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The Bridge, part 2

He that cannot forgive others breaks the bridge over which he must pass himself; for every man has need to be forgiven. 

- Thomas Fuller

Part 2! Featuring a cameo by none other than @boreoboros‘ Zeke! Used with permission, no hyena nurses were harmed during the production of this comic.

I must apologize for abusing the white outlines in this comic. I thought it looked neat when I used it in eye/tooth but here I just went bananas and used it waaaay too much. I still think it looks good when used more judiciously, a lesson for next time I guess.

There’s more coming, but I’ll be out of town this week so I can’t promise there’ll be an update this weekend. Though I hope I’ll manage to squeeze one out. 

Remember that if you have problems reading the teensy text, you can view the images in full size by (for example) right clicking > open image in new tab. 

The Rebel and the Rose. Part 2, Chapter 5.

I was convinced this week by @outlanderedandoverhere to post this as one, as opposed to two weeks worth. For her and @anaspiringfuriosa‘s sanity. So, ladies, I hope this meets your expectations.

Next week will be the start of Part Three.

Happy weekend!

Many thanks to @lenny9987 for being my amazing beta through this fic, she’s a true gem. 

…It is possible to do a lot in a small amount of time, if only one has a Murtagh. I believe. 

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Part One. 

Part Two: One, Two, Three, Four.

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The return to Derby had been harrowing, Murtagh had left Jamie on the outskirts of the city for his own safety, but by the time he was half way there he knew of Claire’s fate. It was all the small town could talk about. He only heard whispers and rumours, but he’d gathered the majority of it from that. She’d been arrested, taken to the prison and sentenced. 

He had little time to plan his next move. 

Bobbing and weaving his way out, he rushed to find Jamie without leaving himself short of time. He had to be quick.

Jamie had been adamant that he wanted to come, his panic was infectious and Murtagh had to remember to keep calm. Rushing would do them no favours, it would only cause them to trip up.

He’d had the great fortune of overhearing the local priests. They were discussing her arrival at church, mulling over what she might have to say to them. He made a plan then and there, and in more time than he would have liked he’d shaved, changed and acquired himself some false papers. He’d need to be convincing in order to gain such close access to her, but for Jamie he would do his level best, even if it risked him getting caught in the process. 

– – —- – –

The room at the back of the church was dark and wet, the drips of water from the rain slid down the beams and wormed their way into the fabric of the few seats left there. Murtagh pulled the monks hood up further, he didn’t want Claire to ken it was him for as long as possible.

As the two redcoat soldiers brought her in he had to stop himself from springing her right away. She was hunched, her shoulders drawn together. Not only that, she was so thin. Gaunt almost. Her hands were tightly bolted together with the thick manacles that adorned her wrists. He swore softly in Gaelic as they pushed her into the chair in front of him.

“Call us when you’re done, father.” They spoke without looking at him, he nodded in return. He’d practised his English accent, but he’d rather not use it unless he had to.  

“Claire…” He reached out, his Scottish lilt startling her and she sat upright and looked him dead in the eyes. Her mouth fell open as she looked on in awe.

“Claire, I’m going to get ye out of here. But ye have t’ listen carefully to me, aye?” She nodded, unable to speak. “Yer to be brought back here in a few days, just before yer execution. I’ve already requested ye be unshackled for that and they’ve agreed. We’ll only have a wee bit o’ time though, so ye need to be ready. Can ye do that?”

She gulped back the moisture that had gathered in her mouth, her hands ached to reach out to him but she sat still. She nodded. Frightened that anything she said would have him found out.

“Good lass, just hang in there, please. We’re going to get ye out!”

“Randall’s here!” She reached up to grip his hand, desperate to impart this one piece of information. If Murtagh was here, Jamie was surely close by.

“Did he do this to ye, Claire?” Their voices were so low now, wary of the guards on the other side of the door. She nodded and swallowed back her anguish.


“Just stay quiet, Claire. Dinna do anything to cause him to hurt ye anymore. Just hang on.” He stood then, placed one firm kiss on her forehead and did something he didn’t particularly wish to do. He summoned the guards. 

He watched, his wame clenched tight, as they dragged her away. Not much longer, he thought, he’d get her away.

The storm clouds hung low in the sky, daylight failed to penetrate the city and houses were alight with candles even into mid-morning. The weather mirrored Jamie’s mood. He’d slipped into the church to question Murtagh on his and Claire’s meeting and had left with the blood boiling in his veins.


That bastard had her in irons. His immediate reaction had been to find him and tear him limb from limb. He’d been so close to going through with it, but as he crossed the dark recesses of the city he’d realised one problem. If he challenged Randall now he could put Claire’s life at risk. 

He needed to wait.

He’d gone back to their camp, paced the length of the small clearing and come up with a plan. He’d steal a redcoats uniform, cover his hair and as soon as Claire had been escorted from the prison to the church he’d strike. He had a wee bit of time to gather together what he needed and find Randall’s quarters. He could do it.

The weather had worked in his favour. Very few people walked the streets in such fowl conditions, choosing to stay indoors instead. Jamie pulled the bonnet down further, hiding his eyes. He’d only managed to procure some white soldiers breeks, but it didn’t matter that he had only his brown woollen coat to wear on top. He still blended enough not to be flagged down.

The rain started to fall just as he approached the outer walls, he watched as the two dragoons took Claire from the door to an enclosed wagon for transportation. Her wrists were free now, as they’d promised they would be. His chest eased a little, at least Murtagh had some chance now. He’d seen the small bruises that littered along her neck and chin, his hands clenched tight. Not long and he’d have her in his arms once more, he thought.

In no time at all he was at the window he needed. It was a ground floor residence facing away from the guard houses. Jamie crossed himself, if he could get in and out quietly he was confident there would be little to no trouble.

He pried the pane open and slipped into the dark room, a large cupboard stood at one end with a small space between it and the wall. He gently closed the glass, making sure to leave no trace of himself and slowly slid alongside the wooden panel out of sight. All he could do was wait.

The first signs were the footsteps. Far off echoes that sounded a measured step. The noise communicated arrogance, the steady pace of a man who had no fear. Jamie held his breath. He had no real notion of what he would do next, only that Randall must suffer for what he’d done to Claire.

The steps became louder until they stopped in front of the door, the key turned in the lock and a flicker of light arched across the floor. Randall coughed once and slammed the door behind him, locking it as he went. Good. That meant little chance for escape once he had him where he wanted him.

The faint sounds of pouring liquid came from beside Jamie’s hiding place. He picked his moment carefully. If he was right Randall would have his back to him, giving him the perfect opportunity to have him at a disadvantage. He slid out from aside the cupboard and stood stock still. His eyes bore holes in the back Randall’s skull, if he’d been less honour bound he could end him now. It would be so easy. 

But no, he wouldn’t. 

It would be the easy way out for both of them.

Jamie pulled the small gun from his waistband and his sgian dubh from his sock, being left handed had its advantages, and stood ready. The sound of him cocking his gun made Randall straighten. Jamie watched him, his eyes hard, as he turned to face his intruder.

A cocky slight-smile was plastered over the dragoons face, his eyes narrowed but the twinkle of humour never left.

“You’ve come to avenge her then, Fraser. I’ll give her this, she’s certainly stronger than I ever gave her credit for. You are the perfect match. It’s a shame she’s to hang, isn’t it?”

Jamie took a step forward and aimed the pistol at Randall’s head, his teeth clenched.

“Dinna even think of her now.” The menace that laced his tone made Randall laugh, a deep dark sound that chilled Jamie to the core. “This is between ye and I. Ye shouldna ha’ laid a finger on her! But ye will pay for it.”

“What do you think you’re going to achieve, Fraser? You’ll come in here, make me suffer,” his tone was jovial, light almost, “and then you’ll both sail off into the sunset? I don’t think so. The only outcome for this sorry attempt is that the hangman will gain two criminals, instead of one.”

“She is no’ a criminal! Ye ken that well enough, and she willna hang. I’ll make sure of it. I dinna wish t’ hear anymore of yer jabbering.”

Without waiting for Randall’s response Jamie lurched forward the butt of his pistol met his skull with a resounding crack and he fell to Jamie’s feet like a sack of grain. He kicked him then, using as much force as he dared to inflict damage without killing the man. He wanted him to wake and feel the agony Jamie had felt watching Claire stumble into that cart.

By the time he’d finished sweat drenched his shirt, his cheeks were flushed and his breathing was laboured. He pulled the rope he’d carried with him from his belt, leant down and bound Randall’s wrists to the base of the table. He made certain to tie it tight, causing the fibres to dig deep into his skin.

He stood and looked over his unconscious form, his shoulders shaking. How badly he wanted to slit his throat, but he stepped back towards the window. He had to leave now, else he would lose all restraint and go too far.

His thoughts turned to Claire, he’d already been here too long. Murtagh should have her well away by now. It was only that image that made him leave Randall and slip across the silent city once more. He used the backstreets as he had done on his way in and met no resistance. The sight of the carriage Murtagh had procured was a welcome sight, and he quickened his step.

Before he had chance to open the door Murtagh grabbed him by the sleeve and pulled him towards the horses.

“Lad, she’s no’ in the best way, aye? I just needed to warn ye before ye go in there wi'out thought.” His eyes were heavy with grief, whatever had caused Murtagh this much pain must be bad. 

Jamie nodded.

“Thank ye, Murtagh. Truly. I could never have gotten her away from that awful place wi'out yer help.”

“Aye, ye would ha’ done, Jamie. Dinna fash now though, go to her. She’s been restless the whole way over here, ye ken that she needs ye. Go.” He pushed him towards the door before mounting and grasping the reins. Once he was sure Jamie was safely ensconced in the carriage he bid the driver to take them away.

Claire was huddled over in the corner, her form covered in a plaid Murtagh had obviously wrapped her in. The coach jostled and shook as it rumbled through the streets and she startled with every dip the wheels caught. His heart caught in his throat as he reached for her. His fingers ran softly over the tartan.

“Claire, yer away now. C-can I…?” Before he’d had chance to say any more she’d turned and curled up against him.

Her sobs started almost immediately and he wrapped his arms around her. Her fingers gripped tightly at his still damp shirt as he began to whisper sweet words to her in Gaelic. Soon enough she calmed and fell asleep locked to his side. 

He closed his eyes along with her, as he let the slight bounces of the carriage lull him into a light slumber.


Fin: Part Two.

Don’t Go

Dean didn’t know how it had gotten this bad. One moment they were discussing plans for the next weekend and the next Castiel was storming out of their house with tears soaking his cheeks. Of the seven years they had been married the fights they shared had been scattered but never serious enough to prompt one of them to grab their coat and flee. His mind wandered the words that still hung heavily in the air like stale cigarette smoke.

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A Craving for Control

A while ago ripperblackstaff prompted: Belle watches Rumple clean the shop and she finds it very very very erotic.
A very big shout out to melissabosquez for beta’ing this for me. It would be a complete mess without her!
I hope you guys enjoy it. :)

It was Wednesday. Nothing ever happened on Wednesdays. It was the middle of the week, everyone was worried about school, work, and begging for the weekend to come. Money was spent on food and necessities things that couldn’t wait until the weekend, not frivolous knick knacks or an antique lamp that hadn’t worked for 60+ years. Free time was spent running around with friends or enjoying the peace and quiet before the next disaster struck their small town, not spent cooped up in the library. Belle had realized quickly that Wednesdays would be dead days for her little library and had taken to closing early on those days.

That’s why she found herself across the street in her husband’s pawn shop one afternoon watching as he cleaned and dusted the various items littering the shelves and cabinets. She had offered to help him but at six months pregnant he hardly let her lift a finger at home let alone clean around his shop, so instead she sat behind the counter in a ridiculously overstuffed chair that Rumple had conjured for her and even then he constantly was looking back at her as if to make sure she was okay. Truly her pregnancy had been an easy one so far, besides the initial worry about raising a child in this crazy town everything had been normal.

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Worldwide Writers: You’re Sick

** A/N: This is the first in a series of many writings that will be published on my page over the next couple weeks! These writings will not be included on my masterlist or affiliated with my preferences, as they are not written by me! I hope you enjoy! xx **


You were struggling with the cold that had been present for the past couple of days. You were not only feeling bad because of that, it was also the weekend Niall would be home for the first time after, well, a very long time. Plus, you already knew he had plans in mind for this evening. The fair was in town and you already knew Niall had his mindset on what he’d eat first and the fact that your daughter, Whitney, was now old enough to take part in things, you knew he’d want to show her everything.
You were lying on the couch, curled up under your favorite blanket, as you heard the door swing open. You slowly got up and made your way to the entry-way, where Niall dropped his suitcases. He turned to you with a huge smile on his lips and his arms open wide for the long awaited hug.
As you felt his arms around you, you finally felt a sense of relief. Your legs felt wobbly and your head was burning up, but you didn’t want to let go. You’d been waiting for this moment for way too long. “Y/N! I missed you sooooooooooo much!”, he laughed and kissed your cheek.
“I missed you too.”, you smiled weakly and started to cough, the urge unstoppable.
“Oh love, what’s wrong?” You saw a worried look in Niall’s  eyes, before he placed a soft kiss on your forehead. “You’re boiling!” “Just a little cold…It’s not that bad.”, you tried to lie, but Niall saw right through it. “Right…now how about you take a hot shower and then head to bed, I’ll get you a cup of tea and some medicine.” “You don’t need to do that. I know you wanted to go to the fair with Whitney and…” “Where’s Whitney?”, he asked as if he just realized something was missing. “Greg picked her up an hour ago.” “Okay, you do what I just said and I’ll call Greg to ask if he minds keeping Whitney till tomorrow.” “But…” “I don’t want to hear a ‘but’…when you’re better, we can pick her up, but neither of us want Whitney getting sick, right?” “Right.”, you nodded. “Now let me take care of you, I don’t like to see my Princess being so weak and under the weather.”, he whispered softly as he quickly pecked your lips.


“Where are my three most favorite people in the world?!”, you heard Louis shout from the doorway, as it slammed shut moments later.
Your head was spinning and the cold, which you felt coming on for days, becoming harder to cope with.
“Hi…”, you said weakly, right before you let out another painful sneeze. And as if they felt it, your twin babies Drew and Leighton started crying again.
“Y/N!” Louis hugged you tightly and the next thing you knew, you had a few tears streaming down your face. “Hey…I missed you too, but you don’t have to cry because I’m back.” Louis joked and you had to smile through the tears. “What’s going on?” “Drew has been grumpy all day, he won’t stop crying for less than 10 minutes and Leighton has been so active today! I’ve got a massive headache and I have this on-going fever and…”, you rambled and started to cough. Louis’ embrace calmed your nerves.
“I’m so sorry for leaving you alone while you’re feeling like this. Do you have some medicine that I can bring to you?” “No, I didn’t have time to go to the drugstore” “I’ll go…you just need to take a hot bath until I get back.” You wanted to disagree, but you just didn’t have it in you. He just came home, you felt terrible that he had to spend his time off taking care of you. The only thing you said was a quick “Okay.”
He kissed your temple. “You just worry about taking a bath and I’ll take care of everything else”, he smiled at you and went to the nursery, where you heard the babies starting to cry again.
“Hello my cuties…”, you heard him saying. “Why are you giving your mum such a hard time? We need to be nice and quiet for her, so she can get all better”
You made your way into the bathroom with a box of handkerchiefs in hand, you let the water run as it slowly filled the tub, the vague smell of eucalyptus could be detected by your clogged up nose.
“Y/n?”, Louis called out, just as you were about to get into the hot water. “Yes?” He opened the door and quickly closed it behind himself. “Mum will pick up Drew and Leighton in a few minutes and then I’ll go to the drugstore and buy you some medicine, so you’ll be fit again by midnight.”
You let out a giggle before muttering a “Thank you.” “Anything for you, love.” “I’m sorry for making you so stressed out, especially when you’ve just gotten home from a long couple weeks”,you apologized continuously but Louis didn’t want to hear it. “Don’t worry…You and my babies are always my number one priorities. We’ll have time for some chilled days as soon as you recover.”

Your kids were so lovely and so cute and soft and…well, for you and Liam, they were perfect.
They just started to become too active for you, as you were at home fighting a cold, which made you feel helpless, like a little child yourself.
You knew Liam had to work at the studio all day, so there was no option to call and ask him to come home to care for you and the babies.
You had been drinking tea all day in hopes of clearing up the sore throat and congested-ness but that wasn’t working. You managed to keep Adriana busy with one of her books that makes animal sounds when you she presses on it. Meanwhile you had Michael snuggled up close to you as he began to fall asleep. You closed your eyes, feeling tired, you could still hear the noises from Adi’s book loud and clear. You awoke a few minutes later and put Michael into his Maxi-Cosi which stood on the floor beside the couch. Your head was starting to throb from the constant animal noises being played endlessly, so you took your little girl to your chest, to cuddle up with her, in hopes of distracting her from the book.
“Mummy’s not feeling well today, Adi…cuddle a bit with me, yeah?”, you whispered, while you placed her on your chest. Falling asleep almost instantly
You heard a familiar voice talking, when you woke up. You couldn’t even move your head, you felt way to weak.
“Let’s see if mum’s up, yeah?”, you heard Liam say as he came into the living room, placing both carrier seats, your babies sat in, on the floor.
“Good afternoon, my love.” “Liam…where…what time is it?” “It’s just 4pm.” He kissed your forehead. “When I came home, you and Adi were sleeping and Michael was just starting to wake up. I took one look at you and I could just see how weak and exhausted your body was. So, I thought I’d get these little ones out of your hair for a bit, we just went for a little walk to the park”, he smiled and placed Adriana on the blanket that was on the floor, where she immediately grasped onto the first toy she could find. “I got you some medicine-drink-stuff and some soup as well, which will hopefully make you feel better soon.” “Soup?”, you asked. “Your favorite take away.”, he laughed and placed Michael next to his sister, before Liam sat next to you. “Call me next time, promise? I hate to see you like this…and no studio session is more important than taking care of you.” “I will, promise. But…I have to say, It was kind of nice. Our babies are a better cure for a stomach pain than hot water bottles….” “I saw that.”, he laughed before getting up off the couch. “Can you sit? I’ll get you the soup.” He kissed your cheek, as he grabbed your hand to help you up. “Liam?” “Yeah?”, he smiled. “Thank you…somehow you always know how to show up at the right time.” “I love you too, y/n.”

Tea, Soup, Rice, Salad…More tea, all kinds of medicine…
As soon as Harry realized that you had come down with a cold that he had just two weeks prior, he did what you did.
He headed out to the drugstore and the supermarket to buy all this healthy, organic stuff that you were trying to feed him when he was sick, just a few weeks earlier. “Where’s Eric?”, you questioned, as you woke up from yet another short nap. You were so tired and if it weren’t for the pain in your throat, that caused you to wake up and drink tea over, and over again, you’d had slept for hours.
“Gem was here, just half an hour ago and picked him up. She’ll look after him, while I’m looking after you.” “Harry…I’m fine, you don’t need to be around all the time.” “Right, you’re fine…”, he nodded, and you could hear, he didn’t believe you. “What’s that?”,  you asked, when you saw him holding up something he had placed on the kitchen counter. “A…” Your eyes were red, you knew that, swollen too. It hurt just to blink. “A piece of paper?”, you made a guess. “Yeah…I got you a piece of paper! No, It’s the back of a DVD”, he softly laughed , as he came back with a tray in his hands. He placed two yoghurts, another pot of tea, a new box of handkerchiefs, two clean mugs and an array of bottles and boxes filled with different medication on the table in front of you.
“I know, we had other plans for my days off, but as long as you’re sick, I’ll be here… Sleep if you want, if you need it, but don’t think a second about me leaving you alone.”
Harry went back to the kitchen and came back with the DVD. “What made you get me a yoghurt?” you questioned as you let out a laugh “It’s good for you. I know, you’re not very hungry, but you need to eat something and as long as your throat hurts, something cool and soft is best.” “You really remember everything I said to you two weeks ago?” “I remember more than just the things from 2 weeks ago! Don’t underestimate me, babe”, Harry winked at you, while he went to the DVD player to pop in the movie. When he came back you rested your head on his chest and curled up under the blanket.
Yeah, you had other plans for his short break, but you knew Eric was in good hands at his aunt’s place and cuddling with Harry was enough for you. Even though he was having you eat things you weren’t fond of and made you drink more tea than you ever thought possible…you didn’t mind. As long as he was close to you, and as long as you had your favorite movie, you knew you’d behealthy again soon.

This was written by blueeyedsoulme! Please, please check out her page!