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Checking out for the night once again, but I need you all to tell me about how amazing C2E2 was, okay? I expect my dash to be full of Fitzsimmons C2E2 spam when I wake up! I hope you all have the most fabulous time! (And in case you can’t tell, I am so deeply jealous you have no idea like imagine living somewhere where meeting Elizabeth and Iain could be a real life thing urgh you are all truly living your best lives right now haha)


Happy Birthday Aina— Daniel Radcliffe, Dane DeHaan and director John Krokidas at the Sundance Film Festival, 2013.

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Imagine Yachi having a crush on Akiteru and asking the first years to have a study session at Tsukishima's - making it as an excuse just to see Kei's Bro.

Imagine her having met Akiteru one time when Tsukishima forgot something at the gym, when she brought it to his house on her way home and Akiteru opened the door.

Imagine Akiteru, being the doting big brother he is, asking her how Kei is doing in the club and her giving him a full report, because she just really wants to keep talking to this guy.

Imagine Yachi finding excuses to come to the Tsukishimas’ house and the scenario repeating itself often enough that eventually, they exchange email addresses so they can talk that way.

Imagine Yachi secretly sending Akiteru their game dates and Akiteru joining her in the stands, cheering for his little brother and very subtly putting his hands on the railing, around Yachi, but still with quite a distance between their bodies, because oh man I want to be closer but she’s sixteen and I shouldn’t.

Imagine Akiteru constantly wondering if Yachi is in love with Kei, since she’s always coming over, always helping Akiteru keep an eye on Kei, always talking about Kei to him.

When Yachi is in her third year, Akiteru is 23, done with uni and working while he lives at his parents’ place to save up for his own apartment. Yachi is thinking of just giving up on this stupid high school crush - nothing is going to happen anyway, right? - but after a party with some old college friends - and slightly inebriated - Akiteru mails her to ask her if she’s still got a thing for Kei, at the same time accidentally letting her know that he really really hopes she doesn’t.


((MERRY FLOWERS MY LOVELIES! It’s Christmas in London right now so have a wonderful day whether you’re spending it with friends, families or even just with yourself. And even if you don’t celebrate Christmas, then I hope you just have a wonderful ordinary day anyway : D Zyra mun out for the night~))


Happy birthday our dearest awkward clumsy bean Lee Hongbin. I feel so proud of you for everything that you’ve achieved in this year. It’s been a great year for you and I hope you can achieve more in the future. Fighting~ We love you~ HappyKongDay~

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Prompt (No curse, AU): Shy!Emma tries to talk (ask out, casually converse, doesn't matter) to Regina outside Granny's one morning, but messes it up all adorably, and Regina thinks she's the cutest thing ever.

Thanks for the prompt :) 

Emma wrings her hands together as she waits at a table outside of Granny’s. She wants to catch Regina before she goes inside. She knows that if they go inside to talk she’ll mess this up and god she’s already terrified of screwing this up let alone in front of a crowd of people. 

She hates talking to people. Well she doesn’t hate it. She’s just never been very good at it and she normally winds up feeling self-conscious and awkward to the point where she just stays quiet. 

Then she met Regina. It started with accidentally bumping into her one morning. Then their paths crossed again and again to the point where they now walk into the Diner together and share coffee before heading off to their days. 

Which was fine, until Emma realised she wanted a lot more. She just needs to get the words right. 

Finally, she spots Regina walking up the path, clearly looking for her. Her heart skips a beat and she knows this is it, her chance. “Hi,” Emma says getting up, her hands shaking as she passes Regina her usual. 

Regina takes it with an adorably confused expression that makes Emma’s heart thump louder. She swallows nervously as Regina smiles and replies, “Thank you…are we going in?” 

Emma shakes her head, “I was hoping we could talk.” 


“I…we….um…no….okay….we have a good time, right? You like getting coffee with me?” 

Regina nods, “Yes.” It’s her favourite time of the day, away from the stress of her job. Coffee with her best friend, maybe more, is what brings her happiness right now. 

Emma smiles sighing as she starts getting tongue-tied. “I like it too…I was hoping…maybe, if you want, you don’t have to say yes, you can just run away or something, urgh…I’m screwing this up and now you probably think I’m an idiot and we’ll never have coffee again let alone dinner.” 

Regina simply smiles at the adorably flustered blonde. She knows how shy Emma is and understands how hard this is for her to do. It takes a lot of courage and she admires Emma’s bravery. Regina’s smile brightens as she steps closer to Emma, placing her coffee on the table so she can take Emma’s hand, before replying, “Emma, you’re not screwing this up and you’re not an idiot.” 

“I’m not?” 

“No,” Regina promises, “And I’d love to have dinner with you.” 

“And if I can’t find the words?” Emma asks. 

Regina smiles, “I’ll know what you mean.”


I am so proud of Robert right now!! He’s gone from denying his sexuality completely thus denying his true feelings for Aaron pushing him away as soon as he felt trapped with the horrid ‘you mean nothing to me’ line, he so fought so hard to get chrissie back just to feel 'normal’ and when she rejected him he was left with all these feelings for a man, for Aaron and he’s spent so long coming to terms with it and now he’s not only said those three words to Aaron again and implied it more than once since then, he’s actually used the word boyfriend!! Talk about character development!! I love this Robert and the way he seethed at that man (urgh) protecting Aaron allowing himself for the first time to feel the rage of what he did to Aaron overwhelm him. I’ve missed the trashmouth! Just one thing left!! The wedding ring!! I know there is a long way to go before we see them together again but we are moving in the right direction. I have so much hope for robrons future!! 💞