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I feel like Piper would be the type of person who would name her son Jasper just because she 'liked the name' until it's like Christmas 5 years later and Jason looks up slowly at her and realizes they f uck in g na me d th ei r ch i l D THEIR SHIP NAME WHAT THE /FUCK/ PI PE R??¿¿¿¿ ...but that's just me.

lili i hope you don’t mind me posting thiS BECAUSE I NEED TO K EE P IT I CAN’T STOP LAUGHIN G. oh my go d.

hazel probably suggested it because it’s a gem name and she’s 100% joking about it, but piper actually rly likes it aND THEN. 

well. it could be worse. jiper grace sounds kinda like a disease and if that’s not bad enough there’s also pipson.

The Goose Parade

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Part 2 of the Goose Bumps series. See my WIP page for more details.

Characters and Pairings: Scotty x Reader

Prompt: This video. I’d recommend watching it first for full effect; it’s only about 30 seconds. But if you can’t, I’ve described it in the story as well.

Summary: Set the morning after “Dreams.” You remember your first date with Scotty and realize that he’s always been afraid of geese. 

Word count: 2093

Triggers: call a dentist, you might get a cavity from all the cotton candy fluff; if you are afraid of geese, be warned

A/N: Thank you @impalaanddemons for the inspiration. This goose fear headcanon I’ve got going on will NEVER go away. I will continue to think of ludicrous ways to scare Scotty with geese and geese analogs.

Part 1: Dreams | Part 2: The Goose Parade

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My day could have started better. Niall was shaking me gently, “babe, it’s 7:30, didn’t you say you needed to be up early?” I buried my head into his shoulder, inhaling his scent that I loved so much. I wrapped my arm around his waist, my brain still sleep fuzzy. “Chrissy, I hate to do this to ya, but ya need t'wake up.” The urgency in his voice and his arms pulling me away from him finally got through to me. “What time did you say it was?”, alarm running through me, as I jumped out of bed and ran to my closet. “7:30, why, what ya got planned for t'day?” He sat up and watched me as I pulled on my jeans and a loose fitting hoodie.

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Fur Feather or Fur Worse [Chapter 14/?]

Summary: Gavin can’t reach those feathers.

Rating: Teen

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At prom with Huckleberry
  • At prom
  • Farkle: can I have this dance?
  • Riley: sure. (Walk away to the dancefloor)
  • Lucas: Hey
  • Maya: Hi
  • Lucas: So...
  • Maya: So?
  • Lucas: having fun?
  • Maya: Not really. You?
  • Lucas: I'm ok. You wanna dance?
  • Maya: not really. You?
  • Lucas: I'm fine here...
  • Maya: Good. I'm gona go get something to drink... (Leaves)
  • Zay: real smooth you dumbass
  • Lucas: what?
  • Zay: you know what... That was painful to watch.
  • Lucas: well you don't have to look.
  • Zay: thankfully.
  • Lucas: So why are you still here?
  • Zay: I'm looking for a hot girl to dance with!
  • Lucas: Well there are a bunch of girls over there. Go away...
  • Zay: I will, gosh you are so jumpy when you are nervous.
  • Lucas: I'm not nervous...
  • Zay: Yea you are dude. You keep looking at Maya like a hungry hiena.
  • Lucas: I'm not! Anyway, what is that guy doing?
  • Zay: He's talking to Maya apparently.
  • Lucas: I can see that! I mean what does he want?
  • Zay: Probably a hot girl to dance with.
  • Lucas: She's gonna turn him down...
  • (Maya leaves her punch cup in a table and goes dance with the guy that just asked her)
  • Zay: you were saying?
  • Lucas: what the...? She just said she didn't wanted to dance...
  • Zay: Maybe she changed her mind, maybe she was just thirsty or maybe she just likes that guy more than you.
  • Lucas: Shut up Zay. She likes me.
  • Zay: Yeah... That's why she's dancing with someone else...
  • The song ends and Maya comes back with her drink, Farkle and Riley come back too.
  • Lucas: Who was that guy?
  • Riley: what guy?
  • Maya: Oooo just some one
  • Lucas: Maya?
  • Farkle: who are they talking about?
  • Zay: the guy Maya was dancing with...
  • Farkle: Oh... this is gonna be akward...
  • Zay: Yeah... He's so mad and jelous that he doesn't even realize he's out of limits here...
  • Maya: what do you care Huckleberry?
  • Lucas: I just wanna know who is he?
  • Maya: Why?
  • Lucas: Are you gonna keep dancing with him?
  • Maya: why do you care? Is not like I can't dance with whoever asks me...
  • Lucas: I asked you first!
  • Maya: you just said you'll rather stay here!
  • Lucas: I meant that (music stops) I wanted to be with you!
  • Everybody falls quiet and turns to see Lucas...
  • Lucas: Yeah! I said it.
  • Maya turns around embarassed and walks away, out to the hall.
  • Zay: real smooth dumbass
  • Lucas: shut up Zay! (Goes behind Maya)
  • Out in the hall
  • Lucas: Maya wait up.
  • Maya: what were you thinking? Now everybody is gonna think you and I are a couple!
  • Lucas: I'm sorry. I just... One minute... The music was too loud, and then it stopped... And I couldn't help it...
  • Maya: Just stop...
  • Lucas: I can't, I need to talk to you
  • Maya: why now? Why now after all we've been trough? We said we were all gonna stay friends!
  • Lucas: I know! I'm sorry...
  • Maya: Stop!
  • Lucas: I can't ok! I wanna stop, but the moment I do I know someone else is gonna step in and take you away and I can't have that! I can't loose you!
  • Maya: You are not gonna loose me Huckleberry! I'm here. We'll be friends forever...
  • Lucas: (turns away exasperated, hands messing his hair and walking around) that's not what I mean... This is not right...
  • Maya: Lucas, calm down...
  • Lucas: I can't calm down... I'm trying to tell you something
  • Maya: then tell me!
  • Lucas: I get mad when I see other guys trying to get to you.
  • Maya: you can't... How are we gonna stay friends when I start to date other guys?
  • Lucas: that's the thing, I don't want you dating other guys...
  • Maya: Lucas, Sooner or later I'm gonna fall inlove and so will you. That doesn't mean we'll stop being friends.
  • Lucas: yes it does. Maya, I'm already in love.
  • Maya: (looks at him with wide eyes and open mouth) well... Who is she? Is it Riley? Sarah? Darby? Who?
  • Lucas: (smiles) why do you care?
  • Maya: I don't... Go tell your girlfriend you love her!
  • Lucas: I tried, but it came out wrong. And she's mad at me... And now she wants to date other people...
  • Maya: well she must be stupid if she doesn't love you back. May I know her name at least? Do I know her? Is she in our class? Don't tell me... I think I'm not ready to hear this-
  • Lucas: Maya... Stop
  • Maya: because, For a moment I though The girl you were talking about was me... So stupid right?... Well I'm gladd you found your bether half-
  • Lucas: Maya, you are a lot of thing but you're not stupid-
  • Maya: And I hope you two are happy together-
  • Lucas: Maya, stop talking-
  • Maya: And I want you to be happy with whoever you want-
  • Lucas: I'm sorry Maya, but you leave me no choice-
  • Maya: what?
  • Lucas kisses Maya in the mouth, making her stop talking and showing her what he means... She stays frozen for a minute and Lucas takes one step back looking at her eyes, looking for any sign that she's angry, happy or whatever... But she's silent... Until
  • Maya: what was that for?
  • Lucas: you wouldn't shut up and I needed to tell you who I'm inlove with-
  • Maya: Don't you think your girlfriend is gonna mind that you kissed me? What is wrong with you? You need some serious therapy-
  • Lucas laughs and then kisses her yet again, and Maya lets him but opens her eyes mid kiss and pushes him away
  • Maya: stop that! Stop laughin! Is not funny.
  • Lucas: it is.
  • Maya: why did you do that?
  • Lucas: because I love you.
  • Maya: but you just said you were in love with someone else! You playing with me?
  • Lucas: I said I was in love with someone and that I was trying to tell her... I was trying to tell you! I'm in love with you!
  • Maya: you are a dumbass! You could have told me instead of making me feel all sort of things like a damn rollercoaster!
  • Lucas: yeah, I've been told once or twice... So, I made you feel things?
  • Maya: shut up... Dumbass... I'm still mad at you...
  • Lucas: why? What did I do now?
  • Maya: you're such a Huckleberry...
  • Lucas: well you are a shortstack of pancakes...
  • Maya: is that all you got?
  • Lucas: No... You wanna tangle with me?
  • Maya: I think I do now.
  • Lucas: Good to hear. Wanna dance with me?
  • Maya: yeah. Though you'll never ask...
  • They return to the dance and keep on dancing till prom is over.
Stressed Out

Alrighty y’all, here comes another fluffy oneshot. This one is dedicated to @neato-ft I know you read this before, but here it is again anyways!

The shout out goes to @unashamed-shipper for the beta read. Thank for that Auds, love you for it. :)

Summary: Finals are here and everyone is stressing out! Natsu and Lucy are starting to feel the impending doom, well Lucy is at least, how will they handle it? Fluff, Oneshot, some language.

Word Count: 4139


Finals week.

The hell week of every college semester.

Lucy was beyond stressed. So stressed that she didn’t even care that she went around campus in only a t-shirt and sweats most of the week. When you had a final every day, who had the time to take care of their appearance?

Currently, she was walking her away across Magnolia, sunglasses covering her sleep deprived eyes, her hair up in a messy bun, and a venti Starbucks coffee with two extra shots of espresso.

Yeah, finals were killer.

Thankfully classes weren’t a thing during finals week or else Lucy was sure that she would die from over-working herself. Lucy sighed to herself. It was only Sunday and she was ready to cry from all of the stress. She was forcing herself to go to the library because if she tried to study in her dorm room, she would find herself on social media rather than studying.

The library was a neutral ground, every student heading there to force themselves to review their materials for class and well… do anything they need to do to pass their classes. Legally.

Lucy made her way into the library and was simply lucky to find someone leaving and was able to nab a table for herself. Thank god she didn’t have to share with anyone. Setting her bag on the chair next to her and raising her sunglasses to rest on the top of her head. She pulled out her laptop and her multitude of binders and notebooks and set to work. Music plugged in and blasting in her ears, Lucy felt the most productive she had since her last round of exams. Which was last semester.

Hours flew by and Lucy was able to finally take a break. She had shown up to the library fairly early in the morning, but considering there was a crowd of people already there, she still felt a little behind the curve. Oh, what she would give to be able to go back to freshman year. Easy classes, way less stress, and the optimistic view of college life. Now as a junior, the classes were three times as hard, the stress levels were through the roof, and let’s just say Lucy’s view of the world developed into a more realistic point of view. She had Natsu to be the optimist for her.

Speaking of Natsu. She was supposed to be meeting for lunch as 1:30 pm. It was almost a quarter till two. Where the hell was he?

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Domestic au where Erik comes home one day to find Charles and the kids gone, the whole mansion empty... Then he walks into the parlor and screams like a little girl when they shout happy birthday. He forgot his own birthday.





“Cam the tease” Part3
Links to previous parts:


You woke up the next morning realizing that you were sleeping in your favorite boy’s arms. You moved a little trying to go to the bathroom but he tightened his hands on your torso.
“Good morning. Where are you going baby?”
“To the bathroom don’t worry.” You said little sarcastically when he finally let you. You felt his eyes on your body and you smiled to yourself. You went to the bathroom and do your usual things.
You got back and saw Cam in front of the mirror trying two outfits. He asked you
“Which of them I should wear today?”
You laughed so hard that you may wakeup the whole house. He is more girl than you.
“Why are you laughing? Oh my god, stop Y/N! Why are you laughin I just asked you” he said laughing harder. You couldn’t stop laughin and you fell on the floor still laughin. He came near to you, lifted up your chin and looked straight into your eyes now smiling but you both stopped laughin. He came more close to your face and while he was inches away from your lips he asked
“Can I kiss your lips now not your cheek?”
“Why? Don’t you like my cheeks?” You said sarcastic like every time.
“Y/N, you’re such a stubborn!” He came even closer and you leaned so he could understand that you’re giving him the permission. He gently kissed your lips while burying one if his hand in your hair and the other pulling yourself to him. He licked your bottom lip while asking for entrance. And you gave it to him. When he slid his tongue into your mouth he pulled yourself even closer to him like it was the end of the world and he needed you for his last breathe. He pulled away for a second and you inhaled deep.
“Hard breathing huh?” He smiled with that beautiful smile dat could melt you.
“You good Mr. Dallas!” You said while gently pushing him on his back on the floor. You set yourself on him and leaned down to his lips. You first kissed him lightly and pulled away, looking straight in his eyes. You saw the happiness. He pulled you again for a kiss resting his hands on your torso and butt. Then you went to his neck leaving wet kisses to his jaw line. Then you spotted one place on his neck and gently sucked on it. You pulled away and he gave you the look “keep going” and you started to suck harder so you left a heart-shaped hickey.
He stand up while carrying you and went to the mirror.
“Oh you badass! I like that hickey. Do you want one too?”
“Could it be on more private space, please?”
“You want me to make a hickey on a private space?” He said smirking.
“Yes, please… But not as private as you think!” You said while he put you back on the bed kissing your forehead and laying right text to you. He cuddled you from behind while interviewing your fingers and with the other hand pushing your hair away from your neck and gently sucking your skin.

I hope you like that part they kissed yes I know part3 and kiss is little fast but you know that they know each other for 3 months now… Btw I won’t be able to post tomorrow so I’ll post part4 on Sunday. I hope you can give me more notification and especially reblogs cos I really want to make more imagines and preferences. Also check out my other posts for the magcon/26mgmt boys :) bye baes

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I know how much we both love Harry being a little shit so PLEASE DO ME THE FAVOUR and write situations in which Harry is a teasingly cheeky Little shit :) I NEED IT PLEASE hahaha Xx


-Harry being a little shit in the mornings. Waking up super early and trying to wake you up, knowing how much you like to sleep in.  Yanking the pillow from under your head and hitting you with it.  Singing loudly and off-key, plopping down right on top of you, leaving sloppy and wet kisses all over your face and maybe squeezing at your sides a little, saying, “WAKE UPPPP, BUG!”

-Saying something seemingly innocent, but totally sexually charged around your parents.  “Yeah, I didn’t get much sleep last night.  Poor y/n here had to deal with me all night long, m’afraid.”  To which your mother would reply, “Oh no, were you sick?”  And he’d say, “Well,  I think it was something I ate.  Don’t you think, babe?”  To which you’d blush and focus your eyes aggressively on the meal in front of yo and nod.  And then he’d continue, “Yeah.  Might’ve been the sticky bun I ate after dinner.” You’d nearly choke on your food, but he’d continue.  “Bit too sticky, I think. But it was delicious.  I’d eat it every night if I could.”

-When he’s drunk?  That’s when he’s the worst of all.  Clingy, giggly, warm, and constantly whispering in your ear what he’s going to do to you when you get home.  He’d make you take shot after shot, and then kiss you afterwards, giggling out that you “taste like tequila.”  He’d also want to do body shots off your tummy, and he’d let his tongue dip a little too low when no one’s paying attention.  He’d have his hand on your thigh constantly, too, creeping dangerously higher with every passing minute.  And he’d squeeze it every now and then, reminding you that he hasn’t forgotten about his promise to make you scream when he gets you home.

-Whatever you do, DON’T watch a scary movie with him. He’d grab you and shout at the most suspenseful parts, and it would startle you EVERY TIME without fail.  And then he’d giggle every time without fail.  It would also be impossible to get through a whole film without his commentary.  “Is he cheating on her?  I hope the ghost kicks his ass.”  “Listen, babe… it’s sad and all, but honestly, if she was dumb enough to go down into the basement in the first place, maybe she deserved it.”  “NOT THE DOG! CHRIST, WHAT DID HE EVER DO TO THOSE FUCKIN’ BASTARD GHOSTS?” “Okay but why don’t they just move out of the house?”  “I know its far fetched but hear me out….. these aren’t ghosts at all……. they’re aliens.”

-Tickles.  Literally all the fucking time.  The minute he finds out you’re ticklish, you’re done for, so you’d better hope you can learn to tolerate it if you can’t already.  He’d tickle you whenever he could.  There would be,  “Haven’t heard your laugh in a while” tickles,  “Oh you think thats funny?  I’ll give you something to laugh about” tickles, “You disagree with me?  Lets see if that opinion changes when I do this” tickles, “Just because I’m a little shit” tickles, “You don’t want to go get me a glass of water?  Are you suuuure?” tickles, “We’re in public and have to be quiet” tickles, etc.  And the whole time he’d be a teasing little shit too, like, “What’s wrong babe?  Why’re you laughin’ so hard?” or “Awww listen to that snort” or “I’ll stop as soon as you stop laughing, babe!” But the minute you turn on him and try to tickle him back?  Forget it.  He’s giggling like a little boy before your fingers even touch him. 

-Doing sexy things and faking innocence.  You’d bend over to pick something up and he’d slap your butt.  And then when you shot him a dirty look, he’d only grin and say, “Don’t act like you don’t love that, you kinky little shit.  You seemed to enjoy it last night, at least.”  Or referring to himself as “daddy” when you’re in public.  Like maybe at the store, he’d lean close to you and whisper, “Stay close to daddy now.  Don’t want you getting lost.”

-SURPRISE VISITS TO YOUR WORK.  LIKE ALL THE TIME. Maybe one day he’d be sending you some very provocative texts and pictures, and then out of NOWHERE he’d show up to your work.  Grinning, holding a little paper bag in his hand.  He’d take pictures with a few customers and walk right up to you.  Of course, he’d be wearing your favorite shirt and some DELICIOUSLY  tight pants that you’d literally just want to rip off.  He’d greet you with an innocent, “Hi, baby.  Thought you might be hungry so I brought you lunch.  You look nice!” He’d lean in and kiss your neck, his lips innocently grazing your ear as he’d whisper, “You must be drippin’ for me.  I could smell you the minute I walked in the door.”  He’d pull away and say, loud enough for people to hear, “You smell nice!” Everyone would assume he’d be talking about your perfume, but you’d both know better. 

-We can all agree that Harry seems like the type of person who’s body is naturally like a furnace, yeah?  So one hot summer night, you’d be falling asleep and he’d lazily roll over and pull you into him.  Which would be nice at first. But after about 5 minutes, you’d start getting super hot.  So you’d complain, “Harry I love you but it is too hot for this.”  And he’d only giggle, and say, “What’s that?  You’re cold?  Let me warm you up then.”  And he’d full on lay on top of you, wrapping you up in his arms so you couldn’t move and giggling whenever you let slews of curse words and mean names escape your lips.