and i hope dearly that you will remember that

I remember sitting beside you; all I could see was the anticipation in the sweat on your brows, the agitation on the tip of your lips, and hope in the arch of your nose, I remember being lost, the world did not exist, it could not exist, not in your presence. How dearly I loved you, how dearly I love this moment of remembrance, and I am thinking about how much I love to write, and how I see anticipation, agitation, and hope in my words, how the world drowns out when I write. Isn’t it what we live for? A love that silences all the noise in the world, someone so beautiful, something to vast, I could drown in it whole, and never come back.
—  Eliot Knight

Finally able to sit down and babble about the newest chapter, because, guys, this was such a different chapter! We got to see a clash between Shigaraki’s villains and the new guy Overhaul, and the chapter ended on a short moment with All Might…

… but honestly, I don’t even want to talk about that. It’s awesome, it’s great, I can’t wait to see more, but here, I want to talk about this lady here:

Look at this cute, easily excited guy! A real nerd at heart, obviously, and I laughed out loud when I saw this panel. Dark villain-meeting or not – she’s more excited about the prospect of meeting a real yakuza.

I have to confess, I almost forgot that this fangirl is part of the league of villains. I remember her vaguely from the trainings camp, but not more. She’s Magne, or Hikishi Kenji if you want to know her real name, and she gets a few panels this chapter.

See this here? Nothing fangirl-ish here, huh? From what I’ve seen this chapter, Magne seems to be slightly cute and dorky when it comes to things that she likes – why does this remind me of Izuku a bit – but as soon as it gets serious, she has his head back in the game. She is ready to fight that yakuza, be it for Shigaraki as a boss she is loyal to or because she sees her dream getting endangered. Because her dream, guys, her dream – let me just say, this pulled at my heart strings when I saw it:

This is a friend of Kenji. We don’t know her name, and she describes her as shy and timid – and the first thing I thought was: “Is this Tiger from the Pussy Cats?”

But nope, it’s not. It’s not Tiger, but still, it seems as if Magne’s friend is a transgender woman – and honestly, suddenly I wish Magne and Tiger would have had met under different circumstances, with the possibility to talk and get to know each other. Because look at what Magne’s reason for becoming a villain is:

Magne wants to be free of chains. Possibly, most likely, the chains society gives people. And with the fact that one of her good friends (a friend that stays her friend even though she is a wanted criminal) seems to be transgender, I dare believe that Magne means the chain society puts not only on her, but on people who are different – different gender, different sexuality – simply people that are viewed as “not normal” by some dumb people in society.

That’s a big deal, at least for me. A very big deal. Because – what is wrong with that goal?

Exactly. Nothing. Everyone should be free of chains, should have the chance to be who they really are, and there is nothing wrong about that.

Magne’s whole reason to become a villain is because she wanted to give people freedom, and because she couldn’t think of a legal way to achieve that goal, she is ready to fight the whole hero society.

Don’t get me wrong, everyone. Her being a criminal, attacking people, attacking even the students of U.A., is far from okay. And if I remember correctly, she even committed murder before joining the league of villains. That is not okay, and her goal doesn’t make any of that better.

But her deeper wish for freedom – I think there is really nothing wrong about that. Especially not if that wish was born because Magne wished for equality for everyone.

And just when I am this close to melting and basically adopted this lady (never mind the murder part), this happens:

Like… Horikoshi, why do you make me love this character in a few panels when you kill her off right after that? Why? My heart is fragile, you know, it doesn’t handle such pain that well!

Basically, I find a new good character, and she dies right after.

Karma? Perhaps.

Anyway, I now dearly wish for Tiger to find out about Magne’s death and that Magne’s friend and Tiger somehow meet. Not only did the two – Magne and Tiger, I mean – fight each other, and, if I remember correctly, Magne even tried to do some Small Talk during that fight, but also I just… I just want there to be someone who comforts Magne’s friend when she hears about his death. Someone who will protect her in Magne’s stead, you know? I really hope for that.

At least give me that, Horikoshi, after you just broke my heart.

The Signs as Jesus of Suburbia Lyrics
  • Aries: there's nothing wrong with me, this is how i'm supposed to be
  • Taurus: no one ever died for my sins in hell as far as i can tell, at least the ones i got away with
  • Gemini: are we demented or am i disturbed? the space that's in between insane and insecure
  • Cancer: city of the dead at the end of another lost highway, signs misleading to nowhere
  • Leo: home is where your heart is, but what a shame, cause everyone's heart doesn't beat the same
  • Virgo: i don't feel any shame, i won't apologize when there ain't nowhere you can go
  • Libra: to fall in love and fall in debt, to alcohol and cigarettes, and mary jane to keep me insane, doing someone else's cocaine
  • Scorpio: dearly beloved, are you listening? i can't remember a word that you were saying
  • Sagittarius: nobody's perfect and i stand accused, for lack of a better word and that's my best excuse
  • Capricorn: everyone is so full of shit, born and raised by hypocrites
  • Aquarius: i read the graffiti in the bathroom stall like the holy scriptures of a shopping mall
  • Pisces: running away from pain when you've been victimized, tales from another broken home

impossiblepizzapeace  asked:

Can I have a dood ship please. 5'7 on the chubbier side of the scale. I have green eyes and blonde hair. My friends all say I'm really pretty. I'm hilarious, but kinda shy. I like to read sing and act. But again (I really only sing with friends and family cause I'm really shy) love your blog and thanks in advance 😘

Requested by: @impossiblepizzapeace

I ship you with Embry!

Originally posted by twilightimaginesandgifs

-Embry is a goofball. 

-Simple as that

-And when he met you, this hilarious, sassy girl who was dropping sarcastic remarks under your breath left, right and center, he wanted to befriend you.

-The tribal school is kinda small on the reservation, and the student population isn’t that great, so he’s curious as to how he hasn’t met you before.

-Like, its big enough to not know everyone, or remember all faces, but let’s be real, he should have known you.

-Turn’s out, your parents had moved back to their hometown, and up rooting you from your formal life, you were internally flailing everywhere here.

-Jesus Christ, why this place be so wet? Just this morning you slid down the front path of your home because the Ice God decided to take you the fuck out

-Embry see’s this as a way to get to know you when he finds out your new to the area. “Have you been down to La Push yet?” and, “This place runs through your very vein’s Y/N, I will ensure you know all the secrets here.”

  • You learn the best hiking trails
  • And he helps you learn to Surf (that just turns into near death experiences for both of you!)
  • (It’s a mutel unspoken agreement to not teach you after you nearly drown him.)
  • It becomes a fun story to tell others though.

-Being friends with Embry has made the transition here sooooo much easier. Opening you up to a better friends group and High School experience. 

-Quill and Jacob like you, finding your comments and attitude endearing. 

-Quill and Jacob become pretty protective of you when they realize how you and Embry act together. 

  • Your pretty sure a guy in your year group tried to ask you out once but Jacob scared him away. 
  • you tried to hint at it with Jacob but he turned those big eyes on you that were practically smirking themselves with a shin in them, and he looks at you and goes ‘nope. Don’t know what your talking about’
  • He totally knew. But he loves Embry and he wants you two to bang
  • (Jacob will never admit that aloud)

-Embry has met your parents and you’ve told them a million and one times that ‘ you guys are just friends’ but your beginning to realize you guys weren’t just friends. 

-Jacob has disappeared, and he’s not returning calls and texts anymore. His father says he’s sick. 

- Embry and Quill are hurt because this Sam guy has started some stupid gang and roped Jacob into it. 

  • Sickness your ass. 
  • You, Embry and Quill see Jacob with them in town sometimes.
  • You all try and get Jake to talk and say something to you
  • now he pointedly freezes you all out
  • you can’t be sure but one day, you think you see Jacob mouth ‘i’m sorry’ to you. But you can’t be sure your not just being wishful

-You stay over some nights at the Call house, because you guys are close enough for that

-His mum makes sure you are always falling asleep in the spare room and not Embry’s.

- you did wake up one morning with Embry in the spare room with you, but he was gone before his mum woke up

-Something must be going around. Embry keeps suffering heat flashes in school. You convince him to go to the school nurse. His parents pick him up with a knowing look on their face. 

-Embry isn’t answering your calls anymore. Not even your texts. 

-You asked Quill if he’s heard anything. He hasn’t. 

-You can tell Quill is pretty hurt by this betrayal. So are you. And it hurts pretending your not feeling forgotten and neglected.

-Jacob has returned back to school after being away ‘sick’ for a long time. 

-Why does Jake look like he has been taking steroids??? 

-Jacob is still freezing you and Quill out. He won’t sit with you at lunch. He’s somewhere else. 

-You make sure Jacob knows your feelings when you have Gym together

  • It’s dodgeball
  • you’ve made sure your on the other team. Just so you can target Jacob.
  • you have now hit him five times in the face with the balls. 
  • You think you see a hint of a smirk on his face from your behaviour. 
  • You throw a ball at his face again.

-You have a feeling Embry will still be away with this ‘sickness’ for a while 

-You and Quill are sitting together at your usual table. 

  • “Quill … your not going to get robed into this gang stuff are you?”
  • “No. I’m not a jerk like them.”
  • “I wouldn’t abandon you either, just so you know.”
  • He smiles, “I know. You’re the last true friend I have left here.”
  • It was the same for you to.  

-You don’t know why. But you feel like its going to get worse. 

-Quill says he saw Embry in town after school yesterday, and he looks like Jacob by taking steroids. 

-Embry is freezing Quill out too.

-Its the weekend and you have lots of homework, so you don’t go out and see Quill. 

-On Monday, back at school. Quill hasn’t turned up. But you see Jacob across the cafeteria, and he looks at you with sympathy. 

- You try getting in contact with Quill. Same result with Jacob and Embry.

-You don’t like to sit alone. So you focus all your energy on passing you exams

-You spend all your lunch times studying in the Library.

- You bump into Jacob in the halls one day

  • -he totally did it on purple as an excuse to talk to you
  • “Sorry, Y/N” he says helping you pick up your things. 
  • “Why? Your not a stranger to hurting people on purpose, why on accident then?”
  • “I don’t want to do this to you. Just know that.”
  • Having gathered everything back, “Have fun in your little gang, Jake.”
  • You’ve hurt him. But you don’t know that.

-Your in second period when you hear the news, Embry is back. 

  • Your excited, to know he’s back. 
  • But your also very bitter and lonely right now. He doesn’t know how much he hurt you the most. His absence cutting into you like an unhealing wound that refuses to close. 
  • Your toss between confronting him or leaving him be. 
  • After all, if he is fine leaving you without even a vague explanation, why run back?
  • You skip third period you would of had with him and go to the nurses office, just so you can think better without his presence. 
  • When its lunch, you go the library in your usual seat. 
  • you make it the rest of the day without seeing him.

-Its raining outside when the bell goes, and you make sure your the first out the door. You make it home in record him.

-You try holding back tears, refusing to let yourself cry for him. 

-You let the tears fall in the shower, because you can let the tears be disguised in the running water. 

-You get the first text back from any of them. It’s Embry.

  • Hey

-You can picture him when he sends the message. Bored and wanting to kill time, so he messages you. 

-Don’t message back. Don’t give satisfaction. 

-You don’t, instead, you go out. You are Y/N. And you will not wallow in your room. 

-You put on your boots and go on a walk in the forest, along your favorite trail. Ironically, it was Embry that showed you this one. The path was more narrow, less traveled. 

 -In the corner of your eye, you see something zip past you. 

Originally posted by wwhatfinn

-It was too fast for your eyes to catch. But you know you saw something. 

-YOu paced yourself as you walked down the track, listening around you. It was like your skin was crawling with the eye’s that were on you.

-You made your way back, faster, this time. And again, it was like something was watching you, closely. 

-getting in your car and locking it, you peered out the front window and into the treeline. 

-There it was. Not a bear. But a wolf, the size of a horse. YOur jaw went slack as you stared back at it. 

-You felt a weird sensation coil inside you. Despite the shocking intimidation of the wolf, it looked … tamed. Could you say that. It’s eyes never left yours. 

-When you got home. YOu told no one what you saw. Strangely protective of the information.

-At school, the guys you used to call your friends pulled a complete 180 on you. Even Quill had returned. 

- You’ve seen Jacob. But you hadn’t seen Embry and Quill yet. … And man did you fear for what they were pumping into their bodies. 

-There was a lot of things you wanted to say to them at that moment, tangents and vents loaded and ready to be said, but instead all that blurted out was: “Didn’t your parents ever say to stay away from Drugs?”

-They grinned. This was the You they knew. 

- Jacob was grinning. Quill was smirking, barely containing his happiness and Embry was just staring at you. In a way that made you feel very self-conscious.

  • Jacob was the first to speak
  • “Skip school with us, just this one day.”
  • “No.”
  • Quill leaned forward, “Y/N, trust me, you’ll love this. You won’t even be angry anymore.”
  • “Nuh-ah, I’m not even an athlete, there is no way I’m getting into and taking whatever the hell you are. 
  • They rolled their eyes. 
  • “I promise you we’re not recruiting you into a gang, sort-of.” 
  • That was it with your resolve. Not that you put up much of a fight. You missed them all dearly, and you knew they would never put you in danger. 
  • “Fine.”

-Turned out they weren’t in a Gang. 

-they told you the truth. 

-After all, the stories of the Spirit Warriors is in your heritage too. 

-Embry walked with you down the beach, “So, how much do you remember about imprinting?”

You stared at him, taking in his hopeful expression, “Y-you did not?”

He grinned, “Yeah … your my imprint.”

- You loved it. 

~Admin Bree

Kai Parker Imagine: Emotions Are Hard

In honour of Kai’s return here is a little imagine I wrote :)

Kai paced at the Salvatore Boarding House. He was in the kitchen, walking back and fourth whilst Elena and Damon looked on in confusion. They gave eachother a look. Damon was unsure if he should say anything. Usually Damon would come up with some cocky remark but he had never seen Kai like this.

“So why-” Damon was cut off by Kai before he could finish his question.

“If you haven’t already noticed I’m a sociopath.” Kai said calmly, his elbows on his knees. “I like being a sociopath. I’m not burdened by things like guilt….”

He stopped, but it still felt like he was going to say something. Damon stared him down, pushing him to continue.

“Lately…… I haven’t been able to get sleep. I’ve tried google for answers and it told me to write my feelings in a letter and burn it. So I started writing and this water started leaking out of my eyes like some weird alien leaking fluids.” He stressed, laughing a little as he finished his sentence. Elena opened her mouth to say something but closed it again.

“You cried?” Elena finally said, super confused and had no idea to talk to clearly distressed and also confused sociopath.

“Yes!” He exclaimed, smiling widely now. “You see, I kept thinking about Jo and Liv and how they’re doing and what I did to Luke. I need to apologise…. And…..”

He trailed off but stopped himself, bowing his head down. This caught Damon’s attention.

“Spit it out.” Damon edged on. Damon could already feel what he was about to mention. So did Elena. He was going to mention you and they knew it. The moment Kai had saw you he shamelessly flirted with you and tried to win your affections. He had a crush on you.

“I need to see Y/N.” He stated clearly. This mad Damon laugh really loud. You had Kai besotted without even realising it and with his new emotions all feelings were heightened for you.

You were Elena’s Bestfriend. He remembers the first time you guys met. He had destroyed the ascendant. You had instantly gained a hatred for him as you missed Bonnie dearly and Damon had told you about all the bad things Kai had done.

“Are you the devil?” You had asked, filled with anger and sadness. You had lost your only hope of getting Bonnie back.

“No, love. I’m worst.” He nonchalantly said, smirking at you. You had enjoyed the unwanted attention from the siphoner though, mostly because Elena was always first choice so you never were actually noticed. It felt nice for a change.

Now he was sat here, confessing his feelings to Damon and Elena, hoping that they would help him.

“Awwww, is a certain siphoner in love?” Damon mocked, clearly enjoying Kai showing some sort of weakness. Kai pouted at this, yet he couldn’t deny this.

“You don’t choose who you love.” Elena went with the kinder approach, making sure not to anger the psychotic witch. “We will help you with Y/N if you help us get Bonnie back.”

“I can’t I destroyed the ascendant.”

“Well, you’ll have to find another way. I mean it is her birthday and she is Y/N’s best friend.” Damon emphasised the BEST. Kai perked up at this guiltily and nodded.

Suddenly, you walked in happily but you stopped in your tracks seeing Kai there. He quickly stood up and put his hands in the front pocket of his jeans.

“You look nice.” He said awkwardly earning a confused glare from you and a murmured thanks. You wore a red lace up blouse with light blue ripped jeans and a pair of red converse. It was a casual outfit but Kai seemed to be awkwardly admiring you and smiling. You smirked at this, feeling you had some sort of power.

“He’s going to help us get Bonnie back.” Damon piped up. A happy grin spread across your face as you instantly perked up.

“Really?” You happily, questioned whilst your emotions perked up.

“Yep, love. We’re bring Bon Bon home.” Kai flirted, instantly feeling better that he had made you happy. This could be his chance to win you over.


♥ it’s time to spread your podcast pallet ♥ 

I dearly hope the spring has been a pleasant time for you all. There are so many ways to enjoy it from days in the park with the family, getting a start on that garden, and a somewhat sneezy, somewhat breezy commute to work while listening to a new podcast.

Take a long trip by car or sea, remember your keys, and sit back in the theater for sci-fi shenigans because I have a new list of shows in store to keep us blooming through the rest of spring until the summer starts.

Looking for something fresh to please that sudden thirst for audio storytelling? Look no further as PodCake has six more podcasts you’ll certainly love.


An alternate reality game about a dispossessed spy sending distress calls to her former team. Help Holly survive homelessness and assassins by sending money or advice

Incoming transmission from OAKPODCAST, a new interactive medium created by the mad geniuses at Crossroad Stations. OAK is an excellent choice for listeners with a taste for personable and emotional tension all beautifully performed by lead Regan Adler.

If you’re enthralled by the drama of Rover Red, this show’s fondness for audience participation will be an instant fave for you. So study your morse code and listen closely. 

2. Lake Clarity

Five teens head up to Camp Clarity to celebrate their last summer together, but little do they know they’re about to stumble on dark secrets that surround the lake.

Get around the campfire and listen to Camp Clarity’s horror tale. On these grounds, there’s more to fear than mosquito bites as our leads Seth, Ally, Mike, Erin, and Brandon get wrapped up in the mystery of why their beloved camp shut down.

For those looking for a good old fashion summer story, Lake Clarity’s fondness for caves, concrete structures and chaotic forces of evil might be up your alley. So pack up and stay up late to follow them on their trail.

3. Big Data

What if someone stole the internet? This comedy caper takes 100% real concepts, like the seven keys to the internet, cyber police, relay calls, photocopier black boxes, 419 scams, and more, and turn it into an anthology of nerdy crime stories tied together by a global plan to end the internet. it’s a series of heists ranging from hijacking top secret military satellites, to stealing a dude’s pants.

Comic artist Ryan Estrada gives us Big Data, a crime-comedy spectacular dabbling into the absurdity of the internet. Based in part by real events and the inspiration of Estrada’s own imagination comes a fun and funny story for those looking for a good time and good case to keep you tuned in.

Be on the look out for multiple actors in the podcast scene known worldwide such as  Paul F. Tompkins, Felicia Day, Cecil Baldwin, and Lauren Shippen. Make a big deal about Big Data and get logged in today. 

4. The Theatre of Tomorrow  

A sentient ship stolen in the night! A private eye chases corruption on the moon! Hear an interview with a man from the afterlife! Anything you can imagine is on stage at The Theatre of Tomorrow!

The theatre is open and has plenty of stories to share for audio drama fans. In this collection of short stories covering sci-fi to mystery with just the right amount of laughs, the audience will be spoiled by excellent audio editing, acting, and a variety of formats and tales to unwind.

As far as recommendations go, Hadron Gospel Hour fans who love inspired and varied takes on multiple genres and homages to some of the best in the business will be quickly enamored. So take a seat and enjoy the show.

5. Neon Nights: The Arcane Files of Jack Tracer

Jack Tracer is a hard-boiled private eye out to solve the strange cases of Neon City, but under these bright lights, darkness looms.

Mystery with a supernatural twist! Be it the Man in Black or the House of Joy, this private eye has the wits and tools to crack any case and crack your boredom with story after story of suspense and drama.

Fans of The Penumbra who can’t get enough of Juno Steel’s adventures will easily fall in love with our caped caper catcher Jack Tracer. And if you’re just a fan of the noire aesthetic, Neon Nights has plenty of style to spare. 

6. Passage

150 years ago, the S.S. Cumberland disappeared in the Pacific Northwest. A lifeboat from the ship with four skeletons inside just mysteriously showed up in Marrow Passage. Reporter Daisy Bonham attempts to solve the mystery and find out what other secrets are lurking just below the surface.

It’s time to set sails with Passage, this cryptic tale into the deep secrets of the S.S. Cumberland and the reporter dedicated to cracking the case. With just the right amount of creepy with a touch of comedy, Throw’m In The Puget Productions has an interesting tale to spin.

If you like The Bridge and suddenly can’t get enough shows about seaside themed mysteries, but a touch more British, then Passage will eagerly let you aboard.

now, get to listening.

anonymous asked:

You want fluffly prompts? I can't help myself, I need fluffly fics so much: so I'd like the morning after their wedding in show verse (the WW are gone for good and the North is independent), thanks 💞

Or, how Jon gets in his cups. This is part fluff, part smut, and part ridiculous. I laughed so hard writing some of this, my stomach hurt afterwards. This was a fun one.

Rated E. 

All of it under the cut since it starts out mildly NSWFish.

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Itachi’s S/O Having Amnesia HCs

Anonymous said: Headcanons for itachi’s reaction when his S/O suffered an accident and has temporary memory loss. He visits her in the hospital and she forgets who he is, but calls him “the most beautiful man she’s ever seen” and falls in love with him all over again.

Originally posted by osakaxkobe

  • When Itachi first hears about the accident, he drops everything and rushes to you asap. His love knows no bounds, and neither does his worry. He probably won’t ever admit it, but he’s terrified. Terrified that something horrible has happened and that he’ll lose you. He’ll give anything, anything, for you to stay with him.
  • Itachi bursts into your hospital room and refuses to budge. He insists on staying with you and spends the whole time sitting in an uncomfortable chair, caressing your face. The hospital staff try to coax him into leaving but soon give up. Instead, they try to get him to eat, drink, and sleep. He agrees to, but only enough to keep him conscious and awake. Poor boy deteriorates so fast.
  • He’s the first to notice when you wake up. Even if he’s sleeping he’s still alert and aware, and as soon as your breathing changes he’s up and praying to every divine being and spirit he knows of that you’ll be fine. Itachi presses your hand to his face when you open your eyes and look around, but then he realizes the cruel trick fate has played on him.
    • “Who are you?”
  • His brain freezes.
    • “Y/N, It’s me, Itachi. Don’t you *cracking voice* don’t you remember me?”
    • “Sorry…I…don’t remember.”
  • It’s like a knife straight to the heart. You’re still alive and with him, but you’re not with him. You don’t remember him, don’t remember all the memories you two shared. You don’t remember his love–or yours.
  • “You’re the most beautiful man I’ve ever seen.”
  • Your words pull Itachi out of his thoughts, and for a fleeting moment, he’s hopeful. Hopeful that it was just a brief and temporary loss of memory. But it’s not. You stare at him adoringly, though not with the love he treasures so dearly. But it’s something.
  • He visits you often. Usually just to chat, but he also brings gifts sometimes. Itachi doesn’t talk about what you were like before the accident unless you bring it up, though he might mention that the two of you were close. He’s very supportive during this time and tells you anything essential that you may have forgotten–like your name and where some things are.
  • One day he comes in and you tell him that you’re being discharged from the hospital. Itachi stays with you while the hospital staff takes care of any final examinations and paperwork, and then he walks with you as you step outside again. When you ask him if he’s free tonight, he glances up in shock and meets your eyes, eyes filled with love. He nods.

miwaunknowenuser5678  asked:

Hey there, I was wondering if you could do a scenario or headcanons about s/o is always sleeping with there stuff animal every night and would Sidon get jealous of it? By the way I really love your blog and writing and I hope you do have a wonderful day ♡♡♡

(I want you to know that this is one of the cutest things ever, and coming from a person who has a hoard of stuffed animals that I love dearly, I connect with this on a deep level~ Thank you and I hope you have a wonderful day too~ Enjoy!~)

Plush Love

Word Count: 1166
Warnings: Fluff (heh), Jealousy

“What is this furry toy doing here?”

Sidon is pointing towards your stuffed bear, Mr. Stuffles, that is now seated on top of the covers supported in its upright position by the pillows that it has been pushed against. You have had this stuffed animal for a really long time now, for as long as you can remember actually, and you couldn’t bear to leave poor Mr. Stuffles at home when you decided to move into the Zora’s Domain.

You had slept with that plush every night since you were young, you used to think that its mighty power warded off all the scary monsters. Of course, now you know that all of those monsters were imaginary and if there were any Mr. Stuffles certainly wouldn’t be able to fight them off. Still it would feel strange suddenly not being able to squeeze the soft and fuzzy animal that had provided you with a sense of security in your earlier years when you were trying to sleep so you had to bring him.

The plush bear is plucked off of his seat and lifted off the bed to be held in the hands of Sidon inspecting the bowtie-wearing bear with curious amusement. “Interesting,” he remarks tossing and turning the bear over in his hands. You tense slightly watching Sidon treat Mr.Stuffles so roughly, a light blush of embarrassment crossing your cheeks as you approach the Zora and hold your hands out for your precious companion.

Once the bear is safe in your arms you hug him close and carefully smooth out the fur that Sidon had tussled during his examination. “Don’t laugh at me, okay?”

“Wouldn’t dream of it.”

With a satisfied nod you fiddle with Mr. Stuffles’ bowtie as you explain, “This is my stuffed animal that I sleep with because he makes me feel safe, ” Sidon lets out a soft snicker and your face lights up in a bright red hue. “H-Hey, you said you wouldn’t laugh!”

Sidon covers his mouth with his hand, clearly trying to hold back what is certainly more laughter, which muffles his voice when he says,  “Forgive me darling but I couldn’t help it.” You pout and he removes his hand smiling wide as he moves closer to you and holds the side of your face tilting it up to look at him. “Aw, please don’t pout darling, you know I can’t handle you when you’re pouting,” he chuckles when you shoot him a glare in response. “Come now, I think it’s sweet that you carry such a sentimental item around with you.”

You raise Mr. Stuffles up to try and hide the bashful blush that has spread across your cheeks behind fake fur. “He’s not just an item, he’s like an old friend.”

“Ah, well does your friends have a name?”

“… Mr. Stuffles.” Sidon snickered and you pouted again pushing his hand away while he apologized.

For the next few nights, although Sidon did tease you about it, you took your plush guardian to bed holding it tight to your chest so you could snuggle into the soft fur. It was nice to be holding Mr. Stuffles just like you did back in your old home; it was comforting to have a little piece of home with you when you were in such a strange new place.

Though after a week of sleeping with Mr.Stuffles in bed with Sidon you noticed that he didn’t seem to smile and chuckle whenever you were ready for bed and already  holding the bear in your arms. You couldn’t understand why but he seemed to get gradually more upset the more he saw you with your bear, pouting and giving rather forced smiles whenever you looked at him. Tonight he had been particularly pouty but it had also been a tough day for him so you figured that the Prince was just tired.

“Darling, do you suppose that maybe you could not take Mr. Stuffles to bed tonight?”

You looked at the Zora just as you are about to climb into bed and join him, Mr. Stuffles already hooked on your arm ready for the night. “Why would I do that?” You quirk a brow staring at the man with piqued interest, wondering why Sidon would make such a request. Sidon looks at you unsure what to say next but his eyes are trained on something so intently that you are sure it must be the cause of his upset. Following his gaze you look down and at Mr. Stuffles which only makes you more confused. “Sidon, why don’t you want him in the bed?”

“I never said that I did not want him in persay just suggested that maybe you do not need to cling to him so much…”

“Sidon. Are you jealous of a stuffed animal?”

Sidon’s eyes widen and you know that you hit the nail on the head. Finally it is your turn to laugh and you do so eagerly while the Zora looks away hiding the light blue tint that has spread across his cheeks. It’s a strange thing seeing a Zora blush since it is always so difficult to see the faint change of hue in their cheeks but you’ve adapted well and can pick up on the other signs which makes his embarrassment all the more satisfying and cute. “You are! Sidon!”

“Can you blame me love? You’ve been snuggling with that toy more than you have with me,” he says and you stop laughing though there is a softer smile on your face. “I just thought that since you are with me now you do not need Mr. Stuffles to protect you at night. I could protect you from whatever cruel monster would dare to lay a finger on you.”

With one last chuckle you smile and turn over to gently set your bear down on the nightstand before you lay down facing the Zora. “I don’t think I’ll ever get rid of Mr. Stuffles, but I think I can manage to get through the nights without him. You know, since I have my prince to protect me.”

This notion makes Sidon smile from fin-to-fin and his hands eagerly wrap around your small frame to pull you close to his chest. For the first time since you started sharing a bed, you focus more on this new experience rather than trying to make it feel like the old one. Though you wanted to hug Mr. Stuffles and let his familiar touch lull you to sleep you think you’d rather let Sidon take over. Besides Mr. Stuffles could not hug you back and whisper, “Goodnight,” before kissing the top of your head. Yeah this was better.

Later that night you couldn’t help but wake up and reach out for Mr. Stuffles, nuzzling your nose in his fur before curling up against Sidon again. Eventually you wouldn’t want his company so bad, but for now you wanted to enjoy the best of both worlds.

Breakdown (Harry Wells x Reader x Tony Stark)

Anon asked: Can you do an angsty crossover where y/n is dating Harry wells whom is starting to ignore her but her best friend Tony Stark is in love with her and does his best to show her she deserves better. Anyways it comes down to y/n having to choose between Harry or Tony, and Harry realizing how horrible he’s been to y/n when he sees her with Tony. I just love the angsty stuff you’ve done with Harry.

I love this idea so much! Changed it a bit I hope you don’t mind!

Central City was a dangerous place, and you managed to find yourself smack in the center of the fighting. Being close friends with everyone on Team Flash was amazing, and terrifying at the same time.

Your best friend, Tony Stark, didn’t want you moving out there, and yet here your were. Tony had been your friend for a long time, longer than you can remember, and you miss him dearly.

But you couldn’t leave Central City, Harry was there.

At the beginning of your relationship things were great, after getting Harry’s daughter back he was kind, happy, and sweet towards you. But slowly over the course of the relationship, things began to die off in a way. He wouldn’t pay attention to what you would say for more than five minutes. If you tried to help him in the lab he would just yell at you, and he would ignore your presence in a room until someone else brought it to his attention that you were there.

You got pulled out of your thoughts from your phone’s ringtone.

“Hello,” you spoke softly.

“(Y/N)! How have you been?” Tony’s voice cheerfully asked through the speaker.

“I’ve been getting by, what about you? And the team?”

“Same old same old.”

“And the Accords?”

“Still getting over that stuff. Anyway I was hoping you could come to New York soon. We haven’t seen each other in a long time,” you could hear how his voice changed when the topic did.

“Things haven’t been great over in the city, but I’ll see what I can do.”

“What’s up?”

You sighed, “Things with Harry haven’t been to good. He’s been ignoring me a lot lately.”

“Okay, that’s it. Pack your bags the Stark helicopter is coming for you.”

You let out a small chuckle and hung up. Harry wouldn’t even realize you are gone.

The helicopter arrived and you stepped up into it. Taking a quick glace behind you to the laboratory that you called home, you made a silent goodbye to everyone inside since you didn’t know when you would be returning.

“You ready to go?” Happy asked strapping himself into the seat nearest you.

“Yeah,” you breathed out and the helicopter took off.

Back at the lab Harry and Cisco were working on a new device to help Barry with a meta. Cisco needed your opinion on one part of the device since he couldn’t get it to work.

“(Y/N)!” Cisco shouted down the hallway expecting you to pop your head from around the corner.

He furrowed his eyebrows together and stepped into the Cortex looking for you. But he found nothing.

“Hey Harry!” Cisco shouted and he could hear metal clatter to the desk.

“What Ramon?” Harry walked out of the room and into the Cortex.

“Can’t find (Y/N).”

“She’s probably off reading somewhere, check the cameras.” And Harry went back to work.

Cisco checked the cameras and you were nowhere in the building.

So he tracked your phone.

“Why are you in New York?” He whispered, “Harry! Does (y/n) know anyone in New York?”

“Yes Ramon. Why?”

“Because that’s where she is.”

Tony showed you to your room and let you get settled before asking you to join him in his lab.

“What do you need help with?” You asked bubbling into the stool next to Tony.

“Need to get this to work and you have smaller fingers than I do.” Tony showed you the object.

“What does it do?”

“I have yet to find out.”

You laughed, happy to be back with your best friend.

Harry was trying to figure out why you would leave without telling him. Every conversation that the two of you had in the past few weeks entered his mind.

And he realized that he had unconsciously pushed you away.

Your phone buzzing made you stop working on the device. The caller ID made you almost not answer.

“Hello,” you said meekly.

“Why did you leave?” Harry’s voice came through strong and worried.

“Just needed to get away.”


You stayed silent, thinking of what to say.

“You,” it came out as nothing but a whisper. All of the pain you had felt in the last few months came crashing out like a wave on to a rocky beach.

You cried. Finally after so long of holding it in you cried. And it broke Harry’s heart.

“I’m sorry Harry. Just give me a few days to be alone.”

And you ended the call.

The next few days with Tony were great. You met the Avengers, well a few of them anyway. Finished the mystery object that Tony had been working on, turns out it decreases gravity.

But it was time to leave. It was time to go back to STAR labs and to Harry.

“Bye Tony, thanks for letting me stay here for a bit.”

“Anytime sweetheart. Don’t be a stranger.”

You hugged and said your goodbyes and got into the helicopter that was going to take you back to your life.

Harry was waiting for you to get back. Actually he was waiting to apologize for being an asshole.

You came around the corner and into the Cortex, stopping in your tracks when you saw Harry.

“Darling,” he started, “I’m so sorry for making you feel like that. Hearing you break down on the phone made me realize what I did, or more what I didn’t do. Please forgive me.”

“That’s all I needed to hear.”

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Best friend's brother || Maynard Brothers

Wassup :). Sorry this post is half an hour late, I got distracted watching this TV show with my Dad. But I hope you guys are having a lovely day/night doing whatever you like doing 😂
REMEMBER: you can request imagines on my page!

Y/N has been friends with Conor Maynard for a couple of years. They are each other’s closest and best friend, doing almost everything together. They keep each other’s secrets and do things for each other that no ordinary friends would do. Y/N has been there at Conor’s live performances, being the biggest fan girl of them all. She loves him dearly, in the from of a true friendship.

But one day, at the Maynard Manor, Y/N made a realisation. She was talking to Jack, as Conor went to go and take a shower. They were making small talk when she started noticing little things about him. The way his eyes crinkle when he smiles, and how he subconsciously taps his fingers on his arms. Y/N found herself dazing about him until he caught her attention again, “do you agree?” He asks, genuinely wanting an answer. She laughs awkwardly, a blush rising upon her cheeks.
“Sorry,” she starts, giving him an apologetic smile, ‘I kind of zoned out,“. He smiles, amused. Y/N and Jack continued to talk until Conor emerged, wet and slightly dripping. She and Jack waves, while Conor just shakes his ass before entering his room.

After that day, Y/N was actively thinking about Jack in her spare time. She really liked him, but was well aware that the feelings probably aren’t being radiated back to her. She told Conor, since she told him everything. Conor was immediately excited, as he thought that they would be great together. He jumped at ways he could get them together, but she nicely declined, since she believed that they would never work.

Y/N was once again at Conor and Jack’s house, as she always is. It was a common occurrence, the reason being that they just seemed to have more fun there. They were bouncing around on the trampoline, Conor trying to teach Y/N to do a back flip. She could get the back drop perfectly, but not the full rotation. They spent hours out there, trying to perfect Y/N’s flip. When Y/N was taking a break, she looked up into the upper level of the house to see Jack peering out. He looked content with whatever he was looking at, simply dazing. It took a minute to realise he was dazing at her, not noticing that she was looking back.

When Y/N went inside, not long before she was about to leave, she went up to Jack’s room. She politely knocked on the door, earning a strong, “come in”. She walked in, greeted by a warm smile from Jack. She sat on his bed.
“Why did you keep looking at me when Conor and I were on the trampoline?” She quizzed, friendliness laced through her voice. His faced flushed red, and he stammered slightly.
“Well, uh.” He babbled, “you just looked, like uh, beautiful,”. Y/N’s heart had a pang of loving towards him. She had to think about what he said.
“Y-yeah. You’re so beautiful Y/N. I just can’t help but think that. I know it’s awkward to say this since you’re probably dating Conor in secret but I just think you’re really wonderful and I’d Love to go out with you some time,” Jack confessed, voice faint. Y/N smiled brightly, not saying anything for a while. Jack looked back into hey eyes, wanting- needing- an answer from her.
“I’d love to” she approved, pulling him close. She pressed their lips together. He smiled into the kiss, obviously enjoying it.

Conor walked in, about to ask Jack where Y/N was. When he saw the two of them kissing, he literally screamed. “YES! FU*K YES!”

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Natasha, alone in Pierre's study, sees an old journal. Curious, she opens it. "I mustn't visit the Rostov's anymore," She inhales. Her heart aches, remembering. "It is too painful to love Natasha so dearly & so without hope. Even unmarried, she could never love me." She stops breathing. "You must've known." A voice says from behind. She turns & kisses Pierre, tears in both of their eyes. "I've always loved you," she says, "but I didn't always know it." He pulls his wife tightly into his arms.

(rose is not currently available she’s dying from this,,)

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I really hate to bother you, but I was wondering if you ever made a rec (is that right?) of fanfics for Sam having an eating disorder, doing self harm, or other things like that. I sent in an ask a while ago. I'm not trying to bug you or to be rude, so I am dearly sorry if it comes off that way. I hope you are having a good day.

hello friend (btw you are not bothering me at all),I think I replied to you when you sent me the first ask, I made a list with suicidial!Sam

about the eating!disorder Sam I remember these:

Anorexic Sam:A series of glimpses into the life of Sam Winchester as he deals with an eating disorder. Maybe he’s always been this way. Sam knows that he’s afraid of stopping, and Dean knows he’s afraid of what will happen if Sam doesn’t.

BrittleSam Winchester has an eating disorder.

I am Sam: “It’s Sam.Sammy was a chubby 12 yr old.“Sam-pilot.Here is my version of where that came from.This is the summer bef. Sammy turns 12.So bef.he won the soccer trophy and Dean decides to embrace the hunter’s life.For Fuzzball457, here’s eating disorder Sam.

Mouths of Decadence  Dean-POV; gen; preseries (au), mostly, but spoilers for the pilot; h/c; dick!John; sick!Sam

Knew you were in there  Sam has been possessed before, but this is by far the worst one.

The Reason  This is my answer to a new prompt I’ve found here at the spnkink_meme asking for skinny Sam being feed by a worried ‘Dean, who wants nothing more than to see his baby brother strong and healthy again’. I hope you like it and thanks to the anon OP for the inspiring prompt! :)

Staying Strong  Sam feels responsible for John’s death. It should have been him…

Remove All the Pieces One by One       Begins with Remove All the Pieces One by One. They don’t need to be read in order, or even to read all of them to get the general gist. Feel free to give prompts and if you have an account and I can think of a way to write it, I’ll just gift it to you. Anons can also suggest.

OhSam community over LiveJournal has a tag for eating disorder HERE

Souvenirs you never losSam cuts himself because the way he feels about dean is dirtybadwrong. dean finds out.

Invisible Boy  especially on the second fic

hope helps anon!!

I know I Shouldn’t (Part 11)

Loki x OC

Warnings: Language, violence, angst

A/N: This series if starting to get close to ending, I hope everyone has enjoyed it! If anyone would like to be tagged in any future Loki updates, let me know and I’ll add you to the list. I do not always post them regularly, there can be weeks inbetween, and I don’t want anyone to miss out. Oh, and also, I would love it if anyone would like to check out my novel! Haunted, by Kelly Madison can be found on Amazon for three dollars, and there’s an excerpt you can read to see if it’s your thing or not.

I sat in the chair in Eir’s healing quarters, watching as she moved around the room. She was hustling, trying to gather all the healing tonics she had in reserve, making more as quickly as she could.

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Updated: 21st is my Birthday! 🎂

My 25th birthday is a few days away!
By request of my friends and followers; I will repeat last years events and post drawing requests, for the people who have come to me this year wanting to offer presents to appease the birthday demon inside me.

Drawing Requests

You guys already now the deal! I would like any kind of Waluigi/Daisy doodle. I will be willing to help you with ideas, poses, interactions and references for non-canon outfits, etc. And of course, if you can’t draw, a drabble would be alright with me!

Or you don’t have to get or make anything! I am completely okay with that!


Remember! If you need me to repay you at any point, please let me know!

DM me anytime if you need details! This post is okay to reblog.
I will tag this post, ‘25th birthday’ for anyone that wants to blacklist.

I love you guys dearly, and hope you have a smooth month! 💛

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Do you guys remember these two? 

Well, as my 500 follower gift, I’m going to be releasing them into the wild, as a massive thank you!

They have bits of CC on, such as this skin, but as these are bases you can change that to whatever you wish.

I, recently, had someone break my TOU, so I’m ending making sims for people unless, I love you dearly. These two are the closest thing to an official ‘amixofpixels’ sim, you will ever have. I hope you understand. To the two people I still have to make sims for, you will get them, I have not forgotten, I just have no motivation to do so right now.

TOU: As they are base sims, you can do whatever you want with them. I do ask, however, you tag me if you use them, as I’d love to see what you do with them.

so, as some of you know, this blog started out as a single muse blog for stefan from the vampire diaries. then, on april 6th, i decided to switch over to a multi-muse, and it was one of the best decisions i’ve ever made on the tumblr dot com. this is just a lil post to thank all of you who’ve stuck by me through the transition and a thank you to new friends i’ve made throughout this journey! (under a readmore bc this got long)

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One More Light

On July 20th, 2017, the world lost Chester Bennington. This man was a musician, a band mate, a father, a husband, a friend, an inspiration. For years he battled with his own demons, but despite that, he made songs to help other people deal with similar issues. Chester was an amazing human being. He was full of energy, so full of life, and he made everyone feel so much better. Fans all over the world have been honoring Chester since they heard the terrible news. Seeing how many people Chester and Linkin Park helped within their 20 years of making music is incredible. I was hoping that this was all a dream that I could wake up from, but no. Chester Bennington is gone. It hurts like hell to lose your hero, especially in such a tragic way. I’m glad I’m not alone in this grieving state. Linkin Park created a loving and caring community of Soldiers. These Soldiers are now coming together as one to help honor and remember a great man. I’m sending so much love and prayers to the rest of the band, Chester’s wife, and his kids. I cannot begin to imagine what they must be feeling. I hope they know they’re not alone either. They have millions of fans supporting them along the way. We all need each other right now. Chester, I’m so sorry you had to go through this. I really hope you’re at peace now. You will be missed dearly by many. We love you so much. Thank you for all that you’ve done for us. May you rest peacefully. There’s been a storm going on all day here in Chicago…I like to think that the thunder I’m hearing right now is your powerful voice screaming away, Chester. “Who cares if One More Light goes out? Well I do.” We all do.

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Nona Gaye shares her fondest memories of Prince

April, 21 2016  |  9:00PM

ROLAND: On the phone lines right now is the daughter of Marvin Gaye—the actress—Nona Gaye. Nona, welcome to TV ONE.

NONA: Thank you so very much Roland. Thank you for having me.

ROLAND: This has to be a very difficult moment for you. We certainly— our prayers go out to you as well. just share your initial thoughts about Prince Rogers Nelson.

NONA: My initial thoughts, uhh, were, um, really just that I couldn’t internalize the fact that it was real when I heard it from my mother; my mother gave me the news. And um, I have just been, uh, going over memories and um, you know uhh, things that he use to say and do and that we use to do together and Um, just really, I’ve just had a very tough-tough day. Um, probably one of the toughest days I’ve had since my father passed to be really honest with you, you know. He was an incredible man… an unbelievably, unfathomably talented artist—we all know that. He was also a beautiful, beautiful man. I miss him and I will miss him for the rest of my life.

ROLAND: Nona, how long were the two of you together?

NONA: Uhh, About three years—three years we were together.

ROLAND: I had a conversation earlier with Anthony Hamilton and one of the things he said was he said Prince had an amazing sense of humor.

NONA: Yeah (giggle) He did, He was actually quite funny. He really was. He made me laugh all the time. and I know people um kind of, uhh, think of him as being very shy. If you didn’t know him—yes, he could give that off. But if you did know him, he was quite silly and very funny and would crack a lot of jokes, and umm(Nona starts to get choked up) and I’m sure that’s another thing I’ll miss a lot.

ROLAND: He also was a very private man

NONA: Extremely. Extremely private. Umm, it’s funny that you use that word because the very first time that we spoke, I said “I know that you’re a very private person.” Umm, because he had asked me to kind of, um, write em’ a letter. And, umm, uhh, you know, so I did, but It was very, it was kind of a very private thing—our correspondence. And, umm you know. I think he kind of enjoyed his privacy. It was very, it was very interesting for me, because I was 17. I’d never experienced anything like…him. and you know, I never will again. He was amazing and one of a kind and we’ve lost an incredibly wonderful and talented man—an icon.

Like I said, it’s been very difficult but he’s in a better place now. He’s with everybody else, who’s left to early, you know?  I think maybe there up there jamming. I hope so. That’s what I like to think about is everybody together; my father, Michael and now Prince. You know. Being free of anything that’s painful or uncomfortable on this earth. That we uh, have to deal with.