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so my girlfriend just broke up with me and im dead idk why im really writing this because i dont know you and ur just the first person that appeared on my dash not of my friends are online and i dont know what to do

I’m so sorry anon :( I’m rly bad at advice so here’s some from my friend:

Try to see a counselor or a therapist if you can. Taking a break from looking at the person’s things, like their blog or their fb. Don’t message them or talk to them if you don’t want to. You don’t -have- to talk to them, or stay friends with them. You can do what is ok for you. If you want to still be friends but can’t at the moment, that is ok.

Don’t feel bad if getting over them takes longer than a year or more. Sometimes it takes a long time. Practice self worth. Remember that you were a cool person before you dated, and a cool person during, and that you will be a cool person after. It’s ok to just be you.

Doing mindfulness exercises from here are good when I get into a panic attack thinking about stuff.

It’s ok to be angry, it’s ok to be sad.

Mm.. Another big thing my counselor said to me was like.. Not to believe things I make up in my head that have no truth to back them up. Like for instance thinking that my past partner hates me now, or that I was a bad girlfriend and that’s why we broke up. There is no factual support for those thoughts, winding myself up with them will only hurt me.

When I was worried about if my friends might not want to be with me anymore, or what they might say about me when I couldn’t stay friends with my past partner, my counselor also said to not think about what people might say, or might do. We can control what we focus on.

Spend time with friends who care about you and make you feel loved.

I often wonder if I’ll be worth loving to another person, like if anyone will ever care about me again. But I think - yes. me! I can be that person. And if I love me, and other people did love me, another person will love me if that’s what I want.

both of us hope you’ll be ok <3

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Hi! I came out to someone as ace and they were ok with it. "Cool" they said I checked out their tumblr and saw them reblogging things that are anti-ace & things that make fun of asexuals. I don't know if I should confront them, I feel uncomfortable when I see them. We interact a lot on FB & we share a lot of things in common but they don't get asexuals. i.e.: "On a scale from “asexuals are oppressed” to “historically lesbians have thrived” How delusional are you?"

Show them this post, and if they continue doing what they’re doing then it might be best to stop talking to them, as it could turn very unhealthy for you to see that all the time. Please take care of yourself!


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Ok. So I know BD is a shittt company. I get why people have grievances but when I see their egg plug I don't see it as "flagrant plagiarism" Does FB own the very concept of an egg plug now? It seems a lot of the copy right issues I see are just a similar "concept" and not out right plagiarism. Colours though, yeah since I saw those "off the bone" knock offs and YIKEs. But please explain why the egg is so horrible??

BD has been talking about making an egg plug since they opened. That’s not new at all, and of course would be fine, had it not been put off for however many years where they obviously didn’t think it was worth it. Making that egg plug a toy (that has obviously had very little thought put into the design) a month or so after Frisky Beast released their version (that did have an interesting concept) is where the problem lies, along with the fact that this is not an isolated incident and, like the Off The Bone you mentioned, they steal a lot of things. If it was a one-time thing, like the accidental double lightbulb releases on April Fool’s, it would be less of a problem.

Short version: If BD didn’t steal things all the time it would be closer to okay, but they didn’t decide to release an egg plug until FB started releasing cooler egg plugs.


Yesterday my SO & I went up to his grandparents camp for dinner. Everything is always so great when we’re with them. They’re AMAZING people and soo great with our son, along with helping us tremendously. They always have a new outfit and a package of diapers when we visit or when they take him for the day, which is practically weekly.

My SO’s mom was also invited to this dinner. Her and I have had our ups & downs but moved on from that since our son was born even though she has always said she isn’t ready to be a grandma. Ok, whatever. But since Liam has been born, she talks like she’s grandmother of the year on fb, but barely takes him or even comes to see him. He doesn’t even recognize her, he cries every time he sees her.

So yesterday Liam didn’t nap much before we went over there, so naturally he started to get cranky. I comforted him and let him fall asleep on me before laid him down. When I come back from the room she says “you don’t ever just let him cry himself to sleep?” I said “absolutely not” and it was dropped.
When we went to leave he started getting upset in the car & screaming his head off. So I make him a quick bottle in the car to see if that’s the matter, while I’m doing that she’s saying “just let him cry, he’s tired” well sure as shit as soon as I stuck that bottle in his mouth he was quiet as ever, I said “well, guess we’re hungry and tired” kinda snarky of course.

I’m not going to just let him cry when I clearly know he needs or wants something. Just because you’re “mother and grandmother of the year” and let your son cry and scream until he had no other choice to fall asleep sad and alone DOES NOT mean I’ll ever do that to my son.

And she can bet her ass I’m gonna think twice before I ever allow her to take him again if that’s her way of treating babies.

Ughhh, she makes me furious.

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I know this is random but you seem wise and kind. I'm a spoonie. Basically, a guy I met online and talked to for two weeks has been making fake fbs and instas and has been harassing and threatening me for over a year. We talked, kinda liked each other but I ended it quick because I didnt want a relationship and to focus on my health. He says things to me about using my illness as a crutch and that I'm horrible and a whore etc. I just don't know what to do anymore. Do you have any advice?

Ok first off, I’m really, really sorry he is doing this to you. It is NOT OKAY. 

This has been going on for a long time and it needs to be stopped- the last thing you need is to be harassed when you are just trying to keep your health under control!

I strongly, strongly, recommend you talk to a professional about this, whether that’s a school counsellor (not sure how old you are) or psychologist or some other trained professional who can help you report his behaviour .

You don’t need to put up with this. 

I really hope you get the support you deserve! 

Sending all my love xxxxxxxx

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Of course you can think what you want and have your own opinion, but the pic with Kit and behind Rose is not a very "inviding privacy" picture since they were both together at the event of the royal exhibition in London some days ago. I'm sure it's Rose because she wears the same skirt she wore in ny (there is the pic in the comments in that fb page) xoxoxo

Ooh you were talking about the event, I’m getting many different anon messages so I think I got a bit mixed up, sorry ! Of course these pictures are totally ok to talk about ! It would be a huge coincidence if that was an other red-head woman wearing the exact same skirt, so I’m pretty sure that’s her too ! :) Too bad she wasn’t photographed either. For those who are confused, here is the picture of Kit from the event, and here is Rose wearing the skirt (1) (2) (and she wore these shoes at many events, like here and here)

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I am wondering how you made your emalf jacket because it looks amazing (like really woah.), and I'm planning on doing a emalf cosplay myself so I could really use some help as a starter in cosplay.

Oh damn, I have no idea for how long I’ve had this in my ask box, so I’m sorry in advance if it comes too late!

I honestly don’t have much to explain past the basics, honestly you just need to do a lot of trial and error with your sewing machine at first to make sure you get the right tug and pressure on the stitch so it won’t pull on the fabric too much or will be too loose, and well, hope that you have a sewing machine powerful enough to handle 4-6 layers of faux leather because you’re gonna get there.

(I had to dig in my FB and email to get these photos ok,)
iirc; I used 1.5 m of black faux leather that was much thinner and soft than the 1.5 m of red faux leather, as well as, uh… Okay in Hebrew we call it “patent fabric” but obviously that’s not what I wanted. I’m talking about the stretchy fabric that goes on the collar and the end of everything. I only needed about  50 cm and used it in 5 cm wide strips and got plenty left, so if you can find strips it would work even better.

For the pattern, you don’t need anything too complicated, I used a pattern from an oversized hoodie pattern I found in an old burda magazine, but you can even take a t-shirt pattern and base it over that. You’ll need to measure down on yourself where you want the red part to start, and then measure and free-hand the wing-flame pattern. Layer it constantly to make sure it lines up nicely.

This is how it would look like after cutting it! I sized it down a whole lot afterwards.

I used a zigzag stitch as close to the edge of the red as I could, which is when the fabric started to stretch and deform but that’s fine! as long as it doesn’t have bad creases it still looks great on your body.

Past that it’s just… Lining it with red fabric and adding the “patent fabric” I was talking about earlier on the edges, and to make that stand right up for the collar I used a piece of thin crafting foam and sewn it together, and it worked great.

Good luck on your cosplay then, hotshot!

ok but i’m genuinely intrigued as to how Jack Crawford, the head of behavioural sciences at THE FB FUCKING I was completely unaware that Hannibal was absolutely and completely head over his italian shoed heels in love with our lil smol Will because let me tell you it is O B V I O U S  painfully obvious and how did literally no one pick up on that i don’t get it jfc maybe Jack just didn’t want to have ‘The Talk’ about the birds and the bees with Will idk but truly 

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why do the kiddes call louis achoo?

ok so first of all sorry for the late reply! when i’m on mobile i can’t see wether i have a new message or not :// anyways, i think jay first posted that b&w pic of louis hugging doris and ernest (you know the one) on her fb and then she commented: 

and a couple of days later fizzy confirmed it:

we don’t know how it started but it’s the cutest thing!! and you can tell they adore each other so much :’))

Hamlet review (sort of) & SD experience

*Disclaimer stop reading now if you don’t want Hamlet spoilers and if reading about stage door is something you disapprove of or you don’t like. I totally understand if it’s not your thing. This was my trip and I was there for Hamlet. It all started with that but it grew into so much more. I did have a wonderful 11 days that I planned out, my days were pretty much packed with visiting but most of my evenings were reserved for Hamlet (not the 11 days obviously). I actually loved London (duh!) and the people so much that I need to go back. Meeting online friends and new people was also pretty incredible.

These are my thoughts, unorganized ramblings on doing stage door on September 25th and September 29th. I might go back and forth between both nights.

I was there on September 26th, Benedict didn’t come out but I got to meet some of the lovely cast again. I was with online friends (some of the nicest people I’ve ever met. Why do you all live so far away, dammit!)  and we just had a fun night. I will not be naming names as I don’t want to put anyone on the spot.

I was also there on September 28th but I missed him since I was a bit further in the back. I did see Andy Serkis entering the Barbican. I would have gone to talk to him because that man is a genius but I was stuck in a sea of people.

Just to put things in perspective. I saw Hamlet on September 22nd, 24th, 26th, 28th. I did stage door on September 25th, 26th, 28th and 29th. There was no stage door on the 22nd (event), 23rd-24th (BBC trucks were there, NT Live Hamlet rehearsal during the afternoon on the 24th, 23rd was just some filming at the Barbican for other events).

September 25th, September 29th. (this is going to be a bit random and more of point by point)

The play start at 7:15 PM.

On both nights I arrived at around 8 pm. There were a few people already there, maybe 5.

Some actors come out of SD to smoke during the play. I’m not naming names here ;). They maybe have 10-20 minutes until their next scene. They are super friendly and sometimes they chat with the crowd. (29th)

Intermission is at around 9:20 pm so it gets a bit more crowded. I have no idea if people leave the play during intermission to do SD. I hope not, lol.

At around 10:20 pm, Hamlet ends. It gets pretty crowded (duh). Since I was in the front and I don’t like crowds, I didn’t really look often on how many people were there. I caught a glimpse and I would estimate the crowd at 100 maybe but I might be very generous in my estimate.

While waiting you get to talk to a lot of nice people. The atmosphere is pretty charged but in a good way. Everyone is very respectful. I didn’t really see anything out of place or fans acting insane. They just get a bit more excited but that is perfectly normal for that sort of thing.

At 10:30 a security person comes out. Very good idea on their part. Someone (very nice cute guy, no idea who he is but he’s brilliant) then comes out to make an announcement. He basically tells people to keep the noise level to a minimum because it is a residential area. I do think that people understand but it is a crowd so it does get a bit noisy but when it gets too noisy or you can hear a collective shhhh from the crowd. On the 29th , a friend said my name a little bit too loudly and everyone went shhhhhh!!!! I thought it was funny.  Again for this sort of thing, people are very well behaved. I don’t know what they were trying to show with the SD insanity stories but it’s all rubbish (stupid media).   It’s a crowd, it’s delusional to think they can keep absolutely quiet. People are also mostly good at not using flash photography.

10:40 actors start coming out.

Not everyone stops to sign which is understandable.

Here is a list of people that did stop to sign for me. In order of SD exit.

Ruairi Conaghan (Player King), seems to sign every night, very nice.

Morag Siller (Voltemand) She didn’t sign for me but I should have asked her. I get the feeling she is just shy. I heard people talking to her and she’s very nice.

Paul Ham (Fencing Official),  I don’t think he signs every night but he’s nice and he asked me my name (so I have to Lysianne written on my program), very handsome too ;)

Matthew Steer (Rosencrantz). He high fives everyone that wants too. He’s very energetic and he seems to be having an absolute blast. His cologne is Jean Paul Gaultier. Too much information, I know but I have a thing for perfumes and it’s one of my favourites for men.

Karl Johnson (Ghost, Gravedigger) He doesn’t sign but he pretends? to take pictures of everyone and he’s really funny. He’s adorable.

Kobna Holdbrook-Smith (Laertes) He doesn’t always sign but I was very lucky on the 29th. Very polite and handsome guy, a real gentleman. He is a bit shy. He apologized to me because someone interrupted him while he was signing for me.

Jim Norton (Polonius) He is just lovely. He signs every night. Very nice, very patient, takes selfies. I told him he was brilliant and that the play was amazing. He then asked me where I was from because of my accent, I think. I told him and we talked for a bit about how he had finished shooting a movie in Canada recently. Lovely man, I can’t say enough good about him.

On the 29th, people thought he wasn’t coming out and they said oh no, he said that he’d be out in a bit. He came out 5 minutes later and said you see I always keep my promises.

Ciaran Hinds (Claudius) I know there is an accent in there but I can’t figure out a way to put it.

Squeeee! Sorry, I was kind of a fan before so I was kind of star struck.

He is quite intense but lovely if that makes any sense. He signed for me then looked me in the eyes for a bit. Very intense gaze. I just don’t know how to describe that look. I still remember it but I can’t put it into words. He just exudes confidence. It’s the same with Jim Norton, they just have this presence.

I did manage to say something but I forgot what it was, he said thank you, that I remember.

Richard (stage door glasses man) comes out at some point, I forget. I think he usually does announcements if BC can’t come out or when he’s coming out. He kind of gives briefings and messages. He’s the one that usually says he can’t come out because….or he won’t be staying long because…

Benedict Cumberbatch(Hamlet)

You will be very disappointed because I remember practically nothing. It was a real blur, both times. He comes out and it gets a bit crazy. It’s not anything insane, people just get more excited and with reason ;). I just think it’s normal for this type of thing but that’s just me.

September 25th

I just kept staring and it really felt surreal. I could not believe that it was happening. He is very rushed because he’s trying to sign for as many people as he can. He looks happy to do it. I think that if he didn’t want to do it, he wouldn’t. (just my 2 cents) He’s also very, nice polite, kind, generous with his time, at times he seems overwhelmed but in a good way he seems a bit shy too.

On the 25th, I said nothing, I think my brain left my body. I just gave him my programme, he signed, then moved along. He has a really small waist. I was eye level to his chest. He had a gray shirt on, Addidas sneakers I think. He also has the most amazing eye colour I have ever seen. I remember his eyelashes for some reason. He smells clean, linen fresh.  I was being pushed from behind on the barricades so I got quite close. After that I just looked at him for a bit while he was signing and I tried to get away from the crowd. I met up with my friends after and we squeed like teenagers.

September 29th.

He came out really late on the 29th, almost 11 pm. We thought he wasn’t going to but he did. I do think that he didn’t sign for a lot though. I’m so glad that he did but if he hadn’t, it would have been a fun night anyway because of the 2 lovely persons that I met there. We just talked and had so much fun.

I managed to say something coherent when he was in front of me. It’s not much but it’s better than nothing. He took my program. I told him that he was great and that the play was just breathtaking. He said thank you very much, I’m so glad you enjoyed it (said enjoyed with his lisp).  I think I said thank you again. Someone shoved me from behind and I hit my program on his arm. I said I’m so sorry, he said that’s quite alright. He had white sneakers on, Converse?. I have no idea why I remember these details but here they are.

After that I was in pain actually because of the pushing but it only lasted for a few moments so no worries. Richard was in front of me and he looked concerned. I think I mouthed that I was fine. People moved away and I was able to break free, lol.

I then shared a cab with a Norwegian girl I met there. I also met a nice American girl. We have been talking on fb ever since.

So there you have it, my ramblings about stage door. I have rarely had so much fun in all my life. It has a lot to do with the people I met there or that I went with. If I hadn’t started to talk with these people, SD would have been a totally different experience. It would have been ok but not amazing.

Hamlet review (sort of)

I’ll just start off by saying that I’m very rusty when it comes to analyzing and reviewing texts or plays. I’ll just write what I remember, what I liked and what I didn’t like and why, very simple basic stuff.

I saw it 4 times (September 22nd, 24th, 26th, 28th). I am so glad that I did because I missed a lot during my first viewing. Also, English is a second language and it was kind of hard for me to take it all in. The text is so rich and beautiful but a bit complicated for me. It took a while before I understood all the nuances.

To me, a few performances stand out because the actors seemed to have good chemistry with each other. Karl Johnson (Ghost, Gravedigger), Benedict Cumberbatch (Hamlet), Jim Norton (Polonius), Ciaran Hinds (Claudius), Kobna Holdbrook-Smith (Laertes). The other performances were ok but they didn’t stand out to me. Sometimes, they seemed to be going through the motions. I do think they were capable of doing better. It seemed uneven at times.

I know that theatre is always a different experience and maybe I caught them on an off week. I do know that the 2 best performances I saw were on the 22nd and the 26th (matinee). They just were on fire. Everything clicked and seemed to be flowing. It was amazing to watch. I completely forgot where I was and was sucked in the story and I never thought for 1 second that I was watching a play.

The first night I was 3rd row theatre left and that was the best performance to me because I got to see Benedict act. I saw everything, his micro expressions, crying with tears and everything. I actually was overwhelmed. That man can act and it is something to see live.

Being so close though, I missed out on the amazing set. On the 28th I got last minute tickets theatre left stalls, row m near the middle, right before it gets insanely expensive. The production design, sets, just blew me away. It’s something, it’s just massive. The confetti cannon from that angle is very impressive. I’ve also sat in stalls theatre right one time. IMO, left is much better ;)


The massive set and art direction obviously.

The music!!!! I still want that toy soldier music (anyone?)

All the toy soldier bits.

Claudius with the confetti cannon before intermission.

Hamlet dancing with Rocencrantz.

The richness of the text.

The projections on the set walls?

The slow motion effects

Seeing amazing actors all together on one stage.

Nature boy at the beginning.

Gravedigger bit with all of me (Frank Sinatra) music.

To be or not to be.

Ophelia’s “suicide” music by Jon Hopkins-Abandon window

When I think about it, it almost felt like I was watching a musical at times.

Well, there you have it. I want to write so much more about Hamlet but I would have to do research and it already feels as if I wrote an essay. I’m not too familiar with the text either. I bought the play and I will read it.

I really wish that they would put this one on dvd (Frankenstein too) because I think that people can really gain from multiple viewings. If they can put it in cinemas, they can put it on dvd. Oh well, fingers crossed…


hi! this is my first follow forever. yaaayy! i’ve been working on this since the beginning of time. okay, not really. anyway, i’m posting this to thank my 400+ followers, that i didn’t even think i’ll get because why would you follow me anyway. this is a late Christmas and post new year gift slash celebration too. i have so many things to thank God for and YOU (yes, you, the one who is reading this) are one of those things. i don’t know why you’re even following me when i’m not really that helpful rp wise and i post too many one direction or funny (at least i think they are) stuff, but you are anyway and for that i’m grateful. thank you to everyone who likes and reblogs my selfies as well. you are so kind to me. please don’t be shy to approach me and message me cause i’d like to hear from you. may God grant you the desires of your heart this 2014. you deserve it, beautiful (or handsome if you’re a dude)!


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  • eli → this is reserved for the day you make an official RPH blog. i love you for all eternity cause you are always there for me. i can’t remember when we became friends exactly but i can remember how. i was going through stuff and you were the only one who responded to my ooc post and i was so touched cause we haven’t talked properly ooc before that. you listen to my rants every freaking time and we are always in the same page. thank you so so so much for staying by my side, always. you are absolutely amazing and i have no words to express how much i love you. thank you for being my bestie and i am sorry for not being able to respond to our 1x1 all the time. i promise to be better ok. CALENDALL is otp.


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i’m positive i added everyone but if we’re mutually following each other and i didn’t get to include you in the last section, please do message me so i can add you or just add yourself there. it’s perfectly fine. again, thank you so so so much for following me! you have no idea how much this means to me. i hope to be more helpful this year and have my own rp again. have a blessed 2014, everyone! :-*

ok so yesterday this dude was arrested at my school bc he threatened to kill a girl who wouldn’t go out with him and my friend and i were talking about how horrible it is that we’ve come to the point where if we reject a guy we have to fear for our safety and this dude goes “so just date every guy and you won’t have that problem” like ????????????? that is not okay omg my friend was so mad she went off on him like he is such an idiot wtf