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If you had to describe Stan in a song, and one song only. What would it be? ;)


That’s really hard - do I go for the era where he’s wondering? The 30 years he spends trying to get Ford back? Summer 2012? Post-canon?????

Ultimately I’ll to pick I’m Gonna Win which I first heard on this rad playlist by @spooky-gelato. The thing I love most about Stan is that he never gives up in a fight (or in life), which is basically what the song is about. Plus it kicks ass and has a boxer in there? And gets me all fucking pumped when I listen to it. GOOD STAN SONG.


                                            Birthday Behavior🍰💝

         So Saturday was my birthday but I decided to have a late night bbq/rooftop pool party the night before to do like a countdown to midnight type of thing. I had so much fun and want to thank everyone who showed up and/or wished me a happy birthday! You guys are the I got so many gifts I was legit shooketh to the co 😭like yall really went all out on me and all I gotta say is thank you and make sure you one up it next year LMAO💀.

        sn: this post was supposed to be up ages ago buuuut I got so drunk, woke up on my kitchen island and fell off of it onto the hard ass tile floor and onto my wrist fracturing it. Fix it Jesus.

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I do

Series: Lifetimes
Fandom: Naruto
Pairing: SasuSaku
Rated: T
Prompt: I burned so long so quiet you must have wondered if I loved you back. I did, I did, I do.

When she had told him on the phone she had filed for divorce he had not taken her seriously. That was just one of the many mistakes he has made throughout his life. His wife would have never joked about something like that. This woman of pale pink, and pale oceanic green had promised so many things from the start of their relationship to now. She had promised her patience. She had promised her attention. She had promised to always give for better or for worse.

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Trigger warning... So i need help or to just express myself to someone. So im in school and im doing rlly bad at it like 50s and 60s bad and i dony have any motivation to do my hw or anything and i ask my friends how they are able to do their hw and what their motivation is and they say that they want good jobs or dont wanna end up homeless or something and i dont want that either but it doesnt motivate me or anything

(part 2)and that i barely can keep putting on a good face cause i recently had a test that i studied rlly hard for but got a bad mark.i think the reason is because i dont believe that ill live up to that point like that ill kill myself but i also want to have good marksand im trying but i just cant do it and i have strict parents and still that doesnt help.

(part3) i only have little things keeping me going rn but i just dont know how to force my self to work cause ive tired so many things but none of them helped and im just so tired. And i just dont know what to do anymore

1. I feel personally attacked right now because of how fucking hard I relate to these asks. 

2. I’m really really really sorry you’re going through what you are. I know what it’s like to study really hard for a test and fail it. I also know what it’s like to have zero motivation to do school work- I’m with you there right now. 

3. If you need any help I’ve gotchu, I don’t know how but I’ll do my best to help. 

4. Please god do not kill yourself. And if you’re having suicidal thought please, please, please talk to someone. Even if it’s me. Triggering material or not I do not want you having thoughts and feeling things like that. Talk and discuss it, understand it, and fucking kick its’ goddamn ass.

5. Try your best in school and don’t fret your grades- they’re not everything. Neither is education. Little known secret, yes college degrees look awesome, but you can go out and get certified in different fields without going to college. Or if you’re creative you can have an etsy shop or sell shit on ebay. You could write a book. Work for a nonprofit organization. Volunteer at any of your local homeless shelters/pet shelters/food kitchens/any places that needs volunteers. Get certified and be a substitute teacher. Become a plumber. Be a Youtuber. A musician. Have a farm or even a garden and sell food at your local farmers market. You can do anything! You just need to find that one thing and you’ll be there. 

6. Don’t force yourself to try to like something. You’ll know it when you find it. You’ll know you like it. You’ll know you’ll want to do it for the rest of your life. And if you don’t then who gives a shit what other people think. Go out and live your life how you want to live it and be as happy as you possibly can!

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DO THEY HAVE GAMESTOPS AND HOT TOPICS IN YOUR NECK OF MONTANA? Because we found the best way to identify the damn things was to feel up their face and go from there. Like so many of them have a hood, or a hat, or head spikes, and Ana’s hair covers half her face. And then Tracer’s wearing goggles so she doesn’t have the space between her nose and hair that D.Va and Widowmaker do, etc. So you’re feeling for VERY little space between nose and goggles, then spiky hair/bangs.

I thought they had a little thingy so you couldn’t? We do have a hot topic, I might wander in and try. I WISH THEY HAD ALL 5 OF MY PEOPLE

Fleur Delacour

Oh, the things I can’t say to you because I’m your superior…
—  Ravenclaw, barely holding back from reaming a coworker.

“… How many times do I have to apologize for attacking the Southern Water Tribe before you LET ME OFF THIS SHIP?”
“It’s not punishment, Zuko. It’s fun!”

Zuko goes ice dodging. He does not enjoy it. Younger baby Druk is there because why not. :)

okay but that video has seriously increased my opinion of autistic keith from “lowkey headcanon” to “this is straight up canon”, like, they’re not even being remotely subtle about this?

honestly they had me from “i guess this would explain why i was never very good at connecting with people", but, his angry rant about not understanding social cues? the line “i say voltron and then the chant is over, it doesn’t have to be complicated!”? (any autistic people reading this, im pretty sure all of us have felt that at some point or another)

i dont think it’s a coincidence either that every clip they picked when he was talking about his temper was a moment that someone reacted strongly to or brought up again with him later (like, it’s pretty normal for autistic people to be introspective, but a lot of the time you don’t realise you’re doing a thing as you’re doing it, it’s only when someone points it out to you)

and the fact that he didn’t know what to say at first, like, i have had so many experiences where someone goes “tell me about yourself!” and my initial response is “this is my name?? i exist??? what do you want me to say??” because the instructions were so vague that they’re impossible to follow

and even his body language, like, the crossed arms or the little thumb rub he does at the end when he gets upset, like, that’s definitely a calming stim? (and i love that that’s canon, though, im gonna have to make an effort not to adopt that, ‘cause i am so much of a sponge when it comes to adopting quirks of characters i find relatable)

and just, yeah, i love this so much

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Can you believe malec, our healthy lgbt interracial ship lost to the whitest and most basic ship ever









“From now on, I’ll act as your father. I’ll protect you, no matter what happens.”


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I’m afraid about not finishing it :(


{ a day in the life study thing where I really overestimated how many photos I’d need bc I have nothing better to do }

5:42 I woke up early bc I had so much to do

6:23 my attempt at healthy

7:10 started revision with recapping the previous week

9:30 went over some history, wrote some flashcards and an essay

11:15 did some criminology research

1:32 wrote a lit essay after lunch

3:00 did some recreational reading

5:30 exercised

8:00 netflix and (not chill but) sleep

✨  hope u guys are having a fab weekend ✨ 

my bias in wanna one is Dipsy 


Sick Boy & Renton ; through the years

We’ll get through this thegither, and he walks into the stair, compelling Renton to follow.
Ah know that, mate, Renton says, almost distracted under the luminosity of the stars, till the heavy door, closing behind them on the spring, extinguishes their light.

i just made this announcement over on twitter, but like, let’s be real, i’ve been on this horrible blue hell site since i was 16 - and i’m turning 24 on sunday, so that’s essentially a third of my life, yikes - and you guys are wonderful and i love you and you deserve to hear it here first. so.

as most of you know, i finished my first manuscript earlier this year, and i’ve been reservedly liveblogging the absurdly nerve-wracking process of querying agents and throwing my novel out to the wolves. 

and i’m so happy to finally be able to tell you that i’ve accepted an offer of literary representation from brooks sherman of janklow & nesbit associates.

i first became aware of brooks a couple of years ago when my best friend lena, who was loyally and devotedly beta-reading one of my early drafts, suggested i check out becky albertalli’s “simon vs. the homo sapiens agenda.” she thought simon was an exemplary gay ya romance, exactly the kind of thing i was hoping to do. and she was right: simon instantly became one of my favourite books, and becky became one of my favourite authors. i pledged to myself that when i finally worked up the nerve to start talking to agents, i would talk to the guy who helped make simon happen.

but it took a long time. like, a long time. i started writing “teenage victory song” - the name of my novel, a contemporary gay YA love story, hopefully coming soon to a bookstore near you! - back in 2013. specifically, during an 11:30 PM gchat with grace on wednesday, december 11, 2013, which i have archived for historical preservation. so grace is getting the dedication when this thing goes out, naturally. but, yeah, i started writing it in 2013, and only just finished it this spring, and only with the help of some truly incredible people and loyal friends and family - way too many to name here, but you know who you are, and thank you. i love you. if i hadn’t had your love and your support to battle the little grey cloud of depression and trauma and persistent economic instability that hangs over me 24/7, i’d never have gotten this far. writing this book, and keeping myself mentally healthy and happy enough to finish it, is the hardest thing i’ve ever had to do. 

i also need to thank benjamin alire saenz, andre alexis, dennis bock, anne michaels, and mallory ortberg for reading various permutations of this manuscript and believing in it and giving me their writerly advice on it. i love all y’all. and, of course, major, major thanks to the lambda literary association, who do so much incredible work for so many lgbt authors, and to whom i will be forever in debt.

i just don’t have words for the fact that brooks read my manuscript and said yes, that he said wow, that he believes in me and in what i’m trying to do with my writing. he represents so many authors whose work i’ve been continually blown away by, and it is patently ridiculous and surreal that i get to stand next to them now? i’ve already mentioned becky albertalli, whose work has done so much to humanize young lgbt people and to normalize gay love for a mainstream audience. or adam silvera, who just put queer boys of colour on the new york times bestsellers list with “they both die at the end,” which i am presently reading and crying over and having my internal organs ripped out by. and last, but definitely not fucking least, angie thomas, who wrote “the hate u give,” very possibly the most important young adult novel of the last twenty years, a heartbreaking and compassionate and warmly funny complete and total masterwork that i inhaled in less than two days. like, i really don’t. have words. these are people who have been heroes of mine for so long. i just started actually crying so i’m going to have to wrap this up lmao.

i grew up in an intensely homophobic and conservative christian household, and when i was probably eleven or twelve i somehow came into possession of a copy of “a great and terrible beauty” by libba bray. i don’t remember anything about it except that it had a subplot involving two girls who kissed each other on the mouth, and when they kissed each other on the mouth, i was so viscerally horrified that i started bawling, and i stood up, walked upstairs to the garbage disposal, and tore the book apart with my bare hands. watched the pages filter down into the garbage. and i don’t, like. i don’t like to damage books. i don’t even fold corners because i don’t like to crease the pages. i still remember it all these years later because my first reaction upon recognizing myself in that kiss was to literally destroy it. and i had to keep that part of myself buried for so many years. reading lgbt ya and fanfiction was some of the only escape i had. i wasn’t able to come out until i was eighteen years old, and when i did, it ultimately meant becoming estranged from my mother forever.

i have so much love and tenderness and compassion for all those previous, wounded versions of me, who went through so much, who hated themselves so much, who spent so much of their teens and early twenties being depressed and closeted and suicidal and dreaming of the day when they might get to be an author. you fucking did it, buddy. i love you so much and i am so proud of everything you did to survive and keep creating.

in conclusion,