and i hope i'll do a second part of this soon ;)

ii. Hey Angel

   Based on this request:

       Can u do one where the readers best guy friend calls her a pet name and she doesn’t do anything and harry gets mad because she’s said that harry isn’t allowed to call her that before? Please and thank you 😊          

Hope you like it, darling! And to everyone: requests are open and you can send whatever you want, I’ll get to it as soon as I can!

Another thing: i’ll write a second part of this. I’m thinking of a make up sex kind of blurb but i didn’t wanted to make you wait a lot for your request so i figured it was best if i made the story in two parts. I’ll try to post it before NYE! Hope you enjoy this!

You were ‘darling’ on the day to day. ‘Honey’, when he lost something or he was already late to work but he couldn’t find the energy to go. ‘Petal’, when you were cooking, when you were dancing with no music on, when nobody was watching, when nobody was listening but the two of you. ‘Love’, when he was between your legs, kissing your tights and making you feel the small hairs on his chin leaving marks on your sensitive skin; ‘love’ when he first got a taste of your core, lapping the juices with his tongue, letting the sweetness blind his senses; ‘love’, when he was pounding into you, grabbing your hips with a strong grip, too lost in his lust and his love for you to stop, but you didn’t wanted to, you wanted him to leave bruises on you—serving as a reminder that you were his; ‘love’, whispered to your ear between heavenly moans and groans that announced he was close, oh so close, and you were hugging him just right, making you fist the sheets, mark his back with your nails, scream and lose yourself to a feeling that was bigger than the two of you, bigger than the world.

But never angel. Ever. No chance.


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