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Ha! Well I was quiet for a while because I was outta the country without roaming data. Short one-shot fanfiction tends to be super spontaneous with me. Especially short fic like The Handling of Ash. I literally just stepped into the shower and came up with the idea and when I stepped out I was like “yeah I can spend an hour writing that”

I’m always down to drag Bakugou

Dating Baekhyun would include

This boy was requested so much like all the baekhyun stans just came outta nowhere lmao, enjoy!

- 5 minute showers because if you were in there any longer that boy would be at the door like why are you taking so long? Can I come in?

- constant karaoke dates, which at first would be fun and :-) but then you’d realize how…competitive he would get, like during the duets he would sing above you and push you out the way and you’re like you’re in fucking exo let me shine

- him putting you on such a high pedestal, like the rest of exo would never hear a bad thing leave his mouth about you, because he literally couldn’t find the words to say about you

- you constantly missing eyeliner, like you literally just bought a new stick like a week ago and it’s gone, and you go find baekhyun to ask where it’s at and he has black residue still on his eyes and he acts all innocent like eyeliner? Hmmmm? I don’t???

- whenever he wants to make fun and roast you at home, you don’t even respond to him, you just go pull out your phone and play his light video on the television, and he just walks out because his ass got burned

- chanyeol ALWAYS in ya damn house, and you come home and tell them, like “chanyeol, don’t you gotta leave?” And he’s just like no :0) so you always make him an extra plate at dinner

- yelling at them to stop flicking spaghetti at each other, wondering to yourself when you got a toddler for a boyfriend

- baekhyun apologizing in the sweetest ways, he’d upset you and that would upset him, so he’d drop all his acts and just go up to you and start singing about the things he finds beautiful and loves about you, a plucked rose in his hands and kisses making their ways to your cheek

- him getting mad at you for accepting gifts from the fans that were basically derp face masks and stickers, like you got a collection of all the ugly faces he’s made and he’s mad because he has an ‘image’ and you’re like what image? A soggy piece of toast?

- him getting mad but you assuring him he’s ya favorite soggy piece of toast

- messing with his hair straight out the shower; because it’s so styleable and so sometimes he falls asleep in your arms while you part his bangs and you’re just like aw (◕‿◕✿)  and try to take sneaky picture of him

- tease. He’s such. A. Tease. Like he will kiss you all up and over and then suddenly stop while you’re all breathless and half naked while he’s breathing fine and fully clothed

- he’s a sucker for your whining, like he tries to tease but you whisper cute things and shit in his ear and he can’t keep up his front anymore and starts going in on you again, a smile on your face because you won again

- baekhyun is a super cutie who you sometimes wanna kick but you love him mostly, and understand that this boy has you as his world. I don’t think he would be very vocal about his depth of love but i assure you it’s there no matter what, and he always just wants you to be happy. ˚₊*(ˊॢO̶̶̷̤◡ुo̴̶̷̤ˋॢ)*₊˚⁎


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This is Part 1 of 3 that we came up with!

Description: The reader returns from a match, gets backstage, and on her way to her locker room, she runs into a certain Jersey born trash talker, and ends up being Distracted.

Warnings: Smut galore!

Notes: I may not tag everyone. I honestly only tag the list of my friends in my head. XD

This was an idea that @imagines–assemble and I came up with. We were working on our smut for Underdog Aggression, and she was watching Monday night Raw, when she suddenly stopped typing on the doc and was taking ages to respond to me on Tumblr. Then she said Enzo was nude and Distracting her. So I told her, “If you’re that distracted by Enzo being bare ass naked, then put it into a smut, woman! Don’t waste that inspiration!” And this is the outcome of me shoving her ass to make an amazing smutty mini series with me.

All aboard the smut train of teamwork!

“Open the door, Cass!” Enzo snarled, banging on the locker room door. Cass thought it’d be funny to lock Amore out after he took his shower but there was just one problem…

Well…A big problem…

Enzo was stark fucking naked.

Giving up on getting back in the locker room, Enzo sighed and brushed a hand through his dripping hair. “Fucking great…” he mumbled as he glanced around.

“Enzo?! What the hell!” he turned, eyes wide when he saw you nearby. You were slack-jawed, your coffee was spilled on the floor and your phone was dangerously close to slipping from your grasp. You were fresh from a match, your skin still glistening with sweat as your eyes were blown wide. Thank God you two were the only people around…

Enzo nervously rubbed the back of his neck. “Y/n! H-Hey!” He was never the nervous type of guy, obviously. However, when it came to you…He felt like a nervous teenager that just discovered girls. “Cass sorta…Locked me outta the locker room after I showered…” He mumbled, tousling his dampened hair. You fidgeted, trying desperately to keep your gaze above his waist but you were failing…


Enzo noticed this and, with a smirk, he coolly strolled over. “Well, Y/n…” he started with new found confidence, “See somethin’ ya like?” Amore grinned, hands folded over his chest as he stood before you and you gulped. You could feel your self-restraint waning.

“A b-big something…” you murmured, only to quickly clam up as your face blazed and your eyes closed. Enzo chuckled, his fingers brushing your arms and you squeaked.

“Well ya ain’t wrong, doll.” his words gave away the smile in his voice as his breath tickled your ear. He chuckled softly. “Ya’know…I’ve always found you to be one of the more talented and beautiful women on the roster…” He stood before you, moving his hands to your hips as he gently rubbed them. You bit your lip hard as his member brushed against your stomach and you whimpered softly. You felt your self-control fading away faster and faster.

“R-really?” You asked softly.

Amore nodded. “Of course, doll…Hell, you’re so beautiful and talented, you even make me nervous around ya and we both know that ain’t a usual thing for me.” He said in his raspy Jersey accent. You opened your eyes and gazed up at him.

“Seems like someone’s getting excited…” You said, suddenly having your own confidence as you gave him a smirk. Enzo’s brazen confidence disappeared as he flushed deeply.

“I-I uh…Don’t know what you’re talkin’ about.”

You rolled your eyes and grabbed his hand, leading him to an empty locker room not far from where Enzo and Cass’ locker room was. You closed the door, not really caring to lock it as you shoved Enzo onto the couch and got on your knees in front of him. You wrapped your fingers around his girth and slowly began stroking his length.

Enzo shivered when he felt your small fingers wrap around his cock then groaned softly when you began moving your hand up and down his length. “S-shit Y/n…” He didn’t know what it was about you that did this to him but he didn’t really care at this point.

Although, he’d be lying if he said Cass didn’t act like this around you either. Seeing that Cass is a seven foot tall giant, being nervous around a woman that was almost two feet shorter than him was not only hilarious but it showed that both men were obviously falling hard for you. Amore could see it, but you were always clueless when it came to a guy liking you.

Deciding to take the initiative, you gave a suggestive smile as you crawled into his lap. Straddling him, you settled your hips on his and as you continued to stroke him you slyly licked his ear. “Does that feel good, Daddy?” you nipped at Enzo’s ear, changing the speed of your pumps around his shaft and he groaned. His body jerked as he laid his head on your shoulder, his breath fanning against your neck in short bursts as his nails dug into your waist.

“D-damn, Y/n…Did you just call me-”

You paused, your form going rigid. Had you overstepped a boundary?

“Y-you don’t like it? S-sorry, Enzo, I-”

“Are you kiddin’? I love it, baby…” he grinned, his confidence returning as he grabbed your wrist and pulled you over his lap. He roughly pulled your tight ring shorts down and to his surprise, he discovered that you weren’t wearing any panties underneath them. He chuckled softly. “Such a naughty girl…Not wearing panties while fighting? You seem to be begging to get spanked by Daddy…”

A soft sigh is released from your lips when you feel his calloused hand run over your cheeks while his other hand pressed down on your lower back to keep you in place. “I-I’m sorry Daddy, I…” you began to confess. “I don’t wear panties to my matches because usually they have my match scheduled before yours so when I finish I…” He noticed you trail off and spanked you to get you to continue. You yelped at the stinging smack. “I go back to the locker room and while I watch you fight, I…I masturbate to you and Cass…” You hung your head in shame and embarrassment.

Enzo was actually shocked. He couldn’t believe that the times he’d pass you on the way to his match the reason you were rushing to your locker room was because of that. He actually flushed slightly and grinned. “Well…tell me what you think about when you touch yourself, baby girl…” he asked while running his tongue along his bottom lip. “Do you imagine those little fingers of yours being ours when they’re inside your tight little pussy, doll?” He pulled you up to sit in his lap with your back against his chest as he spread your legs and moved a hand down to stroke your wet lips, making you shiver.

“Mmn! Y-yes!” you gasped as his fingers teased your slick. “I imagine what it would feel like if your fingers were in me…I imagine what your cock would feel like in me-Oh!” a ragged moan escaped you, breaking your sentence. Enzo had slipped two fingers into your pussy, already making your toes curl as your body shook with need. You laid your head against his shoulder as you moaned softly. “F-Fuck…Zo, your fingers are way thicker than mine…” You felt your body move on its own, your hips rolling slightly to help his fingers inside you.

Enzo bit his lip as he felt you moving with the strokes of his fingers. “Fuck baby doll…you like that?” he asked, softly nipping and sucking at the side of your neck to leave a mark. He moved his other arm, tightly wrapping around your waist to keep you from moving your hips. You whimpered as you felt him constrict you and you wiggled to no avail.

Daddyyy…” You whined. Zo chuckled softly, removing his fingers. Using a total of three fingers to stroke your lips he generously slathered his digits with your slick before he slowly pushed them deep into you. You gasped loudly, biting your lip as you felt your walls stretching to accept the third finger. Amore groaned as he curled his fingers inside your heat. “Fuck…you’re so damn tight, baby…You like it when Daddy plays with your pretty little pussy, huh?”

“Ooh, yes Daddy! I love when you play with my pussy!” You whimpered softly as you squirmed a bit. “Ahh, Daddy…It feels so good!” You bit your lip as you grasped onto the arm around your waist. Your nails bit into his arm and he groaned.

“Yeah? Just imagine Daddy’s cock in this tight little pussy. I bet you’d squeeze around my cock perfectly, doll…” He murmured against your shoulder. Your eyes fluttered as you were getting closer and closer to an orgasm. From Enzo’s dirty talk and control alone had you dizzy with want. He felt your walls beginning to clamp around his digits and smirked. “Is my baby girl gonna cum all over Daddy’s fingers?” You nodded, whimpering as you tried to hold it in.

“D-daddyy…Please let me cum? It feels s-so good…” you mumbled.

Zo heard you ask him, and he whispered, “Go ahead and let go. Daddy’s got ya…”

You cried out as your orgasm hit like a tidal wave. Your body trembled as you panted softly, laying your head back to catch your breath. Zo eased his fingers from you, making sure to collect a good amount if your juices before slipping his fingers into his mouth and sucking them clean. He made a groan of satisfaction.

“Shit…You taste delicious, Y/n…” He grinned. Getting up with you, Enzo pushed you down onto the couch to be positioned on your knees with your hands holding onto the armrest. You were both facing the door and you felt some worry. If someone came in here and saw you two, it’d be a disaster but when Enzo spread your legs, it soon became the last thing on your mind. Gaining better access Enzo rubbed the head of his cock up and down your slick folds, making you whine as he teased you.

You moaned softly. “Mmn…Please just fuck me already, Daddy…”

“Such a naughty girl…Begging to be fucked.” He grabbed your hips and thrust deep into you without warning, making you to scream out in pleasure. “Just like that…” he smirked. “Daddy’s gonna have you screamin’ all night, baby girl so I hope you’re ready.” Enzo bottomed out, giving no time for reprieve as he pulled out to the tip and plunged right back in. You screamed again, your back curving as Enzo sheathed deep inside you.

“Haa…It’s so good…” you groaned, your words soon meshing into a blithering mess as his hips shifted, aiming to the left for a new position that made you lose your breath. It was so good it almost hurt.

“Damn, Y/n…I don’t think one time is gonna cut it.” Enzo moaned, laying open mouthed kisses up your spine as he drilled deeper, hitting your cervix and you wailed. You tried to muffle your sounds, but were soon forced to moan as you felt a rough smack on your ass. “Uh uh, I wanna hear your sounds, baby…I want everyone to hear those gorgeous sounds as I fuck this tight pussy…” You nodded and dug your nails into the armrest of the couch, crying out as your walls tightened around his cock.

“F-Fuck! Daddy!”

He chuckled, soon hearing the door knob jiggle and turn but his thrusts didn’t falter. You, however, were in an absolute state of bliss, unaware of anything other than the all consuming wave of lust you were swept up in and as you released all over his cock, the door opened.

“Damn, looks like I’m just in time for a nice show…” The sudden visitor said.

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Thought I should let you know you've turned me into Negan trash. I love your stories. Now my brain wants me to write reader/Negan smut lol I was wondering if you would do some headcannons of Negan x Reader with glasses? Pretty please ^-^

Thank you so much! Welcome to the Negan Thirst Squad my dear friend!

There is no escape

On with the headcannons!

- Negan always commenting on how pretty and big your eyes
- “Wow, you eyes are just goddamned gorgeous aren’t they?!”
- When you and him got closer he would take you glasses and put them on him
- After a few times of him doing that he would realise that he could actually see a little better wearing your glasses
- So soon enough when Negan was checking stock he would walk over to you and distract you with kisses
- Before sneakily -and smoothly- taking your glasses off and putting them on himself
- “Negan!”
- “I need them!” He would always reply while shrugging
- “So do I!”
- “Yeah, but they suit me. don’t ya think?”
- and they did, damn him. They would frame his face perfectly and it would annoy the hell outta you.
- Negan would definitely shower you with compliments if he had taken your glasses for a long period of time.
- It had happened a few times before where Negan has forgot he’s wearing your glasses and just walking out with Lucille slung over his shoulder
- You would wait a few minute before he came sprinting back into the room to you smiling sweetly.
- “Did, did you know I was wearing them?”
- “Yeah, but they suit you.”

I hope you liked this!!! Have a wonderful diggity damn day friend!

Pole Dance Your Way Into Love

Pairing: Levi/Eren

Rating: T (sorry, I’ll make an M-rated oneshot one of these days…)

Written for Pier for being my muse <3

What you need to know: Eren works as a waiter in a strip club. This flashy guy Levi comes in all the time to get drunk, and Eren kind of falls in love with him and decides that he needs to get his attention somehow. So he pole dances.

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