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Feed the Belly

Dean x Reader

Summary: You’re pregnant and Dean’s being super caring. Sadly, this also means he’s cooking healthy, nutritious food for you and the baby. All the healthy food, for months. Until you’ve had enough. 

Word Count: 1100+

Munch. Munch. Munch.

You were stuffing your face with cookies, and ice cream, and pizza. Yes, all three of those. Yes, at the same time.

Sure, a few months ago you would have judged something like this as disgusting, super unhealthy, a great recipe for a heart disease… But, after countless weeks of kale, cabbage, spinach, carrots, lean meat, and lentils… you just didn’t care anymore. You wanted all the junk food, now.

The pregnancy book was staring at you from the table, and you stared back, glared even as your lips wrapped around a spoon of chocolate ice-cream. Take this, you stupid book.

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Wait a second. What if Ronaldo’s theory about rock people putting “mind controlling minerals” into human water supplies has some truth to it? Is it something the gems did when they first invaded to keep humans from trying to interfere with their plans?

Is that why the humans in the show have so little interest in all the gem structures lying around everywhere? You think they’d be crawling with archaeologists and tourists, but they’re always empty and abandoned. The strawberry battlefield, the communication tower, the lunar sea spire, the kindergarten, Pink Diamond’s palanquin, etc… all of them were places Buddy Budwick was able to visit safely and record in his journal. Is he really the only human who ever tried to explore those places? Why? What happened to the human race’s curiosity of the unknown?

Also why the heck isn’t the Crystal Gems Temple a bigger draw for tourism in Beach City? It’s this monumental building carved into the side of a cliff, and I doubt there’s anything else like it nearby. Yeah, the gems wouldn’t want humans climbing around on it and taking pictures, but why hasn’t anyone ever tried? Are we supposed to believe that no one besides Greg ever tried to cross that dinky chain link fence?

And let’s not forget all the corrupted gems running around. They’re all over the world, and some of them must have had run ins with humans before the CGs caught them. What happened in those instances? We’ve seen that humans can fight corrupted gems and win (i.e. Connie, Sadie, the Pizza Family helping the CGs). So how often do humans have to fight gem monsters if the CGs aren’t there yet?

So I guess all of my questions here boil down to this; why are the humans so complacent about all the weird gem stuff around them? Is it natural for them or is there really a mind control conspiracy? It just seems weird that more people aren’t that concerned about all the danger and weirdness that keeps happening.

Best Friend Starters
  • "Want to go somewhere?"
  • "Wait. Wait. You did what now?"
  • "Hey. How's it going?"
  • "I am sooooo bored."
  • "Yeah. Yeah, we could do that. Or we could sit around and do nothing."
  • "What fresh hell did you get me into?"
  • "When's the last time you bathed?"
  • "Got anything to eat?"
  • "What did I tell you about touching my stuff?"
  • "You're dating my ex?"
  • "Please tell me you have coffee."
  • "How do I look?"
  • "Let me give you some advice..."
  • "Drink up."
  • "You look ridiculous."
  • "I'm not going and you can't make me."
  • "What do you think I should wear?"
  • "Screw them. They don't know what they're missing."
  • "Can we not actually do this?"
  • "Pizza?"
  • "Is anyone else coming?"
  • "I'll walk with you."
  • "You look like you need a hug."
  • "Forget about 'em. You're better off."
  • "Pain gets better with time and alcohol."
  • "You need me to kick their ass?"
  • "Don't leave me hanging."
  • "Did you see that?"
  • "I leave no one behind."
  • "I don't suppose you have any idea what to do now..."
  • "Tea? Scone?"
  • "Stop being so melodramatic."
  • "I'm here for you."
  • "Give me five minutes."
  • "Why do I even hang out with you?"
  • "You know I would do anything for you, right?"
  • "Maybe you should cut down on the booze."
  • "That has got 'nope' written all over it."
  • "What's the worst that could happen?"
Girls Night Part 1

Title: Girls Night Part 1

Pairing: Dean x Reader (eventual)

Warnings: none for the moment (let’s be real future parts will have smut)

Word Count: 1073

A/N: I have always LOVED the idea of having Jody Mills as a BFF and thus this story line was born.  I did a challenge w/best friend!Jody a month ago and had a lot of fun with it!  I’m not certain how many parts it will have, I’m in the midst of part 2 now. Feedback is especially appreciated on this one since it is my intention for it to be longer than 2 or 3 parts! Comment, reblogs, and love in my inbox is all appreciated!

It wasn’t often that Sheriff Jody Mills had a night off and the girls out of the house. When she did she took advantage of it, either by relaxing quietly by herself or by having a girls night with her best friend Y/N.

Y/N was over on this particular night off and the pair were settled with glasses of wine, a couple of pizzas, and Netflix.

“So, what are the girls up to?”

“They’re staying with friends for the weekend.” Jody sighed, relaxing into the cushions of her chair. “I’m just glad they finally have a solid group of friends they can hang out with. I love them dearly, but it’s nice to have a break!”

“I bet!”

“So what do you want to watch tonight?”

“Oh! You know I heard that one comedienne-” Y/N’s words were cut short by a knock at the door. “Were you expecting someone else?”

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My Romanian Best Friend

Here’s the first part of my new Sebastian Stan x Reader “My Romanian” series.

A/N: If you want to be tagged in anything, send me an ask.

           As soon as Sebastian’s face came onto the screen, you couldn’t help but smile at your phone. Facetiming with Sebastian while he was filming or away doing anything was the only way you stayed in communication.

           You had been best friends since you were younger and hated being apart for long. So, he insisted that you facetime at least once a day. He said he needed “best friend time” even when you weren’t in the same area.

           “There’s my girl,” Sebastian smiled.

           “Hey, Seb,” you grinned back.

           “How’s it going back home?” he asked.

           “Can’t complain, I guess,” you said, “Just working on the show and missing my best friend.”

           “I miss you too, Y/N,” he said, “I’ll be home soon though and we’ll get to hang out. Promise.”

           “I’m gonna hold you to that, Stan,” you said.

           “I promise.”

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I have 2 me's.

I have two me’s.

I have the one my parents see. That my boyfriend sees. That my friends see. That everybody sees. The one who laughs at stupid jokes. The one who can eat a whole pizza and still be hungry. The one who picks everybody up and helps them no matter what. The one who’s always smiling. The one who’s always there for everybody else even if they aren’t the best person. The one that loves everyone and everything . The ones that is tough and sarcastic. The one that’s always motivated. The one that’s always happy . The fake one.

Do you know the real me? Of course not. I won’t let you.

Theirs the real me. The one who throws up every single piece of food that she eats. Regretting having such a need to look normal and eat. The one that stays up staring at the ceiling crying until she passes out. The one with deep scars down her thighs and faded ones in her wrist. The one who thinks about taking her own life . The one who can’t help herself. The one with such high anxiety that panic attacks have become a regular thing. The one that will never see herself as beautiful or skinny. Even though she’s wasted herself down to “unhealthy” weight. The one who smokes when she’s alone hoping the fumes with kill her one day. At least then she would have tobacco to blame it on. The one who has no motivation to live. But most importantly the one I’ll never let you see. 😞lainaisqueen😞

AU: Laura & Carmilla meet unexpectedly in a supermarket.

“Lizzy, can you please hand me Mia’s bottle?”

They were in the middle of the supermarket, Laura didn’t want to be grocery shopping in the first place let alone with a screaming child in the cart.

Lizzy, the older girl of five, reached into a bag and drew out her sister’s bottle, Laura took it gratefully and Mia opened her mouth for her milk.

“While I feed Mia could you go grab some cookies? They’re on the next aisle over”

“Cookies” Lizzy nodded and ran off to get them.

Mia blinked up at Laura who was smiling, holding her bottle in place.

“That’s better, huh? Always such a thirsty girl”

A few minutes passed and Laura frowned, Lizzy knew what cookies they had and shouldn’t be taking this long. With a sigh she starts to push the cart in one hand, trying desperately to keep the younger girl happy with the other. She was trying to turn the cart when she spotted Lizzy, who was being lead back to her by a young woman dressed in black.

“I was getting worried!” Laura exclaimed, ruffling Lizzy’s hair before addressing the woman. “Thank you for bringing her back”

“It’s nothing” The woman smiled. “It was a little busy in the aisle, she seemed really nervous so I thought I’d better check she was okay”

“Sorry Lizzums” Laura apologized, “I shouldn’t have asked you to go in the first place, it’s just Mia was bawling and-”

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anonymous asked:

hello. whom do you ship with remus? tonks or sirius or somebody else? or more than one pairing? i am very interested in your answer. *offer you some slices from my pizza*

Oooh pizza!!:3

First and foremost I ship Remus with happiness, like a lot of people I think. And if that would be on his own, or with someone else, it doesn’t really matter. Most of all I would have liked he would have been genuinely happy:) (And I also think one can have a very happy and fulfilling life without being in a relationship)

Now, my otp is wolfstar (my tattoo even refers to those two, so yeah, big wolfstar fan) but I’m not entirely sure if they would have lasted long? I mean they fit together amazingly imo, but I am not sure if it would always be a very healthy relationship (especially when they were teens and when they were just graduated. the fact they both suspected the other one as the traitor is one of those painful reminders. That being said, I do love their dynamics together and who knows, if they had survived the war they might actually be able to have a healthy relationship, giving each other the space to heal and help when it’s needed. And they would have been so bad-ass together.
But communicating would be their work-point, because i can see them both bottling stuff up and suddenly just exploding to each other.
’Practice makes perfect, Moony’
’You weren’t able to whistle when you were 11, you aren’t able to whistle now. Some people never learn. Like you. DEAL WITH IT.’
And they would rant to each other for a while, letting it all out and in the evening they would apologize reluctantly to each other and talk it over again and actually search for solutions and then they would just sit together, cuddling and making out and laugh how big of a drama-queens they both are!~ 

Now don’t get me started on Remadora in the films, because how they portrayed thát, really disappointed me (I do love both actors but wth happened with Tonks in film 7?!!!;A; and the terrible lines, having to cramp in the information that they are married and expecting in a subtle way and failing sooooo hard. But the films didn’t handle couples that well overall, in my opinion.)
I also ship Remus and Tonks, though I have to admit I have some troubles with how it was tackled in the books? But as I am writing this down, it did dawn on me that one of the reasons why I didn’t like it how it was written in the books was because it felt like Remadora came out of nothing?! Just suddenly poof, there they were. But we do have to remember that the books are written from Harry’s point of view, so of course we’ve missed how Tonks and Remus got along and how their friendship/relationship grew during all those Order meetings and gosh, just imagine if we actually did get an insight how they got to know each other and how they slowly fell in love (though I can imagine Tonks falling hard for him after she first notices this shabby-looking guy, halfway during a meeting -because let’s face it, Tonks would be a bit of a doofus and only notice someone she hasn’t seen before only after already being a couple of hours in the same room with them- and he would give a subtle but snarky comment to Snape who’s being his unpleasant self probably gave a dick-comment towards Sirius and she would just let out the biggest snort ever, earning several glares, eye rolls and stiffed laughter from the other members. And Remus would actually be a bit insecure and weirded out by her reaction and he would started blushing when Sirius -the tosser- would lean over that long table to just get a high-five of his cousin. And seeing that snarky-shabby-looking man blush made Tonks’ interest flare up like a blazing hot sun. Sirius would find it hilarious and applaud Tonks on her impeccable taste and Remus wouldn’t know how to react, because who could be interested in silly him, but her sense of humour and her bubbly mood always managed to lift his spirits up. And oh gosh, someone stop me.

Start Me Up

Author: maiammitchell 
Genre: smut, humor
Summary: Request for Lucas working on cars and turning Maya on in the process. 

A/N: So this is sloppy as fuck, but it’s also kind of hot? Please let me know what y’all think. Oh! And CJ is an original character, Shawn and Katy’s son who is born when the gang are juniors in high school. He can also be found in my other story. They’re 18 in this though, enjoy!

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Merry xmas @cirsuwa !! it is i, your secret santa!

Your wishlist was so funny and inspiring i would have liked to draw all of the prompts, but time is a terrible enemy, so i tried to select two of those that could go well in one single picture! Ringo and Tubbs are having an all-the-pizza-you-can-eat competition in the rustic house i mean … in Mayohiga Village, clearly! And one pizza was generously given to Cirno and Suwako but they both wants the last slice …. who will win???? 

I hope you can spend a happy christmas day and have a great new year!!!! Same goes for everyone else, and thanks to @touhousecretsanta for organising this event!!


Word count:830

overview: After Bucky joins the team he isn’t always aloud to go on missions with Steve due to clearance and all and one day reader decides to make friends with him.

All the Avengers even Tony had finally embraced Bucky, but due to the whole war thing he had developed a certain level of mistrust for everyone but Steve. This is understandable seeing how half had tried to lock him away.  The other half was supporting Steve, not really him. So who else could he trust other than Steve? Unfortunately Fury felt allowing Bucky only to be paired with Steve would be coddling him and Fury would send Steve on missions, long missions without Bucky. This left Bucky alone with a bunch of Avengers, whom some were once against him. So that left Bucky alone, and isolated him. I wasn’t on either side but I feel if I had been there I would have been there for Bucky.

Today, most of the Avengers were mostly out on missions only leaving Bucky and me alone in the Tower. I was reading a book, snuggled on the living room couch, all wrapped up in a fuzzy blanket. I found myself lonely in the silence. I missed the noise of the others bickering and laughing. So I went to find the only other person in the tower. I knew he would be difficult to find him but I couldn’t be alone anymore. So I padded away to find the assassin.  I started off simple with his room and then Steve’s but he wasn’t there, so then I tried the gym and then the massive storage area. There are plenty of hiding spots in there. I found him sitting up in the loft part of the place in the dark. He was sitting in the back corner and had his knees to his chest, and his eyes seemed distant.

A came to stand in front of him and squatted down in front of him, “Are you alright, Bucky?”

He jumped at the sound of my voice, tensely looking up at me, “What?”

“Are you alright?” When he just looked away from me, I asked, “Would you like to accompany me to go grab some pizza?”

He looked as if she was going to say no at first but then nodded. He quietly followed me all the way to the pizza shop. “What kind do you like?” I prompted.

“Meat lovers…” of coarse so I ordered half of that and half of (your favorite) medium pizza and two fountain drinks. Bucky awkwardly followed behind me to get soda and then to sit at a table to wait for our pizza.

“So … How do you like living in the tower?” I asked sipping my favorite soda.

He only shrugged so I continued, “You like the missions?”

“No. “ he finally answered, “They separate me from Steve… when… I relapse he is the only one who can anchor me… I finish the mission but I’m not in control… Steve helps with that…”

“Have you been assigned a partner?” I gently prodded.

He shook his head, “Fury won’t let me team up with Steve. Only certain mission’s can I go with Steve and no one else wants to partner with me… I’m a monster.”

We paused as the pizza arrived then I said, “I might just be a lab rat, but I sure as hell know you aren’t a monster.”


           One day I over heard a conversation between Bucky and Fury.

Fury: “So I see you put in a request to be assigned a partner, I certainly hope you aren’t in here hoping to get assigned to Steve because you don’t have the clearance for half his missions.”

Bucky: “No, (y/n). She’s crazy smart so she would always be useful and on the few missions they send her on I can keep her safe, so if need be she can go on more risky missions and still be safe.”

Fury: “I’m glad you have settled in and made a new friend.”

I scurried off before I could hear anything else, I must have left quite an impression on him. And soon Fury came to me with Bucky’s request. I couldn’t say no. Bucky made a move to heal and I wasn’t going to get in the way. I would help him and I asked Fury to let me tell Bucky. I found him in his room this room, I knocked and when he opened the door I handed him the completed paperwork. It took a second for him to realize what it all meant. A smile slowly graced his lips, “You really want to be my partner?”

His child like excitement was adorable, “Of coarse.”

“You know this will mean more missions for you if you are my partner…”

“Of coarse Bucky I know that. I would love to accompany you on missions as long as you know I’m just the brains. I can’t fight worth shit.” I chuckled as I playfully punched his shoulder.

“Well that’s why I will be doing the fighting… and you… you will anchor me when needed.”

“I will happily be your anchor.”

rvbiron  asked:

Hi, what do you think about my blog?

Oh, hi! :) Blog-reviews! :D Yaaaayyy, I love blog-reviews… Let me start:

I think, you like to dance. Am I wrong? I think, I’m not. I think, I’m pretty on point with saying: You like to dance. Sadly, I don’t. I can’t dance :/

Originally posted by thevortexofourminds

Also, I think, you are totally into good looking, shirtless, sporty guys with tattoos. Well… I do have tattoos. But I wear a shirt. Damn! And I’m anything but sporty. I have a cool shirtless bathtub selfie though. And you can see one of my tattoos in that one. Here it is. You are welcome!

I also see, that you like pizza, cookies, and donuts. I do too :D Yaaaayyy! But who doesn’t? Sooo… Not really a match.

I looooooove the lava and polar bear posts! They are sooo cool! Well… the polar bear is cool. The lava is hot.

And those fashion-posts are reallllllyyy awesome! If you are into fashion. I’m not. Damn! :/ Hmmm…. weeelll…  What else to say?

Counterquestion: What do you think about my blog?

PS.: Your glasses rock!

I wonder like there’s not just one version of the golden suit’s in Freddy Fazbear’s Pizza/Diner…like not just Freddy’s, but there’s a Bonnie and Chica too (possible).

I mean like why do we have a Golden Bonnie called Springtrap? Everything else was burnt and salvaged and we see the ‘phantoms’ of the old animatronics all charred from fire in the hallucination. That and we only have one animatronic that kills us, Springtrap.

The next thing that started to bug me is how the Golden Freddy was used in killing by using it as a suit, then have the possibility of the fifth kid stuffed inside it. Yeah, it was explained you can use the animatronics as a suit by turning the head crank thing to fit yourself into the suit with the endoskeletons, but would a killer bother taking off his suit that is all big and stuffy (hard to put on and off) and stuff the dead kid in? What about the escape without getting caught?

This is what I think. The killer used the Golden Bonnie known as Springtrap, lured the kids and stuffed them into Freddy, Bonnie, Chica, Foxy and Golden Freddy.

Then, before the fire happened that destroyed Fazbear Pizza, the killer tried to destroy the evidences, the animatronics after hearing rumors that the place was haunted, thinking it’s the ghost kids. So like in the minigames at the end of each night, you see the Purple Guy (killer ofc) dismantle every thing by tricking the ghosts trapped in the animatronics again (Purple Freddy).

But now that they’re free, they all attacked the killer by scaring him witless in the end and force him into the Golden Bonnie suit, killing him by having the thing that allows the killer to go into the suit break and crush him in the suit. Have him go through the same pain they went through in the very suit he used to kill them.

Maybe then when knowing another murder happened they hid him in the blocked off area (I’m not sure when the staff blocked it) and later it was burnt. Springtrap was found later and used in FNAF3.

Like the trailer said.

He will come back
He always does
We have a place for him

In the suit he used for his killing