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Hi im not sure if u answered this already, but since your charaters have beaks, what do they use to shorten them?

Ah yes, I wondered when someone might ask this question… First, some scribbly studies to give folks a better idea of what the Aequis beak is like:

The keratinous beak is only present on the upper jaw, and is flexible: it can be lifted up to expose the shearing teeth. The beak itself doesn’t play much of a role in feeding, its primary use is to preen feathers: the inside is lined with spicules that act as a comb when pressing a feather against the flexible lower lip and running it through, feather shaft to tip.

The beaked lip does experience some rubbing wear when feeding (especially when stripping flesh from bone) but Aequis tend to be meticulous groomers even when it comes to their beaks/talons/scales: shiny beaks, etc. are always good points when trying to attract a mate. 

So to keep their beaks short and trim, Aequis will use any roughened, hard surfaces they can find, from tree branches, to rocks, to bones.  Aequis may also use the hard inner edge of their curving outer talons to scrape away any residue leftover from feeding.

I just realized I missed a golden opportunity to draw the very derpy face an Aequis makes when it drags the point of its beak across a rough surface to wear down the point. NEXT TIME!

theoverobserver  asked:

Help!! I draw a lot and I really want to pick up a style and perfect it, but I can't figure out which one. I draw Anime but I also want to get into semi- cartoonistic/realistic drawings. Do you have any style master lists or advice? Thanks

Hi there, @theoverobserver, thank you for the excellent question!

I would say you should draw whatever you like, and in whatever style you like. However, I really think it’s essential to keep practicing all kinds of styles until you find your own niche. 

 Experimentation is truly key to developing your own, signature style. In fact, it may be fun to draw one character in multiple styles, trying to create multiple iterations with varying levels of realism. 

For instance, I started drawing manga style, but then slowly tried increasing my realism, and found out that while I like manga at times, I mostly love to draw realistic/semi realistic characters. 

You could go search through sites like deviantart/behance and try to find artists you like, and then see if that’s what you’d like your art to be influenced by. This can be a useful exercise, but I do think it’s important to try and create your own style, not copy someone else’s. 

I don’t think style is something you can perfect quickly, and I think being flexible and dynamic will help your art improve in the long run. 

Hopefully this helped you somewhat!

Handpicked Further Reading/Resources: 

  • Stunning artist on dA, FOERVRAENGD / @foervraengd [ follow them!! ] has the greatest series of tutorials ever, and seems to be what you’re looking for: 

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Hey man, really enjoy your work, I've been getting back into the series since the Netflix adaption has come out and your theories are amazing and really add another level to the already great story Lemony Snicket has written for us. Anyway, my question is; is there an unanswered question/mystery that you would really like a concrete answer to? I'm sure you probably have a theory for every single one of them anyway haha. Thanks again for all your great work

Hey, @expihelladopeness​! That’s a really good question. Some of the series’ mysteries are supposed to be left unanswered because Handler was making a point about the unknowable nature of the universe, the importance of doubting one’s conclusions and the crushing realization you can’t know everything when you reach adulthood. Part of the Baudelaire orphans’ character arc is the acceptance that they’re not going to make sense of it all and the world is extremely complex. So Handler were to reveal everything, it would just undo the moral themes of the last thirteen books.

That being said, he’s also said that the entire sugar bowl mystery is solvable and that some readers did guess the solution. So at this point maybe he should just make the explanation official in an interview or something. Less migraines for us!

On a more personal note, I’d say the mysteries which trouble me the most are the ones which affect the characters’ motivations and actions. It’s difficult to care about these people when you never hear WHY they do the things they do:

  • Why did Beatrice eventually choose not to marry Lemony?
  • What would drive Beatrice, Kit and Bertrand to assassinate Olaf’s parents?
  • Why does Esme care about getting the sugar bowl so much? Why does she feel it’s “hers” and not anyone else’s?
  • Why did Olaf and Kit’s relationship start? Why did it end?

I’m perfectly okay with narrative ambiguity but it shouldn’t get in the way of character development. There’s so much basic information we never got about these important players… After a certain point it crosses the line from “intriguing” to “frustrating”.



Thank you so much for the past two weeks! Thank you for trusting me and supporting me through these horrible times. While all your requests were amazing and challenging and creative and have kept me sane, my situation is still not getting any better. I’m not sure if it will. I know I am trying very hard now to keep it together.

 As a result, I have decided to keep commissions open. However, I am forced now to price 18 USD/EURO per piece. The rules stay the same, whatever you request, you will get a full painting as I usual work. There are no different prices for different poses or multiple characters.

The payment shall be done only through PayPal and in segments. That way you can secure your slot and I can prioritize and the end product shall come as a result of our discussions so you’ll get exactly what you requested. However, I would kindly ask you to answer to my messages relatively quick whenever I contact you with WIPs so that we can work efficiently together.

Secondly, I will delete my Redbubble account. I have no need for it.


+ a little side note for those interested: I deeply apologize for not updating my fic One More Tomorrow in such a long time. I promise you I’ll give it the ending it deserves as soon as my situation improves. 

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i got a text from my aunt asking me if i knew about these 'two guys with the same haircuts on the internet' and 'if they were dating' because she wanted them too and then quickly added 'i don't mind if they're not or if they have girl/boyfriends' and i asked why she assumed they were dating (just curious as she said she only seen pictures and small clips) and her reply was 'well they're definitely not straight' and ive been laughing for hours.

your aunt is ME and also my hero

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Im curious how many followers do you have because like you are one of the most famous yoi blogs especially with your lil cutie keilattes

asdjfdk hhh I’d rather not say, but it’s a lot, and I’m really grateful ;v;
also who decides on these things though omg?? 
SDJFDJLFK LIL CUTIE KEILATTES…….. kei you’re a cutie

also I hope you don’t mind that I use your ask to answer a bunch of other ones too hahah

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senpai you're back~ if you're accepting art prompts for your art block how about drawing cat!angela from that fic titled Neferet? (i call her Nyangela, i think it sounds cute) :3

ahh i took forever to answer this, i was really busy x_x and i have never read that fic before so I went to read it all! It’s a really cute fic!

At first, I thought Angela was just going to grow cat ears but she literally turned into a cat LOL (๑꒪▿꒪)* //ah hah i’m not going to say much to avoid spoilers if anyone wants to read the fic (x)//

I tried, I have never really drawn cats before X( ah but I threw in an Angela with cat ears anyway ヘ(= ̄∇ ̄)ノ

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A Predator question Matty if you don't mind (I know you must have tons so thank you for your time) - You said on Twitter that this Oliver loves to bite Felicity. You also said that with him, actions are imp. So is his biting only a claiming gesture or something more? I love your in depth answers so much.

Of course, he’s a biter, anon! 

He likes biting her not only because it’s something animalistic inside him claiming her, marking her, owning her like she owns him, but also because of the way she reacts to those bites. She hungers for them from the depth of her soul. And he understands that hunger and feeds her hunger because that’s his hunger.

But you know the best part? He leaves them in places only they know of -places nobody else can see. 

So, when he sees her caressing the side of her hip, he knows she’s remembering the mark he gave her, thinking of it, and he is too. When she strokes the side of her neck carelessly under her scarf, he loves how there’s something of him with her at all times, no matter where she is. It gives him peace. It gives him life. Not only because he’s a territorial beast but also because it gives her a sense of belonging with someone who’s always with her.

So yes, he loves littering her soft skin with bites - rough bites made in the heat of rough fucks, little bites made teasingly while making soft love, suction bites made calculatingly to raise her to fever pitch during foreplay.

He loves biting her. She loves being bitten.

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Hi ♥ ! if you had to associate to each Seventeen's members with one of your mutual or follower, who would it be and why? You have zero obligation to do this, you can just ignore this message ~

hiiii anon this is so cuuute haha!! okey dokey here we gooo 

s.coups - @scoupsdeville (i just realised that we follow like three coups blogs wtf i need more) 

jeonghan - @momjeonghan   (u have no idea how tempted i was to put shia oml) 

joshua - @jisoostar and @plantsoo 

jun - @ilovejun and @7unhui and also @extrajun 

hoshi - @thesoonyoungs and oF COURSE @hoshinoyas

wonwoo - @squishywonu (we follow a really sad amount of wonwoo blogs so hit us up if you got some of the good jeon wonwoo shit) 

woozi - @eatboo and @wooziology aaaaand @woozifi

seokmin - who else but @97skmn

mingyu - @mangyuo and @gyutothehao

minghao - @sassyminghao and @munchiesthaoo

seungkwan - @iluboo 

vernon - @hanwooz and @verrnope

dino - LMAO EVERYONE BEEN SWERVING TO CHAN LATELY idk who to put hahahah erm @dinosmixtape 

also just gonna add some ppl i kinda just associate with seventeen in general! @grapefruit-kwan, @babieseok, @wonhomed@s-lay-ing, @jjeonghoshi, @heoni and @zeungkwan 💖💖

secondgenerationnerd  asked:

What's your favorite westallen kiss? With pics/gif please

There are so many amazing kisses and while it’s hard to choose one I have to go with: 

I mean look at it. It’s epic and the lighting and the spinning and I just I can’t put into words how much I love this kiss. Seriously I’m just sitting here watching it. 

Here’s some more:


And here’s what they look like after

I literally just made these two gifs:

Look at these two idiots in love. 

And what do you mean Barry ran back in time and erased this kiss? I don’t know what you’re talking about….

Anyway I hope I answered this to your liking. I had a little to much fun staring at the gifs. 

Oh and honorable mention to this kiss: 

Because I love this one a lot too. 

So thanks for asking, this was fun!

*Sorry this took me so long, I was having technical difficulties, but now it’s working*

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Anon who asked about Yuzu's back here :) Thanks to your answer I am not that worried. I actually thought he said that the slide looks uncool in the interview. I just checked and he was talking about another pose. I kinda only read translation of the interview and didn't really pay attention to the video and assumed he was talking about the slide xD Actually I have another question. Is there any element you wish Yuzu would try to do? Like some type of spin or something?

Ahahah, I didn’t check, but I doubted it was the slide, cause I think he feels really cool in his SP (and yeah, hot XD). 

Mmm…I think I’d love to see a 3A-twizzle like in Notte Stellata. (Even though I love it in Let’s go crazy *-*). Jumps-wise I kind of want to see 4Lo3t (I’m totally crazy, don’t mind me) *I secretly want to see 3A-lo-4S too, but I hope he doesn’t do it xD* When it comes to spins I’m quite satisfied. 

I hope he keeps both the hydroblade and that gorgeous ina bauer. If there’s one thing, I wish to see this move once again though: 

I tried to post this last night but I guess tumblr ate it.

This is just more teasing anyway but I won a private meet and greet with Enver in the charity auction Friday night! It was last night and we, with @lillianfromaccounting, hung out at a table in the back of the hotel restaurant. I got to ask him most of my burning questions (and some of yours).

I have enough to do posts on multiple topics so stay tuned for those over at @dailyenvergjokaj

Meanwhile I’ll just say that we had a completely fascinating conversation. He’s smart, thoughtful, extremely passionate and a great storyteller. He’s very respectful of fans and in the interest of making it a great experience he was incredibly candid and answered all my questions.

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Hello!!! out of curiousity (and need to follow new blogs HAHA) who are some of your biggest studyblr inspirations/blogs you admire/goals?? Any kind are fine but i especially like studyblrs who make lots of resources!! Thank u!!!!

oooh booy you have come to the right place

@aescademic - printables & infographics & everything 100% (dedicaTION) // @apricot-studies - posts are a+++ & The Best Person //  @bookmrkeverything is so aesthetic swoon // @colormecosmic - only has original stuff on her blog & it’s the stuff of dreams // @educatier​​ - masterposts & printables & graphics galore // @emmastudies​​ - quite possibly the most helpful person in the world (so many resources so little time) // @studyquill - one of my fave printable makers (+ extra points for hp theme) // @thearialligraphyproject - Ariadne i.e. Professional Printable Maker™ //  @studyblrmasterposts​ - simply The Dream​ //  @studylustre​ - so much aesthetic in one place omg

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Poor Nagisa... I'm cheering for you!

…Are you okay?

*groans* I’m okay…I’ll just have a bump…

Huhuhu, at least you stopped the ball. Good work, goalkeeper.

I’m sorry Daimon-kun, I will try to stop the ball with my face too next time…



Hahahaha ! Your face !! It’s too funny ! You took the ball in full face and you still have the marks hahahaha !

*laughs* It’s true. I should ask big sis Hiyoko to take a picture…

…A perfect round shape.

….You guys…

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"If C & I were together we wouldn't say" do you know when he said this? If you're w/ someone else you by no means need to push it. Keep it private. There's a difference in keeping your relationship private vs denying a nonexistent relationship. If I were MM & he was w/ me I'd have issue w/ this. He doesn't need to parade me around but his leading in his answer is inappropriate. Saying you're not w/ your costar if you're not dating your costar doesn't mean you're gonna out your other relationship

He said it in an article last…spring? I believe. It’s very telling, I think. Pretty much all of his behavior with Cait, both actions and words, is inappropriate if he’s with someone else. Cait too. I can’t imagine any self respecting woman or man genuinely wanting to get involved with either one of them. I don’t have particularly positive feelings towards Mackenzie or Tony but I like to think they have some self-respect. 

anonymous asked:

Hey, do you have any good tips/articles I should read/important things I should know for playing a nonbinary character?

Of course! Honestly the best advice I can give you is that non-binary people are literally just people, but here are a few quick tips that’ll hopefully be of some help:

  • “Non-binary” is a spectrum. Where does your character fit on this spectrum? Are they demigender? Agender? Genderfluid? Bigender? Questioning? Just plain non-binary is a 100% valid answer, but it’s also become something of a cop out, particularly in the rpc. There is absolutely nothing wrong with your character being non-binary – I have a few characters myself who are just nb – but don’t be afraid to try something else.
  • What are your character’s pronouns? This is a very important section – and you’ll notice I said “pronouns”, not “preferred pronouns”. They’re not “preferred”. They’re just pronouns. Period. Non-binary people don’t all use they/them pronouns – though, again, there’s nothing wrong with your character using they/them. They don’t just have to have one set of pronouns, either – for example, I use both they/them and he/him. Pronouns can also change with time. I’ve cycled through quite a few sets just over the past year or so because I wasn’t sure what fit me best. Not everyone knows from the get go what they’ll prefer, and if you feel three months down the line that, hey, actually, he/him pronouns fit my character better than they/them, don’t be afraid to change them. Following on from that, there’s no such thing as “male pronouns” or “female pronouns”. Don’t be afraid to let your character have he/him or she/her pronouns – nb people who use he/him or she/her pronouns are just as valid as nb people who don’t. This is getting quite long for “a few quick tips” so I’ll add just one more point to this section: misgendering is never okay. If someone uses the wrong pronouns for your character, correct them. A lot of the time it is just an honest mistake, but it never hurts anyone to just drop a quick message to someone to correct them. Here’s one I prepared earlier: “hey, I saw you used [incorrect pronouns] for [character name], but [character’s pronoun] actually use[s] [correct pronouns]!”
  • There are a few more things to consider which are more specific and won’t apply to every character, such as: have they changed their name? (If so, don’t refer to them as their deadname. Ever.) Are they on hrt/do they plan on getting (or have they had) surgery? Are they out? If so, how long have they been out? If not, do they plan on coming out? How long have they IDed as nb? Do they experience dysphoria? If so, how severe is it and how do they cope? (Despite what a lot of cis people seem to think, not everyone experiences dysphoria – and whether or not you experience dysphoria will never, ever invalidate your gender identity.)

Still with me? Good. Despite the masses of word vomit I just threw at you, as I said earlier, the most important thing to remember is that nb people are just people. Our gender identity doesn’t define who we are. We still have hopes, dreams, fears, exactly the same as other people. The worst possible thing you can do is make a non-binary character all about their gender – please, please don’t do this. We are all so much more than our gender.

Also, bear in mind that I am just one nb person, and others might have differing views on certain subjects. Probably the best advice I can give you is to find a non-binary person you can bounce ideas off of – and, if you can’t find one, my inbox will always be open to help you out in any way I can!

[Fellow nb people are more than welcome to add on to this with anything I may have missed]