and i have loved on your rp from afar


It’s been two years today since I zoomed on to this site as my speedy professor son himself!! I honestly can’t believe it!! This is the longest time that I have had a muse that I stuck with TBQH, and I’m still amazed making this account was done on a simple, “Why the frag not.” It’s been quite a journey these past two years I must say, and I’m honored to have made it this far!! It’s so fun to interact with everyone I have met on here, and I can’t imagine my RP life on here without you!!

Below the cut is a list of people who make my time on here wonderful!! Whether we interact on here ether IC or OOC, or I watch ya from afar admiring your work!! Please note: This thing was made last minute-ish, so I may have forgotten some folks!! If I did, I truly am sorry and I love ya all!!

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who could ask for a better birthday present? :D

@sigrvif - Iona & I love you & your beautiful muse! You write Sigyn so well and every time I see you on my dash, I never stop smiling!
@oneformischief - You are so nice ooc & you play Loki so well! I can literally hear his voice in my head when read your threads! not to mention that I adore your cosplay!
@iamnxtaqueen - My darling, you are my favorite Hela and you write her so amazingly well! And the fact that you are a peach ooc makes it all the better!
@kingrumlow - Even though we don’t interact IC, I love you very dearly! You always send me nice messages & it really makes my day (plus I read nearly all your threads 0u0)
@liibxrte - No words can describe how awesome you are & I love our interactions very much!
@prevariicator - I stalked your blog too much when I first followed you & I am freaking out that we’re interacting! :D I love your portrayal of Loki too~!
@fenwxlf - a joy to have on my dash & their portrayal of Fen is A+!
@princeoftrickery - Just all around amazing & you are super sweet ooc which is a big plus!
@kingoftheravens I adore you from afar! :3 & i send some weird anons from time to time XD
@gulldrengur - i am still afraid to RP with you so I just admire you :D your threads are hella ace & you’re really nice ooc <3
@qceenmother - One of my fave Friggas & you are a doll ooc! what more could I ask for? :3
@dionadaiir - one word: QUALITY.
@kingxfmischief - I love having you on my dash!! Your threads are amazing & I am so excited to RP with you!
@kveljast - You were so nice to me when we first met & that sold me immediately! I love havoc & adam and how you write them!! <3
@neverparted - *screams* I LOVE YOU & YOUR MUSES OKAY? 0u0
@flaradr - I love reading your writing & your graphics!
@xstormclad - 200th follower! You made my birthday 60000x better :D

hi! i’m awkward!

@alldaddy @adivinegod @addictiveking @agentvencm @assinassassin @asgardianherald @asgardsfangs @bringerofthestorm @benignsoldier @brokenshadowofloki @bxstiion @betweenhumanandmachine @cxntrxctkiller @cantbankworthadamn @custospericulo @chestfullofshrapnel @comicallyours @colorofenvy @drcwningvoices @drifting-anarchist @deemwcrthy @dauoadagr @daughter-of-fandral @designed-to-be-beautiful @deviousserpcnt @deranged-dr-void @djarfliga @edhelaran @eli-rochester @et-mala @friggathequeenofasgard @fxnrisulfr @goddamndeadpool @gammagiant @grcbmyhand @hydrasweapon @harfagri @heroicissm @heroesbeyondtheninerealms @influencedbyfear @itsybitsyparker @immortalglaive @lovelornrocketscientist @likestofightcrime @lokicfasgard @masteringfear @notafossil @notacircusmonkey @nihilisticmadtitan @presveftis @pordyn @pricedfreedom @redalloy @repressedmagic @readysetstab @ragnaskuld @symboltothenation @starks-science-buddy @silvertonguedgod @sciencewithashield @thundrer @thegameisthunder @theprisonerofasgard @thenomxd @trust-my-glorious-purpose @untamedtempest @vaenndyr @victorious-sigyn @venomouscorrupter @veridianking @verdantiir @wantedtobelikeyou @xdarkmessiahx @youcantknowthat

Didn’t I just make one for 250? Yeah I did, and here I am with 260 followers! 

Holy shit! 

I am forever thankful to my followers because honestly I didn’t think I would come back to roleplaying after my horrendous experience in my teen years, but you guys gave me so much love and motivation to keep my muse alive! ( though Xander is never picky with muses *thank you dad!boss* ) I am still working on the 250 Special of Xander’s character, its just…A lot of writing….I mean a lotHaaa

So I thought I do a ‘Forever Follow’, but also people I admire from afar~ That’ll be under ‘Read More’ 

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Ok so guys I am hella excited I am five away from 300!!!! And I can honestly say I can not believe I am almost there! I never thought I would get even 10 let alone this amount. Hela has been super fun and I love all the interactions I have and am having with you all! I also am happy how you all accepted me even though I suck and that I am trash! But you love me just the same like I love you all! It hasn’t even been a month and I have hit this milestone and I am crying because this means a lot to me (silly I know) But I consider you guys friends! So if you ever need anything PLEASE don’t hesitate to tell me through IMs or asks! But I have to ask why are you all following! I am not worthy xD But anywho…now to my follows forever… (Please do not take it personally if you are not mentioned here. I may have forgotten but know I love you just the same!)

Hela’s top baes

These are people I look up to and love to see replies from *In no order*

@nihilisticmadtitan ~ I love you so much you have been with me from my OC to here! And your Thanos is on point! Like Hela loves her boo, just does not like to share.

@sviker ~ What can I say! But amazing! Like you are so kind and sweet and I love you so much! Not to mention our rp is so amazing like I feel all the emotions you write! Like it gets me in the feels…

@themadandthebroken ~ *Makes grabby hands* You are so kind and funny! Like we honestly just met not that long ago and I can already tell our rp is gonna freaking rock, also I love that we are writing a freaking book haha.

@asgardsfallenson ~ What do I even say to you? Other than I FREAKING LOVE YOU! Like from our Skype calls to our roleplay you are like one of my BFFs not to mention how your daughter says hi to me too… Ehehehe to cute.

@musearian ~BBY I could never forget you! Like you met me on Tessa and then moved with me here and oh my god you are like a god to me, like how does one have all these muses and be a boss rper like you? Teach me *says in dr. stranges voice*

@sigrvif ~ Though Hela is so mean to your muse you are so sweet! And we talk so much, also you need to come talks to me! I miss you!

More under the read more! 

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It hasn’t even been two weeks and I have already hit 100 followers! I don’t think I have ever gotten this many so fast on one of my rp blogs. I swear ya’ll are lost. But thank you all from the bottom of my heart for following and supporting me as I get this blog off the ground. I have been away from Tumblr for a while and it just really means a lot to have you guys here. I would really like to thank some of you personally for that. First off, my big thank yous to two wonderful people:

The Bae- @shrimpyscriptmage​: Ashley, I wouldn’t have made this blog if you hadn’t finally pushed me to doing so. Thank you so much for all the love you give Ash and the time you’ve spent roleplaying with me on Discord to help get a sense for him and his character. It truly means a lot. I love you <3

Bestest Friendo- @lethargic-hunter@eeveelutionist​: Shae, I absolutely adore our threads and no matter what blog I am on or what fandom I am sucked into, you are there for me. You’re one of the best friend’s I could ever have and you are always there for me even if you don’t know that I’m upset about something. I still say you have a friendo sense. Keep being wonderful and I can’t wait to see where our threads lead~

I’d also like to thank some groups of people. Some I have interacted with and others I would love to interact with but haven’t:

The Rocket Squad- @blastingxff @rocketmeowth052 @lavenderrosepetals: I know for the most part we have yet to interact, but I am looking forward to what sort of shenanigans our characters will get into. I mean, every Ash should have a Team Rocket and I would love you guys to be mine~


@gottakeepemall: Your Bonnie is absolutely the most adorable Bonnie I have ever seen. I just want to adopt and give her love. I love our threads and I just can’t get enough of this sweet precious babu
@undinaes, @resonata: Puddin <3 You are an absolute sweetheart to me and I literally screamed the first time you Misty was in my ask. I can’t get enough of all your shenanigans and you’ve just been nothing but nice and caring towards me. I’m really really looking forward to all of our interactions, especially with momma Delia~
@shootie: I know we haven’t really interacted much and I still have to watch more of B&W, but I love our small talks out of character. You are such a sweetie and I love that we can just talk and I can’t wait to see what is in store for our characters and future threads <3
@nurturen: Taylor, you are an absolutely amazing Brock and I really want to interact with you more. I know you’ve had your blog less than I have, but just know that I already admire you a lot and love everything you do with Brock
@oakmd: We’ve yet to interact or talk at all, but just know that I really love your Professor Oak and I have been admiring you from afar
@trevcr and @tiierno: I can’t get enough of you two. I love everything that graces my dash between you two and I never know what’s gonna happen next. You’re also just fucking cute. I’d love to interact with you guys sometime <3
@fabulance: I know we haven’t interacted, but I mostly wanted to thank you for the support you have showed me when I was down about my blog. I really appreciate it and if you ever want to rp just hit me up sometime
@sterlingsilverchampion: We haven’t really gotten to interact, especially cause I need to catch up on more Pokemon, including Hoenn, but I wanted to thank you for the support and love you have shown towards my Ash. It really means a lot to me
@skullgruntdana​: I just need more Dana in my life. She is precious and adorable, but also smol and sassy and I love her
@chcsxn: We’ve barely interacted or talked, but I really love your aged up Ash and it makes for really interesting interactions. Keep being awesome and I hope we can rp more~

The ones I admire from afar:

@bossgiovanni @alola-dad @telekinetiq @loyalpika @bigcalavera @heraldofkalos @bexutyindexth

There are just not enough words to express how much I love and appreciate each and everyone of my followers. You all are amazing and if it wasn’t for you I probably would have started to give up on the blog already. Seriously you guys, it means a lot <3

Hello Wonderful People!

Felt it about time to write one of these follow forever things up. Please simply LIKE this thread to give me permission to:

*Send in random asks
*Send in memes
*Ask to RP
*Write starters directed towards you
*IM you
*Share random head cannons with you
*Generally be your annoying friend!
*Write random drabbles about our muses
*Love you from afar!

I really do love all of my followers and I thank you all for being there for me <3 Please DO NOT reblog this.

venreenaholt  asked:

URL prompt for Vennnnnn

  • Do I Follow Them?:


  • Why Did I Follow Them?:

I really don’t know. I think I saw something you wrote with someone else and I enjoyed it and started following. I’ve stayed cause you’re awesome.

  • Do We Role Play?:

We have started to!

  • Do I Want To Role Play With Them:


  • An AU Idea For Our Muses:

Ven and Liara as sisters instead

  • A Song For Our Muses:

  • Do I Ship Our Muses?:

As friends yes!

  • What I Think About The Mun:

Ven you are lovely inside and out. I have admired you from afar for awhile. Your writing and the feels omg. I have enjoyed every moment of RP with you! I’m looking forward to more. :)

  • Overall Opinion:

You are a sweetheart. I adore the story with Cedrick, and your style, your grace, your way with words. You are awesome. All my hugs!

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First of all, I wanna thank satan for making it possible for me reach this number. This took a while for me to post because I was too lazy and too busy to get around it. I’m nearing 700 now. Second of all, I wanna question why everyone chose to follow such a shit blog like this. Though I am mostly thankful to everyone that did. Thank you for tolerating me on your dashes even though my presence has been scarce and I rarely get to reply back to any of you. Getting to RP someone like Nyx has certainly been a fun and emotional experience for me. He’s given my RPing hobby a second chance on a lease of life. And I wanna thank everyone who’s given me a chance to RP with them too. You are all lovely.

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Are all of you lost? Kidding, but thank all of you for putting up with me and Clarke. This blog would be nothing without all of my amazing partners, so thank you to them for sticking with me. You guys all make playing Clarke such a joy. I am so sorry for anyone I may have forgotten, but I love all of you!

The Baes:

These are people I rp with and talk to often, and I love so much.

@hxdaleksakomtrigedakru: You were my first real partner on this blog, I love getting online and seeing you on my dash and knowing we have a million threads that are all such a joy to work on. You are such a doll, and thank you for putting up with me and Clarke in your ask all the time. 

@kingofthe100/ @regretandsass- You follow all of my blogs and I follow you on all of yours. We have been rping just as long as I have been rping on Tumblr and I adore you and all of your muses. 

@misfithercs/ @thenativesofneverland/ @thebrokenragdoll  ALICE, I love you bae, you follow me everywhere, and I can not thank you enough for following me on all of my blogs. You are so sweet, your muses are hella amazing and I just love you. 

@upyriism- I never thought  I would ship Issac and Clarke as much as I do, but I love all of your replies and I love this weird ship we have going. Like I have said before, thank you for putting up with me and Clarke. 

@mattbaleman- What can I say, Clarke loves her sociopath baby daddy and I love the mun, they are so, so sweet. I have missed them while they have been away, but I always look forward to their replies. 

@themonstersofmurphy- What can I say, you have given me an emotionally painful and so adorable Clarphy and I love it. You are an amazing writer, both on Murphy and your own Clarke, and I adore seeing you on my dash. 

@azgeda-kwin-nia- Well, we have one of my most favorite threads in our wolf verse, you are an amazing writer and just a joy to plot with and talk to. I feel like I can come to you with any plot and within a week we’ll have it added into the plot or we’ll have a new one in the works. Keep being you because you are amazing. 

@sherunsfaster- we don’t rp on here, but I love you and Leah and just think the world of you. I was so happy when you came back to Tumblr, all of my muses missed you.

@heroicbeliever- Same with you, you are so sweet and I love rping with you no matter the blog. You are always so sweet and I have just missed you so much. 

@darkestsavior- We haven’t rped much on here, but you are another of my bbs who has followed me from the get go on all of my blogs and you are a flawless Emma and human. 

@ofloyalists- I rp with you on another blog and you gave me Jasper/Clarke, I love them as a couple so much and I love all of your muses. Keep being sweet and flawless bb.

@piigeon- Amazing blog, mun and muse, they are flawless and I can not wait for them to come back. 

People I have just started talking to and love.

@icethrones, @wildmoored, @warbuilt, @warriorhedalexa, @outsiidxr, @bravexrebel, @brcveclark, @imnobodysson, @wolfytriad, @thesinfulx100/ @thesinful-lot, @manoutoftimc, @suchabastarder, @sunshiinedd, @songecruel, @sxpxrnxva,

People I stalk from afar. 

@weaknessisdeath, @raveniisms @icewrought, @abusedbeta, @killedtwo, @amaninyellow, @herownxdestruction, @hisangelrosalie, @rxeken, @downfallenxeminence, @nxtmyfxther, @notsoheavynly, @wclfeyes, @portectorisms, @piscesxii, @antisocialisms, @vladdraculatepes, @tumultuxus, @imperrator, @musthaveblood, @peopleneedtxknow, @the-tophat, @engliishbulldog, @aneckperson, @yourisolation, @vitiosuscorda, @putyourbabyfangsaway, @theweightofxfivefeathers, @bravetctry, @thexrealmtravelers, @l-o-n-g-live-the-king, @xwearethekidsthatyounevercankill, @miilitant, @hiddxngirl, @borrowedparts, @consvltant, @bigbadwolfofstorybrooke, @exmachiina, @maladjxsted, @likeputtingwingsonlead, @trucxnagual, @swanemmasavior, @weburythem, @bcllamyblaake, @loosecannxn, @filiusaugustus, @skaissecond, @hopeisxverything, @cxntrxctkiiiler, @confiidant, @frctello, @raisedbetter, @0kteivia, @emmreth, @emmettmccarts, @ofunderworld, @oflegendaries

Send me a number
  1. I want to RP with you but I have no idea how to do the thing.
  2. I want to RP with you but I’m too shy.
  3. I do RP with you and I love it!
  4. I used to RP with you but then I got bored.
  5. I like seeing you on my dash and admire from afar.
  6. Who the fuck are you?
  7. Delete your blog.



I am so frickin’ proud of all of you, all of you, this place, the art, the talent and of course, the Role-playing has been one of the best Fandoms I’ve ever been in! I have been inspired and constantly overjoyed by this community and many of times when I’ve been in the gutter or felt worthless many of you, even indirectly, have made me feel so much more!

Lately, I’ve been having difficulties with my life, correlating with my College Education, I know this is getting a bit personal but, I just want all of you guys to know just how much I appreciate you! I failed my first Quarter in college and it has really put a big dent in my confidence. I spent my Winter Break in absolute disappointment and not knowing what I could possibly do next.

But once I saw a @therealjacksepticeye play-through of Undertale, I fell in love with it. So of course I check out what else this game could offer than just love and Determination. And what I discovered, was an entire community of support that I instantly cherished.

There were so many times that I wanted to give up on everything and just stop all together. For a long time, and I kind of am still a bit like this, I thought my art, my characters, OC(s), skills and my intelligence was shit and that I could never live up to any type of expectations and most of the time I just kept that to myself. People alwaya tell me, ‘Hey it looks good’ when they notice or show them but I didn’t really feel any of that. I used to feel smart but all my grades practically dropped almost near the end of my Senior Year in High School. And among other things, I’ve felt ignored, non-existent and useless.

But now, while there being some other factors that lifted my spirits, I feel more confident than I used to be, I move from RP blog to RP blog on this website, several of them are practically cob-webs. Honestly I would love to get back into all of them, but I don’t have that much time but one day maybe!

For now, I’m most definitely keeping this blog active and I am so proud and happy that so many of you have been patient with me and really bringing me joy ever since I started up this blog. Never in my life have I ever drawn so much before and makes me courageous to even mention it. And never have had so much involvement with so many people to the point of almost being overwhelmed, but I don’t mind, I’m glad people are interested in any part of me.

Undertale has given me the DETERMINATION to continue on and I hope to continue this adventure with all of you!

Now then…



Fuck yeah the best mama out there! Wonderful Multi-muse RP-er, Artist and just person in general and always the best, one of many people around here I can’t wait to talk to, go give them some love! Not LOVE, love.


My main man mirror!sans, we be havin’ some adventures and I always love your art requests, they’re fun to do. And don’t forget, great and cute art plus lovable character and concepts, follow them right now! Right now!


Not only having some of the most cutest characters known to man with some really angsty and super detailed profiles about the six kids, they are extremely talented in the field of RP and I recommend them fully, so give those kids some cookies and milk, they deserve it.


You’re always sending me some cool asks and I’ve always enjoyed your art from afar. Even though we haven’t done anything productive yet, I hope so for in the future. You’re really cool!


You make some awesome icons especially for sans and you make me laugh. I enjoy it when you’re online and love it when we interact.


Beautifulcinnamonrolltoogoodforthisworldtoopure and an epic sans RP blog, I love it when they’re online and reading through their stuff even though we’ve barely interacted and a few other shenanigans.


HOLY FUCK MUFFIN! A great Ms. Muffet RP Blog and fun to interact with, not to mention amazing, did I say muffin? ‘Cause I think that’s what they are, a sweet fluffy muffin. :3


@papyrusthegreatskelenton @sans-unlimited @royalnxrd @tlcpats @king-under-mount-ebott @mercifxlormxrderer @comicsansical @ittybittyfriskybiz @emmyfire @wanderingdreemurr @dapperblook-the-dj @its-comic-sans @nxcecream @blooky-dj @ask-the-showbiz-robot @overdramaticrobot @its-showtime-darlings @spiderdelicacy @soulofrainbows @grillbymcfry @illegal-hotdog-vendor @fabuloussuperstar @recogniticn @faithfulfrisk @mettatoniic @mettatondotcom @ecgaster @bloomborn @peniitent @flowey-wright @speargained @ask-thehuman @sansiisms @thegreatspaghettimaster @goingtobereset @badtimereset @telescopesans @tendergardenruler @sansgst @chosemercy @firetending @naivespagghetore


@pastapap @errorsansrp @hiddenbxnes @tdutcha @pacifriskdreemur @the-gaster-sans-fusion @askerrorsans @swappedbxnes @skeledxd @verta-bae @bxnerkiller @thegreatandterriblepapyrus  @singained @puzzles-and-puns @bad-time-simulator-2k16 @badpunsgoodtimes @thekingofbane @reapertale @killerpuns @friskyfroo-underfell @lonelycousin @quiiestis @chara-underfell @cracked-skull-broken-soul @aguardwithouthope  @underfellsansrp


@free-bone @crimson-the-bat @echoflower-onwheels @capital-the-royal-duelist @reset-those-souls @calcatrix @i-always-watch @arial-the-narrator @dreamfulknight @saffibun @dear-harlow  @robot-with-a-soul


@the-nerdy-scientist @freshfriedtrash @thaidraws  @tratserenoyreve @spacialfries @imagineasriel




{Art is Mine(even though it’s a crappy photo)}

When I first made this blog, it was for the sole purpose of storing all of my rp crap and to maybe possibly start a few 1x1s. I didn’t do it for the followers, but I have to say I’ve met some pretty cool people so far and I’m kind of stoked to have 100 followers already. With that said, I wanted to make a small thing just to acknowledge all of the awesome people I see on my dash and who think I’m awesome enough to see on their dash.

My inner circle: Not only do I get to play with your amazing characters, I get to call you guys my friends. You’ve listened to me rant about stupid stuff, shared a lot of yourselves with me and in turn have helped me do the same. I’m lucky to be able to call you guys my good friends.

| bunny-rps (the girl♥)| coco-writes | erinwritesandstuff |

Inspiration: The people I get to play and plot with in my amazing groups and 1x1s. Thank you all for playing some of my favorite characters ever and for doing so with me.

| allmyrpthings | marksroleplays | kayladeeroleplays | helenhamiltonwrites | blainchelrps | rihannasrps | blaineyrpssummersrps | thelittlemermaid-writes | nfunkrp | sophiierps

Most stalked: These are those blogs I love on from afar. I use your themes, stalk through your resources, and fangirl over your memes. Keep being awesome!

| diannasroleplays | ddlovatosrps | blainchelwrites | adelaidekanerps | salgronhelps | bramrps | rp-puckerman | mapleofrph | puckleberryhelper

My 100th follower: waitingonasoldierslove

Thank you all :)

| lopezwrites | marleyroleplays | claringtonfabrayrps | aprilrhodesrps | rachelbrodyrps | wildelynnrps | princessrpg | kittysrp | victoriajusticewrites | bellaswrite | zoeyrph | caitlinstaseywrites | jakeprps | radhelps | marleysryderrps | bbyofrp | marleyrrps | morristreetrps | bryrps | tinasrps | thecrazychickrps | kittanaroleplays | markwsallingrps | goldstarrps | hummelberryhelps | writingbree | emierps | sprinkleofrps | starlordsrp | beckyjacksonwrites | caithelps | st-berry-rps | berriesrps | phoelleyrps | ryderps | lauradreyfussrps | annakendrickroleplays | quinnclaringtonrps | fabrevans-rps | finnzillarps | blamrps | evansyroleplays | jyderley | seblainewrites | barryallenroleplays | criss-writes | kenzitana | bethyhelps | hudrosewrites | snixxxrps | chiddywrites | puckbadassrps | pucksterrps | rberrytalks | mercedesjonesrps | knightleyswrites | como-rps | bofrps | snixsrps | fabrayrph | savxgething | cri-cket | iloveandhateu | defiantworlds | youhuntorbehunted | motityan | quinn-the-photographer | guadachupetes | onlygirl-yo | quinnfabrayay | itsagleegleeworldd | flcwlesscat | feedtheirlungstotheirdog | whereismysuperfruit

two years ago, oh a whim i made frigga. she was more of something to get away from my main muse at the time for a bit. never did i imagine that i would stick around. but two years later here i am.

i have met so many wonderful people and i just want to take a moment to recognize all the beautiful talent that graces my dash and ever day. you all make it a joy to come here and write. i am so lucky for you all. so thank you.

also a huge shout out to kat { @krigarofwar } for making my banner. she spoils me so much. and is way nicer to me than i deserve.

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anonymous asked:

“Is that my shirt?” (From the-cinnamon-prince) ((Ahaha I apologize for the use of anon, it's just that my rp blog is a side blog and I can't seem to figure out how to ask questions with that blog so I decided to use anon. I've been admiring your blog from afar, I love it! I really want to rp with you >///< so here I am!))

Send “Is that my shirt?” for your muse finding mine in your muse’s shirt

☂ @the-cinnamon-prince ☂
He glanced up, blush lightly on his cheeks as he did so, though he still easily offered a smile, before nodding his head, “It is- I’m sorry- I didn’t have any other shirts to wear.”

Alright, I hate doing this kind of posts but I came back to this blog after a hiatus to find half of the people I’ve been following inactive… Annnd so I wish to find some new people to interact with and stalk, so could you kindly like/reblog this post for me if you are an independent Supernatural rp blog? Angels are good, demons are good, hunters are good, whoever you are, I will have a look through your blog and probably end up loving you from afar.

                   ~ F O L L O W      F O R E V E R ~

Close to six months of roleplaying with this account and here I am, with little more than 750 followers ( who must be lost or something, because for real guys, there’s no quality here.)

In all the time I have been here, I truly never though I would get this many followers. I have come to meet such wonderful people and I have also made fantastic friends. I fucking love and adore every single one of my followers and the people I follow. To have this many people to talk, to interact and have fun with, it’s just amazing.

It still surprises me that so many of you like my blog, my muses and even the way I rp. A lot of you know english isn’t my first language, so at times that makes it harder for me to do things,  I  want thank all of you for your patience, for being so nice and loving. You all are just perfect.

Thank you.

  • I fucking love you like you have no idea
  • We’ve talked ooc / we have rped / I feel close to you.
  • I admire/stalk you from afar / I think of you as a senpai 
  • I love seeing you on my dash.

Note: If you aren’t here, please don’t think too much of it. I still love you and I think you are amazing. I probably forgot someone because I’m a big potato like that.

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abigailonceapeasantgirl  asinkingsiren aboutbooksandcourage,  andherlittledog,  angelitempus anotherbanneryearxanorphansanorphan  aalexthegreat a-light-named-belle amorettemoreau aurora-sleeps asyou–wish

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Recently I hit 300 followers, so I thought I'd acknowledge the amazing blogs as well as the the lovely people that I adore seeing.

Here’s to the lovely RP partners I currently have. You guys are amazing writers and I am so happy that I’ve been rping with you.

nataliedormerofrps; Lex! You have no idea how happy I am that we’re plotting together, so thank you for putting up with all my RP antics and agreeing to have 40+ characters with me. Hopefully we have a billion more (and us being us, that’s bound to happen). Who would’ve guessed that we would have so many characters as well as plots together because of one teacher/former student plot that brought us together hehe. 

♥ levendars; Helen! So technically we aren’t in a plot together, but you were my first RP friend in the community and I love you to pieces! I don’t know how invested I’d be in the RP world still without your constant flawless RPs over the year and the constant character plots we’ve made over the years as well. 

charwrites ♥  wordtoyourmuggle wordsfromangel chrishemswxrth silverflamerps giallorps greenewrites littleshopofmuses thusirascibility chastainwrites gillianrps bokan1x1s

Here’s to the followers that I will constantly admire from afar, because I’m an awkward girl with no social skills tbh. 

watsonwrites lettersfrompemberley claratyroleplays ♥  roseredrpslishrps altairwrites wildewrites  farorerps pixiedustrps celiabowenwrites quiescentgoddesswritesepiphany1x1 maeflowersrp claratyroleplays ♥ novemberwrites invictarps cosimaroleplays ♥ bruntleys

And lastly, here’s to the lovely followers that I enjoy seeing on the dash and make my Tumblr experience great. (But really everyone I follow is great, so sorry if you aren’t listed!)

lovely1x1 femmefatale-rps hanniballs leerps nogitsunewrites howlingambit nayagraham serbians troublewrites clonewrites that1x1account moriartywrites axioswrites zoeyrph irant-rpc ferreirareviews marauderofrp hjartawrites princesscass-writes macclarkeofrp fchelpers calvincandierps brita1x1 brickleywrites khuleesi iceof1x1 bunny1x1 the-queenbitch aazulas sunshinewrites freesiateas kstewrpc magicwrites wanderlust-writes slytherclaw-writes kazuo-what  solashofrpakinsman coldwriter singjunebug tashrps capuletwrites ninadobrav mythologicalmusings raxleywrites tonkinesque usagi1x1 killerqueenrps alisonhendrixrps rubyslipperswrites allmymuses sherlockedrps vilarps  rorygilmorerps clairewords hermionerpc nath1x1 billieofrps narvaezwrites karouwrites

first thing’s first; 400 followers?! This is the most I’ve ever had on a single RP account, and I wanted to thank those who have warmed me up to the community and given me warm fuzzies and happiness and whatnot. I’ve had so much fun! You all, even those I don’t have the nerve to interact with, give me as much happiness as I get when I play the game [which is a lot, mind you]. 

I have been on the brink of tears at some of your comments about my writing and about the roleplays that I’ve had so far. I am melty and dumb about Dragon Age – there is a high chance that if I don’t roleplay with you, I am probably reading your threads because they make me happy. I have never been this passionate about a community!

In short, I love you all so much and you make my day, everyday. I would list all of my followers, if I could.. if I have roleplayed with you and missed you, I genuinely apologize – i most likely didn’t mean to miss you. I am writing these half-asleep, mind you.

people i admire from afar & people i love on my dash [like really admire. i’m terrified to talk to you, but i would love to rp with you anyday! most of you i either have not roleplayed with or have roleplayed with very little, some of you are old and some of you are new: either way i would LOVE to see more of you all]: 

knight-captain, ofwalks, hercld, rxghthand, lxfthand, lxnglivetheking, apostxterighthandofthedivine, h-awke, itbegan, headofthechargers, tethrs, truthshaper, theharellan, thescionofhousepavus, fearnothingness, lavxllan,tacixus, admiralrivaini, veilsanchor, aclassii, xclandestin, fororder, fxreldenking, lookdashing, wildcxrd, snowymorrigan, makersent, headofthechargers, ofiivory, deadliestdance, fen-falon, gardegris, paladinking, abomnibus, trxvelyan, arcxneadvisor, whynxtsing, mercysblade, seekerofbreeches, ciontach, theghostofthespire, ofthespire, talxvashoth, herorecipe, thewxldcard, torquefenrir, vaelly, oftherifts, mxntilyet, espouses, hxrah, redtailedhawke, fferox, ariiishok, amageslegacy, allweareisapromise, champxon, canutum, thehissrad, bloodydeeproads, cordismedica, guardxcaptain, firexmirrors, commandingforce, justifiedhealer, yettosee, iustitianders, shieldedbyflame, powerfulstories

the people i roleplay with and thoroughly enjoy roleplaying with [like i get warm fuzzies when we roleplay and i am gifted to have you as one of my partners]: 

commandercullywully, lieutenantkrem, ride-the-bull, alacritae, stabbystabseeker, heraldisms, talesofrebellion, inqxisitxr, nervous-inquisitor, dalxsh, kadcn

callouts [these people know why they’re extremely cool and I love them a lot]:

nobleseekerthis seeker, oh boy, this seeker. the mun is super frikkin nice and chill as hell and is an excellent writer. our writing always melds together extremely nicely – she fuels my muse and make me have feelings a lot. so much quality action-packed into a blog.

miseritusthe writing?! don’t even get me started on this gem - this blog just so flawlessly pulls off cole. the characterization give him this realistic touch that makes me want to rp with them forever and ever. and, with a REALLY sweet mun, to boot. 

bythepowerofcullenmun - sweet. blog - sweet. cullen - sweet. the most dramatic thing i’ve ever had writing coax out of me is a blush – something that this cullen has accomplished. wonderful writing, just like wonderful all around go follow for quality. 

      once again, I just wanted to say thanks to everybody. you are all so sweet and accomodating of me, even if I’m an anxious baby about interacting. thank u all so much!

wow much effort is put into this graphic. but hey if i'm posting this, it means i hit 800 or i'm almost there. none of them are in any specific order either! i was scrolling through people i follow and  did it in that order

people whom i love and adore and thank you for putting up with my shit

            (bold are who i talk to the most and i love you loads)

lxudsilence disturbedxatmosphere  firexflower aidenmichell  carelessmentality thefailedexperiments thehxpeless numerousmuses ✞ daxsummers ayynate belleserreursx  dxngerzone scxrred  disorderlyv  tragicallynoah theonlyrxason ✞ illuminxtex ✞ impieti ✞ nakamuraftw ✞ munequitoxsintetico ✞ your-friendly-neighborhood-ninja ✞ perfxctones  

people whom i have rped with before ( have plotted with) and really hope i get rp again or add more threads 

crxshes ☾ recklessyxuth ☾ recklesseeker ☾ thoughtsontomorrw ☾ cirrows ☾ fuckingtitsx ☾ harrystylesroleplay ☾ slxtsfordays ☾ thesxmesky ☾ thewreckedsouls ☾ cleverwxrds ☾ phosphxnes ☾ thosexfuckers ☾ ourstarryeyes ☾ foreignxminds ☾ forgctten ☾ hxrryxstylesx ☾ thecloudsmove ☾ kikotbh ☾ oliverdevon ☾ tuckeredaway ☾ hxrdlybreathing ☾ iinvenies ☾ criminalxmind ☾ cemxterydrive ☾ thoserunaways ☾ skinnyxloove ☾ txlkdirty ☾ charliexbrennan

people who i adore from afar and am pretty much too stupid to come too

thelosersx ★ felixofc ★ blondiesandbrunes ★ rydellsdirtbags ★ bornsinnersx ★ wearethebreakfastclubx ★ degenerxtes ★ mornignglory ★ drxfters ★ littlexkittens ★ irresistiblxs ★ irremediables ★ fevercrash ★ birthdayxsex ★ bambieyesx ★ wiltedandelion ★ dangerousxones ★ sercndipitious ★ theycallmehazza ★ thehappyfreeconfused ★ harrystyles-rp ★ sweaterspaws ★ oppositeworldsx ★ fallovts ★ dxat ★ perturbedyouth ★ ocean-of-youu ★ your-tomlinson ★ sxges ★ shelleyofrps (ur a pretty rad blog ok) ★ 

my favorite non-rp blogs that i adore and am glad i follow them 

niallsdicks ♡ heartbreakirwin ♡ diet-m0untaind3w ♡ fobofficial ♡ bronitis ♡ asstonirwen ♡ sarcasticalum ♡ jack-barakats-boner ♡ seashelleyuj ♡ niallthedinglehopper ♡ smashirvvin ♡ niallersdirtbag ♡  westsidecalum ♡ donthaz ♡ connorfranta ♡ jo-cuthbert ♡ ashtonxiety

I cant believe I got to 250 followers!! Like for real I didnt think I’d get over 50. Like, my character isn’t exactly canon, I didn’t think so many wonderful people would follow and rp with me ;A; Like I’m so grateful to all 250 of you guys! Now I’d like to give a special mention to some of ya~

Sexy beasts:

AKA people who I have rped with and enjoyed it. Some of you I’ve rped with heaps and others only a little but I love you all. You are the people that make rping fun for me. The people who me and my muse love (okay maybe muse doesn’t love all of you but I do!!) Thank you guys for replying to me, even if it was just once, because it always makes me happy when I see a response from you guys haha! Thank you for like actually replying and putting up with me tbh because I’m just a blob who doesn’t deserve you guys!

owaruu | rasenngans | suigetsu-mist-hozuki | ramenlovingnaruto | mindfucx | the-corpse-ninja | thefutureadvisor | sordidstockings | guuurei-sama | queenkarin | fieryillusions | somedayhokage | blxckflowxr | captein-oblivious | artisticallyeternal | cherrybombbruiser | blxwup | shxnaro | baka-naruto | crocus-procella | uchihaxprodigy

Sexy beats I dmire from afar

AKA the people who I haven’t (or rarely) rped with but I absolutely love seeing you on my dash. These are the people I am somewhat terrified to interact with people they seem like cool kids and I don’t want to taint their perfectness with my presence. You may not see me but I stalk see you. And yes I have probably read at least one if not 100 a few of your rps before

heritxc | sailently | saku-haruno | amomentx | illusionisteyes | bitchplz-its-saucyclaus | artiistical | fokusua | inoxthexvioletxrose | itachisavenger | axbastard | wrathconveyor | bxdyflicker | ofthebodyflicker | iimpulsedriven | cxmpleted-blossom | hydrodemonic | severedbond | theshichidaime | toadsageoflegend | tomatosaucekun | hanaosakaseru | tigersbalm | uzuttebayo | sakura-chaaaan | undyingblossoms | fierykage | inlusiox | gakinamikaze | naru-uzumaki | byakubae | nuuzumaki | rxdwhirlpool | teme-kun | tealwindwitch | uzuroo | deadlyblossoms

Bold: Rping with you just makes my day tbh
Italics: You pretty much inspire me you are amaze