and i have like 10 other books to read

hp houses as text posts

slytherin: no mom I don’t want a boyfriend I want a kingdom (x)

ravenclaw: Remember when Netflix and Tumblr didn’t exist and you read like 10 books a week? Good times. (x)

gryffindor: i’m really glad “fight me” has replaced “sue me” in the common vernacular because i don’t have any money but i do have Fists and am always angry (x)

hufflepuff: what do u mean we’re not friends, we follow each other (x)

A Resolution for You

If you haven’t set New Year’s Resolutions yet, here’s a suggestion for one: write more Amazon reviews.

As an author, I can tell you that Amazon reviews are worth gold to authors. Literally, they make a huge difference to how a book sells.

It probably doesn’t matter if we’re talking about something like Game of Thrones, which currently has 3609 reviews on the UK Amazon. But the amazing On the Edge of Gone by @corinneduyvis (probably the best book I read in 2016) only has 9.

7 of those 9 reviews are 5 stars, the other 2 are 4 stars, but here’s the thing: Amazon doesn’t start including books in their “recommended” lists until it has more than 10 positive reviews (positive meaning 4 or 5 stars). So this fantastic book isn’t being suggested to new readers because it doesn’t have enough reviews.

Another book with an autistic protagonist, Viral Nation, has 8 reviews on the UK Amazon.

One of my own books, Omega Rising, has 5 reviews. They’re all 5 stars, but that’s not enough to tip it over Amazon’s threshold.

Well-written reviews can help people decide whether or not to buy a book, but any review at all can count towards the total reviews and determine whether the book shows up in the “also purchased” lists and “recommended for you” sections. It’s also worth noting that reviews are counted separately on the different regional sites - so  On the Edge of Gone mentioned above actually has 28 reviews on the US version of Amazon, but those don’t count towards its UK total.

So if you’ve enjoyed a book, especially a book by a new or independent author, leave a review. If you buy a book and notice that it has less than 10 reviews, make a note to come back when you’ve finished reading and give your opinion. You don’t have to write a lengthy essay. A detailed review is fantastic, but for some things, it’s quantity rather than quality that matters, so ticking 4 stars and writing “good book” is still going to be a massive help to an author. It will help get the book in front of new potential readers and mean that the authors can spend more time writing and less time wondering how they’re going to pay the rent next month.

In 2017, when you go to browse Amazon for new books, take a minute to go through your old purchases and leave a few, short reviews. Your favourite authors will love you for it.


get to know me (2/10} favorite animated films ☰ the last unicorn (1982)

I am a little afraid to go home. I have been mortal, and some part of me is mortal yet. I am no longer like the others, for no unicorn was ever born who could regret, but I now I do. I regret.

30/10/16 || This weekend went so fast (like all the other ones since uni started), I’ve studied non stop. I’ve finished my theology notes and read anothe chapter of the manual, I’m quite scared for the exams I have this December. How was your weekend?

tank you @raeviyn and @i-m-what-i-am for the tag, i realy appreciate this <3

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Name/Nickname: Ilona/I don’t have a nickname

Relationship Status: in love with Park Jimin, other than this single.

Favourite Colour: Yellow. But favourite colour to wear is pastel pink or dark blue.

Last song I listened to: Spring Day - BTS, because i was watching MCoundown.

Favourite TV Show: Sherlock, Doctor Who, Merlin (yeah, I’m a nerd)

First Fandom: Harry Potter

Hobbies: Reading, learning languages, greek mythology, criminal studies.

Books that I’m currently reading: uh, currently i’m reading a book by a polish author.

Worst thing I’ve eaten: liver, i guess?

Favourite place(s): my room and with friends, place doesn’t matter

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victoria-tonks  asked:

For the bookish asks - 8, 10, 12, 15, 36.

Hi, friend!!

8. An author/s that you dislike/hate?

With the exception of, maybe, one book and ten sentences, I really hate Hemingway. I just want to punch him in the face.

10. What popular book do you just hate?

Wuthering Heights and I have a really long history of hating each other. Mutual hatred. We have arguments.

12. How many books to you read in a year?

I really suck at keeping track, so I honestly have no idea. Usually about six or seven books a month (typically less than 800 pages and then winter comes and I pull out my bricks)? *Grabs calculator* So 84ish.

15. Favorite genre?

I love my old people books. Throw George Eliot at my head and I’m eternally grateful.

36. Do you like Poetry?

Always and forever and ever, amen.

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1, 15, 42, 55 (for the ask thing ofc)

1. okie so here is one of the first (i think first actually) selfies ive ever taken and i was like 10

15. according to this quiz: im type A but im an introvert and extrovert both too lol, im worse than dan at procrastination and my friends think im pretty funny  

42. my all time favourite books would have to be Mockingbird by Kathryn Erskine, The Lottery Rose by Irene Hunt and the Chronicles of Nick series!! 11/10 recommend you read

55. (other than you,,) @cruciokendall @fkalester @phanicornundertherainbow @sleepy-doodle @softyugen @hmu-josh @peachiekidlester @dantlers @phanhtml (also there is more but its 11:30 and im tired but basically i consider whoever decided to follow my dumbass a friend) and half these ppl ive known for almost a year omg wow

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1. coke or pepsi: coke but i drink soda like once a year

2. disney or dreamworks: disney

3. coffee or tea: tea !

4. books or movies: both ! i cant decide

5. windows or mac: mac

6. dc or marvel: marvel? idk i dont read any of the comics and im not super into the movies

7. x-box or playstation: neither

8. dragon age or mass effect: neither

9. night owl or early riser: night owl

10. cards or chess: chess

11. chocolate or vanilla: chocolate

12. vans or converse: neither? i wear like keds and thats literally only bc i only have 1 other pair of shoes and they r running shoes

13. Lavellan, Trevelyan, Cadash, or Adaar: idk what those are

14. fluff or angst: depends on my mood! in general fluff 

15. beach or forest: beach ! it is my fave place in the Whole World

16. dogs or cats: both !

17. clear skies or rain: rain

18. cooking or eating out: cooking

19. spicy food or mild food: mild

20. halloween/samhain or solstice/yule/christmas: christmas

21. would you rather forever be a little too cold or a little too hot: a little too cold

22. if you could have a superpower, what would it be: shapeshifting so i could turn into a mermaid or like a celebrity or a cat

23. animation or live action: live action

24. paragon or renegade: i dont know what those are

25. baths or showers: baths as a concept but showers

26. team cap or team ironman: team cap

27. fantasy or sci-fi: idk tbh

28. do you have three or four favourite quotes, if so what are they:

‘youre only given as much as you can handle at any given time. whether its true or not, it gives you the strength’

‘take your broken heart, make it into art’

‘happiness is a function of vigilance, of watching yourself. You do bad things to cover up bad feelings, she says, and you somehow become attached to both.’

29. youtube or netflix: netflix

30. harry potter or percy jackson: harr potter

31. when you feel accomplished: when i go through with something even though i Really didnt want to or it scared me

32. star wars or star trek: star wars

33. paperback books or hardback books: hardback

34. handwriting or typing: depends! lately i rly like handwriting

35. poetry or prose: poetry

36. see a play or see a symphony:

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last movie watched: Twilight lol
last song you listened to: hopeless love by jimin park
last show you watched: bobs burgers
last book you read: The Foxhole Court
last thing you ate: A pork riblet thing (it was gross tbh)
if you could be anywhere in the world right now, where would you be?: where jimin is (same Akanksha same)
when would you time travel to?: I would like to at least like to visit the victorian era because its my fave idk. other than that maybe the future just to see how life pans out
first thing you would do with lottery money: pay off college 
character you would hang out with for a day?: andrew minyard lol he seems like he’d be interesting
time right now: 1:00pm

I’ll tag: @minyavd @minyavd @la-petite-schu @carrotjiminie @bultaoreuntae @springdaymv @95s @silvertae @barefacedv @kimtahyung @busanroyalty @02tae @cinnawon ya its more than 10 people oh well :)

Rant - pay no mind unless you're interested

Reading a bunch of feminist literature lately for classes has just made me realize how much bullshit we put up with. The male gaze in public. Do other women always feel like we’re being looked at? I didn’t really realize that was common until I read a book, but for as much self-esteem as I really do have, I’m still fairly self-conscious in public, even when I know I look great and that I’m a great person. When we discussed this in class (my professor is a wonderful lady who interrogates the three boys about their experiences), the boys were shocked that we (the 10 or so other girls) felt like we were always being watched.

And being considered not our own person. Read up on the principles/rules of the Seccion Feminista of Franco’s party during Franco’s dictatorship. That is some hardcore bullshit and if you’re male and you believe any of the stuff in that is true, you are a straight up fucker. You deserve nothing from women at any point in time. For goodness sake, the “rules” give you permission to give some small indication of your pleasure when he climaxes. WTF!! His pleasure is supposed to come before yours, whether sexual or just basically adjusting your whole life to make his better. Women are not there for you. We don’t fucking need you. We could sequester you on an island and apparently just inject another woman’s DNA into an egg and boom, we have another women. We are a gift to you that you damn well don’t deserve after putting up with millenia of your bullshit.

And just to give you an idea of what set this off, the phrase in a play by Lope de Vega (17th century) was a line that basically translates to that the most insufferable for a man to undergo is for his wife to be taken from him. And this taking isn’t by death, which is probably the most miserable thing to be deprived of your partner, but by another man, like horse stealing. I am not a thing, we are not things!

We want very little from the world when you consider that all we want is the dignity that all humans deserve. Treat me like a human being. I don’t hate men. I want a boyfriend and eventually a husband. And it may sound traditional, but I want someone that I can completely depend on, someone that I can come home to and cry to if I need to and who will take care of me completely. The flip-side of that is that I want my husband to be able to come home and do that same thing for me. I want him to know that he can come home and dissolve in a puddle in my lap and I’ll do what it takes for him. Marriage is the ultimate commitment (though children could be considered even more so) and both sides need to give all. Not just a little or how much you want to, ALL. I think that’s true for any relationship to be honest. After being single my whole life, being kissed once by one of my best guy friends who promptly never spoke to me again, I want a boyfriend/husband for that rock of support, because while I have wonderful friends and family, I can’t just let myself go.

Not sure how we got from 20th century Spanish mysogynist bullshit to my love life, but there you have it. I don’t blame Lope de Vega for being a product of his time, but if your views on women line up with 20th century or previous Spain, you need to recalculate.


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Relationship Status: Classified

Favorite Color: Indigo

Last Song I listened to: GHOST TRIBE (ft. Digibro) by Digibro

Favorite TV Show: Don’t have one. I watch what I can find

First Fandom: ….Uh..I don’t know. Does fanning over Harry Potter count

Hobbies: Reading, drawing, playing video games(at times), Shitting around with my computer programs and other projects, Playing guitar/piano/violin/Baritone, trying to beat box, Memorizing fast and lyrically intricate songs, being a smartass, Poetry, Mechanical Engineering ((low-key robotics))

Books that I’m currently reading: Ulysses by James Joyce

Favorite Book: Never really thought about it but, in the fondest of memories from what I can recall it would have to be; She by H. Rider Haggard

Worse Thing You’ve Ever Eaten/Tasted: Kimchi

Favorite Place: Anywhere with my non-relative Bro [keeping nameless cause privacy reasons]

All those people are dead. And I can just learn about then in history books/internet/Science books and other endeavors. Though I suppose it would be great to ask him other questions personally. As for anyone Alive…. Uuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuh…


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1. Only have time to watch one show or movie, what would it be? Yu-gi-oh is basically the only show that I care to watch, but if I had to choose a movie with it, it’s gotta be “The longest yard”, the Adam Sandler one. There’s no other movie I find as funny, and it manages to be incredibly sad and inspiring, too??? (A friend once told me I gotta be stupid to find it funny :’’’3 )

2. Read on a Kindle or paperback book? Most of the time I have to go for free epub to save money (like 10 books to read for the literature exam alone…), but the feeling of paper on the pads of your fingers, the smell of ink, and the sound of page turning is defenitely superior to any other form of reading.

3. What is the one thing that should be taught in school that isn’t already? WITCHCRAFT!!! And sex ed. Like, for everyone. Not only to be safer, but to liberate the stigma of sex and prevent raping. Also, a class that teaches you how to live in the real world without having to ask on Tumblr. And cookery!

4. You come home one day and your living room is filled from floor to ceiling with avocados. What do you do? My brain would completely turn off to such a sight. I would have literally no reaction to such inexplainable event. After a minute of quiet contemplation I would give half to feed the poor and sell the other half, next make an exorcism and have both my door and windows reinforced.

5. You look down and see a tortoise. It’s crawling toward you. You reach down and flip the tortoise over on its back. The tortoise lays on its back, its belly baking in the hot sun, beating its legs trying to turn itself over. But it can’t. Not without your help. But you’re not helping. Why are you not helping? Because that turtle is actually the reincarnation of my mortal enemy. We have fought for so long time has stopped ticking for us, reincarnation after reincarnation, and now it has come down to this. I watch as they struggle, clearly in fear of my mighty figure, hopeless, harmless, but I can feel no joy in their suffering. Shananna, my one true love, is still dead; I am still trapped in this foreign dimension, this uknown universe, this chaotic, miserable planet I don’t belong in. I drop to my knees as the turtle still tries to flip itself to flee. Silly, pityful being, don’t you get that it’s all pointless? Suddenly here comes Samantha, the bubbly humble waitress that has previously confessed to be in love with me. It is revealed that Samantha is none other that the reincarnation of Shananna, and we hold each other tightly, as time and space disappear around us. The turtle won’t turn over; I leave it there, not caring wether it will survive or not, flipping my finger at it as I walk away hugging my love interest who happens to be very hot.

6.  What is a relationship deal breaker for you? I’m gonna be boring here: cheating. Or any lack of respect really. Making me feel worthless. Not caring about my feelings. Oh yeah, and aphobia.

7.  What’s your favorite book/show of all time and why did it speak to you so much? Yu-gi-oh Duel Monsters made me question real justice, look through different prospectives, showed me true love and friendship, inspire me to actually work harder on my fics in the hopes of uploading them, gave me the opportunity to chat to people online, gave me something to think about in this existence I’m stuck in… and it has Bakura. I. Freaking. LOVE. Bakura. I’m fully aware of the damage he has done, but he is damaged himself, and I want him to be happy more than I want it for myself :’)

8.  If you are in a bad mood, do you prefer to be left alone or have someone to cheer you up? I tend to withdraw from others when I’m feeling blue, even if I actually crave to speak with somebody and let all the frustration out… but I’m afraid I’d bother them.

9.  Do you believe in ghosts? Listen. Listen. I do think a lot of sightings (as well as UFOs) may be due to some sort of coincidence, allucination, hoax, anything not ghost related. That said… I can’t shake off the fear of spirits. I’m scared to be haunted. I’m prepared for a last minute exorcism. I would never get my nose into a haunted place, EVER. I’m fascinated by bizzarre unexplained murders but just mention the presence of a ghost and you’ll find a dust cloud in my shape where I’m supposed to be and hear the sound of my boots clicking away. I love videos about ghost hunting but if there’s a video claiming to have captured a ghost on camera, I don’t want to see it! It will crawl through the screen and haunt me! D’: 

10.  What’s your favorite cheesy pick-up line? If someone ever tells me one you’ll be the first one to know.

11. Favorite disney movie and why? Ok this is weird but… I freaking love Tarzan. I’m extremely fond of the Little Mermaid, Beauty and the Beast, Aladdin, Tangled, but whenever I get asked this question, Tarzan immediately comes to mind. It’s just so… green, and vivid, the animation is freaking amazing, I like the relationships between characters, PHIL COLLINS, every single moment is pure enjoyment to me, the whole movie is my favourite part.

My Questions:

1. Post-apocalyptic universe, fantasy world, hyper technological future or anywhere and anytime you want in the past: which do you choose?

2. If you knew a ghost was haunting your home, what would you do?

3. Whitches: do you think they are valid, do you not share their beliefs but still respect them, or are they just some delusional airheads? (answer sincerely. Don’t worry, I’m bound not to harm anyone with my craft ;3 )

4. Let’s talk about food: does it make you happy? Is it just a mean to survive? Do you have an unhealthy relationship with it?

5. What’s your plan for the zombie apocalypse? Do you even HAVE a plan??

6. Think of any given race and any given class of any given rpg you have ever heard of. Which do you choose? You must stick with it forever!

7. You are given an unlimited amount of money and no restrinctions at all to create your own tv series! What is it about? Do you both write and direct it? Do you call famous actors you like to starr in it or do you cast some promising aspiring actors the world has never heard of?

8. What’s comforting to you?

9. Do you fear climatic change and natural disasters?

10. I want you to feel good about yourself: tell me something you like about yourself. It could be a personality trait, a physical feature, a specific talent you have, something you did you are proud of…

11. And now, tell me something about one of your passions! Anything! (I can’t think of any other questions…) (kiddin’, I care about you

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favorite place: in the sun (by the ocean)

pets: my cat nala <3

favorite color: mhm.. i don’t think i have one x)

favorite tv show: doctor who! but i also like many others

first fandom: harry potter :)

books that i’m currently reading:unfortunately i’m not often reading at the moment.. because of all the tests i have to learn for

favorite book: harry potter, the hunger games, black out by andreas eschbach

i tag: @astudyinfanart, @aryansa, @oswinsoswald, @bensolcs and @mydarlingdoctor :)

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Relationship status: Married

Fav color: Blue

Pets: Nope, I love other people’s pets and we have a lot of out-of-town visitors. Their pets + my pets = complete chaos 

Last song I listened to: Starving by Hailee Steinfeld

Fav TV show: OUAT, Bones, When Calls The Heart

First fandom: When Calls the Heart

Hobbies: writing, reading, tennis

Fav book: The Secret Garden

Worse thing you’ve tasted / eaten: Kale. I loathe kale.

Fav place: Chicago

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Any Other Frustrated Wattpad Users Here?
  • Okay, hear me out. I LOVE wattpad. But sometimes, it can be a real pain in my ass. So, I have some sick suggestions for Wattpad. Well, only two, actually.
  • •so, does anyone else have a problem when they look at comments and then freaken lose their place or the book you already read came out of the archive??? and you're like uGH! ComE ON!!
  • -solution #1! Bookmark pages. Heck yeah! That way you can look at other pages while still saved on the other page. Nook came up with this shit like 10 years ago. Step up your game, baby watt.
  • -solution #2! A marker in the top right corner of the book cover image that you can select if you've finished the book already. That way, when you're scrolling for more of them sweet fanfics, you don't have to struggle to remember which ones you've read already.
  • Sound good? You guys with me? Wanna help send in suggestions to Wattpad to fix it? Like please? I'm done with this mess I call my library!
  • Thanks guys! -E
  • P.S. Also, if you guys wanna know like... read my Drarry book.. *coughcough* *winkwink* ya know that'd be great.
  • My book's called the dark legacy and my user is pureblood_elligance ....
  • Hit me up maybe?

@arkynn I read Wolf Wilder! I thought it was going to be better but I still liked it. I want to read Under A Painted Sky too. But I bought 5 books (one was a brand new hardcover), about 10 comics for my siblings, and some magazines. I spent a lot but I love the books I got lol

Ps do you have a goodreads account?

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Relationship status: single

Favorite color: black or purple

 Pets: none

Last song I listened to: “I’m Not Okay” MCR

Favorite TV show: 30 Rock

First fandom: Harry Potter 

Hobbies: reading, doing puzzles, watching netflix

Favorite book: too hard to choose, i have too many favorite books, Pride and Prejudice is a contender but so is The Other Boleyn Girl or any of the Harry Potter books

Worst thing you’ve ever eaten/tasted: hmm don’t know, eggs i guess

Favorite place: california i think

tagging whoever wants to do this :)

10 reasons why books are better than people

1. They don’t get jealous about dumb stuff or other books
2. They don’t defriend you
3. As long as you love them they love you back
4. You don’t have to talk to them
5. Because of 4. there are no missunderstandings
6. They lead you in new worlds and adventures
7. They may break your heart but still take your love
8. They’re waiting for their turn without jostling
9. They don’t change their personality
10. They are always in the position to make you happy, when they need to

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Write 11 facts then tag 11 people

1. I’m very tired and very bored all the time

2. I have a scar on my eyebrow and no one knows how I got it

3. I like pokemans =w=

4. Tomatoes are gross, imo

5. I’m terrible at grammar and spelling

6. I look up to way to many other artists ;w;

7. I’m shiny hunting rn

8. I get easily obsessed with things ovo;;; like musicals… heathers…..

9. the only book series I’ve ever read was warriors

10. I’m veryy veryy lazy

11. I’m not very creative….I need to work on that

the only person I know @dippydots =DDD

tmifemslashbingo: clary x maureen + mermaids

Clary and Maureen have always lived in the same coral reef. And just like every other mermaid in their coral reef, they spend their days sunbathing while sitting on top of rocks, reading books, playing with dolphins, exploring the depths of the ocean and saving the occasional sailor. But there is one thing they do that not every other mermaid in their coral reef does: they end up falling in love with each other.

[Caption: A 10-image aesthetic graphic of Clary Fray and Maureen Brown from the Shadowhunters TV show as mermaids.

In order: a mermaid with ginger hair and a red tail swimming; a mermaid with ginger hair and a red tail leaning back, with her tail dipping into the water; a black mermaid with a green tail sitting on top of a boat, leaning back; a black and white image of a black mermaid lying on a riverbank; two mermaids, one with a red tail and the other with a green tail, sitting close together on top of rock; a couple holding hands underwater; a black and white image of two mermaids sitting together on the beach; a mermaid swimming around a car; a mermaid floating; two mermaids swimming together.]