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In response to you saying "I’ve been tagging them for a few weeks, it takes 2 seconds to set xkit to block them": Some people like to use the mobile app, which doesn't have xkit-like features. I'm sure a lot of people would appreciate if the random discussions with anons were on a separate blog so people could follow that blog separately if they wish. :)

I would appreciate if you didn’t tell me what to post

I am well aware that a lot of people consider the term “transseuxal” to be outddated. However, using transsexual to describe myself, not anyone else, doesn’t mean that I am unaware that it is considered outdated. It seems really common for people to be all for identifying however you want until you decide transsexual accurately describes yourself. No other term describes my relationship to my body as accurately as “transsexual.” I don’t like using transgender to describe myself, because gender can also be synonymous with gender roles. I didn’t transition due to gender roles, and I want to stay far away from any word that can possibly be interpreted that way. I transitioned, because my earliest memories are about being distressed about my body’s sex characteristics. For me, Transsexual is the term that most accurately describes this and my social/medical reality. 

In addition to this, when I see anything written by someone who describes themself as transsexual, I know there’s a good chance I will be able to relate to their experiences. I want other people with similar experiences to know that there’s a good chance we both have these similar experiences. One of the most important things in managing my dysphoria pre-medical intervention was knowing that there were other people like me that managed to have normal lives that weren’t a constant battle with dysphoria. It helped me focus on what my future could be like, which was a pretty big deal when dysphoria made it hard to project into the future. Now that dysphoria isn’t a major part of my life, I want other people that were like me when I was 16/17 to realize that they can live a pretty normal life like I’ve been able to.

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sorry if this is sort of scrambled,but sometimes as a gq person I feel like everyone around me (the majority of them are exorsexist)hates me without even knowing they do, since I'm closeted to all but a few people. I have a lot of social anxiety, and it would be hard to distance myself from these people because we're all in the drama department together. Do you have any advice for staying true to myself, blocking out the hate,etc. and some possible positivity for closeted bigender people? Thanks

Man, with blocking out the hate, I don’t think there’s much of an answer for you. Try and cancel it out with positivity as best as you can. Also, putting yourself deeply into whatever you’re doing at the time will help.

Also, I’ll get the positivity right now.


People most likely won’t see this, and if they do they can go ahead and laugh… It doesn’t matter. But I really wanna say, thank you so much for following me! I know I onky have 14 followers in all, and 9 main followers cuz I blocked the other 5 who had porn blogs (I actually think they were more than 5). Most people have 1k+ followers and whatnot, but I really appreciate the ones that I got!
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Also, a special thanks to everyone who’s ever liked any of my posts, that also means a lot! It’s a shame I can’t out their names down though.
I may have only 9 followers, but hey, 9 is better than nothing.😊

Spiritual Block

We’ve all been there. You want to do something, you want to write something, you want to make something… But you can’t.

You can’t feel it. You can’t see it. You can’t hear it. You just feel disconnected and anxious. 

I get a lot of asks from people who ask how to reconnect with gods, spirits, and their craft. They claim things have gone cold, gone quiet, gone silent.

So here is a small list of my own suggestions to help with feeling this way. 

Get Out

Now a lot of practices aren’t nature based, so I’m going to word this a bit differently than I would if it applied solely to me. 

Get out of your everyday space. The space you sleep, you eat, you work. Go for a hike, go see a move, go to a cafe, go to a library, go down the road and just listen to the sounds around you. We isolate ourselves through routine and sometimes we put up walls without realizing it. Look at details, explore, investigate, question. Remember you are more than just a 9-5 job. Remember you are more than just the book you read on warding magic or the
overwhelming schoolwork that has been draining your inspiration. 


Look to what inspires you. Movies, artwork, other practices or crafts and allow yourself time to look through those things. Do not hold yourself to them, or compare yourself to them but rather think about what inspires you about them. What aspects do you admire? Can you incorporate those into your own practices? Can you change them to suit your own style? What can you add to make them your own, and in doing so make them something more to you?

Shuffle a deck of cards and just do a reading. Flip through a book and just read a page. Listen to a song or a playlist and skip around. Find small elements that you can use to build something bigger. Allow yourself space to write, to draw, to record these things however you can. They don’t need to be organized and they don’t need to be “proper” unless of course you’re into that. Just get it down for later when you can look it over and make sense of it all (if there is sense to make). 

Fake It

The best way to get over a block is to just keep going. After you’ve gone out and regrouped yourself just take another crack at it. Redo shrines or altars. Reorganize bookshelves and chests of materials. Check dates of herbs and cleanse crystals. Water and cull your plants. Now just do it. Don’t need anything yourself? Look to the many people in this world who need a hand. Do a spell for those who are hungry, those who are scared, those who are hurting. Or likewise do a spell against those who are greedy, those who are suffocating and killing, those who are hindering and disrupting. 

Do a spell for your own land, your own home, your friends and family members (some people will warn against doing magic without permission but I’ll leave that choice to you). Do a spell for yourself. Clean yourself. Inspire yourself. Harness passion and dedication. Bathe in it. Sing to your gods or your spirits or if you’ve none sing to the spirits who have passed. 

Turn up the music and dance.
Dance for those fighting for clean water, for those fighting for their own land, for those fighting to put food on the table, for those who feel broken and wronged and desperate. It doesn’t have to be any one person or any specific people. It is still valid and is still worth doing.


Do what you enjoy.
At the end of the day why pursue something if you aren’t enjoying it?

I mean this in a light sense. A lot of people chose this path for other reasons and many have made vows and promises but ultimately why stay if you aren’t enjoying any aspect of this? A duty? A responsibility? Maybe. But for those of us who don’t have those don’t feel restricted and restrained.

Do what you love.

If you love making wards. Make them.

Already have enough? Make some for other people. Make some for the forest. The library. Local soup kitchens.

Like writing spells? Share them. Write as many as you like.
Like constructing rituals? Leaving offerings? Writing poems? Simply being around herbs and crystals and bones? Do that. Surround yourself.

There doesn’t always have to be a reason. Or be a need. You can just do. Don’t let your mind overthink something that is in essence just an action.

For me, witchcraft is an impulse and is sporadic. I do it when I feel I should. And I have found you do not need a reason to do it.

I hope you can shake those cobwebs from your head and pursue what you enjoy.

Some people may feel their own craft is sacred or very strict and serious. This post is very obviously not directed towards your own particular situation. Please do not apply this post to your own craft if you don’t think it is applicable. This is a personal post of a public format being shared with the sole intention of helping those in similar situations. Curseshamers are tiresome and boring. I’ll spare everyone else the trouble, “Not everyone follows the ‘rules’ and ‘laws’ you do so don’t apply them to other people”. Lastly permission and it’s place in magic is something argued about. This isn’t the post to do that arguing on. If you want to discuss it get your soapbox out and stand on it on your own blog. 

Take my parking spot? Our whole department will block you in.

I work in the IT department of a small school district. Parking is somewhat tight for us as we have five people and only five spots that are reserved for our building. On Monday when I pulled up for work I noticed that there was a car parked in the senior director’s space, so he took the next best spot and so on and so forth until I was forced to park in another lot. Initially, nobody was upset as the spots aren’t marked as reserved (They are in their own lot directly outside of our building), so we left a post it note under their wiper saying, “Hi, the spaces in this lot are reserved for Technology staff only. Please park in the visitor spaces Tuesday. Thanks!” And we left it at that.

Tuesday rolls around and this person is parked in the same space again! We’re a little annoyed at this point but decide instead to leave another note that was slightly more aggressive. “Do NOT park in these spaces. They are reserved.” We made some jokes about towing them and blocking them in, but decided against it in the end.

Wednesday, this morning, I show up for work and of course this person is back in that same spot. As a department we decide that three strikes is enough and surround this person’s car with our own cars so they can’t maneuver away at all. It turns out that the person was a parent helping with a theater project and at three oclock she knocked on the door to the building. She declared that we were “very funny” and should move our cars. We normally stay until four oclock and told her that she could wait until then for us to move. She began to swear and yell at us but we just shut the door to our building and went back to work. Four oclock comes and we all clock out to leave. As i walk past her car she gave me the most delicious death stare that followed me all the way to my car. I guess we will just have to see if she parks there again tomorrow!

Edit: Messed up the days of the week.

Thursday morning update: We did it boys! She’s gone and parked in the visitor parking like she’s supposed to and i didn’t need to walk a mile to get to work!

Thursday update 2: the school’s maintenance department bought block letters to spray paint reserved just to clear up any remaining confusion. I feel important already.

Living Together!

Hey guys, so as many of you have seen or heard from someone else by now, Signe (Wiishu) and I are in fact living together at this moment. 

I’ve seen a lot of support from people all over social media where it was posted and that means a lot to us, I very much appreciate it. However I have also seen a lot of dislike for the situation being thrown around and needlessly so. Some people are mad that I even have a girlfriend, some are skeptical of everything happening and some even say it’s “blocking septiplier” 

First off yes, I have a girlfriend. I’m still a human and these things do happen, did some of you think I’d be single forever or just pretend to be for the sake of keeping up a front? I’ve always said I like to be honest and share and that’s what I’m doing. Expecting me to stay single is selfish and narrow minded, please don’t be one of those people. It’s OUR relationship and we make our own decisions in it, it’s not up for debate or negotiation. Some stuff in my life is not dictated by what viewers of my content think and that sounds douchey but you know what I mean. 

As for Signe stopping Septiplier from being real, that’s just completely and utterly ridiculous. Septiplier was never and never will be a real thing, the fact that I even have to make that clarification is beyond ridiculous too. Mark and I made it pretty obvious it was a joke or exaggeration from the get go and have said so again since. It’s perfectly fine to ship septiplier and post pics of Mark and I as septiplier (within reason of course, no smut) in fact I enjoy it cos mark and I are great friends but to say my current existing girlfriend is stopping a made up relationship from happening is both insulting and just flat out wrong. Again don’t feel you can’t post any septiplier stuff at ALL, that’s not what I’m getting at. Just that some stuff is beyond the limits of what I think is cool.

If you don’t like any of what’s happening that’s fine and it’s your right to feel however you want about it but don’t go posting publicly about it because all it does is make people involved feel bad and bring them down. Which is a real shitty thing to do. 

You guys know how nice I am and how I love you all and respect/appreciate everything you do but I also have to set boundaries and tell you when some stuff is not cool because that’s how this works, I”ve always said it’s a two way street and if this connection and interactivity has to continue and stay strong then this stuff needs to be said. 

I’m really sorry for the long post and I really hope it doesn’t sound too negative or like I’m ranting, there were just some thoughts on my mind and I would also appreciate if people didn’t spam the tag with “leave youtubers alone” or “respect youtuber’s relationships” etc. because that just goes overboard in the other direction. 

Signe and I are super happy together and moving in together is a HUGE deal, it’s a massive step and it’s a new thing to get used to. The last thing we need is people spreading doubt or rumours about our relationship adding extra stress that doesn’t need to exist. For those of you out there who are happy for us, we really appreciate it and it means a great deal to see the support. Will Signe be in videos at some point? who knows! We haven’t thought that far ahead yet and don’t want to do too much too soon. 


I watched Deadpool again last night and I had a lot of (entirely positive thoughts) and I am gonna share them with all of you.

The women who play a major role in this movie are not sexualized, not even Vanessa.

Wade Wilson actually says ‘I love you’ unprompted and at least twice.

The ‘you only need four or five moments to be a hero’ speech is acutally really powerful and a lot more people should remember that you do not have to make the right decisions every second of every day.

Weasel immediately steps into the way to block the picture he has of Wade and Vanesse when he realizes that this is what they are looking for.

Can we talk about how Wade actually chose balls in holes over sex?

Vanessa is wearing his jacket and ring, and she carries Bernadette where ever she goes and no one even thinks to make a joke about that.

Wade and Vanesse are incredibly happy together (yes, this needs pointing out because tell me one other ship where they are as happy as those two in canon).

They both have a lot of fun during sex and they are actually shown in many different positions and not once is she on her knees to give him a blowjob.

Weasel gets the healthy grass for Wade. And not one bunch but several of it.

I totally believe that Wade Wilson knew how to/learned how to sew just so he could make his own suit.

None of the women in this movie fulfill the general beauty standard.

Vanesse is not shamed for her profession even once.

None of the women are blond (yes, this also needs to be pointed out in my mind).

The male to female ratio of major characters in this movie is almost 1:1.

In conclusion, Deadpool is a better movie than 99% of all the other movies and if you haven’t seen it yet you are totally missing out.


Gloriousruin: “I’ve got some Yoda wisdom for SJWs, BLM and alike minded groups: “Fear is the path to the dark side. Fear leads to anger. Anger leads to hate. Hate leads to suffering.””

Then makes posts trying to geek check me because he thinks that a quote that has nothing to do with the situation is relevant and was shut down on two different levels.

Why are dudes so pathetic? Geek ain’t your thing, it’s not something you get to gate keep you weird, sad little pube.

It belongs to lots of people, EVEN those who think your bullshit attempt to use Yoda as a shield against Black Lives Matter are the actions of a anthropomorphic fart.

Pretty sure this is the dude who also messaged me on anonymous to cry about being put on block and about how that makes me weak.

Even IF I didn’t have 20+ years of being all in on many geek litmus fandoms I’d still be one.

Again, you’re not Gandalf and no one gives a fuck if you think I can pass or not you poxy little wanker.

Poop Return

I live in a very popular resort city in the North West.  We have a beautiful lake that is perfect for setting off fireworks above for the fourth of July. We live four blocks from the beach so we know through experience to leave our cars in front of our house in order to save our parking spots but that doesn’t stop people from parking across the cross walk at the corner of our lot.

So one fourth I’m sitting on my porch waiting for the wife and kids to get ready to walk down to the beach to watch the fireworks when a pickup pulls up and parks across the crossing.   An older couple get out along with their black lab who immediately trots onto my yard and lays a huge poop pile.  The couple watch this, remember I’m right there, leash the dog and head down the street.   I yell after them to clean up after their dog but they just wave me off and continue towards the beach.

Well being a home owner I have a shovel , a love of my property and a hatred of dog crap so I fetch my shovel, scoop up the pile and proceed to smear it over the entirety of their windshield.

After the fireworks the my whole family got to watch them try to clean their windshield with a variety of napkins and rags while swearing at us about what ass holes we were while my wife and boys laughed their heads off.  

I know a lot of people are upset about Gillian’s latest comment about season 11 and her motivation behind it. Some believe it’s about the money, some speculate it could be connected to their relationship, etc. 

Personally, I think it’s simply the result of what Gillian has been saying since Day 1: she only wanted to do a six-episode block, for one FINAL season. She’s never really strayed very far from those two key messages….yet, Carter set up a cliffhanger with the egotistical assumption there would be more (because he is a total and utter asshat) and FOX made public statements that they are not only going forward with another season, they want twice the episodes next time. Meanwhile, Gillian has ALWAYS reiterated her home is in London and it’s a huge challenge to balance time away from her children; they are her Number One priority, period. Even when she spoke about the possibility of S11, it was consistently with the caveat that a lot of things would have to fall into place first. 

And you know what? Gillian doesn’t need The X-Files the right now. She is experiencing a lovely career resurgence, based on hard work and street cred outside The X-Files . At 48 years old, she still has the opportunity to play diverse and interesting roles on TV, the stage and film…but that won’t last forever, unfortunately. She has this window of time to do what she wants to do, on her terms. She doesn’t “owe” Chris or The X-Files - or the fans, for that matter - anything more. 

Did we deserve more from S10? Of course, we did. CC had a rare and extraordinary opportunity to give us closure. And, as usual, he fucked it up. But it sure as hell isn’t Gillian’s fault. 



SUMMARY: -request-You told your sister that you have a boyfriend so she’d stop trying to set you up with people but now she’s coming to visit and you’re in too deep and need a fake boyfriend ASAP. (THANK YOU TO @super-slick-fanfic-chick for letting me use this idea for my series! Love you!)

PAIRING: Barry X Reader 

WARNINGS: none really

A/N: I am so happy to announce that I am finally done with finals and have returned to the land of fan fiction and tumblr. This was a lot of fun to write, even though finals kept me busy and writers block tried to stop me. Let me know what you guys think and whether you want part 2 or not! ALSO! thank you @winchester-with-wings   for editing this! You rock!

        You are seriously starting to consider murder. Life imprisonment doesn’t seem so bad if that means a break from your sister’s constant nagging on your perpetual single life. But if you’re being honest with yourself, she’d probably haunt your ass, asking why you still haven’t found a man. You know she means well, just wanting you to find the same happiness she’s found with her wife, Jane.

           However, with terrible blind dates one after the other, set up by your well-meaning sister, you couldn’t handle any more. That’s why when Thanksgiving came swinging around this year, you tried everything to get out of it. Even going as far as to say you were in the hospital, but your mom saw through every lie. She’s known you long enough to spot it over the phone, (it’s a little discontenting at times). So here you are, miles away from your home in Central City where you could be wrapped in a blanket or dining in with Barry, who had invited you to Thanksgiving with him, Iris, and Joe. Instead, you sit at your family dinner table, with your sister, Megan, across from you in the middle of one of her infamous rants. Like this one, they usually focused on your “fast approaching doom” of becoming a spinster.

“Y/n, I’m just saying that there comes a time in your life where you have to ask yourself, is it me?” Megan chides as she passes the mashed potatoes to your dad. Unintentionally your jaw clenches, it has developed into a habit around Megan.

“Right, dad?” She asks him, like a child waiting for approval. He seems like a deer in headlights and makes the wise decision of standing from the table and claiming to have forgotten the gravy. Even though it was sitting in front Aunt May.

           It doesn’t take Megan a second for her to spin her head back to you, her face a bit softer.

“You know what? There was this guy, Sam something, I met at a charity event last time I was visiting you in Central City. I think you both would hit it off—“

“Meg, honey, not now.” Jane, your sister-in-law, pleads, and you mouth out a ‘thank you’ to her. You’ve spoken too soon; however, as Megan pulls out her phone waving Jane off.

“Just a second, I’m sure I have his number in here somewhere.”

           Your heart beat quickens while anxiety follows. You are not going on another crappy blind date.

“Meg, stop it. I’m serious!” You beg, but she’s glued to her phone. Heat bubbles up inside of you, and anger fills your head, turning your ears red. “Megan,” Damn, what are you going to have to do to convince her to give it up? This is getting ridiculous.

“Found it!” She exclaims, and you forget to think. (God, you’re an idiot sometimes).

“I have a boyfriend!”

           At that, your sister is snapped back to reality, and it takes you a minute to let the words sink in. Shit, what did you just do? Your mind flies through possible ways out, take it back, lie, act like nothing happened…but it all brought you back to the simple point: if your sister thinks you’re taken, no more blind dates, no more speeches of being doomed to live alone. Of course you don’t really have a boyfriend, but how hard can faking it be?

                                       **6 MONTHS LATER**


           Pretending to have a boyfriend has turned out to really not be that hard. With your sister almost never visiting, all you really had to do was answer questions about your “boyfriend” whenever she called. And man, was it bliss, to not be worried about what blind date was next.

           Barry’s feet rest on top of your coffee table, and you stretch your legs on top of his. He smirks, and pulls his eyes away from the movie.

“Comfortable?” He asks, laughter hinted in his voice.

“Very.” You give him a cheeky grin, cuddling up next to your best friend. Chuckling, he wraps his arm around you.

           Tonight was one of your weekly movie marathons with Barry. When no metahumans would be tearing the town apart and Barry, aka the Flash, didn’t have to stop them, the two of you would choose movies you’ve never seen, or movies you wanted to see again or TV shows and marathon them together. Eating more popcorn and milk duds than humanly possible, and joking around. Sometimes muting the television and making up your own commentary for the characters.

“Hey, we’re out of popcorn,” You point out and look up at Barry expectantly, causing him to roll his eyes with a smirk. He doesn’t need to respond and he moves away his arm, standing up and moving towards the kitchen, taking the empty bowl with him.

“Thank you!” You call to him, stretching out the ‘ooo’ sound as you say it.

           Suddenly, the noise of someone knocking against your door enters into the apartment. Groaning, you toss the blanket you had to the side and make your way towards your front door.

“Barry,” you yell out, pulling open the door as you speak, “did you order pizza again? You know there is such a thing as too much pizza…” Your voice regresses suddenly when you’re met with the person standing at the door. Instead of a pasty, teen in delivery uniform and holding a pizza box, your sister, Megan, is there.


           She reigns you into a hug, taking you in by the neck causing you to laugh.

“What are you doing here?” You inquire, pulling away to get a good look at her. You haven’t seen her since Christmas.

“What? A loving sister can’t visit?” One look from you has her giggling away her previous serious expression and walks inside, dropping her coat into your arms. “Okay, your right. My business is hosting another Charity event here! It did so well, last year and I thought, ‘hey if I’m in town, why not stay a couple days with my younger sis?’”

“So, you’re staying here? At my place?” Oh no.

“Well yeah, unless, of course, if you want me to go…”

“No, no, of course not, it’s just—“

“Y/n, I get it, you don’t want me to intrude on you and the boyfriend, but I swear I’ll be the best guest ever. You and him are even invited to the Charity Gala!” You don’t know how to respond, but she doesn’t notice, her eyes busy looking around the room. “Where is the guy anyway? I want to meet the man who stole my sister’s heart.”

           Right about now you wanted to hit yourself in the head with a frying pan. How could you forget, about telling her you and your make believe “BF” were living together? Another one of your brilliant lies, at the time you thought it made your story more believable, but now you were wishing you kept your mouth shut.

“Megan, I have to tell you something,” you begin, the truth has to come out. You can’t invent a boyfriend out of thin air.

“Oh, don’t tell me that you and him broke up? I mean seriously, Y/n, can you not keep a man?”

           At that, you shut your mouth tight. It was all flooding back again, like nothing had changed. It’s in this moment, that Barry, bless his soul, decides to come out from the kitchen, a newly filled bowl of popcorn in his hand.

“Double buttered just how you like it,” His voice trails off when he sees that you’re not alone, his eyebrows crinkling together for a moment.

“Oh, you must be him! I am so happy to finally meet you!” Megan’s face lights up when she sees Barry, quickly walking over to him and enveloping him into a similar hug she gave you earlier.

“Uh, Barry meet my sister, Megan. Megan, this is Barry.” You introduce, awkwardly shoving your hands into your pockets. Your best friend’s face lights up in recognition and immediately returns a smile towards your sister.

“It’s really nice to meet you, too. Y/n, has told me a lot about you,” he tells her and she looks him up and down with a grin plastered to her face.

“Y/n, you didn’t tell me your boyfriend was hot.” She exclaims,

“What?” Barry questions, his face in complete shock and bewilderment. Megan, luckily, didn’t catch on.

“Hey, I may be gay, but that doesn’t mean I don’t know a hot guy when I see one, and my sister has definitely snatched up a good one.” She replies in confidence, and you want to hide your face in your hands.

“You know what, Barry, can you come with me?” You say finally, trying to control this before things gets out of hand, “I, uh, need some help setting up the guest bedroom.”

“Uh, yeah, okay.” He agrees, reluctant, placing the popcorn on a table nearby.

“Meg, just make yourself at home, we’ll be right back!” You tell her before pulling you and Barry into the spare bedroom.

           You turn around, after closing the door behind the two of you, and are met by Barry’s stern green eyes and his eyebrows raised expectantly.

“Okay,” you begin, reaching out to him, “I can explain.”

“Run that by me again?”

           Barry sits on the edge of the bed, and he runs his fingers through his hair, before turning to look back at you, across from him.

“Barry, you know I wouldn’t be asking you if I had another choice,” you don’t bother to repeat the plan again, you’ve already done it twice.

“Okay, let me get this straight. You told your sister you were dating someone so she would stop setting you up on blind dates, but now she’s here and you need me to pretend to be your boyfriend?”

           You move closer to him,

“She’s only in town for a couple days. Barry please, I’m desperate.”

           He bites the inside of his cheek, like he does when he’s thinking something over. Your heart beats anxiously for his answer.

“How sure are you that it’s going to work?”

“Like 20%.”

“And the other 80?”

“The other 80% means my sister finding out I’ve been lying to her for months and she never talks to me again.”

“Those odds suck.”

“I know, but I need you, Bare.”

           Barry smiles and scratches a spot behind his ear, before giving a reluctant sigh.

“Why not? It should be fun.” He breaks into a large grin, and you tackle him, covering him in a bear hug.

“Seriously? Thank you so much!” Barry laughs into you, his back lying on the bed from when he fell against your sudden burst. You fall to the side, rolling off of him. The two of you stay like that, for a second, giggles being shared between the two of you. Him on his back, with his head turned to see you and you on your side, a hand propping up your head. Barry’s the first to speak,

“How hard can it be, right?”

Some people have noticed that my blog is no longer viewable unless they are logged in, this is not a glitch, this is intentional. I am keeping everything hidden until tumblr deals with the sexual predator reblogging my selfies.

To those telling me just to block them, yes, I have. I also removed a lot of content from my blog. But blocking only stops them from viewing and reblogging the rest of my content, it does not prevent them from keeping their reblog of my pictures on their blog, and continually reblogging them alongside naked images of underage minors.

Yea. That’s what we’re dealing with here. Staff have been notified and I’m waiting on an update. Until then apologies for any inconvenience regarding sharing content with people not on tumblr. Hopefully this will be rectified soon.

In the meantime everyone should go into their settings and block (warning do not click if you don’t want to see naked images that are labeled as minors) to ensure you are protected from them.

Stay safe.

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What's the big deal with cultural appropriation? If someone knows how to practice something and does so respectfully, especially if a literal GOD of that religion/culture comes to them and WANTS them to follow it, why is it still bad? I understand that people toss around native headresses disrespectfully, but if someone is respectful, why does race matter? If you know what you're doing you can be respectful.

“What’s the big deal with cultural appropriation?”

since i can’t find the post with the long ass metaphors, i’m going to repeat it

so it’s super rude to take someone’s food right? so like, i’m in some random neighborhood. someone i don’t know is having a party, lots of food. i smell it from a block away, oh it’s so good! i want it so bad. i run over, hop the fence, and start helping myself to it. people are like, um, who are you? we didn’t invite you in? and, oh no! i’m wearing the same tshirt as the people who set their party on fire repeatedly over the last few months. what if it happens again?? they kick me out, and for good reasons. 

well, i’m not about to change my tshirt, it’s not that easy in this metaphor. but like, instead of hopping the fence, i could have knocked and introduced myself to the family, assured them i did not come to set their party on fire, and tell them, boy! your food smells so good. now, if they choose to turn me away anyway, OH FUCKING WELL. move on and find some other place. 

but say, if they go, oh, there’s a bit more to share! come in! sit at this table and party with us, ONLY THEN is it acceptable to eat that tasty food. 

“If someone knows how to practice something and does so respectfully, especially if a literal GOD of that religion/culture comes to them and WANTS them to follow it, why is it still bad?”

well, back to the beginning of the metaphor. say the father of this family, while not at home, he told me, hey, there’s food at my place, why don’t you check it out? my fam make one hell of a potato salad. 

that’s cool he gave me an invitation, but honestly? if i don’t introduce myself to his family at the house, i’m still barging in. introduction and initiation is very important. i can tell them about the dad or i can tell them how much i love the smell of their cooking, but it’s still up to them to let me in or not. 

“but if someone is respectful, why does race matter?”

The issue however isn’t, its being not initiated (though race can play a role in the likelyness of being initiated). Which, if you’re not part of that race that the culture came from, you’re just that much less likely to be initiated, and options may be less open to someone of say, an race that has a history of oppressing or appropriating from them.

plain and simple, here’s an example. my boyfriend is jewish. i think the culture is cool and all, and for holidays/traditions i have prefered to stay an observer. say, one day, i decide to just jump in and participate. say i suddenly started telling people i was jewish without going through the initiation process. that would be totally rude! esp to those that spent years learning and building up to that important day. 

“If you know what you’re doing you can be respectful.”

i think there is a fundamental misunderstanding of what respect is. if you truly respect a culture, wouldn’t you stay away if they asked you to, instead of deciding to take what you want with grabby hands? if you truly respected a culture, wouldn’t you want to go about it properly, taking your time to learn and do things the way

Being respectful is good and all, but it’s not enough just to say you are being respectful. you need to walk the walk. 



Sorry this isn’t Liar related, I’m running out of things to show that aren’t spoilery.

Unfinished stuff. Mabel and Dipper defeat Bill once and for all and appear… somewhere. I made this before the final episode, when people were still theorizing what would happen. This came out of a specific question a lot of people were asking… I loved working on this, but it was too bittersweet. It actually starting making me tear up more times than I needed writing the script and drawing, so I left it where it was.


Hi! Lots of people have asked me about what paper, sketchbook, pen, ink, etc that I like to use, so today I’m going to post pics of them, complete with their names/brands, and where you could purchase them. 😊 


  • Back-left: Arches watercolor paper - gummed block - hot pressed. The texture is very smooth. 
  • Back-right: Arches watercolor paper - gummed block - rough texture. 
  • Front-left: Global Art Materials Hand Book Travelogue - Large Landscape Front-right: Global Art Materials Hand Book Travelogue - Square 
  •  Where you can get them: all of them can be found in, Arches paper can also be found in online art supplies store such as Jackson’s


  • Left to right: Cotman 111 Round, Cotman 666, Kuretake water brush (size Medium), Pentel Aquash size Small, Pentel Aquash compact size (the tip is size Medium) 
  • Where you can get them:, Jackson’s Art Supplies, I think most online art supplies stores sell them


  • Top-left: Dr. Ph. Martin’s Radiant Concentrated Watercolor - Set A
  • Top-right: Holbein 14 colors set from Stickerrific (I chose the colors myself and they made the set for me) 
  • Bottom-left: Sakura Koi portable watercolor set Bottom-right: the box and plastic half-pans were from Jackson’s, the paints are mostly Holbein and Cotman. 

Where you could get them: 

  • Dr. Ph. Martin’s: I got mine from Amazon. 
  • Holbein: Stickerrific, you can also purchase the paints individually and in sets in online art supplies stores (again, I got mine from Jackson’s)
  • Sakura Koi: Amazon
  • Cotman: I got mine for free from a workshop, but Cotman paints is available individually and in sets in Amazon and other online art supplies store. 


  • Topmost: pen nibs, I use g-pen, maru pen, and saji pen. I bought mine from Stickerrific and from a shop in 
  • Below the nibs: pen holders I use, from top to bottom: Tachikawa pen holder, a generic black one whose brand I can’t remember, and Nikko maru pen holder. Bought from that shop in Rakuten. 
  • Bottle: Liquitex black acrylic ink. It’s very thin but intense, and it dries quickly. I always use it with my nib pens. 
  • Below, from left to right: Mono Zero eraser, Sakura eraser, Snowman drawing pen 0.1 and 0.05, Tachikawa School G-Pen size Fine and Extra-Fine, Sakura Gelly Roll white, Zebra Millipen (blue) 

Where you can buy them: 

  • Japanese pen nibs and pen holders: Rakuten, I think jetpens has them too. I think Stickerrific also sells some Japanese nibs and holders. 
  • Liquitex ink: Amazon (I think), 
  • Mono Zero, Sakura eraser: uhh I don’t know since I got mine from a local bookstore, but I believe you’ll find it in online stores if you google it. 
  • Snowman drawing pens: jetpens has them as far as I know. 
  •  Tachikawa School G-pen: Rakuten Sakura Gelly Roll, Zebra Millipen: jetpens

anonymous asked:

I'm a huge Finn fan. Could you give me some advice on surviving to December? The negativity about him has increased more than decreased and I have already had to unfollow and break mutuals with people who have said shady stuff. I want to be more positive in 2017 but I feel like as a Finn fan that can't exist.

My honest advice, really, is to surround yourself with fellow Finn fans, and block the blogs that talk trash about him. You get nasty anons? Block the IP that sent them to you. Follow as many Finn-friendly blogs as you can and just stick to them. That’s how I more or less have been surviving with my ReySky & FinnRey-loving self on this website. I know that sounds hard, but it really does become a lot better when you surround yourself with a good circle of people. :-)

As a matter of fact, if you’re a Finn-friendly blog, please like/reblog this post so this lovely anon will know all the good people to connect with!