and i hope you have a wonderful birthday

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Happy birthday!!! You're a legend. Seriously THE most hilarious person in the fandom. I hope you have a wonderful day :)

awww this is too sweet thank you very much I will make sure to have a wonderful day!

Happy birthday my friend! I know it’s not my best work but since tomorrow I am going to the hospital I won’t be able to draw anything for you then so it’s an early birthday submission. Stay awesome and I hope you’ll have a good time! You are amazing and I’m happy to know you. Happy birthday ❤💚💜💙💛💓💕💖💞💋🎉🎁🎊

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Thank you so much for your wonderful replies; they’re all so simplistically adorable, and it warms my heart when you leave in a submit! I love you so much Alex, and I’m happy to have known you too. I wish you a good day, and hope you take care, and feel a whole lot better!

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@hisjiminycricket: HAPPY BIRTHDAY!!
@kingxfcrime: Ahhhhhh happy bday!
@little-murderer: HAPPY BIRTHDAY!!!!
@beauxvoleur: BIRTH
@skullandridingcrop: HAPPY BIRTHDAY!!
@jawnlovesjumpers: Happy birthday!!
@stripedsniper: Happy Birthday!! 🎂
@warstanislove: Happy birthday ♥
@bakerstreetsconsultingsociopath: Happy Birthday!
@notelementary: happy birthday!!! ♥♥♥
@pullingrank: //happy birthday, gorgeous! <3 have a wonderful day + eat so much cake. (SO MUCH CAKE.)


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Hi sebbi I was le anon about le birthday thing and I'm sorry for like bothering you if you don't want to do the art that's fine tbh. I'm just bored??

Ohhh happy birthday!! Im sorry if im a lil late, im working on something atm so I dont wanna break the motivation chain I got going on. But I hope you’re having/had a wonderful time 💞💞😄

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Hey Taylor! It's my birthday and I was wondering if I could get a message from you >~<

-Taylor is smiling excitedly- 

Happy birthday!!! 

Wow, I’m not really good at speeches but, I hope you have a wonderful day! 

Hope you get all the presents you wanted too! I’d have gotten you something, but I don’t know how I’d get it to you anyway hehe… 

Still though- 

Happy birthday Em! 

-Taylor is smiling again-


Happy Birthday to my sweet Ashley! (๑♡3♡๑) ( @ranpohedogawa​ )
↳  yurio tickets for you to spend on your bday! XD


Happy Minnie Day!! | Brighter than the Sun~


“Here! Come and join me. This table belonged to the ancient kings of Camelot. A round table afforded no one man more importance than any other. They believed in equality in all things. So, it seems fitting that we revive this tradition now. Without each of you, we would not be here. My father has languished in prison for too long. Tomorrow, I make my bid to rescue him. Are there any around this table who will join me?” - {happy birthday @mistresspendragon}


Happy birthday to the person who makes me smile the most! Thank you for always making us smile and for always looking out for us. I hope you’re getting enough rest these days. You work so hard and for that I thank you. We appreciate all that you do for us and know that we’ll be always with you forever. I hope you have a wonderful birthday, getting lots of love from your family, friends, the rest of the GOT7 members and your fans because you deserve the world and more. ♡ #KingJacksonDay   


✧・゚: *✧・゚:*  Happy Birthday to The Love of My Life  *:・゚✧*:・゚✧

Happy Birthday to the most wonderful person in the world and the owner of my heart! I hope you’ll always be as happy as you make me and I wish to always see that beautiful smile on your face! You are such an amazing leader and don’t ever doubt yourself, you can always rely on us because we’ll always have your back and will always protect you. I love you sosososo much and I don’t know what else to say but thank you for being born and for making life better with your everlasting presence! Once again Happy Birthday and I love you 💕💕💕💕  #HAPPYIRENEDAY


countdown to jackson’s birthday: #KingJacksonDay
abc’s of jackson: z is for zealous

Today is the day we celebrate the most thoughtful, caring, wonderful, handsome, grateful, funny, loving man alive. Jackson Wang!  I know you’ll probably never read this but just some thoughts:  I really hope you’re doing well.  Everyone has been so worried for you while you’ve been sick and I just hope that you’ve recovered fully.  I hope you know you don’t have to force yourself and push yourself beyond your limits just to please the fans, we’ll always understand if you don’t feel well enough to meet with us or go to schedules.  Your health is always the number one priority, as you say yourself.  We’ll always wait for you to feel your best, even if it takes ten years, twenty years, one hundred years!  We’ll always be by your side.  I hope you’re able to enjoy your birthday to the fullest knowing that your fans care a lot for you. Thank you so so so much for working so hard to make us happy.  I love you so much and becoming your fan has been one of the best decisions of my life. Happy birthday!  I’m so grateful that you were born. ❤