and i just can't find a reason to except that she's a girl on a show that hates women

My theory on The Heir's ending...
  • This is the first time in my fiction-reading life that I cannot choose or predict with confidence who I think would ultimately end up with the protagonist.
  • ((Curse you Kiera for creating such adorable guy contestants!!!))
  • But my bet is that Eadlyn would ultimately choose between Kile and Erik, two of the guys I believe she has the most chemistry with, but at the same time both have to overcome respective conflicts to be together.
  • To be honest, when we were first introduced to Kile, a guy Eadlyn wouldn't want to be with who happened to be Marlee's son and was conveniently placed into the Selection, my first reaction was "Oh no, this love story is gonna be sooooo predictable."
  • But as the story went by, I felt myself rooting for Kidlyn. Unlike Aspen in the first trilogy, Kile was interestingly different and quite out of the norm from the regular predictable love interests. His chemistry with Eadlyn during the Selection was surprisingly exciting, although for now it's mostly physical.
  • Kile might fall for Eadlyn for real. But we all know he's not the type who would want to be roped down by the Royal Family, and he's made that very clear. People may think that since Kile's the "childhood friend", he'd automatically belong to the trope where he'd never in a million years be chosen in the end by the protagonist.
  • What they don't understand is that Kile doesn't exactly fit that trope. Sure they grew up together, but up until the Selection, they didn't like being with each other. In fact, both abhorred the thought of them getting paired together (I really think either Josie or Marlee put his name in the Selection).
  • But unlike the "Childhood Friend" trope, Kile isn't a bland character who you would immediately toss away as soon as you find out he's in love with the protagonist.
  • And unlike the "Hate-At-First-Sight-Which-Turns-To-Love" trope AKA the Tsundere type, Kile DOES know the real Eadlyn, mostly her negative side, and honestly it's more or less justified. And he's DEFINITELY not pissing her off because that's how he shows his affection.
  • He said it himself, he let his frustration for being trapped into the castle walls into his actions towards Eadlyn.
  • His actions are quite understandable, and it's great how even though he's known as someone Eadlyn grew up with, we're still getting to know this love interest, and only during the Selection did both Eadlyn and Kile realize that there really is more to a person when you get stuck in some bad situation.
  • Plus, they'd make a really good Designer couple <3 they could collaborate and make beautiful creations together!
  • Erik, while a part of me hoped that he didn't start developing romantic feelings for Eadlyn in this book (I wanted a slow, gradual pace. But I still ship them too), I knew that something was going to happen between the two the moment they first met.
  • As their relationship developed, especially when Erik led Eadlyn to safety during the Kitchen wars, I began thinking "Oh, maybe there really is hope between these two!".
  • Erik has somewhat became Eadlyn's safety blanket during the Selection, a genuine friend who has no ulterior or romantic motives to become close to her, which is what exactly Eadlyn needs at this time. I don't know if Eadlyn realized that her feelings for Erik have turned romantic, but it's obvious that Erik has fallen for her.
  • Except (gasp!) He's not part of the Selection. The only reason he's there was to be Henri's translator (whom I absolutely love in this book! Henri's just an adorable sweetie pie!). It's clear that this guy's struggling between the rules and his feelings, also since he adores Henri as well.
  • Which brings him into the same category as Kile in which either one of the two contenders or Eadlyn would have to sacrifice something huge in order to be with Eadlyn.
  • The easiest route for Eadlyn would definitely be choosing either Hale or Ean. But we know these two would never really have a chance, although I guess we can't say for sure about Ean but we'd definitely know that it wouldn't be because of love.
  • Henri... as much as I love him, he's never gonna be it (although a little part of me wants him to be The One).
  • It all boils down to Kile and Erik, two people whom Eadlyn would have to sacrifice for if she decides to choose either of them.
  • So my theory about the conclusion is... *drumroll please*
  • That Eadlyn would NOT become Illea's future Queen.
  • I believe that the crown would be passed down to Kaden.
  • There MUST be a reason why Eadlyn keeps complaining about having this responsibility, and why Kaden seems to be so wise and knowledgeable about the kingdom's problems WITHOUT being forced to, even moreso than Eadlyn.
  • Simple as that, if Eadlyn abdicates the throne, then there wouldn't be a problem with her choosing either Kile or Erik.
  • Now I know this would not sit well with some readers especially feminists or plain ol' readers who're sick of seeing female protagonists throw their rationality out for love.
  • I mean, why would she give up the throne (not to mention becoming the first female ruler of Illea) for a bunch of losers whom she's fallen in love with???
  • Well, I would've been the first to complain if it weren't for the fact that Eadlyn keeps complaining and complaining about becoming Queen to the point of irritating me.
  • If anything, the fact that she's the future Queen isn't something positive for her even though it's supposed to be. Rather, it destroyed something inside her that could've made her happier as a human being even without romance to think about.
  • Not every person is fit to rule a kingdom or rather feels forced to do the job but is somewhat failing. It just so happens that Eady's one of them, and coincidentally she's female.
  • I'm not trying to put down women since I'm a girl myself. What I'm trying to say is that man or woman, this could happen to anyone. It's just a cause of bad timing.
  • So in conclusion, I think Eady's not going to be The Heir. She may choose a guy during the end of the Selection, but that doesn't guarantee that everything will sail as smoothly as Maxon and America's love story.
  • Now returning back to Kile and Erik, although it's really difficult to decide whom Eadlyn might end up with, I'd have to say that I'm leaning a tad bit more to Kile.
  • It can't be a coincidence that America and Marlee's offsprings are given a chance to develop feelings, or the fact that both are interested in designing (granted, in different courses) and freedom beyond the castle walls.
  • Erik may be a really nice guy whose understanding, comforting personality compliments Eadlyn's rather outwardly harsh but surprisingly fragile personality.
  • But Eadlyn might not really need that anymore when she's free of her reign.
  • Kile already understands Eadlyn, not to mention they have been technically living together since they were babies. They'd definitely relate to each other more than Erik would, and seeing their progress in The Heir, it wouldn't be so far-fetched to see them grow together until they just couldn't bear to leave the other.
  • So there. That's my take on how The Heir series would end, or rather who Eadlyn would end up with. Note that this is only a theory and does not have to be taken seriously.
  • All this aside... HOW CAN I WAIT ANOTHER WHOLE YEAR FOR THE NEXT BOOK?!?!?!?!?!?!?!

anonymous asked:

I can't speak directly for the person who made the "negative repercussions/crazy fans" comment, but given her past posts, I believe she was talking about those people who label the potential pairing sick and disgusting and even pedophilia. However you feel about a real-life pairing with such a big age gap, for a legal, consensual relationship that isn't portrayed as a quick hookup to be your "line in the sand" in the murderous, ethically challenged TWD universe does seem a bit odd, doesn't it?

Well, no.  

Let me first say, yes I think labelling a relationship between Beth and Daryl as paedophilia is wrong and dangerous, BUT I understand why some people use that words because it expresses their distaste for it. (And coming from the UK where the press likes to label everything as “paedo” this and that, I know the word has become synonymous with creepy and inappropriate, instead of its actual meaning)

And I disagree with the person who used the phrase about crazy fans, it was talking about the negative repercussions, and surely that must encompass ALL negative reactions? If it’s not, then she should say so, otherwise - as I said - it comes across extremely disrespectful to those who don’t like it for any reason.

But back to your final point, no I don’t think it’s odd that a consensual relationship between a just legal teen and a man in his 40s is some people’s line in the sand. Everyone has their own triggers, their own areas that they find they are more sensitive in. It’s been noted than far smarter people than me, that in TV land violence is far more easily accepted than sex and bad language. TWD is a prime example of that, we can see kids being shot in the head, people eating guts and blood flying hither and yon, yet they can’t say fuck? 

Sex and relationships is a much more sensitive subject for most than violence., I don’t agree with it, but it’s a fact. And so, it makes sense that an edgy, controversial romantic relationship would have more people on edge than a murder.

It is also important to note that a lot of the women objecting to this potential relationship are woman, and older women at that. Seeing a teenager in a romantic relationship with a much older man sparks a lot of triggers and memories and feelings in most women. Horrifically, most grown women have experienced some unwarranted and unwanted sexualisation in their teens. Most have memories of older men acting inappropriate or lasciviously with them at the age that Beth is now. It’s not pleasant and to see Daryl looking at such a young woman in what could be deemed as lustful, creeps a lot of us out, because as much as we know that’s a fictional world it still connects in our minds.

There was a quote going round about being protective of teenager girls because we were once them, and it’s so true. For many of us, it’s not about hating Beth, it’s about projecting ourselves onto her. 

And that makes us see Daryl in a bad light. For most of us Caryl shippers, we see Daryl as THE most honourable of men - as Caryl pointed out at the end of season 2. And to see him contemplating a romantic relationship with a girl he’s known since she was 16, a girl who has led a sheltered emotional life, makes us find him less honourable.

Especially when you think of how Carol admonished Axel for hitting on Beth, and he was seen as a creep WITHIN THE SHOW fore doing so. This shows that while it’s the ZA and ethics become grey, the characters are meant to be trying to hang on to SOME degree of social rules. Isn’t that what Dale and Hershel and Rick are all about? They don’t want this world to change them too much. 

The moral ambiguity has largely come down to survival. What do you HAVE to do to keep alive, to keep those you love safe. The moral ambiguity of romance - which is essentially a choice and an experience for pleasure not survival - has NEVER been dismissed on the show. Quite the opposite in fact. Lori was judged harshly for sleeping with Shane, even though she thought her husband was dead. Andrea was cast aside for finding comfort in the Governor’s bed. So, why would Daryl suddenly be the only exception to this sexual moral judgement air?

Essentially we want Daryl to be the hero, to do - as he has always done - the right thing, and thing least expected of someone who looks like him and comes from his background. Getting involved with an inexperienced, vulnerable young teen is not that, for many of us. It’s the thing someone thinking the worst of him would expect him to do - hook up with the young, pretty, light and bubbly blonde, instead of any of the challenging, strong women around him.

And that’s another reason this potential relationship sits so uneasily with many of us - the message it sends. To see the big hero, the man most female fans fantasize over and most men admire making the choice to go for the stereotypical youthful blonde sends a depressing message.

Someone (who? Please tell me and I’ll credit you) put it beautifully, that dismissing 3 years of building a relationship with Carol in favour of a fast bond with Beth, tells the viewers that if you are over 40 and grey haired, it doesn’t matter how much you put into a relationship with a man, he will ALWAYS chose the younger, blonder model. 

I’ve seen these very words come out of the mouth of some Bethyl fans - why on earth would Daryl chose old Carol, when he can have young, hot Beth? - and it is the most depressing thing. To see young women put so little stock in an older woman, to negate her attractiveness, and sexuality and believe that only youth and hotness can win a handsome, strong man’s heart and passion, makes me weep. 

I KNOW that it’s not the case for most men, but I want young women to know that too. I want them not to be afraid of growing old. To embrace their aging sexuality for the wonder it is. To not feel their worth as a woman goes out the door with their ovaries. I want them to look at Daryl and think, wow what a hot guy and look, he’s chosen the older woman because of WHO SHE IS, and that he finds her wrinkles and stretch marks and scars etchings of her wisdom and worth.

Instead, I see them saying Look at the hot guy, he needs a young, light woman, who makes him see things in a happy, light way and who can give him babies.

That’s not what I want for those characters, and it’s not what i want for the viewers.