and i honestly advise you not to read it

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Hi there. How are you? I just want to thank you for your advise on "everything everything", I have a chronic disease and after reading a book like that, I could only fell worst about myself, and angry like you said. Not everyone have the chance of a miracle cure :(

Honestly read under rose-tainted skies. Changed my life. Representation is so important xxx

Heaux Fa Sho'...Ho Tactics and other Ho Reads

Pleased to see so many sb’s getting into the swing of things with reading one of my favorite heaux books, Ho Tactics. I have been telling girls to read this book since last summer, but I see some of you ladies just needed to experience the book on your own time. If you haven’t read the book I highly advise you read it. You don’t have to be a Sb to utilize the lessons within the book, honestly I feel all women should have this in their book collection. It is an authentic perspective on how men way too often view women and how to stay steps ahead of the games and manipulation that play.

I think I am most pleased because the book is actually written by a man and he doesn’t sugar coat anything (see what I did there lol). He also has another book called “Solving Single: How to Get the Ring and Not the Runaround”. That is also a great and informative read. If you still need more advice from this brilliant author go over to his blog He has plenty of posts from dating, breakups, Ho tactics, relationships whatever. If you look close he also has added extra chapters that compliment his books. One is called “Dick Tactics” and runs about $5.99. I highly recommend you purchase and read this as well. If you are new to the sugar bowl, seasoned vet, or just getting back into the swing of the dating world you should read what he has to say. Over are the days of Steve Harvey sprinkling fairy dust in your eyes, get on board with G.L. Lambert a Ho Mentor lol.

(Anyone is free to lecture me if i got anything wrong or if I’m being blatantly ignorant)

I recently read this interview with a danish Muslim (Isam B form the band Outlandish) and he told the reporter that Islam advises you to sit down when you’re angry, because when you’re angry you cannot make any good decisions.

… And I honestly haven’t heard anything this cute in a while, and it urged me to draw this, because imagine if Avdol sat down every time he snapped in the show, that’d be r a d

Some Advise For Newly Discovered & Questioning Fictionkin

- This should go without saying yet time and time again people don’t do it - do some research into fictionkin before deciding you are fictionkin. And I do not mean just spending an hour or so on someone’s personal blog. Honestly, the more you read (especially outside of tumblr…) the better. Yes, looking for good and accurate information on fictionkin can be very hard (and you are going to have to keep an eye out for fluff and misinformation) , but it’s just something that really needs to be done.  

- Thoroughly weed out the possibility that you are just really only just identifying with or connecting with a character or species. Fictional characters in media are often portrayed to be relatable and the human brain is very good at making connections to characters. Please do not assume that you are the odd person out of the bunch that won’t change your mind or not feel  the way you are feeling out several weeks or months down the road. (This is another reason why you should take your time when considering if you are fictionkin or not.)  

- Check to make sure the reason you identify as a fictional species or character so much isn’t because of some mythical inspiration. Many fictional species are based on mythical or real-life creatures or ideas in some combination or another. [For example, you’ve come across Spice and Wolf and you are really identifying as Holo - there is just something about seeing yourself as a wolf shaped harvest spirit/deity. Before taking that at face value, look into the folklore creature that inspired her species. Corn-wolves (and wheat-wolves specifically) may be why you identify as/with Holo so much rather than actually being Holo fictionkin.]

- Before concluding  you are fictonkin, analyze your source. Find every scrap of information on the species or character you are questioning and pick it a part critically. [For example, a raichu fictionkin picking apart every physical feature of raichu and comparing them to any phantom limb experiences then moving on and analyzing behavior traits, etc.]

- To add to this when analyzing your source - look for things that could prove you wrong. Don’t ignore anything that doesn’t fit or seem right corresponding with your identity. Hunt for those things! Pick them apart and consider them.  

- Take a break and take your time. Way too often, people jump on the idea that something is a kintype before giving themselves any time to analyze themselves and giving themselves time to step away and think for a while. Figuring out your identity and sense of self is not a race. Don’t treat it like one. Take your time. It’s way better to be overly through and very skeptical now rather than thinking about that later. You will be doing yourself a favor by taking the time to be critical now before you grab hold of a label and start trying to use it.  

- Finally as a last bit of advice for this post, consider going on an otherkin forum and asking to be questioned. Yes, joining a  forum and saying “I’m questioning being fictionkin, question me” is intimidating but if you can’t answer even the most basic of questions that should indicate a problem to you right away. Also, if you can hold your own against the most skeptical of otherkin, that too can show you much.

Infatuation (Jimin x OC) Part 4

A/N: I honestly do not know what I was thinking as I wrote this. I don’t know know what to think about when it comes to this part. I don’t know, you guys be the judge! But as I promised, I have finally finished part 4! Here it is, I hope you like it!

(By the way, I did choose a song that is perfect for the next parts of Infatuation. I advise you to listen to this, because it surely made me tear up a bit. But, anyway, you can continue reading!)

Parts: 1 | 2 | 3 (Sneak Peak) | 3 | 4 (Sneak Peak) | 4 | Part 5 Sneak Peak | 5 | 6 Sneak Peak | 6 | Epilogue

infatuation pt. 4

“Meet Park Jimin, he will be your new co-worker in the company.”

Eunji’s palms grew sweaty, and she pinched herself just to make sure that she wasn’t dreaming again. But no, it was real. He was real.

Jimin completely abandoned his man candy appearance. He was wearing his glasses again, wearing the same baggy office pants with a somewhat tight polo. His hair was dyed brown, completely neglecting his red hair.

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Infatuation (Jimin x OC) Part 3

A/N: By popular demand that I didn’t quite expect, I finally bring to you, part 3. I’ve gotten so many messages about Infatuation and to be honest, I just began crying tears of joy. No lie. I guess I was just so happy and this was honestly so unexpected. I never expected so much to read this, and I’m just so glad that you guys enjoy it. Thank you so much guys, I could never thank you enough. Anyway, I hope you like part 3!

(Before reading on, I totally advise you to listen to this. I was listening to this as I wrote part 3, and it gave me the extra feels. Feel free to put this on repeat, it intensifies it even more.) 

Parts: Part 1 | Part 2 | Part 3 Sneak Peak | Part 3 | Part 4 Sneak Peak | Part 4 | Part 5 Sneak Peak | Part 5 | Part 6 Sneak Peak | Part 6 | Epilogue

infatuation pt. 3

She opened the fifth drawer of her desk, revealing another set of untouched pens and a stack of lined paper. She grabbed the pens and put them into the huge cardboard box along with the rest of her stuff. At least those untouched pens will be in good use for her new job.

“A resignation letter?” Her boss, Lee Sunghyun, asked with surprise in his voice. “Is there any reason as to why you’re suddenly leaving the company?”

Eunji avoided eye contact, fiddling with her fingers as she replied, “no, sir. I was offered a position at the Wired.”

He nodded his head understandingly, “and you’re taking the position?”

“Yes, sir. I hope you understand.” She looked up at him, smiling sadly, “my experience here was absolutely amazing and I never regretted obtaining a position here.”

“I’m glad that you got a position at the Wired,” he smiled, “it gives a good reflection on our company.”

“I’ll start packing my stuff tomorrow morning, if you don’t mind.” She insisted as he nodded, “tomorrow morning as in before the office opens.”

“Oh, sure.” He chuckled, “do you really want to leave that soon?”

She bit her lip, shaking her head, “Oh, no, I don’t mean it that way. I just, I don’t want to get any attention.”

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