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im really curious about how taako looks in your style :0

i havent drawn taako before so im not super clear on how to draw him?? 

i hope these are acceptable spicy tacos i couldnt pick a hair colour

I hate those arguments about how johnlock (BBC Sherlock) is more “revolutionary” than joanlock (Elementary) because they dismiss joanlock as “the same old shit” for being a “straight” relationship vs johnlock’s “gay” relationship and completely ignore that Joan is a WOC and an interracial “straight” relationship is different from a romance between a white woman and a white man.

East Asian women in (what society sees as) man/woman relationships in media is very different from white man/woman relationships. Many of these romances fetishize EA women and rely on racist tropes or turn them into racist caricatures through the “dragon lady” or “submissive doll” stereotypes.

Joan Watson is not (from what I’ve noticed anyway) like this. The friendship between her and Holmes doesn’t make her into less of a person and a potential romance between them isn’t going to do that either. 

A complex friendship between an East Asian woman and a white man where the East Asian woman is not fetishized is rare. You can’t dismiss joanlock for not being “revolutionary” when EA women have very few opportunities to see ourselves in any sort of relationship on screen where we are not dehumanized/sexualized/etc.

Yeah, m/m relationships in media are important. But you can’t call a ship between two underdeveloped white male characters “revolutionary” while dismissing a non-fetishistic relationship between a Chinese woman and her best friend as “the same old shit”.

Newspaper delivery

Me and my mom deliver newspaper every day from 3am-7 am for the past year. While the pay is great ($17/hr)it has alot of setbacks. We get payed 5cents for each paper and we have roughly around 375 houses we deliver to. My mom drives and throws paper while i roll the paper and throw as well. We used to get free bags to put the newspaper in for customers that had sprinklers but then they started charging us for the bags we need to do our job. Were also supposed to be getting a gas allowance but they ‘forget’ to include it. When customers complain to our boss we lose a $1. So that could add up. There was this one sunday where the newspaper ad had some really nice coupons and suddenly alot of ppl where saying they never got their newspaper. The manager will literally drive all the way to these people’s houses to verify if they received their paper and most of them havent even picked it up yet. So now if anyone pulls this stunt my mom takes pictures of the paper we throw in their driveways. When one said customer got caught in a lie we simply showed our evidence to our manager and he simply said to not give her another paper and keep the picture. Que the lady saying it was a breach of her privacy to take pictures of her house and how dare we say she was a liar! Sometimes i cant believe how much effort people will go through to get a free paper. A monthly subscription to our newspaper is about $14/month or $12/month for seniors. From monday through friday the paper is a $1. Saturday is $2 and sunday is $3. Thats how its priced when bought at stores and not delivered by us personally. This job has been killing me and my mom lately. Shes always sleep deprived and stressed out because this is the only job that would hire her. Shes applied everywhere but no one would take her. Just today i threw up twice because ive been sick for the past few days and i had to keep rolling and throwing the newspaper because we dont have a choice but to keep doing our job. When i got home i took some medicine and slept all day. Sorry i just needed to rant i dont wanna complain to my mom because i dont wanna stress her out anymore.

speaking of writing, this is my jee & woo fic concept idea, bearing in mind i havent yet seen/read all of jeeves and wooster, but

so john jeeves watson is a poor country lad who’s just itching for an interesting life, who steals a car and takes it on a joy ride. he’s caught, of course, barely even seems to mind. the judge gives him a choice between jail and army. he always knew he was destined to be a soldier like his father and his grandfather so he chose army- BUT SUDDENLY, the owner of the car FINALLY shows up in court. it’s the local ditzy posh boy extraordinaire himself, sherlock hooster, or “hooty” for short. he takes one look at this striking young man and asks the judge if there’s any way a new deal could be struck- whereupon it’s then decided john will be sherlock’s butler, but really it’s just an excuse for sherlock to have a live in friend and for john to have a nice place to stay. john doesn’t really mind, feeding sherlock and reminding him to take care of himself is actually quite nice, though neither remembers the dusting.
meanwhile sherlock’s meddling relatives are always throwing dinner parties in the country and accidentally getting him engaged to women he simply has no interest in (and who have no interest in him, wink wink) which often leads to sherlock getting into even MORE scrapes as he’s always searching for mysteries or scandals in the body languages and clothing of those around him. luckily, of course, when he and john put their heads together they can save the day and go back home and take baths

Two Takes CAre of You

You had caught the stomach flu from Pony, and were home sick. You were mostly throwing up whatever you ate, you haven’t even showered in days. You were bedridden and havent seen anyone but your mom all week. That is until Twobit, your somewhat boyfriend came over. You were kinda dating, you do everything couples do but you two havent come out as official yet. 

You were laying in your bed watching some movie, huddled under your blankets when there was a knock on your door. “Come in mom.”, but to your surprise it was Twobit. “What are you doing here? You’re gonna get sick.” 
“I probably would have caught it from Pony anyways.” You chuckled and moved over to make room for him. He leaned in to kiss you but you pushed away. “ You’re gonna get sick, I threw up 8 times today, and I havent brushed my teeth yet.” You said warningly. “Ok fair, but as soon as you brush your teeth, you’re mine.” You just cuddled close and watched the movie. Here and there, you would throw up again and he would hold your hair, and hand you a napkin to clean up. “Sorry you’re so sick. I’m gonna beat Pony’s ass.” 

“Shut up!” You said lightly hitting his arm. When the movie was over you got up and headed for the shower. Since it was your first one in days, you took your time and made it extra long. When you got out you smelt something cooking and walked into the kitchen to see Twobit at the stove making grlled cheess and tomato soup. “Go get dressed and we’ll eat.” 

yo guys a tiny update!

will be posting a bit more SE art soon- just got caught up in drawing gijinka requests on facebook

thank u all for being so patient!!! you guys are the best!!!

(ALSO i WANT TO SAY I MIGHT apply for an internship as a 2D character design artist WHICH IS COOL but idk if i can go to the place since it’s quite a far ride from my house but eh i hope i can still get an internship and finally get some work experience awooooo)

drew my new child, alex fierro, because i recently caught up with rick riordans books (still havent read ToA so please no spoilers!!) and

oh my god

she is my new favorite character in all of riordan’s books, please give me more alex fierro, i beg of you



I mean I could catch up on all the shows I havent caught up on yet (Sense8, PLL, OITNB, OB, Jane the Virgin)… but here I am, watching The L Word, for the third time  ¯\_(ツ)_/¯

hey o/ i’m dee and my dashboard is Dead™ so i’m looking for new people to follow!

fandoms im interested in:
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 - boku no hero academia (also not caught up with)
 - one piece (ki n d a)

i’m looking for people who:
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