and i hope he likes fat girls

Without a doubt ♡ Ethan

Request: ‘’can you do one where ethan is dating a girl who’s not a size two she’s a little bigger and when they are out fans stop them and one girl calls her fat and saying she probably can’t even wear his clothes like a normal gf cause they don’t fit so she goes back to the apt and cries and he is panicked cause he can’t find her and he rushes home and asked what happened and cuddles her tells her that’s she’s perfect he doesn’t want a size 2 girl her loves her and falls asleep in his shirt happy‘’

Response: Thanks for requesting :) I am finally done with school so I’m going to start posting more regularly now! I hope you like it xx (I suck at titles but oh well haha)

Warning: I don’t speak English so if there are any vocabulary/grammar mistakes, please ignore them. I try my best :)

Tonight had just been perfect. The stars were out and shining, the city was bustling and your stomach was full of delicious food you just ate at your favourite restaurant. You brush your head against Ethans large arm while he strokes his thumb over your entwined fingers. With closed eyes you inhale the cold but fresh air while Ethan and you walk down the street, on the way back to his apartment. It felt like the world was at peace and there were no problems. Of course there were, but you liked the illusion.

‘Are you tired?’ Ethan asks softly. The sound of his voice vibrates through his arm to your ear that was pressed to his arm. ‘A little,’ you respond, letting out a deep yawn. Ethan chuckles and tightens his grip around your waist. ‘Just hold on, baby. We’ll be home in a few minutes.’

Unfortunately that’s not going to happen, you think as you see a group of girls walking down the other side of the street. Most of them were busy on their phone, but a few weren’t and recognise Ethan. Their eyes grow big and they stand still so abruptly that the girls behind them bump into them. ‘Ethan? Ethan Dolan?!’ They don’t even look if a car could ride them over when they run towards you and your boyfriend. A few seconds later you are surrounded by a whole group of giggling excited girls.

‘Ethan, Ethan! Can you make a selfie with me?’ several girls ask him, but before Ethan answers he focuses his eyes on you. ‘Is it okay?’ ‘Sure, E! Don’t worry ‘bout me,’ you say. He smiles at you lovingly before he pays attention to his fans. You let go of his warm hand and take a few steps back so could give him and the fans some space.

You absolutely loved seeing E interacting with his fans. He took the time for every single one of them and tried to answer all of their questions, always staying kind and polite. You didn’t even felt uncomfortable when he kissed a fan on the cheek, because you knew it was only because they asked and there was no meaning behind it. And you could know, because damn, he kissed you in a whole different way. Your cheeks heat up at the thought of his soft kisses and the touch of his hands. The entire time Ethan was taking pictures with the girls his eyes would flicker from them back to you, making sure everything was okay.

Suddenly you notice a few girls who already got a picture standing a meter away from the whole group. They were whispering while looking at you from head to toe, which gave you an unpleasant feeling. Were they judging you? One of them, a beautiful tall, blond girl, walks up to you. She doesn’t even say hi. ‘You are Ethans girlfriend, aren’t you?’ The way she said it made you feel even smaller than you already were next to her. You frown your eyebrows, surprised that she talked like she was so much better than you.

‘Yes, I am.’ The girl clicks her tongue disapprovingly. ‘Oh,’ was all she said. You knew you shouldn’t care, but you did anyway. ‘Why?’ The girl let out a small, humorous laugh. ‘Have you even looked at yourself? It surprises me that Ethan still wants to walk next you. I bet you don’t even fit into his clothes.’ It felt like someone just smacked you in the face. ‘What do you mean by that?’ The girl rolls her eyes. ‘Are you dumb or something? You look like a pig. Ethan deserves a girl who is just as pretty as him, and you definitely aren’t.’

Wow, that hurt. Really bad. You don’t know what to say, so just stare at her. How in the world could someone say that? Doesn’t she have feelings? Just until now you realise you were crying; your sight was getting blurry. You look at Ethan who was laughing at something a fan said to him. You angrily wipe the tears from your cheeks and start walking back to the apartment. You just couldn’t stay here anymore.

You were running up the stairs, going to Ethans bedroom. You crawl onto the bed and burry yourself under the covers, trying to hide yourself from the negative thoughts that were now filling your head. Most of the time you were pretty confident, but when someone said something like that to you your self-esteem was hard to find. You knew you weren’t the skinniest girl, but you had never considered yourself as fat.

Yes, you weren’t a size two and you were little curvy, but Ethan always pointed out he liked that about you, just as everything else about your appearance. Now you start thinking that he only said that because he wanted to make you feel good. And perhaps the girl was right; maybe you should tried to lose weight.

When Ethan realised you were gone, he apologized to the fans and quickly went home. He didn’t even want to think about what could have happened to you or what he would do if you weren’t at his apartment. When he reaches his apartment he’s totally out of breath, but still runs up the stairs with to steps at a time.

‘Y/N?!’ Ethan yells. ‘Shit, Y/N!’ he says when he sees you on the bed, wrapped in his sheets. ‘Why didn’t you tell me you were leaving? I was scared that something had happened to you!,’ he says loudly, sounding a little angry. When you don’t answer because of your uncontrollable crying, he lowers his voice. ‘Babe, what’s wrong? What happened?’

‘Nothing, please leave me alone,’ you say with a muffled voice. Ethan walks up to the bed, sitting down at the side. ‘I’m not leaving until you say what happened. Please,’ he adds when you don’t move or answer. He sounds miserable, like it was his fault you were crying in his bed. With a sigh you pull the sheets back and look at him. His face is worried and his mouth is a thin line, but of course he still looked amazing.

‘Do you think I’m fat?’ you quietly ask. Ethan blinks his eyes a few times as if he didn’t heard what you said. ‘What?’ ‘You heard me.’ Ethan shoots closer to you. ‘Of course I don’t think you’re fat! Who even made you think that?’ Your lips tremble, trying to hold back the tears. ‘T-This girl said… That I’m…’ You start crying again, hiding your face behind your hands.

‘Hey, hey… Come here,’ Ethan says softly while he puts his arms around you, pressing you gently against his chest. He smelled heavenly. He smelled like home. ‘Sshh… It’s okay,’ he calms you down. When you slowly stop crying, he pulls back and rests his large hands on your thighs. ‘Y/N, you should never let people get to you… I know it’s hard, but they are just jealous. Believe me. You are stunning and I love your curves! No one can tell me otherwise.’

You look at him. ‘Even my thighs? And my belly?’ you ask, looking up to him. ‘Yes,’ Ethan answers immediately. ‘Even when my hair is a mess and I look like a panda?’ you ask. ‘Without a doubt,’ he chuckles and leans in to put a sweet kiss on your nose. You put your hands on his cheeks and kiss his warm lips.

Ethan could taste the salt of your tears. He kisses them away while stroking your thighs. He knew you weren’t in the mood now, so after a minute he slowly pulls back, looking at you like you were the most beautiful thing his eyes had ever seen. ‘Do you want to stay tonight?’ he whispers, stroking your cheek. ‘I would love to, but I don’t have any clean clothes with me…’ you answer.

Ethan stands up, walks to his drawers and comes back with a clean t-shirt. You raise your arms and pull your sweater over your head. You notice Ethan staring at your chest when you unclasp your bra.

Ethans fingertips stroking your arms while he helps you putting on his shirt made you get goosebumps on your whole body. You both take off your pants and get comfortable in bed, laying down in a spooning position. ‘I love you, E,’ you whisper. ‘I love you so much more. Good night, Y/N,’ Ethan says and places a sweet kiss on your cheek.

Creepypasta #1040: The Anglerfish

Length: Long

I am beautiful in ways men shouldn’t be.

Pretty boy, lovely boy, with his flaxen curls framing a sweet face and big blue eyes with big black lashes. My mother, when she was in our run-down trailer and not at the bar, would say such looks were wasted on a boy and that she wished I was born a girl. I’m certain she wished I had never been born at all.

School was hellish from the start. Girls viewed me as a living doll to play dress-up with, and boys hated me because I made them confused. My third grade teacher once made a comment about my cherry red mouth, the gym coach complimented my porcelain skin. The computer teacher got fired after cornering me alone. I did not understand it – I wore run down charity store clothes, spent most of my time with my nose buried in a book, and barely brushed my hair. And yet, here was the whole school bearing down on me.

Puberty made it worse. All my classmates grew and stretched, flushed with hormones and lust. I grew some, yet no straggly hairs or bright red pimples popped on my china doll face. Instead, the star quarterback would torment me so he could grope at my long legs and graceful hips. My teachers would compliment my academic achievements and then mention that someone like me being so aloof was a shame. The theater teacher asked if I was “interested in boys” in hushed, hopeful whispers.

I was not gay or straight. I was Uninterested. Why would I waste time chasing after shallow and petty girls who were jealous of my appearance? Why would I let one of those testosterone-hopped jocks paw at my body and call me a faggot afterwards? Why would I want my fat, balding English teacher to bend me over for an easy A? They called me frigid, uptight, bitchy, rude, prudish. I wore it with pride all the way to the top of my class.

I left my little Midwest town for a college in the big city. I thought it would be easier there, full of beautiful people to blend into. Towards the end of November, my roommate tried to roofie my water bottle, and the double room became a single room very quickly. For sophomore year, I got a studio apartment on my own.

That fall quarter was beautiful, the trees like brilliant fire throughout campus, and I took a communications class required for my major. It was about giving presentations and speeches, and the school website said Professor O'Malley was to teach it – classmates had described him as a jolly old man, a little longwinded but excellent at teaching discourse and rhetoric.

I sat towards the front, my empty notebook neatly dated, and my classmates chattered all around me. I paid them no heed, eyes casted downwards, but I looked up when the door to the lecture hall opened right before class was to begin. The man who strode in was not Professor O'Malley.

He burnt white hot, reality dimming around his gravity. Everyone seemed so tarnished compared to him, dark-haired bronze-skinned Adonis among the gray and listless dead. Square-jawed and towering, his presence was so thick it was sweltering, smothering, suffocating. My classmates all gasped as his eyes swept across the class.

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fic: how do you make it for real (zimbits, 1/5)

for @queersherlockian, the first chapter of my much-belated @fandomtrumpshateaction fic  this chapter is ~5k words, rated g, but there’s much more, and porn, to come.  also here on ao3.

Jack Zimmermann’s an adjunct history professor at Samwell University. Bitty works at Annie’s, at the start of what’s now his second year after graduation.

And they both want more than what they have. Not love, but a step up that ladder to professional success that sometimes seems hard to even find….

They’ll take love, though, if it comes.

Jack Zimmermann’s life is built from routines. People think that he’s boring, but he likes it, the way that each block of his day slots neatly into the next. He appreciates predictability, he hates to be left at loose ends, and even though he hasn’t played a game of hockey in years, he’ll probably live by the locker-room code of habit and superstition for the rest of his life.

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Big Booty Better Thighs (Seventeen Headcanon)

(AN: I would like to start off by saying that this really isn’t a “most likely” situation. I feel that all of Seventeen are not anywhere near shallow enough to turn a girl down just because of her body type, even though they are teenage boys. They are teenage boys. Who are usually a lot more insecure than they come off, so they wouldn’t target any girls’ insecurities no matter what. That being said, I feel like you expected me to produce an answer here, so I decided to do this in the headcanon style and I hope you like it! <3 Also, very, very slight smut warning - I talk about sex but no explicit descriptors.)

(Part Two)  

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Happy Accidents - Part 5

OKAY so I am trash and had to work for almost two straight weeks and I had no idea really what I wanted to do next exactly so this has taken me a little longer than usual and is a little shorter than usual. I’m sorry for that -grovels- But I know exactly what I’m doing with the next part and work is back to normal so it shouldn’t take me as long/be as short. ANYWAY lol Without further ado:

Pairing: Sebastian x plus-sized reader
Rating: PG-13
Warnings: At this point I really don’t think anyone counts swearing so none
Word Count: 1.7K

Part 1 | Part 2 | Part 3 | Part 4
on ao3

It has been a week and a half since Sebastian almost kissed you and you are losing your damn mind. He’s barely answered your texts, and when he does the responses are half of what he would normally respond or stupid one and two word responses. It’s driving you nuts and you almost wish he’d never fucking tried to kiss you in the first place.

Okay, so maybe he does have feelings for you (or maybe he was just half-drunk, whatever). So what? You would give all that up to have your friend back. You’ve gotten so attached to him in the nearly two months he’s been your neighbor. That’s it, you decide. If things ever right themselves with him, you’re not going to pursue him. You’re not going to swoon over him or wish he’d feel the same about you. When he gets sick of you and breaks up with you you’ll lose him forever and losing his friendship is not something you’re willing to do. That is, if you ever get it back in the first place…

You’re startled out of your thoughts by your phone ringing. Anthony’s face appears and yours scrunches up in confusion.

“Hey,” you greet him like normal, pressing your phone between your ear and your shoulder as you pace around your kitchen and living room mindlessly. “What’s up?”

“Do you know what’s up with Seb?” he asks. “He’s been super down and acting all weird and he won’t talk about it.”

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anonymous asked:

Can you please write a taeyong scenario in which a girl he is in love with is fat/chubby (like she has stretchmarks and she has a chubby stomach and shes jiggly) and she feels really insecure around him due to the comments he has made in the past? And he has to own up to his mistakes and apologize and comfort her? Thank you <3

A/N: I’m making this as a headcanon, I hope that’s okay~

Originally posted by taeyonghi

  • Everyone has things from their past they’re ashamed of & Taeyong knows this well.
  • He’s said and done several things that he deeply regrets and has come to an awkward stage in his life where he must confront his issues and apologize.
  • It seems totally demented, but he’s come to have a child-like crush upon his coworker, whom he also went to high school with.
  • He said some pretty rude things in the past, making mooing noises when she’d pass or taking the valentine she had made for her crush, Mark, and tossing it in the trash.
  • Now that she had transferred to his department he felt a bit awkward.
  • He was such a childish douche back then…
  • He had to admit, her features were still striking and she was definitely womanly, something that attracted him immediately.
  • It was obvious she was uncomfortable around him, always avoiding him while he was always trying to ‘coincidentally’ run into her.
  • One day something happened that changed everything-
  • An upset client hurled insults at the team, fat-shaming her.
  • Taeyong knew it was his chance and that he couldn’t just stand around and do nothing.
  • He stepped up, telling the client to go fuck herself.
  • She was clearly upset about it and he tried to comfort her in private, even apologizing for his inconsiderate past actions and words.
  • It might sound totally unromantic, but he’d think it was cool haha; he’d point out the stretchmarks that he had heard her complain about to others, saying they were cool, like lightening bolts or sick tiger stripes [taeyong… facepalms]
  • He’d get her to laugh and forgive him.
  • He’d ask to be her friend [even tho he knows he’s just setting himself up to be friendzoned].
  • From there things would evolve.

Code: Sugar Baby

Agent: Rosa Lee

I awoke this morning feeling good, finally today I was able to get up and look forward to my day. I open the curtains to my bedroom window and look out at the crystal clear blue water of our pool. I finally was able to let myself move into the spare room at my friends house. She said that having a house with all these rooms and no one to stay in them was lonely. So we devised an agreement. I paid (or Marco paid) half of the of the utilities and half on the taxes when they were due each year. For that I had freedom, I could come and go when I wanted I had my own key and I had my own place in the garage. I mean I didn’t have a car yet, but Marco wanted to wait to see if I actually would come see him again or if he ran me off. He also gave me an card with an unlimited budget, so on daddy’s money I went on a shopping spree and updated my wardrobe to something Godfather wouldn’t complain about. I felt like heaven had opened up to me, and I was happy. I mean I didn’t technically have to give Marco any pussy, but damn if that man wasn’t fine as fuck.

So a week after I left Marco  I was feeling fresh and revived. I felt like a rose, finally blooming and seeing the sun for the first time, through fresh eyes. I woke up and checked my phone and of course there was a good morning text from Marco and I shot him a good morning text back, I then see a missed call from an unknown number, then a missed call from godfather. I look over at my clock and seen that it was only eight-thirty and I already had to get up and get ready. I knew if I missed a call from Godfather, I better run my butt to the office and beg for forgiveness. I missed one from him when I got home from seeing Marco and you would have sworn that man had a heart attack. He had a police report out for me by the time I woke up and the cops at our door. He thought something had happened to me at our house and because of the high end security system we have at our house he didn’t want to barge in and end up explaining why he was in the house of two twenty some odd year old s and how the fuck we afford such a place, when neither of us are married and neither one of us have regular w2’s.

So I told myself next time he called and I missed it I would call him back as soon as possible and then bring him coffee and a bagel to show I was perfectly well. So I shot him a quick text and I hurried through my morning routine. Well okay, not hurried hurried. I like long showers, so it took me 45 minutes instead of an hour. But it was still quicker, than normal. I made sure my hair looked good, through on a little make up and grabbed the first outfit that looked like it was casual and grabbed an uber to Tim Horton’s and got Godfather and godmother breakfast sandwiches and large coffees, I would have gotten them bagels but it would have been hard to figure out what to get them on the bagels. I got myself a sausage breakfast sandwich and an ice mocha coffee with lots and lots of whipped cream. I had then taken another Uber to the office and wondered what the hell would make my godparents call me so early.

Stepping into the office I hear “Hi Ms. Rosa” “Ooooh pretty lady, can I have some of your food?” I just shake my head and return responses and keep it pushing. These people look for any opening to try to tear people apart, make like their little office jobs keep this place moving. No bitches like me keep this place moving. People like them would make it hard for anyone who ever tried to achieve anything in life. Half of these bitches pop pussy for free, in hopes of springing some mac daddy with no kids and being this stepford wife. Please I had those dreams less then a month ago and I realize now that forever isn’t for anyone who wants it given to them. You have to have ambition and have to be able to take from those who try to take from you. I’m not a hater but baby when I say my eyes are fucking open, you might as well say I am woke. I am practicing my smell bullshit arts and baby now that my nose is open everything fucking stinks.

As I walk past the Godparents secretary’s desk I notice she isn’t at her post. Which was unusual, but hey no use pretending like I actually gave a flying fuck because honestly I swear that girl is snobby as fuck and I really didn’t want to deal with her looking at me like I was some kind of bug on her shoe today. So I just kept walking and walked in on my godfather with some amazing looking dread head shaking hands and both guys turned to look at me. One with confusion and the other with amusement. “As we speak the devil herself just walked in.” I look at them and smile as I bite back something smart. I swear I find myself doing that more and more lately. But I just look like a black barbie and walk over to my godfather and I give him a brief hug and his and godmother’s breakfast I had brought them. “Hey god daddy I brought you and god mama some breakfast this morning.” I say trying to sound eager to be in front of an stranger. “Well she’s not in office today, she had something to take care of. Maybe we can share it with Mr. Knight. Mr. Knight meet Ms. Rosa, my little Rose meet Mr. Knight.” “It’s a pleasure to see you outside a picture.” “It’s a pleasure to meet you too.” I say as he takes my hand and kisses the top of it. I mean I was a bit confused. What did he mean to see me and not my picture. But knowing godfather he did indeed look at my picture and that meant one thing, he was a sugar daddy or a investor or someone who worked in this God forsaken place. I finally looked up at his face and I swear this man almost looked like future. I mean he had the chocolate skin and the cute facial hair just like him. He had tattoos up to his neck and my god his eyes looked like they were staring through my clothes, and he could see my underwear.

I licked my lips and take my hand back uses it to smooth my hair back. No more, nope I refuse to do anything with this one. I mean if I slept with every man who said I was pretty I would be nothing more than a whore. I mean my body count was only two and my hand, but still I wanted to not sleep with every man who gave me goosebumps. Especially ones who looked like they could snatch your whole soul from your vagina and leave you begging for more.

“Mr. knight needs a favor from our company tonight my little Rose.” My godfather says as he feels the sexual heat up the room like we all we’re in Egypt but ass naked and nothing covering us from the sun. I mean, shit was I hot and I was airy clothes. “What would that be?” I say not looking at my Godfather, my eyes still raking over Mr. Knight. God I felt like a fat girl, on a diet looking at a Hersey bar being slowly unwrapped. Yes, bitch I was fucking hungry.

“I need a girl to join me at a family event tonight.” He says as he looks for a reaction out of me, pfft little did he know I might speak proper, but the hood still lays in the heart of this girl.

“I hope you find her.” I say coyly as I take a seat and unwrap my sandwich and take a small bite and eye him. He smiles and sits down next to me as godfather hands him a sandwich and a coffee and takes his seat at his desk and watches us in amusement.

“Well Ms. Rosa, let me clarify, I want you to join me. I need someone who is classy and has some hood in her.” I tilt my head to the side and chew for a minute before I look at him and shake my head. “For a family cookout you need a fancy girl.” “I wouldn’t say family cookout. I may say family meeting and my dear, this event is for those of us who….are entrepreneurs and I need a girl on my arm tonight.”

I tried to understand what he was saying but it sounded like some bullshit and like I said before, shit stinks. “So why do you need a girl?”

“The family believes that my personal life might be interfering with my work life. So I need a girl to show up with me to family events and personally out of all the girls out there I prefer you. I like a girl who doesn’t scream gold-digger from a mile away. I mean you’ll be taken care of and I’ll make sure you get what you need and besides I need to keep you around until further notice.”
“Not like move in or anything right?”

“No, not unless things take an unexpected turn. Listen, I’m being frank with you. I need you to act like my girl and be confident as my girl. I don’t want whats between ya legs. I mean if you’re offering of course I wouldn’t mind, but when it comes to this meeting. It’s strictly business.” He leaned back in his chair and crossed his arms. I wanted nothing more than to slap the cocky smile off his face but it would be bad for business. And besides I wanted to see what was so important that he actually needed me. Well a girl like me anyhow. So I guess this is why curiosity killed the cat. And I guess I’m the pussy today.

“What is your first name?”


“Well Damien, I guess you have your girl then.”

“I guess.” He says with a half a grin on his face.

With that we finished our breakfast in silence. Godfather looking like the cat that got the cream, Mr. Knight looking like he just won a lottery, I on the other hand, if I could see the look on my face it probably would be one of utter contempt. These two have really hit a sour spot and it isn’t the after noon yet. Wait let me check my phone, fuck never mind it is twelve thirty and they officially have taken up my whole morning without me even knowing it.

Fuck this is going to be a long day.

To be continued…..

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They Don’t Like Me - Conor Maynard



So you know the classic ‘Meeting his parents’ stories? God I do. And that they all end in the same way. They like you after you fitting that they won’t well. That didn’t work out for me.

I giggled at Conor as I kissed his lips for a second then pulled away just to go back again for another second. “Y/n my parent’s are coming soon.” Conor whined as I still kissed him. I giggled at him again and looked up into his beautiful blue eyes. “They’ll like me right Con?” I asked as my eye sparkled. “Of course why wouldn’t they?” Conor asked confused. “Because of my past.” I sighed.

“Don’t worry love. They’ll love you.” He whispered kissing me but then got up and out of bed. I frowned at him. “I think you should get changed into the adorable dress I met you in and meet me in the kitchen.” Conor said with his hand on the door knob. “Okay.” I smiled at him. He returned my smile and left our shared me.

I got up and went into our shared closet and grabbed the dress Conor was talking about. Me and Conor have been living with each other for little over a year now and have been dating for little over two years. One a year and a half we kept our relationship a secret in till his younger brother found up cuddling well sleeping in Conor’s old bed.

I changed into the beautiful sundress and fixed my h/c hair show it layed on my shoulders and fixed my makeup. After finishing I walked out of our room and into the kitchen where Conor was trying to cook. “What are you cooking?” I asked as I walked up being him wrapping my arms around his waist and laid my head on his back.

“Your famous food.” He replied turning around to look at me. “Your going to make my famous chicken?” I asked. He nodded and smiled. “Conor I’m just not even going to ask.” I giggled at him. “They should be here any minute. They are going to stay till after dinner. I also got pie yesterday.” He explained. I stiffed up as he mentioned the pie.

“That was for today?” I asked embarrassed. “Did you eat it?” He asked with seriousness on his voice. I looked at up him and nodded. “I’m sorry but it was tempting me to eat it.” I pointed out frowning. He sighed. “It was saying stuff like ‘Y/n eat me, I want to be in your stomach’ bla bla.” I explained. He chuckled at me and kissed my forehead.

“Go out and get another one okay love?” He asked. i nodded and smiled up at him. “I’ll make sure to buy two.” I smiled. He returned my smiled and kissed my cheek after kissing my lips. “See you soon.” I sung as I grabbed the keys to Conor’s car and left as he said a quickly bye and love you.

I made it too the store and went in to find the pies to be stopped by all the cookies. I looked at the price and said fut it and put it in the cart. I walked over to the pies and picked up to apple pies but then I picked up one of the other flavors. I looked over and saw donuts and mentally died in my head.

I grabbed maybe two dozen. I have a problem. I grabbed some other things and made it to the check out and blushed at the person who was looking at me. I had a bunch of junk food and a tampons.I quickly got out of the shop and loaded it into Conor’s car and made my way back to our apartment.

As I made it to the garage I called Conor. “Hey baby.” He replied once he answered. “Hey, can you come help me I may or may have not bought a lot of pies. And um donuts. And um cookies and tampons.” I explained. I heard Conor chuckled. “Sure baby anything.” He replied and hung up after saying be there soon.

I got out of the car and opened the trunk and grabbed as many bags as I could as Conor came in about time and grabbed the rest. “Let me guess were having a fat night.” He asked chuckling. I nodded as he closed the trunk and locked the car. “Oh well you were out my parent’s and Anna showed up. She’s excited to meet you.” Conor explained pushing the up arrow on the elevator. 

“I hope she likes me as well.” I laughed as we got on to the elevator. “She will don’t worry. She’s been dying for another girl friend.” He laughed as we reached our floor. we walked out onto the floor and walked to our door which happened to be a walk. Once there Conor opened the door and we both walked in. 

“We’re back.” Conor called out as his family look over. I smiled at them and said a quick hello before going to the kitchen to unpack the food and junk. “Babe did you put a timer on for the chicken?” I asked looking over at the stove then him.

“I thought you just threw it in?” Conor questioned. I shook my head and chuckled. “That’s because I remember things. You don’t.” I said opening the oven door to look at them. “Sorry princess.” Conor replied frowning. “Don’t sweat it big baby.” I chuckled throwing the brown bags away.

We both walked into the living room and Conor introduced us and before we knew it Diner was done. I sat next to Conor and Anna as his parents sat across. Conor at the head. Everyone was talking and I was just picking at my food. “Conor did you make this?” His father asked. “Yes, but no. It’s actually Y/ns recipe but I tried to make it.” Conor smiled. “It’s good son.” He replied. I smiled at Conor and looked at his parents who were unimpressed with me well Anna seemed to love me.

After eating dinner me and Conor cut up one of the pies and served it. “Sorry that Y/n wasn’t here when you first came. She ate the pie I bought yesterday and had to get a new one Conor explained. I chuckled a bit along with Anna. “Seems like she would.” His father commented. I nearly chocked on my food.

“Excuse me?” I asked confused. “Seems like you would.” His dad repeated. He didn’t like me. Neither did his mom. “Dad why would you say that?” Conor asked confused hurt. “Have you seen her? She’s overweight.” His mom brought in. “Excuse me.” I replied quietly getting up leaving the table and walked into our shared room and fell onto the bed and cried.

I laid in there for what seemed like hours but was only five minutes before Conor came in and pulled me closer to him. “Don’t listen to the baby.” He whispered in my ear. “They hate me Conor.” I cried. Conor sighed and nodded. “They do, but that doesn’t matter because I love you. Also Jack and Anna. But mostly me. We love you.” He said kissing my cheek.

I sniffled my nose and smiled. “I love you to Conor.” I said before he kissed my lips. “Do you want to eat those pies now since they left?” He asked. “Is that even a question.” I giggled wiping my tears. Conor chuckled at me and left to get the pies.

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Pairing : Dean x Plussize!Reader, Sam
Word count : 1,265
Author : Mel
Warnings : Kidnapping.

Part 3 of Dinner with Dean.

“It was great finally getting to meet you.” Sam pulled you into a hug. “I hope my brother is done hiding you and I get to see you more.” He let go and shot Dean a look.

“Yeah, yeah.” Dean rolled his eyes.

You smiled. “I hope so too.” You teased. “Thanks Sam.”

“I like you.” Sam chuckled. “Alright Dean, see you at the motel.. whenever?” Dean nodded as Sam headed off towards the motel.

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First Thoughts On Seeing Each Other

Wade: Dayum! She’s sexy as fuck! (Wade)
Jesus! Look at him! Look at that booty! (You)

Vanessa: God look at those tit’s! I’d love too…Wow her face is cute (Vanessa)
She’s cute. I want her. Now. (You)

Weasel: There’s the sexy ass girl with the fat ass (Weasel)
Cutie with the glasses is looking at me again (You)

Francis: I can’t hurt he she’s to beautiful. Look at her (Francis)
I swsr when I get out of here I’m going to fucking kill this bald bastard! (You)

Angel: Jesus Christ she’s strong! (You)
Little bitch stabbed me! I’m going to kill her! (Angel)

Piotr: She is so beautiful. I must speak to her (Piotr)
Damn! He’s like 9 fucking feet tall! Fuck I hope he doesn’t try to kill me (You)

Ellie: Sexy lady! (Ellie)
Hello there cutie (You)
I’d love to get that cat (Her)

Peter: Wow! She’s so pretty (Him)
Oh god! Cutie alert! (You)

Gwen: Hope she isn’t dumb like those other blondes I just saw (You)
Oh no she just gave me that look (Gwen)
Dude she’s so smart! Yes! (You)
She smiled at me! Ohhh my gosh! (Gwen)

Tony: Look at those legs! (Tony)
Wow Tony Stark is even hotter in person (You)

Bruce: Oh my gosh! It’s Bruce Banner! (You)
Oh! It’s Dr. Y/N L/N! She’s so pretty (Bruce)

Steve: The waitress Y/N is very beautiful. Like Peggy was (Steve)
Whoa Captain America is sex as hell especially up close! (You)

Natasha: Is that a goddess? (Tasha)
Dayum she rockin’ that catsuit (You)

Pietro: What the fuck was that? (You)
Scaced the hell outta her (Pietro)
Got you mothetfucker! (You)
Ow! Damn she’s strong! How’d she catch me! (Pietro)

Wanda: Oh my fuckin! She’s a mutant! (You)
Oh no she’s afraid of me now! (Wanda)
That’s kind of cook though (You)

Rhodey: It’s Iron Man! (You)
Of course she thinks I’m Iron Man. They always do (Him)
Wait that’s not Iron Man! But he is cute though (You)

Darcy: Damn! Those jugs are big enoih to feed me for a couple of days! (You)
Does she know she said that out loud right? (Her)
I’m definitely going to talk to her (You)

Pepper: Oh my gosh! It’s Pepper Potts! (You)
Oh god not another crazy ass Pepper Potts basher (Her)
Why’d she roll her eyes? Aw man! She doesn’t even wanna speak to me! (You)

Matt: Wow her voice is simply amazing (Him)
Can he see me? (You)
Great now she doesn’t even gonna talk to me because I’m blind (Him)
Ehhh. Fuck it! Might blind but he’s cute as hell! (You)

Sam: That’s a big ass bird! Oh hell! It’s coming towards me! Ahhh! (You)
Shit! Fuck I’m about to hit her (Him)

Scott: What the fuck?! Where the hell are all those fucking ants coming from?! (You)
These guys are going eat her alive! Guys! (Him)
What the shit?! Is that a man?! (You)

T’Challa: He/She is….beautiful. Go talk to y/gender T’Challa! Don’t be a coward! Your a warrior. A King. Oh fuck y/gender is coming over here! Be calm! (Him)

He is gorgeous. I want him. He will be mine. Wait why is he sweating? Is he nervous? (You) 

You are beautiful, no matter what.


Author’s note: Hey everyone! I’m back. So I had this idea while having deppresion ‘bout my body. I am sorry, there’s no much Jerome stuff, it’s more my attempt to encourage some of us. It’s not so goog, but I have tried. Feedback always needed :)

Y/N and Jerome were hanging in town together. Played some poker, killed few dickheads.. just nice day.
It was sunny afternoon, so Jerome stopped their Lamborghini near to park.
“Wanna walk for a bitt, Gorgeous?”
“That’s a great idea J! I need some exercise, I put on 2 kilos in last three weeks. You are caring about me way to much..” She looked at her body criticaly.
“Oh, babygirl! Don’t you dare think about yourself like that. You are the most beautiful girl I have ever seen and I love you no matter what, understand?”
Y/N bited her lip. “Yes, Jerome..”
“That’s my girl!”
They finally get off the car. Jerome put his hand on hers hips. Such a happy couple. But when they went around the school, they heard some noise.
“Give me that food, you stupid fat whore!”
“Oh no,” said Y/N.
It was a little just a bitt chubby girl. She was sitting in the grass and seemed to be crying. There was the boy yelling at her. He was way older than her, tall, not really handsome. He has something cruel in his eyes.
“Are you deaf, you bitch?” he screamed again.
But she was just shaking on the ground. He kicked her.
“That ‘lil son of the bitch! Wait here for a minute, J.” Jerome have been almost sorry for that guy.
“Can you handle it on your own? I have an idea..”
“Sure, sweetie!” Y/N replied. She waved to him and run to that screaming guy.

“Shut up you sucker,” she roared angrily. The bully looked at her with terror in his eyes. Well, Y/N was pretty much intimidating even without gun in her hands.
“I..I know you, you are.. that Valeska’s chick, I-” Y/N slapped him.
“ I am not anybody’s chick, you little fuck. What’s your name?”
“Thomas, ma'am,” he said almost crying.
She turned to the girl on the ground, “And yours, sweetheart?”
“Amy,” whispered the girl.
“Okay Amy, now stand up. Stand up and I promise you, that nothing of this crap won’t happend to you again. Yeah, that’s right. Wipe the tears. Can I borrow your phone, Amy? I will give it back, don’t worry.”
Y/N took a phone from girl’s shaking hands and turn on the camera.
“On your knees Thomas! C'MON! I said, ON YOUR KNEES! Right, aren’t you good boy?“she laughed for herself. "Now, lick her shoes.” Thomas didn’t seem excited. “Lick it!” Y/N put a gun against his head. “Oh, awesome! You should apologize, I guess.”
“I am sorry,” he said in low voice.
“No no no, you must say : I am sorry, Mylady.”
“I am sorry, Mylady..” “Amy, you know what? Punch him. Just once, I don’t want to ruin your generation, well .. not right now.” She laughed again.
Amy hit Thomas in face with passion.
“You feeling better, huh? So, we can let him go, what do you say?” Girl nodded.
“Okay. Go you fuckin’ bully, but remember, this girl have video of you licking her shoes. You don’t want to share it with your friends, don’t you?”
When he run away Amy hugged her, “You are my hero!”
“Uhm.. That’s not exactly- Can you just stop touching me? Personal space kiddo.”
“Okay, just thanks” said the girl again.
Y/N went away slowly. For the last time she turned her head, “Be brave, someday you will find that one person, who will think, that you are the most wonderful girl in the world. Even I did and I am freak!”

Jerome has been already waiting for her.
“You were awesome, love! You deserve a reward.”
He gave her cornet of ice cream.
“Aww! Thank you, hon!”
“Y/N, can I ask you a question? Why did you do that? I mean we are the bad guys. Helping children isn’t our daily work..”
“Because, Jerome, few years ago, I was that "fat” girl. And nobody stand behind me.“ One single tear appeared in her eye.
"Oh, babe, come here.” He hugged her.
“ You are so gorgeous, I’m not worthy you.. I love you Y/N. I love you so much”
“I love you too J.. Not as much as I love that ice cream, but still.. pretty much.”

Originally posted by gothamjerome

Hope you like it.. or it made your day a little bitt better (please, someone say it, I want you guys to be happy :))

One more thing. I will mark this like series - King and Queen of Gotham city..’cause most of my current ideas are about Jerome, but I want to write stuff for more fandoms in yeah. Bye!


Bullying? Think you’re so cool? -The girl you just called fat?… She is over doing on diet pills -The girl you just called ugly?… She spends hours putting makeup on hoping that people will like her. -The boy you just tripped?… He is abused enough at home. -See that man with the ugly scars?… He fought for his country. -That guy you just made fun of for crying?… His mother is dieing. That kid you just made fun of for being bald?…He has cancer.“ -Put this as your status if your against bullying. I bet 95% of you wont re-post , but I’m sure the people with a heart and backbone will

How I Met Your Mother

A/N I made this for @sweatae as it’s her birthday today and i wanted to post it at 6:09 pm aka the time of her birth but lol.

It’s a style i’ve never done before so I’m not sure if it’s good or not but it’s Tae pov so instead of “you”, you mostly see “her” (also the pic is bad quality and i could not find a good gif but the photo is so adorable and fitting)

Pairing: Taehyung x reader

Word count: 2.1k

Warnings: it’s CLICHÉ and really fluff (just warning you or that)

Taehyung wakes up to the giggling of a baby, the best way to wake up if you’d ask him. Children have always been his favourite thing in the world, together with puppies of course, but his own child, Taekwon, is his most favourite. Especially with the love of his life holding him and smiling brightly. It’s a perfect picture and his life can’t be better at the moment. He has a beautiful wife, a cute little child, a great job and house. 

“Perfect,” He mutters, sighing contently. He circles his arms around her waist, kissing her neck lovingly. 

“Morning,” he mumbles sleepily.

“Good morning, Tae,” She turns to smile at him and Taekwon giggles at the movement. Her smile is the most beautiful thing, it’s what got him the first day they met and still after all these years, six to be exact, it still makes his heart skip a beat. He only realises he blanked out when he felt a peck on his nose.

“What’s going through your mind?” She asks him and he smiles softly, whispering a small “you, always” in her ear. Taehyung gets a giggle and another kiss for that and he grins, pumping his fist in the air when she turns away.

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So guess who just met Markiplier and is going to be in one of his new videos!!!

Fun Mark Story: So I saw his tweet today and see he’s 10 minutes from my house asking people to show up. I go back and forth about going and finally just say fuck it. After getting dressed as quick as I can, and driving safely as I can, I’m at the park and I spot him. I have pretty bad anxiety and I’m shaking like a leaf but I will myself to just play it cool, I can freak out later out of sight.

I’ve actually been trying to run into him for a while. I found out after he dyed his hair we go to the same salon by seeing recognizing in a video. I sorta kept hoping I’d be able to bump into and just say hey you like space, me too!

Anyways he runs up to me with a mic and starts asking me some questions but just stops and stares at my eyes. He says something like “Oh hey you got heterochromia! That’s cool! Get a close up of that!” I thanked him for noticing because it’s the one part of myself physically I have always liked but no one ever notices it. Not even friends who have known me for years until I point it out. At this point I’m freaking out a little more because it’s Mark noticing the one thing I like about myself in front of me and a camera all up in my face. I keep my cool somehow and they move on when someone new shows up.

Time passes and there is dancing in a circle, accusing people of murder, and where are the bodies? Normal park activities for a sunny Saturday afternoon. When we get around to actually filming the video near the end Mark looks at me and mutters ‘heterochromia’. I did my best to keep my poker face up but fuck, I am just a bit blown away I got a tiny itty bit noticed. It’s really superficial and Mark is just a nice guy but I kind of needed that.

I’m over weight, I have a lot about me I don’t like and struggle with. In this day and age who doesn’t but we all have these things we want people to see. Hope hey maybe I’ll be noticed in a way I like about myself. It may have been just a throw away cool thing he just picked out about me but it made me happy. I’m happy I went outside and took a chance, I’m happy danced when I know I can’t and I’m sure the video is going to get a million views and I’ll be the odd dancing fat girl in the NASA jacket. I’m happy today I got to feel just a tiny bit better about being me, even if it doesn’t last. I’ll just be sure not to read any of the youtube comments to try and make it last.

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seeing their newborn baby first time scenario was too awesome lmao Can you do it with Aomine Midorima Hanamiya Hara Furuhashi and Reo?

Thank you for the request! Your requests made my life, really.

And we reached 820 followers, we are shocked and we want to thank everyone who follows us. WE LOVE YOU! And we also love everyone who does not follow us~ We love everyone.



‘DAIKI STOP DISTURBING OTHER PEOPLE. I apologize for my husband, he is just exited’


‘Somebody kill me.’


‘Midorima-san do you want to hold your three daughters? 

*Shin-chan fainted*








‘Hanamiya my son has no teeth. What a shame, he can’t chew bubblegum. How the hell is he my son?’

‘Shut your mouth Kazuya, I swear to Go–’

‘I hope we can leave him in the hospital’




‘I like him and because he is handsome I will let him sleep in our garden.’

‘You are so nice Kōjirō. I want to be nice too, so I will let you sleep at yours parents’ house. Forever.’

‘Okay, okay. He can sleep in the hall.”


‘Yeah my baby girl, look at mama!’

‘Reo, but I’m her mother…’

‘Shh–she was yours for nine monts, now I’m her mother.’


Ohhh first request!

First of all i feel like the chubby part wouldn’t be an issues only because if they are dating the girl it wasn’t a problem in the first place but anyway let’s do this.



Jin: I feel like Jin would be very aware of you insecurities and try his best to make you feel better he’ll constantly let you know how beautiful you are to him. Your height wouldn’t bother him since you’d be in eye level, he would probably tell you how beautiful your eyes are. Knowing that Jin can cook he’ll probably feel a little guilty that you’re insecure about your weight since he loves to cook for you and makes you try/eat everything he makes.

Suga: ohh suga, he would probably understand why you feel insecure about your height since he’ll be insecure about his as well. Suga always shows a tough side so he’ll probably threaten everyone that points it out. He would probably tell them something like “you got a problem? i don’t see a beautiful girl wrapped around your arm?”  If you mention something about your weight he’d probably suck his teeth and say “what fat? where? Shut up you’re perfect” and kiss you roughly.

J-hope: If you were to tell j-hope you were insecure about your weight he’d laugh uncontrollably thinking you were joking since you’re perfect in his eyes. Once you begin to cry because of his reaction hurting your feelings he’d stare at you and say “Wait you were serious? omo jagiya, you’re perfect, beautiful, if anyone should be insecure it should be me? Look at me im a fool, im lucky to have you!” and he’d hold you tightly. Your height wouldn’t be a problem to him since he’d say something like “I’ll work harder to grow two inches for you!” to make you laugh and flash you the sweetest smile, which washes away your insecurities”

Rap Monster: height? no problem he would still be taller than you, He would probably brag about how you’re taller than the rest of bangtan and constantly make you laugh when he teases them. When you complain about your weight he’d probably look at your like you’re crazy and start to rap his part from “Miss Right” at the top of his lungs, when you reach over to cover his mouth with you hand he’ll pull you in and kiss you.

Jimin: Jimin would probably tell you your height is something that he absolutely loves about you and you have no reason to feel insecure about it. Weight would probably be a very sensitive topic only because Jimin is also very insecure about his weight. He’d probably say something like “fat? im fat not you! i should be working harder to look threatening to other men so they think twice about looking you up and down!” He’d probably start making some flexing poses causing you to laugh, he’d probably laugh at himself and both of you would just end up cuddling and eating popcorn together forgetting all about your insecurities.

V( ♡): If you were to mention your insecurities regarding your height to V he’d joke around saying “Whaat, are you calling me short because they don’t make high heels for men!” He’d do everything in his power to make you smile and reassure you that you are beautiful. When you mention something about you weight he’d probably act hurt and held his chest! Once again he’d reassure you that you don’t have an ounce of weight, height, hair or pimple that he doesn’t love. He’d go as far as dragging you in front of BTS and forcing them to tell you how beautiful you are, when they begin to give you compliments he’d hold your waist and be like “OKAY! I think she gets it, stop drooling” and you’d two walk back to his room and cuddle one another to sleep.

Jungkook: being the younging that he is, he probably wouldn’t know what to do, so when you bring up that you’re insecure about your height or weight, Jungkook would be a little awkward but woudn’t hold back the compliments. he’d be shy at first but say something like “yaa… jagiya, stop talking like that, you’re the prettiest girl in my eyes and that’s all that matters.” he’d kiss your forehead and hold your hand tightly. After sitting in awkward silence he would probably start singing a Chris Brown song to you haha

Due to the subject matter of eating disorders, and their effect on this site in particular, I will recommend caution upon reading any further of this review, or even reading this manga (I debated not posting this at all).

Within In Clothes Called Fat, we get a peek into a screwed up world of people with passive-aggressive hatred, insecurity, and deep disturbance. As it turns out, it’s Japan in the nineties. This manga is clearly influenced by Japnese society, and everything that entails, but it’s something that can be related to anywhere. It was started by Moyoco Anno in 1997, and we see that as the main character, Noko, is typing away on her overbearing office computer. But this isn’t a piece sustained to one point in time. If anything we’ve gone downhill from there.

Everyone’s life experience is different in many ways, but the relation is undeniable. Noko is more than a doormat stepped on; she’s stomped on and berated constantly, covered with everyone’s dirt. It’s hard to blame this otherwise sweet girl for her decision. That’s the truth to In Clothes Called Fat. I won’t say it doesn’t offer hope, but it doesn’t deny the fact that Noko truly has no one in her life to care for her wellbeing at all. If anything it’s the opposite, as she becomes an object from which people can lash out with their own insecurities on. Noko’s boyfriend says it in honest depravity as he yells: “I like you fat, Noko.” What follows in this scene is unsettling, and proves that this may be one of the hardest manga ever to read.

It might even be too narrow to say that ICCF is a character study, because it doesn’t focus on just Noko, and it’s not limited to her experience. Somehow, within just one volume, Anno has created possibly the most real and deeply constructed characters ever conceived, of course in the most vicious way possible. To say that no one is likable is missing the point, even with Ms. Tabata, given so little page time, who may be the most twisted (or perhaps the least twisted) as she uses her own controlling and observant means to manipulate and hurt everyone in her office. It also has a lot to say by showing how almost all the people in Noko’s life want her to be overweight for their own self-serving purposes. The strangest thing though is that the only person truly looking out for Noko is the brutally honest lady that runs a weight loss company.

Moyocco Anno’s artwork is perfect. It’s completely unique and fitting to this story, her characters all looking strung out on life, with the constant look of derangement in their eyes. I have unfortunately not been able to read too much of her work besides some Flowers and Bees and Sugar Sugar Rune (that will be remedied soon: talk about range) but I can’t think of a better scenario to show this incredible, sharp, and weird drawing style.

In Clothes Called Fat is a manga that might make you genuinely sick as you read it, as it tells its narrative and presents the subject matter in the most raw and realistic way possible. Anno is a fearless storyteller. It’s a dangerous work of art, something that conjures nausea, but you will come out the other end with a better understanding of humans and life like never before. 

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exactly, I had zoe in my mind... he liked many posts of her on ig, if it was another girl there would be a mayhem over those likes....if he was seen with an indian girl, or black, or fat or whatever I wonder how much they would loooooove her and ship them...I just want him to do this ONCE just to see the reaction. I'm sure they'd be like "they're friends, Harry has many friends!" Unless it's a model or a basic ass girl they don't ship him with anyone

yeah well that’s because most hardcore harries are neurotic white girls who project themselves onto these other white girls and it gives them a false hope of having a chance with harry so..


Ship: NaLu (Natsu x Lucy)

Story Type: Oneshot, Fluffy

Summary: The first time Natsu Dragneel talked to me, he called me a fat, ugly cow. Being in kindergarten, I just cried and then socked him right in the face. 

Yaay, my first proper NaLu fic!! I hope you all like it, and tell me what you think! I hope it’s fluffy enough!

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Big, Bold and Beautiful pt 2

Summary: The reader has been living and working with the Winchester for the last six months.  Still trying to find out what your legacy status means and how you can help take down Abbadon.  You are currently working with Dean on a case where the two of you have to pose as a rich couple while Sam stays back and continues research.
Pairing:  Reader x Dean
Word Count: 1,800 ~ish
Warnings: Language, Angst, Ghost, Body image issues and self loathing.
A/N: I really proud of this! It was suppose to be a two-part story, but hell it is a series now!  It really hit home for me as I have a lot of body image issues myself.  As always feedback is appreciated. Anything in Italics is reader’s thoughts!

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