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“Hey, Barold?” 

“Yes, dear?”

“Are you dead?”

Barry’s head pokes into the dining room table, the Neverwinter Times folded into his hands. He looks down at himself, pokes his own nose. “I don’t think so? I don’t look dead.”

Lup looks him up and down, then says, “Yep, you really don’t.”


In response, Lup takes the package she’s been holding, grabs it by the ends, and turns it on its head. Letters - bundled into packs bound with black ropes, spare ones scratched on torn napkins, envelopes-within-envelopes written in deep dark ink - spill all over the table.

“What are these?”

“Consolation letters,” Lup says, grinning. She plucks the first one off the table, slits it with a brightly-painted red nail, and begins to read. “‘Dear Lup Taaco, my cult and I would like to express our condolences for your loss.’ Aww, that’s so sweet, they’re cult-bonding.”

Barry narrows his eyes. “Is that a necromantic cult or a religious one?”

“Dunno.” She tosses it aside, picks up another one. “‘Dear IPRE, sorry for your loss. We hope Barry feels better soon. We know most people don’t feel better after being dead but he’s done it before.’”

Barry drifts forward, looking at the stack in apprehension and slight awe. He picks one up at random, skims it, and turns white. “Why do these people think I’m dead?”

“Don’t know, but there’s definitely a consensus, babe,” Lup says. “Aww, someone sent a bunch of dead flowers! I’ll pass them onto Merle.”

“Lup, no, this is weird. This - this is weird.”

“Yeah, for sure,” she says, leafing through the next letters. The mound grows intimidatingly the more Barry looks at it. “What did you do?”

“I - I don’t know.”

“Huh. Maybe someone started a dumb rumor. You never know the kinda shit floating around Faerun these days.”

True? Okay. Okay, no, this is just another mystery. Maybe there are clues in the truly preposterous number of letters sitting on the table. Carefully, Barry picks the first one up, a letter wrapped in a satin ribbon and addressed in dark ink so black it almost looks tar. He tears it open gently and sets the envelope aside, then begins to read.

Dear Miss Lup,

I’m really really sorry your husband is dead. I want you to know that my mom and my dad love him too and that if you ever need someone to talk to because death is a really really bad thing then you can send us a letter any time. I’d give you my mom’s frequency but I don’t know it.



Below is an address. It’s from the far east, a remote village that Barry only knows because he passed through there while hunting for Lup a couple of years into his search.

He’s not freaking out so much as very, very confused. He’s certain he’s alive. Pulse beating in his throat and everything. So why does everyone think he’s dead?

He goes through a couple more without finding any clues. Most are of the same vein - sorry for your loss, hope you’re doing better. A couple recommend Lup some therapists in Neverwinter. Two cite him as his inspiration for practicing necromancy. He’s gonna need to pay those fans a personal visit. Probably with his scythe.

“Barry?” Lup says after a little while. She’s set the letters down and is now looking at him strangely.

He opens another one. This one’s written in blue ink. All the others have been black. Really goes to show what kind of person picked Barold J. Bluejeans, lich and necromancer-turned-reaper extraordinaire, as their favorite of the seven birds. “Yes, dear?”

“When you died, you picked up your bodies, right?”

Barry freezes. He thinks back to those ten years on his own, dying repeatedly. He’d had a process - he’d freak out, flicker a little bit, and pull himself together - with admirable speed and courage, of course. Then he’d grab his jeans (can’t leave those behind), a couple hairs, a bunch of blood (which wasn’t typically too hard to collect), the coin, some supplies, and take off for Wave Echo Cave.

He’d leave the body, though. He didn’t need it.

“Barold J. Bluejeans,” she snaps, setting down her letter with a thwack on the table. “Did you leave your corpses strewn all around this continent?”

“I only needed a little blood to make a new body!” he yelps. “I was a lich, it wasn’t like I could pick up my body and carry it with me!”

“You managed to keep the same clothes for ten years!”

“I’ve had these jeans for a hundred years, they’re precious to me!”

“That’s fair,” Lup says, grinning too widely to be angry. “So you’re telling me, these people stumbled across your dead body and thought it was you?”

“Probably,” he replies sheepishly. “I mean, in my defense, I didn’t think anyone would find it. I kinda fell off a mountain range.”

“And you didn’t go collect them when you got an actual body?” she asks, gesturing toward him.

“I was a little busy creating your body.”

Lup sighs, exasperated. She throws an envelope at him. It drifts unimpressively down to the table. “This is it, Barold. This is what you get when you don’t show up at press conferences ever. People start to think you’re literally dead.”

“I hate them,” he mumbles. “Too many spotlights and reporters and questions. I get all sweaty.”

“You’re one of the seven birds, babe. People want to know your story.”

“They already do, sweetheart.”

“Yeah, but they want to hear it from you.” She glances over her shoulder at the Taako Time™ calendar hanging on their wall and grins. “Babe, there’s one tomorrow and you’re going.”

“I don’t wanna,” he whines. “Lup, they…they suck. All the reporters and the microphones and the spotlights….”

“No arguments, dear,” Lup says, standing and crossing her arms over his head to rest her cheek on his hair. “Lucretia hates them too and she goes.”

“She was the Director of the Bureau of Balance, she’s good at that shit now,” Barry grumbles. “Besides, Davenport doesn’t have to answer questions.”

“Davenport’s at sea, babe. Getting to interview him is like finding a Shiny.”

Barry groans, tugs on a strand of Lup’s hair. It’s dyed red toward the ends. “If you loved me you wouldn’t make me go.”

“I love you,” Lup affirms, “so I’m making you go.”

“Can I at least - ”

“No, you can’t wear your tuxedo T-shirt. You have to wear the sweater vest I bought you.”

Barry slumps his head toward the table. Lup slides down his neck to rest her chin on his shoulder. “Cycle forty or sixty-eight,” he asks, words muffled by the table.

“Forty,” she decides. “I won’t make you do sequins.”

“Thank the Queen.” He straightens. There’s ink on his forehead. Lup laughs, then licks a thumb and wipes it away. “Gross.”

The letters flare in the corner of his vision. Sighing, Barry tugs Lup onto his lap. She sits with a laugh, gleeful and teasing, and reaches reaching for a letter of her own. Leaning her temple against his, she slices open another letter, and begins to read.

“Wow, babe,” she says after a couple minutes. “You’re really an inspiration for some up-and-coming dark magic babies.”

“I know,” he sighs. She chuckles and ruffles his hair affectionately. “I’m gonna have to go talk to them.”

Lup’s counterproposal is cut off by her Stone of Farspeech buzzing against her collarbone. She picks up without looking and says “Heyo, Blupjeans household, whaddya want?”

Barold J. Bluejeans!” screeches her brother’s voice through the receiver. Barry jumps. “You wanna explain to me why my dining table is fuckin’ swamped with condolence letters?!

Lup and Barry turn to stare at each other in horror. Then, right on cue, Barry’s Stone rings. He checks it. It’s Magnus’s signal. They stare at it.

“Oh Gods,” Lup groans, and picks up.

Barry? Barry, are you okay?” comes Magnus’s voice. There are a couple of dogs barking in the background, as there always are when Magnus calls. “I heard you were dead, I know it sucks, like, serious ass to be without a body, I wanted to check in, and also tell you that I’ve got a ticket for Neverwinter on hold if you need me down there - ” he says.

Lup and Barry exchange glances. Barry begins to laugh.


the two of you were walking at the back of the group, “so out of everyone you’ve met since this all started, if you had to choose one person who you found the most attractive, who would it be?” Daryl asked.

you laughed, “i dont know, i havent thought about it. you?”

“come on,” he laughed, “you have to have thought about it.” you didnt answer, “well, what’s your type?”

“someone who is smart, attractive-”

the two of you rounded a corner to see the group talking to a stranger on the road, “what, like this guy?” Daryl asked, “is he attractive?”

you rolled your eyes and shoved Daryl, “you tell me big guy, which girl have you had an eye on?”

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I’m a new follower so I don’t know all the rules but I did look through your FAQ and didn’t see this answered so I thought I’d ask, is it okay to submit a quote from a friends dnd campaign since it’s not technically our own as long as we have permission to?

Yes, as long as you have permission from your friend to submit the quote, it’s fine!

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I 100% think the main reason they had Shiro and Allura tell Keith to stay but not Lance is because he would have actually listened to Lance, and the vld crew obviously wanted Keith to have the whole BoM everyone is dispensable victory or death your life doesn't matter storyline but that couldn't happen if Lance asked him to stay

Yeah!! he’d 100% listen to Lance so there wouldn’t be this whole.. storyline 

Also btw considering that s3 and s4 were supposed to be one big season at first, it’s important to note that s3 consisted of Lance becoming Keith’s impulse control and Keith ALWAYS listening to him, while s4 had multiple people asking Keith to do or not to do something (Allura and Keith’s training with BOM, or Matt and Keith’s darn idea of sacrificing himself) and him not listening to them. 

So there are some…. nice, meaningful parallels you got there, dreamworks. very interesting… 👀

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bill wanting to record you two having sex and as he's fucking you he says "show the camera how pretty you look for daddy"

LISTEN,LISTEN UP! DO YOU LITERALLY WANT TO KILL ME? because it’s working im about to delete. And I’m sure he’s probably made some dope sex tapes tbh

~send me your thirstiest bill asks~

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There is a slow magical transformation in my story that makes people very tall and quite muscular. I'm a guy. 3 male and 3 female characters go through it. I thought that maybe the girls won't be so thrilled, as being tall and muscular is seen as masculine. Transformation gives them various cool superpowers though. Having no experience with feminity, would that be a big problem for teen girls to go through? (1/2)

(2/2) They have guys in their group to compare to. I might write it differently for each one, since the other two might adapt easier, but I know one would have a big problem with being taller than most boys. Basically, would a typical girl find this situation embarassing or empowering?

You’re answering part of your ask yourself: as being tall and muscular is seen as masculine. But they aren’t. A woman can be tall and muscular and still be feminine.

Having no experience with feminity, would that be a big problem for teen girls to go through?

There’s no need to have experience with femininity to write a female teen character, as each and one of them should be a character on her own, with her own body type, her own issues with it, and her own agency over how she feels about herself. Not every teenager is feminine by social standars, and not every teenager perceives and interpretes femeninity as the same, and not every teenager feels femenine by doing or wearing what makes other teenager feel femenine.

Basically, would a typical girl find this situation embarassing or empowering?

Ask your typical local girl this question, the only problem is that there is no typical girl. What you have are stereotypes and beauty standards set by society. Feeling embarrased or empowered are also two very specific situations, try to make this a process, not to slow but not to fast either. Every character must go through a emotional change after their new bodies, someone feeling embarrased or empowered makes it sound to superficial. This particular character should be treated like any other.

I might write it differently for each one, since the other two might adapt easier, but I know one would have a big problem with being taller than most boys.

Not might, must. Your three females characters are different, with different stories to tell within the big one.

Long story short.
Each character is different from another, and since they all go through a physical change that will affect them in different aspects, they all will react to it differently, but it doesn’t have to, necessarily, collide with what they are expected to look. Are you sure your three male characters won’t feel bad being taller and muscular? Not everybody lives comfortably with what society tells us how to look, and this includes men.

Show through your words the changes this particular teenager goes through, what she looks like before and after, how she feels about it, how her life might improve or get worse, and what she decides to do with her new body type and cool superpowers.

Also, check out this answer by Writing Prompts and Junk

Good luck,


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This is gonna seem really silly, but how do you know what your special interest is? Sorry if it seems too silly to ask

Different people have somewhat different definitions of what makes a special interest a special interest, so you’d probably get varying answers to this question depending on who you asked.

Personally, I have three questions that I can ask myself:

  • Is it something that gives me a certain kind of very deep-rooted joy?
  • Is it something that I can spend hours and hours engaging in and studying without getting bored?
  • Is it something that my brain defaults to thinking about when I’m not thinking about anything in particular?

If the answer to any of them is “yes”, then I usually count it as a SI.

But, like I said, that’s just how I define my own SIs and other people may have different ways of defining theirs. I’ll give you links to two other autistic people talking about SIs, but I’m sure you can find many many more if you do some googling or other searches on your own:

[What’s so Special About a Special Interest?] & [What are Special Interests?]

Never Have I Ever // Wyatt Oleff Imagine


Today was the day.

Your first interview since you joined the cast of “It.” You were incredibly nervous but ready to answer any questions that were thrown at you. Fortunately, you would not be facing this interview alone. The host *you can make up any interviewer you want for this had invited the entire cast to be on the show and answer questions.

You arrived at the studio with your hair and makeup all done and you put on your cute outfit.

“Nervous?” Wyatt asks seeing you fiddle with your thumbs. You nod

“You’ll do great. Plus, there’s more of us so you won’t have to do too much talking” he says placing his hand on your shoulder

“Thanks Wy”

“Let’s give a warm welcome to the cast of the new movie, It!” the interviewer says and you all walk out to the stage. You walk over to the assigned seat that the producer told you to sit. The lineup went Sophia, Jaeden, Wyatt, You, Finn, Jack, Chosen and Jeremy

Don’t trip don’t trip don’t trip

We sit down and the cameras point at us signaling the end of the commercial break,

“Welcome back to (whatever) I’m here with the cast of Stephen King’s new adaptation of IT. Alright so we have so many questions for you guys” the interviewer says as the audience quiets down.

“However, we only have a short period of time with you. So, I decided to play a little game” she says. The producers handed us signs with the words, “I have” written on them.

“So I’ve given the cast signs that say ‘I have’ on them. We are going to play Never Have I Ever. I’ll read something from my notecard and if someone has done it, they have to raise their sign. If someone has not, they leave their sign down” we all collectively nod signifying that we understand and she reads the first card,

“Never have I ever made another cast member cry”

I hold my sign up remembering when I pulled out one of Finn’s leg hairs to see what he’d do. Finn, Wyatt, and Jaeden hold theirs up also,

“Does making someone cry from laughter, because you’re really funny count?” Jack asks

“Yes” the interviewer says chuckling. So Jack throws his sign up

“Next” she says flipping her card, “Never have I ever flirted with a fan”

Everyone’s sign stays down but mine slowly creeps up,

“Really?” the interviewer asks. I nod,

“Tell us about it”

I take a big gulp and tell my story, “Well he asked for an autograph and my number so I just gave it to him”

“Did he ever call?”

“Uhhhh no I lost my phone later that day and had to get a new phone and number so that didn’t go too far” the interviewer and the audience chuckle.

I look at Wyatt next to me giving him a, “Look I didn’t fuck up!!!”  look of pride. But he looks PISSED. He had a resting bitch face sometimes but this was different, he looked genuinely angry. You couldn’t figure out why though. It wasn’t like you two were dating.

I mean sure we two play love interests in the movie

We may even have a kissing scene

Also you may or may not have kissed him in preparation for this scene

But can you blame me?? Look at him!

It’s not like it was a big deal. We were just practicing our lines and when we got to the kiss he actually kissed me.

I felt fireworks and explosions but after we pulled apart he said nothing. He had no words. So it’s not like he likes me??

The interviewer continues with the game pulling you from your thoughts,

“Never have I ever had a crush on a cast member” you look around seeing Wyatt and Finn’s signs go up so you decide to throw yours up too. Might as well tell the truth, after that kiss you were crushing on Wyatt hard core.

“Do tell” the interviewer says

“I actually had a crush on Y/N when I first saw her” Finn says, “It was a little one, I just thought she was pretty”

“Thanks Finny” you say winking at him. You two always joked around with each other but you never saw him as anything more than a best friend.

You look over at Wyatt hoping he’ll confess next. He says absolutely nothing. He just looks angry beyond belief so the interviewer decides not to ask him, and instead move to the last card,

“Never have I ever kissed another cast member off scene”

Oh shit

Do I raise it?

I don’t want to embarrass Wyatt

He probably wants no one to know

Wyatt’s sign shoots up in the air so quick the audience could hear it from the back. The entire cast looks at him wide eyed and waits for next sign to go up. I slowly creep mine up and everyone’s jaw drops,

“Wait what the?? When did??” Jack begins

“Alright well that’s all the time we have for you today folks! See you next time!”

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could you recommend the filthiest yoonkook fics you’ve read? 😶

罪人 (for i have sinned) by minyocngi (1/1 | E | 3,231)

jungkook tastes faintly of peppermint, and yoongi tastes guilt on his tongue. but he doesn’t hope for redemption.

game changer by markerlimes (sunmi) (1/1 | E | 7,166)

Yoongi’s partly bored, partly turned on, but deep down they all want to know how depraved this game will have to get until Jungkook spits that water back out and surrenders.

(alternatively- They go home and finish the game.)

change your mind by florets (1/1 | M | 4,240)

jungkook works at a sex shop but is too embarrassed to even look at most of the merchandise (even after he buys it). yoongi decides to do something about it.

니 목소릴 (Your Voice) | YSSB Drabbles byTheHalesNyx (7/? | NR | 15,793)

a helping hand by asterismos (1/1 | E | 3,293 )

Jungkook really likes the way he looks in a skirt. So does Yoongi.

or: i can’t stop writing yoonkook

Prompts by pornographicpenguin (4/? | E | 7,162)

“ifff its okay i’d like to ask for yoonkook with Dom kook and sub yoongi:0”

But I Want It Anyway by marchdahlia (1/1 | E | 10,590)

It usually takes quite a lot to wake Yoongi up; think house on fire, dying friend, end of the world, that sort of thing. So when he is reluctantly dragged from the comfort of a deep, dreamless sleep one night, he’s all kinds of furious and confused.

aka: one of the members jacks it in the shower instead of biting their hand and doing it under the covers like a normal person and it’s all downhill from there for Min Yoongi

what i am to you by numajiri (1/1 | E | 6,941)

jungkook has always been yoongi’s muse in the worsts of ways.

Pygmalion by XiaoMaoBao (4/4 | E | 15,363)

Whatever Jungkook and Yoongi have going on, they’re gonna have to DTR eventually.

once upon a time, i was all alone bypeachtae (1/1 | E | 3,454)

yoongi ❤︎:

entertain yourself

and jungkook. jungkook pauses at the words, mulling over them.

feels a wicked grin slowly spread across his face, mind doing a one-eighty. there’s an idea.

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please just know that it's really really difficult for some people to understand sexuality and gender so please don't take people misunderstanding and attempts to rationalize personally. calmly explain to people what your situation is, otherwise people will never understand and will just judge you if you take things personally.

hi, I have answered all my asks calmly but people are taking advantage of it to misgender me and that is not okay. it is not my job to educate people just because I am not cishet. furthermore, this part of your ask

calmly explain to people what your situation is, otherwise people will never understand and will just judge you if you take things personally.

is toxic as people don’t really have a right to ask about my gender/sexuality so them judging me is not my fault. I don’t owe anyone an explanation of who I am since all that matters is if I am happy with myself

anonymous asked:

I think I might be ftm but how do I know if the way I feel is actually how cis girls feel or how cis guys feel? Calling myself a girl just doesnt feel right. Also, does it make a difference if I like dresses/long hair/feminine things? I feel dysphoria, for sure, but I'm getting a little stressed about this. Thank you for your time, I'm sorry to be a bother.

Kii says:

There is no one way that all girls feel and no one way that all guys feel. If you ask 100 guys why they know they’re guys, you’ll probably get a wide variety of answers. Here’s a page that might be helpful to you.

You don’t have to have dysphoria to be trans, and yes, guys can have long hair, wear dresses. etc and still be guys.

Would you bed your sister, Jon Snow?


I remember waaaaay back then when I wasn’t a Jonsa shipper yet, I first read this part and I was like “Jon fucking Snow, what kind of answer is that, boi?”

Ygritte was like “oh, gross”. And Jon be like “Nah, incest is just okey. Nothing really terrible about it”.

What I like the most about this moment is that Ygritte specifically asks about bedding a sister. I mean she could have said anything, any other relative but she said sister. That’s hoe GRRM does foreshadowing.

Jon’s chapters have so many references about siblings marriage. I wish I had the time to compare if Daenerys’s chapters have more than his. 🤔

Pregnancy Series #2: Finding Out (Kassius Ohno, Mustafa Ali, Kalisto, Sheamus, Corey Graves)

Pregnancy Series #2: Finding Out (Kassius Ohno, Mustafa Ali, Kalisto, Sheamus, Corey Graves)

Kassius Ohno:
You and Kassius have been trying to start your family for a few months now. You were wanting to give up trying because all the pregnancy tests came out negative. Tears filled your eyes as you were waiting for the result of the pregnancy test you just took. If this was negative, you were done trying. There are other ways to have a family anyway.
“Are you okay? Are you pregnant?” Kassius asked from the other side of the door. “I don’t know if I am or not.” You answered.  
Just as you said that, the timer went off. You took a deep breath before picking up the pregnancy test. You broke down in happy tears when you saw those two lines. You were finally pregnant. 

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I’m so excited that we have so many new guests joining us for our endless party! More than one hundred lost individuals have discovered a true Paradise here at MintEye, and we plan to continue our mission to help even more!

As a little celebration, I have put together a fun list to help our new members get to know us! And maybe some of these questions will ease the tension that others may feel, who have their reservations about joining us here.

Please send in one of the keywords to ask that member a question. As the questions are asked and answered, I will be crossing them off. We will leave this open until all questions have been gone through!

Since I know many of you want to talk to us, it would be wonderful if you could limit your questions to one per ask/asker, in order to give others a chance to talk with us! We want to make sure everyone feels welcomed here. Here are the prompts that were put together by our members! (Thank you to these individuals for creating the original lists that we chose from: themechanicalgarden, peachisty, and kaijohs.)


Incense: List your three favorite scents.
Vinyl: What is some of your favorite music?
Sealing Wax: Have you ever received a letter or written one to someone else?
Silk Sheets: Any ways you treat or spoil yourself?
Polaroid: Post a picture that makes you feel good about yourself.
Poetry: If you have one, name a favorite book or poem.
Felines: Something that makes you feel better after a hard day?
Lace: Your favorite things to wear?
The Moon: What’s your favorite thing to do at night?
Rainstorms: What helps you fall asleep?


Bleeding Heart: What makes your heart go mushy?
Daffodil: What is one plant that you want to have but can never get?

Calla Lily: Are you more of a sunny day or a rainy evening?
Daisy: What is your favorite flavor of cotton candy, ice cream, and juice?
Painter’s Palette: Are you more of a singer, dancer, painter, or instrumentalist?
Goldenrod: Are you more of a baker or a cook?
September Flower: Are you more of a sunshine or sunset person?
Marigold: What’s your favorite tea?
Hyacinth: Do you name your plants?
Dandelion: Any special talent that you have?


Mint Chocolate Chip: Indoors or outdoors?
Cookie Dough: Do you play any instruments?
Bubblegum: Books or movies?
Mocha: Ideal weather conditions?
Neapolitan: Things that stress you out?
Raspberry Truffle: Favorite kind of music?
Dark Chocolate: Turn ons?
Fudge: Turn offs?
Cherry: Do you drink tea or coffee?
Cappuccino Crunch: Do you take naps?

We hope everyone enjoys our first little event!

anonymous asked:

How do you hide it from your family?

i’m still big so my family don’t know how restrictive i am.
sometimes my mom says she worries i don’t eat enough, and then asks me what i had for breakfast/lunch/dinner. i used to freeze up and say that i didn’t remember, but now i learned to either exaggerate what i did eat or make something up ahead of time so i have an answer to go to.

good luck, be safe, and be kind to yourself. ☺️

ladyoftheshrimp  asked:

You posted the GIF of Newt giving up Pickette and wiping his nose/eyes in despair. Unfortunately my cold little heart could only think “use a tissue you heathen, not your coat sleeve” and now all I can think of if Percival telling little Newt that (in perhaps a gentler manner).

Well… You did ask for it, Percy.

- - - - - - - - -


Don’t scold me but I must confess that… I do use my clothes to wipe my eyes/nose too ; w ;

anonymous asked:

Hello! how would the 2p Face fam (+ 1p France) react to an s/o that is an introvert that can only handle so much social interaction? like she can go out on the town or even enjoy a party every now and then, but if not given time to recharge, she will ignore people and if pushed, can even get a bit testy? (I don't mean to come off as a jerk, but I really can't handle to much people)

Haha so I thought I would do this one alone, then I saw 1pFrance, so Admin Sarah had to help out! Hope this answers your ask! -Admin Jay

France: “Do you want to go out with me?..Non?..”
Francis…wouldn’t be fond of that. He is a social butterfly. He loves to being social. He will be walking down the street and start talking to a stranger, or loves to go out dancing in public…So having an s/o who is an introvert would sometimes rain on his parade…Especially if they sometimes ignored him or got testy. Sometimes Francis would feel like their relationship is on thin ice sometimes.

2p France: “I’m going to the bar.”
Francois doesn’t like parties unless there is alcohol and many people don’t mess with him. So he would kinda get his s/o, but he isn’t introverted, he just doesn’t like people. He would go out with them when they were able, but if they couldn’t he would still go out anyways. He enjoys going to his dive bar, but also drinks at home. It depends on his mood. He wouldn’t care if they got testy since he can just go out to drink on his own, and he prefers drinking alone anyways.

2p America: “Whatever sugar, I’m going out.”
Allen is a wild child, he loves to party and go out. So if there were times his s/o didn’t want to go out he would either make them the designated driver or leave them home. He has a front to keep up when he is out there, and he won’t let anyone get in his way of a good time. So if they got testy, he would fight right back. Allen doesn’t let anything ruin a party for him, since when he is out there, he is a king. 

2p Canada: “We live in the middle of nowhere.”
Matt himself is a sort of introvert…more like hermit in the woods with a killer polar bear, but close enough. He doesn’t like dealing with people or parties really, unless Allen drags him to one, but that is rare. So he wouldn’t care if his s/o is an introvert. It would really suit their lifestyle just fine. 

2p England: “Oh, that’s okay, we can still bake at home!”
Oliver would be a little sad at times that they didn’t want to go out, but he would always remember that baking is an at home activity. So he would love to bake with them to help them recharge, or they could cuddle, or watch a movie! He would be able to think of 101 ways they can recharge and still have a good time.