and i heard this song

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a concept: lance n keith get stuck somewhere together n start talkin about the mission, home, themselves, etc. lance indirectly mentions his Big insecurities n tries to laugh it off but keith Immediately picks up on that shit. they start arguing n lance yells abt how unimportant he is compared to the others. n keith shouts over him 'you /are/ important to us. you're important to me'. cue keith initiating a hug (awkwardly) n lance just clings to him bc wow it's been a while since he's heard that

i love this song


Mihotose no Komoriuta [Preview]

Not the best vocals I’ve heard from these boys, but the song is just really cute!

(As of now I have no clue what the actual title of this song is…)

today i was singing along to paper hearts and someone asked me who sings it and i had a breakdown like how do i sound normal explaining that i’ve literally never heard the original song and i have no idea who sings it i’ve only ever heard jungkook’s version


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I heard a song by xDEFCONx and for some reason I thought it fit Lacie really well… She’s also the first CS parent to be drawn!

After her husband died, she really doesn’t feel like she’s worth anything. She has a great relationship with her kid, all their friends love her, but she just… Doesn’t think she’s good enough.

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Oh my god, you started learning Hungarian for the exact same reason I did. Except that I heard the song while living abroad in Estonia for a year, and ever since I have not been able to contain my excitement for the Hungarian language. It's so beautiful and nice, and I honestly wish more people would pay attention to the language.

Ooh, high five my friend! I agree, Hungarian deserves more love. 

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Hi! If you're willing to write it, can I request something (with Zen in it) based on these sentences? "Take it slow and let time heal everything." and "They say that time flies, but you keep breaking its wings." I heard this one song and I especially love this part. Thank you :D

Sorry for the long wait! This was interesting to write (though the way I interpreted those lines may be different from what you interpreted); nevertheless, I hope it’s to your liking. Thank you for requesting!

They say that time heals all wounds, but how long does it take to heal a broken heart? To heal oneself when one’s entire self-worth and confidence was stripped down to nothing? Every second. Every minute. Every hour, day, week that passed by, nothing seemed to improve for Zen. Perhaps the teenager should have put more thought into his decision for running away, but he doesn’t regret his choice, and he believes he never will. He couldn’t bear another moment in that household.

The first few days were decent enough, still hyped up from the adrenaline of finally taking control of his life. But then the struggles with money and basic necessities started to arise, coupled with years of pent up stress and frustration, Zen broke down. Lashed out.

The male thought he could be fine on his own, but he was mistaken. Zen thought that if he took things slowly, he’ll be able to live a proper life. His own life. To build himself up to obtain his dreams, but maybe that was just wishful thinking. Wasn’t time supposed to fly when you’re having fun? Zen was finally free, so then why did it feel like he was still chained down?

Zen would never harm an unsuspecting civilian, but that still didn’t stop him from trying to instigate a fight with whoever looked tough. The aspiring actor didn’t really remember much, but he lay on the side of the street in the pouring rain, all bruised and bloodied from a fight he underestimated, especially after considering that he was on the brink of starvation.

For a moment, Zen truly believed he was going to die there, but then the sound of a motor filled his ears, and somehow…it gave him hope. It hurt to move, but even so, the teenager lifted his head to see who it was that would be witnessing him at his lowest. The aspiring actor never expected it to be someone teeming with confidence in the way they carried themself. Confidence which Zen lacked himself.

You mounted yourself off your motorbike and removed your helmet, peering down at the male before you, your leather jacket weighing heavily on you from the rain. Crouching down, you place a gloved hand on the teenager’s cheek to guide his face to look at you, and you ask, “do you want to live?

Silver (James x MC)

Summary: Breaking up with James. Finally.

Author’s note: The first time I heard this song, I felt liberated. “Silver” by Waxahatchee, while a breakup song, isn’t a mopey one. The lyrics capture the melancholy of splitting up with someone, but more importantly, the hope in moving on. Title is inspired by the song. Text in italics are lyrics from the song. (Rating: T)


Silver (James x MC)

I stare at myself / The whole world keeps turning / I went out in the storm / I felt the house burning

“I think we should break up.” These were the words that welcomed James yesterday. He was sitting on the edge of your bed, hoping for a reconciliation. You were hoping for one, too. Even after you came back from L.A., you missed him badly. But during his surprise visit at the suite, you were surprised yourself by the absence of emotions within you. You know you loved him, and now… you don’t.

The kiss on my lips starts to feel unfamiliar / A part of me rots / My skin all turns silver.

You put on your earphones and begin your morning run around campus. The crisp air eases your senses and encourages you to pick up the pace. James had been a big part of your freshman year. He was a great friend, a wonderful mentor – one who helped find your writing voice, and best of all, a sweet boyfriend. He loved you.

But did he really?, you ask yourself as you run around a bend.

While trust takes some time to build, you couldn’t help but feel he never fully trusted you, or even trusted the thought of trusting you. It happened the first time with Vasquez’s secret. It happened again with your warnings about Yasmin. Your heart winces a little at the thought, but you keep running.

You tell a classic story / Smothered underneath formality / I’ll portray the old shag carpet / You can walk all over me

After he left your suite last night, you took a shower and had a long, sad cry. It helped. There was a lot of hurt you had pushed down inside you, and they were resurfacing. You cried, even more than the last time you had cooled off in the second quarter. But as soon as you turned off the shower, you were good. It was closure. It was done. It was enough. 

You could finally admit it to yourself – you knew even before that your relationship with James wouldn’t work out. It was a thought that nagged you from time to time, one that you buried under wishes and hopes, under the role of being the supportive girlfriend. 

You slow down the pace and even out your breathing. There was no denying your chemistry with James was off the charts, but somehow you felt he was often holding back with you. He said it himself last night – he hadn’t trusted you enough to be vulnerable with you. That’s what hurt the most.

If I turn to stone / The whole world keeps turning / I went out in the storm / And I’m never returning

But it’s okay. It’s all good.

You’re surprised by how peaceful you feel this morning. This is how you know you made the right decision for yourself. You’re ready to write a new chapter. 

You run past the football field, past the coffee shop, the library, the fountain. Familiar faces are welcoming the day with you, and you give them a slight wave.

You smile as you feel the slight breeze on your face. You feel the burn in your legs and you push. This new, upcoming quarter – you know it’s going to rock. You know and believe it with all your heart.

Sunlight is beaming through the trees, lighting up the path before you. You open your arms wide and welcome the warmth on your skin. You run, and you run, and you run.

And you soar.


For more fanfic inspired by Choices, click here.

It was testing of brushes in Krita (i need more practice in it)
I was siting with my cat and watching stream. And in it i heard cool song ( The Other Side Of Paradise - Glass Animals ).
So, it’s a part of Newt’s wet dream about Herm and his cane and Newt’s jealousy
PS: what common between art and song? Nothing…
PSS: But it’s not exactly

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Are you a Rush fan? If yes, I am too!

I do like Rush! I’m not like a hardcore fan though, and can’t name more than a couple of their songs, but I haven’t heard a Rush song I don’t like!

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Since you mentioned you were listening to friends at the table, have you gotten to episode 21 yet? Lem's poem reminded me so much of your songs when I first heard it and I wanted to know if you had any thoughts on it

i just listened and gosh thank you because it was beautiful :’) <3

5 things

I got tagged by @phanielintheden​ thank you so much! Sorry that it took so long

5 things you’ll find in my bag

My phone
A pen
For some reason there’s always a small box of candy

5 things you’ll find in my bedroom

My guitar even though I can’t play it
A lot of plushies
I have too many magnets attached to my bed

5 things I’ve wanted to do in life

Travel to North America and Japan
Meet Bastille
Learn to speak German fluently
Learn to code and other computer stuff like programming
See Of Monsters And Men live

5 things that make me happy

My friends
Finding new music

5 things on my to-do list

School stuff
Learn to play a few songs on piano
Clean my room
Practice guitar
Watch all the shows that I’ve been planning to watch

5 things that I’m currently into

Star Wars 
Making playlists of songs that I haven’t heard before
PC games and modding them

5 things that people might not know about me

I used to play basketball 
I’m like 5′2 or 158cm
When I was younger I was worried about never having a good taste in music
I love wearing dresses and skirts
My first proper album was Native by OneRepublic

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