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Clark needs relationship advice and goes to the guys at the League. They ask who is dating and it just so happens to be Bruce Wayne's sister. Possessive Batman and sweet Clark trying to impress and earn the approval of Bruce.

Hi, thank you for the request! This was really fun to explore and write. I do have to apologize for the abrupt end but this request inspired me to explore a series between the two! It’s an overused theme but it’s a theme I want to explore, nonetheless. Close to 2000 words! Hope you enjoy!

“So what is she like?” Barry kicks his feet up and places it at the edge of the coffee table. It was one of those days where crime around the world did not require everyone’s attention and was pretty lax, undemanding almost.

A smile appears on Clark’s face the moment he thinks of you. “Just one of the most amazing person I know, beside my mum.” You were truly one of a kind – Clark doesn’t think he has ever met anyone quite like you. What attracted him to you initially had been the kindness you had shown to the everyday, average people despite your statute and power that one day you dropped by Metropolis. Your looks were just an added bonus for him – Clark didn’t mind as much.

Not only that, between the time he has seen you as well as exchange conversations with you, Clark knows that you are a very smart, independent woman – one that knows what sort of dreams they want to achieve in life and Clark thinks he first took notice of his growing crush on you when the two of you had this casual debate about farming equipment and the latest technology that can be used for agriculture. “Yeah, she’s amazing.” Clark nods his head.

Barry chuckles. “I would like to think so.” When Clark sends him a curious look, Barry proceeds to explain. “You have the same expression I do when I talk about Iris.” He shrugs his shoulders nonchalantly and Clark smiles to himself. He has seen the love the speedster has for his wife. Iris West-Allen is a lovely woman indeed.

“Hey, what’s this? Are we having some sort of team meeting that I don’t know of?” Oliver walks in with Arthur in tow. The two of them had gone out earlier to do some superhero business in their respective areas – Oliver in Central City and Arthur in Atlantis.  

“Highly doubt that, my friend.” Arthur says lightly as he pads to the sofa, dropping himself beside Barry. “Besides that, Bruce is not here too. I reckon everyone is off doing their own things right now.” Arthur points out and Oliver shrugs his shoulders before taking a seat beside Clark.

“So what are we talking about? Can Arthur and I get a recap?”

“Relationship advice.” Clark speaks up. “I wanted to ask for relationship advice and since Barry had been the only one here earlier…” He trails off before looking at the three men in front of him. “We have been seeing each other exclusively for three months now – before that it was just small talks here and there and the occasional coffee dates whenever she’s in Metropolis or I am in Gotham – and I really want to take our relationship to the next step.” Clark confesses.

“The way you phrased it sounded as if you want to marry her, Clark.” Oliver tells him offhandedly, patting Clark on the back. He smirks when he catches sight of the way Clark’s cheeks redden. “Well, is she opposed to you taking the relationship to the next step? Did she not show you any signs?”

Clark tries to think of a time when you weren’t, to be quite honest, he is coming up dry. You have always shown interest in a lot of the things he does, even the mundane things like which fertilizers should he get for his Pa or what type of paint should he get for his Ma’s new room. Clark is somewhat sure you have been dropping hints – more than he can count, now that he thinks about it – the entire time you are together. The smile on his face grows bigger.

“She has.” Clark agrees. “Multiple times.”

Barry claps his hands. “Then I see no point for you to be holding back. Maybe you can ask her next time.”

Bruce chooses that moment to step in. “Ask who what?” He asks gruffly, padding across the room to take a seat in front of the big screens. He immediately begins loading the police file cases and lets his computer run it through the database he has before turning to face the rest of the guys. 

“Good question.” Arthur pipes up. “Who is your girlfriend? I think that might have escaped the conversation earlier." 

Clark glances at Bruce before answering. "Y/N.”

Bruce frowns. “That’s my - No.” He shakes his head when epiphany strikes. “Of all the women, Clark?” His voice is very controlled now but everyone can hear the anger bubbling beneath it. Though they are somewhat confused as to what the connection is.

Oliver had been the first one to get the reference before he began guffawing. “Man, this is priceless.” He pretends to wipe a tear away, still laughing at the absurdity of the entire situation.

Barry pulls his feet away from the coffee table and sits up straight. “Is Y/N related to Bruce?” He catches on before looking at Bruce’s stiff posture. Arthur seems content to keep his opinions to himself as he stares at his two friends having a stare-down.

“Y/N is a wonderful woman,” Clark starts but Bruce shakes his head. 

“I know that! She’s my sister!” He snaps, crossing his arms. “I don’t want you to date her.”

Clark furrows his eyebrows. “That isn’t up to you, Bruce.” He shakes his head. Just thinking about breaking up with you is already causing him a headache and chest pains. “Y/N and I are happy.”

Bruce narrows his eyes at Clark. 

“Man, I wish I had some popcorn for this.” Barry comments before snapping his fingers. He zooms away and returns with three bags of popcorns, of which he handed two to Oliver and Arthur. “This is better than any drama series they are showing on TV.” He fakes whispers. 

Bruce and Clark shoots him a (withering) glare before looking at each other again. 

“Y/N is the best thing that has ever happened to me, Bruce. She makes me happy and she understands my work - our job.” Clark tries once more. He knows how highly you think of your brother - the two of you had once talked through Skype about the amount of things your brother had sacrificed just to give you some semblance of a “normal” life, as normal as a Wayne can get, that is.

“No means no, Clark. It’s because the nature of our jobs that I don’t want her to be dating you, least of all people. Some villains are beatable but yours often come in the form of crazy aliens! I don’t need that stress added in to Y/N’s life unnecessarily!”

Arthur leans towards Barry to whisper something in his ears. Barry looks at him before nodding his head, disappearing in a flash. 

Clark takes a deep breath before exhaling slowly. He knows if he pushes this matter too hard, Bruce will most likely not give him the permission to date you. You had told him about Bruce’s protective streak on one of those conversations the two of you normally have before you go to sleep. The downside of having you living in Gotham, far from his Metropolis. 

Before Clark could even come up with anything else, Bruce shakes his head and just as he is about to turn away from the conversation, Barry zooms back in and this time, surprises everyone when he lets you down from his hold.

Clark is the first to react. He stands up and walks over to you. You are still trying to catch your bearings – Barry had not been lying when he said you would feel uneasy for a bit especially if it was your first time – when Clark wraps his arms around you, pulling you to him.

“Y/N, are you alright?” He uses one of his hands to draw your hair back so he can stare at your face. You blink a few times before nodding your head.

You smile when you finally realize where you are. Bruce had always declined your suggestions whenever you ask to see the Watch Tower. But now that you are here, you give the space a quick glance, it seemed more spacious and homey than you initially thought.

“I’m fine now.” You tell Clark as you wrap your own arms around him, burying your nose in his neck. The last time you saw Clark in person had been two weeks ago – when he dropped by the Manor as Superman – and even then, the time you had with him had been very little. The most you had done then was giving him a passionate smooch. “I miss you.” You mumble and kiss Clark’s neck when he tightens his hold on you. He presses a kiss atop your head.

“Wow, this is even better.” Oliver comments breaking whatever spell that had caught everyone else in silence. Bruce lets out a growl, causing you to look at your older brother.

“Barry did mention you were giving Clark trouble, Bruce.” You pull yourself out of Clark’s embrace. “Now what’s this I hear about you not letting Clark date me?” You ask as you step towards your brother. Bruce narrows his eyes at you and you shake your head before placing a hand on his shoulder. “Bruce, I am a big girl now – you don’t need to constantly protect me. I can take care of myself – both Alfred and you made sure of that.” You tell your brother. You understand why Bruce is giving Clark a hard time. “Clark makes me really happy too and I know I make him happy as well. He’s your friend, Bruce, can’t you just let us date? Clark has been wonderful…”

“I just can’t, Y/N.” Bruce shakes his head, aware of the eyes and ears that are looking and eavesdropping their conversations. “Can we have this conversation somewhere private, please?” He asks and you nod your head. He stands up from his chair and lead you away to one of the available rooms.

Clark crosses his arms, keeping his eyes on the door. He knows enough to never use his powers whenever the two of you are talking – he respects you too much even though his curiosity is burning him inside out.

“What are you going to do now?” Arthur finally speaks up. “It does not seem as if our friend, Bruce, is willing to let you date Y/N.” He frowns.

Clark shakes his head. “It just means I have to try harder and prove myself to Bruce.” A smile appears on his face. “Thank you for listening, everyone. I think I should probably head inside too.” Clark excuses himself and walks to the room the both of you were in.

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I'd love you forever if you could write something with associate Harvey meeting Mike? Or just a younger Harvey meeting younger Mike. Thank you!

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“Hey! Watch it!”


Harvey steps back abruptly, his arm flailing to catch his balance as the heel of his still new-ish Brooks Brothers wingtip hits the curb. Because he can’t catch a goddamn break today, the Thompson file flies out of his hand, scattering across the sidewalk, and Jessica is going to kill him.

“God dammit, kid,” Harvey seethes, brushing flecks of mud from his coat with moderate success. “This cost more than you make in a year!”

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NamjoonxReader; 6541 words; A little fluff, a little smut, a lot of ridiculousness.

Happy Birthday, Namjoon. This is my ode to you.


The curt call made you blink and almost drop the glass you were drying with a ratty towel. You stifled a yawn and looked around for the source of the unnecessarily loud order. It had come from a regular customer you had taken to call Red Fuzz, because of his bright red tuft and pretty pathetic facial hair.

“Coming up,” you mumbled and turned to take a clean beer glass from the shelf. Pils from the keg, the foam of which would get stuck in what Red Fuzz optimistically called a mustache. It was a Tuesday evening, and the quiet idle chatter had started to make you sleepy. The bar was always dark, and the wooden tiles on the walls swallowed most of the sounds, but on weekdays the low voices and timid giggles turned into a lullaby that seemed to draw you in, and draw out your shift.

“Thank you,” Red Fuzz said when you placed the beer in front of him, the unspoken sexist nickname implied in his disgustingly sweet smile. You forced the corners of your mouth up before disappearing behind the bar again. After having worked here for two years, you had seen a lot and learned even more, and one of those lessons had been that you felt safest with at least one foot of antique walnut between you and every guest.

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Male MC: Mystic Messenger Third Day Casual Route 707 Call + 15:30

Previous Hour | List | Mobile List |  Next Hour 


The day had went rather slowly and Zack was finding it harder and harder to focus on the lectures. His mind kept wandering back to Jumin’s ‘joke’. He drummed his fingers against the table and looked at his watch. At 15:00 he was going to meet his classmate and receive his copy of LOLOL. About three hours from now. He was shaking his legs and looking at the PowerPoint slide watching the professor drone on as he lazily pointed his laser pen at certain words. Suddenly his phone was buzzing. Zack looked down and widened his eyes. Seven was calling him. Others looked over distracted by the sound and quickly, muttering a barely audible ‘excuse me’, and ran out of the lecture hall.


“Hello! This is Seven Zero Seven! I see you’re not at home.”

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50 Shades of Snark: A Dresden Files Ficlet

(A/N: I. Hate. This. Fandom. Thanks to xserpx’s post, I couldn’t stop myself. Yes, this is a fic of Team Dresden riffing 50 Shades of Grey. And you have only yourselves to blame. Enjoy.)

“This is highly inappropriate,” Harry Dresden protested, for what his friends thought had to be the fourth or fifth time that evening.

“That’s the point, Mr. Goody Two-Shoes,” Thomas said, idly tossing a piece of popcorn at his brother. Harry caught it and popped it in his mouth, glaring sourly at him.

“My point still stands.”

“Oh, hush,” Molly chided, leaning in front of the DVD player. “It took a hell of a suppression spell to get all this tech to work in the presence of two wizards, so don’t get yourself worked up.”

She paused and glanced over her shoulder, waggling her eyebrows. “At least not in that way.”

Harry tossed his head back and groaned. “Molly, that is just…wrong. On so many levels.”

She giggled, clicking the enormous flat-screen television over to the right input. “You’re such an old fuddy-duddy sometimes, Harry. Relax. We’re all adults here.”

“Yeah, because watching borderline porno in front of your brother and girlfriend isn’t weird,” he grumbled, taking a sip of beer as Murphy passed it to him in an attempt to soothe him. She sat sideways across Molly’s couch with her legs draped over his lap and her head against the arm, her blue eyes amused as they caught sight of Harry’s already flushed cheeks.

“Relax,” Murphy said. “If the reviews are any indication, very little sex actually occurs in this movie.”

“Right?” Thomas snorted. “You’d think the fastest selling erotic novel of all time would have a movie adaptation with actual sex in it.”

“Hollywood,” Molly said, shaking her head and collapsing into the love seat across from the vampire. “Do they ever get anything right? Let’s just hope they never make a movie about Harry.”

“Or a T.V. show,” Harry added. “God-only-knows how that would end up.”

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fan letter and response

On Oct 27, 2015, at 7:49 PM, (name) wrote:

Dear Phil,

The other day, I did something that I’m normally used to doing: I pirated your album, The Glow pt. 2. I didn’t even think about it as I clicked the download button. I just heard from a lot of music sites and message boards that it was a great album, and I wanted to see what the fuss was about. Once the zip file loaded, I immediately gave it a listen. Once the title track came on, I was immediately interested. When the next song came along, I was invested. After listening to the album a couple of times, and giving it some time to digest, I fell in love with the album.

A couple of days later, I did something that I’m normally not used to doing: I bought your album. I didn’t even buy it from iTunes or Amazon; I bought it from your label. I rarely even buy albums, let alone physically. I only do it when I really like an album or if I’m interested in the artist or band who made it. Being a high schooler, I’m usually strapped for cash, so I usually get CD rips from online sources. (I recently got a job, so I think this habit will likely go away.) However, this album was so good, that I had to buy it.

I wrote this letter as a way of saying thanks for what you do. The Glow pt. 2 will very likely become one of my favorite albums in my collection. I haven’t listened to the Mount Eerie album yet aside from a couple of songs online (I heard it’s just as good, if not, better than The Glow), and I haven’t really delved into the Mount Eerie discography yet (I really want to listen to Wind’s Poem since I’ve been interested in black metal recently as well). However, once I earn more money, I will hopefully be able to get some more albums.

Anyways, keep up the good work. I hope to be purchasing from you more often.


On Oct 29, 2015, at 5:11 PM, Phil Elverum wrote:

Hi (name),
Thanks for writing, and thanks for liking my album.  I’m grateful you bought it, especially from me directly.  That’s certainly the best way.

I do have to say that the general message of your letter is a great example of the precarious future that artists and musicians find themselves in in 2015.  In the past a “fan letter” would naturally have come from a starting point of financial support.  Nowadays the norm is to say “I like your music so much I did a crazy radical thing: I supported you financially.”  I realize this makes sense to you given that you are in high school and have grown up in a world where everything is free on the internet and the necessity of paying for music is not a given.  It is probably easy to tell yourself a story about how artists don’t need the money that bad and pirating is no big deal, and in many cases this is certainly true.  I have done it too.  

But what is striking to me is the shift in what’s “normal”.  We are approaching a time when it is unusual and special to pay for music.  You are a good dude, writing a kind and earnest letter to me, and not trying to make any special point about the financial times we live in.  It seems that you are writing to say “thanks”, but there is also a tone of “you’re welcome” in there, as if you made a special exception for me by buying the record, which I guess is what you did.  
I am older and have a different conception of “normal”.  I take it for granted that a musician deserves to get paid for an album.  If a high schooler doesn’t have the money then the high schooler just temporarily has fewer albums to listen to.  I know I am from another time and technology has made my “normal” no longer true.  Still, the underlying ethical tradeoff seems basic and eternal to me.  I am weirded out by the fact that it is a special exception for someone to buy a record from me vs. quickly and easily pirating my whole discography.  (Questions of if people like it or not are beside the point here.) 

I have yet to adjust to the new state of things, and in fact I don’t know what adjusting would even look like.  How would it work?  I could not make the stuff I make if I had to sustain myself by also working at another job.  The music would disappear, and I think this is true for most artists.  This basic fact seems like a clear enough argument against pirating.  It’s personal.  It’s not about big businesses and “victimless crimes”, or about a teen with no money just needing it so bad that they are exempt from the ethics.  It’s a simple exchange of support and art.  

Of course, I am super appreciative you like my album and I’m sorry to go off on you.  It was just a thought provoking message.  I know you get it and you were clear about your intentions to buy more records from me in the future.  I just want to say “yes, good, thank you very much” and also, don’t treat this as a special scenario.  Pay your musicians.  Think about the whole system.  

thank you,
see you

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Prompt: my dog won’t stop barking at your cat in the waiting room at the vets au - Klaine please!


Blaine’s first “adult” purchase when he settled down in New York after college was his pet.

Of course, that’s what he thought when he came home, loaded with a thousand items and a small, fluffy kitten in his arms.

Now, he knows better.

Now, Blaine knows that Kathy is anything but a pet. His cat is a companion, a guardian, and the best non human friend he could hope for.

And as a best friend, Blaine takes his responsibilities very seriously, making sure that the Norwegian is happy and healthy.

Right now, he’s pretty sure that Kathy is not healthy.

She landed weirdly two days ago, and since then, she has been sort of limping around, not climbing the shelves he had installed for her in his apartment nor grooming herself for hours.

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The Family Woman-Part 3

Part 1-Part 2-Part 4-Part 5

Thank you to those who have been reading this and sending me such positive feedback!  I am surprised so many people are interested!  Thank you to the Anon who prompted me!  

Enjoy Part 3!

The Family Woman-Part 3

The next few weeks after Christmas were not exactly smooth for Holly and her ‘new’ family, but she adapted a lot better than she figured she would have.  She’d always wanted kids, but having them sprung on her like that was not really what she’d had in mind.  Thank God for Jane, Holly thought every time the five year old corrected her when she was about to make a blunder. 

Like in the morning.  It was Holly’s duty to get the kids up, make sure that Sophie left for high school in time, and to drive the two younger ones to elementary school.  On the first day back from Christmas holidays, she looked to Jane and said “what do I do now?”

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Giffing is super easy when you get hold of it. It takes some practice to get “quality” gifs but you’ll get there don’t worry!

I got a pretty old version of Photoshop (CS3 when the latest version is CS6 but since when is that a problem). It works the same way on all the versions of Photoshop so if you want to learn how to with this tutorial don’t freak out if your screen doesn’t look like mine at all. 

Tutorial under the read more 

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a later date ; ashton one shot

okay so hayley ( @fairymoth ) has been bugging me nonstop to write something about sitting next to ashton on a plane. so u ask i supply. here you go!!! its a little over 2k words long and i actually fucking love this so i hope you do too! also this has the potential to be a series, but only if you want me to continue it. just let me know, and feedback is much appreciated (: 

You had been waiting for this flight ever since you bought the plane tickets. Your mother finally allowed you to go to California on your own for the summer, on the terms that you stayed with your aunt and uncle while you were there. Despite agreeing, your mother and father were still worried sick – and fretting over everything.

Your mother had helped you pack, asking multiple times if you had everything you needed, even so much as going through your whole suitcase a couple times to make sure. But you assured her that you had everything, and that you were going to be okay and in the good hands of your aunt and uncle.

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Best Friends Brother Part 1 - Requested (Calum)

Requested by anon - can you do a best friend’s brother type imagine with Calum and Mali

“So you two are moving to London together?” my mum asks again.

“Yes” I laugh “They opened a new branch of the record store over there and the boss requested me to run it. They are paying moving costs and first months rent.”

“For Mali too?” she questions.

“Well, no. I asked if it was okay to bring a flatmate and he said he will still pay the rent and stuff until we get settled. She can move her stuff with mine but she had to pay for the flight” I informed her.


6 days later I am seated on a plane to London, next to my best friend, doing a cheers to new things to come.

“My brother already says he wants to come over since they are on their way to London too” she says after taking a sip. I coughed in surprise but hid it well with a ‘wrong pipe’ excuse. The problem is, I thought I would get rid go this stupid crush on her brother when he left. I was horribly wrong and my excuses get worse every time she catches me reading an article on them.

“When are you just going to admit it?” She asks giving me a sly smile.

“Admit what?” I reply, confused.

“You get this face whenever I mention my brother. I know you like him” she laughs.

“Mali, I don’t like-”

“So, not now then? I don’t care. I think it’s cute but you have to admit it eventually” she pushes.

“I just…it’s weird. He is your brother, you’re my best friend. There are rules about this kind of thing” I say.

“Is that an admission?” she asks.

“Yes, okay? For the love of God, yes. I like Calum okay?” I say flustered.

“Okay” she says. “I’m gonna go to sleep” she informs me, dropping the subject completely. I take my notebook and my laptop out of my bag since we have plenty of time on this flight. I might just take a look at the store layout again and figure out how to set it up. I work on that until I fall asleep and am woken by Mali the next morning for food.

“How much time do we have left?” I ask her.

“5 more hours” Mali answers.

“Wow. I can believe I slept a 9 hours” I laugh.

“Are you kidding? I slept for 12!” She replied. We chatted happily through breakfast and around mid morning we chose to both part and watch a movie. I chose the Lego movie and laughed quietly throughout the film. Mali and I chatted again through lunch and we landed in London just one hour later. I was absolutely buzzing with excitement when we loaded into the taxi and rode the rest of the way to our new home.

“Is our stuff going to be there when we get there?” she asks me.

“No, it will be there tomorrow. Our furniture should be delivered tonight though” I chirped.

When we settled in for the night, jet lag had us roaming our flat for little hidden surprises. Mali found a hidden closet inside her closet and I found that below the stairs is big enough to stand in. I hear a knock on the door.

“I’ll get it” I shout from my spot under the stairs. I open the door and see 4 familiar faces looking back at me.

“Oh thank God, it’s the right flat” Calum laughed. I stand completely still and Ashton coughs.

“Can we come in Y/N?” he smiles awkwardly.

“OH!” I say when I am pulled out of my trance. “Yeah, sorry” I stand to the side. The boys file in and up the stairs.

“CALUM!” I hear Mali shout.

“Hey sis. Probably shouldn’t shout though, it is half one in the morning” Calum giggles. I walk through the doorway upstairs and Michael looks at me funny with his eyes squinted.

“Why are you so suddenly shy?” he asks. Calum turns around now too.

“I’m - I’m not shy” I stuttered. Michael raised his eyebrow at me. Mali laughed and put her hand on Calum’s forearm.

“Let me show you the apartment Cal” she pulled him towards her room.

“Are you going to tell us why you are being so shy now?” Michael asked again.

“I told you that I’m not being shy” I repeated. 

“Seeing as you are acting more like yourself now that Cal and Mali left, it is definitely because of one of them” I just sated looking at him.

“Y/N” Mali poked he head around the door frame.

“Yeah?” I replied.

“It’s not her” Luke jumped in. Mali gives him a confused look.

“What do you need, Mali?” I asked trying to cut out Luke.

“Will you take one of he boys with you and get some food from that 24 hour shop down the street?” she asked.

“Yeah, I’ll take Ash” I answered before anyone could volunteer. We walk down the street together.

“If you think taking me was gonna help, you’re wrong” he tells me.

“Why?” I groan.

“Calum has been flirting with you and trying to get with you for so long” he stops walking so I copy him. “He even asked you to go on a date with him over text last month” he stated matter of factly.

“How do you know about that?” I asked.

“He doesn’t lock his phone” he answered. “If you like him, why did you say no?” He inquired.

“He is my best friend’s brother. Like I told Mali, there are rules against this kind of thing” before Ashton could reply, I received a text.

From: Cal Hood

So you like Ashton, that’s why you keep turning me down

To: Cal Hood

That’s not true

From: Cal Hood

Why did you choose him so fast?

To: Cal Hood

Because I thought he would have left the subject alone

“Who you talking to?” Ashton brought me out of my daze.

“Calum” I answered looking down and biting my lip.

“She is okay with it you know” he tells me.

“What?” I ask.

“Mali is okay with you and Calum being together if something happened” he answers. We get to the store and shop in silence except for asking about food products. When we get back to the house I head to the kitchen and start to make myself some cereal.

“You never explained what subject” Calum said from behind me startling me slightly. I put the bowl down and turn around.

“Is this the part where I explain everything and we fall madly in love and everyone is okay” I say.

“I was hoping so” he answered.

“You’re Mali’s brother” I try.

She walks past the door “I’m rooting for it” she says, but keeps walking.

“What’s the real reason” he asks.

“I don’t want to be added to the list” I answer quietly, looking at the floor and sighing.

“What list?” Calum asks.

“You’re a rockstar, I don’t want to be a girl on your list” I mumble and avoid looking at him.

“Do you really think that lowly of me?” He sounds sad when he replies. My head flies up.

“No, please. It’s not that. It’s just - Well you literally have girls at your feet and -”

“And they are not you” he finishes.

“Please Y/N. What is the way I can make you see that I will not stop until you say yes?” he asks. I don’t reply. He huffed and walked into the living room. I stayed planted where I was until my phone started to buzz non stop.

Tweets and replies following a tweet that Calum posted flooding my phone.

@Calum5SOS: Y/N said no because she thinks I have a list because I’m a ‘rockstar’ :(

I walk out to the living room.

“For the record Calum, that wasn’t the way” I say a little more rudely then I intended. I continue walking to my room and shut my phone off when I get there. I lock the door and lay down face first on my bed.

So far, this London experience sucks.


Part 2