and i haven't posted anything in like months so here have this


Omg so I know this is like old news to everyone except for me but I am here to SCREAM EXCITEDLY ABOUT @snorklepie‘s BRILLIANT FIC THE EDINBURGH PROBLEM BECAUSE I FINALLY READ IT AND IT IS SOOOOOOOOO GOOOOODDDDDDDDDD!

Dear @intensitycity has been trying to get me to read this fic for MONTHS and @astudyinpurpleverse just discovered it and also recced it to me a few weeks ago, and because I am now IN SCOTLAND I decided the time had come.

I had one of those experiences in which I was so engrossed in the fic and enjoying it so much that I read it straight through without stopping to leave any comments (I know, I know- terrible behavior, just terrible). So I want to amend my utter lack of feedback now by conveying my love for this story in this post!

Honestly, this fic was sheer and utter delight from start to finish. I cannot remember the last time I have laughed so much reading ANYTHING fic or otherwise (I think maybe p.g. wodehouse… but not even as much as this). I lost count of the number of times I would be sitting by myself, or in a public place, and I would just start chuckling and chuckling until tears were streaming from my eyes- like, multiple times, this fic made me WEEP WITH LAUGHTER MULTIPLE TIMES! Mostly during any and all of the parts that involved Mycroft, and John’s inner monologue and reactions/descriptions of him.

The thing that’s so impressive to me about this fic is that it runs the gamut of experiences I love to have while reading fiction. Not only did this fic make me laugh, it made me cry from sorrow, it surprised me, it delighted me with its characters and settings, it moved me deeply- this fic has everything. It has an amazing, complex and interesting case; it has unique and well-developed original characters who you come to love just as much as the characters from the show, it has gorgeous sensuous descriptions of people and places, it has hottttttttttt sex scenes, and believable, gorgeous, and moving depictions of intimacy between the characters, both platonic and romantic. 

I think that’s maybe what astounded me most about this fic–it was such a joy to read- funny, and heart-warming, and upsetting all at different moments- and on top of all that it remained so believable and was full of so much truth. The way the characters interacted with each other, the way they treated each other- was so realistic and genuine. 

I love the way John and Sherlock’s relationship unfolds over the course of the story- it was so true to both of their characters, and yet their interactions felt totally unique to this fic. Just an utter joy to experience.

And the best part is–after finishing this fic today, I just saw on ao3 THAT THERE IS A SEQUEL THAT IS STILL IN PROGRESS!!!! 

So excited to read more in this delightful universe. Thanks @snorklepie for creating such a gem.