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Never to Return (and it’s variations)

Warning - Huge amount of spoilers for Pyre and Pyre lore.

Now, with that out of the way…

One of my favourite songs of the Pyre soundtrack is the one which plays at the Fall of Soliam - Never to Return. A thing I haven’t seen, however, is that each time you’re upon the Fall, the music and lyrics change subtly, depending on who you’re facing.

[All the variations can be found over here, or if you dig through the game files]

EDIT: Just realised something new about the verses, going to put it under the cut.

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I haven't really seen anyone talking about it before, but do you think it's inevitable that Izuku will wind up looking as emaciated as Toshinori the longer he has One for All? From the flashbacks with Gran Torino it looks like Toshinori didn't always look as, ugh, haggard as he does now. Plus, we know that OfA has a lot of physical repercussions on the user, and both All Might and now Izuku don't take good care of their bodies/are notably reckless and self-sacrificing.


the reason why Toshinori is so emaciated isn’t due to prolonged use of OFA, it’s because he had a hole punched in his side and lost his stomach and lung, and the surgeries and their complications are why he became so skinny and emaciated

it has nothing to do with his use of OFA. 

one of the major points in the series is that self-sacrifice isn’t always good, and you need to take care of yourself. that your actions have consequences, and you can’t recklessly run into a situation. Inko is worried about her son becoming paralyzed in his arms, and Toshinori is feeling the weight of that since he’s partially the reason why that happened. 

Izuku is realizing that he can’t just recklessly charge in and damage his limbs in order to win, because it does him no good in the long run, and it makes the people he’s closest to seriously worry for him. his actions have consequences.

Horikoshi is very good with this. everyone’s actions have consequences. Todoroki and Bakugou didn’t pass the Provisional License Exam b/c they didn’t do what was required of them, Iida went after Stain in revenge and now he has a serious injury in his arm that makes it hard to use it properly, Izuku pushed himself too far in his and Todoroki’s fight and permanently damaged his hand, Inko almost kept Izuku from going back to UA because his injuries were so serious, Toshinori’s novice teaching skills caused him to accidentally cause Izuku’s self destructive fighting streak in the first place, etc 

that’s why Izuku learning to take care of himself better and not injure himself in fights has become such a big deal, especially as of late. that’s why he switched to fighting with his legs, so he doesn’t do more damage to his arms, and he’s trying to regulate his power better so he doesn’t give himself even more injuries. that’s one of the major points of the series

hell, Aizawa said it early on in the series. if you injure yourself in the middle of a fight, you pretty much become as good as useless. Izuku took this lesson to heart, but he was still injuring himself in the process, just not enough to keep him down. now, he’s fighting in a way that doesn’t injure him at all.

Toshinori is all about self-sacrifice. this is one of his major faults. he’s so used to risking his life for everyone that it’s become normal for him. he told Inko straight up that he would risk his life in order to protect Izuku; and she flat out told him no

he needs to live. no more of that self-sacrificing bullshit. no, he needs to live and take care of himself for Izuku. dying would do no good to anyone. if Toshinori died, it would do more harm than good for Izuku. Izuku needs him alive and well. he needs Toshinori alive in order to learn from him more, and Toshi is practicing Izuku’s reason for living; he admires him so much.

one of the major points of the series is that self-sacrifice isn’t all that good. Stain’s whole moral is that Heroes should only be about self-sacrifice, and he’s on the extreme end of the spectrum. he’s got strong ideals, but he’s clearly presented as wrong. 

the series is deconstructing the self-sacrifice trope in shonen, and especially in hero comics. it has consequences. it’s not healthy. it’s bad for you. sometimes, just talking it out would be better. it’s not the only option you have. it causes pain, not just to you, but to those around you.

self-sacrifice is seen as good and noble, but there are consequences to it that is often ignored, and that’s what MHA is trying to show. it’s not all it’s talked up to be. the characters are being forced to see that it’s not as great as they thought, and that they need to think of other ways to fight, because self-sacrifice is just not going to cut it anymore

sure, there are going to be situations where it can’t be avoided. but that’s why they’re training. why Izuku specifically is training, so he can fight and protect without worrying about injuring himself again. the stronger and smarter and more cooperative they get, the less likely there’ll be many grievous injuries, or self sacrificial ploys

that’s one of the major points of the series. in the long run, self sacrifice isn’t gonna cut it. the characters are learning that and improving themselves so they don’t have to resort to it in every fight. to learn the value of themselves and how them getting hurt scares the people around them. about how their actions have consequences. how they can’t go on like that anymore

that’s the point Horikoshi is trying to make by showing us all the damage Toshinori took from his life of being a self-sacrificial hero. why he’s shown us Izuku getting more and more hurt as the series goes on.

because self-sacrifice isn’t the only way to be an effective hero. 

related meta:

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Something I haven't seen anyone talking about is just how insane it is that Crowley saved Cas. That lance is one of the only things in the universe that can kill lucifer, and do it slowly and painfully too. Crowley has lucifer at his mercy and stabbing him with the lance Michael was supposed to use against him would be the perfect revenge, and would go a long way to solidifying his position as king of hell. There's no way he wasn't thinking about that before he broke the (1/2)

spear. I swear, there are love triangles and then there’s Dean-Cas-Crowley. I don’t even know.

I KNOW, RIGHT? I mean, we talk about Sam playing third wheel, but Crowley…

Not to mention that we now have Dagon and Asmodeus out there, and we know Dagon is “interested” in Lucifer’s baby… And Crowley’s also destroyed possibly the ONE WEAPON that might have a shot at killing those two if they try for revenge for Ramiel’s death (well, aside from the Colt, and now you should know WHY Crowley was so desperate to get his hands on it at the end of the episode. He’d basically handed Ramiel the TWO weapons on earth that could kill him, and Ramiel had made Crowley promise that ALL of them be left alone in exchange for the throne…)

How many times now has Crowley had to come to their defense, whether they know it or not (because they had no idea how Crowley had gone directly to Ramiel to plead their case and ask for mercy…), Crowley has stuck his neck out for them time and again.

Breaking that lance was a risky move. Yes, he saved Cas, indebted himself to the Winchesters YET AGAIN (and boy there are shades of Meg’s “the one angel who’d be willing to go to bat for me” from s7 here), but in the process he had to destroy the ONE WEAPON that might potentially be able to KILL LUCIFER ONCE AND FOR ALL… and yikes, that leaves Crowley himself in quite a pickle…

And WHY would he chose to put himself in that position, as the “slimy” and grasping King of Hell? He has a weakness…

Gah he’s like the sad loser in the love triangle who has nothing left but to pine away and do everything he can to make sure his loves are happy… just stab me with a lance or something and leave me to rot

Introverts At Parties (Social Anxiey)
  • Friend Billy: Hey, wanna come to a friend’s party? It’s gonna be really cooool!
  • Introvert (in head) : I’d rather be at home just eating a bag of chips and watching netflix but since you’re my friend and I don't want you to think I am an anti-social weirdo I'll act like I want to go....
  • Introvert: yeah sure :)
  • *goes to party*
  • Introvert, in head: nonononono.. why did i come to this? I don't know anyone here. *anxiety* ok, ok. just calm down. Let's just find a space were no one will talk to me and just chill there. Ok? OK.... THERE'S SOMEONE COMING. OH NOOO. WHAT DO I DO? HE LOOKES INTIMIDATING, I DON'T KNOW HIMMMMMMMM HE--
  • Extrovert: Hey, so are you new here? I haven't seen you before...
  • Introvert: Yeah. Billy's my friend, he invited me here.
  • Extrovert: Oh cool, Billy is so nice. Well, nice talking to you, cya :)
  • Introvert: bye...
  • Introvert in head: Ok that wasn't that bad. I'm overreacting, parties are cool, I really just need to calm dow- THERE'S SOMEONE COMING HELP!!!!!1!
  • *cycle repeats infinitely*

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Could you do the RFA (plus Saeran if your willing to) of an SO/MC with insomnia but like they stay up for days and sometimes just pass out from sleep deprivation instead of just staying up really late? I haven't seen anyone do it like that and that what I suffer with but sorry if it's uncomfortable or you won't write it I understand (ps sorry for the bad English it's not my first language)

Eh, nothing uncomfortable there don’t worry ~

I went with hcs again and I guess it’s kinda linked to the s/o with nightmares I wrote before (Saeran’s got a bit angsty lol sorry, he’s easy to write angst for) ~

Yoosung : 

  • he’s had times where he had to put all nighters until morning because of an essay to write or a test to study for but it was occasional and he would always get his sleep back the next day but his s/o’s situation is different and that would worry him; knowing it wasn’t occasional but rather a common occurrence.
  • He’d do what he can to get them to sleep at the same time as him (read : initiating cuddle session) but he wouldn’t know what to do if they really didn’t want to lie down and try to let sleep overcome them.
  • The first time they pass out, he uses everything he knows from his classes – sure, animals and humans aren’t the same but it’s better than not do anything – but he would be so scared even though he was expecting this to happen with the lack of sleep they were suffering from.
  • No way he’s letting them go another day without sleeping again, he doesn’t ever want to see them faint once more – he’ll guilt trip them into staying in bed until they get at least an hour of sleep, if it’s what it takes.

Zen :

  • He’s very insistent on getting his beauty sleep and would try to get his s/o to sleep with him too but if they really couldn’t sleep, he’d always ask if they want to ‘tire themselves out’ by partaking in some 'nightly activities’ and he wouldn’t stop until they were too exhausted to do anything – that or ask them if they want to exercise (the normal type of exercise) together before bed.
  • When they faint for the first time, it’s probably when he’s at work so when he comes home to them lying unconscious on the floor, he’s terrified. He’ll try to be calm but he would immediately call for an ambulance and would constantly ask questions as to what happened and if they were alright.
  • He asks the doctors what they should do to get some sleep or get rid of their insomnia; but from now, he asks they send him a text every one or two hours to make sure they haven’t passed out – and exercise (the naughty or the normal kind) is not an option before going to bed.

Jaehee : 

  • She knows what it’s like but because of the amount of caffeine she always has in her body + the years of resistance against sleep deprivation she’s endured by working for Jumin, she hasn’t really experienced passing out from lack of sleep, even though she’s been close to it more than once. However, she’d be very concerned for her s/o, especially if the reason they couldn’t sleep was because of insomnia and not because they 'had to’ stay awake. 
  • She would make them coffee but eventually, when it was time to sleep, she wouldn’t accept their refusal to lie in bed and try to sleep. She’d be very motherly and firm about it – she might even lecture her s/o – because ’how can you even expect to sleep if you don’t try to’.
  • When they faint, mom-mode goes to extreme level and she will tie them to the bed (not in a kinky way geez) until they finally get some sleep – she immediately thinks of the worst situations and locations where they could pass out and it scares her; in the middle of the road, in the subway, in the shower, while cooking…

Jumin : 

  • I mean, assuming he already made his s/o go see every single professionals there are before hand and it didn’t work – which would be very upsetting to Jumin, he’d be willing to bring them to the other side of the world if he heard of a miraculous remedy to their problem – he wouldn’t let them get out of the bed just because they couldn’t sleep – and he certainly won’t allow them to not go to bed
  •  = which would lead to a very long and scientific explanation on the effects of not sleeping, the consequences on their body, head and health, and all that. (so s/o will probably just lie down in bed, at least to make him shut up)
  • Like Zen, he’s more than willing to indulge in some intimate activities but he would also suggest more relaxing stuff like drinking a glass of wine (if they drank alcohol) or cuddling Elizabeth since her purring is a calming sound to him.
  • When they faint for the first time, he’s also probably not there – however, the body guards at his penthouse check on them quite often and they would have to take care of Jumin’s s/o. At his request, they would bring them to the best hospital around while he left the meeting he was in to see them. He’d pretend he’s alright but it’s obvious that he’s very distraught and worried for them and their health; he promises both himself and his s/o that he would do anything to make sure this doesn’t happen again – and he always stays true to his words.

707 : 

  • He goes through the same thing more or less everyday and he also does have a habit of passing out from exhaustion but that doesn’t mean it’s okay for his s/o to do the same. Which will lead to an agreement between him and his s/o : 'I’ll try to sleep everyday if you do too’.
  • 707 doesn’t care about his own health but he will try to make an effort for his s/o’s sake and that will end up in naps in the middle of the day; the both of them on the couch, probably with him lying on top of them. He’d actually fall asleep quickly so if his s/o doesn’t follow suit, he won’t realize it until he wakes up.
  • When they faint for the first time, he’s in the same room when it happens and he sees them fall through the reflection of his monitor. It takes less than 2 seconds for him to bolt out of his chair and rush to their side – he has a more or less extensive knowledge about everything and that include what to do when someone passes out. He’d take care of them the best he can and wait by their side until they open their eyes; he’d feel guilty that they never got any sleep and ended up in this state ‘because of him’ but he’d use all the knowledge and resources he has access to in order to help them.

Saeran : 

  • Like his brother, he’s used to it – if anything, he fears sleep a bit because he feels vulnerable when he has his eyes closed + he doesn’t have any control over what happens in his head when he sleeps and judging from all the nightmares that leave him in tears, it’s no wonder he tries to stay awake all the time. But still, he’s trying to get a better, more normal life and his health is weak enough as it is, he can’t afford to make it worse, not now that he has a s/o who cares for him – so he’ll be there for them when they can’t sleep and they’ll be there for him when a nightmare tears him away from his slumber.
  • The first time they pass out, they’re probably together since he doesn’t like being alone and while he’s next to them and able to catch them before they hit the ground; he’s terrified at seeing his s/o, unconscious in his arms – it reminds him of a recurrent nightmare he has except they are usually covered in blood and no longer breathing. He’d have to take a minute to calm down, clutching their body close to him to reassure himself with the sound of their beating heart. Once he’s able to think properly, he’d call an ambulance and keep a hand around their wrist, making sure he can always feel their pulse. After that episode, he asks for help to everyone – even his brother – and won’t give up until they can finally fall asleep without insomnia holding them back.

So IDK if anyone has brought this up before but something I just noticed….

In Pidge’s room are:

 trash Hunk

and Trash Lance.


(and I’m guessing the other’s too)



Also just think about the fact that she also probably still has the others….

So, like, do you think she gets out Keith’s and just voices him randomly to the others when they miss him????

Pinky Promise (pt. 1 of my Le Duo verse)

Pairing(s): Luke Evans/Josh Gad

Summary: Luke isn’t intimidated by a simple babysitting gig, okay? He really isn’t. He’s performed live in front of massive audiences on West End and seen his face on the big screen all around the world. Needless to say, he’s definitely not scared of some little girls. Especially not Josh Gad’s adorable little girls. Nope, not scared at all.


The front door is pretty average; tall and sturdy and probably a little expensive, but plain. Certainly nothing to be intimidated by. Except that Luke knows the man of his dreams is just behind that door. And with him, his beautiful wife and two daughters. God, he really should just turn around and feign some deadly illness because the whole situation is too absurd.

When Josh had asked him for a favor, Luke had foolishly agreed without knowing anything, jumping at any opportunity to please like an overeager puppy. He hadn’t realized that the favor would involve going just long enough without seeing Josh to make Luke really miss him and then sleeping over at Josh’s house with the two most important little people in his friend’s life. It was all a giant domestic tease that Luke wasn’t sure he could handle.

Luke never thought that he would be trying to get into Gaston’s headspace outside of shooting Beauty and the Beast (because really, who would willingly put themselves in that guy’s headspace for any other reason?), but he found himself taking out his phone and pulling up the camera app, trying to let courage show through his eyes on the screen as he channeled his character’s outrageous self-confidence.

“You are Luke Evans, and you are clever, kind, and incredibly fun to be around. You are the perfect babysitter, and you have noth
ing to worry about.”

He cocked an eyebrow for effect, starting to feel even less self-assured at how silly he looked, when he heard the door unlatch. He immediately shoved his phone in his pocket and felt heat rising to his cheeks as the door swung open and he looked up into Josh’s amused eyes.

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(Sorry is this has been done before, I just haven't seen anyone say it yet) A friend of mine studies child psychology at college, and she told me that children who are loud and over act things to get attention most likely have a poor home life. And it got me thinking, Richie is a loud trashmouth who never shuts up, and we already know his parents aren't the best. So basically, Richie is only like this because he wants some kind of attention from his friends to make up for his neglectful parents.


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Hi Eline!!! I have a request for you, (but only if you're interested!!) what do you think about doing a "Harry's songs as fics" fic rec? I haven't seen anyone doing it and I'd love to know your opinion <3 thanks in advance if you decide to do it, love you!

Hii love!! This was such a cool question to get, I’m honoured you asked at all! Sorry for getting back to you so late! And I love you too <3  Amber @loveloveolivia helped me out (and almost unfriended me during the process) (and obviously I picked the one for Woman)) As always, make sure to check the tags before you read <3 

Meet me in the Hallway - Perfect Storm

Sign of the Times - Pull Me Under

Carolina - Wild and Unruly

Two Ghosts - Untangle Me

Sweet Creature - And Then A Bit
(or, Born to Make You Happy , which might make some people uncomfortable but is here for who wants)

Only Angel - Atlast At Last

Kiwi - You Are The Blood

Ever Since New York - Finding Lou

Woman - Bright Lights (she’s fading)

From the Dining Table -  These Inconvenient Fireworks (pdf link)

(sidenote: lots of these are a few years old, but that’s because I’ve been catching up for ages and haven’t read a lot of newer fics yet)


Character development.

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Selena tagged abel in her instagram picture that she just posted isn't it just so weird like this is weird this relationship is weird i have no words honestly I don't know what to even say I haven't seen anyone do this before like why what is the reason for this Does she want to cover up that statement she just said about Justin or what

Simple,Selena PR team is doing damage control.Selena and Abel will probably have a date in a very public place and be “caught” for paparazzi and Selena will be all love love.Lmao.So predicable.
Selena did a mistake for talk about Justin,specialy when no one did ask about him.
Selena’s true feelings are exposing her again.Her PR team can try all they want,dont will work.Selena’s feelings for Justin will always find a way to show up.
Poor Selena and PR team lol.

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Have you checked out arenapal (.) com? They've got a lot of photos I haven't seen before, if you use the search bar.

I’ve seen most of them before. But they keep adding new stuff every now and then, and I think they’ve added new things since last time I visited! There is at least some I can’t recall seeing, including this of Glyn Kerslake:

And this of John Aron and Rosemary Ashe:

If anyone is photo hunting, have a look at the site! There’s a LOT of original and early cast photos there. They tend to do a bit of mislabeling, so don’t use actor credits there as your bible. But they’re good pointers, anyway.

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Hi hi hi could you please do a jaebum fluff where his temper goes off (Like really bad) while at practice so Youngjae calls you to come and calm him down bc you’re the only one who can and it's really cute bc the boys haven't seen anyone calm him down before.

I based this off of the Real GOT7 hidden camera for Yugyeom since that is the only time i’ve ever seen JB get ‘mad’ and ‘lose his temper.’ 



“IS THAT REALLY ALL YOU HAVE TO SAY? SORRY?” JB yelled at Yugyeom as the maknae stood there unable to understand what he did wrong.
There had been some kind of miscommunication between him, the manager, the hyungs, and the producer of Real GOT7. Yugyeom was over an hour late to rehearsal with the other members, the manager, and choreographer because the Real GOT7 producer told him to come do a solo interview before he went to practice and it was cleared with JYP. Apparently no one told the rest of GOT7 or their manager that the rehearsal would need to be delayed an hour and JB was furious.
He punched the mirror next to Yugyeom’s head causing it to crack and his knuckles to bleed. He was so mad he didn’t notice the pain. His face was as red as chili paste and his voice was raspy from yelling. Jackson and Mark tried to calm him down and hold him back but it was no use. This fight might be the one that causes JB to go too far. He might break up GOT7 with this lash of anger at the maknae.
Youngjae slipped out of the practice room while JB continued to yell at the crying Yugyeom and called you. None of the guys could calm him down and you were their last hope. He remembered that JB and Jr had gotten into a terrible fight a while back and that you stepped in and calmed him down faster than anyone. He didn’t know how you did it, but you saved Jr from a nasty punch to the face.
JB is not a violent person, but he let’s his anger build up and then lashes out when it becomes too much for him to handle. It can be harsh sometimes, but this is the worst Youngjae had ever seen him.
“Noona,” he whispered into the phone, “JB is going off on Yugyeom. He already broke a mirror and we can’t calm him down. Whenever Jackson-hyung tries to pull him away he freaks out more. We need your help.”
Luckily you were only a few blocks away. You ran to the GOT7 practice room and say JB, blood trailing down his arm, holding the terrified Yugyeom against a wall screaming at him for something he did wrong.
“Jaebum.” You calmly said from the door. He turned and saw you, rage filling his eyes and stopped yelling for a second. He looked back at Yugyeom and slammed him into the wall again.
“Im Jaebum.” You said calmly again as you began to approach him. He turned and looked at you with crazy eyes and tightened his grip on Yugyeom’s shirt. “Everyone out,” you said calmly, not taking your eyes off of JB’s. “I said out…NOW!” the guys all scurried into the side room so they could watch from the two way mirror and see what was going to happen.
“Yugyeom, what happened?” you asked calmly as JB never took his eyes off of you.
“HE-“ JB began to yell.
“I asked Yugyeom!” you snapped back at him, causing him to almost growl in anger at you
“I messed up a practice time because of an interview. There was some sort of miscommunication. I don’t know how to fix it.” He said sobbing. “I’m really sorry.” Tears were streaming down his face and he slouched in JB’s grip.
“Jaebum let him go and talk this out with me.” You calmly said as you approached him.
“You didn’t do this, why should I talk to you about it!” he scoffed as his gaze returned to the maknae.
“It’s okay Jaebum. I’m sure it will all work out if you just talk to me. I’m here for you. How can I help?” you calmly asked. The best way to deal with JB when he gets like this is to treat him how he treats you when you have a panic attack. It’s almost the same thing.
His fight or flight sensations are overwhelmed but instead of being conflicted over which one he needs to do, like when you panic, his adrenaline beats outs the cortisol and he feels the overwhelming desire to fight to the death. You’ve helped him before just like he’s helped you.
“Jaebum,” you softly ask as you reach touching distance from him, “Can I touch you? Would that be ok?” you waited for a direct response before even lifting a finger, if you didn’t get a response he might freak out and it would get worse.
“Yes…of course you can,” he said, agitation still clear in his voice, “You’re my girlfriend, you can always touch me.”
You slowly moved your hands to where he was gripping Yugyeom’s shirt and you gently removed his hand, freeing Yugyeom from his death grip.
“Yugyeom, why don’t you go find the others.” You said calmly, mouthing the word ‘slowly’ to him so he wouldn’t bolt off causing JB to relapse.
JB’s breathing had begun to calm down and he wasn’t yelling anymore, just huffing and clenching his jaw.
“Jaebum, I’m here for you. What can I do to help?” you asked again as you pulled him into a hug, resting your head on his shoulder. “Do you want me to get JYP? Or find a way for Gyeommie to make it up to you and the rest of the group and staff?” what can I do?”
Tears began to stream from JB’s eyes and he sank down to the floor. He finally snapped out of his trance of rage and was beginning to calm down.
“Just stay with me here.” He said as he pulled you closer to him. “Just stay and don’t let go.” He sobbed into your shoulder.
He was under a lot of stress as the leader and he sometimes just needed to let it out. You sat with him for almost 30 minutes before he fully calmed down and started to let you go.
“Thank you Y/N,” he said as he sniffled, “you can always pull me back to reality. I love you and I’m sorry.” He said as he kissed you gently on the forehead.
“I love you too, but I’m not the one that you should be apologizing to. You said as you motioned to the other members, letting them know it was safe for them to come in. “I’ll leave you guys to talk,” you said as you kissed JB goodbye and walked out of the practice room.
“Daebak,” Youngjae said as you passed by him, “that was awesome.”

sableweiss  asked:

0_0 Oh my gosh! Are you saying you draw all these!?! Both manga and super detailed digital art! This is amazing! I've never seen anyones talents so diverse before! I'm super impressed, you are really good! Um, I just found your blog and I haven't looked around too much, but could you tell me a bit about yourself? Do you work as a manga artist or something? Do you work for a company or do independent work? Where do you learn to draw, and could you give any pointers? I'd really appreciate it!

Oh… thank you so much for your questions and your kind words (T T)!! unfortunately, I’m not good with words… ⁄(⁄ ⁄•⁄-⁄•⁄ ⁄)⁄ but I’ll try!!

I’m just a hobbiest and nothing more… (^p^) I do have some… mental problems… and it is hard for me to find a job. One day I want to get one!! Though I’m not very convinced of being good enough yet… I think I really lack creativity… I just draw the same stuff over and over again because I like to change the style… and I’m unsure with what I want to stick with…actually… I just doodle my desires… and rarely do real art… (><) I want to change that… if I want to have a future….
Mostly I learn from nature!! I could stare for hours at some anatomy pictures…(*^^*) and I really need to learn a lot there still… Biggest inspiration to draw more are always other artists too!! So.. I just learn from the internet and what I see, I save a lot of inspirational pictures to my computer in a folder and almost everyday I like to look at it… that’s it actually. (^3^) 
I think, biggest pointer may be… never give up!! And if you have an image in your head you want to draw, try it until your sketch looks like it.

  • maccready: i haven't been able to rely on anyone since i was a kid, everyone i've met has either tried to rip me off or plant a knife in my back
  • maccready: what you're doing... no one's ever cared that much about me before
  • maccready: the day you told me you loved me was the greatest day of my life
  • sole survivor: okay so was your wife just god awful to you or did she never exist because i've never seen your son and if these are all firsts for you i'm calling bullshit