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The Tiny Anthropologist's Advice for College:
  • 8 AM classes really aren't that bad: It may take some willpower (and coffee) to get there, but really, 8AMs aren't that bad. Get a decent amount of sleep the night before and you will be okay. If I can get myself and my 4 year old out of bed, get ready, drop her off at preschool and arrive on time for an 8am, you can too!
  • Taking classes that meet once a week for long blocks: If your learning style is such that sitting in a long lecture once a week is something you can handle, then these are the best classes to take. Personally, I have done 3 semesters of these and they have been my favorite and the ones I have gotten the best grades in.
  • Scheduling back-to-back class periods: These can be beneficial if you're the type of person that just likes to get everything out of the way at once. However, the downside is that you will not have time to eat between classes, and you may have to grab something and eat during lecture. If the buildings for your classes are far apart, this may not even be an option. Having breaks between classes is important to allow yourself mental relaxation and to eat, or catch up on work.
  • Don't be afraid to change your major: I've changed my major a lot, like maybe 8-10 times. The downside is that I am graduating a year late, but I took A LOT of fascinating classes and became a much better rounded student. Colleges know that student change their minds. If you switch majors 2-3 times, you won't end up behind. I'm a special case.
  • Take long-hand notes: You may feel strange taking long-hand notes while everyone else is typing away at their MacBooks, but long-hand notes are MUCH more beneficial as far as long-term memory goes, and you don't run the risk of being distracted by Facebook.
  • Dress appropriately for class: The college stereotype of everyone attending class in their pajamas isn't true. At least make the effort to throw on a pair of jeans and a t-shirt. Your professors will notice if you look like a slacker in class, and dressing nicely (or at least not in your pajamas) shows them that you value your education and respect their lectures. People wear anything from casual clothes to ties to class, and everything inbetween. Don't be afraid you'll be overdressed, being underdressed is much worse (in my opinion).
  • Cultivate relationships with professors: ATTEND OFFICE HOURS. Close relationships with professors are massively helpful! Professors are much more willing to write letters of recommendation, look over rough drafts, or help you out via email at 10pm for students that they know than ones that they don't. Additionally, professors can be some of the most interesting people you will ever meet.
  • Attend class: Along the same lines as above, attending class is very important. You (or your parents) are paying for you to be there. You should try to get the most out of that by attending lectures that you have signed up for. Additionally, when it comes finals time and you need to boost your grade, no professor is going to help you if you haven't attended their lectures.
  • Invest in a water bottle: Nothing is worse than sitting in a lecture dying of thirst.
  • Invest in a messenger bag, tote bag, or backpack: You don't have a locker in college and chances are your dorm will be far away from your classes. Make sure you have something to carry anything you'll need, from books, to pens and pencils, to a laptop, or even snacks like granola bars.
  • Take notes: Do it. Your professor knows more than you, that's why they are at the front of the room. Listen to them, and write down what they say. Then study it. This is how you learn.
  • Utilize the library: Other than during finals week, the library is pretty much a guaranteed quiet place to study. Additionally, college libraries have databases for research papers, printing services, and a whole lot more for students.
  • Eat alone if you want/have to: No one will judge you. I promise.
  • Annotate your books: Especially if you are an English/literature major! It is a lot easier to simply take all of your notes in the novel than to copy down page numbers and quotes into a notebook. Textbooks (like science ones) can be annotated too!
  • Don't let anyone shame you about your major: Each major is difficult in its own way. Don't let anyone make you feel like you're taking an "easy" major or that they are more intelligent than you because they are in a "hard" major. STEM majors are not better than Liberal Arts majors, and Liberal Arts majors are not better than STEM majors. Ignore anyone who says otherwise. Ignore anyone who says your major is pointless. This does not only apply to fellow students, but family, friends, and the world in general.
  • Prepare for advising periods: Class offerings are usually posted before registration is open. Take an hour to become familiar with the requirements of your department and the individual college it is in (if applicable), as well as University/institutional requirements (IE at UMass, my "college" is the College of Social and Behavioral Sciences, while my department is Anthropology. The university itself, SBS, and Anthro all have different specific requirements I must meet to graduate) and make a list of classes you would like to take that satisfy these requirements. Advisors will appreciate it.
  • Take advantage of campus resources: Many colleges and universities have numerous extremely helpful resources, such as employment services which will help with resumes, or counselors for when you're having a hard time. Use these. They are there for you.
  • Keep yourself organized: Notebooks, highlighters, a planner, flashcards, an expandable file, binders, folders, literally whatever you need to keep track of all your papers, assignments, due dates, and what you need to help you study is important for you to have. If you don't know what helps you study or what keeps you organized, try some different systems or do some research.
  • Keep your syllabi: Every semester I buy a different notebook for each class I am taking, and I always keep my syllabus folded in half in the back of each notebook. It has saved my ass numerous times.
  • Check your email or the course website before class: Nothing sucks more than being the only kid who didn't know class was cancelled, especially if you're a commuter and you drove in/took the bus to a class that isn't happening.
  • Give yourself plenty of time: Whether its getting to class, doing homework, or writing a paper, make sure you give yourself enough time. This is especially important for commuters. I can promise you that you will need more time to drive to class than you think. I live less than 40 minutes away from UMass and I still leave 75-90 minutes before class starts.
  • Understand your learning style: Do flashcards work best? What about mindmaps? Answering questions at the end of the chapter? Understand what allows things to sink into your mind the best, and utilize that method of learning.
  • Honestly, you can get by with SparkNotes: I was an English major. We had to read, a lot and I didn't always read the novels. I used SparkNotes and skimmed chapters. While I wouldn't recommend relying on this entirely to graduate, it can help in a pinch.
  • Skipping class: I know I just told you to go, and I do mean that. But sometimes you need to skip class and be lazy or frivolous, and that's fine. Don't make it a habit. I usually allow myself 1-2 "mental health" days per semester. HOWEVER you should be VERY clear on the absence policy of your professors. Some don't take attendance, and others will kick you out if you miss 3 classes. It's always in the syllabus.
  • It's okay to withdraw from a class: Getting a W is better than getting an F. If a class is too much for you, then it's best to step out of it. Most professors will understand, and most grad schools and jobs will too.
  • Be kind to yourself: It's easy to only value yourself through school, as in what grade you got on a test, or how your GPA stacks up against others but we are all human and sometimes we fuck up and sometimes we do poorly and thats alright. Learn from it and move on.
  • Take care of yourself: !!!!! This is very important. Eat as well as you can/enough, sleep enough, don't become addicted to or dependent on drugs/alcohol, exercise (even if its just walking to class), take showers, etc. Sometimes taking care of yourself takes a back seat to taking care of your grades OR to having too much fun, and neither is a good strategy. Yes, college is a time to assert your independence and have fun and party, but if you do too much it will begin to affect your grades and your health.
  • Try to get internships or research assistantships/independent studies: These will look great on your resume and a lot of them are quite interesting/enjoyable. It shows initiative, drive, and motivation! Professors usually have independent studies and career/employment services (if your campus has that) can help with internship placement.
  • These are basic things that I have learned during my college career. I'm sure I could come up with more, but I hope this is helpful!
Getting all As all the time?

I know that I kind of already talked about this in my overrated first year advice post but I seriously want to put this message out there again. 

You do not need to get all As on every assignment for every class. 

I don’t even know how that would be possible, without putting yourself under unbelievable amounts of stress. 

I see these posts specifically targeted at high school students, which is even more problematic in my mind. High school should not be a time when you study for hours every day without doing much else. High school isn’t all about resume building, but also about having fun and making friends and good memories. There are a few reasons that I specifically think this idea is bad: 

  1. Universities don’t necessarily require you to have all As. A lot of universities don’t even look at your grades until certain years, or only look at certain classes. If you’re in grade 9, you should focus on building study skills while having fun, rather than living to make all As. Also, showing that you got a bad mark in grade 11 and then bumped it up to a much better one in grade 12 looks great on an application just as much as all As does. 
  2. If you are aiming for extremely prestigious schools, you need more than grades. If making straight As is your goal because you want to go to Harvard, you also need to have some extra-curriculars and other things on your resume. I don’t know how many stories I’ve read over the years of people who had a 4.0 and didn’t get in because all they did was school, while others will a 3.5 got in based on their amazing resume.
  3. Telling students that they should not settle for anything less than an A tells them that studying needs to be their top priority always. When I was in high school (even grade 9), one of my main priorities was work. Other people want to focus on sports, that they probably won’t be able to play in university. Some people need to focus on hobbies that cultivate their mind and make them happy, rather than putting so much pressure to get all As. I think it is a very privileged viewpoint, in a way, to say that school needs to come before anything else. Only certain people can afford to think that way. 
  4. If you settle for nothing less than all As in high school, university might hit you like a ton of bricks. I don’t know very many people who got all As in their first semester of uni. I don’t know anyone who got all As on all of their assignments. I know some people who didn’t get a single A. At my school, when you hand in an essay, an A means it is perfect and has absolutely no flaws to speak of, so your chances of getting an A are no so high in first year. I had on TA who refused to give out As on any assignment. If your assignment was perfect, you got an 80, which is a B. 

Very literally, a C is average. It is the middle of the range of marks you can get. A is not average. 

I am in no way telling high school students or students in general that they shouldn’t strive for good marks. Or that they shouldn’t consider their education as a gift, and work hard for it. And I understand that for some kids, their parents tell them that they need to get all As and are under immense pressure at home to do so. But telling people that anything less than an A is unacceptable and that their top priority in life should be making straight As all the time, to no end? I do not support that. 

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8i for the ficlet thing

Ahhhhhh I don’t know how to make things short anymoreeeeee.


Dr. Merlin Emrys was the best forensic scientist in Camelot City. He was detailed and thorough in everything he did. There was never a scrap of evidence out of place or a particle forgotten when Merlin was working on a case. It was probably the only reason Super Special Agent Prat-dragon put up with Merlin for so long. Especially when Merlin called his boss, Special Agent Arthur Pendragon, any variation of his real name. It was a miracle Merlin hadn’t been sacked for insubordination.

Arthur usually said that he only kept Merlin around because no one else could identify ‘random shit’ like Merlin could. Merlin took it as a compliment since the evidence he found was usually essential to their cases. Once Arthur even admitted that without Merlin his team would have been dead in the water on a few cases.

Despite all Arthur’s talk, Merlin was fairly certain that Arthur kept him around because Arthur actually liked him. Merlin had been added to Pendragon’s team five years ago, and despite a rocky start, Merlin and Arthur had clicked within that first year. Their minds worked in sync and as soon as Arthur had something, Merlin was one step behind him. They were two peas in a pod, despite the fact that they bantered more than they talked. They saw each other everyday. If it wasn’t at the morning report, it was lunch in the cafeteria, or Arthur visiting Merlin in his lab. Arthur often brought Merlin his favorite coffee from Dragons Cafe with a perfect amount of whipped cream (too much whipped cream in Arthur’s opinion). Merlin also knew that Arthur went in person to get the coffee, instead of sending a terrified lackey, because the cups always said ‘Arthur’ on the sides. They had become a pair, and Merlin had thought perhaps if they hadn’t met at work…there would be something more there too.

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College AU. Angst. Yoongi/Namjoon. 2.3k words.

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[Three, don’t be his friend 

You know you’re gonna wake up in his bed in the morning]

Day in, day out and the constant cycle of sex and tears leaves you empty, but somehow craving for more. Taehyung refuses to speak to you, Jimin pretends not to see you in the hallways; a shy smile is all you get, and that’s more than enough to comfort you. Namjoon has been MIA ever since the phone call two weeks ago, and you don’t have to heart to go after him, not yet.

Yoongi pretends he doesn’t have other girls just one phone call away, instead choosing to camp outside your dorm every other day when you come back from the library tired and stressed out; only to fuck your brains out in every corner of your small dorm room. Not the healthiest stress reliever, but you’d take what you can get at this point.

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You want reviews but you only want specific reviews that kiss your ass. Update Please reviews are too good for you now that your stories are popular. You have to highlight them and make yourself look important instead of ignoring them. You're too good for simple reviews now.

If you’re referring to the post I made yesterday, I’d like to point out, those weren’t reviews. They were Private Messages. I don’t close my PMs because I get messages from people who want help with their fics, or advice, or just to chat about an idea and I want to be helpful to those who need it.

Getting a message like that this is if someone has come up to me in the street and just said ‘update soon’. There’s no greeting, no goodbye, no ‘here’s how I know you’.

Am I wrong to think that’s impolite? Is that not a demand, 'update soon’? It’s a bit different, getting a message of 'will you be updating story A soon?’ Because that’s a question. And I’m more than happy to discuss my reasons and to why I am or aren’t updating in the near future. Most times I even reply with future snippets.

But I’m not working to a deadline, or for a paid audience. I don’t have to do this, and if I wanted reviewers to kiss my ass, I’d be demanding X number of reviews for the next chapter. I’ll still be writing even if I suddenly only get one review a chapter. It’s something I do for me; that other people enjoy it is just an added bonus.

As for highlighting them instead of ignoring, I’m sorry that if someone does something I don’t like or am uncomfortable with I feel the need to say something.
Just like if there was a kid in my class doing something impolite, I’d highlight it and ask if they should maybe think about changing their behaviour. I don’t see why I shouldn’t highlight something like this if I’d tell a 7 year old they should maybe think about asking for something again, but a bit politer? I mean, it’s not even as if these were questions, but demands.

In fact, I’m rather fond of the baker analogy here.
If you go up to someone who’s baked a cake for you, and do nothing other than say 'bake soon’ (like, not even acknowledge the current bake with a 'bake again soon’) then they’re probably gonna ignore you. Or call security. I don’t see why it’s any different for me as a writer?

I’m not asking for amazing reviews, even if it’s just a 'that was good’, it’s an acknowledgement. If you don’t tell a baker what they made was good, are they gonna do it again? Especially if it was for free?

Hell, if you were paying to read my writing, then feel free to not bother reviewing at all.

But my fiction is free.

Written in my spare time between university (where I am mon-fri from 8-4, not including the hour travel there and back) and part time work on weekends so I have some cash to spend and can basically afford clothes. And then there’s all my uni assignments to do as well.
Honestly, you’re lucky I’m still writing at all.

It’d save me sitting here crying at the train station, after all.

Chenle High School AU!

  • Okay I know I haven’t POSTED anyTHing In FOreveR and I meant to write a mx thing because ya know,,,,, concert
  • *clears throat*
  • so uh yeah,,, stan china line
  • I will have a mx scenario out soon,,,,,,,,,maybe 

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*tapping table a bit excitedly*

Okay okay okay, but - and hear me out here even if you’ve already heard the idea before

but pre-portal Ford as a professor and I actually have a  L O T of ideas for this but basically:

Ford is one of those professors that has a very polarizing effect on students. He knows what he’s talking about, and he’s actually really fair about assignments and tests (i.e. you can retake this test as many times as you want). However, his natural procedure is to do the equivalent of giving you the essentials then walking off. Primarily, that’s because that’s how he enjoyed learning. Unfortunately that’s also the equivalent of telling someone the mechanics of how to swim, showing them once, then going “welp, your turn now!” then tossing them into the middle of the pool. 

I mean, hey, if you got someone in class that pipes up they don’t understand then that’s great. However, if nobody stops him he’s just gonna keep going and expecting that everyone is perfectly following along.

Extremely knowledgeable and probably great at teaching to adaptive needs during one on one sessions like in office hours. Not good at adapting his teaching to a whole classroom though to a happy medium based on # of confused faces and whatnot.

I’m having some really bad insomnia and its almost 2, sooo I decided to write some Luke Skywalker headcanons because why not? Hope you guys enjoy! (oh and this wasn’t requested, I just got a stroke of inspiration, I guess.)

  • Being friends before you fall in love with each other
  • Being Luke’s voice of reason
    • ‘No, Luke, you are not teaching that shady guy how to wield your lightsaber.’
  • Because Luke is too much of a nice person that he wants to help everyone
  • Sometimes, however, he just wants to be dramatic and it may not be a great idea
    • ‘Luke, can’t you just tell Han the plan. The poor man’s blind and thinks he’s going to be slowly digested.’
    • ‘But that would ruin the plan, (Y/n).’
    • ‘Luke!’
  • Another example
    • ‘You train with Yoda for one day and you think you can take on the Empire. I swear-’
    • ‘Don’t worry about me, (Y/n).’
    • You groaning and worrying and ranting
    • Luke hugging you and kissing you on the forehead
    • You rolling your eyes
    • ‘You know you love me, (Y/n).’
    • ‘Unfortunately, I do.’
    • ‘Yeah… What do you mean by unfortunately? (Y/n)!
  • Luke trusting you with everything, including your friends
  • ‘Promise me you’ll take care of them.’
    • ‘Promise me to come back in one piece.’
    • ‘I promise.’
  • When he first comes back from Vader you are so mad at him
    • ‘I said one piece, idiot!’
    • Cue hugs and tears and kisses on foreheads
  • Luke teaching you how to use a lightsaber
    • ‘Luke, I’m not a Jedi. I don’t need to learn.’
    • ‘Just in case then.’
    • ‘Can’t I just learn how to use a knife or gun or something.’
    • ‘No. ‘
    • ‘Why not?’
    • ‘Because, I can’t teach you how to use a knife or gun.’
    • ‘Aw, Luke! … I’m going to see if Han will teach me how to use a gun.’
    • ‘What? (Y/n) wait!’
  • Luke realized his feelings first, and he was utterly terrified
  • Because Luke had faced monsters, entire fleets of Empire generals, and Darth Vader himself, but knowing he liked, or maybe even loved, you was scarier than any battle he had ever been a part of
  • Luke blushing and wanting to spend more and more time with you
  • Then he realizes that there’s a Jedi Code, and he’s devastated. He wants to be with you and protect you and do everything in his power to make you happy, but how could he if there was a rule against it?
  • Luke starting to avoid you and training even more intensely
  • You realize that you like, maybe even love Luke, at that point
  • Leia finds out her suspicions are correct from her brother and is ecstatic
  • Han finds out from Leia and tries to get you to admit your feelings while Leia does the same with her brother
  • Artoo casually mentions that Luke and you are together to every droid that he ever comes across
  • Threepio is astounded Master Luke would dare go against the Jedi Code and tries to convince Master Luke to do otherwise
    • ‘I know that (y/n) is attractive for her species, clever as a thief, and kind as you are, but that doesn’t mean… Master Luke? Master Luke, stop staring at (Y/n) this instant!’
    • yeah it doesn’t work in Threepio’s favor
  • Lando accidentally told both of you while discussing plans for dinner for the entire gang He totally planned blurting it out with Han and Leia those little-
  • Luke running out of the room and out of the facility into the wilderness
  • You running after him
  • Because you’re not as athletically inclined as a frickin Jedi Master, you trip
  • Luke, of course, senses it and comes rushes back to your aid and constantly asks if you broke a bone of something
  • You staring at him like ‘dude, I just tripped.’
  • Luke blaming himself for you tripping and helping you back inside and rambling about how you shouldn’t do that
  • You telling Luke it’s not his fault at all, but he’s not listening because he should’ve known you’d follow him and he should’ve known it would’ve been dangerous and he really doesn’t want you hurt and he would never-
  • Then, you kissed him
  • And it was messy and awkward and short, but when you pulled away, Luke leaned towards you without him noticing and ends up kissing the tip of your nose
  • Cue an embarrassed and awkward lil Luke Skywalker
  • Both of you start to laugh and bond even more than before and because Luke is too shy and innocent to ask, you ask
  • ‘Luke?’
  • ‘Everything ok?’
  • ‘Of course. I just… do you want to be, I don’t know, together? Officially?’
  • Luke being absolutely stunned and his face just slowly transforming into a bright smile before he kisses you again and again and again
  • Luke has an entire day where he acts like he’s on top of the world
    • Think of that one moment when Leia kissed him to make Han jealous and Luke smiled smugly and put his hands behind his head
    • Yeah take that and intensify it by 100 and imagine that being Luke’s mood for at least 24 hours
  • Then, Luke comes crashing down when he remembers the Jedi Code
  • He leaves with no reason other than he has some mission
  • You asked others on base about it but… Luke wasn’t assigned on a mission
  • Leia being very mad at Luke
  • Han trying to contact Luke for Leia to yell at him
    • Han is also planning on punching Luke when he gets back
  • Lando comforting you while you are trying to stop thinking about him
  • After a few days of no contact from Luke, you are sick and tired of it. You want to get over him, so you constantly train
  • A few more days pass since you’ve been constantly training, and Luke is back
  • He ignores Han’s punches, Leia’s yells, Lando’s questions, Artoo’s list of reasons to go to you, and Threepio’s worries
  • Luke goes straight to you
  • You are ignoring him
  • ‘(Y/n), please, I’m-’
  • ‘Please, leave. I’m training.’
  • ‘(Y/n), I’m trying to apologize!’
  • ‘I don’t care, Luke. You can’t do that! You can’t just leave me after that!’
  • ‘And I was stupid to do so, I know. I know, and I want to apologize for it.’
  • ‘Sure, so you can just go off again at any moment’s notice? Without any mission or reason!’
  • ‘I was scared, (Y/n)!’
  • ‘Sure you were.’
  • ‘What if they take you from me?’
  • ‘Who? Sith Lords? Luke, you taught me how to use a lightsaber. I’ve been fighting since I could even remember and-’
  • ‘No, I mean the Jedi.’
  • You’re very confused at that point
  • Then, you realize what he’s talking about
  • ‘What if I’m with you and they force us apart, and I can’t do anything about it? What if we try fighting it and going against it just to have you taken away and I would be powerless to do anything? How am I supposed to cope knowing that loving you could… ruin you? You’re my best friend. I’m not losing you. I don’t want to lose you, and I don’t want to ruin your life just by loving you.’
  • You shaking your head slightly
  • ‘Luke, you almost did after that stunt you pulled.’
  • Him being ashamed and not wanting to say much else except
  • ‘I’m sorry, (Y/n).’
  • ‘Luke… do you want to be with me?’
  • ‘More than anything.’
  • ‘Then, let’s fight it.’
  • ‘I can’t ask you to do that.’
  • ‘I want to do it.’
  • And as Luke stares into your eyes, he could see how passionate you were and how utterly breathtaking you looked and he couldn’t help it
  • ‘I love you, (Y/n).’
  • You playfully shoving him
  • ‘You’re an idiot, Skywalker.’
  • Him laughing lightly and awkwardly
  • ‘I love you, too, Luke.’
  • Luke freezing as his mouth grows into a beautiful smile and the two of you laugh and celebrate
  • Both of you hear Lando and Leia celebrating (Han thought you would forgive him after 24 hours and lost a bet to the two of them)
  • You immediately let go of each other and steal glances while the three make sure neither of you will hurt the other ever again
  • Luke and you facing the Jedi Council together
  • The two of you are looked at weirdly, even though the two of you act mostly like how you two acted before
  • Just a few more private walks around the base, maybe holding hands maybe not
  • A few more tickle fights and forehead kisses from luke and cheek kisses from you
  • The only times Luke and you kiss publicly is when one comes back from a mission
  • Even then, they’re short kisses followed by long, warm hugs
  • The two of you fight sometimes, but it’s pretty rare
  • The longest Luke and you had been in a fight was about a week (Han and Leia won that bet)
  • That fight was about the fact that you didn’t tell Luke about the severity of your mission and Luke had to find out from someone else that there was a big chance of you not coming back
  • The two of you agreed to be honest after that
  • Fight between you two never went longer than a day after that
  • You two would miss each other too much
  • You two are too in love… no fair you guys
  • Basically, Luke and you would have such a slow burn relationship that drives everyone mad and when you get together, no one can top how sweet and gentle the two of you are to each other. It would be so full of genuine trust and love, that everyone would be so jealous of the two of you. But they’d also aw and bet and fangirl over the two of you
  • Hell, i’m fangirling over the two of you

It is now very well past 2 AM at this point, so I need to stop myself. Anyway, uh, yeah, just something I thought of.. It took a while too. I started when it was nearing 2 AM. This was kinda a spontaneous thing, and I don’t think I could do requests for it… but yeah. I got inspired I guess. Anyway, yeah, hope you guys enjoy!

Easter Special.

*Religious References*

Lance recalled Easter Sunday, or Domingo de Pascua, at his house as a time to be cheerful, and full of energy. A description that matched the boy perfectly.

If he were to be asked on a personal level, Lance would admit that Easter was his favorite holiday back on Earth.

More so than Christmas, Halloween, all of it.

Easter in the McClain household was that of a spectacle. Especially with as many kids running around as there were.

Lance could remember waking up Easter morning, bright and​ early. The little one would look out his window at the crack of dawn until nearly noon daring a glance for the rabbit that would bring his goodies.

He never caught sight of it, darn thing.

Lance would always be the first downstairs helping his Mama boil eggs for the large family to dye later.

He had never seen so many eggs in his lifetime. It was quite a sight.

The rest of his childhood Easter experience was pretty stereotypical. The prior Holy Week was spent on a vacation, and then on Sunday the Easter began.

Lance always really liked the fireworks and fiesta that followed. He had never understood religion, but knew that this was a holiday to celebrate Jesus’ Resurrection.

Now that he was in space, away from his biological family and with his ‘new’ one, Lance wanted nothing more than to be able to share this experience with them.

For all he could see, none of the other Paladins were aware that the holiday was upon them.

Lance was especially excited to introduce the holiday to Coran and Allura, who weren’t accustomed to such things.

And even if they were, they didn’t show any signs of knowing today was the day either.

Lance had been up all the next night, freezing space goo into egg shapes, making rabbit ears, and even had the mice dress up a little.

Lance had stashed some interesting space candies from a trip to the mall about a month ago.

He didn't​ mind sharing what he had left, just for this occasion.

The Paladin even had a little piece of chocolate from the Earth store, which he decided would be in a ‘Golden Egg’ sort of deal.

The boy was so excited, there was no sleep to be had. There was too much to do!

When morning came, Lance was exhausted. He hadn’t slept a wink, but was still able to maintain his energy.

He had hidden the little space goo eggs all throughout the castle, and had even devised a game with teams out of it.

Keith and Coran.

Allura and Hunk.

Shiro and Pidge.

The perfect, most unlikely teams.

It would bring everyone closer too, he hoped.

There would be a mouse assigned to each team, keeping everyone in check and dropping subtle hints here and there.

Whoever had the most eggs, or found the Golden Egg, by the end of half an hour would be deemed the winner.

Campeón Oficial de Pascua!

Lance was bubbling. To say the least.

As he started to hear his friends and teammates moving around in the castle, he decided it was time to let the festivities commence.

Fully dressed, Lance bolted from his room and to the dining area, full of energy and enthusiasm. Just like Lance.

Everyone was staring meekly into bowls of goo, or talking quietly with each other. Pidge was sleeping on her hand.

“Good morning, everyone!”

Shiro looked up, sighed, and offered the blue Paladin a small smirk. “Morning, Lance.”

Keith grumbled, casting the other a dirty look. “Seriously, how do you have so much energy this early in the morning? Did you find an equivalent to coffee in space?”

That interested ​the group, but only minorly.

“Nope! But I have so many fun things planned for this special holiday, that you all will be up and awake in no time!” Lance exclaimed.

Everyone gave each other a mutual look, before it was Hunk who spoke. “Lance, buddy. We all just woke up, we don’t want to play games. And, we’re a bit old for that don’t you think?”

Shiro and Pidge nodded in agreement.

Coran and Allura exchanged a look.

Lance glanced around at his friends, biting his tongue nervously for a moment. “Well, it’s not just a game. It’s a celebration. Didn’t you guys celebrate back in Earth with your families or friends?”

Pidge shook her head, “We didn’t celebrate random days for no reason. Especially not this early.”

The blue Paladin frowned further. They didn’t know what today was, did they?

“But it’s—”

He started to pull out the piece of parchment he had written the days plans on from his pocket. “I made a—”

Allura stood up, “Lance.”

He looked up quickly, blinking at the girl. “Yes, Princess​?” A flicker of hope was lit in his chest.

“We don’t have time for your silly games, celebration or not. Pick a day that’s more accustomed to everyone’s schedule, not just yours. Why don’t you go get yourself something to eat?”

Lance frowned, “But, Princess​, today is—”

“She’s saying shut up and leave, Lance.” Keith spat towards the boy, glaring.

No one defended Lance.

His enthusiasm was dropping drastically.

“I made plans, I stayed up all night. I—”

Lance started to take out the sheet, wanting to show it to the team. “Hunting, and… and dye—”

No one was listening. They’d started discussing plans for their plans to infiltrate the next enemy warship, another step in the defeat of Zarkon.

So none of them knew.

Lance bit his lip until he tasted crimson metal, not daring to blink because if he did the hurt that was welling in his eyes would be seen.

“Okay…. Okay …”

He gave everyone one last look, before slowly turning around and making his way back the way he had come.

Back to his room, where he would stay.

Lance caught sight of a little space goo egg on his way back, hidden around a corner.

The sight made a year escape, and he walked over to the thing and picked it up. It was starting to grow soft and melty.

It was an awful reminder, and it hurt him to stand here and hold this thing. What he had stayed up all night to create, to do for everyone.

And it was all thrown out to space.

He hurled the 'egg’ at the wall with a scream, watching as the goo splattered. He hated that stuff.

Lance’s day had been planned out, he had been so excited. This was going to be his one good day, his favorite day.

It was his one reminder of home.

His one reminder of the Earth he’d been forced to leave.

The others wouldn’t know it was Easter.

The others wouldn’t know all the planning and thought Lance had out into making this the best holiday away from home he could for the others.

But they’d simply brushed him off.

Keith had yelled at him.

'Shut up and leave.’

Lance felt a tightness in his chest, finally getting back to his room and sat in his bed.

This was the one familiar thing he could have.

He thought back to his childhood Easter again, thinking if everything they used to do together.

Dinner, Egg Dyeing, Fireworks.

Oh, Lance loved the fireworks.

Later that day, in the midst of battle, Lance flew Blue out from the rest of the crew. He shut her down.

Lance watched from Blues eyes, the explosions that erupted around him from defeated drones.

The sounds of his friends hunting down the tiny rovers like Easter eggs. The Golden Egg when the Galra ship exploded and blasted them all way.

Lance loved the fireworks.

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second year: i (ao3 link)

“So, Aaron.” Robert pushed open one of the heavy glass doors, flashing him a grin over his shoulder. “Are you ready to get the full Robert Sugden university experience?”

Aaron shrugged, feigning disinterest. “I’ve got nothing better to do.”

when aaron meets robert on the first day of university, he doesn’t expect the other man to end up defining the three years he spends there. that was just the robert sugden university experience, he supposed.

“It’s a year to the day since I swept you off your feet, you know,” Robert said as they walked along the footpath, strolling toward town. They both had a few hours off, and Robert had suggested proper lunch, away from the madness of Freshers.

“Swept me off my feet? Mate, you acted like a prick and still expected me to get into bed with you!”

“Eh, you did get into bed with me,” Robert flicked at his ear. “On more than one occasion actually.”

Aaron rolled his eyes. “Why am I with you again?”

“I’m the light of your life and I’m absolutely gorgeous?” Robert joked, knocking his elbow into Aaron’s side.

“More like you’ve got money and you’re going to buy me Nandos for lunch,” Aaron grinned, yanking at Robert’s sleeve and pulling him into the busy restaurant.

Robert wrinkled his nose, glancing at the familiar orange and red decor. “Nandos, really? Of all the infinite number of restaurants in Manchester city centre that could have picked, you want Nandos?”

“I like chicken!” Aaron shoved Robert into a seat before he could protest too much, dumping his backpack on the ground next to him. “Hows the first day of final year been anyway?”

“I’m already stressed,” Robert admitted, scanning the menu. “The final year project is going to be the worst bit of it, if I’m honest.”

Aaron grimaced, not wanting to think about the assignments that faced him this year, let alone the final year project he’d already hear whispers about them being required to do the next year. “That doesn’t sound like much fun.”

“No, it won’t be,” Robert shrugged. “What is going to be fun however, is getting to spend more time with you. I’ve really missed you, over the summer. You know that, yeah?”

Aaron raised an eyebrow. Robert had driven up to visit him on a weekly basis, or Aaron had bussed it down to Emmerdale, the two of them holed up in Robert’s room, or wandering the farm, avoiding Katie and Andy like the plague. “You saw a lot of me over the summer.”

“Yeah, but I see you every day at uni, it’s different,” Robert said, a sincere look on his face. “It’s different to getting to see you once a week, you know? I miss ya when I don’t see you every day.”

Aaron ducked his head, willing the blush that had appeared on his cheeks at Robert’s words to go away. Even now, so many months on from when they’d officially gotten together, he still wasn’t used to Robert being so open, and honest about how he felt about Aaron. “You know what you want?”

Robert grinned. “Nope, I’ll just order on a whim. You want the usual?”

“Please,” Aaron confirmed, watching as Robert got up to order their food, leaning against the counter. He allowed himself the chance to ogle Robert’s arse, his vantage point absolutely perfect.

He’d never do it if he thought Robert could see, his boyfriends ego was already big enough.

But he was, he was gorgeous.

Robert was wearing a ridiculous pair of jeans that seemed to have moulded themselves to the shape of his thighs, his arse, his thin jumper the brightest shade of blue, showing off the bright blond of his hair, his strikingly pale features.

Swallowing thickly, Aaron couldn’t help but wonder how quickly he could eat his dinner and get Robert back to a bed, any bed. It was funny, they’d been sleeping together for more than a year now, and Aaron still wanted him as much as he’d wanted Robert that first night.

Maybe even more, if he was honest.

Aaron directed his gaze back to his phone as Robert returned, carrying two glasses of coke. “Ta,” he grinned, taking a grateful sip of the ice-cold drink, having not realised how thirsty he was.

“You were checking out my arse.”

“I’d never,” Aaron feigned innocent

“Idiot,” Robert shoved at his shoulder, rolling his eyes. “You want to stay at mine tonight?”

Aaron nodded. “Your bed’s better than mine.”

“You fancy a lazy afternoon in bed then?” Robert asked with a wicked grin, his intentions clear as he rubbed his foot against Aaron’s ankle. “I don’t have any classes for the rest of the day. You’ve got a tutorial though, haven’t you?”

Aaron retuned the smirk. “I never go to my tutorials anyway.”

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The hall of the mountain king plays in the distance as college students s/o and 2p sleeps. Suddenly, s/o jolts up, eyes widened, looking horrified. When asked what's wrong, the music intensifies as s/o says, "I have a five page essay due tomorrow and I haven't even started on it!" And the 2p, who has the same class, didn't even know about the assignment. There is only one laptop. One of them has to reach it from across the room. They have three hours until class start. Reaction?

Ohhhh geez this sounds like a nightmare!! /screaming/

Exchanges that look with s/o that says “Bring it on” before they both jump up and run to the laptop. They are tackling each other and fighting for the right to use it first. Who shall win? – 2p Italy, 2p Japan, 2p Romano, 2p America, 2p China, 2p Canada.

Let’s their s/o do it first; he’ll get it done in less than an hour. Yep he’s that good. – 2p Prussia, 2p England, 2p Russia.

Just goes back to sleep saying “Too late now.” Either doesn’t give a shit or bs’s it. – 2p Germany, 2p Spain, 2p France.

This is why you get your shit done as soon as possible kids!!!

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You're already petrified, it being your first day at Vishkar. You dreaded the news as Sanjay told you that you'd be under the care and tutelage of Satya. You didn't want to believe the rumors of how cruel and intimidating she could be. How she amused herself by playing mind games with her assistants. Breaking them down until they were so paranoid that they were afraid to leave their room without her permission. Her sadistic tendencies knew no bounds. She will make you perfect, just as she is.


  • Initially finds you annoying. She’s overseeing the beginner arcitech project teams when she spots you. Your sloppy uniform is off center. Unacceptable. She began by scolding you, pressing down the creases and straightening your jacket. You freeze under her blunt scrutiny. Seeing you in a perfect uniform gave her a thrill she didn’t quite understand. She keeps a close eye on you for the rest of the project, giving you extra assignments and keeping you from the other instructors. You’re lucky, they tell you, Satya’s the best.
    • She requests to take you under her wing after that project. You have potential, she told Sanjay. Department training would suit you best.
  • The last arcitechs under her care were quick to be dismissed. Or, so the others said. One of them approached you soon after you began your first assignment. Apply for a different department, he whispered. What? you asked. His hands twitched, reaching for your bicep. Not so loud, he hissed. You followed him back to his room, watching as he closed the door without a sound. Satya is a ruthless instructor, he explained. He could barely keep up with the work on four hours of sleep a night. Her standards are impossibly high. I’m telling you this as your friend. She’s been watching you since training began. It’s not right. You were supposed to work under Hard Light Development until she got involved, remember?
    • You stared at him for a while. Don’t you remember? We were on the same project team until she pulled you under her care. I was your instructor. She asked for you specifically.
    • You don’t remember. You just thought everyone had to go to training before entering a department. He shakes his head. Just you. 
  • Satya returns your department transfer form promptly. A prim DENIED written across the top. You’ll go to waste without her, she states simply. You need her. You’re only thinking about leaving her and you’re already a mess. Look. Your sleeve has a dirty fingerprint on it. Lucky for you, she has an extra jacket. It’s fine, you tell her. You can just wash it later. She stares at you coldly, reaching forward to undo your jacket until you do it yourself. Who, exactly, did you talk to? She wants to know. Do you really have so much free time that you can laze around and gossip? She ups your workload, noting that you need to stimulate your brain. Coal turns to diamond only under severe pressure. You hardly leave your room after that. There’s just so much to do. Satya sets a strict curfew. A scheduled life is an orderly life. 
    • You go looking for your friend, but the others say he’s quit. You sneak out with the intention to find him after hours, only to be hit with a searing pain. What did Symmetra say about leaving your room after nine? It seems that you need reformatory education. You notice the vague light of a teleporter nearby.
  • It’s a shame the new arcitech quit, Sanjay says to her. Satya nods. Perhaps your potential would be better served elsewhere.
    • A pure, white room. Clean and clinical smelling. No door, no windows. A teleporter will appear when Symmetra decides to visit you. She comes back with a neat stack of paper this time. It’s time for a new lesson, she says. First question: who do you belong to?

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Sometimes do you have a fear of submitting your assignment feeling like its not good enough? But you know not submitting it will only cost you in the long run. I was having this feeling majority of my classes last semester and I don't know how to overcome it.. it even came to a point where I failed 2 classes because I just didn't submit my (finished) assignments :(. It put me in a really bad place academically. Any advice on overcoming this mental barrier? Thank you xoxo

Definitely! Most of the time I’ll be confident until an hour before the deadline. The way I’ve started to deal with it is doing a prep session about a week-five days in advance. I will look over the task, write down my thoughts, plan out the structure, figure out where I need to look for information and begin a draft. Then I’ll usually start the assignment the next day. Starting with a pre-written draft is so useful in my opinion. It makes the whole thing less stressful and makes me more confident in what I’m writing. This video on my YouTube has me preparing one of my assignments last term. Generally, because I’d have started early (and told myself not to leave it till last mine), I’ll have a decent amount of time to finalise and edit. I also will run my assignments through to pick up any final mistakes. I will usually reread it like 10 times just to be certain haha! Hope this helps x

Study Tips

A lot of the study tips I see aren’t always that great for how I work. So I guess these are tips that help for me. To help get around mental health issues (like having no energy from depression or getting overwhelmed from anxiety). They don’t always work me because I do still need to put effort in to actually do these things and I don’t always do that, but when you do them, they help.

1. Start assignments early. I know every study guide says this but it’s usually in a get as much done as early as you can which isn’t always great, it seems way too early, too much to do when your deadline is so far away so you never get around to it. Plus starting is the hardest thing to do, so if you can get it going before you get too stressed that’s great. But do it in little steps. Which feeds into:

2. Break it all down into little tasks. Like really little tasks. It depends on what kind of assignment you have with how you go about it. I have a lot of essays that require research. So it’ll be broken down into pick a topic, figure out the broader themes of what I want to talk about (you might need to do research before this first and will probably be revised after you’ve done more), find some resources, read and summarise those resources one at a time, plan what each paragraph needs to say, figure out what resources support those, write a paragraph at a time, intros and conclusions, editing. Etc. If you start early, these things don’t get overwhelming. I’ll get one tiny step done between episodes of a tv show, so it doesn’t feel like a massive ton of work at once but it still gets done. Sometimes I just write a sentence or two at a time. Not so great close to deadlines, but early on, not a problem. I got my first assignment in this semester that wasn’t a rush at the end of the deadline and it was amazing not feeling so incredible stressed the day it was due.

3. Follow essay plans. These things are so useful. They seem really cliche but it’s because there’s a way essays work. Intros: Snazzy intro sentence (you can always work on this), summarise what you’re going to talk about (you can even just say I’m going to show this by talking about this (though be wary of if there are preference for first or third person in your writing), paragraphs (topic sentence to introduce the point, evidence supporting that point from your research, connecting sentence to next point) and conclusion (summing up what you’ve said again, but in a more definite way because you’ve shown it now by what’s come before).

4. Accept that there are going to be days that suck. if you’re ahead, you might be able to accept that, if you’re not, you might have to work anyway to get things done. It depend on deadlines, but sometimes change what you plan to get done that day. Find things you can do with less pressure. On terrible days I just try to revise lectures or do readings, depending on how in depth this stuff is. Basically things that require a bit less effort or thinking. So then they’re out of the way when you can focus again. And you will feel a bit better for having gotten something done.

5. Know what your flaws are. One of mine is that I use sentences that are way too long. I don’t bother with this in first drafts, I just have an editing session that looks only for that. I cover topics too broadly at times, trying to cover all aspects of a question instead of specific points in depth. 

6. Check feedback. I hate doing this because I hate seeing what I’ve done wrong but it really is necessary. It’s how I know what my flaws mentioned above are. I didn’t realise I had problems with that until I saw it written as feedback.

7. First drafts don’t have to be great. I see this said a lot for fiction writing but not so much for schoolwork. But just get the info down. Make it readable later. Use headings and dot points if that helps! (it probably will help you find what you’ve written easier) Remove the headings later and turn those dot points into sentences. If you don’t quite know the right word for something at the time, highlight it so you can come back and fix it later.

8. Don’t take online classes unless you have to. The pressure of going to class can help you to keep up with your work. 

9. Don’t take early morning classes. They seem like a good idea when you sign up because then you can get it out of the way and get on with your day. But when you wake up and you just want more sleep, if that class isn’t necessary, you’re not going to go. 

10. Attend your classes. A lot seem pointless to be there. Lectures get recorded. Your tutor may ramble and take two hours for something you can cover on your own in half an hour, but they might also give tips about assignments, you’ve got a better environment to talk to peers, etc. And it’s easier to approach teaching staff if you’ve shown up enough for them to recognise you (not that I’m ever brave enough to do this, but I know I’d be more likely to approach the people I don’t feel guilty about having missed their classes).


[A BJOO (Byungjoo) Scenario ft. Special Apperance by Hansol&Yano] - Requested by Anon~


[I’m sorry if it’s tooooooo long! I got carried away!] 


After finishing my assignment earlier than expected, I decided to go visit my boyfriend and his members who had a day off today. I needed to see Byungjoo and apologise about our stupid fight yesterday. He did try to call me this morning but I didn’t pick up because I was afraid that I might say something stupid and we’d argue again. So, better if I saw him in person.

Yesterday, I went over to his dorm to spend some time with him after his packed schedule. All of the members had went out for dinner except for Hansol, who wasn’t feeling too well at the time. So while Hansol rested in his room, Byungjoo and I huddled up on the couch with a blanket and enjoyed a movie together.

However, as we were sharing a few kisses and laughs, Hansol decided to wake up and get himself busy with some baking. Problem was, he didn’t know how to bake so he had nagged me for almost an hour to help him and I did, which made Byungjoo a little frustrated

And after that, we argued. About the exact same thing we argued about the time before that and the time before that. About me always getting too close to Hansol. Such stupid fights.

So, that brings me here - on my way to surprise my boyfriend at his dorm~

As I reached their door, I knocked twice and waited. Almost immediately, the door opened and there stood an overly excited Hansol. He jumped out and embraced me into a big hug before pulling me inside and shutting the door.

I looked around and noticed how deserted the place looked. 

‘Where’s everyone?’

'They went to grab some food or something,' he said as he walked towards the kitchen, 'And they didn’t even wake me up to go! I was getting lonely until you came.’

'I wouldn’t wake you up either,' I commented as I followed him, 'Too much sass.’

Upon hearing that, he immediately glared my way.

'Say that again,' he warned sassily and reached both his hands out to me, 'Go on, say it.’

I knew too well what he was going to do and I obviously wasn’t going to stand around for him to do so. 

'Ya Hansol, don’t you dare tickl- AHHHHH HANSOL!’

Before I could even finish my sentence, he was already in front of me with his hands attacking both my sides - tickling me. While yelling and laughing at the same time, I turned away and tried to escape but that plan failed when both his arms went around my waist to stop me. My back was pulled right against his chest as he continued to tickle me.


I wanted to yell at him but with all the laughing, I just couldn’t get my mind straight. 

'What are you guys doing?’

We both immediately stopped what we were doing when we heard the familiar voice. Opening my eyes, I let my breathing calm itself before looking towards the front door. I wasn’t too surprised to find Byungjoo standing there, looking rather crossed than happy to see me.

He stood at the door with his eyes fixed on me and Hansol. It was only then that I noticed our position - Hansol’s arms wrapped around my waist and my back pressed against his chest.

Oh shit.

'You’re back,' says Hansol casually as he unwraps himself from me, 'Where are the others?’

'I forgot my phone,' replied Byungjoo as he stared at me, 'When did you come?’

'Just now.’

I was slightly uncomfortable with the way Byungjoo just stood there staring. I knew more than anyone that he was jealous right now. Just like all the other times Hansol and I joked around, he’d get all worked up about it.

'Well, now that you’re back, I’m going to go to the others,' said Hansol as he passed me, 'And you missy, better be nicer to me next time.’

And like that, he slipped on his shoes and left - leaving just me and an angry Byungjoo in an empty apartment.

He sighed loudly before heading over to the couch to sit down. I also followed and sat down beside him.

'Why didn’t you pick up my calls? Why didn’t you tell me you were coming?’

'I wanted to surprise you,' I said quietly, 'But you weren’t home when I came so-’

'So, you and Hansol decided to get close? Again.’

'Joo, don’t be ridiculous,’ I sighed at him, 'He was just tickling me. We were just joking around.’

'He doesn’t need to back hug you to tickle you,' he said - his tone increasing, 'This isn’t even the first time I’ve seen something like that!’

'We’re good friends! We joke around,' I replied with a voice beaming of irritation, 'Why are you always like this to Hansol? Do you expect me like, not to go close to him at all?’

'Why am I like that to Hansol? If you were in my position and you came home to suddenly find your boyfriend, who was supposed to be doing their assignment, at your house, back hugging your best friend - what would you think?’

Frustrated with his words, I just stood up and sighed. We argued every time about this. How can he not trust me? Hansol and I have been friends for 10 years, and thanks to him that I even got to meet Byungjoo. 

I wanted to just sort things out with him and then spend the rest of our day together, but if we were just going to argue again, then I might as well leave.

'Fine,' I said, 'I won’t ever come back here, neither will I ever go anywhere Hansol goes - alright?’

Without another word, I made my way towards the door. Tears threatened to spill as I thought about the fact that my own boyfriend didn’t even trust me. Before I could slip into my shoes, I felt a hand suddenly grip itself around my wrist - causing me to stop.

'Where are you going?’

'I came here to sort things out with you and to spend time with you, but if this is what we’re going to be doing, again, then I rather go home.’

All of a sudden, I found myself pushed up against the door with an angry Byungjoo right in my face and his hand above my head. I took a second to glance at him and noticed how different he was from the usual lively Byungjoo.


Being pinned up against the door by him, along with his strong glare made me feel as though I was like a lion’s prey, waiting to be eaten alive. I felt my legs weaken themselves as I noticed him clenching his teeth together tight, causing veins to appear on his neck. My entire body shivered as I felt his hot, heavy breath brush against my lips.

'You can joke around with him yet you can’t even say two words with me? We fought about this yesterday and here you are doing the same thing!’

His tone of voice indicated to me how angry he was and trust me, this is the angriest he has ever gotten. It actually scared me to see my boyfriend like this.

'Why?' he shouted and punched the space beside my head, 'Answer me!’

I wanted to speak but words were just not forming. A clump had formed itself in my throat, causing it hard to even breathe. By now, tears had certainly fallen from my eyes as I looked at him - not even believing what kind of situation we were in right now.

His dark expression immediately changed into one full of pain and guilt once he noticed my tears. He took one slow step backwards and moved his hand up to touch my cheeks.

'J-jagi… are you crying?’

I pushed his hand off, only to have him come straight back with both his hands on my cheeks - cupping it with his soft hands.

'I… I’m so sorry… I don’t know what got into me…’

Stepping closer, he engulfed me into a hug. Feeling somewhat angry, I began to thrash my hands at him and tried to push him off of me but that only caused him to hug me tighter against him.

'I’m sorry jagi… hit me - scream at me but please listen to me,’ he softly begged in my ear, ’It’s just… you’ve known him for so long and only known me for two years, so I’m afraid… really afraid that-’

'You’re an idiot.’


'The biggest idiot I know!’

He moved his head from my shoulder to look at me with such a confused expression. 

'You’re an idiot,’ I sniffled, 'Joo, I chose you - I’m your girlfriend. He’s my best friend and nothing more so I don’t understand why you’re always so insecure about that.’

'I know he’s my hyung, but I just can’t stand having him always jumping around you - acting all cute and touchy towards you,' he whispered as his thumb made contact with my cheeks - wiping away my tears, 'He should go get his own girlfriend for that because sometimes I just want to spend some time with you after a long day, but he’s always pulling you away.’

Everything became quiet as we looked into each other’s eyes lovingly. 

'I really hate myself for making you cry. I’ll make it up to you,’ he whispered as he pulled me closer, 'I’ll do anything.’

'Anything?' I asked playfully as I wrapped my arms around his neck, 'Why don’t you kiss me…’


'Again oppa~’


'One more time, oppa~’


'I’m sorry-’

'Shhh~' I cooed as I placed a finger over his lips, 'Why don’t you… show me that you’re sorry…’

I felt my eyes becoming restless as his soft lips made contact with my neck. I gasped loudly as he sucked extra hard on a particular sensitive spot that only he knew about.

'Ah… Joo…’

My eyes automatically shut themselves as I felt-

'YA ARE YOU GUYS GOING TO BE DONE ANYTIME SOON?! IT’S COLD OUT HERE!' yelled Hansol on the other side of the door

'Hyung shhhhhhh!' whispered Sangwon, 'Do you really want to go in there right now!? They’re like… in the middle of something!’

'My feet are cold. My hands are cold. My beautiful face is cold. I need to watch television. NOW.’

Giggling at the sassy Hansol, I began to retrieve my arms from around Byungjoo’s neck when he held them in place.

'What are you doing?’ I asked, confused

'I still haven’t made it up to you yet.’

'We can’t! They’re outside!’

He simply shrugged his shoulders before reaching down to bring me into his arms - bridal style.  

'And what? I need to spend some precious time with my beautiful princess and no one is going to stop me. Not even sassy Hansol.

And like that, he turned around and made his way towards his bedroom with me in his arms. With a smile on my lips, I leaned upwards to attack his lips.

'YA YA!’ yelled Hansol as he banged the door, 'Just great! They’re going to his bedroom. JUST GREAT! THEY’RE NOT GOING TO COME OUT FOR AGES! Where are we going to go now?!’

'Oh come on hyung,’ sighed Sangwon, 'I’ll shout you some food.’


That turned out so long! I’m sorry dear anon~ I hope it’s somewhat like you requested for though! (Manly&Jealous Bjoo/ Fight/ Happy Ending)

Written by: C ~

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I love your Supercat writing so much!! Are you still taking prompts?? If so would you mind doing a Supercat prompt?? grad student powers!Kara and hot professor Cat who makes Kara get her lattes and grade papers and is super dismissive and awful because she's secretly in love with Kara but thinks Kara doesn't like her and it's just a whole thing and they're just a mess it's a mess

“Keira, do you have those papers for me or will I be explaining to my entire Ethics in Journalism class that their scores on the assignment worth a third of their grade will be input late?” Cat can’t help snapping at the girl even though she knows full well that the papers are impeccably graded, organized by Cat’s own idiosyncratic method of order, and waiting for her in the same folder Kara always uses for finished assignments. It’s the dynamic between them, has been since the beginning of the year, and Cat has no interest in changing it now.

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New Preference #19 - He thinks it’s too soon for you to do something after the baby is born.


It’s been almost eight weeks since your baby girl was born. You had went to the doctor last week and she said that everything was healed and you were fine to do what ever you felt like doing. You were in the nursery feeding your daughter when you hear Harry walking in the front door. He soon walks in carrying a stuffed teddy bear and some flowers. 

“What’s that?” you say nodding towards the gifts. 

“Oh, just something I brought home for my girls.” He smiles walking over to you. He kisses you quickly before kissing the baby’s head. “Everything go okay today?” He asks. 

“Perfect. We only had to change 3 outfits today, so I say so far so good.” you giggle. 

Harry laughs. “I’ll burp her when you’re done, if you want.” He says. 

You nod. “Now, you can spit up on Daddy.” You giggle. 

“Hey!” He laughs. “Don’t encourage her.” 

You giggle passing her over to Harry, who starts the burping process. You rearrange yourself and look over at Harry. “So, I’ve been thinking…” You say. 

“About?” He asks. 

“Well, I texted Gemma today and she offered to watch the little one tonight, so that we could go out.” you smile. 

“Go out?” He asks. 

You nod. “I was thinking maybe we could go out for some dinner and then maybe once we get back she’ll be asleep and we can continue the night in the bedroom until the first night feeding.” You say. 

Harry sighs. “I don’t know, Y/N. I just feel like it’s too soon for us to go out and do you know.. that.” He says. 

“Harry the doctor okayed it a week ago! i’m not saying to go to some club and get drunk and then have some crazy sex filled night. I’m simply asking for a nice dinner, where I get dressed in something nicer than yoga pants and a jumper.” You groan. 

Harry sighs putting a sleeping baby girl down in the crib. “I don’t know Y/N. I just don’t want to do too much to soon. I can order in some fancy take out and we can have dinner here.” He says. “You can even get dressed fancy if you want.” 

“All I’m asking for is a simple two hour max time frame out of this house. Something that I haven’t had much of in months! But you wouldn’t know what that feels like because you get to leave this house and do whatever the bloody hell you want!” You whisper harshly before going into your bedroom across the hall and quietly “slamming” the door. 


Your baby boy was born at 12:01 am three weeks ago. You’ve been at home with the baby and you were loving every bit of it. You were taking a break from your job, but you still had things that you needed to check up on. You had just fed your son, so you quietly go into your office to turn on your laptop. You check your email and make sure that everything was going well. You didn’t realize how long you had been gone from bed, until you hear Liam making his way into the office. 

“What are you doing?” He yawns. 

“Oh, uh, just checking some emails and uh stuff.” You say. 

“Y/N.” He sighs. “We’ve talked about this. You’re taking a break from work. You’re not supposed to be worrying about this. That’s why you have people assigned to your projects.” He says. 

“I know. I know, but I just can’t not worry about something.” You mumble. 

He sighs walking over and turning the laptop down. “Y/N. You’re on maternity leave. You’re still healing from labor and taking care of our little guy. You’re barely sleeping because when you have the chance to sleep you’re choosing to work. That’s not good.” He sighs. 

“Well, sorry that I actually have a job that can’t stop just because I’m on a break. Sorry, that my job is a full year around thing and not just a few months here and few months there!” You snap. 

Liam sighs running his hands over his face. “I told you that you don’t even need to work, if you don’t want too.” He says. 

You glare at him. “And I’ve already told you that I’m going to be that type of person who just lives off of her boyfriend’s money. I already told you that I’m going to transition to work from home once my maternity leave is over because I want to stay home with my son as much as possible. Now, if you would so kindly go back to bed, so I can finish things up before I have to go feed our son again.” You mumble. 

Liam groans shaking his head before heading back to bed. 


You were an actress and currently working on a movie, however, filming was halted after you found out that you were pregnant. Now, it’s back on about 10 weeks after you had your twins. You were packing to get ready to leave, when your husband walks in. 

“Do you really think this is a good time right now?” He asks. 

“Louis the production company already postponed this movie a year after I started showing. They could have easily just have found another actress when I found I was pregnant, but they didn’t want that.” you say. “Besides the doctor cleared me and the babies for travel. And we’re going on a private jet, so they’re fine.” 

“I know, but still.. I don’t like the idea of you going back so soon.” He says. “Especially since I won’t be there until a few weeks. I don’t want you getting overwhelmed.” 

“My Mom is going to be there to help out. And so will my assistants.” You say. “I’ll be fine.” 

He sighs looking over at you. “But what about me?” He sighs. “I’m going to miss you and the babies so much.” He whispers. 

“We’re going to miss you too.” You smile wrapping your arms around him. “But I have to go to work, just like you have to go to work here for the next few weeks until you can join us.” You say. 

He sighs nodding. “Promise me if it’s get to be too much that you won’t hesitate to call me. I’ll try and come myself or I’ll call Mum and see if she can go..” He says. 

“Louis. I’ll be fine.” You say. “We’ll be fine.” 

He sighs nodding. “Okay. I love you.” He whispers. 

“I love you too, and I promise that you I’ll call you if it ever becomes too much.” You say. 


Niall had been at the studio all day and you were cooking him his favorite meal. You were cleared from the doctor to partake in any contact with your boyfriend that you felt comfortable with, so you decided on working on that tonight. The baby was asleep in the crib, when Niall walks in the front door. 

“What’s that smell?” Niall says walking in. 

“Dinner.” you smile. 

“You sure you’re okay to do that?” He asks. 

“Yes, Niall. I had a baby, not an accident that prevents me from cooking or something.” You say. 

“Sorry. Sorry.” He says. “Well, it smells delicious.” 

“Thanks.” You smile as he finally comes in to the kitchen. 

“Oh, uh, wow. You look beautiful.” He says. “What’s the occasion?” 

“I know that I’ve been wearing a bunch of comfortable clothing these past few weeks, but does that mean there has to be an occasion for me to look nice?” You ask. 

“Not at all. I was just hoping I didn't forget a special date or something.” He blushes. 

You giggle and soon you both sit down for dinner. After you two eat dinner and have some dessert, you go upstairs to check on the baby. You feed her and then Niall changes her diaper and clothes before singing her to sleep. 

“I love her so much.” He whispers. “I still can’t believe that she’s only been in our lives for a short while.” 

“I know what you mean.” You smile. “It feels like forever ago.” 

He smiles kissing her head before placing her back into the crib. “Sleep for a while tonight, baby girl. Mummy and Daddy need their sleep.” He laughs quietly. 

You smirk before going into your bedroom, as Niall follows. You smile wrapping your arms around him. “So…” You smirk.

“So, what?” He laughs looking down at you. 

“I was thinking that maybe… we could try…” You smirk running your hand over his chest. 

“Try what?” He asks confused. 

“I’ve been cleared Niall.” You giggle. “Everything is healed and we can try to get back to having sex.” 

“Oh, uh… that.” He says awkwardly. “I don’t know, Y/N…” 

“Excuse me?” You say. 

“I just feel like it’s too soon.” He says. “I don’t want to hurt you or nothing.” 

“The doctor said I was fine as long as I’m comfortable with trying.” You say. 

“I know, but I don’t know if I’m comfortable with trying yet.” He says. 

“What’s that supposed to me?” You say. 

“I told you. I don’t want to hurt you.” He says. 

“Are you sure that’s what this is really about?” You say stepping away from him. 

“What else would it be about?” He asks confused. 

“I know I don’t exactly look like how I did before I got pregnant. You’re not comfortable having sex with me because I’m not attractive to you anymore.” You say. 

“What? Y/N. I didn’t say that!” He says trying to reach out for you. 

“You didn’t have to!” you sniffle before walking into the bathroom and shutting the door. 

About a million months ago, Liv and I talked about a Percabeth spy AU where they have to go undercover and live together and there are silly domestic mishaps and they have guns and spy on the neighbors and so I finally started it! I think it needs some work but I’ve been working on it forever and I wanted to post it, so here we go.


The file lands with a clatter on her keyboard. Plain, manila, and worn at the edges, it leaks papers as it slides sideways onto the desk. Annabeth recognizes Rachel’s handwriting on the tab—2011-2012 GUN RING—and looks up to see the woman leaning on the edge of her desk, grinning. She has a second file clutched to her chest.

“What’s that,” Annabeth says, deadpan, brushing the folder the rest of the way off her keyboard. She knows what that one is—all the intel they’d been able to collect regarding a gun smuggling ring operating in the eastern United States before all their leads went cold, and it’s an understandably thin file—but judging by the highly worrisome look on Rachel’s face, she doesn’t want to know what the second folder contains. So she continues typing. Perhaps if she focuses hard enough, Rachel will simply give up and find somebody else to harass.

Instead, she says, “A job.”

“Not interested.”

“You are very interested. They got sloppy, let one of their buyers get caught, and now we have an informant that’s talking. Chiron’s already organized an op for you.”

Annabeth looks up. An assignment. A chance for her to get out of this slump she’s been in, to get out of the office and wrap up a years-old case she should’ve already solved. She’s slightly interested. “Listening.”

“It’s an undercover op. You and your new faux husband will bed down in suburbia,” Rachel says, passing over the second folder. “And I had the privilege of hand-picking your partner. Take a look.”

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anonymous asked:

My sister recently told me that plants (vegetables) have cholesterol and you can still have heart failure by eating plants. I didn't know what to say so after I tried to research it. Then, I came across a website that states that plant cholesterol is toxic for humans. I don't really know what to say to her because she is always approaching me wth non vegan arguments. What do you guys know about this "plant cholesterol" and is it bad?

They are called Phytosterols & TONS of mind numbing studies have been done on them & they don’t get absorbed in the digestive system.

this study shows that adding PEs to a meal does not alter fat hydrolysis in the duodenum nor chylomicron release, but specifically reduces free cholesterol availability for intestinal absorption

Just remember, these same well meaning & undereducated people will then tell you that vegan’s don’t get enough healthy cholesterol in the same breath they are telling you that plants have cholesterol…  Be careful, it is really messy when you point it out and their heads explode.

But you are NOT off the hook because you are VEGAN!!!

Heart Disease is the #1 killer in America.  The founder of the American Vegan Society H. Jay Dinsha died of a heart attack at 66.  (40 years as a VEGAN)

How can mainstream vegans promoting a garbage vegan diet where we all could die BEFORE Dave Thomas (69d) the founder of Wendy’s & the Bacon Double Cheeseburger…  not see the counter productiveness of this on saving animal lives???   

Watch Dr. Gregor go over this comparison of Dave Thomas to Jay Dinsha.

<–   this is one of the most important health video to watch for vegans

The Omega 3 to Omega 6 ratio explains why vegans are doing so horribly.

Omega 3′s = green leafy veg & flax & walnuts

Omega 6′s = corn, safflower, cotton seed & sunflower oil (processed foods)

Making of a heart attack = Injury - Inflammation - Oxidation - Clot * burst to heart attack.  Omega 6, despite being essential, in excess increase the injury & inflammation & stopped the EPA & DHA production Omega 3′s reduce.

Natural Ratio 1:1  (before Omega 6 loaded modern cooking oils)

Meat Eaters 7:1   (eat fish that cheats the system, since fish eat the Omega 3′s for them)(flax is better & doesn’t have toxins included in fish)

Vegetarians 10:1

Vegans 15:1

Vegan Children 44:1…

So what to do?  Just fill vegans up with ground flax seeds?  Not so fast…


  • Dr. Caldwell Esselstyn, published his results of patients who had had an average of three previous cardiac events before he put them on a vegan diet with no added fat – including oil – and not one patient ever had another cardiac event in twelve years!  (Esselstyn CB Jr.  Updating a 12-year experience with arrest and reversal therapy for coronary heart disease (an overdue requiem for palliative cardiology).  Am J Cardiology.  1999 Aug, 84(3):Pages 339-341)
  • Students were assigned to a group who ate a fat free breakfast of 900 calories versus a fatty breakfast of 900 calories.  The arteries of the group that had no fat in their breakfast bounced right back after being constricted for five minutes; but the arteries of the group that had the fatty breakfast took up to six hours to regain their ability to dilate and contract normally.  All oil is 100% fat.  Even olive oil.  (Vogel RA.  Brachial artery ultrasound: a noninvasive tool in the assessment of triglyceride-rich lipoproteins.  Clin Cardiol.  1999 Jun;22(6 Suppl):II34-9.)
  • Researchers at the University of Maryland found that eating bread dipped in olive oil reduced the arteries’ ability to dilate by 31%.  (Vogel RA, Corretti MC, Plotnick GD.  The postprandial effect of components of the Meditterranean diet on endothelial function.  J of Amer Col Card.  2000 Nov;36(5))
  • Many vegans’ ratio is shockingly high – even as high as 120:1
  • The Lyon Heart Study turned olive oil into a health food when they found that the Mediterranean Diet, high in olive oil, helped people who had had at least one previous heart attack reduce their chance of further cardiac events by 50-70%.  HOWEVER, what you never heard was that a full 25% - one out of every four people on the Mediterranean diet – still had another heart event or died.  (de Lorgeril, et al.  Mediterranean Diet, Traditional Risk Factors, and the Rate of Cardiovascular Complications After Myocardial Infarction; Final Report of the Lyon diet Heart Study.  Circulation, 1999 Feb 16;99(6):779-85.)

So no its not MORE of one oil, its LESS OF ALL OILS.  Fatty vegans what is your long term goal?  To die at 66 of heart disease & develop degenerative brain disease?  seem more normal (aka dying prematurely like everyone else?) with fried vegan junk food?  If you want to save animals, start with saving yourself!

Read more about the Omega 3 to 6 ratio from Jeff Novick.

For people in fat fear;

Our requirements for essential fats are very small—no more than 0.5 gram daily.  Only plants can synthesize essential fats—so eating plant-foods is the obvious source of these necessary nutrients.  Because body fats (adipose tissue) store these essential fats efficiently, even if overweight people were placed on an artificially manufactured fat-free diet, they would have little risk of becoming deficient in essential fats over their entire lifetime.  Note: a diet made of unprocessed plant foods, like the McDougall diet, naturally contains about 7% of its calories as fat—and about half the total fat found in plant foods is of the essential variety—the kind we need ~Dr. McDougall Aug, 2006

Consider the possibility that an excess of these nutrients caused by adding avocados and other oils to a low-fat meal may result in nutritional imbalances that encourage disease. It is possible.

Save the vegan junk food for celebrations!  or better, yet — we don’t restrict, we replace!  make healthy versions not lacking in flavor or texture!