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“Because if he went back in time he would follow Bucky down all the same paths, make all the same stupid decisions until they were face to face in a falling airplane, Steve dropping his shield and calling out Bucky’s name.”

your favorite ghost by augustbird

s2 ep6

ajdnidjwodnwosibw how do people ship kallura romantically ugh they’re clearly not infatuated with each other jesus
allura was so harsh about keith’s suggestion that not every single galra is bad and i was like )“: my emo bab !! no !!
also the bond between keith and red,,,,, holy heck,,,,, gotta get me a freak like that (okay but fr that Touched My Heart klance who keith x red is the real deal)
i’m so heckin proud of hunk !! i woulda been scared shitless but he’s a brav boi and he unlocked even more of his lion’s powers !!
lance and pidge,, the meme team,, fightin together,, bff goals
SHIRO GOD MY HEART at the end i just,,,, shiro,, no,,, don’t feel guilty it’s not your fault you’re doing everything you can fuck zarkon we’ll get through this ahshdisbdje

also how tf do people ship sheith ?? like in the beginning when shiro was concerned for keith bc he was acting anxious and angsty and shit that was so,,,, caring,,, almost like they were,,,,, bros👀👀👀👀👀 broganes 4 life my dudes okay sheith is a platonic ship at most gosh heck aLSO ALSO keith is always my ‘’yes sir” and that’s such a clear difference between their rankings and how keith views shiro i just aoenbyzwlqzubqbqb i know i’ve seen a post about this before that explains it much more clearly than i can yeet


“Grandma, I’m scared.”

“Listen carefully. You’ve been taken over by a ghost…I’m talking possession.”

Modern!Wang So Headcanons/AUs

Okay so in my fiction writing class last week we had to think of characteristics for one of our characters that we have written about so far in the semester. Turns out I wasn’t really feeling up to it and got major writers block. Then I thought how fun it would be if I could just write about my bby boi instead.

Here are my Modern!Wang So headcanons/AUs that I came up with:

  • So going to local greenhouses on an early Sunday morning just to pick out some plants for his apartment.
  • So stressing out after a bad day and goes to waters his plants when he gets home, and afterwards sips tea and watches the stars from his favorite window in the apartment.
  • So saying that he hates weddings and calling them a cliché when in fact he is the first person to tear up when the vows start.
  • So saying that he hates birthdays and how they just mean that you’re that much closer to dying of natural causes (not being morbid or pessimistic just pragmatic). In the end having the best time because he loves being with loved ones.
  • So being the best gift giver, because he’s the most thoughtful when it comes to choosing the perfect present (okay this is already basically canon but I couldn’t help myself).
  • So hating loud places but would always join Hae Soo when she blasted music on Friday nights and had random dance parties. That was when she realized that her boyfriend actually has mad dancing skills (okay I’m thinking about LJK here, but come on It’d be great).
  • So actually loving the fact that he has a skin routine because it relaxes him, because Hae Soo got him into skincare and makeup.
  • So wearing dark tailored suits but preferring to wear warm colors, and even pinks when he’s feeling a bit more casual.
  • So hating fruity teas and prefers herbal ones. Especially when Hae Soo is the one that’s brewing it because she is the only one that can make his tea perfectly.
  • Although he never asks her to make it for him even on his bad days, and it is only when she offers to make some when she makes a cup for herself is when he goes ahead and politely asks for a cup too.
  • He does drink iced Americanos too, but only when he really needs caffeine and isn’t up to making his own subpar tea in the morning.
  • So drinking herbal tea and Hae Soo is drinking fruity tea even at midnight because they both can’t sleep and end up talking all night because now So has way too much caffeine in his system and even though Soo is tired, she stays up with him so that he isn’t alone. Hae Soo then lectures him that it’s all his fault that he likes the caffeinated tea, and he just smiles back because he just love her so much, and he can’t believe that she loves him back.
  • So driving late in the night because it is one of his most favorite sensations; having the cool night air waft through his car and the smell of the night under the dark sky.
  • So staying inside when it’s raining to write poetry even when he’s terribly bad at it.
  • Hae Soo sneaking a look into his notebook and seeing that all of his “bad” poetry is about her.
  • His favorite season is winter because that’s Hae Soo’s favorite season and he loves being with his best friend during the first snow.
  • So looking at Soo, year after year as the first snow falls and is thinking: I’m meant to be with you forever.
  • So refusing to wear greens and reds during the holiday seasons because he thinks it’s cheesy, but wearing them anyways because Soo wants them to look couple-y and all the while So is secretly enjoying it anyways.
  • He has a secret sweet tooth but would never admit it to Soo, and tends to spoil his appetite way too much to Soo’s dissatisfaction. He knows this because she lectures him about it all the time.
  • Even though he doesn’t like crowds he still loves to hike in sites in the summer where a lot of families visit because it makes him feel content listening to the sound of families together.
  • So waiting in the shade as he waits for Hae Soo to come back with his ice cream and her popsicle. He sees her walking towards him and he doesn’t believe that at one point his ever could’ve ever felt so unhappy, and even angry at the sounds of children laughing with their parents, because he’s never had a family.
  • But now he doesn’t feel like that anymore because he found a home in Hae Soo, his best friend.

You know that feeing when you’re feeling good for the first time in a while and you’ve slept well and the anxiety is under control and you’re like hey this is a great way to start the weekend!

And then, there’s a funny feeing in your belly because you saw something or someone said something and you just feeeeel the anxiety crawling back in.

And ugh I wanna give up and resign myself to another weekend where I do nothing and worry a lot

Temporary Affairs

Table of Contents 1 2 3 4 5 6 7 8 9 10 11 12 13 14 15 16 17  

Chapter o1. Mismatch

The chandelier crystals glistened under the natural moonlight that seeped in through the silk curtains of the restaurant.  Dressed in a simple lace black dress and dropped earrings, you waited nervously for your date to show up.  He was supposedly the heir of Bliss Communications, an enterprise that often did business with your father’s company.    

You sucked in your breath as a young man walked into the restaurant.  Shyly, you looked down at your clasped hands, waiting for him to take the seat across from you.  To your dismay he strolled passed you and sat down on the table preoccupied by another young lady.  Overwhelmed with embarrassment, you hid your face behind your long hair. 

Another few minutes passed and you looked at your watch to check the time.  He was late.  You scoffed and got up to leave.  No one ever shows up late to a date with _______ _______!  Stomping your heels, you grabbed your purse and jacket and headed over to the exit.  Just as you got to the door, you crashed right into the chest of a young man.  Apologizing, you immediately bent down to pick up your clutch purse but so does the man.  His fingers touched yours and you flinched back blushing.  He handed you back your belongings and bowed to apologize for the erupt collision.

You stared at him…well more like gawked at him.  He was tall – maybe at least a foot taller than your small figure.  He was dark, which complimented your milky complexion.  And he was…handsome.  You gulped, sucking back the drool that almost revealed your lust for him.  He smirked.

“You must be _______ _______ssi.  I am Kim Jongin,” he introduced, holding his hand out. 

Your eyes widened and your lips parted, forming an “oh” shape.  Kim Jongin…heir of Bliss Communications…but most importantly your future husband.  Hiding your internal excitement, you shyly took his hand into yours and shook it. 

“I’m so sorry, I ran into some traffic getting here…” he spoke and you immediately shook your head.

“You’re not late at all,” you lied, the anger you felt for his tardiness diminished completely.

The handsome heir pulled out your seat and you graciously sat down.  He took the seat across from you.  As a waiter walked by to take your order, you discovered yourself ogling at his attractive features again.  His hair was gelled up emphasizing his gorgeous forehead and perfectly arched brows.  If eyes could kill then you’d be long dead, for he had eyes that gazed into your soul.  And we haven’t even gotten to his lips…his lips were so plump and sexy…and kissable. 

He chuckled as you unconsciously puckered your lips. 

“We’ll have a Strangozzi al Tartufo Nero for this young lady,” Jongin ordered for you, seeing that you were too busy daydreaming. 

Embarrassed, you instantly unplugged yourself from your reverie.  You swore by the way he smirked that he knew you had been staring at him.  Internally, you face palmed.  Aigoo, _______, you’re thirsty I know, but did you have to be so obvious about it?!!! 

As soon as the waitress left, Kim Jongin’s smile dropped.  He crossed his arms and leaned forward.

“________ _______, 22.  Graduated from Seoul National University.  Daughter of Jung Eunwoo, CEO of Star Telecom,” he spoke as if you were a criminal.

You blinked your eyes, confused.

He chuckled mockingly, his voice cold and distant, “I don’t know what our parents have arranged for us but I have no interest in knowing”.

The young man sat back in his chair.

“Excuse me?” you asked, baffled by his sudden 360 degree change.

“Let me repeat myself once more in case I wasn’t clear enough the first time, ‘I’m not interested in marrying you,” Kim Jongin spoke.




“E-Excuse me?” you managed to stutter.

“I have no interest in a damsel who dresses herself up like some porcelain doll waiting to be sold to the highest bidder,” he stated and you looked at him in disbelief so he added another blow, “and I like woman who are at least D-cups”.

Hul.  Who the eff did he think he was? 

You held onto your forehead to prevent it from hitting against the table.        

With clenched fists and flared nostrils you responded, “Excuse me, Kim Jongin-ssi.  You need my help, not the other way around!”                     

His father’s company was on the verge of collapse, not the other freakin’ way around.  Why the heck was this jerk making you feel as though you were asking him a favor?


“I have no interest in using marriage as a means to advance a business.  That is my father’s idea, not mine,” he said firmly. 

You threw your head back in bewilderment.  This handsome guy was taking out his anger toward his father on you. 

Gritting your teeth, you said, “Well, then be a man and tell your father that!  Because for all I know he desperately begged my mother to let me see you”.

Fuming, you grabbed your glass of white wine and gulped it down. 

He laughed, took a calm sip of his wine, and insisted, “Are you sure it wasn’t your mother who feared that her daughter was too ugly to get married off?  You know you were…gawking at me a few minutes ago”.     




Your mouth was permanently the shape of an “O”.  You wanted to rip his smug face off his head.  There was no way – absolutely NO WAY you were going to tolerate, much less marry this douchebag.  Grabbing your purse and jacket, you stood up to leave.

“Oh daebak, from that angle it looked as if you weren’t even an A-cup,” he mocked. 









Frozen in place, a billion gazillion curse words flooded your mind.  As you were contemplating your counter attack, a waitress walked passed you.  Without thinking, you grabbed the glass of water from her tray, turned around, and splashed it onto Kim Jongin’s face.  He flinched back surprised, but chuckled at your childishness.  Normally, you would have just left after that but seeing a smirk still spread across his face, you walked over to him, raised your right heel, and jabbed it hard against his toe.  He yelped in pain.  Suits him right.  With that, you turned around and trudged off. 



As you stepped through the front gates of your house, you were still fuming beyond boiling point.  Never mind that he was handsome – and tall – and dark – and sexy…he was a total asshole.  You cursed under your breath. 

“Welcome home Agashi,” the family maid greeted and you faked a smile at her.

Still grumpy, you ripped off your heels and threw them sloppily onto the shoe rack.  The maid laughed and tidied up the mess you created.  You stood back up and rolled your shoulders back a few times to calm yourself down before having to face your mother. 

“Madam, Agashi is back,” the maid shouted.

You hissed.  Argh, you just needed a few more minutes to fully digest what had happened before having to report to your mother.  Thanks a lot.  Thanks so freakin’ much.  You jokingly glared at the maid.   

A middle-aged woman walked elegantly down the stairs, dressed in a silk blazer and skirt.  Her hair was short and curly, framing her face perfectly.  You took a deep breath then feigned on a smile.

“Omma!” you called, skipping over to her happily.

“_______ah, why are you back so early?  How was your date?” she asked as she sat down on the living room sofa. 

Oh it was terrible.  The guy was hot but was a total douchebag.  He smelled like baby prostitutes and probably had fifty lovers of both sex.

“It was great,” you heard your voice automatically replied. 

“Oh that’s good.  I heard Kim Jongin-ssi is very polite and well-mannered,” she said, sipping some green tea.

You unknowingly snorted.  Your mother froze and looked at you questionably.  Woops.

Smiling widely you nodded and replied, “Mhmm, he was a total gentlemen.  He even showed me some pictures he took while doing community service in Africa”.

Pure bullshit.  Good job, ________.  Good freakin’ job. 

“That’s good to know, my dear daughter.  You know how important this marriage is for your father’s company.  If we help the Kim family while they’re in crisis right now, then we will gain a strong support system for the future,” she explained, patting your hand.

With a sigh, you nodded.  Even though you didn’t intend to ever marry that jerk, you’d have to at least fake it for a little longer.  But seeing the glint in your mother’s eyes made it all worth it.  Because if she was happy…well…nothing else mattered.   

Kim Jongin, you just watch.  You just freakin’ watch.  I will have you in the palms of my hands in no time. 

a/n: xD Hello my Little Unicorns!  So there you have it, the pilot chapter of this ridiculous drunk writing lOL.  And believe me when I tell you this is just the beginning.  Hahaha.  My Jongin feeeeels. kekekeke

Hope you guys enjoyed.  I think this and The Lucky One are my favorite stories I’ve ever written (this includes the stories I wrote that are not fanfictions ;p).  This one is just so silly and such a mood lifter when I have a bad day.  Hehe all laughs, no tears this time.  This is to get you ready for the sequel of The Lucky One because we all know that’s gonna require a few boxes of tissues ;p.    

If this story gets a good reception…I may write more comedy in the future kekeke…they’re funner to write than angst.  But either way, my dad still looks at me like i’m mentally unstable as i’m busy poking at my keyboard.  >3< i wubz you guise. 

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i know the time will come and i will find someone but rn im just like UNIVERSE !!! PLS HURRY UP !!!

haha i feeeeel you

MBTI FUNCTIONS (from what I have concluded so far)

TE- “Objectively if you do that then you will die. According to this study this                evidence and 90% of all sourced cases recorded”

TI- (wild conspiracy theory that lasts hours) “So yeah, lucifer is basically the              reason Dora wears welly boots. These are facts.”

FE- “FEELINGS!!! EMOTIONS!!! EVRYWHEREE!!1I KNOW HOW U FEEL                  LOL!!1……………………………………but idk how i feel :) ”

FI- “But do you know how I feeeeel? Like how i am feeeeeling…inside.                  right now? Like. My Feelings. Just So. Many.All. Mineee. Wowww” 

NI- “A+B=Z ^^”

NE- “I cannot function..too many Possibilities,Patterns,Ideas. I must visualise             all of them. I MUST” (constipated expression)

SE- (Running, knocking people over and screaming)“AHAHAHAHAH wtf are           boundaries lmao SO MUCH FUNNNN ALL! THIS! SPACEEE WHUT”  

SI- “heh heh my feet’s nerves tingle so does the inside of my nail. Oh this               jumper is so comfy! Mm reminds me of 10 years ago today when I had fruit       n fibre for breakfast and my tummy felt all gurgley heh heh”

OK, so let me say first off that violence is NOT the answer but if ANYONE deserves a bop in the face, we all know who that is. 

SO, secondly, this was supposed to be just an illustration with Kamala Khan and Tintin standing together with a message of hope and strength but then Trump and Cruz started saying really dumb and awful things and I couldn’t help adding them in. I didn’t want to politicize this/ make it more of a comment on how stupid the GOP is, but it’s just how I feeeeel. 

a  list of Things™ about wild world that nobody asked for:

  • the entirety of “good grief,” every single note of it, every single syllable
  • the fact that “the currents” is like entirely me re: donald trump except way more poetically put
  • “oh i need a breath i need a brE-E-Eath”
  • “back’s up against the WA-A-ALL i feel guilty i feel guilty”
  • tbh……………….. all of “warmth”
  • like the overlapping of the chorus in the end??? lovely
  • “hold your hands right over my eyes, deafen me WIIIIIITH music”
  • “you make me laugh until i die, can you think of any better way to choke?” like do u ever cry abt a combination of words
  • the chorus of “glory.” the choruses of all the songs. bastille does a damn good chorus.
  • shoutout to “power” for being the song that gets stuck in my head the most often
  • “there are two ways to skin tonight” oh my god??? oh my god
  • the DRUMS in the beginning of “send them off!”
  • the entire IDEA of “send them off!”
  • “desdemONAAAAAA”
  • “i want to be frEEee. as i’ll EeEVER BEE-EE-EE”
  • the daft punk vibes in the opening of “lethargy”
  • the david bowie vibes/references throughout “lethargy”
  • “you told me not to be like anybooOody e-E-ELSE!!!!”
  • basically just. “lethargy.” i’m sorry.
  • “in-cold-blood-hang-you-up”
  • best line to scream goes to: “fall upon your knees, sing THIS IS MY BODY AND SOUL HERE!!!”
  • okay EVERY lyric in “fake it” but special recognition for “melt me dooown; i’m like wax to your jokes”
  • “i wanna waste a-a-all. my. time with you.”
  • “oh my lover my lover my LOOOOOVE”
  • “yes it’s easier to BUuURY my head in the sand sometimes and i know i know i know it’s not the right way to go but i praayyfortheground to swallow me WHOOOOOLE”
  • when the music falls away and u just have “’cause i know, ‘cause i know, ‘cause i know life is simple when i can just ignore it all”
  • “i kNOOOOOOOW the winter’s getting colder but WHY-YYY just ‘cause we’re a little do. i relive it. i relive it aaallllll?”
  • again, just. choruses. how do they do it.
  • “and when we think over the past we [celestial harmony] GLORIFY IT”
  • “way beyond” being so bouncy and groovy, like i just nod my head up and down in rhythm with the lyrics when i sing them bc they’re so up-down-up-down
  • “i don’t wanna PLAY dumb. dumb. anymoooore i just wanna feel some. thing. like befoooore i don’t wanna FEEEEEL numb. numb. anymoooore i just WAAANNA feel so-o-omething. like befooooore.”
  • “it’s a catalogue of modern mistakes / her words and legs wrapped around each man / leaving stories like digital crumbs / as she turns these nights into [delicate harmony] lit-er-a-ture”
  • the *knock-knock-knock*s and EYEYEYs in “campus”
  • again, bridges, choruses, magnificent
  • “help me, heLP ME, HELP ME, HE-elp me!” (aka current mood)
  • “it must be so lonely knowing what you kno-o-oo-o-ow!”
  • everything about “the anchor” i……………….. love that song
  • the way the whole album and much of bastille’s other work as well captures the like sort of rapturous despair that is living by juxtaposing dark subject matter against upbeat music !!!!!!

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urgh so I was thinking about Quakerider + the jacket and like what about Daisy wearing his leather jacket after they did it somewhere not so private and her shirt is messed up(/burnt!) and just feeeeels. also i miss your headcanons i want moree


• so the first time Daisy wears the jacket its completely on purpose, her clothes had been shredded after a fight that was horrendous and Robbie couldnt bare the thought of her walking around all indecent (boy would be lying if he said he didnt take a few quick peaks)

• but ultimately he shrugs off his jacket and wraps it around her and she snuggles into it because he’s just taken it off, its warm and smells like him which coincidentally also smells like home

the second time she wears it is another kind of on purpose, she’s asleep in the charger, the passenger seat had become reserved for her (her ass even left a groove she’d been in it so much) so she’s asleep and curled up in a ball, they’re driving somewhere for a mission that god he can barely even remember, but what he did remember was how cold she looked in that fishnet top and so he decided to take the jacket off his shoulders and place it over her

• to which she immediately melts into because the man is literally half fire demon if his jacket isnt the epitome of warmth then she’s crazy

• after the next couple months they get closer and its kind of a routine to see her strolling around wearing his jacket (he’s lying if he says he isnt completely into it, because he really is) 

• after the first time they have sex he notices how rough he was (they’d been waiting a while sue him) and jfc she fucking loved it because she never had sex with ward and Lincoln was so sweet and loving this was the change she needed. 

• so continuing he literally fucking burned her shirt, and he felt so bad because they were both so eager they couldnt wait and was just like fuck it, so (see my nsfw headcanons) in the back of the charger and it was hot and heavy and he burned her shirt off

• she didnt care, it wasnt that great of a shirt, to be fair she was more concerned with the burned marks imprinted on her ass, but hey they couldn’t be seen

• when they first got out of the car and robbies moving backwards to let her out and pull his pants up is when she realises she doesnt have a shirt to wear anymore (she literally groans and falls back, when robbie looks in at her with a smug af smirk and says “if you wanted to go another round sweetheart you coulda said so before i put my pants back on”) *dont imagine that it will hurt u as much as it did me

• and when he says this she literally threw her shoe at him, because this man is going to be the death of her and she was loving every second

• back to the topic at hand, when she got of the car he was leaning on the car with his arm and looking down at her with those pretty brown eyes of his and she was looking up at him when she just kisses him out of the blue, grabbing both sides of his unzipped jacket 

• it’s not until 3 minutes later and he’s breathless and smirking at her when his smile drops and sees her smirking up at him and his face is so confused she almost feels bad for taking his jacket from him

• after that she just whips away from him wrapping the jacket around shoulders holding it whilst covering her bra clad chest before smirking at him and getting in the front seat of the charger “let’s go carrot top, got a lot of people waiting for us”

• and his mouth is literally slack from shock because holy hell this girl is amazing and he just died for a second time watching he walk backwards with a smirk that he found had been reserved just for him, and the face that she was wearing his jacket, the one thing he’d never let anyone else touch was honestly the best thing he’d ever seen