and i hope you think it looks good lmao

Making out with... Yuta


Anon: Make out with yuta too 😊

Anon: First make out session with yuta too 😊😀😍

Anon: Hope you’ll do a making out with Yuta soon! ^_^

Anon: making out with yuta please:)) (the thirst is real)

ok i just want to say that i think yuta is like a sex god okay #sorrynotsorry and i’ve just added some nice gifs of him at the end :-) also this is fucking long and kinda sexual so enjoy ;-)

  • so yuta the japanese fuck boy womaniser god woman killer prince
  • im listening to jay park while writing this so i might get a little excited writing this YAY
  • Yuta would love making out with you
  • It’d be his favourite past time with you
  • Well
  • It would be sex but making out is more practical and safe lmao
  • Already quite touchy in the relationship, but if he wanted to make out with you, expect his hands to wander EVERYWHERE
  • He especially likes your thighs and your neck
  • Wraps his hands around your thighs and slides them up and down teasingly
  • Likes to have a hand at the back of your neck so he can dominant the kiss and control you a bit
  • A session would start off at the most random times
  • It might start in the kitchen
  • He’ll walk over to you, where you’re frame is hunched over the sink doing the dishes
  • Snakes his arms around your waist and pull you into your chest, you stumbling clumsily into him
  • He’ll start rubbing his hands over your bare waist and stomach, slowly moving them down so they grab your hips
  • And he’ll surprise you by grounded your hips into his, earning a quick gasp from you
  • Or sometimes they might start as soon as you enter the apartment
  • You’ve had an average day, nothing’s really happened - but that’ll change soon
  • Within a second of you shutting the door, and throwing your bag and coat on the sofa,
  • You spot Yuta practically run out of the bedroom, a dark look in his eyes and a smirk on his face
  • He immediately pushes you back, edging you forcefully towards the door, and quickly you feel the front door come in contact with your back
  • He forcefully takes your wrists and bunches them in one palm, putting them above your head so you have no control
  • The type to grind a lot during making out
  • He cannot help it okay
  • He will literally dry hump you, but you’re not complaining lmao
  • His hips are rough and fast and fuck im sweating already and we havent even got to the kissing part okay lmao
  • Starts by tracing the outline of your lips with his thumb whispering to you
  • Can range from “you have the prettiest lips Y/N” to “hmm want to show me what these lips can do?”
  • Then he’ll press light, butterfly kisses on the corners of your mouth slowly
  • He enjoys having you squirm and whine for him to kiss you
  • Does that stupid smirk !!!
  • Goes in to kisses but stops when he’s only a centimeter away from your lips
  • You can practically feel the heat radiating off him
  • And his breath on your face
  • Finally, finally, he’ll kiss you for real
  • Starts very slow and deep, with a lot of brief pauses and using his jaw to add more force into the kiss
  • His lips would be so soft - like out of all the members, he would have the softest lips omg
  • You could probably taste the unscented lip balm he was wearing
  • (probably a sign he was preparing for this too)
  • His kisses will start to get sloppier and faster and deeper too (somehow, if that was even possible)
  • God, uses so much fucking tongue
  • His tongue darting in and out your mouth, swirling with yours and things get very damp
  • Will moan and groan, and probably grind into you roughly and suddenly, if you force your tongue into his mouth and not the other way round
  • He finds it so hot and god, you really are not helping the situation right now
  • His hands are now grabbing your thighs and squeezing them, making you squeal and squirm with excitement
  • Your hands, which Yuta are no longer holding up above your head, are kneading his head
  • You pull on his hair, threading your fingers through his silky hair, then moving your hands down to the nape of his neck and rubbing it slightly
  • He absolutely loves it and will break the kiss momentarily to throw his head back in pleasure and moan, before returning to the kiss
  • Sometimes, if you want things to go further eg sexual you might be a bit daring and slowly slide your hand down his chest and grab his crotch before quickly returning you hand to its place in his hair
  • He knows what you wants and will pick you up, your legs wrapped around his waist, and take you to the bedroom lmao
  • If not, then the making out will just continue yup
  • His kisses would be so deep and passionate and rough and you know that your lips will be bruised by the end of it
  • Even though his kisses are kind of alluring and sexual, he’s putting so much emotion into them
  • He just loves you so much
  • And he wants you to know that you’re the only one for him and please, don’t leave him
  • They’re rough because that’s the amount of emotion he puts into them
  • OFC you know this, and put a lot of passion into them too
  • You know the session is over when he breaks the kiss and starts kissing your neck
  • Its like a cool down or something
  • But not really because you’re both panting and whimpering at the sensitivity of your lips and skin
  • He loves hickeys
  • Especially across your chest and collar bones
  • They’re always dark and huge and they’re are many of them, scattered across your skin
  • You’ll give him them too, when he’s sucking at your chest
  • You’ll give them behind his ear and upper neck
  • But really, he prefers giving them to you rather than you giivng them to him
  • But ya know, they’re never turned down lol
  • Eventually, you’ll both get tired and slump onto one another lazily, your heart rate starting to go down
  • And then you probably start having a laughing fit for like an hour
  • Because you look at each other, and both of your lips are just bruised
  • Like hella bruised, red and sensitive
  • And it looks fucking hilarious
  • You’ll probably end up napping after too because boy, these making out sessions take up a lot of your energy lmao
  • …..okay
  • that is all
  • i hope you liked this
  • it’s fucking long too jfc
  • sorrynotsorry
  • hmmm i think some people are gonna be having some nice dreams tonight lmao
  • have some gifs of yuta too ;-)

Making out with… series

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anonymous asked:

smOL are you holding put on us??? More tododeku fic recs pls? Similar to your demolition lovers and the countless fics of pitviperofdoom where the stories are so good and soft, full of feeling and simultaneously destroys my soul or Ny fic recs pls my crops are dying

good and soft, full of feeling and simultaneously destroys the soul 

my dude. i gotCHU.

  • you called it home is a v recent tddk fic with pining shouto, and, in the author’s words, 2k words of todoroki waxing poetry about izuku as a person. there are SLIGHT spoilers for the upcoming arc in bnha season 2, so tread carefully
  • moving through cedarsmoke is pretty close to canon plot-wise, with a few exceptions; it has trans izuku and dis-associative shouto
  • Sunshine, Trapped in Our Hearts is actually the sequel of Guiding Light, which i recommended last time
  • Forehead Kisses is actually one of the first tddk fics posted on ao3. it’s soft and cute.
  • Crispiness of a Fucking Nerd is a classic lmao. it’s got established tddk and dumb boys tryna figure out how to kiss. the same author made Starting Line, which has cONFESSIONS need i say more.
  • Untitled Mornings is a tiny ficlet of izuku waking up next to his cutie of a bf
  • it could be worse should be something you’ve already read before what r u. it’s got presents and confessions and all that good shit. the same author made pax, a v long future fic which has murderrrrr
  • Burning Water do you like sad shouto who becomes a happy shouto?? i do too. 
  • Glimpses is about shouto hoping for a future with izuku
  • all this love is where shouto has an existential crisis because he’s caught Da Feels
  • i always expect for everyone to have read Hitsuzen but. if you haven’t. you better. inko plays a pretty big(?) part in it
  • all the choirs in my head; the fic where shouto likes to get choked (lmao this is the first explicit fic i’ve rec’d)
  • two sided feeling takes place after the sports festival, so i highly recommend this for new tddk shippers!! it’s got pining and so much kissing oml
  • sunburn is where shouto has conversations with his mother and she basically convinces him to confess to izuku; HOWEVER, there are spoilers for future events in the manga so do not read if you haven’t caught up to ch88.

i think that’s enough for now. I HOPE YOU ENJOY READING!!

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hi hello do you know where can I get those famous bras where your boobies pops well. Oh god I don't know how to describe it, hope you get that. like those bras without strap and makes boobies look pretty solid and hot omg! If you know can you maybe give me details on where can i buy it cause I really wanna get one I have a date soon i want my boobies poppin' hot. sorry this was a very long question and thanksy in advance :) love your blog btw :) :)

HAHHAHAHA “boobies poppin’” hahahahha!!!! You made my day x

and yeah i think you can buy one =HERE*hopefully I got it right*

good luck on that date hope you get a sexy night lmao, thank you glad you love my blog <3 x

I saw this drawing on Google and was like “yup, that’s meeh.”

I posted it on instagram too and tagged you  (I think it was your account? - @bechnokid) as my ‘inspiration’. I hope it’s ok..? ^^“ 

I hope i didn’t mess up anything here bc i only created this account to show you this xD”

*sorry 4 my bad english tho*

THIS IS GREAT oh my word, thank you for showing me this!! ;w; It’s totally fine to tag me on Instagram (even tho I don’t use it lmao), I really appreciate you doing that!

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Ghosty! I know this is random, but I dreamt about your mermaid AU (*´I`*)! But Kaneki had a dolphin tail and Tsukiyama had a shark tail, and they have eggs together.. Even though they're mammals ( ゚ー゚;.. I hope you'll have a wonderful day Ghosty! (´♡`)

OMGGG that’s so cute!!! :’D i love it! i hope u do too!♡ eDIT whoops i worded this weird, i meant, i hope you have a good day too :’D
sharks are fish i think, and some of them do lay eggs! you should look them up, some of them look so weird but cool! and i think some sharks even like…have eggs internally, or something like that. for mermaids tho, obvs it’s up to w/e ur imagination wants lmao :”D
but anyways, have some happy mermaid parents!( ˘ ³˘)♥

Quarterback Comeback - Chris Evans

Request: Okay so you wrote the Falcon fan story, think you can write one where the reader is a Patriots fan? Because if I had been at that game I would have been flipping out right along side him! & 

Request: Hey, do you think you can write a Chris Evans x Reader at the Superbowl, she’s also a Pats fan, and sooo much into the game. And they both yell the same thing at the same time and Chris notices her and like immediate crush, please?

A/N: Sorry if this is a bit cramped or any sort of football terminology is off, I tried to be accurate as I could. I even watched highlights of the game and went on the NFL website to look up the players, lmao. I hope this is good for both requests! Lots of love - R .x 

people: Chris!SuperBowl - Reader ft. Scott Evans & Jeremy Renner

warnings: nope.

“Yeah! Fuck yeah! Is this was euphoria feels like? Cause I’m high as a fuckin’ kite, that was sick, man!” You gave a double high five to Renner before turning to take a sip of your beer, which was missing. 

What the fuck, who takes a beer at the Super Bowl? Are we savages?

“Chris, I think someone stole my beer, Imma go get another-” Just as you were searching through your purse you glanced up at your boyfriend to see him frozen, with a beer situated right on his lips.

Popping up, you snatched your beer out of the thieves hands. Putting it on your other side knowing Renner would spit it out any of the beer if he decided to steal it. It was Bud Light and Renner was too fancy for that shit, so he says.

“Hey! Asshole! Ain’t you got millions? Get your paws off my drink!” I poked at Chris’s Patriot covered chest and saw those blue eyes begin their trick of puppy dog eyes, the ones I never could resist from him, ever.

“I thought we share now? Besides, it’s like God is upon us now! We have a fucking lead we’re so close, babe. We’re gonna win. I know it. Forget the beer we are going to be champions again-” We swing our heads as Scott yells out for us to look out onto the field- oh fuck.



You saw your second boyfriend (to be fair, Chris didn’t really care and actually would agree anytime you talked about how Tom’s ass looked damn fine in his uniform. 

“Are you two fuckin’ like psychic? What the hell?” You both turned to Renner and rose a brow to him,

“What do ya mean?” Chris took a swig of his own beer can, and let his eyes drift back and forth to the field as Brady got Pat’s for his slide into the 40-yard line.

“You two have been yelling the same thing at the exact same time for like twenty minutes, I’d think you’ll we’re from the shining if you guys weren’t fuc-” 

Punching his shoulder you just smirked at Renner and shook your head, “It’s called telekinesis, Jer. We get it whenever we watch sports. It’s like all of a sudden we share a brain-” You took a slow glare to Chris jokingly, “And apparently beer’s now too…”

Chris only laughed and grasped your waist, pulling you snug into his side as the team set up again. “You think they’ll come back from 3 to 28?” 

Scott asked nonchalantly, only to have you and Chris simultaneously tell him, “Yeah we fuckin’ arah! We turning this steamboat around.”

You giggled at this weird formation that only now you realized looked probably quite disturbing outside of your mind and Chris’s as well. “We’re weird, aren’t we?”

“Yup. Psychos whose team is about to lock this shit down.” You gave Chris a peck to his arm before turning back to the game, only to see a goddamn miracle happen as White took a dive, landing a touchdown but just inches.

“Yeah! Oh, my! God!” You and Chris looked at each other with eyes filled to the brim with joy. Except, normally the passion that was in between you was not because a sweaty guy just got sacked by a bunch of other sweaty guys and managed to still land a touchdown.

“Still worried we ain’t gonna win, Scottie?” You leaned over and looked at Scott as he gave you a fuck off smirk and shook his head, pinching the bridge of his nose.

“Oh good, god. I’m gonna have to have to Chris’s in my life now? Is this what it’s gonna be like, every time the Patriot’s get to the Super Bowl? Because if so, I’m gonna start charging you both for my additional weekly therapy sessions.” 

Chris just laughed loudly, clapping his heads as he threw his head back, obviously getting a bit Drunk Happy. You just chuckled to yourself and downed the rest of my beer, setting it aside and focusing back on the game.


You knew they were going to make a comeback, it was what New Englander’s did. We turned around in the last moments and came together to fucking smash the glass ceiling every time. We never stop and we don’t even let our minds wander in the final hours of the game. To see the ball make it across the white line, and into the zone, landing us Patriots, another. Fucking. Win.

Confetti went off as you and Chris jumped up and down, high from the electricity in the air of fellow Bostonians and Englander’s cheering the team for their miraculous victory. “Oh my god! Yes! Yeah, yeah, yeah!” You shouted along with Chris as we roared with the fans. 

Taking in the victory of another win. Feeling Chris tug slightly on your arm made you turn towards him only to be picked up by the inward curve of your waist, and have a pair of beer tasting lips kiss you fiercely. Not bothering in holding back anything between you both as he kissed you with as much force as he could without pain. You draped your arms around his neck, letting your legs snake around his waist. Suddenly forgetting you were in public and people we most likely filming this. You frankly, give a damn, because your Quarterback was kissing from the victory. 

You almost pulled away from Chris with the love he poured into the kiss, feeling as if it was too much for your body to handle with all the excitement and beer running through you, right now. He pulled his head away and gave a dreaming, toothy grin that made you giggle softly into his neck while leaned in. You embraced the teddy bear of a man while swaying together back and forth in almost a hypnotic motion. Letting the cheers take you both different places. It was weird looking at everyone jumping and screeching, yet you’d just been that person who was tugging at their hair, grabbing anyone in sighting to tug them towards the scene below you, or even just shouting fuck over and over.

You couldn’t help but chuckle at the chaos that surrounded you both, and the euphoria that laid in between are bodies, almost like we found a transportation device and we’re no longer at the stadium. We’re just together, loving one in another in a celebration of joy and love. After the last year, this win felt more than a victory for the Patriots, it felt like a win for you and Chris, personally. 

After the fights that you both went through together, united as one for the injustice that America was receiving these days, and much more to come, it sucked to believe tomorrow would resume normally. You kept in mind that in this moment, confetti popped and fell all around us, some catching even in your tangled locks.

“I mean, I hate to say this, Scott, but look how cute the Shining twins are? It’s like a football romantic dramedy!” Chris’s friend John teased you both as he pointed his camera towards us both, making Scott laugh and swat at John’s camera 

“Hey! It’s only during football season we become one. The rest of the time we are in a war together on who is better than the other at what. Let’s be honest, babe. I’m better, always.”

You slapped Chris on the chest and giggled, taking his unfinished Bud light from behind him, and slowly bringing it to your lips, “You keep telling yourself that, Buddy Boy. Just remember that we have film age of me kicking your ass all the way to Colorado in table tennis.”

“Shots already fired and we aren’t even out of the damn stadium yet!” Scott groaned, smacking his hand to his forehead. Jeremy let out a gruff laugh and patted my back as you situate yourself back on the ground again, fixing your top that had risen slightly.

“Congrats Scott on your newest sibling!” Jeremy teased to across at Scott who was smiling and shaking his head. “I’m in for a new hearing aid when they have a baby and becomes the ultimate super pat’s fan. Can you imagine?”

“Yes, I can, dork! And she’s also part of the team and is alongside all the best players and has gotten twenty super bowl rings so yeah!” You smiled at Chris delicately, as if he was suddenly made of glass. His voice never wavered when he replied to Scott, meaning he’d thought about our daughter in the NFL before. Not just making it up right now.

“Hmm, Baby Evans, Quarterback for the Patriots and winner of… a noble peace prize! I like that, babe. Let’s go start planning her future college fund, right now! Well, after we celebrate, then we can start her college fund and map out where she’ll play in college…”

Chris smiled and jumped for joy like a jumping bean suddenly made its way into his heart. Chris couldn’t help but dream about the perfection of you and him, crossed together to make the most amazing human being.

Chris knew that whatever gender, whatever personality, they’d have a Quarterback baby. It wasn’t the worst thing in the world to think about, though. He couldn’t help but smile more and more at the thought of a baby Evans wandering around during a future Super bowl, with a tiny Brady jersey on during the game.

Something to look forward too, in the next few years. 

At least that was Chris’s hope.

I can’t keep my Chris!Dad feels down, guys!!! I mean like look below, COME ONNNNN! They always come out in my writing, lol. I hope you enjoyed it! 

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Nct 127: having a short s/o


“ Hello :) Can you do a reaction of NCT127 when their s/o is very short thank youuuu ^^ “ 

Hi lovely, I hope that this reaction was okay because my tall lanky ass can’t relate lmao, have a good day! 



Originally posted by nct-madness

If you were ever feeling self conscious about your height he’d always comfort you by pulling you to bed and hugging you “ I love you for you, nothing can or will change that” and you knew just by looking at him that he meant it from the bottom of his heart “and for the record, I think your height is adorable” 


Originally posted by ohbaibeeitsyou


being a giant means than johnny is most likely going to be taller than his s/o anyway so height wouldn’t be a huge deciding factor in his relationships, though he’d love to rest his chin on his s/o’s head or shoulder while they’re working or cooking. he’d wraps his arms comfortably around your waist, mumbling incoherent words about his day because he’s more focused on whatever you’re doing. 


Originally posted by nctjay

Tall or small Taeyong is going to be absolutely infatuated with you because I feel like his relationships would be inTENSE, yet utterly adorable because he loves you so much. He’d love to hold his hand up against yours to see the difference in size and would be fascinated by the fact that they fit together so perfectly. He’d literally hold your hand any opportunity he had. 


Originally posted by neotechs

would definitely tease you about it a little, for example: putting stuff high up in the kitchen cupboards so you’d have to call him for help and he’d walk in with the most smug look on his face “you called dear?” But sometimes I feel like he’d take it a little to far because he knows how to push your buttons so he’d make up for it with piggybacks, ice cream and lots of hugs. 


Originally posted by doyoungsmile

I genuinely don’t think height is something that would matter to Doyoung, though he would never tell you that every time you stand on your tiptoes to kiss his nose literally makes his want to melt in a puddle because of how cute it was. What mattered most to him was that you complemented each other well and made each other happy. 


Originally posted by nctjaemin

(hOT daMn thiS Is sPICY) 

He’d probably tease you about it but know not to take it too far, he;d find the difference in height adorable but didn’t understand how someone so tiny could be so clumsy, he’d probably get very protective of you when in public when he discovers that fact, linking your elbow with his so that he knows you’re not gonna fall on your face any time soon #icon


Originally posted by nflyinqs

I believe in Sicheng’s relationships personality is of a much greater importance in comparison to looks/ features. He’d think of you as adorable anyways and would love to lower himself to your height so you were at eye level, slowly inching his way towards your lips, when you could his breath on your lips he would back away, teasing you while you picked up your slipper and began chasing him around the house with it. 


Originally posted by nctaezen

To be honest Mark’s already a fumbling mess whenever you’re around but when you ask to borrow an extra hoodie of his because you were cold, he literally forgot how to form syllables as soon as he saw your sweater paws and would probably be really clingy for the rest of that day. 


Originally posted by haecha

Omg he’d love finally being the taller one and would almost always take full advantage of this fact, Would without a doubt poke fun at your height but would say that you were the perfect height to hug him, hoWEVER, if anyone else tried to say anything about your height ooOoOOoOoOOoOoOOoh boy there would be problems. 


“I feel a little rush
I think I’ve got a little crush on you.

I hope it’s not too much,
but, girl, when I’m with you. 

I hear it, my heart singing.”

Sf9 As HighSchool Students That Has A Crush On You

Inseong: Head Of The Student Council, Sits in The Front Of The Class And Always makes an excuse to look back, taking a quick glance at you. Loves to volunteer to pass out papers so he can be near you but HATES presenting in front of the class because he somehow always messes up his words and ends up a stuttering mess. The type to never talk to you but just admire from afar

Originally posted by sf9fantasy

Jaeyoon: President of the radio Club. Confesses To You Already and Is Super Persistent On Trying To Win You Over. Basically everyone in the schools know he likes you and he likes it that way so you’re off the market. Announcements are always like: “Goood morning students~and good morning to my lovely soon to be be lover~ the most beautiful girl in the world~ Y/n~!’

Originally posted by sf9fantasy

Rowoon: Captain Of The Baseball Team. Always buys you lunch and puts it on your desk as he walks past ‘cooly’. Always tries to show off his muscles and physique when you’re around (wearing a tight white shirt when it’s freezing outside) and acting cool but when you’re not around he’s a softball, squealing and fanboying to himself after he just saw you a few seconds ago. “Omygod she looked so cute today!”

Originally posted by ruwoons

Youngbin: Class President. Picks on you to help him clean up after class. Always ask you to help him get stuff and pass out papers and makes it an opportunity to make conversation and become friends. Always takes the blame for you when you get in trouble. Let’s you copy his homework or even give you his homework or textbook when you forget.

“Answers to the next test?, no problem~!”

Originally posted by sf9

Dawon: Class Clown, Everyone’s Friends/ Very Popular. Always says hi to you every morning when you come into class and always try to make you laugh; you two eventually joke around from time to time alot in class. Will often zone out during conversations with his friends because he was low-key looking at you. Invites you to his party alot to have more time with you.


Originally posted by sf9

Zuho: Captain Of The Basketball Team. The one who picks on you alot as a way of being affectionate. Acts like a big brother, annoying you alot to the point where you either start to hate him or friendzone him. Will cockblock everyone who tries to get to you and always walks you home even you’re like Zuho I can walk home by myself.” “I have somewhere to go and it’s in the same direction.” You say that everyday.” Teases you about everything but secretly loves every quirk you have.

“Oh my god…she’s cute *heart explodes into a million pieces*

Originally posted by namjiwssi

Taeyang: President Of The Dance Club. Scans the crowd alot to see if you’re there when he’s on stage. Loves to perform for you and makes alot of eye contact and fan service even when sometimes it’s a bit too overboard and the other girls in the crowd glare at you because it’s obvious he’s giving you all the attention. Tries to talk to you alot in the hallways during passing classes, ends up walking you to class every time because you both were caught up in the conversation. Jealous easily-Interrupts your conversations with other guys like “So did you like my performance yesterday?”

(The Class President And Class Clown Tryna Talk To You When Taeyang breaks the conversation).

Originally posted by sf9

Hwiyoung: The Quiet Kid From The Orchestra Band That Plays The Cello. Doesn’t scan the crowd for you because he knows you’re there while profusely sweating but still manages to do a great performance-is so proud of himself afterwards.  Sits in the back of the class and glances over alot. Will try to come up to you often but always returns back to his seat midway. Always stare at you when he sees you from across the campus walking (type to stare until he runs into a pole or something).  Writes love notes and leaves it in your locker or desk but it’s always anonymous.

Originally posted by kangchaneee

Chani: Popular kid that every girl likes, even the older girls like him but he never really cares about them because all he sees is you. Basically isn’t fazed when girls are around him but whenever you’re around he runs away dramatically or hides (even though he makes it really obvious he’s trying to get away from you). You think he hates you or something but he actually likes you alot. Asks his friends how to talk to you but when his buddies finally gets you to hangout with them and him on the weekands, he won’t know what to do and will keep looking like he doesn’t want to be there.

“Taeyang…why do I see her walking over to us?”

“I invited her!”

“whisper to himself: omygod..

Originally posted by kangchaneee

(I made this reaction from my own request LMAO). Hope it’s good, if it is I will make one for Pentagon!

mike-a-liscious  asked:

Ah well! Uhm maybe n*18 of that writing a drabble post ("this is without a doubt the stupidest plan you've ever had, of course I'm in") and then like college AU? (you don't have to ofc I'm just weak for college AU luro) Honestly anything w college AU luro would be a blessing I was just looking at that posts Bc I'm bad w prompts lmao 😂 just do Whatevr you want I guess? I'm sure it'll be amazing either way 🙏🙏

Ooooooooooooooooooooooooooh-kay! This took a long time, and I’m really sorry bc finals, work and I was just generally exhausted bc im an anxious lil shit something but but!!! Here it is! 

I really hope you like it! It has no plot whatsoever but I think the interactions are pretty good and cute! First time writing Kuro so like, I tried??? 

Okay, I’m done rambling. OH OH, uh, not really beta’d at all. I apologize for any mistakes, hope u don’t cringe like agressively. 

Disclaimer: Voltron doesn’t belong to me. 

18. “This is without a doubt the stupidest plan you’ve ever had, of course I’m in” // Luro

“This is without a doubt the stupidest plan you’ve ever had, of course I’m in.”

Lance flips his boyfriend off before he drops to his knees and takes a small bobby pin from the back pocket of his jeans.

“Keep talking, Tadashi, and this is the last time I do something nice for you.” Lance threatens, his hands still focused on pick locking the door.

“Well, that doesn’t sound good for future horny me.”  The young adult mumbles before frowning, “And stop calling me Tadashi.”

“It’s your birth name, Kuro.” Lance replies, nickname rolling easily on his tongue, and waves him off with a shrug, “But fine, your wish is my command, babe.”

Kuro pouts at him and kicks him on the butt from behind, smirking when Lance yelps in surprise.

“How long have you been planning this, babe?”

Lance hums. “A month before you graduated last semester.”

Kuro’s eyes snap open in surprise. “That long? Babe, you didn’t have to do this, I told you back then that I was okay not getting a photo.”

His boyfriend scoffs. “Hell no. You graduated with honors, love, despite the fact that no one believed you could do it. You deserved to have your picture with the Black Lion, your career mascot! It’s a College Tradition!”

Kuro chuckles softly at the passion in the brunet’s voice. “The Director didn’t like me, we all knew that. I’m just glad I was able to prove them all wrong.”

Lance looks behind him over his shoulder to met his eyes and then he smiles softly. “Yes…you did prove them wrong and I couldn’t be prouder.”

Kuro flushes at the praise and looks away, rubbing the back of his head sheepishly. “Oh, hush.”

“But still, babe! You didn’t get to have a picture flying the Black Lion! So, that’s why we are here for!” Lance grins proudly and Kuro snorts.

“To break into the Castle of Lions just for me to climb over a rock statue?”

“Heck yeah, we are.” Lance smirks and Kuro returns the smirk.

Director Zarkon won’t be happy with the fact someone climbed over his favorite kitty.”

“Director Zarkon can kiss my ass.”

“Ew, babe, no.” Kuro laughs, “Just hurry up, before someone catches us.” He urges, leaning against the wall nonchalantly besides his boyfriend.

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Yuta, 32 and 23?

drabble game: 32. walking home late at night & 23. “I know you might not think so, but you look really good right now.” + song rec

If it goes, it comes | YUTA

Genre: royalty!au | the greatest thief!reader | 100% fluff

Pairing: Yuta / Reader

Word Count: 2 327 it’s longer than i wanted i am sorry!!!

A/N: Thank you so much I am B L E S S E D. I love writing with Yuta lmao guess why and I really hope you like it!!

Originally posted by bubwoo

It was obvious when someone from the Royal Family appeared in town. The scent of their skin was pretty much different from the plebeians around, you could feel it; their bodies emanated an aura you weren’t able to describe – and even knew if there were words to tell how magnificent those people’s presence was. You wondered if they indeed felt empathy and sympathy by the commoners; considering they were so untouchable – and not very modest – you really doubted that the nobles could at least feel something.

You shrugged the thoughts away, sliding your hands in your pockets – inside the jacket you were wearing – and in your bra, looking for any sort of equipment that could help you in your mission. The important thing in the moment was concentration, as you had to accomplish your task and receive your esteemed prize. Earlier in the morning a note was delivered to you, a simple request written with the most perfect handwriting you had ever seen. Your eyes stared at the paper for a moment, while you read

Steal the Prince’s new crown; it’s on the ‘Masquerade Jewelry ’, in the center of the city. If you succeed, you get six hundred coins. Leave it in the docks and soon you’ll have the money.

You smirked, asking yourself how someone could be vigorously reckless like that. Anyhow, six hundred coins was a lot of money and could be pretty much welcomed. You pondered for some minutes, deciding if the pros and cons could be balanced somehow; merchants knew you, and also knew you parents, which meant that they’d never distrust on you. Adding to that, the Masquerade Jewelry belonged to someone close to you – a long distant sibling, you’d define – and stealing the Prince Nakamoto Yuta’s crown would be as easy as kiss a hand.

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anon asked: hope I’m not too late! but Hc where jikook go to a vacation or honeymoon to Hawaii 💕 totally inspired by bon voyage season 2 😂

sooo this is probably not what you were looking for at all lmao. it’s angsty and it takes place during bon voyage when jikook had to share a room. it’s uh…….different than my usual style i think. i hope you like it anyway!! (also guess who listened to serendipity while writing this)

Jimin tried to have fun. All the other members were having a good time, playing around. He wanted to join them, but there was so much on his mind. Everything was eating him up inside.

He was supposed to share a bed with Jungkook tonight. Not just the same room, but the same damn bed. The universe seemed like it was out to get him, but at the same time, he knew that wasn’t the case.

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Google Doc - E.D. Pt. 2

Summary - You have an 8 AM lecture with a guy who also has no idea what’s going on. You agree to make a Google Doc together to try to make some sense of the class but end up flirting with each other more than comparing notes.

Warnings - none

Word Count - 692

Ever since you talked to the boy from class, you found yourself looking forward to getting up early every other day. You took your time with your makeup and put more thought into your outfits for reasons you understood but weren’t willing to admit to yourself. Although you and the boy talked and joked nearly every class, you hadn’t spoken enough to get his name.

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MC singing Burn from Hamilton after finding out Zen cheated

Ooooo I love angst sooooo much bless 🙌🏻🙌🏻🙌🏻
• At first things between you and Zen were amazing. You were always together, walking hand in hand, going on cute dates
• After a few months you noticed that he went to work more and became a bit distant
• You didn’t really mind tbh but something didn’t feel right
• One night Zen came home drunk af and just said
•" Ugh MC why are you still here I don’t want you here why don’t you understand that"
• You were like woah Zen what the heck but he ignored you and locked himself in the bedroom
•He left his phone on the table and you heard it go off
• You saw messages from some girl called Steffie
•Messages like “I had so much fun thanks for taking me out” “I miss you already”
• You figured out quite quickly that he had an affair with that girl
• You called Jeahee and explained everything and she said that you could stay at her place
• So you grabbed your stuff and left
•The next day it was all over Twitter, Zen made it public that he was in a relationship with that Steffie girl
• A lot of the hardcore fans were obviously confused because they thought you were with Zen ( since they know where he lives and all)
• Jeahee saw the Tweets too and asked how you felt
• Instead of crying you said “ I have a plan but I’ll need your help”
• A few days later it was the day of the RFA party
• You haven’t talked to Zen since the day you left him and every time he logged in you logged out
• There was a lot of journalists at the location of the party all the RFA members thought it was because of Zen
• But hohohohoooo they were in for a surprise
• Jeahee was standing on the stage saying her little speech everything were going as planned
• Then she said “ and now we have the person who made all of this possible. one of the strongest people I know and they’re going to sing Burn from Hamilton, here’s MC”
• Boom the spotlight was focused on you
• Zen was shOOK LMAOO
• “ Be careful with that one love. He will do anything to survive”
• When you sang “that one” you pointed at Zen
• Don’t forget that there were cameras everywhere yupp this is going viral
• “ I’m burning the memories. Burning the letters that might have redeemed you. You forfeit all rights to my heart. You forfeit the place in our bed. You sleep in your office instead. With only the memories, of when you were mine.”
• Jeahee was fangirling backstage
• Everyone was so shocked but you were actually quite good
• Zen was shaking he was embarrassed and regret started to kick in. What did he think you were the best thing that happened to him why was he so selfish and stupid
• You didn’t care. You were pissed and wanted to make him pay for hurting and embarrassing you like he did
• So you stood your ground looking like a powerful queen as you ended your song
• “I hope that you burn”
Honestly this was so funny to write lmao
Don’t hate me but I haven’t watched Hamilton yet oops so I had to google the song lmao

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Hey there! I hope you're having a good day and are drinking plenty of water! Uh, if you ever get the chance, could you maybe draw Netherlands? I feel like he'd look so amazing in your style. (If you need some kind of prompt, him with Switzlerand bonding over money and flowers)

hello!! thank u for the reminder lmao, im gonna get a glass of water right now!!!

that being said, i think we need more pics of him on bikes

@taestory this is for u /)u(\

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You explained how you came to be a russdoc centered blog, but why do you ship russdoc? Why do you think they work together? (Note: I also ship russdoc it's the best ship tbh)

time to make a list babes

  • Murdoc says he loves Russel and would never hurt him (SERIOUSLY YOU GUYS CAN WE NOT CALM DOWN ABOUT THIS PLEASE?)
  • Murdoc cares about Russel’s mental health
  • Russel feels Murdoc up in interviews
  • Both have traumatic childhoods and I think they can both help each other in dealing with that. I think we know that Russel can be a good influence on Murdoc (helping him get out of bad coping mechs, addressing his actual issues, have him progress in recovering etc) because Russel has done so for himself and is arguably the most honest with Murdoc in the group. But I also think Murdoc can help Russel not become so absorbed in his trauma, ya know what I mean? As shown above, Murdoc helps Russel in not falling deep into his depressive states. Like, clearly Russel’s coping mechanisms aren’t as destructive as Murdoc’s, but they’re not productive in his health, either. Murdoc successfully keeps Russel in reality and can help him have more fun, I think. Russel pulls Murdoc down to the ground and Murdoc picks Russel back up, and all that jazz.
  • They have such great chemistry like? Have you seen them together it’s fucking comedy gold I love them bantering like old grandpas in love hhh. They bounce off of each other so well and it actually comes across as light-hearted fun unlike the rest of G/orillaz bad, try-hard dark humor (you know what I’m talking about) example 1 example 2 example 3
  • there’s this post that explains their weird taxidermy/dead animal thing
  • the…hats
  • In Phase 2 Russel mentions the fact that Murdoc went to jail a lot and it doesn’t come across as chastising and more like concern to me. Like it genuinely worries him that Murdoc went to prison and so he mentions it as much as possible like a disappointed, nagging girlfriend. that’s gay too
  • personally, I think Murdoc would feel safe with a gentle giant like Russel. like, he can protec but he can also attac. (Translation: I don’t feel in constant danger when I’m with you because of your stature but you’re also gentle and kind to me and that fills me with relief).
  • There’s this interview that implies that Murdoc and Russel are kinda obsessed with each other’s sex lives so…..
  • Murdoc literally got lubed up when he first met Russel
  • You know what lemme be a superficial asshole and just admit that the two of them? sexing? fucking hot. They look really good together in general, honestly. 

I think there’s so much I’m forgetting but I’ll just add on more over time. Hope this answers your question!

EDIT: I got the age gap thing wrong RIP. Added a couple of things. Yeah

the strong independent women series (BTS series)

Women and power are often said not to mix together but these women are                                      about to prove you wrong. 

                          (Various!Y/N x IDOL!members)

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