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Your writing advice reply was really lovely and thought out, and I thought you might have some insight for me. I get frustrated easily with my original work and any motivation to work on it disappears for months before I take it out again, hate it, and throw it back in the drawer. On the flip side, I enjoy writing fanfic and am happy to revise and improve. I just hate my original stuff. I haven't been able to understand why this is such an issue.

You know what? I feel the exact same.

  • Scarlett by Alexandra Ripley
  • Rhett Butler’s People by Donald McCaig
  • Wide Sargasso Sea by Jean Rhys
  • The Holder of the World by Bharati Mukherjee
  • March by Geraldine Brooks
  • The Hours by Michael Cunningham
  • Redshirts by John Scalzi
  • The Adventures of Inspector Lestrade by M.J Trow (17 book series ffs)
  • Good Night, Mr. Holmes by Carole Nelson Douglas
  • Wicked by Gregory Maguire
  • Anything in the Canongate Myth Series…

It is amazing how, as authors, we can prefer to build our castles in someone else’s sandbox.

How much respect you get for writing fanfiction seems to be determined solely by:

  • how culturally respected your source work is and
  • if you self-published your parallel novel

What all those books above have in common is that they’re considered “parallel literature” of Gone With the Wind, Jane Eyre, The Scarlet Letter, Little Women, Mrs. Dalloway, Star Trek, Sherlock Holmes stories, The Wonderful World of Oz, and various myth stories. Some of them are ‘authorized’ and some of them are not. Some of them don’t have to worry about the copyright of the originals and some do. They’re all examples of fanfiction.

Let me pull out wikipedia’s definition of parallel literature:

The parallel novel is a piece of literature written within, derived from, or taking place during, the framework of another work of fiction by the same or another author. Parallel novels or “reimagined classics” are works of fiction that “borrow a character and fill in his story, mirror an ‘old’ plot, or blend the characters of one book with those of another”. These stories further the works of already well known novels by focusing on a minor character and making them the major character. The revised stories may have the same setting and time frame and even the same characters.

That’s :) that’s fucking fanfiction.

From above: Reimagined works. Canon playthrough rewrites. Fucking, crossover AUs.

Focusing on a minor character and making them the major character.



I know there are posts going around that emphasize that many great works are fanfiction, that one where Dante’s Inferno is fanfiction of the Bible, etc. But literal fanfiction is, yesterday today and tomorrow, getting published by authors who are taking and telling transformative stories about another author’s works or their own culture’s mythos (Dendera, Summerlong, any Pern book written by Todd McCaffrey, any book published set in the Star Wars universe, like Ahsoka or Aftermath. “But some of those are canon!” Well, but the act of creating them is still transformative of the context of the source material. The authors were fans of the setting and they wrote fiction. It’s fanfiction.) Brave New World is derivative of We by Yevgeny Zamyatin.

What seems to happen is that we amateur writers sit down to write our original work, our Great Novel and… it’s boring. We try to create our original work in a pristine, pure, influence-less vacuum to distinguish it from our fanfiction: our “lower art.”

When Patrick Weekes created Solas, he’s upfront that he started with the 10th Doctor. He found that character compelling. He found a character with a clear sense of motivation, a tragic mien, and a mission, and then added in bits of other characters. Asked questions like, “What makes him fit into this world?” and “How does this aspect being added to his past change who he is, as Solas rather than as 10?” (My assumptions, by the way, these are not direct quotes.)

Is Garion from Pawn of Prophecy really all that distinct from Frodo? And science fiction writers tend to have amassed forgotten short stories in pulp mags that use wholly unoriginal themes and tropes before they become known for their award-winning groundbreaking works filled with imaginative leaps.

All of this and yes, I feel the same damn way. I sit down to write my Great Novel, my original work, and I find that the work is frustrating, lifeless, and that the richness of the world I am playing in pales in comparison to the breathing kaleidoscopes of human experience realized in Octavia E. Butler’s Patternist series, or Jennifer Roberson’s Tiger and Del series, or the Dragon Age setting. AtLA. Harry Potter. A huge number of TV shows. All those places we go to, to write fanfiction.

When we write without influence, we are attempting to generate, whole hog, a human person and all their context onto the page. If you don’t fall in love with that person you made, you’re not going to care about whatever trials you put them through. You’re not going to care about their relationships, and how they hurt and heal the people around them. It might be useful to look at your original work and ask these questions:

  1. Who is this person?
  2. What motivates them?
  3. How can I not give them what they want?
  4. Is that interesting to me?

If you are not interested in whatever trial is involved in not giving your character what they want, you can’t write that character. You can’t write their angst when they don’t have what they want, you can’t write their triumph when they finally reach their goal, you can’t write their tragedy if you decide to never fulfill their desires.

When you write a transformative, additive work based on an already-existing character, you already know to ask those four questions. You answered them instinctively before you even thought about starting your first fic. I saw Solas and wanted to figure out that puzzle right away: who is he? Why is he doing what he’s doing? If I wrote him, what complicates his story? Do I want to spend my time on this? Insert your favorite character. You might have answered all these questions in five minutes, or five months. When we are presented with a fully-realized character, the writer brain takes off and has a really good time with whatever part of the human experience some other writer has given us the keys to.

So when you write your original fic, what part of the human experience are you trying to explore? Are you doing that already in your fanfic? What’s different between your fanfic and your original writing? What characters, stories, and plots are influencing your fanfic vs your original writing?

Are you trying to make your original writing “pure?” To somehow live up to an idea that it must be wholly “original?”

Try dropping Jane Eyre on a spaceship instead.

If you look at your original work and you don’t have any characters to explore, that’s another issue. ^.^ I’m also familiar with that old struggle: creating a continent, a “grand story arc/hero’s journey,” listing every trope I want to avoid or lampshade, and then sitting down to write… and feeling immediately lost. Stories are about people. This is why DA:O introduces its world through six different people and their unique experiences in this world. AtLA’s world is introduced through three kids on a bison. If you’re struggling to write your original work, just start small. Then smaller. ‘Zoom in’ on one character. Get super close to their perspective. Start with people. 

It doesn’t have to be original.

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How much canon info is there about Highever? I haven't been able to find much apart from: It has an alienage, is by the coast and makes a signature kind of cloth (wool industry?). How big is the city? Is it near/around Castle Cousland? Does it have a harbour? How big is the alienage and what is it like?

(Alright, for you I’m going to make this into an official lore post, because this is actually small and specific).

Disclaimer: All of this is completely canonical knowledge. Nothing headcanoned, there are sources for it and I’ve gathered from every source that I could. This includes: Codice (Highever, Construction Report: Brickmarks, ), Dragon Age Origins Ultimate/Collector’s Edition Prima Guide, Dragon AGE Core Rulebook. Nothing is headcanon and nothing is taken from an unreliable sources (i.e. Wikipedia).



Highever is a Teyrnir in northern Thedas, one of the few that set on the Coastlands. It sets on the coast of the Waking Sea, west of Amaranthine, across the sea from Kirkwall and the Vimmark Mountains, and North of The Bannorn.

In the very center of the Highever Teyrnir, is Harper’s Ford, this area used to belong to the Howes of Amaranthine. However, during the Orlesian Occupation, Tarleton Howe sided with the Orlesians, Harper’s Ford was marched upon by the Couslands and Howe hung.

Highever is the name of a village in the Teyrnir along the coast, as well as being the name of the Teyrnir (all lands, holdings, and bannorns within in area).

Castle Cousland is located in the Highever Teyrnir, the exact location is unknown.

Highever possesses an Alienage, though the location of it is unknown.

There was a Silver Temple in Highever where Andraste’s Ashes were first held, before being moved to a secret location. Whether the Temple still stands in unknown.


In -165 Ancient, Andraste’s “sons” (Maferath’s sons were adopted by Andraste, though many tried to claim to be her birth son in order to earn leadership of the Alamarri tribes) sought to steal Andraste’s ashes from Highever’s Silver Temple and strengthen their claim to Chief of the Alamarri. The ashes were moved to Haven, but the location was never revealed and eventually lost.

Castle Highever, eventually known as Castle Cousland, was built in the Divine Age and was considered no more than an outpost to the Amaranthine Bannorn. The oupost was held by the cousins of the Howes, the Elstans until the Tower Age.

In the Age of Towers, Bann Conobar Elstan was murdered by his wife, Flemeth, leaving no heir behind. Cononbar’s Captain, Sarim Cousland, stepped up and took the land instead.

The Couslands would declare themselves an independent Bannorn from Amaranthine and start a 30 year war, until Highever was freed and owned southwest Amaranthine as well.

It wasn’t until the Black Age that Highever would be named a Teynir under Haelia Cousland, who would unite the nearby lords against the werewolves and earn herself the title along with their fealty.

4:80 Black, Orlais tried to take Highever in hopes to conquer Ferelden, in the first Orlesian Invasion. They would use Highever to supply their troops by sea. However, Redcliffe stood strong against the Invasion and Orlesian was forced to retreat, unable to pass into Highever.

 During the Exalted Age, Eletha Cousland would fight Ferelden’s future king, Calenhad, to remain independent. She would lose, but Highever would remain one of two Teynirs and Eletha would remain their teyrna.

However, in the Dragon  Age, the Couslands would be betrayed and Castle Cousland would be stormed by Arl Howes forces, the Cousland family almost completely wiped out. The only to survive would Fergus Cousland, who would be lost in the Korcari Wilds until after the Fifth Blight ended. 

(Conditional: The youngest Cousland would also survive the attack and go on to become a Grey Warden, swearing vengeance on Howe.)

Highever would be relinquished after Howe’s death by the Warden and returned to the Couslands.

Fergus Cousland is the current Teyrn of Highever.


Highever has two major Heraldry, The Cousland Heraldry (Left) and The Highever Heraldy (Right).

Known People from Highever

  • Ardal Cousland (A knight/soldier to King Vanedrin Theirin)
  • Bryce Cousland
  • Calenhad Theirin
  • Duncan
  • Fergus Cousland
  • Flemeth
  • Helena (Jory’s Wife)
  • Oren Cousland
  • Riordan
  • Roderick Gilmore
  • Ser Eryhn (A Templar woman with unmatched grace with a sword and shield)
  • Warden Cousland


  • Highever has a population of 20,000.
  • Highever has given Ferelden the most famous Alamarri Legends so far (Calenhad, and Flemeth)
  • Nelaros’ Wedding Ring was forged in Highever, it is also where Tabris’ bride/groom comes from.
  • Sarethia is the Hahren of Highever’s Alienage.
  • Warpaint of the Tempest, is the traditional kaddis for mabari in Highever.
  • Highever Weave is most likely a cloth originating from Highever and may be an export.
  • Skyhold has bricks stolen from Highever, apparently before the First Orlesian Invasion.

i know that kevin (i think it was kevin anyway) said that ben would never see those little big chills again, because they were flying off to who-knows-where in space, but… ben also goes off to who-knows-where in space

like, all the time

and with all of the ridiculously improbable shit that happens in canon, would it really be so far out of the realm of possibility for him to find one of them? from what i understand, necrofriggians are a very solitary species, so it probably would be only one


these aren’t just necrofriggian kids, they’re ben’s kids. and since it’s already shown that his alien forms themselves are influenced by his original human self (green eyes), maybe the kids would be a bit influenced by that, too (i mean, they already are, obviously, because their eyes are all green, too)

so maybe they would stick together, albeit in smaller groups. especially the tiniest one who, in its 10 seconds of screen time, did not appear to be the “leader” type and in fact needed direction from ben himself to do what the other ones apparently already knew they were supposed to do (re: fly off to who-knows-where in space)

so let’s say ben finds more than one, then. i think that’d be a pretty touching family reunion, if those kind of things even exist for aliens, don’t you?

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I haven't been able to get myself up out of bed in three days. I don't want to sit here wasting my life but even the smallest task seem difficult. How do I at least push through the day? I'm in a rut. much love- t

I read a post on reddit a long time ago about making everyday a “nonzero day”. If you google it, I’m sure you’ll be able to find the original post but basically, it’s about doing at least one thing to make it a nonzero day. 1 thing. You can apply different rules and whatnot like make everyday a nonzero day in exercise/fitness. So everyday you would try to do something, ANYTHING that would count as exercise. Even if it means doing a pushup or two before you go to bed. No rules outside of doing at least one thing.

When I get in a really bad place, I don’t put any rules on that at all. My one thing could be that I got up and got myself a glass of water. Or I brushed my teeth. Or I called a friend. Anything. It’s really important to make note of your “successes” at the end of the day as well. It helps make the next day even better. Maybe you build on what you did the previous day. Maybe your one thing because an addition to what you did the day before and the day before that. Maybe it’s taking a shower in addition to making yourself a bowl of soup. The next day, maybe it’s going outside for a bit. 

Try and figure out where you are in your journey. If you’re at complete zero, that’s okay. Any little things counts to make it an nonzero day ❤️

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hey I really liked your post about "like Hamilton? Check out these other musicals" but I was wondering where someone would be able to watch them? I have watched some musicals as movies before, but some haven't been made into movies and usually YouTube doesn't have the complete things ur to copyright...where would one usually go?

YES OK I GOT YOU! I actually answered a someone about this same thing- maybe i should put a page on my blog (?) who knows- here goes. This was the anon, and in my answer i included bootlegs (illegally filmed video) to Rent, Spring Awakening, and proshot Sondheim musicals.   I also talk about ways to watch proshots and find other bootlegs. 

In the Heights 
Next to Normal (also I forgot to put on the powerpoint- trigger warning for mental illness and mentions of suicide) 
(for 1776 I’d watch the movie, it’s actually wonderful, it and West Side Story are prob the best-made movie adaptations out there.)
Kiss of the Spider Woman (part 1 part 2) this is a college production, and the best i could find. 
Ragtime (This is the original broadway cast from 1998. so really not good quality, but there is other versions from colleges and such on youtube just type it in.) 

Les Miserables has so many options, tbh, and i can’t recommend one in particular. there’s the 25th anniversary concert, the 10th anniversary concert (tho there isnt any staging, the actors are in front of microphones) the movie, and there are bootlegs, i just can’t find a good one rn.
Bare (part one from nyc, part 2 from nyc) (part 1 from la, part 2 from la
Fun Home (password is funhome) 
South Pacific- now there WAS a proshot broadway version (thnx Lincoln Center) but it’s been taken down from youtube. You can buy it though! 

Master post of other bootlegs:

Also, look for theaters around you! check out what they’re doing, a lot of regional theatre isn’t that expensive, there’s a wonderful playhouse near me that does AMAZING work and it’s only $15 for a front row seat! PLUS there are national tours (a bit more expensive but it’s basically the same as the broadway productions. Fun Home, Rent, and Spring Awakening have tours that are opening soon, unless you’re not in North America, i’m sorry i didn’t check to see where you’re from)  And don’t be intimidated by the fact that there are SO MANY shows. Take it a step at a time. To find even more shows outside my list, i suggest this- find a show or a performer you really liked. From there, internet stalk. If you loved the music, look at what else the composer has done. If you like the book, look up what else the book writer has written, if you like an actor or actress, look up what other shows they have done. (for example, i got into theatre by accidentally finding the Wicked cast album on youtube. watched a bootleg with Idina Menzel and looked up her other stuff. Found Rent, watched it, found Adam Pascal, googled him, found Aida) Also, if you see a show playing near you and you have no idea what it’s about, google it! If you like how it sounds, check it out! the best thing about theatre is that it’s so diverse with every topic and music type under the sun! 

Anyways, I hope this helped you! Have fun, and let me know if you have any other questions, or you just want to tell me you watched one of the shows and loved it etc,etc.       

Re: Hamilton: The Bootleg Question

I think the majority of us in the musical theatre fandom can agree that we don’t want bootlegs. They are usually very low quality, both visually and sound wise, we miss the majority of the action, sometimes it blacks out, sometimes Patti LuPone screams at you; it’s just not a pleasant experience. However, sometimes, it’s the only option that we have if we want to be involved in the conversation. The majority of us watch all the performances available on YouTube when uploaded by TV stations, special performances when performed by the cast or crew, and watch the Tonys to get as much exposure to the visual element as we can. The cast recordings, whether it is through buying the live recording, the digital one, or if you can’t afford it, listening to it on Spotify, becomes our only window into the material. We memorize every word, every key change and yet we have nothing but access to this barred window. This magical world that we have created inside our heads will never be manifested because we haven’t watched the show, read the libretto, or seen the direction and interpretation; we get an unfinished product. 

You can argue and say, well why don’t you wait for the National Tour to roll around? Well being from California, on the other coast, it might take a year before that even rolls out to visit us. The staging has changed and been adapted to fit the new spaces and the interpretation has changed; the original production doesn’t reach us, but rather, a replica. However, I can’t say that even if the production does come this way that the majority of people will be able to afford it. Theatre is expensive. Of course, every art has to make a profit otherwise it wouldn’t continue to work, so then, how do you continue the message that everybody can do theatre when not everybody has access to this privilege? Fans want to support in any way that they can, but what can we do when what we love is just too far out of our monetary capabilities? Does that mean that we are not worthy of ever experiencing something we have come to love?

Sondheim, luckily for all of us theatre lovers, has recorded the majority of his shows, allowing for larger audiences to have the chance to see it. Seeing Passion, my favorite show and one of his most obscure, was the way my theatre education began. I was not even a month old when the production opened, but I was able to watch the performance just the same. So, instead of hating on bootlegs, why can’t shows record their shows and then sell them after it has closed? That would guarantee high quality work, the director’s vision to remain intact, and for the power of theatre to reach those that are less privileged and not affect the cost of ticket sales retroactively. Most people would rather see it live, but some people just want an option. 

Being in the US, specially California, where the arts funding gets cut more and more, having access to such quality productions on tape as Memphis, South Pacific, and Carousel (to name a few), either in concert version or fully staged, is a blessing. Bootlegs are bad and totally illegal, but sometimes it’s all we have. Why not give us a solution? The Library of Congress does have recordings of shows for archival purposes, but why not realize them for public access after 15 years? Any ideas would be welcomed by an audience that idolizes what Broadway artists create and a DVD is, unfortunately, much much cheaper than a Broadway or in Hamilton’s case, an Off-Broadway show. 

What I’m trying to say is that instead of talking about the problem, let’s find a solution, one that can please the creative team, respect their work, and also acknowledge the audience’s needs.  

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In the article you posted you mentioned raising stick insects in passing and i just wanted to ask where you got them? Ive been looking for a seller in the US, both locally and online, for the last 6 months or so and I haven't been able to find one. (I've also been looking for mardonius parilis acuticonus, without any luck, though I know some popular online retailers have had them in the past)And do you have any general advice on finding some of the more niche insects for sale? Thanks ❤️🐛

aaaaw that was the story of my life for a good 3 years! Several of the species of stick insects and millipedes that I was able to get at pet stores or online have been restricted for sale and distribution. The USDA is in charge of that and they’re trying to avoid a fiasco like what’s happened to the Florida Everglades with people releasing Burmese Pythons that they’d been keeping as pets! (A few goofballs can ruin it for everybody). 

It’s a lot tough to get several of these niche species now. There are still a few places where you can get exotic Dictyopterans (Mantids and Cockroaches). Bugsincyberspace is great for that. Stick bugs are tougher though because they’re more toughly regulated. You can procure a number of species of exotic stickbugs by quasilegal means at Exotic Pets shows (Reptile Expos and things). I’m not recommending that though! 

I actually get my stick bugs and I plan to get LeRoy’s successor by importing them directly from their country of origin by getting the “Ok” from the USDA. As a researcher with the University of Maryland, I was able to get a permit for Research and Outreach (they come with me to career day ^____^).

^(a STEM Outreach Event) =D

Then I coordinate shipments directly from Malaysia, Thailand, and Madagascar (it can get a little expensive so I only do it once a year in bulk!) If you’re interested, “Tropical Entomological House” is a great resource! Several of my stickbugs and other pets came from there! I wish you the best of luck! We insect pet owners have to stick together ^______^

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I love "A Feast For Crows", it's my favorite book of the saga so far. Nearly every chapter is compelling and only Arya's chapters are a bit off, to me. But there are still passages which meaning I haven't been able to seize, yet. Like, when Jaime talks to Loras about the White Book and teases him with some (in)famous names of former Kingsguards. What's Jaime's point, here ? What is he trying to make Loras understand ?


Jaime had to smile. “There’s none of that here, ser, but the histories will open your eyes. You would do well to know about the lives of those who went before.”

“I do. Prince Aemon the Dragonknight, Ser Ryam Redwyne, the Greatheart, Barristan the Bold…”

“…Gwayne Corbray, Alyn Connington, the Demon of Darry, aye. You will have heard of Lucamore Strong as well.”

“Ser Lucamore the Lusty?” Ser Loras seemed amused. “Three wives and thirty children, was it?

They cut his cock off. Shall I sing the song for you, my lord?”

“And Ser Terrence Toyne?”

“Bedded the king’s mistress and died screaming. The lesson is, men who wear white breeches need to keep them tightly laced.”

“Gyles Greycloak? Orivel the Open-Handed?”

“Gyles was a traitor, Orivel a coward. Men who shamed the white cloak. What is my lord suggesting?”

“Little and less. Don’t take offense where none was meant, ser. How about Long Tom Costayne?”

Ser Loras shook his head.

“He was a Kingsguard knight for sixty years.”

“When was that? I’ve never—”

“Ser Donnel of Duskendale, then?”

“I may have heard the name, but—”

“Addison Hill? The White Owl, Michael Mertyns? Jeffory Norcross? They called him Neveryield. Red Robert Flowers? What can you tell me of them?”

“Flowers is a bastard name. So is Hill.”

“Yet both men rose to command the Kingsguard. Their tales are in the book. Rolland Darklyn is in here too. The youngest man ever to serve in the Kingsguard, until me. He was given his cloak on a battlefield and died within an hour of donning it.”

“He can’t have been very good.”

“Good enough. He died, but his king lived. A lot of brave men have worn the white cloak. Most have been forgotten.”

“Most deserve to be forgotten. The heroes will always be remembered. The best.”

“The best and the worst.” So one of us is like to live in song. “And a few who were a bit of both. Like him.” He tapped the page he had been reading.

“Who?” Ser Loras craned his head around to see. “Ten black pellets on a scarlet field. I do not know those arms.”

“They belonged to Criston Cole, who served the first Viserys and the second Aegon.” Jaime closed the White Book. “They called him Kingmaker.”

I think Jaime is trying to tell Loras that legacy is a tricky thing, and you can’t always predict how you’ll be remembered; thus, the debates still raging about Criston Cole’s motivations, in-universe and IRL. It’s no accident that Jaime ends on the dude whose nickname probably inspired his own; Jaime’s really talking about his own legacy here, as he is with Balon Swann in ASOS.

But AFFC specifically is obsessed with legacy, with what’s left of you. Tywin is the dominant example, given how large his shadow looms throughout over not only Cersei and Jaime, but also Genna, the Martells, and the post-Red Wedding Riverlords. (Tyrion gets a Tywin-echo-chamber to himself in ADWD). But other plots have their own deaths hanging over them: Balon, Oberyn, Lysa…except the other ingredient giving AFFC its distinct entropic flavor is the bitter satire by which it demonstrates how those deaths are in fact negated, disrespected, and ultimately swallowed up by other interests and pre-existing narratives. A Feast for Crows, indeed. 

You could get dizzy trying to find the original sin here, and that’s where Arya’s AFFC chapters come in; her introduction to the Faceless Men functions as a meta-narrative about death, hovering above the rest of the novel, trying to synthesize a theme. The HOB&W is a self-aware story-oasis, where Arya (along with the reader) tries to come to terms with death and her desire to cause it by dealing with death as an ideology rather than, as it is in all the above cases, a breakdown of ideology. For the FM, death is form and meaning, not chaos and entropy. (I think they’re wrong—“Men’s lives have meaning, not their deaths”—but again the worldview stands out fascinatingly in the context of AFFC.)

The Many-Faced God, then, is a literalization of how the book’s central themes—death and failing to get your shit together—cross boundaries between storylines. Only the FM see the big picture: whatever the details, the same ghost is haunting all our characters. So Arya’s in the source code of AFFC, like Bran is in ADWD’s. Her chapters are supposed to feel separate IMO, because they’re a commentary on all the rest: death is death no matter what face it wears when it comes to your neighborhood, and what’s telling (and worth comparing, as GRRM does throughout AFFC) is how you react, your choices.  

But as I’ve said before, Jaime has already become a character in history books, a figure of powerful myth, not only as the Kingslayer, but as Lancel’s own Arthur Dayne.

“I only wanted…” Lancel shuddered. “Seven save me, but I wanted to be you.”

That’s the weight of legacy given a much more vivid and visceral form than shields in a book: a man who destroyed himself trying to make real the image you presented to the world to hide your pain from when you destroyed yourself trying to make an image real…

[17's Diary - SVT] 2015/05/10 AM 03:12
  • -Wonwoo
  • Today is the last rehearsal, I can't believe that we'll be holding a showcase tomorrow ㅜㅠ I think I won't be able to believe it even after the performances tomorrow!! It's the first (publicly) open showcase so I'm shaking and nervous.. I need to get myself straight before I go to sleep, and do my best for tomorrow's showcase. Fighting!! Will we be able to get 1….or 2 hours of sleep?
  • -Woozi
  • Today, we are preparing for tomorrow's showcase ㅎㅎ it's already showcase day.. it's already the last filming of Seventeen Project…. I remember the first day of filming ..ㅋㅋ It's about a month ago~ it will pass too!! All of us need to do our best until the end, so we'll get a good result! ㅎ Everyone, hwaiting until the endㅎ let's just enjoy it!
  • -S.Coups
  • Tomorrow is finally the showcase.....I don't know whether we will be able to complete the mission or not but as we've been diligently preparing for it, i hope we'll be able to show a great performance.. when I became a trainee.. when I received the ring.. and the first filming.. I'll set my mind (to what I had) during those time and do my best on everything
  • -Seungkwan
  • Today is a day before the showcase. We had a rehearsal in order; just like what we organized until now.
  • I'm worried; will 1000 audiences come (to the showcase)
  • Ha~~it's already the last (filming). . let's do our best until the last
  • Aja aja! I need to wash up quickly, and close my eyes even just for a short time.
  • -Hoshi
  • Today, we had a practice for showcase that will be held tomorrow. Also, I had a chat with the other members as I'm thinking about my original intentions. As we were talking about; if anything changes as we're shooting the reality show, if we still have the original mind..  I think we need to do better on greetings and we need to do our best (on everything). I have to do better in the future.. Also, fighting Seventeen! Let's do well on tomorrow's showcase. We can do it, right?^^ㅋㅋㅋㅋㅋㅋㅋㅋ
  • -Junghan
  • After the showcase, we have title track's music video (filming) so we need to practice the title track's choreography and practice for tomorrow's showcase . The big things that we haven't experience before is coming near.
  • We are going to stand on a huge stage tomorrow. Also, the numbers of audiences that will be coming tomorrow are the largest (numbers) so farㅎㅎ I want to do well tomorrow to make a great stage ㅎㅎ
  • -Joshua
  • Today, we had practice and run-through for performance that we will show at tomorrow's showcase. I'm anticipating it a lot, ad I'm very nervous. Will we be able to gather 1000 audiences; I'm very worried about that.
  • -Dino
  • Today, we had preparation for tomorrow's showcase !!!!
  • Eua~~!!! We will be holding a showcase for real... I can't believe itㅜㅠ
  • Tomorrow, I will perform without regret and I hope 1000 audiences will be there ^^ hwaiting~~!!
  • -Dokyeom
  • Today we have finished the practice for our first showcase~ showcase in a few hours, i'm so nervous. will  1000 audiences come..? will I make mistake? I'm worried but! All of us need to get ourself straight and we need to show a great performance and great showcase~ we have been practicing overnight until now, I hope we will do well on stage! hardwork will never betray us!! We will make people acknowledge Seventeen through great performance, let's get a live debut showcase!!
  • Fighting
  • -Mingyu
  • Today is a day before the showcase.... I'm having a rehearsal with the members..i already feel nervous... The nervous feeling that I had more like excited and joyful..ㅎ this's different...i'm really nervous. I need to do my best.... not to feel nervous and not too excited on the stage tomorrow.
  • -Jun
  • Today we're going to be holding a showcaseㅠㅠ will we be able to gather 1000 audiences? i'm so worried... i want to finish it fast (and did well) and I want to eat delicious food. Also, i hope we'll be able to get the rings back hwaiting fighting!
  • -The8
  • We have a showcase tomorrow. Will 1000 audiences come tomorrow? 
  • I need to do well tomorrow   Seventeen fighting   I hope 1000 audiences will come. I'm so nervous
  • -Vernon
  • (Doodong…. Vernon diary from this day went missing.... Vernon-ah ㅠ_ㅠ Vernon-ah? diary…………. ㅠㅠ)
  • Vernon didn't have a handphone until few days ago. So, when he need to write diary, he usually use staff or other members' handphone to write it. But we tried to search for it and we can't find his diary from that day on staff or other members' handphone. I wondered if he should write it now, but I think it's better to upload a post that contains the feeling he had that day. We openly confess based on the truth that we lost Vernon's diary.
  • We will drop the (vernon's) diary wanted list.
  • If we ever find it someday, we'll exclusively post Vernon's diary…………….

bornamidstsaltandsmoke  asked:

Hey! I had a question about the gods of westeros that I haven't been able to find an answer to. In ACOK, in Catelyn's chapter when joins Stannis and Renly at their meeting, she thinks about the creation of Storm's End. Durran battled the storm gods and gods of the sea... but what gods were those? This was before the Seven, and they weren't the Northern gods.... the closest I could think of was the Drowned God and Storm God, but I assume that's not right. Any thoughts? Thanks (:

The god of the sea and the goddess of the wind in the Durran and Elenei story were some of the many gods worshipped by the First Men before the Pact, before they began to follow the belief of the Old Gods of the Children of the Forest. 

“The Pact began four thousand years of friendship between men and children. In time, the First Men even put aside the gods they had brought with them, and took up the worship of the secret gods of the wood.” –AGOT, Bran VII

Other ancient gods followed by the First Men include the Lord of the Skies and the Lady of the Waves, who were worshipped on the Three Sisters islands – though note that the Sistermen did not take up the Old Gods, but only converted to the Faith of the Seven when the Andals came. Similarly, the people of the Iron Islands never followed the Old Gods (possibly because weirwoods do not grow there), but kept the faith of their warring Drowned God and Storm God. (Note the priests of the Drowned God hold that the ironborn are not of First Men origins, but rather an underwater race more related to merlings than men, but I think that can probably be dismissed. Probably.) It’s interesting that in all of these there’s an ocean god and a sky god, although their genders and characterization vary.

It’s possible another one of these original First Men gods may be the source of the myths of Garth Greenhand where he’s a god:

Garth was the High King of the First Men, it is written; it was he who led them out of the east and across the land bridge to Westeros. Yet other tales would have us believe that he preceded the arrival of the First Men by thousands of years, making him not only the First Man in Westeros, but the only man, wandering the length and breadth of the land alone and treating with the giants and the children of the forest. Some even say he was a god. […] Many of the more primitive peoples of the earth worship a fertility god or goddess, and Garth Greenhand has much and more in common with these deities.

[A few of the very oldest tales of Garth Greenhand present us with a considerably darker deity, one who demanded blood sacrifice from his worshippers to ensure a bountiful harvest. In some stories the green god dies every autumn when the trees lose their leaves, only to be reborn with the coming of spring. This version of Garth is largely forgotten.]


Also, these gods worshipped by a few tribes of Free Folk may be related to the original gods of the First Men:

(some accounts say that there are those who worship different gods: dark gods beneath the ground in the Frostfangs, gods of snow and ice on the Frozen Shore, or crab gods at Storrold’s Point, but such has never been reliably confirmed) – TWOIAF

Please see this post for more.

It has to be perfect. It has to be just the right thing, something he wants but doesn’t even know he wants it. Not too expensive, or he’ll balk at it, but not too cheap either, or he’ll think I don’t take it seriously, this whole–this whole thing.

December had snuck up on Sherlock this year, and suddenly he has found himself smack dab in the middle of a Christmas market, watching John close his eyes, smile on his face, breathing deep and slow to catch the scent of cinnamon and gingerbread, the bright sparkle of fairy lights and streetlamps painting him with reds and golds and greens in turn.

He is gorgeous, utterly gorgeous, and Sherlock feels horrendously unprepared.

How do you choose a Christmas gift for the person who deserves everything, who deserves so much more than you can possibly give them?

It had been John’s idea, a fond elbow to the side and a kiss to the temple late that afternoon with a suggestion to go poke around the booths before holiday shopping begins in earnest and the crowds get too crazy, and watching John take it in–the shoddy wooden stalls masquerading as chalets, the street vendors carting around overpriced, watery hot chocolates, the boughs of pine trees stapled to the stalls and draped in lights and red velvet–with a look of sheer boyish delight makes Sherlock’s stomach flip-flop. When John takes him by the hand and tugs him into the flow of it all, Sherlock can’t help but smile back at him and follow.

The evening is cold and a bit windy, but at least the drizzle stopped several hours ago. The wind turns John’s cheeks a ruddy pink and doesn’t seem to bother him at all. He jokes and laughs and flits through the displays of shiny mercury glass trees and overdressed Victorian angels, dragging Sherlock behind him, leaning up occasionally to kiss the corner of his mouth and rubbing his thumb over the back of Sherlock’s hand absently and Sherlock is totally entranced by the simplicity of his happiness.

Together, they pick out a handmade ornament for Harry, suggesting sillier and sillier options (Santas wearing Hawaiian shirts and baseball caps, reindeer with light-up noses, snowmen with branches sticking out of wholly inappropriate places) before finally settling on a set of lovely crystal stars with gilded edges. For Mrs Hudson, they pick out three matching stockings to hang from her fireplace–soft white for her, deep blue for Sherlock, and a dark forest green for John, all hand-crocheted in the same pattern.

As for John himself, he looks at a lot of different things, but he doesn’t really seem to connect to anything. He runs his fingertips over huge thick socks and jumpers knitted with fair isle designs and even spends ten solid minutes shaking up a display of snow globes, one by one, but he doesn’t really stick to anything that Sherlock thinks he might actually want. Of course, Sherlock hardly expected to find the perfect gift for John in a wooden stall on the riverside in Southbank, but still. A hint at least would’ve been nice.

In Christmases past, Sherlock has given him practical things, interesting things. Books, scarves, a new alarm clock for his bedroom when his old one started to get fussy at the snooze button. Last year he’d gotten him a pass to an underground, top secret shooting range, so he could practice with his gun and a couple of other firearms, in exchange for five solid favours for Mycroft. John had taught Sherlock how to stand and shoot, correcting his stance with a hand on his shoulder and on his hip, and the silence in the empty shooting range had been deafening, and three days later John had gone to Sherlock’s parents’ house and pretended to forgive his wife.

That’s over now, Sherlock reminds himself fiercely. Over and done.

This Christmas is different. This Christmas they are different. This will be the first Christmas since John had kissed Sherlock months ago, so gentle and cautious and hopeful, in the rain outside 221B, the day he’d come home for good. I’m sorry we had to wait so long, John had said, God, I’m so sorry, I feel like we’ve waited forever.

So it has to be perfect. He wants John to feel like the wait was worth it. He wants John to know that he’d have waited longer, as long as it took, that he’d have waited forever, for John.

What do you give a person when you want to give them the rest of your life?

And Sherlock stands there, in the middle of a Christmas market as John hums along to Silent Night, John’s hand warm in his with fingertips a little gritty from the cinnamon-sugar doused churros they’d shared, and thinks, oh, that’s–that’s an idea, isn’t it?

Day One: Shopping for presents

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