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STONY! 💖“You look straight ahead; I’m going to give you a smooch.”😘

Hey guys! Sorry for being disappeared so long. I am very busy now because of many new jobs. However I still have drawn the fan art which I like the most in my spare time.

Does anyone ship Stony?

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Multishipping, OTPs and You

I know that everyone makes these post and it never stops the problem from continuing, but after seeing more comments that made me angry I felt like making my own post to at least try. 

It is not okay to leave rude comments on art/fics that features ships that you don’t like.

It is not okay to leave rude comments on art/fics that features ships that you don’t like.

It is not okay to leave rude comments on art/fics that features ships that you don’t like.

You have your otp. I get that. You love the idea of them together and thinking about it makes you happy. And with a show like Miraculous Ladybug, it can be confusing that people would make content that isn’t about your otp. After all, the show is all about the Love Square, right?

Most people do ship the Love Square, this is true. But some people don’t. They like the show for other reasons, and that is okay. You might not understand it, but you don’t have to. It doesn’t mean that they aren’t real fans, they just like the show for different reasons than you. As long as they aren’t bashing it, accept it and move on. 

Many people who are creating content for other ships, however, DO ship the Love Square. I personally love every bit of Ladynoir banter and Adrinette awkwardness. But I also love the idea of Alya and Marinette smooching and being girlfriends. I am a multishipper

I feel like multishipping can be completely baffling to people who don’t do it, so I figured I would discuss it a little to try to shed some light. 

Multishippers ship multiple ‘conflicting’ ships at the same time. 

Multishippers have multiple ships that they love and create content for. Sometimes, these ship involve the same person paired with several different people. 

Think of it like this: even with one ship, there are many ways things can go. I might write one story where Ladybug and Chat Noir start dating before they find out their identities, and one where the reveal happens by accident and they have to adjust to this new perspective of the other person before they really fall in love. Those two scenarios are mutually exclusive. They can’t both happen in the same universe. But they are both fun. And that isn’t even getting into AUs. In the same vein, some people like to imagine one universe where Adrien and Marinette get married and have 3 kids, and one where Alya and Marinette have a beautiful friends to lovers relationship, and one where Adrien and Alya realize they have a lot in common and would make a great couple, and so on. 

Many multishippers have a hierarchy of their shipping. They might like one ship a whole lot but a bunch of other ships are also fun and they make content for them too. For example, I am really into Adrinette and Alyanette, but I still like Chlonette a bunch even if it isn’t one of the ones I get super passionate about. I still gush over pretty art of it an write fics of them when I get inspired. Some multishippers love all their ships equally. 

Some multishippers are into polyamorous ships. A lot of my stories are “ot4 endgame”, for example. So even if the story is just about Adrien and Nino, there is an idea that they also will realize they love Alya and Marinette too and they will all be together in a big loving polycule. I am just focusing on the Adrinino part right then. The overlap between multishippers and poly shippers makes sense, because both focus on the idea that someone can love multiple people. 

I understand that shipping can be personal. You put a lot of emotions into shipping. Whether or not that is ‘healthy’ is a discussion for another time. We all do it. That is one of the reasons we are in fandom. But these characters are fictional and different people can imagine them in different ways. You don’t have to mutliship yourself, but you should respect other people’s right to ship what they want to. And they should respect your right to only ship one ship.

But if you see content on your dash for a ship that you don’t ship, especially one that ‘interferes’ with your otp, please, please, just scroll past it. If you really don’t like it and it bothers you too much (because there are always ships we really don’t like) blacklist the shipname. 

Leaving comments like “eww no” or “I only like them as friends” can be really unpleasant as a content creator. Because they really like that ship. It probably means a lot to them, just like your otp means a lot to you. They probably see something in the relationship that they relate to or that just makes them happy. You don’t NEED to comment when your comment is just going to make them sad. 

Just, be nice and let other people be happy. 


Eddie, are you ok?
So, Eddie are you ok?
Are you ok, Eddie?
You’ve been smooched by
You’ve been smooched by
A smooth criminal

(no, those are not the real lyrics. lol)

After reading that certain chapter this was all i could think of. FOR DAYS. and it always made me laugh no matter how many times i reread it. So here i am at 2 in the morning doing this quick little something to get it out of my system.

I am referring this is from a marvelous Scriddler story called Batman: We Get Along, written by the brilliant @teamof1.

Like, it’s so good you guys. You have to read it. Their character is spot on, the interactions, conflicts, discussions, their thoughts, their fears and emotions. It’s all just so in depth. Real quality stuff here that you need to get in on.

Here. Here is the link .Go read it. Go. Like now. Why are you still here?

clicky the linky ^^^^^^^^ you need this in your life. You just don’t know it yet.


              Heavens. I had made Cersei on a whim the night of I got internet. I literally had nothing but a few pictures and a keyboard and like..maybe 2 followers? Cersei literally showed up out of no where and demanded that I love her, and it’s been a wild ride ever since. I’ve met so many people, written so many things, and Cersei and I have been through so much together. And I’m just thankful for every single moment that had happened, every single person I’ve met, and every heart wrenching and cute things our muses have been through.

        Really it wouldn’t have been such an awesome ride without every single one of you, and I’m so thankful for you all. I know I’m terrible with having constant productivity but thank you for putting up with it. For putting up with the mess that I am and my random days where all I do is jack around doing nothing but reblogging pretty pictures. (how do you put up with me) 

         Beneath the cut is some very special shout outs to those I could never be without. Please I ask early on that you forgive me if I miss anyone. I have a terrible memory and there is just so MANY of you. ohmygosh. I can never be thankful enough. I love you all, my lovelies!

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My Experiences With the Netjeru
  • Set: Tells me dirty jokes. Makes me laugh. Now I am the one making dirty jokes. GETS PHYSICAL. "Hey, I care about you. You should date me. Date me. Me me me pick me!!" "OH MY GOD YOU'RE SO CUTE. WHAT THE FUCK?! I FUCKING LOVE YOU. But-- Hey-- stop banging your head against that wall-- Hey. Wall+head= bad time.... Okay, HERE'S THE WALL. Now. What have we learned? Okay. Shush. Only hugs now. Don't sass me." Smooches. (To the other Netjeru: "GUYS LOOK! I petted this kid on the head and they perked right up! LOOK!" *BEAMING WITH PRIDE*)
  • Anubis: Listens quietly. Head rested on hands. Acts like a therapist... Suddenly a joke! About death! ._.;; And smiles. Kind-hearted joy. Makes friends with the roommate's really shy dog and encourages you to comfort her during thunderstorms. You later catch him in the room visiting JUST HER and NOT YOU. But it's oool because he's this kind to everyone, and she's been having a tough time lately. "When you see what weighs down so many hearts-- you learn that so much of what people worry about isn't worth it."
  • Nephthys: Curiously patient. Kind suggestions. Very keenly perceptive. Laughs quietly. Don't take kindness for weakness. CANNOT be fooled. Was a day-dreamy, inventive kid who made friends with bugs and was weird, you just know it... WOAH HOLY FUCK SHE'S MAD--- BUT NOT AT ME THANK GOD!! Whooooooooo boy... I'm sure he'll be fine. I'm out.
  • Djehuti: "Child of Seth, Stop waffling!" ... "No I'm not angry. I am concerned. You are headed down a path that is concerning... Tell me what is on your mind.... Mhm. I see... Well. Here's something you may not have thought of. Mhm. Glad to be of service! Support your local library. ;)" Also, in another interaction, "Let's see what's on your mental shelf..."Hm... Not useful... Get rid of that... Scan through this one and take out the lessons... Okay. Now--" Steps on discarded books like a staircase and gives me a mental picture of Belle in the town library from Beauty in the Beast* "LEAN ON WHAT YOU KNOW, AND ALLOW IT TO HELP YOU GROW!"

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How do you think robbie and Daisy reveal their feelings for each other? Is she scared to love someone again?

Honestly, how they reveal their feelings for each other could happen in so many freaking ways! The possibilities are endless and they all make me so giddy :)

- Like, I’d love something similar to Daisy/Lincoln with the whole “You shouldn’t waste your time caring about me”/“I can’t help it” *smooch smooch*. Those lines fit Daisy/Robbie so well, as well, but of course I wouldn’t want that to be taken away from Daisy/Lincoln shippers so sadly probably not that ;w;

- Another is that they are having another soft conversation when he returns again (like in 4x22). The two could just be hanging out alone and chatting about how really glad they are to see each other again and how much they have missed the other. They stare heart eyes at each other and get closer and suddenly Daisy kisses Robbie or vice versa. You know, sort of how I wanted the “But I’m here now and that’s good”/“That is good” exchange to go before they were so rudely interrupted! (Fitz! >_>)(But kidding because I am a little glad they didn’t kiss too soon, maybe now after this second reunion the distance has made the heart grow even fonder where they just can’t deny that they really like each other).

- Or, how they reveal their feelings could go really dramatic. The two could be heading off in different directions to help save the day, they don’t know if they’ll make it or see the other again, so they lock eyes and suddenly kiss briefly. Or maybe even one is about to go risk their life to help save the day and the other is trying to stop them and make them change their mind. You know, one of those dramatic romantic tropes like “Please don’t go, don’t do this”/“Why not?” and the other doesn’t really know how to express how much they care and love the person so they just passionately kiss them in response.

I could go on, but yeah, I expect how they reveal their feelings to each other to be basically very physical. They might not say something along the lines of “I like you,” but their body language would be very telling of their interest until the point where one kisses the other and it’s “yep so I like you.”

As for the second question, yeah, I definitely think Daisy is a little scared to love again. So many times throughout her life she’s been open to love only for it to go terrible for her. She’s definitely wary, which I think shows in the finale. Robbie obviously likes Daisy (those heart eyes were so damn blatant ohmygod Gabriel Luna), and I think the interest is mutual. Like I sort of pointed out in this post (x), it seems like Daisy does have a tiny crush on Robbie, but she’s hesitant to act on those feelings.

Still, I think Daisy will grow to be open to the idea of loving again. Her denying Aida’s offer of getting Lincoln back was a sign that she is ready to let Lincoln go and move on. She may not ever lose those feelings she had for Lincoln, but she recognizes that Lincoln is gone and she has to keep moving forward in life (which might include new love).

Hopefully we’ll see in season 5 if Daisy and Robbie’s crushes will turn into something more ;)

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could you make some headcanons about what steve would be like in a relationship? thanks :)


- he is such a little bug
- he has to be touching you at all times whether it just be shoulder to shoulder or ur THAT couple that walks around in a hug
- he loves playing with ur hair
- and play with his he loves that too
- he would be so cute ok like he would get u little gifts or like teach you how to like do stuff with a car and the entire time he would be all cute and giggly
- ‘Steve he just said have a nice day. All store workers have to do that.’
- ‘Ya but the way he said it was real…douche-y. Who the fuck doesn’t he think he is that he can tell you what to do.’
- ‘Hey Steve?’
- 'What?’
- 'I love you.’
- ok I feel like there would be times where he would feel insecure about his teeth and like wouldn’t smile his adorable open mouth smile around you
- to fix this you would usually just grab him be the face and give him big smooch and tell him you love him and think he’s real handsome
- he’s such a horny little shit 28/11
- really likes shoulder rubs and back scratches
- either he flat out tell you he wants you to rub his shoulders or he’ll subtly hint at you that he has a back ache
- 'huH.’
- 'HUH.’
- 'What’s wrong baby?’
- 'Oh me, nothin my backs just a little sore after bending over cars all day today.’
- 'Oh I’m sorry.’
- 'Ya and it just really hurts, but I guess I’ll just have to get over it…’
- 'Take your shirt off and lay down I’ll rub ur back.’
- 'Really, baby you don’t have to.’
- 'Steve you do the same routine whenever you want me to give you a massage but won’t ask me. It starts with huffing, goes to complaining, then being surprised when I offer.’
- 'Oh…can you still rub my back though?’
- surprise hugs from behind
- loves to be babied
- like wipe his face and do his hair for him or like sit on his lap and fix his hair. Little things like that he enjoys
- ok when I think of Steve I have this one like 'gif’ in my head like I haven’t seen the gif I kinda just made it up in my head and like it’s his hand (at least I like to think it’s his hand) and it’s like muscle and ya know the classic 'hot guy’ hand and like it’s running against someone’s butt and like grabbing it and this just turned into a mess
- he likes both spoons big or little
- big cuz he likes to hold you and run his hands along ur body
- small cuz he likes to have you hug him and like kiss his neck and hold his waist

Easy A (USA, 2010)

Predictions: No predictions. We had both already seen this film. :)

Plot: Emma Stone is your average Natasha Bedingfield fan, a normal high-schooler in 2010. Until, one day, she lies to her overbearing best friend in the girls’ restroom, pretending that she had sex with a college guy. Amanda Bynes, the local Christian busybody, overhears this and tells everyone. One thing leads to another, and, before you know it, Emma Stone is pretending to have sex for gift cards just, you know, left and right. It starts with her trying to help out one gay guy (Dan Byrd), but soon enough her life is just an endless stream of corsets, (fake!)chlamydia, and continuous vlog narration of a slightly heavy-handed Scarlet Letter analogy.

While Emma Stone’s amazing and hilarious parents know that she is not really sleeping her way across campus, nonetheless she eventually becomes bothered by, you know, the chlamydia rumors and being legit propositioned by a creep in a parking lot. She decides to come clean, with the help of Penn Badgley, her crush/the boy she pretended to kiss in 8th grade (apparently fake hookups are a theme in Emma Stone’s young life). She does a song and dance in front of the whole school, makes them watch the movie we have been watching, and rides off into the sunset with Penn Badgley on his neighbor’s lawn mower. Everyone lives happily ever after, except the people who lied about having chlamydia.

Best Scene: Every scene with Emma Stone’s parents, Stanley Tucci and Patricia Clarkson. They are fantastic. So funny. So supportive. Can we have your parents, Emma Stone?

Worst Scene: Obviously the scene where her creep classmate tries to actually have sex with her for a $200 Home Depot gift card. Really? Home Depot? Target, at least. Come on, man. Also, it’s frightening and horrible. DON’T HAVE SEX FOR MONEY, KIDS. Or pretend to. :|

Best Line: “Yes. Yes, I believe so, if I was a Gossip Girl in a Sweet Valley with Traveling Pants.” – Emma Stone, dryly, when her shitty friend asks her about being in love with her fake one-night stand. What an amazing YA-romance-reference-smush.

Worst Line: Um, obviously something that creep says about how he paid Emma Stone (a gift card to Home Depot, mind you) and is now entitled to her body. Grrrr.

Highlights of the Watching Experience: Why didn’t Emma Stone just download “Pocketful of Sunshine,” instead of incessantly playing it off that greeting card? This was 2010. She was perfectly capable of buying the song on iTunes. Support artists, Emma Stone. Also, “webcast,” eh?? Is that what we called livestreaming or periscoping or vlogging or whatever, back in the day? The evolution of words in our modern time, guys. And finally, what’s with this A that fills up with scarlet crayon blood at the beginning of this Blu-Ray? A touch unsettling.

How Many POC in the Film: Well, her little brother is black. She also pretends to hook up with some Asian nerds, among other nerds. Maybe some other classmates? In conclusion, mostly white people were in this film.

Alternate Scenes: Well, that whole “Lisa Kudrow, married guidance counselor, sleeps with a student and gives him chlamydia” story really bums us out. Perhaps we could have done without that. Alternately, perhaps we would have liked to add a scene, clarifying where Lisa Kudrow got the chlamydia that she subsequently gave to this student. I mean, how many people is this lady sleeping with?? Where is she finding the time????

Was the Poster Better or Worse than the Film: Worse. This detention-mugshot poster is fine, albeit weird, but the movie is delightful. REALLY HOLDS UP, YOU GUYS. Would recommend.

Score: 8 out of 10 Nathaniel Hawthorne smooches. Fake adultery ftw! Except for Lisa Kudrow, who is engaging in actual adultery, which is not cool. Not cool, Lisa Kudrow.

Ranking: 17, out of the 99 movies we’ve seen so far. Technically probably not a romcom, but it has both rom- and -com in our hearts.

I’m bored so youhane!!! Headcanons!!! Yay!!!

• Nose kisses. SO MANY NOSE KISSES.
If yohane is being too cute you just gives her a little nose smooch
• One time You kissed Yohane in front of the rest of Aqours and Mari fell off her chair from shock and chika was laughing at her so hard
• You’s papa ADORES Yohane. So he takes them on boat trips a lot
• I have a headcanon that Yohane can’t swim so YOU!! TEACHING!! HER!!! TO!!! SWIM!!
• When they get older they get like 4 cats
• Yohane always gives You edgy black flowers she finds, she loves them and her girlfriend but she’s running out of space to put them, so she started making them both flower crowns
• They have matching black feathers
• Wedding day was lit

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Levi/Erwin/Eren/Hanji/Farlan kissing their s/o's wounds/scars after they were injured during a mission

Levi’s face was red, whether it was because he was embarrassed or frustrated was beyond them. “I’m sorry.” His partner said for what seemed like the thousandth time, a guilty look on their face.

“It’s fine. I know I can’t expect too much. It’s just the job.” His voice held the same amount of sternness and strength it always did, but he was a bit sad. The black haired man bent his head down slightly, kissing a small cut on their shoulder. It was unlike him, making ___’s chest fill up with butterflies. When he raised his head up once more, he looked into their eyes with a rare look of gentleness. “Just don’t do anything to dangerous, okay?”

Erwin had been eerily silent, which made them uneasy. Truth be told, they were a bit sore due to all the small cuts and bruises throughout their body, but it had been clear from the very beginning that they hadn’t been fatal. It just looked worse than it really was. 

The man’s hand was sliding up and down their arm gently, and it made him grimace at how he could feel the slight rise of their skin whenever he can across an injury. He’d been repeating the same actions for a while, so they had zoned out. However, when they felt his lips touch one of their worse cuts, the looked down in surprise. 

“I’ll do my best to protect you better next time, ___.”

Eren had instantly put all of the blame on himself when he saw his partner’s body after their latest expedition. Their whole body was littered with cuts, bruises, and scars. 

Eren’s stomach dropped right when he saw them, running over to them and examining every visible part of their skin. “I’m so sorry,” The boy apologized, running his finger tips over a bigger bruise. They laughed, trying to lighten the mood. 

“You didn’t do anything wrong, honey.” Eren nodded, but from the looks of it he didn’t seem to believe their words. His darkly colored hair swished over his face when he turned his head to look down, and he made no move to move it out of the way. Instead, the boy kissed up and down their arm many times. “Even if it wasn’t my fault, I don’t want to see you like this. I need to make sure you’re okay, I can’t have someone else walk out of my life.”

Hanji made sure to make unappealing smooching noises as her lips touched her partner’s many wounds, just to make them giggle and get their mind off the pain. They actually didn’t hurt that bad, but they didn’t have the heart to tell her that she wasn’t really helping heal the many injuries.

“In all seriousness, please be careful next time, ___! I can’t lose you.” The woman outed exaggeratedly, sticking her bottom lip out as far as it would go. They smiled and patted the woman’s head, bringing themselves up slightly to leave a feathery kiss at her cheek. 

“I promise I won’t leave you, and I’ll try my best to be more careful.”

Farlan tried to blame himself when he first saw them, and even tried to limit the time he got to see them as punishment. They had to sit him down to convince him that their injuries from battle were not his fault, and that such things were bound to happen.

___ sat across from him, body adorned with a sweater despite the hot weather. He knew they were trying to cover up the many cuts and scars on their arms to make him feel a bit better. The sandy haired man got up, a small frown still etched on his face. In two long strides he was sat in front of them, rolling the sleeves of their sweater up gently before bringing his lips to touch the first scar he saw. “I love you ___. I love you so much. But please, even though it’s impossible, don’t get hurt like this again. Even if we both know that you’re lying, just say that you won’t.”

They sighed sadly, unhappy to see him feeling such a way. They nodded, even though Farlan couldn’t see the action from where he was. “I promise I won’t do it again.”

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That Freyja AU is some top tier stuff. 10/10 would download as DLC. Have you any ideas as to what her other supports would be like (the rest of the royal family, other retainers etc)?

…I have many ideas. 

Corrin: Well, this is the most obvious damned thing in the world. The role of a leader was thrust onto both of them during critical times and both certainly have struggled with it. I feel like a lot of this would be Freyja encouraging Corrin and providing her advice, because she knows what it feels like to be in her situation, especially as a princess. and then they smooch a lot 

Azura: These two are both characters who intentionally craft an air of mystery around them and push others away from prying to deeply. Both have had the fate of the world rest on their shoulders and have had to hide it at times. This would be very different from the Corrin one because it wouldn’t be the same sort of mentor situation going on. I think they’d both be very wary of each other at first, especially on Azura’s end, but that they’d eventually drift together and come to be slightly amused in their status as a pair of ghouls. 

Laslow: This would do multiple things. In part, it would be a reflection on their awakening support and sort of contrast their feelings as of to then– for example, laslow would bring up how he doesn’t have to go to extra lengths to make Freyja smile anymore, and how they’ve come to have a deeper understanding of each other. I think I’d also make this the support where Freyja most openly muses about staying in Nohr, much to Laslow’s alarm. (in fact that would create a very interesting dynamic in their s support). I’d also have them discuss their feelings about Nohr–for some reason I feel like (putting aside its leadership) Freyja would actually quite like Nohr’s brand of darkness. 

Odin: Don’t have suuuuuper fleshed out ideas about this one yet, but I think it would focus on their status as part of ylisse’s royal house and how it feels to be in a position where they are bowing before others. 

Selena: Oh darling baby Selena. These two can’t not have cute interactions though I’d also throw in one of my darker ideas about Freyja, I think. Much like their hot spring scramble support it would at least partially center around expectations, but of an evolved kind. The darker idea I mentioned is the idea that Freyja has come to realize that after how much of her life she’s spent fighting, part of her actually enjoys killing. And she’d feel like she’s letting people down through that, especially her deceased father. The reasons I would bring this up with Selena are a) I honestly feel she would be in the same boat as her, at least to an extent, and b) Selena is exactly the sort of person to be blunt and lay out some cold, hard truth that ends up being reassuring in her own Sevvy way. 

Xander: …Confession time even though this is straight it might be one of if not my absolute fave Freyja ships so far. These twos’ personalities just meld so well in so many ways… I think the support would start because Xander would take a profound interest in his youngest sister’s retainer. I think Xander is the perceptive type who would be able to see through a lot of things in her–for example, I think he’d realize pretty quickly that she was really a royal or noble person of some sort (due to the way she carries herself etc) and take particular notice of Falchion, which he can tell is something quite special. (in fact the contrasts between Falchion as a blade of light and Siegfried as a blade of dark could be played up). I don’t think Xander would come at her accusatory– rather, I think he’d have an open mind and rather quickly realize Freyja is to be trusted. Freyja would be absolutely terrified of Xander’s discoveries at first, I don’t think he’d push her past any uncomfortable boundaries, and that she’d soon realize he’s someone she can be at ease around. And of course, as I talked about in my previous post, the S Support where Freyja would become Queen of Nohr opens up all sorts of interesting potential to her. Xander spends much of the support trying to learn more about who Freyja “really” is, but in the end she decides that Freyja IS who she is.

Elise: This one would mostly be very cute, fluffy interactions, heh. Elise would remind Freyja of how she was when she was a child, a happy, carefree, pure little princess. And thus she’d do everything she could to make Elise happy and protect that purity of heart. Freyja would be much warmer towards Elise than she is with most people, and I feel like Elise would be perhaps the first person she dotes over a little, in her own Lucy way of course. imagine Elise asking Freyja to brush her hair or have a tea party with her or aaa

Arthur: Don’t have super fleshed out ideas for this, but I do like to think that Lucina’s C-A support with Cynthia still holds something of an influence with her and Freyja can’t quite help not getting a little caught up in Arthur’s heroics at times. Perhaps their support would be a particular example of their efforts to bring about justice ;p 

Effie: Once again don’t have super fleshed out ideas, but I think these two would definetly get along well, the awkward dorks. Perhaps they can bond over something related to training… how many walls they can smash during it hahaha And of course their mutual care for their Lady. 

Oboro: …We all know where this is going to go. Freyja has an absolutely tragic sense of fashion and it INFURIATES oboro more than anything else. She’d try again and again to get Freyja to refine her tastes but Freyja would remain blissfully unaware the entire time…

Orochi: More of a general idea, but I have a feeling that Freyja’s “The future is not yet written!” attitude would run up against a brick wall with Orochi’s claims to be able to foresee the future. She’d likely challenge Orochi about that. And since the belief is very personal to Freyja we’d likely see a bit of a less dignified side of her than usual. 

Azama: Another case where Freyja’s foundational beliefs would be challenged. I’d have to read more of Azama’s supports to refine the picture more but they most certainly have very different life philosophies, and Azama’s kind of blasé-ness towards life would likely get to her. 

If anyone has any other ideas for other supports or more about these supports i’d love them to share ;)

I wish Lance knew how many people loved him with all their hearts, how many would hug him and smooch him and stuff. It would make him so happy yet shy at the same time.

Shout out to you, Lance stans, you’re the best, and if anyone deserves that kind of love it’s Lancey Lance, he deserves to have all the love he has for his friends returned to him in tenfold, and by God, are y’all returning it to him. It’s what he deserves.

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Young girl! what do you think you are saying? You wanna know something? I love you! With all my hear, even if i don't know you at all! And that's because only by here on Tumblr i can see that you are an awesome human! -Hugs- So don't sat thing like that! How many times do i have to say that everything you do is cool and beautiful -trows petals at you- 3:< And if you are sad then i will cry! -M

Awww I love you too!!! You’re very sweet :’)

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Lincoln do you have any plans for Christmas this year and are you starting to plan for your Christmas list?

“Oh, yeah! Clyde invited me to spend time with him and his dads at the Royal Woods Ski Resort! It’s going to be awesome!!

And yes of course I am! I’ve been working on my list since Halloween ended. There’s just so many things I want for Christmas..comic books, video games, the new SMOOCH CD, AAARGH and Dream Boat on DVD, and a new phone!”

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Name: will

Nicknames: uhhh i don’t think i have any??

Gender: male

Star sign: pisces

Height: 5’10

Sexuality: ??uh?h???hhu????

Hogwarts House: hufflepuffs are particularly good finders

Favorite animals: beArs i love bears also axolotls

Average hours of sleep: like 5 hours

Current time: 9:23pm

Dog or cat person: cat but also i fucking love dogs

Blankets you sleep with: i have a huuuge weighted blanket w a rose on it and this throw blanket with the main state alchemists from fmab on it

Dream trip: to california to see my amazing and beautiful gf @hadmysushigotmyslushie and smooch her face??? maybe go to disneyland together too and get fun pictures with mickey and eat too many churros

When I made my blog: this blog i made a few months ago, like at the beginning of summer, i made my main in like 2014 tho

How many followers: 699 :00!!!

Why I made my tumblr: to scream about musicals without annoying all my main followers and to make friends who also love musicals (a goal in which i succeeded in!!)

Reasons for my URL: i thought of this url a few months ago and never ended up using it until i got way back into bmc recently (when the boot came out LMAO) and honestly i think it’s p cute

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anonymous asked:

Can I request the RFA boys + V and saeran and how the sex would be on their wedding night. Forgive me for I have sinned

hello my fellow satan worhsipper ;) 


-is 100% the type to overdo the romantic gestures

-wayy too many rose petals everywhere, leading to the bedroom 

-theres so many candles you´re worried something will catch fire 

-okay but the bed is fucking huGE, did he get a new bed for this (the answer is yes)

-he will want to take his time with the foreplay 

-like way too much time

-your body will be covered in hickeys

-he´ll try his best to be gentle, he really will

-but he will get carried away in your moans and would end up being a bit rougher than he meant to

-who´s complaining tho? not u 


-okay we all know the whole room would be filled with big bouqets 

-he will absolutely treat you like the princess you are 

-will insist on carrying you over the treshold even tho your dress is super heavy 

-like taking his time just admiring and worshipping every part of your body

-kissing your fingertips and knuckles and nibbing at your nipples

-looots of praising and pet names 

-he´s so so gentle, your pleasure is wayy more important than his own 

-is set on making you come as many times as possible

-eating you out, fingering you and fucking you until you cant take anymore 

-your pleasure gets him off more than his own does 


-he´s teary eyed the whole evening! he´s just so happy! 

-lots of nose smooches

-he´s a blushing mess. you both are.

-you would have to go super slow 

-”are you okay?” and “i love you”´s every 3 seconds

-none of you really lasts long but thats okay

-you two would cuddle and smooch till you both fell asleep 


-is way more hasty then any of the others

-only because you´re really married now?? you´re his wife??!!

-you two are making out before even getting to the bedroom

-he really wants to drag it out 

-but he´s just too excited. you both are

-won´t stop at one round, you´ll be up all night 

-also when you have to shower in the morning

-you two are insperable and acting like horny teenagers for months after your honeymoon

-everyone is highkey not inviting you to anything because you´ll probably end up having sex in their bedroom, bathroom, closet. whatever is closest 


-he´s so impatient, has a hard time waiting till after the party, so you end up having to sen everyone home a lot earlier than expected…or leaving your own party. 

-fuck being gentle, he just wants you now.

-he won´t even try to go easy on you tbh, he´s rough and unapolegetic and its perfect. 

-this boys stamina is insane, so you´re in for a long night, and sore morning. if he´ll even stop there. 

-with every round he gets more experimental, choking (with your consent of course) biting, and humiliation ensued.

-you two don´t leave your bedroom for anything more than fill your basic needs for days.


-would probably be very calm about it tbh?

-like he´s beyond happy of course

-but he´s also like “there´s no need to rush, we have our whole lifes ahead of us”

-is super gentle with you 

-takes his time caressing your face and just admiring you in general 


-morning sex is a big yes

jamster64312  asked:

Its good you have someone! Give them all the smooches! 😘😘😘

Will do my kind sir! He’s very special to me so he definitely get’s them all, as many times as I can