and i just am happy


Alright, here we go, so I met G last night after 6 hours of searching ((dedication and persistence bc I wanted to meet him with all of my being, even after giving up hope I still didn’t give up my search…)), and that just made me so happy. Listen I know I say this a lot, but thank you, I haven’t been this happy in a long time…. Meeting you was absolutely astonishing, I can’t express my gratitude to you enough. I’m extremely ecstatic, you’ve saved my life, and THAT is why I just am so happy watching you’re videos, talking to you, just anything, G, that made my night, my week, my YEAR, I wish I could go to Pax to meet you and hug you but, for now, imma send you a virtual hug *HUGGG* I’m sorry I rambled a lot on this but I’m so effervescent right now you don’t understand, as you could tell when I met you I was so hype yet so nervous I was on verge of tears, and I did cry pure tears of joy after I met you, I stayed on for like 5 minutes to give all of my luck to the people who hadn’t met you yet, love you, stay lit, aaaand Mata Ne!!! @ogchanyt

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I still need you, it may not seem like I ever did but I always have. I want you to still need me too, in the most innocent way possible, just to stay in your life. I am genuinely so happy that you have moved on because it means I can’t hurt you anymore. I can’t tell you this because you would only be staying because you felt like you had to not because you wanted to. I need to let you have the space you deserve from all the times I have hurt you. You said that we would still speak, that you would be there, but from experience I know that those words aren’t going to be for filled, they never are, they always leave.

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Of course I would love it if that rumor about Harry performing at the Grammys were true but I will also be happy if he just shows up at a few pre/post Grammy parties or other events. I just want to see him and Jeff out and about and getting ready to launch his so career. I am ready

Same! Ill just be happy to see harry out and looking beautiful

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Hello, I just found your art and I am so happy about it, you draw all of the CP9 so well, I missed them a lot and esp Lucci you do so well, he is my favorite and my dear, just wanted to say thank you for the great art and keep doing it, its amazing

Wow, I’m extremely happy to read it! This is my favorite organization, so they are drawn with such ease. And Lucci my favorite kitty boy also) 

And you thank for inspiring and encouraging words!

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It is scary how good all of your players are. Everything is so in character.

Oh my gosh you are the sweetest!!!! I believe I can speak for everyone when I say thank you and this means so much to us. We have so many talented people and I am happy to know that I am not the only one who thinks so. You have made my day and I am sure all of our players will be just as happy to see this. 

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Can I just ask, why people gotta bring shit like this up? Like are you trying to make people insecure? Can't you see that they're happy? Idk I just don't get the point 😂

Trust me. I am MORE than happy. So Bucky isnt as big? (Which believe me he REALLY IS.) I am STILL getting it as if it were the first time, every time. I love him. There’s nothing he should feel insecure about, because I would have even more of his babies. And yes, he gets it very often. Because I am MORE than happy.
-Mrs. B


Jongin for Esquire Korea 2017 Feb issue

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aaaa could you draw some allura?

i can always draw my God Damn Daughter 

reading one star reviews of books you hated on goodreads just to stew in your bitterness is such a happy cozy feeling

how do i let kdin know i love and appreciate her

this is a good time to remember that i love misha collins and that i am incredibly proud of him for doing what he thought was the right thing to do