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Title: Harmonize
Character: Jason Dean
A/n: This one was requested so i hope the anon likes it! I tried to build tension but i might have totally failed, buT anYwaY

It was a total and complete surprise to everyone, including you sometimes, that you and Jason Dean got along so famously. Both of your personalities couldn’t be farther away from each on the spectrum.

J.D was infamously known for being a very intense person, who preferred to be more aloof and cool, maybe with the occasional sadistic tendency, but that’s beside the point.

You, on the other hand, were calm and an absolute delight to be around. You fell more on the reserved side, preferring the company of books and paintings over that of people. But it didn’t take long for anyone who was introduced to you to become enchanted by your personality.

J.D was no exception.

The pair of you met when you had been tasked with showing him around the high school, taking him to all of his classes and answering any questions he had.

“And this here is the library,” You said, stopping at the doors and letting him look inside.

“Something tells me you come here a lot.” J.D said, leaning against the door.

“Oh?” You asked, resisting the urge to push up your glasses that were slowly descending down the bridge of your nose.

You refused to adjust them in front of him, not wanting to prove his point.

“What makes you think so?”

The corner of J.D’s mouth curled up into a crooked smile as he took in the sight of your cardigan and the way your arms always seemed to wrap around yourself. He also noticed how your shoulder bag sunk into your shoulder, and deducted you had several books inside it.

J.D pushed himself off the door and sauntered up to you, he slightly ducked down and pushed your glasses up for you. “I’m pretty good at reading people.”

You looked up at him with wide eyes before you awkwardly turned around so he couldn’t see how pink your face probably had become. “I’ll take your next class then.” You said over your shoulder as you zoomed away.


A week later, you didn’t run into J.D much, apart from the classes you were in where his desk was right behind yours, so he spent most of the free time talking your ear off about whatever topic was swimming through his subconscious.

But outside of that, you roamed the hall with your friends from English club and kept to yourself most of the time.

Today, during lunch, you decided to browse the librarty instead. The nice librarian who had become a close friend let you know some new books had been shipped in over the weekend, and said you were among the first to find out.

Your finger trailed along the endless rows of book spines as you half-heartedly looked through them all. You had more than enough stuff to start reading, but you just enjoyed to be surrounded by books.

It made you happy.

One book had caught your attention, and you were flipping through its pages when you felt someone peering over your shoulder.

You turned with a start, sighing when you realized it was just J.D.

Then you noticed he was standing very close to you, one arm pressed against the shelf at the side of your face so you were essentially trapped against him.

“Knew I’d find you here,” J.D said as his hand reached out to take the book from you. His eyes scanned the page you were on before giving it back to you. “Guess I got you right.”

“Did you need something? Are you lost again?” You asked, trying really hard to not notice how dreamy his eyes looked in the lighting, or the stupid, dark strangs of hair that had fallen of place on his forehead.

J.D shook his head. “Just wante to see you.”

“Well hello.” You said with a nervous laugh, mentally started to scream when your glasses started falling down your nose again.

You really needed a new pair.

“Hello.” J.D said with a smile, his face getting closer as his free hand reached up to put your glasses back into place again.

Except this time, he didn’t stop there.

He brought his hand to the curve where your jaw met your ear and placed a kiss right on the corner of your lips while his eyes remained on yours.

“See you later.” J.D said suddenly, giving you a wink before he left the shelves.

You had to take a moment to will the room to stop spinning while you tried to sort through your emotions.

Quickly shoving the book back into the row it belonged you left the library.


“I like your new glasses.” J.D said as he took a seat next to you on the library sofa, he was practically pressed against you while his one hand came to rest behind you.

“Thank you,” You said, subconsciously reaching up to touch the frames. “Lots of people seem to think so too.“

“Really? What sort of people?” J.D asked while he leaned closer to you. “Anyone I’d know?”

All your thoughts and words went out the window as the end of his nose pressed against yours. “I-I don’t think so, mostly the girls from my English Lit class.”

J.D hummed, slightly pulling back so he could brush the hair behind your ear. “Well that’s good, I thought I’d have to get jealous for a second.”

“Jealous?” You asked, now looking at him. “What for?”

J.D laughed, leaning down and placing a kiss along your jawline. “A charmingly sweet girl like yourself? Who’s crazy intelligent no less?” He asked, meeting your gaze again. “I think I’d have good reason.”

You hummed in understanding, your gaze sort of darted all over his face. “Oh, okay.” You said, all the thoughts in your head turning into static.

He smiled again, bringing his face up again and towards you.

J.D’s lips stopped a little ways from yours, noticing whenever you didn’t pull away he gently kissed you.

And then again.

And a third time.

Each one lasting longer than the previous one.

You only pulled away when he started to softly tug on your hair, trying to bring you closer. “Alrighty, well, I gotta go!” You said, jumping out of your seat, almost forgetting to grab your bag in your hurry.

J.D watched you leave the library with flushed cheeks and tousled hair, the back of his hand came up to his lips as he started to smile.

it takes two opposites to harmonize

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I left my girlfriend because she wasn't supporting my decision on taking T. Does that make me a bad person?

NO ofc not!! u doing what u wanna do!! n if she doesn’t support it then u did what u had 2 do. honestly, idk why people potray leaving others as a bad thing (i mean it is if u leave 4 no reason) but sometimes u gotta cut ties w people when u know they’re emotionally bad 4 u n physically and just plain out not good!! like vibe w ppl who make u feel good n understand u, n don’t try to make u feel bad abt urself for taking days off on ur own w out communicating, bc sometimes u just wanna be alone u feel me! take it from me, i left a lot of ppl w negative energy behind and im HAPPY like best decisions of my life & now i have good bf, best friends who make me laugh n understands and a life where im not so swallowed up by negative engery!! so trust me ull find a good gf later on soon who will love u n support u

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kara w/ ptsd (from what, your choice)

I’ve actually really wanted to do something like this so thanks for sending this and I hope you enjoy it (also please note that I myself do not have ptsd, so while I did research it for writing accuracy, feel free to tell me if anything is incorrect) thanks to @transbeaulieu for reading this over ily

  • Kara watched her entire planet die; everyone she ever knew, all her friends and family, her entire culture, just gone
  • When she got to earth, Kal El dropped her off with the Danvers, and they were nice and amazing but it was just another part of her world lost
  • For the first few days, she was sad and scared and jumped at any noise, the combination of grief and being thrust into an entire new life, the Danvers just gave her time
  • And then when she started adjusting and talking more they were so happy that Kara couldn’t bring herself to trouble them when the nightmares started
  • First it was just every few days. And before she knew it she was staying up all night with Alex’s headphones because every time she shut her eyes she saw her mothers face as her entire world died. Over and Over again
  • Everybody prided Kara on being such a sweet kid that she felt awful when she began getting angry and impulsive
  • And when she’s not angry, she gets amazing at faking smiles for when she feels empty for days on end
  • Eliza would tell her softly to be more careful next time, but shes frazzled and not sure how to help
  • then it becomes a regularity that Kara dashes in front of cars to cross the street instead of waiting or uses her powers to tip over outdoor furniture when she gets pissed
  • She starts get major anxiety, mainly over being abandoned, but also just fear that she will lose it all again
  • When they’re talking about nuclear powers in class all she can think about is how to get away when her home blows up again
  • Not to mention the combination of super strength and being in constant fight or flight leads to several classmates almost loosing limbs when they bump her
  • its Jeremiah that suspects that she has PTSD, he sits Kara down and just talks to her, wrapping her in a tight hug and telling her that everything is going to be okay
  • Kara starts going to therapy, she starts talking to Jeremiah more when something it wrong. There’s something so calming in the way Jeremiah listens; he hears and he cares and she can trust him
  • Though it took her a while to warm up to Kara, Alex is really supportive whenever Kara needs to talk too
  • Talking (and sometimes hitting a punching bag) helps with her anger and the therapy with her impulses, and her symptoms lessen over time
  • Her metabolism burns through human anxiety meds but Alex holds her hand and takes her through breathing exercises whenever it gets really bad
  • After the Black Mercy takes Kara’s mind back to Krypton, she starts having nightmares more regularly again, and again Alex is always there to hold her hand
  • And in adulthood, when she has some bad days Kara still has so many people who love her and are there for her

Drabble Challenge #53 & #81: Take off your shirt and Excuse me for falling in love with you with Embry Call

A snore erupted from the warm body next to you, jolting you from your dreamless sleep. Half of your body was hanging off the side of the sofa while your companion was snuggled into the backrest. You concluded that you must have been passed out for some time, seeing as your show had stopped playing and the Netflix screen was asking if you were still watching.

You nudged the sleeping boy next to you, earning another snore. You rolled your eyes and began to violently shake his shoulder. Instead of waking up, he rolled over, knocking you off the couch. You yelled a string of profanities as your bottom hit the ground, finally waking him from his slumber.

“Y/N? What are you doing on the floor?” He asked, groggy and rubbing the sleep from his eyes. 

You crossed your arms, looking him dead in the eye. “Someone rolled over in their sleep and pushed me off the couch. Now I’m on the floor and freezing.

He stared at you for a moment, before sitting up and moving to the center of the couch. You could see the moment the lightbulb went off inside his head right before he swiftly removed his shirt.

Take off your shirt.” He directed, and you just stared at him. The only thought you could fathom was the sound of a circus monkey.


“Body heat. It’ll help warm you up.” He looked away for a second, a look of calculation on his face. “…right?”

You couldn’t help but chuckle at the confused look on his face. He had been so confident in his statement. You grabbed his shirt from the floor and threw it at him, climbing back onto the couch and snuggling into his side while he put it back on.

“I’m still tired,” you mused, “but I’m also hungry.” 

Embry looked at the clock on the TV, noticing it was nearing 8PM and sighed. “Not to mention I should probably take you home soon.”

He stood up and stretched, heading for his sneakers he’d abandoned by the door when he got home. You groaned from your place on the couch, flopping on to your stomach and pushing your face into the cushions.

He brought your own shoes over to the couch, grabbing you by the arm and pulling you into a sitting position. You reluctantly slipped on your boots, taking your time tying the laces.

“We can stop by Taco Bell on the way.”

You perked up, looking him in the eyes. “Seriously?”

He nodded.

You bounded from the couch and into his chest, flinging your arms around his body. 

“I love you,” you whispered into his ribcage, tears threatening to fall.

He patted you on the back. “All it took was for me to buy you Taco Bell to get you to tell me you love me? Are you kidding?”

You pulled back, wiping your eyes. “Well excuse me for falling in love with you over a crunch wrap supreme.”



at the beginning of the dream he totally hated the cat for looking like him, but by the end of the dream he was in love with that cat and it became his sidekick goodbye


ok i´m not in the JS fandom but i really like this character and from what i read i had to draw him so here´s it! also thank u @markired for the follow i didn´t expect u to do that like i freak out haha but seriously thank u!! i would like to share some theories with u someday :)