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One SFW sample page from Pair Skate, the 18+ YOI doujinshi I’m doing with @tumblngkori

PDF should be available first week in March!

Edit to add: text is huge relative to the panel art bc print size (if you wanna print it at home) is 5.5″ x 8.5″.

I Have Something To Tell You...

After seeing how everyone is coming together and spreading so much love, especially in the Jacksepticeye community, I’ve decided that today is the day… 

I have something to tell you guys…

I’ve wanted to say it for a while but I was worried about doing it… 

But I’m not so worried now and you guys are my friends, and so I think you should know this… Here goes… 

I’m asexual. At least I’m like 99.9999999999 (etc) % sure that I am. Yes, I have done a lot of research and reading about it to be sure, I didn’t want to rush to label myself. And the great thing about labels is that they can change. But this is what I identify as right now. And I’m proud to say it. I. Am. Ace. :D

So if you don’t accept aces and think they are invalid, unfollow me now please. But if you do accept me, then yay!! Thank you and I love you! ❤

This was pretty hard to post, but I thought that you guys wouldn’t hate me for being ace. You all seem too sweet for that and you’ve been so kind to me this far, which I’m very grateful for by the way :3

Announcement post over. Thank you for reading ^_^ ❤

Journeys - (Lin-Manuel Miranda x Reader) - Chapter 2

My warning: This is basically the first thing I’ve ever written, so beware. Also, there may be some inaccuracies, as I only have a vague idea of how Broadway and the musical-writing process works.

Please, if you feel the need to do so, leave feedback to see if I should continue this.

Summary: When Lin asks you to work on Hamilton with him, you’re absolutely ecstatic. But you may be in for more than you thought with deadlines, stress, and complicated feelings for Lin.

Warnings: a lil cursing, reader has slight insecurities?

Word Count: 1957 (someone stop me)

A/N: Oh god, I’m so sorry for not updating. A lot of personal junk. Lame excuse, but still. Anyway, as I said, fics will be coming regularly now. Thanks for putting up with me. Enjoy!

Tags: (I can’t believe people want to be tagged in this) @alexanderhamllton @texasprincess3 @literallylin

Prologue - Chapter 1 - Chapter 2

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You rapped on the door in front of you, then quickly smoothed down your hair. You would be writing with Lin for the first time today, and you were absolutely ecstatic. This had been your dream for as long as you could remember, and you would be pursuing it with Lin. But you were nervous that you weren’t good enough to be writing with him.

You heard feet pounding, and then the door suddenly swung open to reveal Lin, wearing sweats and headphones that were obviously just unplugged.

He smiled his unforgettable smile. “Hey.“

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In For The Money - Part 2 (Auston Matthews)


Word Count: 902

Team: Toronto Maple Leafs

Warning/s: none? sad?

A/n: Finally! Listen to Life Worth Living by Laurel while reading. Requested by a lot of Anons.

Originally posted by mttymrts

“Y/n wait.”, Auston called out as you were almost by your car.

“What? Are you not done with yelling at me yet?”, you asked with a cracked voice. 

“I am so sorry. I shouldn’t have said those things. I’ve- Oh goddamnit I’m so stupid.”, he called out in frustration. 

You turned around slowly, crossing your arms in front of your chest.

“What do you want to say?”, you asked.

He should’ve just let you go home. That’s where you wanted to be at that point that evening, just cuddled up in blankets bawling your eyes out because you once again got your heart broken. This time by the guy you had least expected it from. The friendly Arizonan teen that you had run into in front of the Uni.

The tensed atmosphere that had been between the two of you had disappeared. Both Auston and you were tired of yelling and you were no longer in the mood to defend yourself. Just get it over with, you thought.

“What?”, he asked.

“You came after me. What do you want to say? Or why did you follow me?”, you explained quietly.

Your eyes were fixated on the ground in front of Auston’s feet. His eyes, on the other hand, were watching you, standing in front of your car with your head down.

“I missed you.”

“What do you mean? In the ten seconds since I left your house?”, you asked sarcastically. 

“No. On the road trip. I missed you so much.”

“I missed you too. That’s why I was here.”, you muttered.

“Why are you even with me?”, he questioned, his gaze burning into your skin. You lifted your head up, the tears streaming down your cheeks now visible to him.

“In case you forgot. I just broke up with you.”, you croaked.

You couldn’t break out into tears in his driveway. But the stinging pain in your chest made it hard to breathe. You focused your gaze onto the ground again, taking deep breaths. The tears that had made their way out of your eyes were wiped away by the back of your hand. You managed to reach a certain level of control as you looked back up.

But the hurt look on Auston’s face was only making it worse. His eyes were shining and you could tell that he was holding back tears of his own.

“I’ve been asking myself that question ever since we started that road trip. I missed you so much, I started questioning everything. I’m never home so we barely see each other. I have a contract that forbids basically everything that is a little bit out of the ordinary, making it hard to do something exciting. There are tons of people trying to hit on me for my name, not for me. Just so they can say they had something with Auston Matthews.”, he said, a dry sob escaping his lips, forcing him to quit talking. 

He squeezed his eyes shut for a second, taking a few deep breaths before he made another attempt.

“You, you are beautiful. You’re smart and funny. You like people, especially me, for what they are and not what they appear to be. You could walk down the street and meet someone that could give you everything you need. Attention, time, love. That’s why I was so upset about money. It’s basically the only thing I can give to you. I know you’re not a golddigger. I’m sorry- just- why?”

Your eyes were wide. All of your work had been for nothing, as Auston’s statement just made you cry more. Hearing his voice break, seeing him drive his hands through his hair in frustration because he couldn’t even finish what he was going to say. It caused your heart to break even further.

“Because I’m not looking for someone that can give me what I need. I’m looking for someone that can give me what I want. And what I want… is you. I love you, Auston. The guy that insists on cuddling and watching a movie instead of going out to some fancy restaurant. The guy that watches me, cook, pretending not to do it. Yes, I miss you a lot when you’re gone and that’s most of the time, but the time that we do spend together… It just makes it all worth it.”

Auston looked at you for a few seconds, mouth hanging open slightly.

“I- I love you too. Please come back inside.”, he begged, lowering his gaze to his shoes.

You carefully made your way over to him. When he saw your boots in front of him he looked up, only to be engulfed in a warm hug. Your arms were wrapped around his waist, squeezing him gently, just showing him that you were still there. He didn’t need a second to close his arms around you, using the height difference to put his head on top of yours.

“I’m sorry.”, he muttered once again.

“I know. I know. Let’s just get back inside and cuddle, what do you think?”, you offered,  wiping away your tears.

Auston let out a quiet chuckle, wiping his own face before intertwining your fingers and leading you back to the still open front door.

BTS - Reaction when their friends says they’re tired of love.



“Stop it! You just haven’t the right person yet.”


*Listens to you while you spill your heart to him and he passes you a tissue whenever you need one.*


You: “I just give up!”

“You can’t say that you give up on love! It’s an emotion you can’t control, don’t let a few idiots put you off something you deserve.”


“I’m not great with love problems but I’ll try my best to help you.”


“Why would you say that so suddenly? What have they done?”


“I’m your friend, Y/n, but do we have to talk about such depressing things? Instead, we should go get some food.”


“Aw, Y/n, have my love.”

requested by @wolffoggirl - I edited the request a bit but hopefully too much. Also, I did it in a platonic way.

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Maybe it's because of the collective paranoia but in the promo of the end of season; Is my idea or oskar looks different than usual (or because it is at night looks like this, idk)

His haircut looks strikingly similar to Marco’s one, and they went as far as “blur” his face in the promo, I think that’s intentional. Maybe a way to cause an even stronger reaction in Star, something like “What the hell am I doing here I should be at home talking things out with Marco”? WAIT I SAID I WOULDN’T HAVE SPECULATED, DAMNIT!

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I wish they'd actually talked about Maggie's past instead of smoothing everything over with "romance" like... that's a serious thing she went through? And I don't think she should have had to make it up to Alex? Like she was triggered because of a very upsetting traumatizing event in her past she had every right to not be on her game just then. Idk I feel weird about it like the brown girl always has to be the one to chase and apologize and do the grand gestures you know?

^^ One thousand million percent.

Don’t worry, I’m gonna rewrite it.

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Yo! I've become obsessed with BL webtoons but I feel a bit lost in this brand new world. Could you perhaps help me a bit and try to sort out a few things? Like, what official websites provide BL webtoons? And also, what scanlation groups are there that translate BL webtoons? I'm just assuming you have the knowledge of a webtoon-guru ᕕ( ᐛ )ᕗ

omG i actually don’t know other scanlation teams bc i don’t read webtoon translations but!!

lezhin; pretty obvious, has the widest range of bl & fucking quality,, also you should go through the completed ones too because some of them are so good //swallow

comica; has two really really good and super cute bl webtoons atm!! (copycat & fools) i’m planning to do fools in a bit and @astroshock-scans will do copycat

foxtoon.; surprisingly has a lot of bl webtoons (check out all of them here) that are pretty good! i don’t think a lot of them are getting scanlated though

myktoon; there’s actually one bl webtoon on this site that is an actual fucking emotional rollercoaster

bomtoon; has A LOT of bl but nobody seems to care about them;; cries,,, i’ll probably do suspicious recipe when i get the time to (so in like 1975 years) there’s a lot of one shot bl stuff that i might do when i’m feeling bored.,,, i wanna do the threesome one

toomics; … i heard that there’s a lot of good r18 stuff on here but i can’t see them since i don’t have a phone number/ipin number to prove my age,,,,, cries silently (and before someone asks, i was only able to prove my age with lezhin because i did it like 2 years ago when they did it with the national identification number)

….and that’s all! like i said, idk any scanlation groups that do korean bl webtoons (except for astroshock lol) but i do know that there’s a few groupless translators who do 1-2 series like me! pretty sure that they all leave watermarks or credit pages at the end so maybe look out for them? idek

i hope? this helped you? i mean you won’t be able to read them anyway lol i literally just remembered that ((sorry))

okay, two things:

  • make all your font sizes adjustable. there is no excuse for not doing this. if your theme literally cannot accommodate bigger fonts without looking awful then it’s a bad theme full stop. basic web accessibility is an actual thing all web developers/designers are required to account for, it’s not some obscure tumboblr fad. if you’re using multiple fonts, each one should ideally have its own font size - not all fonts display text the same way for a given size value.
  • and i mean make all of them adjustable? i can’t believe i have to say this but if someone is using a large font size for readability purposes then they will naturally want to be able to read everything on the page, not just the actual body of the post. (looking at that js plugin to change font sizes that only affects the post body here.) if you need to use a smaller or bigger size for the same font, have it scale by percentage and not absolute value so that people don’t have to go hunting for every instance of “font-size:” in your code to make things like titles and post footers match the actual content.

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why do you repost art? even with permission? you seem like a genuinely nice person... but you repost art (yes, with permission i know but still...), reblog your own reposts over and over again to get more notes, and you have a tag called "my posts" for your reposts, when the drawings were never yours in the first place. sounds like you're just doing all that do get followers tbh.

Hi anon, you know what I dislike? when people, especially in anon, assume things about me like that ^^ that’s something that makes me GNNN inside x))

I’m gonna reply to each points, tbh I don’t see why I should justify myself to you but at least it’s not an aggressive message so ok ^^

- I began to ask permission to repost when I realized that there were so much unauthorized posts on tumblr that a lot of person were reblogging them since there was mostly that. I also love sharing with my friends in general, or make discover new artists <333 

- about the “reblog”, the main reason is stupid tbh, it’s just to fill more my queue ahah ^^’’’ (and bcs some people asked me if I could reblog bcs of time difference but now it’s really more keep my blog active xD)  ah and let’s be clear **big breath** I don’t care about notes unless it’s works of mine, like my music or my drawings or edits, I really care about the feedback in this case (like all artists) so I won’t be ashamed to admit that.
For the arts I post,  I don’t know why I would want to have notes since I feel nothing about it since well I haven’t made them. Tbh, I’m one of the few persons who wish that tumblr could let the possibility to hide notes for some posts…

- About the tag “my posts”, I use this for everything post I do, I didn’t think much about it, just a way to find things easily……..(again why assuming the worst –”’’ I could have choose *hakuna matata* it wouldn’t have changed anything).

- And the last sentence is the one that makes like OTL OTL OTL the most each time……… I take very seriously the repost with permission, I’m very careful about that, I keep a constant contact with artists just in case, I even try to make the artists consider to create a blog here too!!!! And for many they came :D and I could support them directly here <333 also since I ask permission, I am more aware of unauthorized reposts here so I could try to contact users about it or even warn the artists about it. I even made masterlists (but thanks to tumblr staff, links are broken now) for the fandoms so they could be careful too.
Do you really think that I would bother to do this if the only thing I wanted was followers……..?

Tbh anon, I take this ask badly, because I think it’s kinda insulting in a way. 
You don’t know nothing about me or about what I do, so next time instead of sending an ask on anon, ask by DM, let’s talk.
Otherwise, yes I love my friends and the followers I talked with, that’s the only thing that really counts to me here ;))

Well, have a nice day now.

The Jungkook Effect p2

(This was triggered by my last reblogged gifset of Namjoon talking about Jimin.)

I don’t want to be that kind of shipper who relates nearly everything to the ship, and I am not. I really am not.

However, for some reason, I cannot help but think Jungkook may have (directly or indirectly) something to do with how less insecure Jimin has been lately.

- we’ve all seen videos of Jimin being praised by Jungkook while the others kept teasing him
- Jimin’s out of his ridiculous diet and we’ve seen for ourselves how Jungkook calls at Jimin when he’s not eating when he should already be

Call me delusional, but I seriously believe that a huge part of Jimin’s happiness recently is because of Jungkook and the things he’s doing to and for Jimin, and for that I am thankful.

Jungkook is not my bias (and not even in my top 4 BTS bias), but he’s up there on top with Jimin for me for as long as I can see he’s there for Jimin. The most beautiful Jungkook I’ve ever seen is the Jungkook who looks at Jimin like he’s the most beautiful and most precious person in the world.

I don’t know if something like my case exists but I am in love with how in love Jungkook is with Jimin (you can try to fight me on this being true all you want but you cannot change what I believe in), probably as much as I love Jimin. I guess that’s why it doesn’t hurt; that there’s no sense of jealousy. 🙂

Things You Should Do In College

Having been in college for nearly 3 years now, I feel like I’ve gotten into the groove of this whole thing. Now I want to share with you all the things that I found helpful and the things that I kick myself for not doing during the past 3 years.

1. Make new friends

When I first came I was so caught up in missing my friends from back home that I didn’t get to make a ton of friends during my first year. I’ve really regretted that. Make as many friends as you can. Those people are going to be your new support system. It’s really not as hard as it seems and it gets easier and more comfortable to get to know new people as the years go by because you start realizing that we’re all in the same boat.

2. Try everything

Go to that club everyone’s talking about. Try out a new sport. Sign up for the pole dancing classes (yes, I have a friend who did this). Take the wacky elective. Open yourself to new experiences! College is all about experimenting and through that you’ll figure out what you like and what you’ll never do again.

3. Take advantage of add/drop period. 

Try out different courses and sections. If you can’t make it from one building to the next in the time that you have between courses, maybe you don’t want to be running and stressing out for all of the next semester.

4. Professors matter

It’s so important to have a good prof. Engaging profs make even the more boring material fun and interesting. If you’re like me and you can’t learn 100% from the textbook, really ask around and search online to find out who you should take the course with. Also, if you’re looking to go to graduate school, it might be a good idea to take courses with profs who went to the schools you’re interested in applying to or profs who are prominent in the specific field that you’re interested in.

5. Start thinking about life after graduation

Graduate school? Job search? Gap year? Masters degree? Law school? Med school? Doctoral program? If you’re looking to enter a graduate program immediately after graduation, it’s really important that you start considering your path early. There are so many deadlines for entrance exams, asking for letters of recommendation, submitting forms, etc. and it’s always a better idea to be ahead of the pack.

6. You know your dad’s friend’s cousin’s neighbour who has your dream job/works at your dream firm? Use that connection

All of the internships I’ve had so far have been through personal connections and recommendations. It’s super super helpful and if you’re like me, you might get lucky.

7. Make good use of your summers

While down time is a must, you should still find a way to be productive during your summers. Find a way to combine the two and you’ll have yourself a summer that gave you the chance to both develop academically/professionally and relax, explore, and have fun.

8. Explore your campus

There are actually many spots that even as a third year I’ve yet to go to. Some really nice libraries and events organized by our student associations. Take advantage of these opportunities before you leave to make lasting memories.

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Hey Jams, I think you're pretty awesome! If you don't mind, could you talk about what it was like when you first realised you were nonbinary? How long did it take for you to figure it out? I am 16 and I'm really confused about my gender right now - I don't know if I think I feel a connection to my assigned gender just because that's how everyone sees me, or if I actually do have that connection.

I’ve answered this question before (and should probably add it to the FAQ) so check the ‘replies’ or ‘advice’ tags for previous responses to similar questions. I promise I will some point actually go into this in detail, because there’s a lot more to it than I can write in a rushed text post, but this is the short-ish answer:

I was maybe 15-16 when I started feeling weird about my gender but back then Tumblr wasn’t a thing and I had no vocabulary to describe how I felt (I barely knew what transgender meant, due to complete lack of education). I was teased by friends about how I presented and acted and was often referred to as ‘an X trapped in a Y’s body’ and while that wasn’t correct something about it resonated with me. However I still didn’t have the words to articulate how I felt at that point so I just didn’t pay much attention to it and assumed I was just being weird. It wasn’t until I got to university and basically had a minor existential crisis regarding my identity (there was yelling while sat slumped against a cabinet in someone’s kitchen at 1AM, a story for another time) that I started exploring Tumblr and other online communities and I realised there were more than two options. Suddenly everything made a lot more sense to me and after a lot more careful research and internal exploration I felt ready to tell the world how I felt. That was when I was 19-20 ish, and I’m now 22 and out and proud to the vast majority of people who know me. 

There’s no such thing as too old or too young to figure this stuff out, you can start your gender journey at any age and take as much time as you want :) these things often require patience and a lot of introspection so don’t worry if you haven’t got it all figured out right away (especially as a teenager when you have so much other stuff going on)

Ponder knew he should never have let Ridcully look at the invisible writings. Wasn’t it a basic principle never to let your employer know what it is you actually do all day?
But no matter what precautions you took, sooner or later the boss was bound to come in and poke around and say things like, “Is this where you work, then?” and “I thought I sent a memo out about people bringing in potted plants,” and “What d’you call that thing with the keyboard?”

– on work environments | Terry Pratchett, The Last Continent

It's okay

So recently I’ve been coming to the idea of, I want to do better, but I don’t think I really can. But that isn’t true. And this is in no way trying to promote myself or any shit I do, let’s get that straight. I never want to be taken in any other way other than seriously unless stated otherwise when I do things like this. I’m making this just so I can express my feelings of how I feel like they should be told. There are people I look up to, whether it be for guidance or just because I love them for the individual they are. A lot of them are youtubers, such as (in alphabetical order because I don’t do favorites): Ethan (Crankgameplays), G (OGchan), Jack/Seán (Jacksepticeye), Mark (Markiplier), Mark Crilley, Thomas Sanders, and Wiishu. All of these people and more have greatly affected my life in the best way possible. And yes I know it seems like I’m getting off topic but I truly have a point here. All of these people are creative, talented, and amazing people. Of course, they didn’t just appear into the world like that. They needed time for themselves to grow and to figure out who they are, and some probably still are which makes me believe in so much more. I believe that anyone with their best interest, can do something great to help the world. Listen to me when I say this, you can do it. It doesn’t matter if you can only draw stick figures or if you can’t remember lines correctly, or you miss a note or two. It doesn’t matter if you don’t figure out a puzzle right away or if you die repeatedly on one level that took someone one try. YOU ARE YOUR OWN PERSON. You can make the world so much better in your own little unique way, but you just need to try. I hate hearing people say, I can’t do anything right, or, I’ll never be good enough. I guarantee that someone out there, whether it be now or in the future, will look up to you and want to be exactly like you. I want you to smile, I want you to believe in yourself and to think at least once a day, I can do this. I can be the best and I can get through this. I apologize if I ranted a lot in this, but sometimes I really just need to get things like this off of my chest and to let it all out. I hope you have a wonderful day, and if you’ve made it all the way here then thank you so much for the support you’ve shown me, and I will continue to support each and every one of you who will come across this post or blog or whatever. I love you guys to bits and I’m proud to be where I am today with the influences and the people with me. 💙 (Also sorry if I went all over the place, when I get excited this is just what I tend to do I don’t know why, ok bye)

EDIT: I forgot to also mention some of my great friends, Mason and Signa for always being there for me. Mason, well, shut up because you know I always do this. Signa, thank you so much for just being there for me when I truly needed it. You’ve been one of my biggest inspirations when it comes to writing and style, so I thank you for that. Mason you can go draw or whatever because you’re extremely great at that in my eyes and I love that about you. Also shut up

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That's ridiculous that Finn even felt the need to explain himself. People are so quick to be like "protect him" or " paps are so annoying" but they're doing the same thing. They have no boundaries when it comes to privacy and they say he should be "used to it". The hypocrisy blows my mind. Millie isn't pressed so why are they?

HOOOOO BOY DO I AGREE WITH THIS ON SO MANY LEVELS i literally woke up and saw the whole situation on twitter with finn’s tweet and honestly ?? i was so mad, i’m still mad honestly !!! like !!!!!! HOO MAN i can’t believe some people were seriously getting on his back so much about this dumb insta post that he felt the need to make a whole tweet addressing it and explaining himself like ???? he shouldn’t have to !!!! because it’s not our business ??? it doesn’t effect us in any way ?????? it’s his life and his friendship and we should respect that !!!!!!!! i know not everyone is like this in this fandom, but hooooo boy i am just,, so annoyed right now just thinking about it lmao (also you don’t need to make a freaking insta post about your friend’s birthday to prove your friendship with them i’m just sayin bc some ppl really blew this outta proportion smh)

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Hi, I'm new to witchcraft - well, not new new but I digress - and I was wondering something. I seem to have trouble centering and grounding. I just don't know how to go about doing either. I've researched taken the time to really feel out the energies around me but I never really feel like I accomplish either. I've done shield and a few spells and they've worked and I hadn't done centering or grounding. Is that unusual or bad? I dunno. I'm in the closet with no guidance or even a library. Help.

Originally posted by dinsintegration

Before you meditate, or do other spiritual work such as energy healings, divination or magick, you should prepare and protect yourself. You do this by grounding yourself, centering your energies, and shielding yourself from unwanted influences.


Centering is simply returning all of your scattered energies to home base. Usually throughout the day, you have little energy tendrils out doing things while you are attending to business. Perhaps you are writing a report, but one ‘eye’ is on the clock, because you have a meeting coming up, and a fragment of your attention is thinking about your children, since one was sniffling this morning, and you also have a fraction of your mind drafting a letter of resignation you know you’ll never send.

To center yourself, call in all your scattered bits of attention and focus, and bring them into your body’s space. You are mentally compacting yourself around your mental or ‘spiritual center of gravity’. People have different concepts of where their spiritual center physically is.  Mine is at my apex, just below the notch of my sternum.  Some people locate it at their heart chakra or their solar plexus chakra. Pull your energies into a tight ball at the location where they seem to want to be at rest–if you aren’t centered, you might feel 'psychically top-heavy’, as if you were prone to topple over.

Pay attention to your breathing while you call in all your forces; imagine yourself inhaling white cleansing energy and exhaling dark, dusty 'busy-ness’ and futile wheel-spinning. This process can take 10-15 minutes while you’re first learning it, but once you learn the 'centered’ feeling, you can center yourself with a few breaths at any time, even while driving your car or walking into that important meeting.


Grounding connects you to the energy of the earth, and is important in healing and magickal works since it prevents you from depleting your own body’s energy. Simply put, you connect to the earth by imagining you are connected to the earth. Sounds silly, but it works. Here’s how you do it:

Imagine you are standing in your bare feet on the ground. (It doesn’t matter if you’re in your cubicle in a high rise or even flying somewhere on a plane.) Your feet are planted firmly on the bare earth, and by an exercise of your will, you send roots into the earth. As you inhale, you draw energy up through your new 'roots’, and as you exhale, you send your roots even further into the earth. Do this for several minutes–you should definitely feel a change in the state of your feeling of 'aliveness’.

A great stone for grounding is hematite.  When learning to ground, have some on hand.  But there is a forewarning for hematite: where or carry it too much or too often, and you may become too rooted.


Shielding is the process of protecting yourself from the energetic influences around you, and is something you can do independent of grounding, centering, meditating or anything else.

Have you ever experienced a day when you were full of vague, directionless anger? Or a strange hope inappropriate to your current circumstances? Before you schedule an appointment with a psychiatrist, see if shielding makes these intrusive emotions cease–you may be taking on the energies of people around you, complete with their own imprimatur of hope, fear, anger or whatnot.

Shielding is a skill that you can use independent of grounding and centering, and when you are going into highly charged situations (a court room, a job review or interview, a family argument), shielding is a vital step in keeping your energies separate from all the swirling energies around you.

Shielding, like grounding and centering, is a visualizing process, and everyone evolves their own special shielding ritual. While grounded, draw up energy into your being. Use this energy to form a protective barrier between yourself and the negative vibes of those around you, or random free-floating energies. You can visualize a transparent plexi-glass egg around you–the good intentions and friendly emotions around you are free to pass through your shield, but all bad stuff gets deflected. Some people make shields that reflect negativity back to the source, but this, while perhaps satisfying to one’s sense of fair play, still leaves too much negative energy in the atmosphere. Set your shields to 'ground out’ any negative energy that impinges on it, and let it flow harmlessly into the earth, where it can be neutralized and recycled into good energy.

Hope this helps, darling!

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hi! maybe u won't agree with me but imho, I don't think Sam posted that picture just for innuendos etc. maybe he wanted to tell us something and we get the wrong message. After these 6 weeks, he made very clear that samcait is real, and this photo involving MPC and MM were just to prove "hey I'm here posting things for the charity and celebrating a brother's marriage of my friend involved in this project."I think we r so upset since last year that we don't have more patience. What do you think?

I mean I like the idea but he probably should have said something along those lines if he wanted to get a message across. He’s done a very good job at getting messages across in the past, this just felt like a weak bitch move instead. 

I think I gained 10 pounds today, I literally cannot stop eating. Idk what my uterus thinks it’s doing, but it should really stop cause I can’t afford to gain weight like this.