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I love you Kacchan

Mi hijo por qué

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NSFW Drabble based off of the ridiculously talented @lilithsaur ‘s Demon!Au couple who I adore the hell out of.   


Lilith, Rey, Soul-stealer.

Over hundreds of years, men had cycled through praises for her. Some whispering affections for the mischievous demon who visited in dreams while others searched for the source of their nightmares until awe quivered in their voice once they found her name in ancient scrolls. Some foolish men, who realized their mistakes too late, whined and begged for her to leave, but her absolute favorite worshippers were always the loudest. Those delicious, cursed few who were given the chance to scream her real name as she dug in her claws before dragging them down to hell.

Nothing sounded better to her ears than a blood covered tongue rolling over a begging that wouldn’t save them, but only one creature could twist her name into a shiver.

Even in a club where heavy bass pounded against her skin, she could feel him reach out for her. Feel his desire cutting through layers of reality until his conscious nuzzled against hers. A shadow of his lust clawing to get closer, and flashing a grin, she stroked a finger along her temple.

Now, now.

I’ve got a soul to claim.

Stroking her fingers past her pewter tiara, she scraped along her scalp. Aware that he’d feel the sensations gliding along the base of his neck too. Knowing it would torture him so, and oh how it pleased her to tease the impatient beast who had the nerve to interrupt her.

Where are you?

“New York,” she lazily answered, sitting down on a barstool. Crossing her ankles as the bells around them tinkled the sweetest sound she’d hear all night, and she continued,”Staring up at a handsome human on stage, and I’m debating on what I’ll have him call me tonight.”

Tipping her head back, she gasped. No reply echoed in her thoughts, but a sharp tug had rippled through her mind. A scratch warning his sadistic kitten to play nice, but Rey never played nice. After five thousand years, she had a reputation to maintain.

“Don’t be jealous,” she cooed, waving over the bartender. “He’s only a scratching post.”

 A human sitting beside the demon blinked in alarm. Sliding his chair farther away from the woman who appeared to be carrying on a conversation with herself, and further paling as she let out a bubbly laugh. Those sharp-tipped teeth of hers’ flashed, and he’d tell himself for the rest of the night that it must have been a trick thanks to the strobing light.

“Oooh, show’s about to start,” she hopped off her seat, drink in hand as she sauntered up closer to the stage. “So shush.”

No reply came down their bond, but the demon had stopped caring as she thrilled over the elaborate paint marks along the stage. The curves and lines she knew so well. Those splatters of crimson that made her hold a hand over where her heart should have beat.

 Aww, a pentagram. How cute.

Up on stage, the drumbeats charged forward as the rest of the band took their places. A riot of visceral noise suddenly filled the room until anticipation peaked, and Rey leaned in for more. Licking her lips as euphoric screams mixed with raw chords through the first notes, and the war-like sounds did her body good. Rolling her pointed tongue along the rim of her glass, she drunk in the chaos. Coloring in the shades of her magic with the pops of panic as the crowd surged forward.

Feeding on every last fear.

Pumping his fist in the air, the cocky lead singer screeched, “Are you ready to raise the dead?”

“Yes!” Rey gleefully shouted back.

“Your souls are mine!”

“Nope,” she snickered.

Gripping onto the microphone, the performer howled out the melodic incantations. Never accepting for one second that the ragged book he’d picked up at a witchcraft store in Brooklyn actually possessed the ability to bring hellraisers to his feet- never dreaming that such a thing was possible. Singing out the unusual, rhyming prose from the manuscript, he set the crowd into a dancing frenzy. Unknowingly leading them all to their gory ends as the bright-eyed female up front covered in draped chains and tattoos glided her hands down her body. Feeling her curves that shimmered more and more the longer he sang.

Then feeling talons snap her hips back against his.

“Kylo,” she whimpered, arching into him. “What are you doing here?”

“Ask the idiot on stage who just shrieked my name,” the voice behind her growled, his razored teeth possessively nipping her earlobe.

Don’t pretend that you didn’t come for me.

“Don’t pretend that you don’t want to come for me,” he hissed back, full lips trailing heat down her throat as he turned her around in his arms. Shameless even after all these centuries with her, her demon backed her up against the stage. Digging her spine into the wooden edge as her mouth parted in ecstasy, and his thumb dragged along her tongue until she bit down.

“Cruel thing.”

“Your thing,” she mocked.

Staring into his feline amber eyes, she skated her palms up to the chains dangling from his nipples. Playfully twining them around her fingers until viciously tugging down, and catching that lovely whine against her mouth as Kylo claimed his first kiss with a snarl. Latching on, they unleashed on each other. Feasting on the mix of pleasure spiked with pain as he hastily zipped his trousers down while continuously kissing her lush mouth. Growling against her tongue as her fingers carded through his silky onyx locks to pet the horns curved underneath. Showing her devotion to the devil who damned her for the first time as he damned her again against the stage.

“You’re going to make me miss his shock when the demons outnumber the fans,” she panted.

Impatiently hitching her thigh higher up around his waist, her magnificent demon then canted forward. Mercilessly burying himself to the hilt inside of her slick depths as the music rumbled through her body and into his. Those same vibrations obscenely pulsing around them until he slid out of her with a ragged groan,

“Then tip your head back, and watch.”

Never able to resist his breathy commands, she did just that. Staring upside down at the poor singer right as his eyes widened in shock, his realization hitting at the same time as the demon he’d beckoned forth climaxed. All the mortal’s views of the world crumbling down to ashes as Kylo filled her whole again.

See, sweet Rey, anything worth having is worth sharing.  


You guys need to read this RIGHT NOW. It is the most beautiful thing I’ve ever come across and I love it so much and the author just updated the second chapter recently and it had me bawling my eyes out in the end and you just need to read it. I’ve already recommended it as one of my favorite fanfics in that ask I answered awhile ago, but still. It is beautiful and needs way more views than it has. GO AND READ IT.

hiiii @theskamfam: happy anniversary !!! this is a post for u :) there are a few things that i want to say so click on the read more if u wanna read them!!

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anonymous asked:

Liz you are like the voice of reason over and over again. How would robron breaking up solve anything. They already try to run away from each other instead of talking. If they lived in separate houses they'd never see each other and then nothing would get solved. I. Just. Don't. Understand. Why. People. Want. Them. A. Part. Logic?????

I wouldn’t go that far lol. But a break up wouldn’t solve anything imo. You’re in a committed relationship, you’re having issues, isn’t the mature thing to do to try and work those issues out together? If people want a break up that’s fair enough, some probably just want it for more angst which is all well and good but doesn’t solve the problems

Since @poisonous-panda asked about future ideas in the fanfic questions thing I’m just gunna leave this up here. 

Hey look, further proof (if you needed any) that I’m crazy 8D

And, for those who have been asking for sneak-peeks at my works… welp… HERE YA GO.

among the many things i am thinking tonight, buying all the re:zero novels that came out ‘til now after exams doesn’t sound like a bad idea

i submitted my work to 2 more poetry competitions !!! so that’s !!! fun !!! now there’s only one left on my list ! idk maybe it’s not a big deal but i’m p proud of myself for doing it?