and i honestly didn't want to ruin it

Voltron Characters w/ Random Things I've Said/Heard/Seen
  • <p> <b>Allura:</b> I'm beauty, I'm grace. I'm not afraid to kick you in your face.<p/><b>Coran:</b> That wasn't me guys, I swear. You have no evidence, so it wasn't me.<p/><b>Haggar:</b> They call me a witch, and I can't entirley say they're wrong. I mean, I do some creepy stuff sometimes.<p/><b>Hunk:</b> Do you know how they buy coffee in space? With...Starbucks.<p/><b>Keith:</b> I didn't come out of the closet by will- I accidently fell out loud and ungracefully.<p/><b>Lance:</b> My ego is a façade to hide all my insecurities.<p/><b>Lotor:</b> Oh great. Now this huge responsibility and expectation has fallen upon me, and I honestly don't know what to do with it.<p/><b>Matt:</b> I used to be adorable, but now everyone just wants to touch my butt.<p/><b>Shiro:</b> My one true love is the void.<p/><b>Pidge:</b> Error: Your petty drama does not compute.<p/><b>Varkon:</b> I can be intimidating! *throws his own teddy bear at your face*<p/><b>Zarkon:</b> Well I had a plan, but now they are all ruined by my obsession.<p/></p>

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Hi can you write some hcs with the six of them in a high school au with all the ships if you cant its fine

k here we go

- kaz is definitely the shifty kid that everyone sort of avoids because they don’t want him to ruin their existence. but, of course, he is the person others come to whenever they need something which might not be 100% legal (or even 10% legal lmao)

- jesper is kaz’s mainstay and the two of them are forever getting into trouble.

- he is also notorious for sleeping around and it seems that nobody can resist him. no seriously, he once seduced the #nohomo dudebro quarterback at a party. 

- nina is taken out of her fancy private day-school because of her father’s new job and is shocked at what a mess her new high school in ketterdam is.

- within her first few days there kaz approaches her at lunch and sits himself down opposite her.

- round about the same time inej also switches to this school because she absolutely hated her old high school. 

- kaz “i am immune to anybody’s charms” brekker looks at her once and decides that she will become a part of his surprisingly successful business in dealing pot and blackmail-worthy gossip and never getting caught.

- our boy also keeps getting dress-coded for wearing his black leather gloves. but he’s just disgusted by all the dirt and the dirty people lmao

- apparently kaz is a gang member, but who even knows.

- the innocent exchange student matthias is SHOOK when he arrives in ketterdam high school and sees what he has just signed up for. 

- the second she sees him, nina makes a beeline for matthias. she asks him to homecoming and prom with 0 shame and he is SO turned on by it omg. (he’s used to being in charge and is a go-getter + he’s super masculine to look at and not the most approachable guy)

- wylan is the shy artsy type who was taken out of his ridiculously expensive private school because of bad exam results.

- jesper loves making wylan blush bc a.) he’s very very cute and b.) jesper just can’t help himself

- wylan’s bad exam results continue, but he is incredible at music and is in the marching band (sadly, people see it as another reason to make fun of him???) and jesper feels bad about embarrassing wylan by his flirting. so he talks to him and the two immediately click. 

- kaz aces every exam without ever studying, inej is impressed while poring over books for hours on end. she is definitely the studious type.

- she gets mad kaz for wanting to take her on indefinitely long roadtrips all the time because, unlike him, she doesn’t have a photographic memory

- kaz thinks school pride is nonsense, as is the fuss made over football. he still goes to every game to look down, despising everything (inej is a cheerleader so our boy can fool nobody about why exactly he goes to the games)

- they always walk around school in dramatic triangle formation with kaz at the tip

- nobody dares to tease wylan after kaz starts hanging around with him. honestly, being one of kaz’s crew is like a protective shield bc everybody fears him. (i don’t want to go into how many dark secrets he exposed and thereby ruined people’s lives)

- every single sports team is pushing matthias to join them and he’s like “please leave me alone”

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(TG spoilers) I feel like Kaneki actually had feelings for Hide, however he didn't want to ruin his friendship or make anything awkward. Also the wording in one of the last panels: "I'd be consumed with the desire to see him again." You don't throw those words around lightly! Maybe Ishida is planning on bringing him back in some way?

honestly jokes an shippin aside, i’m more of a suspicious “i’ll believe it when i see it/the author says so” mindset when it comes to lgbt stuff, so i’m p sure that wouldn’t be ishidas actual intention, but. doesn’t mean u can’t see it that way/it doesn’t come off that way.

BUT omg i love the idea of kaneki having a one sided crush on hide!! like it makes sense too?? hides literally the healthiest, most loving, closest relationship he’s ever had in his very sad, lonely life. and he’s the one person kanekis…you know, let close to him, let know him. and kaneki obvs admires him an has a lot of love for him.

i get sad thinking abt bb kaneki, in love, knowing his feelings aren’t returned ;0; only feeling at home when he’s w hide, havin nothing else in his life that feels that good and safe

i’m sure he will at some point tho!! :’D ishda sure is making ppl wait.

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Yes, it's true. I did plagiarized your story I seriously didn't mean it. It was a dumb mistake I just didn't have any good ideas at the time and this story sounded good so posted and changed the character name I know this is a terrible excuse but I'm truely sorry, I made sure to delete the smut and honestly every other story that I've written are not by other writers, I promise you... ~Thegirlthatlikesasianboys ❤

Regardless of not having ideas, you don’t steal from someone else. Your excuse is pure bullshit, you just wanted to be recognized for writing quality fics which it seems that you’re incapable of doing so. Now I’m just being civil bc I’m not trying to ruin your day. But that’s exactly what I’m trying to do. If yo ass had any damn sense, you could’ve wrote a fic like that and CREDITED Lily. Stealing was your ‘only’ route out bc yo ‘no talent’ having ass had nothing better to do. Get all the way the fuck outta here with that shit. You lucky she won’t sue ya thieving ass.

- soul 👻

Here’s a few tips doll: there’s these things called prompts & AUs and there are multiple blogs that post and produce them to share ideas for writers who don’t have ideas. So go follow one, and give them CREDIT for THEIR ideas. Stay the fuck off of this blog and any of our sister blogs and write your own shit. Not too hard, right? I was a lot less nice when I first saw your message this morning but now I feel bad for you and your lack of uniqueness and quality, after seeing it was MULTIPLE FICS and after reading your FAKE ASS APOLOGY. Delete them all and not just Lily’s and sit the fuck down and produce your own work. 

 -Blossom 🌸

I’m sitting here, trying to think of what I should say then I realized…

you’re irrelevant, lack ingenuity, talent, and you do not deserve my time.  


In this moment I’m still far too pissed to adequately express myself without hurting your feelings as deeply as you’ve hurt me. So I’m going to come back later on and really make sure you understand what you’ve done. –Lily.

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Why do Gemini's get angry so easily? I texted my Gemini bf to forget about him calling me later since he didn't want to and he sent a text that he's done with me and that I ruined things, advice on how to communicate with this sign after an argument?

Honestly, I’m easily angered myself.. I had to learn how to control my unneeded anger. I think it’s a self-security thing in relationships though, if he’s feeling like something off or isn’t right then he’s going to instead be angry and gloomy, because he’s probably living and pushing himself away from you with the misconception that you wouldn’t understand him if he was to express his anger.

  • what she says: I'm fine
  • what she means: I don't understand why Disney Channel didn't pick up the Phil of the Future movie that the writers had planned where Phil and Keely end up together, especially because fans of the show wanted to see them endgame, not watch them leave each other. Was it because the cast didn't want to reprise their roles or because Disney Channel didn't think people would be interested? Why weren't Phil and Keely given the ending they deserved that played out on screen?

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let's not think about how many times mike must have come into al's locker room looking like a kicked puppy over the years

You mean this look

Because I don’t even want to contemplate it anon. Think about how many beers they drank. Think about how Al was the first person Mike told about how Rachel and he were “taking a break” and then told him again when that break turned permanent. 

I am just really…devastated about Mike “I ruin everything” Lawson because he deserves to be loved. He deserves to be happy. 

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I get it Lucas is a confused teenager etc etc but "I don't know anymore" is a pretty douchie thing to say to your date at midnight when she asks who is he saving the spot for. Don't u think it was a bit insensitive of Lucas to say that he is confused(on their date) when Maya explicitly said that she liked him? Why couldn't he just kept the confusion to himself till he figured it out. He didn't care how Maya would feel when she learns about his indecisiveness. He was like "I dunno hehehe"

Ya know, I much prefer him being honest with her, don’t you? Maya is the first and ONLY person so far who has even remotely ASKED Lucas how he feels—would you rather he lied to her? They communicated effectively and honestly on the rooftop (better than Riley and Lucas ever have when it comes to romance, tbh), why would you want that ruined with a lie? (And she wasn’t even his official “date,” they arrived separately, remember?)

And it’s not like he’s the only one who’s a little confused…


Ran 6 mind-numbing miles on the treadmill at the gym this evening and something came to mind towards the end of the run. There was a good possibility that I could’ve been one of the most experienced athletes, endurance or otherwise, in the gym during my workout.

That’s pretty fucking cool.

I have no idea if I’ve ever shared it, but I keep a memory of my “Day 1” with me stored in my phone. I can honestly remember trying to figure out the buttons on the treadmill, full of self-doubt, decked out in my all-black Nike apparel (because black is slimming or something, right?), like it was yesterday.

So fucking cool.

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Okay so my best friend, that I have had a crush on a couple of times but not anymore, just admitted that he used to like me as well but he didn't do anything because he didn't want to ruin our friendship. And then he told me he loved me and he missed talking to me but he just got out of a relationship and I'm honestly so confused on what to do I'm getting so many mixed signals. I guess what I'm really asking is what would you do if you were in this situation!? Thanks Love your blog by the way :)

Mixed signals suck! If you are confused about your feelings for him, it’s okay to take things slow and even experimenting is alright. If I was you and confused, I would probably go into a “relationship” without the titles, and that can help confirm feelings or make you realize you don’t really like him that way anymore. 

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I think the reason why Kishi didn't make Naruto confess his feelings to Sakura is because Naruto is a selfless guy like that, he just wants to see her happy. He sees that she and Sasuke are finding happiness (not directly but I'm pretty sure it happens somewhere along) and he doesn't want to ruin it because he knows if he confesses it'll hurt Sakura (because she'll feel guilty for not feeling the same) so he doesn't and after a long time, he moves on. And then there's Hinata to comfort him.

exactly, that’s honestly what i believe too..and it makes it hurt even more because..damn, naruto you are one selfless guy..