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[life has been kicking me in the face lately so I needed to draw some reaper76 to make me feel better. p.s. I can’t colour so if you think you can do a rad job, or you just want to have fun with a paint bucket, the lineart is totally there- tag me if you post it :)]

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I love all the things you do, but I honestly cannot stress enough just how much I'm adoring TPATJ. The rhyming story is so beautiful and thought out and the art is just beautiful(as always). I love the way you capture movement so well it always amazes me. And I've always loved your AUs for Mesi and Arthur, they're such uniques characters and I just have a lot of feelings about this comic- OK IM DONE. Sorry I just had to get all that out now 🙌🏽

aw man, thank you so much, I’ll try hard to keep improving and get that story finished! I’m going to be away for three days from tomorrow but I’m hoping I can get back on top of TPatJ when I get back- next update should be like, 3-4 pages so hopefully that’ll make up for it. It means a lot that there are folks like you out there cheering me on!

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Not a criticism of your reblogs so much as a personal musing but I realized how "off" I feel when I see fanart of wrench without his mask because of mildly spoiler reason. I mean everyone straight up accepts at face value how important it is and doesn't judge about it, that always felt so sincere and nice.

oh dang, I didn’t even think of tagging Wrench’s face as a spoiler! Do you think I should go back and tag it? Also, man, I have so much I could say about Wrench’s mask!

A lot of the time (almost all the time, it feels like) when a character has a Coping Mechanism in a piece of media, they tend to then get it taken away from them as a way of putting them outside their comfort zone. That can be good - it gives the viewers a chance to see how said coping mechanism helps the character, and how they feel when it’s taken away. But unfortunately then in most things the conclusion is that the character needs to just learn to get along without it. Which is well meaning, I suppose, but it rarely if ever takes into account why the coping mechanism came about in the first place, why it’s so hard to let go of, how it helps the character, etc, etc.

I’ll put a cut here because this is probably about to get into spoiler territory

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I was wrong leaving you. I still love you. I want you to come back. I thought we could be friends but, my feelings aren’t meant for that. I still love the way you smile, the way you laugh. Though everything is different now, because in your eyes, I’m just a friend. We were once lovers who parted, trying not to cut what we have because it’s so precious to forget. I can’t. I can’t stand here and watch you with some other man. I can’t accept the fact that you are somewhere better now. It hurts, much more than we broke up. Why can’t we be, in each other’s arms again? Do you love me no more? I promise I would change, anything for you. Getting you out of my system is like committing suicide, taking out life from my body. We once shared each other, and now everything we once do, you’re doing it with someone else. Please. Say anything. I still love you.
—  friends can be lovers. lovers can’t be friends // Jin

Due to the analysis of the second Caryl hug from last night, I decided to look up the meaning behind certain kisses, just to help aide our scientific research n’ stuff… 

So I investigated and found an article that was written by a body language expert who deciphered every type of kiss. I’ll just highlight the kisses we’ve seen so far since we probably understand what lip locking means:

Forehead Kiss- This is the ‘comfort’ kiss. It is usually used when your partner or friend tries to give you comfort during a rough time. Having a partner kiss you on the forehead is also a sign of protectiveness, and that they care deeply for you. It can also show that your partner’s developing strong feelings for you.

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Kiss on the Shoulder- When a man kisses you on the shoulder it is, what he is saying is you are perfect. You are wonderful. It is a very sensual and loving kiss that usually leads to the lips…

…A very sensual and loving kiss that usually leads to the lips

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You know I love both hugs but man, this episode HURT, like really hurt my soul because I JUST WANTED THEM TO BE HAPPY TOGETHER SO BAD, I could feel how heartbroken they both were and I just wanted them so bad to say "fuck it" and just go inside and hold each other in bed but of course we ship the couple who are selfless and have to do everything the painful way, urgh the struggle

I’m feeling the same way. This episode was heartbreaking and I’m just…. really, it kills me, because I just want them to allow themselves a moment of happiness. They deserve it. They deserve it so bad. 😭😭😭

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Cartman: since Kyle won't leave you, you should do yourself a favor and walk away. I'm sure you've seen my message to Kyle, and it's heartbreaking to see him lying like that. Get out before you get hurt. I don't like you, but it's better than waking up and realizing you're nothing.

Excuse me? Who the fuck do you think you are? I’m happy with him. And so is he. You have no idea what I’ve been through and how much he’s helped me see the fucking light. I don’t walk away from shit because people tell me too. I’m never walking away from the man I love. He means everything to me. He’s helped me with my fucking mental issues and you know who else did when I was alone? No one. My mom tried but she couldn’t figure out what to fucking do. Kyle, he knew. He knows me better than I know myself. Kyle never lies about his feelings for me, he never has. He cares for me more than anyone else on this fucking planet. Well good news for you, dude, I don’t ducking like you either. Way to make me feel like I’m fucking wanted. The only people who actually want me in this world are Kyle and my kids. They give me so much love and affection, that I’ve felt the happiest I’ve ever been in all of my years being alive. Kyle Broflovski has been the greatest thing to ever come from anything. He is the most compassionate, loving, actually fucking smart man I know and I’m sure as hell glad that I married him. He’s glad to have married me, even after the shit I’ve done to him all of those years ago. And guess fucking what? There’s a thing called growing up. I’ve learned from my mistakes, and Kyle sees this. Kyle has turned me into a better fucking person and his gay ass little speeches have rubbed off on me for the fucking better. We’re both happy with each other, and I’ll never back down from the person who has risked their life to save me and to make me better. I love him, more than I can say in physical words. And so does he. He treats me like a fucking person, unlike you. So get the fuck out of here.


Get you a man who loves you at your best and your worst. I cried so hard and had a mental breakdown last night and all josh did was hold me and tell me that everything would be okay. I look hideous today cause of all the crying I did….but josh still loves me and calls me his “princess”. I feel self conscious when I can’t look my best- but it shows how important it is to wait for someone worth waiting for. I suffer with anxiety and depression and because josh does too, he understands and can help me cope. It is so freeing to be able to be yourself- crying and frumpy-looking one day, and on top of the world the next- and still have someone who thinks the world of you. Wait for the right one. Wait for a man who treats you like a princess.

Nothing really prepares you for the emotional shitstorm that makes up the 10 years from 16 to 26. It’s a roller coaster of feelings and experiences that you never fully appreciate until you can look back on them objectively and (from my experience) mainly regret.
I have had a very….interesting 10 years or so. I’ve changed my opinions and beliefs and mentality enormously and I honestly know that I’ve grown into a kind, intelligent and caring man.

It was never easy growing up in a house with a man whose beliefs were so far away from my own. My dad has helped shaped me into the man I am today but not intentionally. He hasn’t guided me with a loving hand into making the right decisions and choosing the correct path.
He’s goaded me into trying my hardest to avoid turning out like him.
Don’t get me wrong, I love the guy. He’s my dad. I’ve worked with him for 11 years now and we’re mates, but only because I have learnt how to hold my tongue and when to walk away.

The friends I have lost or let go in this space of time are long forgotten. Memories that, if I’m honest, I don’t look back on with particular fond memories.
I was very easily led as a teenager. I guess low self esteem and a lack of guidance from my dad probably contributed to that.
Regardless, I took a route that I very much regret now.
I went from being a straight A student to a lazy, horny, arrogant teenager. You don’t get to redo those years. I can’t magic myself back to school to do things differently, though I wish I could. (So stay in school kids).
The friends I have now are real simple guys. We share an interest in nearly everything (though I am definitely more into nature and dorky stuff than them) and there is no drama whatsoever. We go to the pub, we watch the footie, we come up with new inventions, we have each others backs.

If I knew 10 years ago, when I was dating my first girlfriend, that I’d have the ups and downs that come with the territory of relationships, I can safely say I’d have steered clear altogether until my mid 20s.
No one prepares you for the capacity that humans have for emotionally hurting other humans.
Of all my ex’s I only really get on with one, Whom I’m still very good friends with. I adore her and we make brilliant mates. The others are better being left in the past. The girl that broke my heart when I first got this blog is long gone. Without sounding too bitter I really couldn’t care less about her or whatever happens to her. The one who I miss every day is always going to be the one that got away despite the way things ended. She is one of the people that moulded me into all the good things I am now. The others were meaningless, trivial relationships with girls who I am sure still don’t really know what they want. Good luck to them but karma is always gonna be a bitch.
As a guy with BPD those break ups have certainly took their toll. For so long I have felt like damaged goods. Unloveable, volatile and hard to deal with. Not anymore though. I am so settled right now. Saving for what seems like an impossible deposit for a house, but doing it in a team, with a girl who looks at me like I put the stars in the sky. I feel like life is finally beginning to fall into place. The next chapters are being written and the pages are turning smoothly. The house will be first. Then the marriage. Then the family that I have craved my whole life.

If I could go back 10 years and do things differently I would. I’d be less of a dick. I’d sleep with miles less girls. I’d have been kinder.
But I have grown. I am where I want to be, emotionally and mentally.

All I need now is a whole big pile of cash, endless bottles of chocolate milk and a long clean bill of health.

On insecurities

So, last night I had another date with the Taiwanese guy. I got to learn a lot about him and he did with me. One of our topics we talked about were insecurities. He told me about his past relationships that were a lot of “sad” experiences and I told him about my past whatever you wanna call them and how they were “bad” experiences.  The common theme of our discussion last night was insecurities.  So, I asked him what is his biggest insecurity with me. He said he had two. A man has never expressed or shown insecurities towards me so I was very shocked to learn how he felt. One of his insecurities is that he believes I have such a colorful life, traveled the world, seen so much, adventurous and always looking for something new and exciting. He says that I am very cultured, and because of this he feels that I may find him very boring because all he is doing now is a PhD and I could find someone more like me who travels and shares similar life experiences. Which then led to his next insecurity, which was influenced by his ex-girlfriends but he felt that he may not be attractive enough, or good enough, and that I would always look for a man who may be better than him and then lose interest in him once I found someone who was better than him. 

I completely understand where he is coming from. I come off as a very confident woman but I have so many insecurities that I hide well. He doesn’t know that I don’t see myself the way he sees me. I don’t believe I can find a good man. I believe I can find a man I am attracted to superficially, but in the end that man would always be bad for me. I didn’t tell him this though, because I am ashamed of my past choices of men. 

But, I also told him my insecurities I have towards him. I told him I am afraid that I cannot stimulate his mind and he will become bored of me. He is a very intelligent man. He’s always thinking and analyzing and using theories. I guess that’s what happens when you spend all your time doing research on economic theory. But, I told him that because his future is in Academia and he his goal is to become a professor, I feel that I would not be compatible with him because I don’t share the same level of intelligence as him. I am still finding out what I want in life and what my career goals are, where he knows his. I feel that I am not good enough for him because of his educational goals. I didn’t bring up my self-image insecurities yet. I think this is a topic for later, but it is something I have dealt with my whole life. I am not ready to talk about my body image to him yet though. 

Anyways, He told me that he doesn’t consider these thoughts when he is dating someone. He said that my insecurities is the first time anyone has ever brought it up. He has assured me that what he likes about me is my confidence. 

I am really happy we both opened up about our insecurities. We both said that we would work on these and make each other feel more secure. We both agreed that we would like to see each other again and continue going on dates and see where it will lead to. I won’t see him for another two weeks because he will be preparing for a big presentation. But, I will take these two weeks and reflect on other things I value and want in a healthy relationship. Who knows if this will lead to one, but it’s good to think about that.

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What's the grossest thing that you've ever done during work?

Swallowed a man’s vomit during CPR.  I didn’t have a mask at the time but he needed air.  I held it together until we were done, and then I ran to the bathroom and forced myself to vomit as much as I could.  I had to take meds for two weeks to calm down the acid burns in my esophagus.

He didn’t make it, so I didn’t feel like I was able to complain.

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oh man oh MAN people are always posting about "NO YOU DON'T NEED ART SCHOOL!!!OR GOOD SUPPILES!!" and i WENT to art school and bought expensive supplies and now i just feel bad,,their art is better than mine without skill honing and their supplies are literally what they give you for free from school ( not bashing i'm jealous of what you can do with sum color pencils ) i bought copics i have 125+ rn and im so disappointed help me om gosh

tbh i would still want copic markers ;0;;

i mean if you look at it its not that bad since expensive art materials are designed to make an artist’s life a bit easier?? while cheaper ones still have the same effect you need to exert extra effort to make it decent gfdklgdf

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since being rude to your parents is a social taboo in japan, I wonder how the japanese viewers saw that scene with Yoko lol I'm divided between being horrified and proud at Yuya getting independent though, our boy is growing up (or had to grow up too fast, too soon)

SAME THO????? like man that was a gutsy move on Arc V’s part.

And yeah, I’m not exactly sure how to feel tbh. On the one hand, I’m like “well, Yoko didn’t have to go that far, so YEAH YOU GO YUYA” but on the other hand, I’m also like “THE FUCK ARE YOU DOING YUYA. YOKO COULD RUN YO ASS OVER WITH A MOTORCYCLE.” and I just. 

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Idk if you're still accepting some for the ask meme but if yes, then 2, 6, and 20 xD

Yiisss, just took me some time, but here it goes <’3

2. Talk about three of the most important ships throughout your life.

Since this was probably my very first OTP, I’d have to mention InuYasha x Kagome. Man, I loved them so so so damn much in my teenage years, like… I mean, they made me feel butterflies in my stomach I’mnotevenjoking. I would just lie in my bed and think “Omg why are they so perfect”. I used to draw them a lot too! <’3 My first doujin attempt ever was an Inuyasha one ww

Aaand since my very first homo OTP is important too… gotta mention Kakuzu x Hidan (Naruto). You know, I used to HATE yaoi… really like, just HATED IT. But then… I came across Rauhreif’s art and… at first I only liked the way she drew Hidan, and then his passive face expressions, and then Hidan on top of Kakuzu and then… I came across one of her doujins and while I was quite grossed out at first (it was a heavy one, tentacle rape and everything), months later I found myself searching for that one doujin again and the second time I read it I was like “Yup yup I like dis shit”. I think that changed my life forever ahah.

And of course, Lawless x Licht. Aside from the fact that I love their development as characters and as a pair, I’m really grateful of all the awesome people I’ve met because of this ship (starting WITH YOU THUNBER, I KNOW YOU’RE READING THIS). And because they’ve made keep drawing like crazy. The first time I made a proper doujinshi, it took me 3-4 months to finish 34 pages (a KiKuro one); Now, I made a 53 pages doujin in a month, all because I wanted to finish on time for Licht’s birthday :’) And while I may not be the best, I love that they inspire me not to stop and just keep drawing like nothing else mattered ♥ 

6. How do you feel about love triangles?

Not really my jam but I’m ok with it x) I’ve had a couple of OT3s before though~ But mostly because I like A x B & C x B. In those cases, I never like A x C.
I guess I have a hard time picturing how a threesomes actually works…

Wait, is “love triangle” and “threesome” the same thing? x’DD

20.Talk about a ship you feel alone in shipping.

There’s probably more than one, but only this one comes to mind:
Rei x Haruka, from Free! Ugh, too many people fighting over MakoHaru vs RinHaru, and a lot of people having Reigisa on a pedestal… I don’t think ReiHaru was never even a thing in that fandom.
I really really liked Rei at first, and I love how he admired Haruka so much that he got into swimming after watching him practice. They soothe me together :’)



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Just bought your album. I love your music, I listen to it all the time when playing video games or doing homework. Can't wait to see what you make next! =D

OOOOH that makes me soooo haapppy to heeearrrr you have no idea OOOH MAN Don’t you worry, I’m working on a new album asap ;0; Im so happy that you enjoy my music. WOO.

nerdalay replied to your post: You know what I didn’t need today? Feelings about…

I’ve watched the series seven times and I’m still surprised every time it happens. I keep thinking it’s an elaborate fever dream where I just wished a show into existence so I could have canon queer romance. But there it is…

That’s it, that’s exactly the feeling. I kept thinking it couldn’t be real. It kept being really fucking obvious. Amazing.

Okay but also like– Chris. Man’s gotta be bi as hell, am I right? Nothing… nothing he did gave me the impression he was STRAIGHT. 

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It's three years in the future and you own a house with its own detached store front space. Tell us what your shop would look like.

Oh my god I dream of this.

So I imagine a small place by the ocean somewhere so my shop would have a mystical beachy feel to it. Mermaid statues in a man made pond with a small fountain creating that sensual sound…. I would have a giant wooden hand carved and hand painted sign with my logo saying The Cackling Moon. The shop would be painted loud aquamarine color or purple or something bright. Giant chunky clear quartz placed in random places along the entry way. The inside of my shop would have a bohemian vibe to it. Lots of tapestries and mismatched furniture. Crystals everywhere. Statues and a wishing fountain to drop coins in and make wishes. Meditation music playing and a comfy corner where I would perform my readings. Ahhhhhhh!!!!!!!!

(Ask me anything!)

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hey i'm sorry that i'm bothering you with this, i'm afraid to post this on my main and don't have a discourse sideblog, so just wanted to get this off i chest. i'm a gay trans man, but when i was first coming to terms with my gender identity, i identified as bi ace. (the bi part is bc i felt i had to feel attraction to women to be considered a man, but it's besides the point) looking back, i think it was because trans people's sexuality is so demonized in society, and it (1/2)

was a defense mechanism to not deal with the emotional pain of experiencing people resenting me for my sexuality, if that makes sense? i think it might be a similar experience to other marginalized groups because tbh, the only people who really benefit from experiencing sexual attraction are cishet white men (2/2)

I’m so sorry anon. I understand the whole internalized crisis and issues. It’s a pretty common issue and many people seek out things like MOGAI identities and ace tumblr to cope. You’re not alone.

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Hi, so i hope you can do this story for me, i want a yoongi scenario with him being my boyfriend and he helps through depression, like he helps when i have a panic attack or when i feel i can't breathe.. it's really angst but i really want this scenario with him. She doesn't want to burden him but also wants his help and he is very supportive boyfriend. Thank you girls

Hi love, here you have your scenario, we hope you like it and if you or anyone is having a hard time right now we hope this can give you comfort. Everything passes, you can be strong. Look at the beautiful smile of this man, it can cure many things so smile too!❤️❤️

xoxo admin Mars and admin Em.

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Omg ur a trans boy too?? Wtf I'm the same and I also used to think I was a pan girl lmao Why do you think it is?

ok im gonna be honest and ik some of yall are gonna get mad at me over this and thats ok just hear me out

so like. feminism, right? among like a bajillion other great things it increased the range of expression that girls and women have, like what they wear what their hair looks like and all that. there has never been a movement like that for men (bc they have never rly needed it) so they dont have that same freedom of expression. a woman can have short hair and wear pants and still be seen as a woman but a man cant have long hair and wear dresses.

like if someone who society perceives as a girl shows signs of like. not conforming to gender roles like its just that. it is literally celebrated in progressive movements for women to be gender nonconforming so unless you have explicit feelings of ‘i am not this gender’ and you interpret those feelings correctly (which a lot of people dont for many years) then being trans isnt even really considered a possibility

i feel like its just?? hard for trans men and transmasc people to sort of like. figure it out. or even consider being trans as an option because theyre like ‘oh that doesnt mean im trans uwu’ because its like???? allowed??????? if that makes sense. it isnt as much of a red flag bc theres that freedom there. like they literally create suits esp. for women

which also makes it really fucking hard to pass if ur not on t because having short hair and wearing baggy clothes doesnt automatically read ‘male’ while things like dresses and makeup and the like are sadly rly rly feminine-exclusive

ik im gonna get backlash for this bc im wording this super badly pls ask questions if u need to