and i havent finished them yet


“Gon, You are light. Sometimes you shine so brightly, I must look away. But even so, is it still okay for me to stay by your side?

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Oooh really?! Have you posted any of your fanfics? I'd love to read them!

I UH i havent finished my first one yet ahahahah

along with being a slow artist, im a slow writer as well. ah, perfectionism. you should see me doing my eyeliner in the morning. yeesh.


So I finished working on the silhouette designs and I’m happy with how they look! I haven’t got a name for any of them yet but I’ve got a basic backstory for each of them and a starting plot for how they all join together but if I told the story it would be spoilers. If you’ve got a good name idea hook me up though! 

The lady with the umbrella is the leader and she controls the weather and stuff. shes basically the team mum, a very tidy person, and often calls herself a babysitter. 

The one with the guitar creates sonic blast waves and her guitar is also a whip which I’m really excited to show the design for. shes young and inexperienced. She’s kinda messy and the umbrella lady is often being a mother to her. 

The one with the gauntlets is strong (duh) and a very close quarters fighter who’s gloves can also hack things. She’s a loud, ex boxer and very stubborn, often launching herself into every battle without thinking. It creates a few conflicts.   

The plant person controls plants and insects. They’re very quiet and to them self. they find it hard to join in with the other’s antics.

The hammer lady has a hammer (woah!) and she also creates force fields. She’s very calm and sensible gentle giant, normally being the sense of reason on the teams missions. To her the number one priority is to protect her friends. Her and umbrella lady are the oldest and get along the best.  


“Stop stealing adopting children.”

hidekane/hidehaise family! I was in the mood to doodle cute things soヽ(‘ ∇‘ )ノ

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The blue and red thing was unintentional

AAAH you people have such nice Oc’s, it kills me that I can’t draw ALL of them!  A couple of starry headshots, here be Dreadwings owned by princeturts and Sunset owned by dilettante-vigilante.

Thank you everyone for the wonderful (40+!) requests, for now I am Done taking requests.  I will be drawing a few others over the next few weeks, but please, no more.  (I’m not a machine okay)


twilight saga meme | 6/8 friendships/otps: carlisle/esme

“Love had changed them in an eternal way, a love that never faded. More than eighty years had passed since Carlisle found Esme, and yet he still looked at her with the incredulous eyes of first love. It would always be that way for them.”


i got a bunch of new pens recently so obviously i immediately used them on jojos 
(i love this gold pen)

a cheeky little wip that im almost done with! got a request for king au mavinseg (hell yeah) and i know they were like “ah you can do something silly or w/e” but ive never had them all in a post before and i havent done Michael and gav’s designs before so here’s just a gen. design of their formal attire in court complete with their crowns that i need to finish, and ignore the blue mist sucking meg’s soul out , in my verse She’s an illusionist (in respect to her cosplay skills) and i wanted to show her changing her dress and hair color but i havent gotten that quite down like it like it yet. Gav’s the toppest archer in all of Achievement city and bears the creeper tattoos of House Free on his face and those tattoos are kind of like conduits for his kryokinesis, Lindsay’s the vice-captain of the royal army under Ray so she’s got a sword in firebird colors, and Michael was a wild fucking thing before they found and took him into the achievement city fold so he still has the markings of his old tribe on his face. 

I should have the finished thing up tonight when i get off work

Commissions are also open, message me for deets. The speedpaint is also ready if you guys want it.

O K so real talk: DA:O romance system was LEGIT and I dont know why it wasnt continued in other games.
Like this is a post about why Andromeda sucks first off. But heres my grief today: Having Romance progression via story progression sucks!!!!
Like I miss being able to talk to my squad with blood splatter and dead bodies and hear them say smth like “thanks 4 bein a pal” like its funny but also its kind of nice because the player controls how the relationships progress.
You could rush it, slow burn it, whatever. It also kind of made it so things didnt feel so lacking.
Like Reyes vs Vetra:
Reyes is AMAZING and i loved romancing him but also his romance is handled alright, esp compared to Vetra. Theres constant flirting, good banter and build up. GRANTED I havent finished the game yet thats my observation of him.
Vetra however, its so…its not a slow burn because a slow burn actually got content to it. I literally run up to her every time on the tempest hoping for some new content or lines but I know that theres not gonna be SHIT unless I completed a Priority Ops missions.
Also her romance isnt even a romance until way longer into the game!! You cant even climb some damn rocks with her until after Hunting the Archon!!

I’m Sorry

I’m sorry for all I’ve done

For the fights and the pain

You do your best, you’re there for me

And to you I spin the blame

I’m angry, I’m violent

And not one to be near

And yet isolation

Is my biggest fear

I try so hard

To always be there for you

And I’m sorry

For all the shit I put you through

I ask for help

But then end up hurting even more

And cause even greater calamities 

Than there should have been before

I know you do your best

To always be there for me

And I know you’re not strong enough

To be the target of my screams

You shouldn’t feel bad

You shouldn’t hesitate

You shouldn’t fear coming to me

And facing my pointless hate

It shouldn’t fall to you

To bear the burdens of mine

And I want you to know that you can always come to me

At any place or time

I’m sorry if you feel

That I’m not open to you

I’ll always make time

To help you through

And I try to open myself

But I’ve always been in a shell

And I need your help

As I fall further down this well

Life will beat us down

Leave us bloody on the floor

But I know if we face Life together

We’ll come out stronger than before

Because on our own we fail

And the night hears naught but cries

But we are sisters

And as sisters we will rise.