and i just colored it hahaha


lol i bought some of my own prints from society6 just to check their print quality ((because i’ve been getting so many requests about uploading my art so people could get them as prints but i wanted to make sure that the quality was nice)) – was a bit surprised at how the different the colors were – they were very faded and yellowish (so i pulled out the mini comic prints) ;; the magazine mockups were a bit dark but i think it’s okay *__* i still kinda liked the prints from the local shop better ((the family portrait prints are so smooth when printed large AAAA so happy)) :0 anyway i left the magazine mockups in society6 so idk

these are terrible phone photos im sorry i was in a rush hahaha

A very self-indulgent thing I did today during classes.

I never saw the actresses clearly so that’s partly how I imagine them ?? And the dresses are anachronic as hell, my bad. I’ll just say this is my first try at drawing Angelica and Eliza !


just two guys….bonding… i can’t believe this is my first contribution to this amazing show…


Casual Allura after the con~
I love all the color filters, honestly… 😀😄💖💖💖😙

// Happy Lunar New Year to everyone celebrating!  ✧(*•̀ᴗ•́*)و ̑̑  Wishing you guys all the best as we move onto the year of the Rooster! ♡  - Admin Dissu


03-12-16 ∴ I run.

Heya, people, doin good?

Here’s a little gift I made for @edissero , look right there! There’s a little chibi frisk-eli hahaha! And she just found the Conveniently-Shaped Sans!

Well, thank U for being the first ever to play the @underfellfangame game, I watched all the stream and love what I saw! Hopes the best for all you guys! Kisses kisses!

Oh, and I just noticed that I messed up Papyrus’s boots colors when it was too late!  D:

But, welp, he’s pretty on black boots too ;)

Uuuntil later!