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Modern!Wang So Headcanons/AUs

Okay so in my fiction writing class last week we had to think of characteristics for one of our characters that we have written about so far in the semester. Turns out I wasn’t really feeling up to it and got major writers block. Then I thought how fun it would be if I could just write about my bby boi instead.

Here are my Modern!Wang So headcanons/AUs that I came up with:

  • So going to local greenhouses on an early Sunday morning just to pick out some plants for his apartment.
  • So stressing out after a bad day and goes to waters his plants when he gets home, and afterwards sips tea and watches the stars from his favorite window in the apartment.
  • So saying that he hates weddings and calling them a cliché when in fact he is the first person to tear up when the vows start.
  • So saying that he hates birthdays and how they just mean that you’re that much closer to dying of natural causes (not being morbid or pessimistic just pragmatic). In the end having the best time because he loves being with loved ones.
  • So being the best gift giver, because he’s the most thoughtful when it comes to choosing the perfect present (okay this is already basically canon but I couldn’t help myself).
  • So hating loud places but would always join Hae Soo when she blasted music on Friday nights and had random dance parties. That was when she realized that her boyfriend actually has mad dancing skills (okay I’m thinking about LJK here, but come on It’d be great).
  • So actually loving the fact that he has a skin routine because it relaxes him, because Hae Soo got him into skincare and makeup.
  • So wearing dark tailored suits but preferring to wear warm colors, and even pinks when he’s feeling a bit more casual.
  • So hating fruity teas and prefers herbal ones. Especially when Hae Soo is the one that’s brewing it because she is the only one that can make his tea perfectly.
  • Although he never asks her to make it for him even on his bad days, and it is only when she offers to make some when she makes a cup for herself is when he goes ahead and politely asks for a cup too.
  • He does drink iced Americanos too, but only when he really needs caffeine and isn’t up to making his own subpar tea in the morning.
  • So drinking herbal tea and Hae Soo is drinking fruity tea even at midnight because they both can’t sleep and end up talking all night because now So has way too much caffeine in his system and even though Soo is tired, she stays up with him so that he isn’t alone. Hae Soo then lectures him that it’s all his fault that he likes the caffeinated tea, and he just smiles back because he just love her so much, and he can’t believe that she loves him back.
  • So driving late in the night because it is one of his most favorite sensations; having the cool night air waft through his car and the smell of the night under the dark sky.
  • So staying inside when it’s raining to write poetry even when he’s terribly bad at it.
  • Hae Soo sneaking a look into his notebook and seeing that all of his “bad” poetry is about her.
  • His favorite season is winter because that’s Hae Soo’s favorite season and he loves being with his best friend during the first snow.
  • So looking at Soo, year after year as the first snow falls and is thinking: I’m meant to be with you forever.
  • So refusing to wear greens and reds during the holiday seasons because he thinks it’s cheesy, but wearing them anyways because Soo wants them to look couple-y and all the while So is secretly enjoying it anyways.
  • He has a secret sweet tooth but would never admit it to Soo, and tends to spoil his appetite way too much to Soo’s dissatisfaction. He knows this because she lectures him about it all the time.
  • Even though he doesn’t like crowds he still loves to hike in sites in the summer where a lot of families visit because it makes him feel content listening to the sound of families together.
  • So waiting in the shade as he waits for Hae Soo to come back with his ice cream and her popsicle. He sees her walking towards him and he doesn’t believe that at one point his ever could’ve ever felt so unhappy, and even angry at the sounds of children laughing with their parents, because he’s never had a family.
  • But now he doesn’t feel like that anymore because he found a home in Hae Soo, his best friend.

As I was playing through Crisis Core, I saw this scene.

Zack: Can’t sleep?

Cloud: Yeah, I was just thinking about the past.

Zack: The past…

You wanna talk about it?

Cloud: Thanks, Zack, but we’ve got an early day tomorrow.I should try to get some sleep.

- Crisis Core Cloud DMW scene #4

and then I though, hey he is your best friend, you can talk to him about anything…Why the secrecy?

and then I realized.



“Grandma, I’m scared.”

“Listen carefully. You’ve been taken over by a ghost…I’m talking possession.”

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MBTI FUNCTIONS (from what I have concluded so far)

TE- “Objectively if you do that then you will die. According to this study this                evidence and 90% of all sourced cases recorded”

TI- (wild conspiracy theory that lasts hours) “So yeah, lucifer is basically the              reason Dora wears welly boots. These are facts.”

FE- “FEELINGS!!! EMOTIONS!!! EVRYWHEREE!!1I KNOW HOW U FEEL                  LOL!!1……………………………………but idk how i feel :) ”

FI- “But do you know how I feeeeel? Like how i am feeeeeling…inside.                  right now? Like. My Feelings. Just So. Many.All. Mineee. Wowww” 

NI- “A+B=Z ^^”

NE- “I cannot function..too many Possibilities,Patterns,Ideas. I must visualise             all of them. I MUST” (constipated expression)

SE- (Running, knocking people over and screaming)“AHAHAHAHAH wtf are           boundaries lmao SO MUCH FUNNNN ALL! THIS! SPACEEE WHUT”  

SI- “heh heh my feet’s nerves tingle so does the inside of my nail. Oh this               jumper is so comfy! Mm reminds me of 10 years ago today when I had fruit       n fibre for breakfast and my tummy felt all gurgley heh heh”

Bias vs. Bias Tag!

Sorry this is so late but here we go! Tagged by my lovely @gotinspirit 💜

Rules: Write down your top 10 kpop biases on little papers, mix them up, pick two for each round (and choose 1)

Hooooo boy this is gonna be :/ It’s already hard picking my tenth bias, I have too many fighting for that position (Dean, Junhyung, Key, Lay, Matthew, JSeph, Ukwon ok I’ll pick Key at random lol)

1. Sunggyu (Infinite

2. Myungsoo (Infinite)

3. Woohyun (Infinite)

4. Yongguk (B.A.P)

5. Youngjae (B.A.P)

6. Kihyun (Monsta X)

7. JB (Got7)

8. Minhyuk (BTOB)

9. Jimin (BTS)

10. Key (Shinee)

Round 1: Jimin vs. Myungsoo (both at an equal level of cuteness but ahhh)

Round 2: Kihyun vs. Minhyuk (I’m just in many Minhyuk feeeeels these days)

Round 3: Yongguk vs. Kihyun (omg sorry bby twice in a row)

Round 4: Sunggyu vs. Youngjae (sry a no-brainer if you’ve seen my blog lolol)


I’ll tag @dont-rain-on-my-rainbow @unorthodox-senpai @to–infinite-and–beyond @vikka-chan @flowrsoo @petitshinee

if you wanna do it, feel free to ignore!

OK, so let me say first off that violence is NOT the answer but if ANYONE deserves a bop in the face, we all know who that is. 

SO, secondly, this was supposed to be just an illustration with Kamala Khan and Tintin standing together with a message of hope and strength but then Trump and Cruz started saying really dumb and awful things and I couldn’t help adding them in. I didn’t want to politicize this/ make it more of a comment on how stupid the GOP is, but it’s just how I feeeeel. 

sudden zimbits feels bomb

There’s those pics of Bitty and Jack that get thrown around constantly, but then there’s this.

I was rereading this comic and in the bottom corner of the second panel there’s this:

and this is clearly during hazeapalooza and I never noticed it before and I LOVE IT SO MUCH

bitty so worried and *clinging*

and jack so confident and amused and happy to have bitty there to help him

like haha this is another one of those weird hockey adventures with my buds and i find bitty’s concern so damn endearing

this is just *before* bitty realizes how he feels about jack but the body language

bitty clinging and looking up at jack’s face and watching for any sign of discomfort

and jack so relaxed, so sure of himself and so open

well of course he is, hazing doesn’t scare him, he’s been on the other side of it, he knows what it’s like

but still having bitty next to him is just such a PLEASANT thing, you can see it in his smile

and i just feeeeels

June Olicity/Arrow Fan Fic Recommendation

Hi! so here it is!!!!! Love to each writer… Please let me know if you really enjoy them and what was you favorite.

Ceci n’est pas un conte by hannasus —> Oliver Talks about the moment he realized that he love Felicity

Teapots and Popcorn by faeriefantasy —> Felicity is drunk 

The one where Oliver brags about Felciity  by mogirl97 —> Proud Oliver

I’ll do everything for you by felicitylovesoliver —> High School AU, Oliver rescue Felicity from a terrible party.

Oliver is a Father by dust2dust34 —> Did you remember that time when Diggle met Ray, this is like that but better, with Oliver and his dauther’s date.

Best friends in Life Advice by hopedreamlovepray —> I just have to say Oliver and Tommy = FEEEEELINGS 

How do you feel about having a wife? by ohemgeeitscoley —> Tommy and Felicity are married.

Somewhere just a little closer to grace by heartstremble —> Tommy and oliver feelings just because we like to suffer.

Postcards 4 by hopedreamlovepray —> Postcards series!!!!!

I try not to speak superlatives by theshipsfirstmate —> Palmer Tech explosion and Felicity now CEO…

Felicity’s Revenge by Meg_louise15 —> this is a funny one because is a reflection of what we feel when we knew that Arrow isn’t going to have a solo panel at SDCC

Finding a Home by Ceebeedub —> Post 1x21 Oliver asks Felicity to stay with the team

Drunk in Love by secret-musingsofafangirl —> I think I like the drunk fics… Oliver and Felicity are drunk

Beauty in the darkest hours by smkkbert —> Olver and Felicity are married have a kid but they have to visit an old enemy

Felcity CEO by nikkibeckettcsm —> olicity and kids

A Moment of Grief by skcolicity –> Oliver and his dark days.

Let’s Play a Love Game by simplyfragile —> “Marry me Felcity”

Parents by  nikkibeckettcsm —> Cute Olicity as parents,

All the Difference   by dettiot —> This one is so cute! and you can decide how the story goes.

Legacy verse baby Jon is in the house by ash818 –> Must read

Legacy verse: Thea dealing with Roy’s dead by ash818 –> must read 

The Great Scape by thesmoakingswan —> Olicity family

Coffee and Kisses by felictsmoaks —> Oliver brings coffee

The lost years by diggo26 —> Olcity AU, best friends that they see eachother after years to be apart

Do I look a barista to you? by writewithurheart —> If you are reading Once more from the top, you need to read this because explains how Tommy and Felicity met. It’s a 6 part story (MUST READ)

So much to live for by hopedreamlovepray —> 3x23 missing scene

Keep your Gloves Closer by dumplingnooona —> 2x06 missin scene

Thunderstorns and cushion forts and ice cream by AtLoLevad —> Felicity is out of town and Oliver and his daughter need to survive a thunderstorm.

That’s all you by theshipsfirstmate —> Felicity and Oliver as a parents. Felicity points out every time that the childrens show something from Oliver’s…. This fic really needs to become a long one.

My husband and my husband’s husband by smoakingbillionaires —> and all start with the pic of Stephen at Collin weeding.

Midnight Mint Chip by smoakedup —>This one is so emotional, it made me cry but you really need to read it….. and I’m sorry but you have to.

Hope you enjoy them as I did, if you want to let me know your fav fics do it here.

My FanFic Rec are here

My own fics here if you want to give it a try