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I want the whole world to watch Yuri on Ice. It would be a better world.
People would realise that it doesn’t matter what gender you are, where you come from, what skin colour you have, what you believe in - as long as you love.
Yuri on Ice shows us the perfect world and I deeply hope that someday it will be reality.
So please, please tell everyone you know about this show. Tell everyone the wonderful message Yuri on Ice is telling us!

02.10.16 // 4:24 PM With love, from Princeton -Kat  

i’m a little disappointed that got7 walked away as one of the only few artists that attended and didn’t receive any award and that they were only on stage for probably 5 minutes at most. but they’re still so humble and thanking everyone and mark even told everyone to check out bts. boys i hope you know you’re well loved and that you deserve everything for your hard work.

“Tell me how all this, and love too, will ruin us.
These, our bodies, possessed by light.
Tell me we’ll never get used to it.”

Richard Siken

Art for the Solangelo Anthology Part 6/6 

Thank you everyone for your support! I had so much fun with this anthology, I hope I’ll be able to be part of something like this again. Meanwhile, Askbox is open for Solangelo requests but I’ll take only the first five (I don’t have much time so no comic requests). Thank you again :>


“You’re not gonna meet with any untrustworthy hunter again in my absence! Never. Again. Indeed, it may be best not to let you leave the house…” 

“Stiles, you’re overreacting.” 

“Oh yeah? what was your magnificent plan? play Sleeping Beauty?”

“Don’t be such an asshole. Hey. Hey. We are okay. I love you, Stiles.” 

“That’s not… Derek c’mon! don’t I-love-you me. I can’t be angry with you when you tell me that.”

“Thanks for save me, Stiles.”

“I love you too, idiot. I love you too.”  

an embarrassing amount of time ago miloug asked me this. So here it is :) I hope you like it!! sorry for the delay! I hope it’s what you expected darling!! XD loooooots of love for everyone!!!! <3 


how ironic. you keep telling everyone how much you love humans, yet you’re looking for hope in the world after death.”

“actually it’s the other way around. i love humans, and that’s why i want to keep watching them forever.”

you think you’re god or something?

“that’s not true. i never wanted to do anything to humans–i just want to observe them. of course, if i can do a little bit of something to make things more interesting, it would be even more ideal.”
novel 9

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hey guys! i’m really excited to release my first printables! these are floral-inspired daily planners that feature a schedule, a to-do list, water/exercise trackers, and more! i originally made these because i found i couldn’t find any that met what i wanted in a planner, and i hope these help you too! 

these come in five different colors:

  • cotton candy (x)
  • rosary (x)
  • grape (x)
  • lilypad (x)
  • sunflower (x)

please like & reblog if you’re going to use them! i’d love to hear feedback as well (please tell me if the links are broken or if you aren’t able to download them haha) & thanks to everyone!! xoxo

Not Just Pretending

Summary: Nat, Clint and Sam won’t stop teasing the Reader about her crush on Bucky so Bucky comes up with an idea to make them shut up. 

Pairing: Bucky Barnes x Reader

Word Count: 1,813

Warnings: while writing it I kinda thought it was angsty but when I read it it kinda was really funny? so idk

A/N: I really hope you guys like this one. It was so much fun writing it :)

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In short, it was all Natasha’s fault. 

A few weeks ago she’d started talking about that fact that it was “so obvious” that you and Bucky were in love and that the two of you should admit it already and tell each other about your feelings. In her opinion it would do everyone a favor because the sexual tension between you and Barnes was getting out of hand and the dumb bet between Steve and Sam would finally come to an end. You didn’t knew exactly what the bet had been about but they were probably both wrong. You and Bucky were just friends.

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In light of the events that have unfolded in the past year regarding the invasion of BIGBANG’s privacy, we will be holding a hashtag event on Twitter and Instagram to show support and love for the boys!

If you would like to join us, please use the hashtag #respectbigbang and also take two photos of your hand first doing a finger heart sign and next, opening your palm reveaing the message, “I’M VIP AND I RESPECT BIGBANG’S PRIVACY”. 

We will begin to do the event tomorrow at 12 AM KST. We hope that everyone can join in this effort and possibly get this trending! Please reblog and tell everyone that you know!

hey guys!!!! i already tweeted this but I thought I would make an official announcement - I’m going on a little hiatus because I just got a new job that I’m really excited about - I’m starting on monday! please wish me luck! (I’ll talk a little more about it once I start, I don’t want to jinx it!)

also I got busy with freelance and stuff earlier in the month but I still wanted to thank everybody for BFFCOMIC’s 5th year anniversary! I can’t believe I’ve been telling this story for like half a decade… thank you everyone who’s taken the time to read it. I love you guys, I hope I can get back to updating ASAP!

in group therapy
  • depressed person: i haven't been having a good so tired...
  • everyone else: oh we love and support you! we hope you feel better!
  • anxious person: im too afraid to ask for help in really worried that im going to fail and im panicking just thinking about it.
  • everyone else: ohh no! im sorry, do you need some of my notes? we can plan a study date if you want!
  • me, a person with a cluster b personality disorder: i keep splitting and lashing out on the people that i love even though i dont want to, i need attention constantly and i havent been able to get as much as i need, and i feel uncomfortable when my friends tell me their personal problems because i have no empathy and i wish i could support them but i do not have the energy capacity to do so.
  • everyone else: .......okay....anyway...who else wants to share
Dear Followers & Friends

Please stay safe. This world is dangerous and unfair.

After the Orlando shooting today, my heart is absolutely breaking.

I love each and every single one of you. Look out for yourselves and your loved ones as best as you can.

And lastly,

Go tell your friends and family you love them right now. Life is too short to wait.

What I Love About Hoseok Project

*Major Update: By respect for Yoongi and to not look like we want to steal his shining time, we will postpone the project to more quiet times.Please don’t feel sad about it, I’m as disappointed as you are but I also don’t want people to say bad stuff about Hobi, we know how this fandom can be so let’s choose safety over our excitation to let Hobi knows he’s loved and appreciated.We will choose another date as soon as we can and let you know about it! In the meantime, what you can do is speak about it to everyone around you : we now have more time to spread the information and more participants!!!

Hello there everyone!!! I am here to tell you all about a wonderful project @j–hot and many other people have contributed to!!!. If you read the information above it should have everything that the project is about. If you want to be updated about the project just message at @j–hot and she will be more than happy to add you to the group chat. Also if you have any more questions just @ me or j–hot and we will be more than happy to answer them!!! I

I had originally tagged all the people who were interested in this project, but then lots of more people became interested in the project. (which is amazing) so if you would please reblog this and share this to as many social medias platforms as possible that would be amazing!!!!

I hope by Thursday we will have lots of people participate in this event!!!! Everyone have a great day!!!!

*The Time is 10:30PM KST (Korean Standard Time) 


Hello there! Here are my SEPTEMBER calendars for all of you! sorry I’m late, was real busy with college haha Hope you all like it! Also thank you to the lovely people who liked the August Calendars and Schedules ♡ ♡ ♡  Click on the pictures to get a better view of the calendars!  (^v^)

Do tell me if anything is wrong with them haha! Reblog or like if you like it! (^▽^) Also I would love to see if anybody is using them so tag me hehe @ kouiro!

September 01 : png  ☆  pdf  

September 02 : png  ☆  pdf

September 03 : png  ☆  pdf

September 04 : png  ☆  pdf

If you see a white preview for the pdf file, just hit download and it’ll download the calendar!

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The Bet - 1

Originally posted by myshittywriting

Pairing: Chanyeol x Reader

Genre: Angst, Playboy!Chanyeol, highschool!au, smut in future chapters

Word Count: 1,497

A/N: remember when i told you that i was going to write a sehun fic? uh so i had massive chanyeol feels so this came out, hope you enjoy… Tell me what you think about it! Should I continue?

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Sending some love to everyone who has no freaking clue what your gender is.

To people who look through lists and hope this time you’ll find something that clears up all your doubts,

to people who think for a while that you figured it out but then feel uncertainty crashing down on you again,

to people who worry that you’re invading spaces you might not belong in because you don’t know what your gender is,

to people who just tell people you’re your assigned gender even though you’re not sure that’s right,

to people who just try not to think about it too much,

to people who try on label after label and find your feelings about your gender shifting under your feet,

to people who are afraid to even explore your gender because transphobia is such a scary reality…

it’s okay. You don’t owe anyone knowledge of your gender. The choice about whether / when / how to explore it is yours and yours alone. If you want to pick a label just to have it and it turns out not to fit, that’s okay. If you want to just float label-less for now or indefinitely, that’s okay. Your gender is yours, and only yours. You are valid regardless.

HZT-ao: T.A.O回来了讲述了我们的Yesterday和你们一起分享了现在的one heart。想说的话都在歌词里面记录了下来,希望你们喜欢。谢谢所有我身边为我付出的所有人,这一刻我想我们都是开心幸福的吧。你们把希望寄托给了我,我会把更美好的明天带给你们。我爱你们。喔对了最喜欢哪一首告诉我好嘛

[TRANS] “T.A.O” is back narrates our “Yesterday” and the “One heart” we are currently sharing. I recorded everything i wanted to say in the lyrics, hope you guys like it. Thank you to everyone who did everything they could for me, i think we’re all happy and blessed during this moment right? You entrusted your hope to me and i will bring a better and happier tomorrow to you all. I love you all. Oh yeah please tell me which song you like the best okay? 

Annoying Things The Signs Do

Aries- start drama with two other people just so they can watch. Grab the popcorn and see the drama unfold. Group chats were an invention for Aries

Taurus- they do one cool thing and then tell everyone. Taurus is the 24 year old who still talks about that time they were 8 and they pet a tiger.

Gemini- they just leave during conversations that they don’t care about… Literally in the middle of telling them a story and off they go

Cancer- they cry laugh for like ever… To the point they forget what they started laughing at in the first place (it’s kinda cute tbh)

Leo- you’re really clingy. I don’t get it it’s like you feed off people. When someone isn’t giving you attention you become a leach and just overwhelm them with love hoping they will retaliate

Virgo- everybody likes you.. I know that’s not bad but it’s annoying that you are loved by everyone and yet you hate like half of them, maybe more

Libra- you need everybody to like you. Why? I don’t understand what that will accomplish. And when someone doesn’t like it becomes your mission to make them like you. Just chill out honestly not everybody is worth your time

Scorpio- they just stare at you for like ten minutes and if you say something or make eye contact they don’t care… I think that’s how they steal soul

Sagittarius- you either laugh the loudest most obnoxious laugh ever or you just don’t laugh at all. But doing both those things make everyone around you uncomfortable

Capricorn- they might have absolutely nothing to do with something and yet they still get mad at you for doing it… Not even mad, just disappointed

Aquarius- they never understand jokes so you have to awkwardly sit there and explain them. Then they laugh when you finish and 5 seconds later say “I still don’t get it”

Pisces- they just expect that everyone is friends. Introduces me to group of friends for the first time and wonders why you guys aren’t making friendship bracelets yet