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day 6/??? of ultimate bias: Lee Jaehwan

Imagine complimenting Sebastian on his thick, built up body.

“Damn Sebastian, you’re pretty ripped. Nice thick legs by the way,” You smirked.

“Oh my God, you’re embarrassing me,” He laughed while blushing.


Park Jimin, the guy who has everything, and yet nothing all at once.  He easily manipulates others by his looks alone, ensuring his desires are within reach. His sweet, angelic smile capturing the eyes of all who see it, everyone falling for the gentle curve of his lips. His soft spoken words mesmerizing the ears who are lucky enough to hear it. The tiniest sway of his hips and the lingering, featherlike touches sealing the deal of the game he lays out, confident that he will come out victorious at the end of the day. And he does. At the young age of 24, Jimin has found life boring. He takes it upon himself to seek out enjoyment in others, making it a game. He picks his target, seduces them, beds them, and sneaks out with their wallet in hand. Welcome to the game of Park Jimin.

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  soooo…. i decided there was a need?? for a group chat where we basically ask “who wants to be tagged in my alskaslkdj edit” so ?? uh  i made one ( ( the net is literally called bullshit™ and @zabiniblaise thought it was ok sooo


- be a content creator! ( post writing / edits, if ur in my fandoms it’d be obvs better )

- if u would follow me it’d be gret but like its kind of optional

- reblog this post

- you need to have discord!

- please be active in the gc. if u havent spoken in 2 weeks ( like unless nobody has spoken ) u will be kicked!!

- send me an ask with ur edit tag!!! and i’ll respond w/ the link

Hello my lovely little beans since i havent done any kind of celebration or event for this blog for what seems like years i have decided i am now going to be doing Blogs of the Month!!! (also how extra am i with this banner ik) 


  • must be following this gal 
  • maybe check out my youtube channel? pretty pls? (optional)
  • reblog this post, likes only count as bookmarks 
  • entries end on 30th April

please put the category you want to be in the tags you can apply for two categories if you want but you cannot win two categories. 


  • harry potter blog
  • multifandom blog 
  • original creations (includes writing) 

please put your creations tag in the tags 

what i am looking for: 

  • kind, friendly and active bloggers
  • i’ll also be looking at the overall blog which will include icon, posts, and themes (how organised or neat it is) 

prizes undercut

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Imagine Harry staring at you like this while imagining all of the dirty things he wants to do to you. (; 

(A/n: Sorry I havent posted. Laptop is coming on the 20th! So happy. Also, im going to the noblesville, Indiana 5sos concert. anyone else going?  Should I do more imagines like these? )