewards-based, most of what I do is positive reinforcement (probably a good 95% or so) but I do still use and support the proper use of every quadrant. I use clickers, cookies, and toys as well as prongs and e-collars, and again I use the former far more than the latter, but they’re all there. I learn many things from many different trainers, including Michael Ellis, Sylvia Trkman, One Mind Dogs, Shade Whitesel, Denise Fenzi, Linda Mecklenburg, Julie Daniels, the trainers I work with IRL, and many more.

I welcome messages, questions, and curiosity. Differences of opinion are fine, nobody agrees on everything. However, rude and condescending messages will either be responded with a reasonable attempt at an answer, snark, or just ignored depending on my mood and how the message is worded. For example, “I don’t understand how breeding can be good when there are so many homeless dogs” will get a legitimate reply, whereas “dog breeding nazi piece of shit” (which has actually happened) will not.

𝓌𝑒𝓁𝒸𝑜𝓂𝑒 𝓃𝑒𝓌 𝒻𝑜𝓁𝓁𝑜𝓌𝑒𝓇𝓈!

I’ve gained quite a few of you over the past month or so, and I just wanted to say hello and welcome to my blog! My name is Kelsey and I’m really glad to have you here. <3 This is an RP/Character Inspiration/General FFXIV sideblog of mine (my main is @kenipls!), so you can find all sorts of things here! Anywhere from original writing pieces, character discussions, aesthetic posts, screenshots & edits, art, and basically anything related to FFXIV in general.

My blog is NSFW free and drama free as a strict rule. My character’s aesthetic posts can be a bit graphic in terms of blood/violence, so do keep that in mind. I am willing to tag anything you need me to in order to ensure you enjoy my content, so please, do not be shy about asking! It isn’t an annoyance or a bother what-so-ever.

Please feel free to approach me about anything, really! I absolutely love meeting new people and branching out for RP! I’m just a big dumb nerd who is probably too fond of cat people. If you have an idea for our characters, just want to chat, or need help doing content in-game, do not hesitate to ask!!

Here are some links that might be useful to you! They are on my blog’s sidebar, but I figured I’d list them here for convenience’s sake.

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hello everybody

I’ve gained quite a few followers since december, but most of you probably know that i started this blog with my then (and now thankfully current) boyfriend @ancom

we broke up for about a month but this past month we’ve done a lot of talking and lot of growing together and we figured out that petty things we’re resentful about shouldnt keep us apart because ultimately luke makes me super duper happy and im super duper duper happy to tell y’all hes gonna be modding again

just a lil update <3 

so i gained like, 30 followers in the past few days for various reasons and. im sure everyone following me is cool but like, jsyk, you can unfollow at any time. everyone following me is like 6 times cooler than me

edit: this is cause i just checked my follower count again for the first time since i got 200 last week and thought i clicked the wrong blog. which is partially bullshit cause like, this is my most popular blog, but.

Hey everyone! Thanks for following me!

I’ve gained quite a few new followers this week and I just wanted to introduce myself. I live in Portland, Oregon. I’m a photographer, writer, and nature lover studying to be a photojournalist. When I’m not at work, doing schoolwork, or hanging out with friends, I’m outside hiking and exploring. 

 Most of this blog are thoughts and experiences I have while stoned in nature (ps. If you haven’t gone hiking high while listening to fleet foxes, you’re missing out), but it’s not just limited to that. This blog is a journal of my stoned thoughts; the perpetual questioning of my existence and other random tidbits. 

Smoking weed has made me more creative. Smoking weed has taught me so much about myself. Smoking weed has made me more introspective and less anxious. It stimulates my mind and helps me to hatch these thoughts that I feel inclined to document and share. But honestly, I treat weed like vacation; I make sure everything important is done first. 

 Eventually, I’ll be sharing my “Stoned in Nature” playlist with you all! 

Anyway, thanks for the follow! I hope this blog gives you inspiration or entertainment or whatever you are looking for 🙏🏼🏔🚬

Concept sketches for a swap AU by @fireforgedlock! In this AU, Shadow takes the place of Sonic, gaining his speed, but keeping his own personality! I based his design on fireforgedlock’s description of him, though I changed a few of the colours.
Sonic takes the role of Silver, gaining psychokinesis, but loosing his speed. I thought that Sonic would probably still be just as reckless, but without the speed to escape he’s probably sustain quite a few serious injuries, although I’m sure he’d shrug them off!
Hope y’all like them!

ashley headcanons

idk why im making this but i have a few i just wanted to get out there

  • ashley went through that phase. you know. that phase. that scene/emo phase where she wore nothing but black beanies and band tees and wrote bad poetry in notebooks that she filled weekly. she hates all of it and was going to burn them before her mother scolded her and said “ashley you should always keep your past work to see how you’ve improved”
  • she has a tumblr blog where she takes writing requests for fandoms and posts random stuff shes working on. shes gained quite a dedicated fan base.
  • despite this ashley much prefers writing with pen and paper because it makes her feel more accomplished to fill up an entire notebook
  • ashley writes smut for her friends. mostly jessica. actually, exclusively for jessica because shes the only one whos ever asked. its actually pretty hardcore stuff but ashleys weirdly okay with writing it for her and will just pass her small stacks of paper in the hallway like “oh btw heres that thing you wanted, ill have the next chapter to you next week”
  • ashley is the queen of trivial pursuit. all that useless knowledge from watching too many quiz shows comes in handy.
MY DUTY--gainer fiction

I wrote this short gainer fiction story quite some time ago! I didn’t express these encourager/feeder desires as openly as I should have, and it was to my detriment. Now I’m choosing to be open and honest about it. This story is just fantasy, and I don’t mean for it to be offensive or dark in any way! It’s just meant to be a good break from the selfies and belly shots :)

“My Duty”

When my 28-year-old boyfriend Matt hit 500 pounds, I was out of town for work. As a flight attendant, I’m typically away a few days a week on layovers all over the US, and this has never been problematic because we each enjoy time on our own, especially since he quit working at his job in hotel management downtown last year to focus on gaining in a more full-time capacity. He sent me a text message while I was on the plane in LA: “Baby, I have a 500-lb. surprise to show you when you get home! PS—Can we order a new, higher capacity scale on Amazon?” YES! I just KNEW he had hit the big 500, because he was hovering in the 490’s for so long and had really put all his attention into passing that quarter-ton mark with an incredible determination. He KNEW how much that would excite and titillate me, and that was a very bad thing at work. I was turned on enough as it was when we traveled together using my free flight benefits—he not only needed his own seatbelt extension (well, that was actually 150 pounds ago), but he also now needed to reserve two seats together because his huge, wobbling ass had gotten too wide for a single one! At any rate, I couldn’t wait for the flight from LA to Chicago to be over so that I could get home as soon as possible!

When I met Matt online on a gainer website 3 years ago, he was about 280 pounds. At only 25 years old, he was already the front desk manager at a stylish hotel downtown, and looked great (although somewhat overstuffed) in his work suits. We instantly bonded over the fact that we shared a fat fetish since our respective childhoods: he as a gainer and myself as an encourager. I had only met a couple of people from the website, and not with much success. Matt was just so vastly different from the rest: handsome, fun, outgoing, smart, stylish, creative, and exactly what I was looking for in a potential boyfriend. He had already proudly gained over 80 pounds on his own since college, but he wanted to share his intense weight gain desires and fantasies with the right kind of person. Why? Because early on (well, with the help of a few cocktails), he confessed to me that he had secret fantasies about being totally selfish and lazy in bed, gaining to immobility or being housebound, and even darker fantasies about his own growing fat crippling his health as his weight climbed the charts. He wasn’t sure if he wanted someone to help him actually make these fantasies a reality, but he definitely wanted someone to at least understand how it was such an important part of his sexuality.

The amazing part? I did! What he never knew right away was that I fantasized about ALL of those things too. Ever since I was very young, I had secretly padded myself with pillows, drawn hundreds of pictures of fat men, collected magazine clippings of them, and saved them under my mattress. Somewhere along the way, it transferred to being about OTHER men, wanting to feed them, watch them stuff themselves, rub their growing bellies, and help them get fatter and fatter. I knew my obsession with fat was really about watching and helping someone else grow. I wanted Matt’s desires and fantasies to become a reality.

In 3 years, Matt blew up from 280 to his current 500 pounds. That’s an almost mind-boggling 75-pound gain every year since we’ve been together! Living in the city, we’d go out to dinner frequently, and he’d order 2 appetizers, an entree, and a dessert. After eating the whole thing, he’d complain that he was still hungry so we’d stop at McDonald’s and he would devour 2 Big Macs and fries. To relieve the pressure at night, I’d rub his belly, now riddled with itchy, angry stretch marks. I’d bring him Ensure Plus shakes to have with every meal—and at 350 calories each, a six-pack would be well over an additional 2,000 calories a day. At night, he’d eat pints of ice cream and whole bags of family-sized Oreos. I’d make sure he had food constantly within reach.

When he was just over 400 pounds, he had become so increasingly exhausted from being on his feet at his hotel management job that he suggested he quit to find a new job in which he could work from home. His feet and back ached, he was always sweaty and out of breath, and finding suits to fit him was a task in itself! Even though I knew it could be a bit of a financial burden, I quickly relented. By then I knew that he had become so lazy and piggish that he probably wouldn’t find employment again as long as he continued to gain. After all, it would fulfill both of our ultimate fantasies for him to be this size and begin to be unable to do certain things while my own responsibilities grew. Working wasn’t the first of these things, but it certainly was the most significant for him as a gainer. Truly, I didn’t mind—I could swing it, and I wanted him to be happy. It was all I ever wanted for him.

Matt had become a very selfish gainer over the years as he grew comfortable with me, who he called “the holy grail of encouragers”, as his boyfriend: he truly got off on his own fat and his own weight gains, and often watched himself or other fat men on his laptop, eating or jiggling his enormous belly while I jerked him off or gave him head. In the beginning, he’d constantly apologize for forgetting about taking care of me in bed. “I’m so sorry, I got caught up in the moment. The way you were stuffing those greasy, oil-soaked French fries down my throat got me so hard!” But now, he’d just say “Get me off, baby, would you?” And I’d gladly oblige while he’d slowly down a gainer shake I had mixed of heavy whipping cream, oil, melted ice cream, chocolate syrup, and peanut butter. Afterwards, he’d just lie there, red-faced and sweating, panting from his exertions. “Thank you,” he’d barely manage to muster after I got him to climax by going down on his throbbing dick buried under all that incredible fat. Sometimes, he’d let me “belly fuck” him, as we called it. Other times, I’d jerk off while watching him stuff his face and jiggle his growing belly and huge tits that rested like water balloons on top of his gut. And that belly? Massive and still riddled with stretch marks, it almost filled a queen-sized bed, and I LOVED him to smother me with it. But mostly now, he’d never ask or offer to get me off, completely lost in his gaining fantasies and pleasures. And for lack of a more descriptive word, I somehow found this to be INCREDIBLY hot. He was the lazy, selfish pig of my dreams. To say that this was a turn-on for me was an understatement. The fact that he was sexually aroused by his own fattening body and would rather have cheesecake in his mouth instead of my dick made him all the more desirable to me. It was a turn-on for me to have him be so physically spent after our feeding sessions that he’d pass out and forget about fulfilling any of my sexual needs.

As I snapped out of my daydreaming and reflections on Matt’s mind-blowing weight gains, I was reminded of the CPAP machine he had just gotten for breathing better at night when his snoring had become so unbearably bad. I hoped he was using it and hooked it up when I was on the road! I needed to make sure he was adjusting it properly over his face. I knew it was a turn-on for him to have his health be failing at 500 pounds, and that was where we both sometimes were hesitant to admit the nature of our darkest fantasies with gaining. Matt LOVED me to tell him how unhealthy and out of shape he was getting. He loved sweating and being out of breath, and he loved how his doctor chastised him for his morbid obesity, high cholesterol and blood pressure and warned him about heart disease. It only made him want to get fatter. He had completely relinquished himself to his gainer fantasies. Whenever anyone stared at him in public, or scoffed at him at the movies when he poured gallons of greasy, salty fake butter all over his extra-large popcorn, he became aroused. The more weight he gained, the more he found that he was turned on by his fat and the remarks from those who noticed it. I wasn’t sure where our darker fantasies would go in the future, but I’ll admit that I was eager to find out!

By the time I got home from work, Matt was lying on the couch absent-mindedly rubbing his massive belly. He was surrounded by donut and cake crumbs, an empty bag of Cheetos, and McDonald’s cheeseburger wrappers all over the floor. “Welcome home, baby. Aren’t you proud of me now that I’m 500 pounds?” he said, grinning widely between the fat cheeks that engulfed his face. “I told you I’d make gaining my full-time job!” he laughed.
“What do YOU think?” I said as I jumped on top of him. His body had become a mattress in itself, and I couldn’t wait for it to be bigger.
“Now make me fatter. Please, I NEED to be fatter,” he begged and pleaded. I knew his buried dick was rock-hard and throbbing under all those layers of jiggling fat when he begged like that.
“I need you to be fatter, too,” I said. And I did. For the both of us. Jumping off of him, I ran to the refrigerator and pulled something form the fridge that I had bought on my way home from work. A surprise. “Now open wide, pig,” I said as I forcefully began to cram an entire stick of white, creamy lard into his mouth. Shocked at the pure, disgusting gluttony, he groaned in ecstasy and swallowed it all. Matt always said it was his dream to be 600 pounds by the time he was 30. It was my job—my duty—to make it happen.

@ people who get incredibly angry at others for tagging their marble hornets art as both “mh” and “creepypasta”, consider this:

there are artists who’s work goes unnoticed quite frequently. they want to “get out there” by posting in tags that are checked regularly to gain feedback and feel accomplished when multiple people like and reblog their artwork.

 i understand the frustration of the cheesecake jokes but honestly some people genuinely just don’t know that the character they’re drawing is from mh? and i’m sure quite a few others don’t even understand where that joke came from, and just assumed it was a “fandom joke.” i don’t even like creepypasta but at one point i did and i thought masky and hoody were cp too.

it’s good to inform others where the characters came from, but please please don’t yell at cp fans for tagging stuff as both mh and cp. because if they tagged it as marble hornets, chances are they already knew what it was from originally


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The club scene, as per usual, was as dull as Rowen remembered it. The same music, the same lights, and the same type O sloshed over cups and onto the floor and over shirts. As he scanned the crowd he did happen to notice something that wasn’t the same; a blond boy standing a bit farther out from the rest of the crowd. The blond appeared to be observing just as Rowen was which peeked a good bit of Rowen’s interest. Enough of an interest that he weaved through the other undead bodies and over to said boy, cup still in hand. Once over there, though, he didn’t think that the other had quite noticed him as a small skirmish between two other patrons had gathered a few pairs of eyes. 

In an effort to gain the other’s attention, Rowen waved his free hand. “Excuse me, I don’t mean to be rude. Are you waiting on anyone?”