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Sebastian embodies the notion of a hardworking actor. His level of commitment is fantastic. He really finds the greatest level of detail in his performance. It’s the hardest thing to do as an actor, to convey emotion and subtlety without speaking. He has to come up with such a complex inner life. I think when you see him perform the character, you see the complexity in his eyes.” - The Russo Brothers

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ISFP: Tennis Court

// we’re so happy even when we’re smiling out of fear //

ISTP: 400 lux

// we might be hollow but we’re brave //

ISTJ: Royals

// and let me be your ruler //

INFP: Ribs

// I’ve never felt more alone, feels so scary getting old //

ENFP: Buzzcut Season

// all the girls with their heads inside a dream //

ENTP: Team

// everyone’s competting for a love they won’t receive ‘cause what this palace wants is release //

ESTP: Glory and Gore

// everyone a rager but secretly they’re saviors //

ISFJ: Still Sane

// only bad people live to see their likeness set in the stone //

INTJ: White Teeth Teen

// I’ll let you in on something big, I am not a white teeth teen, I tried to join but never did //

INFJ: A World Alone:

// all the double-edged people with schemes, they make mess then go home and get clean //

ENTJ: No Better

// have your fun, have it all //

ESFP: Bravado

// I want the the applause, the approval, the things that make me go //

ESTJ: Million Dollar Bills

// there’s nothing I want but money and time //

ENFJ: The Love Club

// I’m sitting pretty on the throne, there’s nothing more I want except to be alone //

ESFJ: Swingin’ Party

// if being wrong’s a crime, we’re serving forever //

INTP: Biting Down

// breathed so deep I thought I’d drown //

I hope you enjoyed it! Next I will do MBTI types as Melodrama’s songs. Then Marina and The Diamonds, Arctic Monkeys or Florence + The Machine. 

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Friendly reminder that Magnus started wearing an ARROWHEAD necklace. :) nephilimthreads on ig. :) instagram com/p/BYGZ8r2D25F/



First thing I thought of when I read your ask is THIS FIC tbh:

An obsidian arrowhead rests in his palm, tethered to a delicate chain. There’s a rune carved onto its face. Magnus tips his head delicately to the side, noticing the careful letters printed on the paper. It’s Alec’s clear script.

Magnus, I know it’s no ruby, but I wanted to give you something. The rune is the closest translation of my name. It’s a defense rune, for protection. When you wear it, you’ll always have access to what little power I can offer. — Alec

Magnus stares at the words, and at Alec’s name engraved into the stone. It’s not a promise or a pledge, Magnus knows that. Yet, he can’t help but smile as the arrowhead warms to match the temperature of his skin. He looks, just a minute more, before sliding it deliberately over his head and feeling the weight of it resting against his sternum. Magnus lets his eyes fall close. He leans back against the pillows and Magnus feels something like Alec’s heartbeat thrumming against his chest.

From Thunder’s Getting Louder by Teumessian, Part 3 of The Boundless Saga. One of the most beautiful fic series in this fandom. Proof # 948376524 that the showrunners/writers read fics, loljk.


Harry Potter Moodboards: Magical Creatures for @petalstofish

“I have visited lairs, burrows and nests across five continents, observed the curious habits of magical beasts in a hundred countries, witnessed their powers, gained their trust and, on occasion, beaten them off with my travelling kettle.” // Newt Scamander

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No matter what trouble he’s in,
The number one most coolest hero always wins in the end.”

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Ok so!! I finished Little Shop of Horrors yesterday and decided to make a CAMP CAMP AU of it because?? why not! 

Details about the AU are below the cut!

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ooohh!! for the ask meme thing how about the word "will" ???

“I know you are sworn to the Crown, but you were not obligated to do as I wished. Not yet.”

“I will swear to you right here, if Your Highness allows.”

His Highness turned his head to the side slightly, and his cheeks may have been flushed, had they been in the right lighting.