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Orochimaru's intense flexibility is like 85% he's just naturally flexible. As such, he knows Flexible Person Level Yoga to keep limber. (AKA, I had the idea of Oro in yoga clothes complete with hair done up and had to share)


It’s not his proudest moment, but Sakumo takes one look at the newest occupant of the gym and walks into a wall.

Thankfully, the gods are merciful, because the very, very lovely yoga practitioner doesn’t so much as blink while Dai fusses and Sakumo tries (in vain) to wave him off and nurse his bruised nose and fractured dignity on his own. He still can’t quite take his eyes off the man, even with the plaster practically bearing the imprint of his face; the stranger is contorted, like a handstand except his body is curled over to leave his feet in front of his head, and the pose brings every sleek muscle into sharp definition.

Sakumo’s mouth is desert-dry, and he has to swallow carefully.

“Shall I get you some ice, my friend?” Dai asks with a hearty slap on the back, and by the twinkle in his eye he knows exactly where Sakumo was looking.

Sakumo gives his friend an abashed look. “No, don’t bother. I’ll be fine.”

“You certainly will be,” Dai says cheerfully, with a grin that’s almost a smirk, and disappears towards the weights.

Honestly, Sakumo doesn’t know whether to be grateful or annoyed, because now he’s alone and that leaves him with far too few places to focus on that aren’t the stranger’s long, lean legs in very brief shorts, or the masses of midnight hair that are coming loose from a high bun, the bare chest arched at an extreme angle, or the corded arms holding his entire bodyweight perfectly still and stable.

Gods, Sakumo hasn’t been this attracted to someone he doesn’t even know since high school.

He shakes his head at his own ridiculousness, rising to his feet and collecting his towel and water bottle before he turns to find the treadmills. Of course, the easiest path to them takes him right past the yoga mats, but he keeps his eyes on the far wall and tells himself very firmly not to be a creep.

Then, with a long, slow breath that’s almost a sigh, the stranger unfolds. His stance shifts, legs extending and bending further even as his wrists turn, and with a lithe flex of muscle he sets his feet on the floor and pulls upright, coming to a stop inches from Sakumo’s nose.

Oh, Sakumo thinks, as long lashes slide up to reveal golden eyes shadowed with dramatic sweeps of purple. Oh holy hell, I’m in trouble.

The stranger blinks once, twice, and then offers Sakumo a smile that’s just a little too sly not to short out Sakumo’s brain. “Sorry about that,” he says lightly. “I wasn’t paying attention.”

I will happily devote my life to making sure you never stop paying attention to me again, Sakumo almost says, but even with his brain currently leaking out his ears he isn’t that creepy.

“No problem,” he says instead, and just hopes it doesn’t sound as strangled as he fears. “I should have gone around.”

“Orochimaru!” someone calls, and the man turns, loose strands of black hair swaying over the pale nape of his neck. Sakumo wants to put his mouth there.

“Tsunade, you’re late,” Orochimaru says coolly.

The blond woman in exercise clothes rolls her eyes as she steps onto the mats. “Blame the pervert. He was trying to get into the locker room.”

“Did you call an ambulance when you were done with him?” Orochimaru’s smirking when he turns back, clearly unconcerned with the fate of this third friend, and when he catches Sakumo’s eye his expression shifts just slightly.

If Sakumo isn’t seeing things, that’s a definite spark of interest, and it makes his breath catch in his throat.

“Of course not.” Tsunade looks at Orochimaru, one brow rising, and then casts an assessing glance over Sakumo. She pauses for a moment, and asks, “Sakumo Hatake, right?” Sakumo and Orochimaru both look at her in surprise, and she smiles. “The pervert is Jiraiya. He’s mentioned you.”

Sakumo is definitely going to take his friend to task later for not mentioning that his other friend was transcendentally gorgeous and probably capable of knocking Sakumo on his ass. And in more ways than one.

“I’m Sakumo, yes. It’s nice to meet you,” he offers, and can’t help the way his eyes linger on Orochimaru as he says it.

“It certainly is,” Orochimaru returns, and offers one slim hand. His skin is cool, and Sakumo maybe lets his grip linger longer than is entirely polite.

Orochimaru’s smile says he doesn’t object at all. “Will you be here long?” he asks, tilting his head in a way that makes that hair brush across his shoulders. “We could get coffee after, if you’ve no plans.”

Sakumo has never had cause to be jealous of hair before, but clearly today is a day for discovering what new lows he can sink to.

It does help quite a lot that he’s fairly certain that was an offer for a date.

“I can cut out any time,” he offers, and at this point he doesn’t even care if he sounds too eager. “I was just going to do a little lifting.”

Orochimaru’s eyes flicker down to his biceps, bared by his loose tank top, and Sakumo thinks he sees him swallow. “Well then. I’ll come find you when we’re through?”

Sakumo grins at him. “Works for me.”

And gods, does it ever. Dubious beginnings aside, this is promising to be a fantastic day.

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Hey I wanted to see if I could make a headcanon list request for got7! I was wanting to see what you think Mark would be like as a roommate... or any of the members really!! Thank you!

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  • okay so i hope you don’t mind if this one is a lil short and kind of a different style today but!!! mark is both a great roommate but also gives you a bit of grief imo
  • mr. tuan don’t play no games, so he’ll always have rent on time
  • even if he’s sliiiightly late, he’ll buy you your favorite takeout or get that new accessory you’ve been eyeing as his apology
  • for a guy, he’s pretty clean, but he still has his moments
  • his worst habit is laundry
  • boy don’t know what’s clean or not all he knows is it’s getting drowned in febreeze and he’s not missing his morning lecture for  a n y t h i n g
  • sometimes you’ll find like a pair of his skinny jeans folded in the food pantry next to the cereal and you’re like ??? and mark’s excuse is “at least it’s folded”
  • you really have no idea how he’s able to put together an actual outfit everyday with the state of his closet and dirty clothes basket
  • but he’s mark and he can pretty much do anything if he puts his mind to it
  • he attempts (keyword: attempts) to make you dinner sometimes
  • it doesn’t always turn out the best but he does try
  • and plus, when you take the first bite of his burnt homemade pizza, he immediately dials up your favorite place and makes sure to get extra of your fave sides so you won’t be mad at him
  • he’s very considerate so if he notices you’re having a tough day, he might take over your week’s chores for no other reason than for you to take it easy on yourself
  • sends you texts like this:
  • mark: if a girl comes by later asking for mark tuan tell her that i’ve left the country for good
  • you: mark,,, what did you do
  • mark: all you need to know is i’m terrible at breaking up with people
  • it’s not necessarily his fault that he attracts troublesome people, he’s just got that kind of peaceful spirit that invites chaos unfortunately
  • and okay,,,, he has questionable friends
  • he always lets you know in advance if they’re coming!! but you still hate them
  • they’re always way too loud, move all of your stuff around, and don’t know how to clean up after yourselves
  • which can be super irritating bc mark is over there trying to have a good time but like… one of his drunk friends is threatening to drop your precious plotted plant from the balcony
  • but it’s like… if they go too far then he knows that’s when to call it a night
  • like if his friends try to sneak into your room to bother you or they actually break your precious plotted plant, mark has them packed up and leaving immediately
  • and he’ll spend the rest of the night guiltily cleaning after them, making note of the things he needs to pay you back for
  • once he sees you come out of the room, he’ll turn to you and immediately start apologizing
  • he makes all kinds of grand apologies about how those friends are never invited again and that he wouldn’t be surprised if you were considering kicking him out or something 
  • but you just tell him that he can make it up to you by hosting your next girls’ night since all of your friends are in love with him
  • and he wants to protest so bad cause all your friends love to tease him relentlessly but he’s just like -___- very well
  • sometimes you do something and mark doesn’t like it, but he’s very non-confrontational so you have zero idea that he doesn’t like it??
  • and this pisses you off to no end bc it only comes up if you guys have some kind of disagreement and usually it’s over the smallest thing
  • and you find out that he’s had this mental list of everything that you do that annoys him
  • so you end up waiting until he’s spilled it all out, one thing after another, even though it infuriates you to be patient when you’re angry
  • and then when the red in his face fades and he looks so regretful for unloading so much on you at once over something so silly, you pull him into a hug
  • bc you may be roommates, but he’s also your friend
  • and you know that when you’re stressed over school or having a tough time with life in general, mark is always there, doing exactly what you need him to to cheer you up
  • and you know mark doesn’t mean to be kind of messy, or to have bad judgment, or to bottle things up, he just does
  • but he tries so hard to fix it
  • sometimes all he needs to know is that he’s doing his best so far and that’s all that matters
  • “sorry for yelling at you… want me to massage your back while we watch that drama you like? i won’t even complain this time” he says into your hair, smiling proudly when you laugh into his chest
  • “yeah, but if i hear anything out of you about how you could out-boyfriend nam joo hyuk, you’re doing the dishes”
The Showcase

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Title: The Showcase

Pairing: Mingyu x Reader

Genre: Fluff

A/N: So, I ain’t even gonna lie. This is rough, but I tried my best. Especially considering that I never planned to make a part 2 for this drabble. So hopefully it isn't too bad for you all. (Then again maybe I am just being too critical of myself) I hope you like it. I tried to keep it as short and sweet as possible so yeah… sorry if it sucks :/ If you haven’t read the first part to this I would read it first, I will link it below this.

Payback (Part 1)

Sitting at your desk you tapped your pen against your notes as you watched your professor discuss the end of the year project. Something you have been dreading all year.

“Alright students, as you are aware our traditional Arts Showcase will be taking place in a few weeks and it is mandatory for all our majoring students to participate in order to pass this class.”

A collective groan escaped you and your fellow students which caused him to chuckle. “Now now, it will be fun so hear me out before you all go complaining to your friends,” he walked over to the front row and handed them a stack of papers, asking them to pass them back through the row.

“We like to see how you work as a team so it is REQUIRED that you collaborate with another student, but this year the professors had decided to throw in another twist and also require that you can’t have someone from your same major. It MUST be someone from a different arts major than you. The Winners of the showcase will receive a free scholarship for next school year.”

You smirked knowing exactly who to pick. Mingyu.

Mingyu and you had been teasing each other for months now, ever since Christmas break when you had kissed him. He didn’t go back on his words. Stealing kissing when your brother turned away for a moment or biting your neck which would cause you to yelp and make your brother turn to you in concern, but you were having just as much as he was. Knowing he liked your dancing you invited him to your performances and purposely chose dances that made him squirm, the whole time your brother would be sitting next to you.

Some nights he would sneak into your room and you would curl up together and cuddle, which would leave you in tickle fights and more kisses. You smiled feeling your cheeks heat up as you looked down at your notes thinking about Mingyu. You would be lying if you didn’t say you had deep feelings for him.

As soon as class ended you called Mingyu, asking him where he was at, when he said he was in a music studio in the building next door you practically ran.

Stepping inside the studio you put down your dance bag as you see him hunched over the piano, writing down some notes, before playing a few notes on the ivory keys and shaking his head when he hit the wrong note.

“Boo!” you say as you cover his eyes, causing him to jump.

“Yah! Y/N why do you always do that,” he says as he pulls his hands away from his face and turns to look at you, “How was your class?”

You smile as you sit down on the piano bench next to him, giggling at him for being so scared of you. “It was boring, but I did find out about the end of the year project!”

He nods, “Ah, the showcase, right? It’s already time for that again isn’t it?” he looked over at you and sighed. “My professor mentioned it today but since we pretty much knew already he just handed us the papers and moved on to our discussion today.”

“Well, I was wondering if you have found a partner yet?” you smirked at him, expecting him to catch on.

“I don’t, but I really don’t think it’s a good idea that we do it together y/n,” he says as he looked down at the piano keys.

“Why not?” you frowned as you studied his face, trying to figure out why.

“Because I like you, a lot. And I don’t want your brother to catch us because then he will never let me see you….. Once he finds out we are partnering for this, he will keep a closer eye on us, which means we could get caught. I just don’t want to lose you.” He plays with the hem of his shirt, avoiding your gaze.

“I thought we agreed that he would deal with it Mingyu or are you really that worried about him?”

Mingyu closed his eyes. “He is my best friend, my only real friend that I have had. I, I feel stuck. I don’t want to lose him as a friend but I don’t want to lose you either, so I guess I am scared because either way someone is going to get hurt.

“Mingyu, he wouldn’t drop you as a friend, trust me. He would be furious but he would never drop you as a friend, he cares about you a lot, like a brother,” you lean your head on his shoulder close your eyes. “But, if it would make you feel better I can find someone else.”

A long pause fell across the room, the sound of voices and instruments faint in the almost soundproof room. Finally, he spoke up, “I want to be your partner, but we need to be careful, okay.”

You squeal and hug him tightly, kissing his lips quickly, causing you both to almost fall off the piano bench.

He chuckles and holds you tight. Once you both catch your balance he kisses your forehead. “This isn’t a game anymore, no more payback.”

You nod in agreement as you snuggle into his embrace. “We could really win this, you realise that right.”

He shrugs, “I am more worried about passing, speaking of which. What did you plan on us doing?” he said as he rests his head on yours, running his fingers through your hair.

“I was thinking we could do a dance/vocal cover or one of our favourite groups, like BTS or Got7. You could help me with vocals and I can help you with dancing.”

He nods, “Sounds interesting, but we should be able to manage it, I mean with your amazing dance moves I am sure we will be fine.”

You roll your eyes and poke his chest. “don’t forget about your gorgeous singing voice Mingyu.”

He chuckles and shrugs, “Eh, your dancing is better.“

You and Mingyu walk back to the house together and discuss the details like what song, his previous dance experience, and your previous vocal experience, both surprised that the other has had a decent amount of experience in the latter.  

Stepping into the house you both set down your bags and go to the kitchen. “I like the fact that we could do My Swagger, it would be easy enough, but if you think you are up for it, we could do Stuck or Beautiful by Monsta X, The dancing and vocals are both equally hard, and I am sure I could manage to do the rapping part in those songs just fine,” you say as you grab a soda and sits on a stool as he starts cooking some food for the both of you.

“Hm, I am not sure. Their dances seem really hard, but you are right, the vocals and dancing together would defiantly leave a better impression than My Swagger. We will have to see if I am still decent at dancing, it’s been years.”

“AH HELL NO. NO NO NO!” you hear Wonwoo bark as he suddenly steps into the doorway. “There is no way in hell you are going to be doing the showcase with my sister, not happening.”

Rolling your eyes you turn to face him. “Wonwoo, can you calm down for just a second and hear me out!” you bark at him, causing Wonwoo to shut his mouth and nod. “Now, firstly we both know that I need that scholarship since you can’t help me pay for schooling next year since you won’t be living here anymore. If I get this scholarship then we won’t have to worry about money. Mingyu is an amazing vocalist and that’s why I chose him because I knew he and I would do well together and it would increase my chances of winning. Not only for the sake of the scholarship but also for the sake of my grade.  Secondly, wouldn’t you rather have me dancing with your friend than some random person you don’t know? Especially if that random person was a boy?”

Wonwoo frowned and groaned, “Ugh! Why do you always have to make sense baby sis! I am just trying to be protective of you. Don’t talk like this,” he said as he walks over and sits on the stool next to you. “Fine, you can be Mingyu’s partner but I swear to god Mingyu if I find out you are doing anything to my sister you’re dead, got it?” he said as he glares at Mingyu, causing Mingyu’s eyes to dart to yours quickly before he nods. "I feel like something has been going on and I am going to be keeping a close eye on you both if I see ANYTHING you are done, and I will be your partner instead. Got it y/n.”

You open your mouth to protest, but Wonwoo has already gotten up and left the room leaving you and Mingyu both sitting staring at the door dumbfounded.

A month had past and there was only a week before the showcase, you and Mingyu had decided to do Beautiful by Monsta X as your cover and everything has gone smoothly. You both felt very confident as you practised daily, perfecting the dance moves and vocals.

Sweat was dripping down your face as you came to the end of the number for the tenth time today, a smile spreading across your face as you went into the final position and the song ended. You jumped up and hugged Mingyu, “That was it! We finally got all the way through without messing up! Finally!” you say excitedly.

He chuckles between heavy breaths as he puts his hands on your hips and places his forehead on yours. “Finally, I feel like I am going to die if I dance that dance one more time. How do you still have energy,” he says as he closes his eyes, focusing on regaining his breath.

You stare up at him and smile a little. “Well I mean I am a dancer silly,” he opens his eyes as his breathing slows back to normal, as smile spreading across his face.

“True, a beautiful dancer a that,” he says quietly as he grabs your chin and pulls it up and connects his lips with yours.

You press yourself into him and kiss him deeper, this kiss though, felt different than previous kisses. It was much deeper and made your stomach do flips.

“I KNEW IT! Y/N GET AWAY FROM HIM RIGHT NOW!” you hear Wonwoo yell as you both jump away from each other to see him pointing at you both.

“Wonwoo, stop please,” you start blubbering out as he walks up and pushes Mingyu.

“I warned you! Why didn’t you listen!” he barks at Mingyu.

Mingyu just looks over at you and then back at Wonwoo, his face was unreadable and you had no idea what he was thinking.

“Y/n you are doing the showcase with me! Now let’s go,” Wonwoo says as he grabs your hand dragging you to the exit.

Your resists and pull your hand out of his. “Wonwoo enough!” you bark. He stops and turns and looks between you and Mingyu eyes wide.

“She is right Wonwoo, look I know you told me not to get near your sister but I couldn’t help it. I still can’t. Wonwoo I love her, it’s as simple as that. Hate me if you want.”

Both you and Wonwoo looked at Mingyu, your cheeks flush red as you realise what he said.

Wonwoo slumps a little, “You really like her that much?” he says as he looks back and forth between the two of you finally see the connection that you and Mingyu share.

“Yes,” Mingyu smiles a little, looking over at you as a slight blush covers his own cheeks.

A sigh leaves Wonwoo and he rubs his face. “Fine, I am sorry for being an overprotective shit, you can be with her. If there is anyone I would want her to be with it’s you Mingyu. Just know though that if you break her heart I will not be so kind,” he says as he glares daggers at Mingyu before turning to you.

You practically tackle him to the group and hug him tightly, “Thank you! I love you so much, brother!”

He chuckles and rolls he his eyes, “Yeah, yeah whatever you say, sis.”

The Showcase went well, and you and Mingyu ended up winning the whole thing, people were in awe of your vocals and his dancing. Some even say you guys could go professional as a group and get wins for it.

“Well, should we become a group?” Mingyu asked as you both walked behind your brother and your fellow roommates as you made your way to a nearby restaurant after the performance.

“Do you really think we could?” you smile as you take his hand.

“We could try it, Youtube is a thing. We could upload covers on there and see if we can gain some views and followers.”

You smiled, “That sounds fun. Let’s do it.”

He nodded and kissed your forehead. “Deal.”


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BRO imagine Simon coming home crying because a bunch of baby ducks imprinted on him. He's like "IM A DAD!" He's practically cradling some a begging Nahyuta to keep them. Nahyuta is like. "PUT THOSE THINGS BACK IM NOT DEALING WITH ANYMORE OF YOUR BIRDS SIMON!"


He was walking through the park one day, letting Taka fly around after being cooped up in the office for longer than normal, when all of a sudden he hears a little peeping noise coming from the bushes.  When he goes to inspect, he spots eight baby ducklings all just standing around; from the looks of it, they are very new to the world, but unfortunately their mother is nowhere to be found.  Did she fly away?  Did something maybe happen to her?  

Simon waits for a while, hoping the mother duck will return, but even as the sun begins to set, there is no sign of her.  

No matter then…he figures he could run to a nearby shop, buy a box, and carry the eight adorable ducklings home for the night.  Tomorrow, he would find a wildlife rescue and-

Wait…what’s this? 

As Simon took a few steps, the ducklings all followed him in a line, peeping almost constantly.  When he stopped, they stopped.  When he walked, so did they.  And when he bent down to inspect them, they huddled together and looked up at him.  Sixteen adorable eyes staring at him…

Well…he was already in love.  

He managed to safely get the whole crew home (though Taka didn’t seem too happy with the additional company); Nahyuta was visiting for a while and so was staying at his apartment, but luckily Simon managed to not disturb his royal boyfriend - who must have been sleeping…jet lag was a terrible thing, really - even as he led a small pack of noisy ducklings into his home.

Only…when Nahyuta finally did wake up around an hour later, he thought he heard strange peeping sounds…maybe it was just his imagination…

Opening the bathroom door made him realize it wasn’t

Simon was sitting in the tub with shorts on, and - Nahyuta counted - eight ducks were swimming happily around him. 

“…Panda.  What.  Are.  Those.” 

Simon held one up in his palms, smiling like a proud parent.  “I found them in the park.” 

“Put them back, they don’t belong to you.” 

“They imprinted on me, Sad Monk.  I’m not just going to abandon them.  Technically, I’m their father now-”

“No you’re not,” Nahyuta sighed, clearly exasperated.  Those peeps were giving him a headache.  “You already have one out of control bird who hates me, Simon.  I’m not dealing with eight more.” 

“Taka is not out of control,” Simon retorted, clearly not pleased with the insult.  “You’re just antagonistic towards him.” 

“I’m going to choose to ignore you said that,” Nahyuta said, breathing deeply.  “Regardless, I’m not going to suffer through you ‘parenting’ eight ducklings.” 

“…Fine.  If they bother you so much,” Simon stood up and stepped out of the tub, taking a few steps towards Nahyuta and not caring that he was soaking the tiled floor.  He still had one of the ducklings in his palms, and he held the tiny bird out in front of Nahyuta’s face.  “I’ll put them back in the park, where they can cry as they try to search for me and probably get eaten or run over as a result.” 

As if on cue, the tiny duckling moved its wings and peeped, staring at Nahyuta. 

“…I never had a say in this, did I?” 

“Nope.  But it’s cute that you think you did, Sad Monk.” 

Damn that Panda.  Even now, it was hard for Nahyuta to stay annoyed.  Not when Simon was practically cooing at the small animal in his hands. 

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Domestic & arguing over the remote #prompt :D

Also available on ao3.

Thank you so much for your patience!

Monday Nights are for The Bachelor

Stiles knew from experience that Derek could be stubborn. He knew that mostly because Stiles held himself to a pretty high standard of stubbornness that was, on occasion, met with an even higher amount of stubbornness in the six feet that built up Derek Hale. In every instance, Stiles always found himself surprised and, if he was being honest with himself, impressed.

This was not one of those occasions.

Monday nights were dedicated to The Bachelor. Derek thought it was a fair request since it was only two hours, one night, each week, for six weeks out of the year, that he required the television in his own loft. The pack had other thoughts on the matter – the use of Derek’s television, not on The Bachelor – the pack had no clue about Derek’s secret love affair with the reality show. Derek did decide to turn four teenagers into his betas, but he was not an idiot. Okay, ignore that last example.

The point still stood that Derek had every right to lock himself in his apartment on Monday nights with a box of red wine and bowl of movie theater butter popcorn to watch a reality show that may or may not contain the use of tears, wildly concocted fights, and artfully chiseled men. The pack was settled and there hadn’t been any supernatural issues in months. Well, unless you counted the time Scott contracted a were-flu and all the werewolves in the pack were reduced to sniffling blanket piles. Stiles had shouldered the brunt of mothering everyone as they regained their strength and while he complained profusely, Derek had suspected the whole ordeal had been an ego boost for the kid.

A ding sounded from the kitchen and Derek took the popcorn out of the microwave, taking care not to burn his fingertips as he grasped it by the corners and tried in vain not to rip the bag in half. The effort was futile, as it always was, and Derek inevitably had a steaming cloud of popcorn explode in his face before falling to the floor. You would think that growing up with werewolf strength would give Derek the time and opportunity to figure out how to do something as mundane as opening a bag of popcorn without it staging a coup, but this was one skill he could not grasp. He stood there, dumbfounded, when he heard a key turn the tumblers in the apartment’s lock and Stiles walked in. He looked at Derek and blinked.

“I have so many questions,” started Stiles.

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So a fic I wish you would write... honestly whatever you want to write tbh lol. When you enjoy writing something it's usually 100%, but for the sake of the game... maybe a fallen angel au? You're always great with Aus like that. I can't really think of a plot right off the top of my head, but I think maybe Tae or Jungkook for it? Ahh I'm sorry this is isn't much context! I'm curious to see what you come up with (but if you don't want to/can't think of anything, don't feel pressured 💕).

so I had a somewhat small idea for a drabble, and then I started writing, and it quickly turned 1.7k WOOPS but anyway, it’s still kinda short and I applaud myself for that :’D I hope you like this!!! it was super fun to write!

It feels like the war has been going on forever.

You cannot lie — the thrill was made for you, just as you were made for it. Apocalypse days are rough and cold, they drag on and slow down time, clocks struggling to tick as they bleed out the painful minutes that belong to a fight that does not seem to stop. Even so, it feels like you may be deserving of it all — that it is your place to be in the midst of such catastrophe, one that rings with the screams of dying humans and the shrieks of those other things.

The city you once knew changed its colors a long time ago, and the vibrant shades of life have now turned into lonely blues tainted with specks of red. Dawn no longer brings drowsy good mornings and warm cups of coffee, but rather an uneasiness that your body knows as well as your own breathing. A thick sheen of caution will follow you throughout the day then, fading when the night comes and you manage to fall asleep — only to be awoken hours later to the fresh twinge of fear all over again.

It is what you are used to, though. After all, you were taught to stand in the middle of war and grasp it with your own hands, to feel grounded despite the inevitable end of your world.

However, there is one person that does not allow you to settle in ways you wish you could.

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Can you please make a story with mc and yoosung but yoosung isn't paying much attention to mc so mc tries to pay more attention to other stuff to annoy yoosung to get his attention

Hello! Thank you so much for requesting me! 
this has some stuff from Yoosung’s route so I guess “Spoilers” I hope you enjoy it, I had fun writing it <3

Since MC had gotten Yoosung onto the right path with finally taking college seriously, he had become the ultimate studying zombie. In the 24 hours of the day, Yoosung would spend those hours studying, sleeping, and eating. MC could only watch as he walked around her with droopy eyes whenever she would come over to hang out for him to just sit at his small table just staring into textbooks like they were sucking his life away. Since he had recently been cleared by his optometrist, he was awaiting a pair of glasses in order to take care of his current eye situation. Without the glasses, he shouldn’t exactly be spending so much time stressing it otherwise his eye may never heal properly. The only breaks Yoosung had been taking were ones where he would just get food or he was extremely frustrated so he threw his books off to the side and sighed very loudly. 

It never mattered what MC tried, whether it was giving him kisses & massages, or just plain out calling for him to pay attention to her. Yoosung kept his head down with music in completely avoiding her existence. This was very discouraging, especially due to him being the one to ask her to come over and help him with his work and cheer him on. However, MC really wanted to be someone in his life who was encouraging this behaviour in him, but it made her feel more like a mother figure than a girlfriend, with him never taking any down time when she was there,

This particular day it stung the worse. MC checked the calendar on Yoosung’s wall where he wrote down every different test, exam, and project he had to hand in for the next months until the year was over. To her surprise, Yoosung had absolutely nothing due or coming up for the next couple weeks. This was a head scratcher for her as she looked over at her boyfriend’s lifeless-esque body hovering over a pile of Biology textbooks. “Yoosung honey…what exactly are you working on right now?” there was silence so MC slowly made her way to tap in on the shoulder.

“Just leave me alone for a moment okay MC? I have a lot to do right now and I don’t need interruptions. This needs all my attention.” MC felt her heart drop into her stomach as she balled her hands up into fists, silently backing up in defeat. This was the first time in their short period of dating that one of them had snapped at the other. So this dynamic was new and practically scary. “ Okay hun, don’t stress out your eye too much okay? I’ll just be leaving them.” Without even checking for a wave goodbye from her boyfriend she scurried away into the hallway of the complex Yoosung lived in. If she wasn’t going to get to hang out with him what would she be doing? It was a long time away from the next RFA party so MC had no emails to respond to, so what should she be doing? It was almost like her life before the RFA was years ago, rather than months. Then, she got an idea so she quickly pulled out her phone to call someone who could pay some attention to her.

It had been a few days since Yoosung and MC had the little outburst, yet Yoosung still hadn’t been in the chatroom, yet neither had MC. Only for totally different reasons. For the past couple days, MC has made plans with Zen, who was currently in between plays right now so he had lots of free time to spend with MC! So Zen and MC would hang out and watch different musicals during the day and would talk all the time in the chat at night. MC thought that this was fine because Yoosung hadn’t even spoken with her since he brushed her off like an annoying classmate. Only the biggest reason she was spending so much time with Zen is that she knew how much it would bother Yoosung and maybe it would bring him in so that they could have a talk together. If only he would ever enter the chat sometimes so that he would see how much fun her and the handsome strong Zen were having.

Yet, every evening right before bed Yoosung would go into the RFA chat just to read all of Zen & MC’s stories of their time together which only made him feel more insecure about what had happened. The past couple weeks Yoosung had been doing extra credit in order to make up for the time he had been game addicted and slacking off of work so that he could graduate with the rest of his class and make his dear girlfriend (and Rika) proud of him. When he had been so stuck on something he could feel his eye twitching and it hurt so bad but there she was, poking at him just at the moment frustration had peaked in him. Yoosung felt terrible about what had happened with MC, whom he felt so strongly towards but he just couldn’t apologise seeing how connected she had been with Zen, who was such a healthy attractive man that Yoosung felt he could never compete with. So poor Yoosung would spend the evenings afraid to even call her if just to be broken up with because MC had finally realised how ‘’superior’’ Zen was. He wouldn’t let her get away, now she had caught his attention and this time she would never lose it.  

The next morning MC and Zen decided to take a jog around the park so that Zen could show her some of his health regimens to possibly get MC interested. Just before they finished their jog, a small very tired boy was tailing them down the path screeching like there was someone coming to kill him, he was screaming MC’s name over and over. MC stopped and turned around to find Yoosung, currently in his pajamas with his hair down in a messy bed head way with his deep brown roots showing through his gold spun blond dyed hair. “MC! I am so sorry! You will always be more important to me than anything! Please, I can be a better man to you than Zen can, no matter what he says.” MC looked into a pair of tired amethyst eyes while listening to her favourite voice begin to become hoarse from all the screaming. Without a word, MC pulled him to her chest and Yoosung whispered quietly “Please don’t forget about me. It was all for you. All the work, I want you to be proud of me.” All Zen could do was smile and pull both of them into a tight hug and say “Well aren’t you two just so dear I’m almost revolted!” Which made them both laugh.

From then on out, both MC and Yoosung worked together in order to have Yoosung complete his goal of graduating on time with his class.

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I'm not very familiar with prompt etiquette so I hope this is ok! I'm a giant sucker for Jane Austen AUs/fusions so if you could do a Les Mis ExR ficlet with those two as Pride and Prejudice's Darcy and Elizabeth I'd just be over the moon about it! Background femslash pairings of any variety totally welcome! The old timey setting of the original book isn't necessary if you don't like it - a modern adaption would still be totally appreciated. <3

A scene each from the beginning, the middle, and the end. (I’m sure any P&P readers can make an educated guess.)

“You could dance with Grantaire.”

Grantaire is fully aware that eavesdropping never does anyone any good, but he can’t help tuning in at the sound of his name, vaguely recognizing the voice as Courfeyrac, who’s been flirting pretty shamelessly with both Marius and Cosette tonight.

“I don’t want to dance with Grantaire.”

And that’s Enjolras, and proof positive that eavesdroppers never hear any good of themselves. Grantaire knows precisely three things about Enjolras, and one of them is that he doesn’t want to dance with Grantaire (the other two being that he’s ridiculously gorgeous and some kind of cutthroat lawyer), and he doesn’t know what he’s done to earn that much vehemence.

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This Isn't High School - FratBoy!Calum

Although this is a FratBoy! imagine, I’ve written this very much based on my experience at university (without the romance lol).

I’m very sorry I’ve taken so long to write something! I hope you like it 💕


“Have you got a spare pen?” You hear an amused voice from beside you, “I’ve lost mine.”

“It’s the first day of term, how have you already lost your pen?” You roll your eyes, not taking them off the lecture slide on the board in front of you.

“I never had one in the first place” he shrugs.

“Such a badboy” you tut.

“I can be your badboy, if you want?” You hear the smirk in his voice.

“I’ll pass, thanks” you hand him a pen, “here you go.”

“Thanks, Princess”

“You’re welcome, Hood” you nod once, before returning your full attention to the professor.

“Hey, Y/N?” You hear his voice again, after a few moments of silence.

“What now?” You sigh heavily.

“What’s this lecture about?”

“You’ve got to be fucking kidding me” you mutter under your breath.

“Well, you distracted me by asking questions about my lack of pen” the smirk reappears on his face.

“I have no idea what this lecture is about because you won’t stop talking!” Your hushed whisper isn’t very hushed.

“We might as well leave then” he grins.

“No” you frown, “now shush”

“But it’s boring” he whines.

“How would you know? You haven’t been listening.” You shoot back.

“Smart arse” he mutters, but turns his attention to the front on the lecture hall.


You and Calum had known each other since you were children. Knowing each other is not the same as being friends though. The two of you had barely given each other the time of day, despite attending the same schools for most of the lives. When you’d decided to leave your small village to head to university, you thought you were leaving everyone from the school you’d disliked immensely behind. Then on your first night of Freshers Week, you’d seen him, already surrounded by a large group of new friends: Calum Hood. One of the people you’d been desperate to run away from. Charming, attractive, arrogant…all the adjectives you’d expect from the most popular boy in school. A boy you’d hoped you’d left behind. It wasn’t as though the two of you had had much contact, but you’d wanted to escape all of it, and him being here had ruined that. The fact he was doing the same degree as you was the cherry on top of the very crap cake. Now, after only 4 months of being here together, you had spoken to Hood more than you had in your 18 years living in the same tiny village.


“Can I borrow that red lipstick you wore last Friday?” Molly scrutinises her appearance in your mirror.

“Yeah, here” you dig around in your make up bag, thinking you might as well offer all your possessions around seeing as you’d been giving them out so easily today.

“You’re looking very sexual, Ms Y/L/N” she glances at your outfit as she takes the lipstick from you.

“Just the look I was going for” you roll your eyes and try not to poke yourself in the eye with your mascara brush. You subtly try to tug down the hem of your dress, already worrying if it was too short.

“It’s fine, leave it alone” Molly doesn’t even have to look to know what you’re doing. You find it crazy how fast the people you’ve met at university have quickly become some the best people you know. They know you so well, after only a few months, and more importantly, they love you and accept you for who you are, something you’d never fully experienced in school. You had friends at home, but only now you
we’re realising that you were never fully accepted for just being you there.

“You both look fine, now can we go and drink?” Jack complains from your bed, which he’s sprawled on, waiting for the two of you to get ready.

“You can always leave” you turn to him, “we’re waiting for Charlie, he’s got us something to drink.”

“He’s got you the cheapest vodka, you’re gonna be hammered” Jack laughs.

“Go hard or go home” Molly grins.

“There’ll be a lot of us, we’ll look after you” Jack shakes his head.

“Please, you’re a bigger lightweight than any of us!” You scoff.

“Alright, well you’ll be looking after me” he laughs, his gaze returning to his phone.

“Are you dressed?” A voice appears whilst simultaneously knocking on your door.

“Yeah!” You shout back.

“Shame” he sighs, barging into your room, carrying clinking bags filled with alcohol.

“You’re an arse” Molly hops over to him to take a bag off him.

“Come on, we’re meeting at Calum’s house in an hour, so get drinking” Charlie hands you the vodka. It’s when you hear his name that you decide you’ll need most of this bottle.


“Heeeeeyyyyy!” A very drunk Michael opens the door to you, “you’re here!” He envelopes you in a hug.

“Hey, Clifford” you squeeze him tightly, wondering, not for the first time, how such a lovely guy became friends with someone like Cal.

“Hi there, pretty girl” Calum appears behind Mike, grinning at you.

“Hey there, idiot boy” you reply, “I need a drink.” You murmur, before heading to the kitchen.

“Why do you hate him so much?” Jack walks up beside you, opening himself a beer.

“What? I don’t…I just…we’re not friends, that’s all” you stammer, trying to act like it wasn’t a big deal.

“I think that’s one sided” he kisses the side of your head before walking away.

“Is it bad if I get drunk and sleep with Ashton?” Molly takes her drink from you, but her focus is fully on Irwin.

“Nah, he’s hot” you can’t help but let your gaze fall to the boy beside him.

“Calum looks really good tonight” Molly notices your focus and nudges you.

“Never gonna happen” you laugh.

“Why? He’s nice. You’re not in high school anymore.” She says, quietly.

“We’re from a tiny village” you try to explain, “everyone knows everyone, he’s a popular boy and I am definitely not a popular girl. Calum Hood cannot date Y/N Y/L/N.”

“Well, that sounds like a ridiculous place to live” she muses.

“Yep” you take a sip of the too strong drink, “that’s why I left. I just didn’t realise I was taking a part of it with me.”

“Probably didn’t help that we made friends with him and his friends, did it?”

“Nope” you take a gulp of the vodka this time, “I don’t understand why he even talks to me here. He never did at school, why bother now?”

“Because, my dear, this isn’t high school” she gives your hand a squeeze.

“Yeah, but even here, he stills manages to be the most popular” you wonder how he does it. It’s as though people are just drawn to him.

“I don’t know, but there’s no social hierarchy here. We’re just friends” she shrugs, finishing her drink. You weren’t sure the social hierarchy would ever leave between you and Calum.

“Is everybody ready to leave?!” Ashton’s organiser instinct kicks in and he rounds everyone up to leave. It takes around half an hour for everyone to finish their drinks, pack their handbags and have their last wee, but soon enough you’re all in the too hot and sticky club. Well, minus the few who didn’t make it out…

“Come and dance” your friend, Jess, grabs yours and Molly’s hands and drags you to the dancefloor. Before long, you’re drinking your third jäger bomb (a vile drink that is unfortunately the cheapest drink for uni students) and twirling around the dancefloor to a song you’d heard so many times, but still didn’t know who sang it.

“You look very, very good in that dress, Y/L/N” Calum’s hand lands on your waist as he murmurs in your ear. You don’t know if it’s the alcohol in your system, but you can’t help the grin appearing on your face as you hear his words and feel his grip on your body.

“Why, thank you” You turn around so your faces are barely an inch apart.

“You’re so fucking beautiful” his eyes are glued to yours as he says the words.

“You’re a confusing one, Hood” you frown at him, resting a hand on his chest to steady yourself.

“This isn’t high school, Y/N” he laughs, almost as though he can read your mind.

“That’s what Molly said”

“You should listen to her” he pulls you closer. Both his hands are on your waist, his heart beating under your fingertips, his lips are almost touching yours, before you come to your senses and pull away.

“I never listen to Molly” you force a laugh, disentangling yourself from him, “she thinks a pot noodle is a sensible meal choice. Anyone want a shot?” You turn to your friends, leaving Calum opened mouthed at being rejected by you. No one ever rejected Calum Hood. Especially not girls like Y/N.

“Molly is so pretty,” Michael mutters, before drinking the shot of clear liquid you’d handed him.

“You like Molly?” Your eyes widen.

“Fuck, don’t tell her!” His own eyes are filled with panic at what he’s just admitted.

“I won’t, I won’t!” You shake your head, quickly, “just…shit, wait here!”
You rush over to where Molly is stood, laughing at something Ashton is saying. You grab her arm and pull her away from him.

“Ahhh why are you dragging me away from the hot boy?!” She scowls at you.

“Don’t sleep with Ash” you blurt out.

“What? You told me to before!”

“Well, now I’m saying to not to” you argue, “listen to me, I have your best interests at heart.”


“Just don’t!” You don’t need any drama created over a one night stand with Michael’s best friend.

“Fine” she huffs, “I think you should sleep with Cal.”

“Shut up”

“I do! He’s been undressing you with his eyes all night.”

“Undressing me with his eyes?! Christ, have you been reading 50 Shades of Grey? That’s because I’m a girl Calum hasn’t already seen naked, he looks at every girl he hasn’t fucked the same way. Like they’re a conquest to him. He doesn’t care about who it is.” You’d feel bad about your harsh words, if
they weren’t true.

“I’d quite like to see him naked” Molly smirks into her drink.

“That can be arranged, Mols,” Calum’s voice appears behind you, making both of you jump.

“Hahahahahahah I’…going!” You’ve never seen her look so embarrassed.

“You’re wrong, you know” he addresses you, his voice soft.

“I’m not interested, Cal”

“I was just as desperate to get out of that village as you” he looks awkward at his honestly.

“Course you were” you scoff.

“I meant what I said before, this isn’t high school” he smiles, before walking away.


Let me know thoughts/if you want a part 2! PS. I’m sorry I’ve taken so long with this!!

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my birthday isnt actually may 26th but can i please pretend like it is because art student oisugas would actually improve my state of life in general and i would probably have to draw fan art of it or something embarrassing like that?????? please i will sacrifice my firstborn child and half my internal organs for art student oisugas

Admin Ella: Hi honey! I totally don’t mind writing this! May 26th is actually my mum’s birthday! Anything to make you happy honey! If you do draw something for it, could you tag us? You don’t need to sacrifice anything, just promise to be safe and try and get a good night’s sleep. Have an awesome night, I send platonic cuddles! Also, Suga and Oikawa are both genderfluid in this one. Imzadi means beloved, it’s from Star Trek. Also, Suga is okay with the nickname Kou-chan.:3 WARNING FOR MENTIONS OF DYSPHORIA

Also ft. painted transgirl hinata

“What are you working on there, Imzadi?” Oikawa asked, watching Suga gracefully make long, thin highlights on his canvas.

“Oikawa you are such a nerd. Stop making Star Trek references while we’re in public.” Suga smiled and rolled their eyes, and continued on the big piece. 

“The best part is, you totally understood what I meant. I’m rubbing off on you, Kou-chan.” Oikawa smirked, looking down at the silver haired artist who  was now doing some really tiny black lines, crouched at the bottom of the painting.

Suga looked up, before smirking in a playful manner and replying “Actually, I’m usually the one rubbing off on you, if you know what I mean.”

“Ahh! So dirty Kou-chan!” Oikawa wiped at fake tears and put a hand on his heart. “You wound me with your bluntness.”

Eyebrows crinkling and eyes focusing Suga spoke. “Hey, your royal drama highness, does this look right to you?” Suga asked, standing up and taking a few steps back to see the entire painting. Oikawa followed suit and turned around to really look at the painting. They had finished their final piece only yesterday, but came to visit Suga while they worked on theirs.

“Wow…” The piece looked much better than theirs. It had much more meaning too. The picture, it depicted a radiant young adult, with short hair that looked the color of a soft peach made intense with flecks of baby blue blue and white. The model was painted from the waist up, and was shirtless, but was crouched over, wearing the most agonized expression they had ever seen. 

They looked terrified, but not the horror movie kind. Like, the kind of terrified you get when you realized you have no idea who you are anymore. The model had an pale, slender arm wrapped around their paler stomach, and the other one clawed at their chest. Their long fingernails had ripped away a patch of skin not to reveal blood, but to reveal a breast. The color pallet was very happy, considering the depiction, but oddly fitting. The colors shielded the viewer from the true horror of this picture. The colors were pretending everything was alright. The soft yellows, greens, blues, peaches and beige, all these pale, happy colors forming an image that stuck with them, because Oikawa knew this feeling, this feeling of.. 


Oikawa was pulled out of his trance by the melodic sound of Suga’s voice. “What?”

“That’s what the painting’s called. Dysphoria.”

“Wow. Sweetheart, this is beautiful, sad, terrifying and nostalgic all at once.”

“Really? You think so?”

“Yeah. Kou-chan, let’s not stay and watch paint dry. Let me take you for coffee.”

“Okay. Can I have a hug?” Suga turned around in their light grey smock and held out their arms. 

“Yeah.” Suga then hugged Oikawa, wrapping their arms around Oikawa’s waist and burying their head in their chest. Poor Suga, Oikawa thought. They looked exhausted. Oikawa put their head down, putting their nose in Suga’s hair. He smelled like an art studio, like clay and pastels, as well as vanilla and peppermint. Suga let go, cueing Oikawa to do the same. 

“Hey Kou-chan?” 


“I love you.” Suga got on his toes and kissed Oikawa on the cheek.

“I love you too.”

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concept/fic idea: draco's away somewhere so scorpius has to stay at hogwarts and albus decides to stay too. there's barely anyone there so they're not rly bullied and albus decides hogwarts isn't too bad (also mrs weasley sends scorp a jumper as well as albus)

I love this so much omg

Warnings: cursed child spoilers? (I actually cried while writing this bc it’s so sad wtf)

 “What are you doing for Christmas, Scorp?” 

“Staying here,” Scorpius said, upset. “My dad is going to visit my grandparents in France. He said I could come, obviously, and he tried really hard to convince me, but I don’t want to.” 

“Really? Well that’s great, then, because I’m staying too!” Albus exclaimed.


“I can’t stand James’s new girlfriend and she’s coming over for Christmas, so I don’t really want to be there.” He chuckled.

Scorpius gave his friend a small smile, now feeling less sad about his dad being away.

“Maybe it won’t be so bad, then.”

Everyone left to go home a week later, and it was just the two of them left at Hogwarts.

“It’s just us! There’s only a few first and second years from the other houses that are still here! This is so cool, we can do whatever we want, Scorp!”

Scorpius forced a laugh and a smile.


He wasn’t fooling Albus, though.

“What’s wrong?”

“Well I don’t really get to see my dad that often, and we normally have a lot of fun over Christmas. It’s also a time that we think a lot about Mom, because it was her favorite holiday, so since she died, it’s always been kind of a hard time for us. He always makes sure that I still have an enjoyable holiday, though.”

Scorpius looked away when he felt tears form in his eyes, but Albus already saw them. He enveloped Scorpius into a tight hug, and didn’t release him until Scorpius started to pull away.

“Well then I’ll try my hardest to make sure you still have fun,” Albus told him with a smile.

Scorpius was actually in a good mood after that, and the two of them commenced in all sorts of activities around the castle. They even tried pranking Professor Longbottom, but he caught them before they had finished setting everything up. At the end of the day, they laid in their beds talking.

“You know, it’s not so terrible here when everyone else is gone.”

“Yeah,” Scorpius said before he let out a long yawn. “No one to constantly harass us.”

“Exactly,” Albus said with a chuckle. “Goodnight, Scorpius.”

“G’night, Albus.”

They woke up on Christmas morning to tons of gifts at the end of their beds.

Scorpius smiled and went for everything from his dad first. Before opening the gifts, he read the letter he had sent him.


I really wish you could be here with us, but I know you feel that your grandparents can be a bit…overbearing. Just know that they do love you, though. I’ve been thinking a lot about you and your mother. She loved you so much, Scorpius. You meant the world to her. I know that you know that, but I just felt like I should tell you again. I know this year must be especially hard for you. I’m sorry I can’t be with you. I’m glad Albus is there with you, though, so you’re not alone. I hope you’re still having a good holiday. I love you so much, Scorp. Hopefully I’ll see you soon.


Scorpius quickly wiped his eyes, glad that all of Albus’s attention was on his own things.

Albus happily reached for his next gift, which was from Grandma Molly. He opened it to find a dark green sweater with an ‘A’ stitched onto the front. He smiled and put it on. As well as the sweater, she had included several pieces of the fudge she makes that Albus loves so much.

Scorpius only had one box left, leaving it for last because he didn’t know who it was from. Albus grinned as he watched him open it.

Scorpius looked at Albus, shocked when he saw what was inside.

Scorpius pulled out a royal blue sweater with a large ‘S’ on it.

“She didn’t have to…”

Albus smiled.

“She wanted to. I wrote to her and said that you were staying and what not, and she said she was going to jump right on making you one. You’re practically like family to them, anyway. They see you every time they see me.”

Scorpius smiled down at the sweater before putting it on.

“She’s great. I love your grandma.”

“As much as you love me?” Albus said with a wink as he got up and walked over to Scorpius.

“Not quite,” Scorpius said and stood up to give Albus a hug.

Albus hugged him tightly, and the pulled back only enough so he could look at the blond.

“I know it’s not exactly how you wanted to spend the holiday, but it’s the best I could do.”

Scorpius smiled at him.

“It’s wonderful, thank you.”

“I still have one more gift for you,” Albus whispered with a mischievous glint in his eyes.

“Albus…you already got me so much, I don’t need-”

Scorpius was cut off by Albus’s lips on his. The kiss was short, but held so much emotion in it.

“Funny,” Scorpius mumbled, blushing slightly when they pulled away. “I’ve been asking for that for years.”

“Merry Christmas, Scorpius.”

“A very merry Christmas, indeed.”

Albus grinned at him before leaning in to kiss him again.

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I looooove your blog! Can you do the stages of love for Akaashi, Bokuto and Makki please? and if it's not too much also Ushijima? Isn't it hard to run a blog and post so much? and who are your favorite chars? and what kind of plot do you like to write/read? sorry for the questions, it's just that i'm really curiousxD

Ahhhhhh, thank you!! (≧ω≦) Yeah, it isn’t exactly easy, because I have a lot of other stuff to do and it just takes so long to write something, because I have to look up words or my cats walk over the keyboard. But it’s also super fun to read all those cool requests and I’m glad I opened the blog. (✿◠‿◠) I really love all the characters, but especially Tanaka, Daichi, Yamaguchi, Matsukawa, Kai and Kuroo. I like to write fluff and angst (with happy end), and I also love to read it. Don’t worry! I love answering your questions!

Ushijima will be in a seperate post, so this won’t get to long

Hanamaki is here


  1. First Meeting: Akaashi would probably meet you through one of his teammates, he’d probably seen you around in school before, but never took notice of you. However, when introduced by a team member, you would immediately find a topic to talk about and Akaashi would notice what an interesting person you are. You conversation would start out rather shallow, but would get more personal topics quickly. He wouldn’t ask you for your phone number on the first meeting, thinking it might seem a little bit pushy. Instead, he hopes to meet you around school again to establish a connection before asking for your phone number.
  2. First Date: Akaashi proposes the idea of going ice skating together and you happily agree. You think it’s a great idea. On the date itself you two have a lot of fun. In contrast to you,  Akaashi is already very secure on skates. He helps you getting used to the ice by taking your hands in his and slowly pulling you forward while giving you instructions. After a first few laps on wobbly legs, you get more and more confident and Akaashi doesn’t hold back with praise. When you wobble once again, he grabs your hand with a soft smile and says something along the lines of “Don’t worry. I’ve got you.” Hand in hand you skate for some time, Akaashi catches you when you flounder once again and you laugh about his deadpan comments about reckless ice skaters. To conclude the evening and warm up he treats you to a hot chocolate in a nice little café.
  3. First kiss: It would be possible that you and not Akaashi initiated the first kiss. The kiss would be hesitant and shy both from your and from Akaashi’s side. At first none of you would dare to close the last few centimetres separating your lips. Nothing happens for a few seconds, except for your breaths mingling together. Then you close your eyes, you raise to your tiptoes and place your hands on his chest to steady yourself. Your lips merely graze his, the touch barely noticeable. The kiss is very short and many wouldn’t even consider it a real kiss. Akaashi is even leaning in when you want to pull back and his breathing is heavy after breaking the kiss.
  4. First time: Akaashi would be very patient about your first time. He would wait until you’re absolutely sure you’re ready to take this step. He has no problem waiting for you. He is very mature about the topic and you two talk about it before from time to time. Your first time would be very slow and soft, filled with quiet moans and Akaashi would be constantly checking if you are all right and would try to make you feel as good and safe as possible. You two would reach your climax almost simultaneously.
  5. First time meeting the parents: Akaashi would be nervous to meet your parents. He would have to prepare himself some time before, but would still be tense. Because of that he may seem a bit stiff at first, but he still captures your parents’ hearts, even though your dad needs some more time to really warm up to him. Both of them are delighted your boyfriend is such a polite and handsome young man and they welcome him with open arms into the family.


  1. First Meeting: You probably would have seen him some times in school, but you would really meet Bokuto at one of his games. You would be in the crowd cheering on him and Fukurodani. When he gets into his dejected mode, you two would lock eyes for a second. You’d blush a bit out of embarrassment, but give him thumbs up to show your support. He’d see how much you’re rooting for him especially because of a handmade sign with his name on it. Through this and his team’s spurring on, Bokuto gets back into the game and hits an awesome straight. Fukurodani wins the game and you’re carried along in a throng of other fans until a strong hand grabs your upper arm and pulls you out. It’s Bokuto who thanks you for your great support and also asks for your phone number. You write it on your handmade sign with his name and give both to him.
  2. First Date: It would be clear to everyone pretty soon that Bokuto has a huge crush on you, so it would be only a matter of time until he asks you out on a date. He takes you to the zoo and you love it. It’s outside, you’re getting a little action and you’re giggling about Bokuto’s cuteness, because he is so excited about every animal no matter how big or small. He especially loves the owls and even buys you an owl plushie when you tell Bokuto that he looks like a horned owl, so you would always think of him. The time passes quickly and he asks you a bit nervous if you liked the date. You hug him and tell him it’s the best date you ever had and you’d be happy if you do it again soon.
  3. First kiss: Bokuto loves physical contact with you, he loves feeling you close. But in the beginning of the relationship he would be too overwhelmed and happy to have you by his side at all, so he doesn’t even think of kissing you, fully content with hugs, laughter and holding hands. Your first kiss would probably happen after another win of Fukurodani’s volleyball team. Bokuto’s thoughts would be clouded by happiness and adrenaline, so he just takes you in his arms and smooches you square on the mouth before pumping his fist in the air and let out a whoop. The kiss would be short and enthusiastic, so you would knock teeth. After realizing what he did, Bokuto would blush deeply and apologize saying you should take the lead at the next one.
  4. First time: Bokuto would think a lot about being intimate with you, because he thinks that will bring you even closer together and you two also talk about having sex beforehand quite some time. However, he wouldn’t want to pressure you into anything you’re not fully ready for. When it actually comes down to being intimate, Bokuto’s mind goes blank and he becomes unusually shy. He doesn’t know where to touch you anymore, his hands just hover over your body. You take the lead and put his hands on your body. You reassure him that you will explore your bodies together. Your first time is clumsy and filled with Bokuto’s whispered swears and praise how good you feel.
  5. First time meeting the parents: Bokuto nervously asked you once if you parents liked him. When you reassure him that, yes, they will like him his whole nervousness fades away. Even before meeting them he is just happy to finally get to know your family and looks forward to it a lot. When the day eventually comes, you parents indeed like him and his enthusiasm. They ask him a lot about his position as the captain of the volleyball team. However, they thought you would fall for someone more intelligent.

CS Au Week Day 4: Future

Gosh, I wonder if anyone can place what fic this might take place in the future of… ;)

Since I was mean and traumatized everyone on Sunday, let’s jump ahead about five years. Come for the Captain Swan, stay for the teasing of Kristanna.

October 30, 2019

She’s not buying a new winter coat, she’s not, she’s not, she’s not. Dammit, it’s cold outside, but her stupid coat still fits. It just… doesn’t zip up anymore.

Emma walks out onto the porch, shivering a bit as the wind hits her full-on; winter had decided to blow in several weeks early, dumping half a foot of snow over the farm on her birthday last week. There’s two snowmen in the yard: a decent-sized one that Leo had insisted on building by himself and a tiny one Ruth had built by herself (with Emma to supervise). “Leo! Ruth! Come on, it’s time for dinner!”


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With chapter 80 and the conversations spanning between characters, it does appear to be the end. Has Erwin thrown it all away? Does this change things? Where is the purpose? It all depends on the author’s choice, and the next few months.  

But—something doesn’t seem right.

Disclaimer: I may very well be wrong, here, but I don’t think this matches up with basic writing standards. I don’t mean to bring anyone any false hope and may very well be wrong, please do not treat my word as anything reliable, as of course—I am not the author.

Here are some reasons as to why Erwin’s situation is a little questionable:

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commandercod  asked:

I hope this isn't too intrusive of a question, but could you share a little about how you do your editing process? Your stories always turn out so beautifully, and I'd love to learn how to edit better, if you would be willing to share your process/some tips?

I would be happy to share, and thank you so much for asking! :D 

(Apologies for how delayed this is!) 

Tiny caveat before I dive in: please consider whatever I say in the light of what works best for you and your writing style! Nothing here is set in stone; feel free to pick and choose whatever works for you, and leave the rest. The beauty (and frustration) of writing is that we get to build our toolboxes from the ground up, but I hope you can get a little out of this that can help! 

1. Don’t edit as you go. I know this is tough for a lot of people, and I still struggle with it, but getting bogged down in every little mistake as you write really impacts your momentum, and can yank you out of the story just as you’re starting to get a good flow going. I tend to write in sprints – one hour of uninterrupted writing, break, then another sprint – and I find it helps to tell myself “Just write for one hour, and then you can go back and fix everything”. Sometimes I do, sometimes I don’t, but giving myself permission to focus on getting a first draft – however messy and awful it is! – down on paper helps me make progress. And that’s always helpful. 

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Words:  ~950

I haven’t written anything in awhile and it turned out to be ways different than what I actually had in mind but I HOPE YOU LIKE IT ANYWAY! I know you would have preferred smut, but I am too bad at this, maybe next year :D 


Mako and Korra split up from the group to go to that cave. When they were half way there it got dark, and they decided to set up a camp. 


Korra sat down next to the bonfire, warming herself up while Mako collected more firewood near to their little camp.

When Mako got back he threw most of the firewood he found into their little bonfire. He sat down next to Korra but with caution not to be too close.

Since Korra got back he had always been a bit cautious around her. It had been three years, she never answered any letter of his for god knows what reason, and she simply didn’t come home for again god knows what reason. And it wasn’t really a wish of hers that he’s coming with her on this. It was for his brother, he would have gone no matter what, and so would Korra.

The fire bender was more than eager to have a solving conversation with her, but he just had no idea how to start one or if this were the right time. She just got back maybe he should just wait until she’s ready to talk. But then again what if she doesn’t have this need for a conversation like he does? Also they were on a mission so a talk about all this should better wait.

“So… It’s been awhile huh?” The water bender started, obviously unsure of how to start this conversation and unsure about what to even say.

Since she got back they both didn’t really talk, there just wasn’t time for it.  They only had time for a reunion hug and then they were already talking about what to do now.

“Yeah. A very long while.” There was a clear annoyance in his words. He was kinda angry, and somewhat sad. But also really relieved and happy that Korra’s back, safe, and she seemed to feel ways better.

“I’m sorry.” She said quietly.

Mako sighed and looked into the fire. He didn’t really want her to feel sorry, but yet he did. He missed her so much and missing her hurt, he couldn’t forget the pain he felt in his chest every time he thought about her.

Minutes passed and none of them said a word. In Mako’s mind there were so many things he wanted to ask her, so many things he just wanted to know. But though it was so clear in his mind, he couldn’t form any words to let her know. And he became frustrated. Slapping himself –that was what he wanted now to maybe help his mind form words and then bring his mouth to spill them out. But it seemed like there just weren’t the right words, they didn’t exist. Just asking frustrated why she never answered his letters or why she didn’t come home, or if she didn’t miss any of them… wasn’t the right thing. At least it didn’t seem like it, not in this moment. Yet he just needed to know.

A deep sigh left his mouth and he looked at her. It was weird because he didn’t really noticed how much the girl that used to be his long ago had changed. She looked older, ways more mature, and her hair ­­­– was so short and it looked odd on her, yet stunning. Somehow it felt for him like he was sitting in front of a complete different person, but it also felt just like Korra, the girl he loved for so long now, the girl he missed like crazy the past three and a half years.

Korra’s gaze was locked on the fire. The flickering of the fire as a reflection in her eyes. Her beautiful ocean blue eyes Mako hadn’t seen for so long. The last time he remembered seeing them they there was not that sparkle in it which Mako adored so much. But now the sparkle returned and it was definitely not because of the reflection of the flickering fire.

The longer he stared at her the more frustrated he became. And then there was another need that built up inside him. The need to just wrap his arms around her and hold her close. It wouldn’t answer all his questions but it felt like the right thing to do. But then he got an idea of another thing that somehow felt just right to do.

When Korra unlocked her gaze from the fire, her head slowly moved to the side to look at him. His heart began to race. The silence that settled between them in the last minutes were anything but comfortable. And he was afraid what she was going to say now, he had no idea why he was. There was no reason to be afraid; there was nothing she could have said that he would need to be afraid of.
Maybe he felt that way just because he didn’t want her to say anything. He could wait for all her answers. But he still wanted to have something now.
So he didn’t think much about it and just gave in to last need he felt. He closed the space between them, placed fast a hand on Korra’s cheek and pressed his lips onto hers.

After what felt like an eternity he felt how the pressure of her soft lips pressed slightly against his. And that was when Mako finally relaxed. He wished they could stay like this forever; he was a little worried about what would be after this. But it couldn’t be bad. She kissed him back, that was all what mattered. Nothing else. It was a bit of an answer for him, at least for one question. And he didn’t really care about the others anymore. He could wait for them.

anonymous asked:

Castle and Beckett #3

“You came back.”

(takes place after an AU ending to 2x05, When The Bough Breaks)


Her coffee is bitter that morning, too thick with grinds that float to the surface and cling to her tongue. She wasn’t willing to give the stupid espresso machine a try, hadn’t even entertained the idea of asking Ryan to teach her how to use the overly complicated appliance, and instead resorted back to their old coffeemaker that still resides abandoned in the corner of the break room counter.

Beckett winces through another sip before finally giving up on the black sludge and shoving the half empty cup away. She’ll just buy her own coffee later. 

It’s too quiet in the bullpen that morning. Not because he isn’t there to chatter the silence away, no, she simply arrived far too early, her shift still another hour away. Not many detectives are milling around the floor at this time, the 6 a.m. crowd slow and somber with the yearning for rest, but she hadn’t been able to stand another minute alone in her apartment, lying in her bed, glaring at the ceiling and fighting off the multitude of ‘if only’s.

The sinking feeling of regret that has claimed her stomach since he walked away from her yesterday afternoon has failed to dissipate and she doesn’t even understand why. Or at least, that’s what she tells herself. 

Castle is gone, just like she’s always wanted, she should be overjoyed, she should be reveling in the relief of solitude his lack of presence provides. Yet here she is, alone at her desk at six in the morning, damn near sulking as she stares the phone down, willing it to ring. 

At least if she has a murder, her mind will be on the victim, not on him.

The elevator chimes from across the bullpen, but she doesn’t glance up from her desk, contemplating which coffee shop she should walk to and wondering if maybe she should try something new, maybe substitute two pumps of caramel for her usual vanilla, or try one of those special fall blends Starbucks always advertises-

Kate startles at the placement of a to go cup on her desk, her brow scrunching as she notices the thick, familiar fingers curled around the white cardboard.

“You’re here rather early this morning, Detective,” he chirps and although it lacks his usual flare, she knows that voice, and when she finally lifts her gaze from the coffee, Richard Castle is standing before her desk with a hesitant smile on his face. “I was kinda hoping to beat you here, surprise you.”

He didn’t exactly fail.

“You came back,” she murmurs, her brow still in a deep crease as she stares up at him, so utterly confused by his presence. She knows she didn’t get a lot of sleep last night, but she couldn’t have reached the point of hallucinations… right?

“Yeah,” Castle swallows, oddly apprehensive, and scrapes a hand through his hair - hair that is uncharacteristically lacking its usual styling of gel and a comb, short locks sticking upwards in disarray. “I never should have left.”

“I thought - British spy?” she gets out, curling her hands into fists to keep from fidgeting. 

“Is not Nikki Heat,” he shrugs, his eyes not leaving hers as he locates his chair, still seated faithfully beside her desk, and sighs in visible relief as he sits down. “Beckett, as soon as we parted ways in the apartment… I just wanted to turn back around.”

Her heart stutters in her chest, stumbling before picking up speed, beating so loud she can barely hear him speak.

“As soon as I made it home, I called Paula, told her I didn’t want the book deal. I want to keep writing Nikki, if that’s okay with you.”

Beckett scrambles for a face of indifference, for that blankness she’s learned to wear so well, an expression that keeps him from seeing it all, but he’s taken her by surprise, slipped in while her guard was down, and even though she tries, she knows he must catch the hope that flickers to life in the subtle widening of her eyes, the gentle parting of her lips.

But she can still gain the upper hand.

Shrugging, Kate accepts his apparent peace offering, brings the coffee to her lips, humming in satisfaction at the welcome burst of her regular order spilling over her tongue, down her throat.

“I think we can work something out,” she muses, meeting the intense blue eyes staring back at her from behind the cup. “I have over an hour until I actually have to be here, so if you wanted to talk somewhere else…”

Castle is up in an instant, snagging her jacket from the back of her chair and holding it up for her. Kate bites back her grin and stands, slips her arms through the leather and tries not to shudder when his fingertips brush the bare skin of her nape.

“I know a place just down the street that has a fantastic breakfast menu,” he beams, his eyes so very bright as they walk in sync towards the elevator. 

Once inside, once the doors have closed and the lift has descended downwards, Kate drifts in closer to his side, grazes her knuckles along his, flirts with his fingers, and bites back her grin when he practically startles at the contact. 

She doesn’t want to lie in bed tonight with yet another round of ‘if only’s swarming her mind. She wants to give him a reason to stick around that goes further than Nikki Heat.

Castle doesn’t hide his surprise when she slides her palm into his, threads their fingers and squeezes his hand even as the doors glide open into the lobby.

“I’m glad you came back, Castle.”

#2 Your First Kiss
  • Luke Hemmings: Your first kiss with Luke wasn't magic and rainbows on a typical level, but it was good enough for you. It had character, was something you always said. He'd come along with you when you took your little sister to the pumpkin patch. You had promised her you'd take her that afternoon and forgot about the group project you still had to do with Luke. Conflicted, you just asked Luke to come and brainstorm while your sister played. "A beanie already? It's not even cold, Hemmings," you teased with a laugh. Luke just shrugged it off and smile goofily at you. Seeing as your sister was old enough to play on her own, you stood back with Luke, thinking about the group project. You had the assignment paper on your phone and we're looking over at it. The assignment was to get in a partnership and complete an afternoon of community service; it was to show the importance of making a difference in your community. "We could always volunteer at the dog shelter," you proposed, reading the notes. "What about at that homeless youth shelter?" he asked. You thought about it for a bit and nodded, "Yeah, I actually really like that," you agreed and in an attempt to high five him, your clumsy self had dropped your cell phone. The two of you bent down at the same time to pick it up, and then you fell forward thus pushing him back. You lay on top of him and really looked him in the eyes. They were so pretty and without thinking, you bent down and placed a kiss on his lips. Your face instantly turned red; you were not the type of person to kiss someone first. You struggled to get yourself back to a standing position, then offered him your hand. "Sorry," you mumbled, still embarrassed and wondering what came over you. "Why? I liked it. I've been wanting to kiss you all day," he admitted, looking down at his shows. "YOU GUYS ARE GROSS," your sister yelled before running back to the pumpkin patch, leaving the two of you laughing.
  • Calum Hood: The two of you were sitting on his bed, in his room, with a guitar perched on his lap. His eyebrows were furrowed as he tried to think of the next words to match the melody Luke had given him to work with. Calum stared at you, his eyes transfixed on your dimple. Just one dimple, not two, but he loved that already. You two had only been dating for a few weeks, and nothing was official but neither of you felt the need for labels. "I can't!" He groaned, frustration etched all over his face. He threw himself back on the bed, his head landing right next to your thigh. You ran your hands through his curly hair; his hair always started curling when he needed a haircut. "Yes you can, babe... What about like, well," you weren't a songwriter, and even if you tried suggesting something it would probably be shit. "Let's go for a drive." You stood up from his bed, "it'll clear your head and maybe you can get some inspiration," you said as you picked up his car keys from his bedside table. Calum laughed and shook his head at your spontaneous idea, but took the keys from your hand and followed you out nonetheless. "Now where we going genius?" Calum asked, a sloppy smile on his lips. "Anywhere.. Let's get ice cream, drive around the block, go to the park," you shrugged, "anywhere for you to get inspiration." Calum stared at you intently, the smile on his face growing. He look at you in awe. "It's hard to write about my inspiration when she's sitting right in front of me." He said, before leaning in slowly, and kissing your lips softly. That day, you two ended up at Baskin Robins, then took the long way home.
  • Ashton Irwin: Ashton was a very traditional guy. That meant that he didn't even try to kiss you until you were officially dating, and that he'd asked you to date in a super cute way. It was one of the things you liked about him. Honestly, he was that guy the repetitive twitter accounts talked about. That night, he'd left flowers and a note at your doorstep for you to see when you got back from your sports practice. You smiled, knowing who had dropped them off and wondering how in the world you got so lucky. Upon opening the note, you found it said. "Good afternoon gorgeous, I hope you're not too tired to go out tonight. I'll pick you up tonight at 8:00. - Ashton." You clutched the note to your chest with a huge smile on your face for at least 30 seconds before glancing at your clock and realizing it was 5:00. That didn't leave you much time at all. --- You looked at the mirror one last time and smiled, feeling perfect. It's not that you were a cocky person, but you had a lot of confidence. When Ashton rang the doorbell, despite you being ready, it was your dad who answered the door. You walked out, ready and stared at the two men in your life who looked utterly stunned. "What? Too much?" you joked. Ashton chuckled and shook his head, "No, not at all. You look beautiful," his voice was slow and you could tell he was still stunned, it was adorable. "Thank you Mr. Y/L/N, but we'll be heading out now, the reservation is soon," he announced, before shaking your father's hand. You both walked out, you with the biggest smile on his face and one to match on his. The two of you were still on your doorstep, the door closed, when Ashton turned to you. "I was going to do this at the end of the night, but I can't wait," he said, before leaning in to kiss you. It was the best first kiss you could have asked for, you closed your eyes, and touched your lips when he pulled away. You couldn't wait to kiss him again and again.
  • Michael Clifford: As Michael's friend, and later girlfriend, you had been going to 5 Seconds of Summer shows and garage practices for as long as you could remember. You had even been there, as the camerawomen, for some of the Youtube covers and you loved it. You were so proud of the boys, honestly. It was so rewarding to see them start to play bigger places, and to have people take notice. That night in particular had been an important show for the boys; there was a talent scout in the audience. If they impressed him, then the boys would be opening up for Hot Chelle Rae on tour next summer. You knew it was going to be hard for you to see them tour, because Michael wouldn't be there for months at a time, but you couldn't be more proud. That night, the show kicked ass. Ashton hit the drums a little bit harder, Calum's bass wasn't as hidden as before, Luke's voice wasn't pitchy as it usually was when he was nervous and Michael's energy on stage was unmatched as he played perfectly. You knew that they'd gotten the gig. As soon as Michael got off stage, you ran to him, wrapped your legs around his waist and kissed him hard. "Damn, babe, you're about to be famous."
  • Authors Note: I'm sorry Michael's isn't long, I just thought it needed to be short and sweet for it to get the best impact!