and i hope u like it :)


Fanart for @neglectedrainbow !!! 0:

It’s based off of a scene from this fanfic she wrote! I had to cut out a tad bit of dialogue so it didn’t get too long, I’m sorry,,, 

It’s literally like my favorite fanfic eVER so I thought I should do something to show my appreciation for it! I’m sorry for commenting on it so much in all caps i get way too excited about things imsorry

i formally apologize for my art style and all its inconsistencies

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thanks for 1000 babes 💞

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Happy Birthday to my sweet Ashley! (๑♡3♡๑) ( @ranpohedogawa​ )
↳  yurio tickets for you to spend on your bday! XD


my part of the art trade with @b-rrsir!!!!

Burr needs more love :U

aight time for some fanart-

still kinda obsessed over @setheverman but ey ill get over it

love your work, man! ;v; <333