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minor characters: colin creevey

the world looks so much more beautiful through the lens of my camera,
moments held still - captured, frozen forever in pristine silence 
just like the non-existent beating of my heart.

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mingyu + wonwoo for dazed

hey so i just finally dropped my yugbam fic after months! it’s on ao3 and i hope u enjoy if u read! @legit-min-yoongi-trash-tho helped me so much by proof reading n giving me tips n i love u w all my grateful heart,,


name: i’m glad that the ‘pull’ was incoherent

summary: JULY 24TH, 1:00am: Bambam, a young aspiring fashion designer with anxiety who is seconds from a panic attack, leaves his bedroom through the window.
1:20am: Yugyeom, a young aspiring dancer who will do anything for college money, watches as a boy walks straight into the door of the isolated petrol station he works at.
1:24am: History is made, as both lives are changed forever.

Happy Birthday Papa (unintentional part 2)

Warning: slight angst, fluff

Pairing: Bucky x reader, rest is platonic

A/n: I honestly didn’t know if this was going to be a part 2 to Happy Birthday Papa. I know I have a bunch of other fics I should be working on but I felt like I had to write this. Today would have been my dads 57th birthday. Also sorry i havent posted a story in forever, I have been trying my hardest to write

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 Happy Birthday Papa

               It was another year after your father passed away. Another year he wasn’t going to be able to celebrate his birthday. Clint was protective over you just as much as last year. Things seem better this year for you and this made you slightly happy. You were sent on a mission with a couple of the new recruits and were unable to do your Disney movie marathon like you wanted the day after Valentine’s Day but that didn’t stop Clint from having it all set up when you got back to the compound a few days later. This year, you had managed to stay out of your room to celebrate Steve’s birthday with everyone along with the 4th of July.

               Unfortunately both Clint and Nat were sent on a mission yesterday. You weren’t too happy about it but there was nothing you could do. You tried to sit out in the living room with Wanda, Vision, Bucky, Steve, and Sam but you felt the overwhelming weight of wanting to hide from everyone and cry. After some time, you quietly got up from your seat and without a word to the others made your way towards your room. With every step it became harder to hold back the tears that you felt stinging your eyes. Once you were on the other side of your door, you let the tears fall freely as your hand grabbed your fathers’ ashes that hung around your neck. What you didn’t know was that Sam and Bucky looked at each other with a confused look on their faces.

*3rd Person*

               “What was that about?” Sam asked as his confused expression changed to one of concern for his favorite female team mate. He saw her as a little sister who annoyed the hell out of their older sibling.

               Steve looked at Wanda then at Sam. “It would have been her father’s birthday today. Last year was horrible for her, she locked herself in her room for almost a whole week. She thought she would bring the mood down last year with the 4th of July and my birthday going on.”

               Bucky sat there, thinking of what he should do or even say. He had seen her break down some after she couldn’t save a group of people but this was much more than that, more personal. He also knew that Nat would hurt any of them if they tried to hurt her.

               “What are you thinking about over there Bucky?” Bucky looked up and looked at Wanda.

               Without saying a word, Bucky got up and walked off. None of the others knew where he was going. He walked down the hall, in the same direction of her room. Trying to think of what he was going to say to her to help comfort her.

               He stopped right in front of her room when he heard her crying. From the sound of it, she wasn’t right behind the door leaning on it. He breathed in deeply and knocked on the door, waiting for a response. After a few moments, he was met with silence. He decided to knock one more time, he was met with the same silence as before.

               “(Y/n), it’s me, Bucky.” He waited a few moments before he spoke again. “(Y/n), Doll, can I come in?” When he was met with silence once again, he reached for the door handle and waiting another moment before pushing the door open. The sight he saw almost killed him. (Y/n) was curled up in a ball on her bed, shoulders shaking as she cried to herself.

               Without thinking, he stepped closer to her silently and carefully picked her up. He pulled her into his lap as he sat against the headboard. She buried her face into his chest and wrapped her arms around his waist as if he was her life line to reality, shocking Bucky for a moment before he protectively wrapped his arms around her. Her tears soaked through his shirt which didn’t even faze him in the least.

               The two stayed that way for who knows how long. (Y/n) hadn’t told anyone but she had been harboring feelings for the man who she currently clung to. It wouldn’t surprise her if Clint and Nat knew.

               (Y/n) picked her head up and looked at Bucky with watery and red eyes. He lifted one hand and wiped the tears from under her eyes. “What made you come here, Buck?”

               “I couldn’t let my girl be alone to cry like this until she made herself sick especially after finding out what today is.” Bucky held her cheek for a moment as what he said registered in her mind.

               “Your girl?” She looked at him confused which only caused him to chuckle a bit.

               “Yes, my girl.” He stroke her cheek with his thumb as he spoke. “I’ve seen you after a few of your missions and I’ve wanted to be there to comfort you but Clint or Nat was always right there. I wouldn’t have stood a chance with them being as protective of you as they are.” This made her smile, a genuine smile for the first time that day. “I’ve been wanting to….”

               She gently placed her lips to his, cutting him off mid-sentence. Shocking him for a moment before he began to kiss her back. After a moment, she pulled back enough to look at him in those gorgeous eyes of his.

               “You know, you talk too much for a guy having a sweet moment.” She giggled a little with a smile playing across her lips. “I say, we can do dinner tomorrow night if you don’t get called for a mission but for now let’s watch a movie.”

               “Anything you want, Doll.” He smirked down at her. “What would you like to watch?”


               “Yes, Miss (L/n).”

               “Please play my Harry Potter movie list.”

               “Would you like to resume from where you left off or would you like me to start it from the beginning?”

               “From the beginning, thank you.” She smirked and looked at Bucky who had a confused look on his face. “What?”

               “I thought you were wanting to watch your Disney movies.”

               “My dad also liked the Harry Potter movies. Hell, he read all seven books after I got him into it.” She giggled as she remembered how it happened.

               Bucky didn’t give her much time to think on the memory, he pulled her back into his side. She laid her left arm across his abdomen as his flesh hand sat on top her arm.

               The two of them managed to get through the first four movies before (Y/n) fell asleep tucked into Bucky’s side and Bucky instinctively had his arms wrapped protectively around her sleeping form. Which didn’t go unnoticed by Sam, who took a picture of the pair and sent it to Clint and Nat before he walked back towards the living room.

               “I take it you found where Buck went off to.”

               “Yup. Your boy is with (Y/n) in her room.” Steve looks at Sam.

               “It’s about time they confessed to each other.” Wanda made both guys look at her confused. “What? Did you two not know that they both had feelings for one another?” When both men didn’t say anything the answer was clear.

               “I have seen Mr. Barnes look longingly at Miss (L/n), especially when he thinks Mr. Barton or Miss Romanoff are not looking. All while Miss (L/n) looks at Mr. Barnes the same way when she thinks no one is paying attention.”

               “See, even Vision can clearly see that they have feelings for each other. How is it that you two are completely oblivious?” She stood up from her seat on the couch and looked back at both of them. “You know what, don’t answer that.” Then she walked out of the room.

               Moments later Steve received a text from Nat which caused him to look a bit scared.

               “What’s wrong man?” Without saying anything, Steve shows Sam the text which caused him to sigh.

               “’If he hurts her, we are coming for both of you.’ Well that didn’t go as I had thought.” Steve looked at him. “What? I didn’t expect her to want to kill us after I sent that pic to both her and Clint.”

               “Well there isn’t much we can do now. Now we have to wait and see what happens.”