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Imagine: Jughead serenading you with his air guitar

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Riverdale was never boring after Jason Blossom’s death. You helped with the Blue and Gold investigation of the murder. You also, hopelessly fell in love with a certain angsty, beanie clad teen. 

The air in Riverdale had gotten clouded with toxic relationships with parents and tension. Times were a bit tough, but luckily it was the weekend. The “toxins” in your life were away on business so this was the perfect weekend to turn up the music and ignore the world and thats where our story starts.

You were currently listening to “Rock the Casbah” by the Clash and dancing on your bed.. well it was more like bouncing to the rhythm. Suddenly you hear a rock hit your window, then another and another. You open your window to see Jughead, who did stop throwing in time. You barely dodged that last rock.

“Hey,” Jughead smiled sheepishly.

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idk why i’m doing this except im bored and haven’t done smth like this for a while so i’m going to do aesthetic blog rates or asoiaf or hp ones!! i spent a fair bit of time making these as unique as possible. hope you guys enjoy! <3


  1. follow this wanna-be-mermaid
  2. reblog pls&ty (likes only for bookmarks)
  3. tell me your fav fandom and why + format 1 or 2 or 3

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Finished! ;w; Gosh, I actually finished it on time. I know I may have messed up a few things here and there but I hope you like it! ;w;

Rey, ever since I came across your blog, you’ve been such an inspiration to me and I wouldn’t be surprised if other people agreed with me on that . Each time I see a post of yours, I get so happy. From a simple reblog to seeing your both fanart or original artwork, I enjoy seeing them ^-^ (I know I’ve said it multiple times before but still, sorry about the spam -w-;;)

I know I may seem like any other person that follows your blog but I just wanna say it has been nice seeing you on here! Happy tumblr anniversary ;)

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Sorry to bother you but as other people have also asked stuff like this, I hope you can help me. I´m desperately looking for a fic. It´s about Sherlock being severely sleep deprived after his dad dies and only john is able to soothe him to sleep. Funnily enough this fic has always helped me to sleep too, but some days ago I accidentally deleted my fanfic folder (pls don´t ask how I did that :D) and I really miss it... Lot´s of love, your blog is great!!


Is it this one?

The Tip Over Into The Inevitable by ivyblossom (T, 6,894 w. || Grief, Cuddles, Insomnia, Hurt/Comfort) - When his father dies, Sherlock avoids sleeping. Then discovers he can’t sleep at all. John finds a way to help.

Camren denied... again!

1. Lauren denied/killed Camren a lot of times. So, what is new?

2. Not even Camila’s 5H exit could stop us from shipping Camren. So, why give up now?

Lauren might have felt to address this since a lot of ya’ll became so overly intrusive. If y'all could layoff a bit, maybe she’d be more open about all these.

I don’t really feel good being described by Lauren as “invasive, scary, delusional and disrespectful" because not all of us are like that. But the whole fandom is stereotyped as that and it’s something we shouldn’t be proud of. Shipping is fine but stay respectful coz they aren’t fictional characters. They are real people.

I know a lot of us are losing hope and I’m sure that’s what the management would love to happen. So what I’d like to say is that if you still believe in what you saw in Camren, then don’t ever stop. But what’s more important here is for us to be considerate and mature. Yes, we are delusional at times but do we really have to rub/insist what we believe in the girls’ faces?

You’re my favorite song

Prompt: This by Ed Sheeran? Or lucky by Jason Mraz? For the song imagines?

A/N: I love those songs, and I couldn’t decide for one, so I made a mashup, sort of. Send requests, I hope you like this one. Sorry for the crappy title. 

Warnings: fluff.


I’m not a funny girl, I just say stuff. On the other hand, I’m quite clumsy and very spontaneous. Those abilities were part of the decision of giving me a radio show. I had worked hard for it, I loved the idea of being part of the laughs in the middle of the rush hour. I liked make people happy.

“Hey, babe, how’s it going?” Chris asked. I smiled. This man made my clumsiness and fan girl goes from zero to one thousand. He was just getting home after a long, long press tour. Well, it was two weeks that felt like forever.

“I’m still at work. Missing you. And also about to go crazy because today’s guest decided to cancel” I sighed. I heard his amusing laugh.

“Hey, it’s not funny! I have thirty minutes or less to get someone in the show. I should actually hang up. I’ll see you in a bit, because I’m going to lose my job, yay! Love you”

“You’re crazy, woman. I love you too”. After that, I started to scroll on my contacts list. Shit. I was so screwed.

“Y/n? We have someone, he’s going to be here soon” my producer told, I sighed.

“That’s good! Who am I going to introduce?” he smiled.

“Chris Evans”


“You set me up!” I told him when I saw him walking on the studio. He didn’t pay attention to my complaining. He grabbed me and kissed me. it was one of those kissed. Where your jead goes backward, his hands around my waist. He smiled against my lips. Yep. It was one of those kiss that takes you back to life.

“I missed you so much, I wanted to see you as soon as possible. Can you blame a man that it’s so in love?” I smiled and put my arms around his neck. I was so hypnotized by him.

“Of course not” he leaned and almost touch my lips.

“On air in one minute” I heard someone. He kissed my forehead and grabbed my hand. This was going to be interesting.


“And that was the amazing Adele, I’m such a fan. But you already knew that since I play in every block. Also, there’s someone that knows that, our today’s guest, the one and only, just like Adele’s song, Chris Evans. Welcome, captain” I said. He laughed.

“Thank you for having me and I do. I know that. God” he sighed “I know that” he repeated and we both laughed.

“Hello, everyone, this is y/n in the company of Chris Evans who turns out to have another blockbuster” I added and the phones started to ring like crazy.

“It’s not a big deal. But it’s a great movie. You should go to watch it”

“Oh, I’d love to, but my boyfriend’s never here, can you believe that? I can’t go to the movies without him”

“Bastard!” he replied.

“Alright, Chris, let’s take a call. Hello, this is y/n and Chris Evans”

“Oh my God, you’re like the cutest couple ever, you’re relationship goals forever” a girl said almost too fast. Was she even breathing?

“Well, have you seen her? She’s got the cutest on her own, I just smile” Chris spoke. I felt an “aww” running through my body.

“I agree. What’s your name, doll?”


“Hello, Sara” we both said.

“Oh, my God. I can’t believe this” she started again and Chris laughed.

“To make it more believable, ask anything you’d like to know” I added. I admired Chris, even when he was sitting a bit away from me, he was in the right spot to be looked at. He was wearing his Boston cap, old jeans and grown beard.

“How did you realize you were in love with her, Chris?” I wide-opened my eyes.

“Yeah, Chris? How did you?” I cheered and put my elbow in the table and used my hand as support for my face.

“That’s easy. She was making pancakes. I remember that day. I got straight to her home after a while of being away. We never missed communication. We always talked on the phone and in one conversation, I told her that I wanted to bad pancakes. So, when I got to her place. She’d invited me for dinner. And that was our dinner. I loved how she was dancing while cooking. I felt like I could watch that forever, you know? And knowing that she’d take care of me through the smallest details was just wonderful” I was looking at him while I held my breath. I remembered that moment. We were friends back then. He was just getting started with the whole Captain America phenomenon.

“Oh, my God! That’s like the sweetest story ever, guys, congratulations”

“Thank you!” we spoke at the same time.

“Alright, I bet you still have a lot of questions, but let’s move to the music. Here’s Ed Sheeran with his newest hit, we’ll be back, don’t move!” the on air sign turned off. I sighed. I stood up just to kiss Chris. I heard a bunch of awwws and I smiled against his lips.

“I didn’t know”

“That’s how I remember you when I’m away”

“That happened when we were best friends” I added. He smiled.

“I know, it’s funny, huh? I guess I realized how happy and lucky I was to have you in my life even when I was overseas, but I confirmed it that very moment” I kissed him and got back to my place when I saw the signs of my producer.

“And we’re back as I promised. Here’s Chris Evans as my secretary, so make your calls, let’s see who’s on the line, hello?” I spoke fast.

“Hello, this is Anna”

“Hey, Anna? How are you?” Chris asked.

“Great, I can’t believe I’m talking to you!”

“Well, you are!” he laughed and settled on his chair. His hand ran through his beard. He was playing with a bottle of water.

“But, the question is for y/n” I threw my hands in the air.

“Ha! In your face, Evans. Shoot, Anna” I laughed while I looked at Chris.

“What is like being in love with Chris Evans?” I thought my answer.

“Well, it’s very easy. Before getting into this relationship, we had a friendship, so we already knew all the crap that makes relationships fall apart. And he is different from most men I know. I realized that this is what actually feels like falling in love. He has shown me when someone cares, that love it’s not only about making sacrifices. It’s taking risks together, growing together, and being silly together. He’s easy to love. And come on! Have you seen him?” I laughed.

“Anna?” he questioned. “I’m going to kiss my girlfriend, because I love how corny she is and how red her cheeks are turning” now, he stood up and kissed.

“You’re so sweet!” she screamed.

“Thank you, hope you call soon, honey!” I added. God. This was so crazy. But I knew something for sure. He was my mate. My better half.

“What?” he asked.

“Nothing, I just love you” I said “and I just said that on air. Let’s go to commercials, we’ll be back with the newest, coolest, Adelest hits.”

“I love you too!” Chris screamed before we were off air.

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Can I ask what KiC stands for, like the meaning? I saw it on the CAH deck, I think it's a fanfic? I'm one of those people in your livestream earlier ;) and I just wanted to say that the livestream was awesome!

HEYYY I’m so glad that you enjoyed the livestream!!! Hope to see you there next week too!! ^.^ <3 Here is my patented KiC explanation:


Kings in Couture, also known as the best Yuri!!! on Ice fanfiction ever written (fact), is a WIP Devil Wears Prada AU written by Tumblr user @forovnix and ao3 user slightlied. Here is the summary for Kings in Couture:

“Okay, okay. Ready.” Yuuri starts scribbling as the voice on the other end, someone from the Style and Trends department, relays instructions. “Sorry, can you please spell ‘Gabbana’?”

The person on the line promptly hangs up on him.

Awkwardly, he sets the phone back on the receiver. “Guess not.”

(source: Kings in Couture)

If you haven’t read Kings in Couture and cried over Kings in Couture, I ask you: what are you doing with your life? What are you doing right now? I guarantee that whatever you’re doing right now is not as good, productive, or worth it as reading Kings in Couture by Tumblr user @forovnix and ao3 user slightlied. This writer also has a fan-blog called @forovnix-daily.

Features of this fic, Kings in Couture, include: The Jeans™, plot twists, good writing, lots of fashion references (some of which I understand and some of which are over my head because the author is e x p e r i e n c e d), The Jeans™, and, of course, The Jeans™. All of these features are, in fact, found, in Kings in Couture by @forovnix or slightlied.

(references: Kings in Couture, slightlied, @forovnix, @forovnix-daily)

The One Next Door: Part 6

A/N: I FINALLY UPDATED THIS ONE!!! I can’t believe it tbh but it was really fun! Yeah this one shall continue!!! :D Hope you guys like it!

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Part 1  Part 2  Part 3  Part 4  Part 5

As you stared at her, she marched over to you, having to pull her purse back onto her shoulder as she walked. Stepping back a bit, you grew worried being alone outside with her. There were still people walking by but no one was going to notice anything.

“You!” she exclaimed, obviously angry with you. “I need you to tell me the truth here,” she sniffled. Her eyes were red and puffy and you already knew why.

“What? I barely know you,” you mumbled, feeling intimidated by her.

“Just let me talk,” she sighed. “I’ve seen you around the apartment. Have you been sleeping around with Yoongi?” she asked you as if she wanted you to say yes and admit things that weren’t true.

“No! I’m your neighbor,” you scoffed, taken aback by her question.

“Don’t lie! There’s no way I’m the guilty one here,” she let out a sob as her eyes welled up with tears.

“What? What happened to you two?” you asked with actual concern behind your voice.

“Like you don’t know,” she rolled her eyes. “He speaks to you more than he ever spoke to me,” she sniffled.

“We spoke but we aren’t that close,” you tried to explain yourself. “I promise you that nothing happened. There shouldn’t be a problem,” you insisted.

“Well, there is. The fact that he seems so innocent is the problem,” she spoke more to herself then to you. Letting a frustrated groan out, she ran her fingers through her hair. Grabbing at her left hand, she snatched your wrist, putting something small in your hand. “Give this to him. I’m not giving up on him but he wanted it.”

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Ok I have a question what is up with calling guys Daddy ? I'm not judging I just really don't understand.

I saw this ask awhile ago, started thinking about it and I still have no idea how to answer, lmao. I will try my best though…

I love the whole Daddy!Kink thing. I love the idea of an older man having authority over me, telling me what to do and disciplining me when I misbehave. I have no idea why, but I sure as sugar like it.

I don’t know if calling guys daddy and actual ‘Daddy!kink’ are the same thing… but I’m guessing for some people it is. 

The way I see it, every has a thing I guess lol. 

I hope this helped a bit? I honestly have no idea how to answer this, but if someone else wants to chime in, I’d love to hear other opinions too!

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How do you get started in writing stories? I want to do it so bad but I am embarrassed to begin!!! Your stories are always so magical, help!

Hey! So, if you haven’t already, you should check out this masterpost I wrote a little while back, it might help with inspiration, writing tips, character development etc! 

Now, don’t be embarrassed! Everyone has to start somewhere! My original Finding Marley posts look nothing like my most recent ones! I only started writing Finding Marley 2/3 months ago, and it was my first ever sim story, so I’m no expert! But all I can really say is once you have an idea, you’ve just got to roll with it! Don’t worry too much about what other people will think, just write it because you enjoy it! When I first started posting my story posts would only get 15-20 notes, but I didn’t care, because I was enjoying myself!

I really hope the masterpost gives you a little inspiration! If you want to talk about it some more, send me a message! 💕

Following the attack in London it really hit me seeing this pic of the American tourist Kurt Cochran that died, his wife is still in hospital. I have met some really nice people visiting our shores from the States and this pic reminded me of a lovely couple I met last year, one of whom is on Tumblr. I hope it does not stop people coming to Scotland, or the UK as a whole, these attacks can happen anywhere and at any time, we can’t live our lives in fear. 

Well that’s my tuppence worth, it’s not a lot but I don’t like to dwell on things. RIP  all that lost their lives and I wish those in hospital a speedy recovery. 

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omfg i agree with the tumblr sunny fandom getting a lot less chill but i have to ask..was that in reference to the anti deedennis shippers dkflshdsal

No, it’a not about that. I think it’s perfectly legit for people to be anti deedennis and to post that it makes them uncomfortable and they wouldn’t like it on their dash, block people, blacklist etc.  like tumblr is about having fun and not feeling uncomfortable, at least I hope? People should , mostly, be having a nice time on here.

 It’s more about people on here posting their head canons but acting as though they are fact. Your head canon can be whatever you like but that doesn’t mean I have agree with it or that it’s actual fact. I actually put that in the tags on my post? It’s just annoyed me more lately because there has been a fair amount of it. Particularly with macdennis, this is probably an unpopular, but I never thought macdennis would properly happen and I was fine with that. I’m not a hardcore shipper, but I’m not against it either, I saw a bunch of  “ it will happen for real in the finale and if it doesnt FUCK rcg” and it was like Dennis doesn’t hate Mac but I don’t believe he’s going to marry him and adopt a cat either? Fandom goggles make things more intense then they are at times. But it kinda feels like this fandom may be heading towards “If you disagree with me you’re WRONG and fuck you!!” which is tiring and annoying. I know because I was in the supernatural fandom back in the day, and countless others that went that way. It can get really frustrating, like me not being down with macdennis the same way you are, doesn’t mean I hate macdennis or would be angry it it were to happen, it just means i see things differently?

 It’s also off putting when fans start being weird and over the top with the actors. Like replying to Kaitlin when she tweets something serious with “shut up bird!” is embarrassing and quite rude. Same with people calling Mary Elizabeth “The waitress” or hassling her on twitter with questions about charlie… like shes an actress and her own person? It just rubs me the wrong way. 

This marks the end of the first sketch book. I can now but this away and start a new one. 

People i would like to thank for being so supportive (plus honorable mentions because i was stupid and didn’t draw this on landscape:

@riley-p-doodles  || @jamjamhams   || @floffle  || @hamilta1es  || @rucheka  || @happy-fazzbear-ponies2   || @detectivecomicslover

Thank you for letting me talk to you and thank you for being so f-ing supportive, I love you and i hope to continue talking to you. (lol so dramatic for like, nothing XD) 

Also, Hallo new followers, don’t think I forgot about you! 

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I hope y'all know that Charlie Hides did blackface, and when asked about it Nina Bo Nina Brown didn’t see a problem with it and also said something like if you think the (racist) comment “black people look like monkeys” is offensive you have internalized racism after she showed up to the premier dressed and made up to look a primate, and Farrah Moan posted some all lives matter comments

feel free to add some other similar receipts to this post I’ll probably update with links once I’m off mobile

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Can u rec some of ur fave blogs? I need more people to follow! 💎

ahh hi!! i wasn’t sure if you meant fandom or aes, so this is like a mix i guess ?? i’m so sorry if i left anyone out or anything, but literally anyone who i reblog from is great and you should check them all out !! :)

first of all,, the loml @myownlouis 💖💖💖

some more great blogs/friends - @preciousbabyharry , @vanslouie , @warmfringe , @fireproofharrie , @happiers , @thiccmom , @rosanoff , @browneyedgirl , @calmfairy , @turnitaround , @starrylou , @buerella , @baa-ocean , @louisweedsocks , @moonstrucklesbian , @buscrimes , @spellingoutmyexistence , @sapphic2017 , @htmlcactus , @roseylouie , @beyrihka , @daisyau , @prettyhrry , @cmonbemybaby !!

i reblog and like posts from all of these people pretty often, and i genuinely think they have great blogs and you should definitely give their blogs a look and maybe follow !! 💓💓💓

“Top That! I Dare Ya”

First challenge. Woohoo. We have been discussing it for a while and we thought it would be fun to start challenges. Also, we hope that it could encourage some people to start writing and give them confidence to start posting their work. You don’t have to be a Juice lover either. We will be coming up with more soon.

Earlier, @juiceboxxortiz and I challenged @codenamekaraortiz to write a one shot based off of this gif:

Originally posted by lolsthecat

Link : “Like I Don’t” 

We thought it we would challenge the rest of SAMPERV and fic writers to top it. We are looking for Angry!Juice x Reader//OFC//OC smut. Any scenario, any gender. Don’t be shy. You can anonymously submit them to me too if you wish. 
Just make sure you tag myself, @juiceboxxortiz and @codenamekaraortiz .. Deadline will be 12pm (AU) on 31st March. I hope you guys join in. 

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This is going to sound sad, but I wish it was 2012 again Aleksandra and Hillary was loved worldwide. I live in America and in 2012 she was still loved before the republicans hit her with Bengazi trials and email scandals and then she ran against Trump and Bernie. I miss going on YouTube, facebook, tumblr, etc. and people still talked about her warmly on there and not like a criminal. I just wish it was 2012 again. That's all I have to say. I hope it gets better.

oh yes #tb