and i have so many screenshots to use

Voltron: Legendary Defender S3 Nerdist Trailer - Full Analysis (Part 1)

[Part 2]

whew boi here we Go. 

I’m going to run through a fuckton of frames from the trailer, pointing out little tidbits and such until I group all of my theories for this season afterwards. This will NOT have anything to do with the trailer shown at the con. That was not the one meant for us to see.

The theories/deeper level analysis will be in a separate post.

(under a cut because holy shit there are so many screenshots its not even funny this trailer wasnt even a minute and a half what the fuCk)

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SvtFoE Fan Theory: Toffee

So as I mentioned previously I have a mess of a theory about Toffee that I’ve developed after the premiere of season 3 and since so many of you seemed interested I figured I’d share it. Putting it below the cut for spoilers sake and because it’s LONG.

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Serious Cullen

“Apparently I spend too much time with a serious expression on my face, and it’s bad for my health.”

Part 1 of ‘The Many Expressions of Cullen Rutherford’

(A little collection I’m putting together of some of my favourite screenshots documenting his expressive nature. All are original 100% Cullen nothing added or taken away via mods).


I promised myself that I would draw Soldier76 when we reached 76 watchers… but I missed the 76, then I missed the 176, 276 and so on. But a couple of days ago I finally managed to screenshot a freaking random number with a 76 as final.

You guys are so many! I and Vany started this blog just as an archive of our Overwatch stuff yet so many of you find it entertaining somehow and we are really glad you do ;w; Thank you so much for sticking with us and for all your beautiful messages and asks (we are working on them! everyone will have an answer in due time! ♥)


6`000 Follower-Gift Part 1 ( Tumblr dont let me post all Screenshots in one post )

Gosh, guys! It`s breathtaking! I have no idea what I can say…THANK YOU all so much for following me, like my stuff, reblog my creations and for all your lovely comments! Love you all!

Special thanks to @sssvitlans for reblogging my Creations/recolors. Without you we all would miss a lot of great Creations and creators! Thanks Lana! <3

Here is my “Thank you Gift” for you, Guys.

The Urban City Living-Set.

I post it in 2 Parts, because I have so many Pics that tumblr dont let me post all in one.

What you get:

All Meshes I used for my recolors are inclued!

A big thank you to @leo-sims @chillissims and thenumberswoman on TSR for give the permission to inclued the Meshes!

-Sofa, Loveseat and Armchair ( Mesh by leosims ) - 6 colors

-Pillows ( Mesh by chillisims ) - 30 Swatches

-Big Urban Pictures ( Mesh by thenumberswoman ) - 10 Swatches

-3 Tile Urban Pictures ( Mesh by thenumberswoman ) - 10 Swatches

-Urban Canvas ( Mesh by thenumberswoman ) - 12 Swatches

-Urban Rugs ( Mesh by thenumberswoman ) - 14 Swatches

-Urban Walls - 4 Patterns in different colors

-Urban Carpet - 3 Patterns in 3 colors each

-Urban concrete Floor - 6 colors

I hope you like my Urban City-Set!

PS: Sorry for the crappy pictures/Screenshots! I working on this set for weeks in my short free time I had. After its finaly done, I wanna share it with you today. So I didn`t have the time to make nice pics.

I would love to see when you use my stuff in your pictures, houses, rooms etc. So please tag me/give credit to me ( not a must ). Thanks!


Alison is the “Gone Girl”

Having read the synopsis and watched the movie a few days ago, the parallels between Alison and Amy from “Gone Girl” are astounding. So many aspects of their stories are so, so similar. So I’ve assembled a list of parallels (and don’t worry, this has a point in the end). Unfortunately I no longer have access to the movie so can’t take screenshots, but I’ll be using exact phrases from the movie synopsis on Wikipedia. 

“Nick Dunne returns home to find that his wife Amy is missing”

“She also finds a medical report indicating that Amy is pregnant”

“And a diary supposedly written by Amy”

“[Amy] fabricates a diary describing her fear of Nick”

“Amy is revealed to be alive and well…”

“…having changed her appearance”

“Amy inflicts injuries on herself and uses Desi’s surveillance cameras to her advantage, making it appear that Desi kidnapped and sexually assaulted her”

“Covered in Desi’s blood, she returns home and names him as her captor and rapist”

So yeah. These two stories? Obviously very similar. But what’s the point?

Well, just take a look at how Amy’s story ends…

“Amy reveals she is pregnant…”

“…having artificially inseminated herself with Nick’s sperm stored at a fertility clinic”

Well. Is this show about to end with one more parallel between Ali and Amy? I still get the feeling that there’s something very strange about this pregnancy…and could this be it?

Did Alison pull an Amy Dunne and inseminate herself with Emily’s eggs?


Atlantis AU:

Where I recently watched “Atlantis: The Lost Empire” and saw Clexa everywhere! So I quickly made a note to draw it and here is the result. 

Clarke is on an expedition to find the lost city of Atlantis and she eventually finds it. Lexa helps Clarke when the bridge Clarke’s team is crossing collapses. She takes off her mask and both Clarke and Lexa fall instantly. 

Inquisitors needed!

SOOOO I have this idea for an Inquisitor project for Inquisition, but to actually get it done I need A LOT of Inquisitors. I mean a lot a lot. No, more than you’re thinking of now. I don’t want to say exactly what it’s going to be, it’s nothing major, just an art project, but I think it could be fun.

It will be screenshot based, but beyond that I can’t really say much? Except that it’s going to be a poster and your Inquisitor will not be that visible. Except for people looking? This sounds odd I know… but hopefully you’re still all up for it.

If you would like to participate, please send me or link me a screenshot of your Inquisitor’s face. Preferably a square with just their face but I can just crop the screenshot myself so don’t worry too much about it. Just make sure their face is visible.

Once I have all the screenshots it shouldn’t take long (depends on how much editing I need to do), but it might take a while to gather enough Inquisitors. I’m going to reblog this a few times to try and fish for as many Inquisitors as I can, so for now I would set the timeline on this taking about a month.

You can send me all your Inquisitors, they will all be featured!

You can use my ask, message me, or reply/ reblog / answer to this post with links/ screenshots! If you’re up for it?

Okay I didn’t want to say anything, but, I think it’s time that everyone faced reality. No one else is speaking up, so I’ve gotta.

I’ve been seeing a lot of posts and comics and art about Lance making fun of Keith for being Texan recently. And as funny and cute as they are, that’s just wrong to me. It’s absolutely wrong. I mean, I’ve seen some serious mischaracterization of the Voltron crew before, but the fact that so many people have got it so wrong is just blowing my mind. We’ve got to face the facts people, Lance wouldn’t be making jokes about Keith being Texan.

Hunk would

See? :D


it has come time to unlike the reptile report page and advocate against them.

this is a page on facebook that essentially “markets” (reposts, links) things going on in the reptile community (mostly in the us). they’re usually good about sourcing their stuff. but… they’re now endorsing and advocating for breeders who are absolutely horrid.

there are several people who have posted about how bad brian is. here is one big post, and here’s one with screenshots of him claiming that retics (can be up to 20 feet long) never stretch out in the wild. there are so many sources on how bad underground reptiles is (they’re importers who knowingly sell sick animals).

I am here to tell you to unlike this page and share this post because of this bs.

Do you want to talk about our Lord and Savior Sunset Shimmer?

Of course you do what kind of question is that? Anyway… I’ll be talking about a subject that’s been speculated on the surface by many, but never deeply delved into: Sunset Shimmer’s design change.

Everyone should know by now that between Rainbow Rocks and Friendship Games, Sunset’s hair changed color. Namely, the red slightly desaturated and the yellow paled a lot in comparison. Sure, most people wrote it off as “the character designers wanted to put out color choices that were more pleasing to the eye”, and I believed that for a long while. But then, while rewatching the original Equestria Girls, I noticed something.

Now, being an artist and animator, I’ll pick visual elements apart until they can’t be picked apart anymore, and then I’ll pick them apart again and again. Now, in the first movie, we caught a glimpse of Pony!Sunset Shimmer. However, we didn’t see a single rendition of her in the light, only in darkness. So naturally, I’m sure many people just assumed that in the light, her hair would just be the same color as it is in the human world. But, upon looking closer:

They’re clearly not the same shade of yellow in the dark. Using the color picker, I masked the screenshot of Human!Sunset with the same shade of blue that DHX (presumably) used in the first image. The reds and eyes matched up almost identical, the only main difference being skin vs coat color, but all of the EQG characters have lighter skin tones than their pony counterparts, so it makes sense that the same would apply to Sunset.

However, this means DHX knew what they were doing from the start. Sunset’s hair changing color wasn’t just a design change - it meant something. Even the comics took that into play.

My theory is that when Sunset transferred herself to the Mirror World, the darkness in her heart took a physical effect on her. I mean, it’s been done before - may I remind you of Nightmare Moon? Magic does stuff to ya, it’s canon. It didn’t do much, not nearly as much as NMM, possibly because while she was doing it she knew deep down she was wrong? Or maybe she wasn’t fully consumed because… Underneath all of this she was sort of being protected by the Elements of Harmony - nature knew she’d one day create her own Element, Empathy? I dunno!

But yeah, like many others I believe this song was the turning point to her physical change - would’ve been cool if it changed during the song, imagine how rad that would be. Maybe DHX is still trying to hide something from us. Or, y’know, it’s always possible I’m reading too much into this. But my main point of this was…

This was planned.

They planned this.

It wasn’t just a write-off design change, this is legitimately canon.

I’m in the middle of decorating a build for Finding Marley (it’s been a wip for months oml) and I’m down to some of the more nitty gritty decor details, like pictures and clutter! And I realized I didn’t really have many cute simsy picture frames! 

So I’m recoloring a bunch of frames with screenshots from my game; mostly scenery screenshots from my Finding Marley posts, I was wondering if any one would want them? When I started it was just for personal use, but I figured I’d offer!! 😊


@deathistardy You see how I Googled the definition “Terrorist” for you because people like you forget the meaning of it when it comes down to situations like this. The white man - yes he was white regardless of being a Christian or not, many newspapers have already said it, many witnesses who were actually there at the scene have already described him as a white man and we all know why the news channels and the police are hesitant to identify him - because he is white. He used unlawful violence and intimidation against civilians while shouting “I want to kill Muslims”. Now the last time I checked (see “Terrorist” definition screenshot above) that is what you call a terrorist, that is an act of terrorism. So don’t go throwing words like “bigotry” around when you can’t accept the fact that it was a white man instead of an extremist from an “Islamic” terrorist group this time round.

anonymous asked:

How do you edit your gameplay pics of Bun? I really love how radiant it looks and it's really pleasing <3

first, oh my god, thank u so much!!! ♥ second, i think you might’ve set yourself up to something unexpected, because this tutorial is loooong. but!! here we go!

this has been asked before, but i always put it off hoping that ONE DAY i’d have a consistent editing style… but i’m afraid that’s never going to happen. so this walkthrough will be messy, and weird, and have a lot of ‘optional’ stuff in it, but i will try to include everything i might do. also, i suggest you look at this link as well, because it includes every action and psd i might use while editing, as well as the blurring methods i use, my topaz settings, and a description of how i soften my pictures. so if something doesn’t make sense here, check there, and you might find your answer.

note: this is long and very picture heavy! 

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Jacksepticeye fans! Please, take a moment to read what I want to say.

So Jack uploaded a new video (which I really loved! It was very interesting) where he took a personality test. So of course I took it too. I’ve got  INFP PERSONALITY (“THE MEDIATOR”). I thought “Hey, that’s pretty cool! I wonder what other people got.” I was so surprised to see this:

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