and i have all week to do this so look forward to it

How would she have known that this is where her life was gonna go?
A couple of weeks ago she didn’t even know that vampires existed. A myth made by people who didn’t know better. But then she met him. The monster that did this to her.

At the time she thought that he was just a gross creep, until he bared his fangs and dug them into her throat. Even after that she didn’t believe it, she was in denial until this day.

Vampires, how absurd. But the signs just kept piling up. Her appearance changed all so slightly but enough to notice. Her senses sharpened, especially at night and the rising sun was not something she looked forward to anymore. It stung and made her tired. But there was something else.


At the beginning she, of course like everything else, didn’t know what was wrong.
Until one of her classmates cut her finger. And she smelled it, her heart beat faster and she wanted nothing more than to dig her teeth into her.

Disgusting. Melanie was disgusted.
She tried ignoring the feeling but as time went on it only got worse.
She remembers that she was walking home, it was the winter time so the sun had already started to set. Melanie had been more aware of her surroundings since the last time she went home that late.
She saw something in the corner of her eye .And there it was. A dog ! Melanie looked around. Where was it’s owner? She went towards it and kneeled down , calling it. She looked at the tag of that dog and then it came back. The feeling . The feeling ,that she hated so much. And this time she didn’t refuse it.

That was what she was. This was not normal, she didn’t want this. she wanted to move and start anew, without the taunts and loneliness. But now it seemed it would all start again. She did not fit in back then and she would certainly not fit in now. Not such a long time ago  when she punched that man, that creature , in the face she was happy that she got away alive. But now she wished that she didn’t.
This entire situation seemed so unreal. How could she? She just killed something and she knew she would have to do this again.
She looked in the mirror and saw her blood stained face.
Melanie prided herself for being strong, but this time she couldn’t be.

She never asked for this


more white locks featuring cl0uds wow spectacular

these r not mine btw just edits!! i’ll make original ones soon (including color swatches !!) it’s just that my exams start in like. a week’s time soo yea lol. at any rate i’ll be working on requests (…those that are interesting/doable at least) once my exams end in 2 weeks time so LOOK FORWARD!!! cos i am. hope everyone is doing well ~ positivity is good for ur health!!!!! u can do it ✨ make the most of ur little life

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Mp100 Valentine’s Week
Day 8 Prompt: Confession/First Kiss

So i couldn’t pick just ONE of my otps from this show so i did all of them. This is pretty much my personal headcannon for how each confession would go down. For Terumob, Teru would probably say something first but Mob wouldnt take it like that and just take it as a compliment until time later where hes like oh! For Ritshou its like. . .Shou says it casually all the time and Ritsu of course feels the same way but just doesn’t say it till he feels like its the right time. Serirei would totally be something where either Reigen slips up and says it or Serizawa makes a big confession about it

Anyway I had tons of fun doing this even though i didnt have time to do anything serious so you guys had to just see my crappy notebook doodles. I look forward to something like this in the future ✌✌


Hey there everyone! I’m happy to announce an upcoming Sombra/Symmetra appreciation week! (symbra appears to be the prevailing name so far)

It will run December 11-18 and will have 8 prompts throughout the event.

The Prompts are as follows:

Day 1: First Date

Day 2: Flowers

Day 3: Fantasy AU

Day 4: Alternate Time Period

Day 5: Angst

Day 6: Forgiveness

Day 7: Celebration

Day 8 (optional): nsfw 

All mediums are welcome! (art, gifs, fics, etc.) 

This is my first time creating an event like this so I look forward to seeing what everyone does! I have contacted the @symbraweek blog and they have given clearance to place all products from this prompt list in the symbraweek tag!

**For all of these prompts, I just want to say that Sombra taking control of Satya’s arm and forcing her to do anything/move against her will is representative of a non-consensual situation and I won’t put anything like that on this blog.

Have fun! And message if you have any questions!

My Grimspiration #2

A Peak Inside My Grimoire

It’s been a while since I have gotten to work on my grimoire. Partly because everything I was planning to put in it is saved on my computer and it was getting repaired all of last week. But have no fear, I’m back and ready to work on it more in the coming weeks.

I created a list of rules for myself to follow as I continue on with my practice and so that I know what I can and cannot do. It will help keep me on track and safe as I move forward and begin learning more and trying out new spells.

I then included the wheel of the year because I want to make an effort to start celebrating of the witchy holidays. I found this one of Google Images and I liked the set up of it. It has the astrological signs as an added bonus. I put it on some scrapbook paper that looks like wood because it looked awesome and would help me tie in nature a little more in my book.

Hopefully you enjoyed seeing my grimoire and that you’re inspired with ideas for your own! If you have any questions or want help with your own grimoire, feel free to ask! 


So 2016 will last only a few days and now I’m trying to get my sh*t together. I’ve had a short phase of anxiety because I was so overwhelmed by all the events, deadlines, tasks etc. I still have to do in a short time of about two weeks, but now I’m creating a work-progress-sheet and the panic is decreasing😌 so at least I started working on my bachelor thesis.

I’m also looking forward to 2017, so I did a NY-page 🤗 hope you all have a nice 2017 🎆🎉🎀

Special thanks to @pilotbites for letting me use her art for the thumbnail!

“All I need is a boy!” Marinette said, holding up the onesie towards the ceiling. She had been working on Chat’s Christmas present for about a week now and was looking forward to surprising him. She knew he’d be ecstatic for a handmade, black onesie with cat ears and a matching tail.

“Who do you have in mind?” Tikki asked, flying up to sit on her shoulder.

“I dunno… maybe Nino?”

“You could ask Adrien.”

“What? No! Don’t be silly!”

“He’s about his height, don’t you think?”

Marinette took a moment to think it over. “I guess so,” she said.

“Here you go!” Tikki said, handing her the phone.

“What is this?” She asked, as her kwami pushed the phone up to her ear.

“I dialed Adrien. It should be ringing now.”

“You wHAT?!” Marinette exclaimed.

“Hello?” A voice from the phone melted into her ear.

“A-A-Adrien! Hello! Hey! Hi there!”

“Hey, Marinette. What’s going on?” Adrien asked.

“So, I, um, made something that I want you to try on.”

“Try on? Like, model? What is it?”

“…A Chat Noir onesie.”

Marinette held her breath as the line went silent. “I’ll be right over,” he said a few moments later.

“So?” Tikki asked, watching Marinette hang up the phone.

“…He’s on his way,” Marinette whispered, horrified at what just happened but also slightly excited.

“That’s wonderful!” Tikki exclaimed, flying over to the desk to organize it. “You should wear yours!”

“No! That’s… too embarrassing,” she said, blushing.

“It would make a great excuse for a picture together. A selfie, perhaps?”

Marinette felt her face burn as she imagined Adrien pulling her in close to take a selfie. Perhaps this wasn’t a bad thing at all. “Well,” she said, “If you’re cleaning the desk then I’ll start on the left side of the room and work my way over to you.”

Tikki smiled but said nothing as they worked together in silence. About a half an hour later Adrien was standing in her bedroom, looking around at his surroundings.

“So? Are you a fan of Chat Noir then, Marinette?” He asked. A wide grin spread across his face.

“It’s a present for… someone I know,” She blushed, trying to push out thoughts of her partner while her crush was standing in the same room.

“Really? Who?” He asked, his smile disappearing into a firm line as he cocked his head to the side.

“Oh, don’t worry about it,” she said. Marinette walked over to her table and unfolded the onesie. “Here you go! You should be able to slip it over your clothes!”

“Oh, okay. Sure!” He took it from her and stepped into it, buttoning it all the way up to the collar. “This is… really cozy!” He started to stretch to see how it fit and was soon dancing across the room.

“That’s a relief to hear. You’re about his size, so I wanted to make sure it wasn’t too big or too small.”

“It’s a shame it’s for someone else. I’d totally buy it from you if it wasn’t!”

“Oh, that’s funny,” Marinette chuckled, immediately putting it on her mental to-do list.

“Wait, what’s this?” He asked, picking up a bundle of red cloth.

“That’s-!” Marinette stretched out her hand to stop him, but it was too late. Her own ladybug onesie unraveled in front of him, helping her face to match the same shade of red as the material she used.

“A ladybug onesie!” Adrien exclaimed in excitement. “You made a set? Marinette, that’s awesome!”

“I, um, uh…”

“Hey, you should put it on! We’d be a matching set!”

Marinette opened her mouth to protest but remembered what Tikki said about a selfie together. “Well,” she said, taking it from his outstretched hand and pulling it over her jeans. “If you insist…”

“It’s adorable!” He grinned, whipping out his phone, “We should take a selfie!”

Marinette could hear her heart pounding in her ears as he put one arm around her shoulder and raised the camera high with the other. She was afraid that she’d blink or do something else to look silly when the floorboard opened and her mother popped up with a plate of baked goods.

“Are you hungry?” Her mother asked.

“Mom!” Marinette exclaimed.

“Why, I would love some, Mrs. Dupain-Cheng! Thank you!” Adrien said eagerly, abandoning his position by Marinette’s side for homemade sustenance.

Marinette groaned to herself, noting that Adrien hadn’t taken a photo. “If you’d like,” her mother said, “I just got the Blu-ray of Mulan. You and Marinette can watch it downstairs together while you eat.”

Adrien’s face lit up and he turned to Marinette to give an okay. She nodded shyly and he turned back to her mother, his face revealing his answer without saying a word.

“All right,” Mrs. Dupain-Cheng said. “Take your little pajama party downstairs then.”

“Thank you so much!” Adrien said.

“Yeah, Mom,” Marinette said, suddenly grateful for her mother’s interference. “Thank you.”

“Anytime dear,” her mother winked, smiling at her knowingly. “Anytime.”


Fanfic requests are currently: OPEN
Have an idea for a fanfic? Send it my way and I’ll give it a go!

Day 21: One Way to Propose

Day 21! Three weeks straight of stories! So much cleaning to do in my home tonight! I threw this piece together fairly quickly, please excuse any awful errors I may have made, I haven’t re-read it in the slightest.

Steve’s soulmark was always a little odd. It’s a good thing Bucky got one just as strange, so they could look forward to meeting their third together.
Darcy just doesn’t want to face the relatives probing questions about her still single status.

Word Count: 1512

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Thank You All

Hey guys, guess you know what time it is!

I’ve been with this community for a while now, and every year Extra Life is something I look forward to. It’s like a family reunion I never get to have. And you guys are the only ones with any idea how excited I can get. This past week has been probably the worst one I’ve had all year, maybe in the last few years. I had one awful thing after another thrown at me with no room to take it in…

Almost $900,000… That’s fucking incredible. I’m SO PROUD of all of you. Even though I don’t work there, I feel like I understand how RT feels when they look at you guys and see all the incredible things you do. The impossible things you can make happen. I don’t work there, but I swear I can feel Jack and Caiti’s pride going from me straight to you guys when I look at all of you on here or meet you in person. 

You guys are fucking amazing, and after doing two 24 hour livestreams, I am convinced even more there isn’t a thing you can’t do

Love you all,


Spreads from the last days of November to the first full week of December 🥂

I haven’t posted (and done) spreads in 2 weeks since I’ve been so busy with finals - but at last that’s all set and done. I missed the almost therapeutic artistic outlet that doing these spreads provide for me so I’m happy that I get to have time to get back into it again. I’ve been obsessed with calligraphy instagram accounts lately and you can probably see it.

I’ve also started to think about what I’ll be doing for 2017’s bujo - new layouts, trackers, etc. So that’s another thing to look forward to.

HERE IT IS. AT LAST. I have been slaving away over this for the past week because I am horribly slow at digital inking, but this was one of those times where I kinda wanted the practice? ANYWAY. 

This is my thanks for the cool people of Riskbreakers for doing the RP thing with me, and letting Goober finally be free from those dumb Garleans.

Story behind it: Gaufrier’s been under the loving totally awful Garlean army as a captive as they try to develop some sort of Aether Supressor Thing. Jenesis got a bunch of people together to assault Castrum to finally free him!

TL;DR, I got to use my Echo power to give em one last push against the bad guy and their Device and it was REALLY EPIC AND I HAD A LOT OF FUN OKAY.

…so I had to put it into a drawing, cause that’s what I do.

So thank y’all for giving me an RP outlet, and I look forward to doing more with you! <3 

…now it’s onto those other doodles I wanted to do finally.


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ENTERTAINMENT WEEKLY: Such fascinating talk this week at both Tribal Councils about the need to make big moves to pad your résumé, but then also how those big moves then make you an immediate target. So how, as a player moving forward in future seasons, do you avoid that deadly catch-22?

JEFF PROBST: You don’t. You wanna win? You have to stand up and play. If you look at a list of the most recent winners: Jeremy Collins, Mike Holloway, Natalie Anderson, Tony Vlachos, Tyson Apostol, John Cochran, Denise Stapley, Kim Spradlin — all of them were game changers. They were willing to make risky moves to further their game. Sometimes it pays off, sometimes it doesn’t. Your question is the one that messes everybody up — you can’t be the best player if you’re not playing. I’m not saying you can’t win by playing a somewhat quiet game — Michelle did that last season — but the overwhelming majority of recent winners have earned their votes by playing hard. Next question.

Aaaaaaand of course Jeff Probst is still so salty that WINCHELE won.

imusuallyobsessed  asked:

"Sportsmanlike Conduct" Christmas party with all of Oliver's little hockey students and Felicity is either super pregnant or about to tell Oliver later that night that they're gonna be parents. Or both!

If you haven’t read Sportsmanlike Conduct, my Hockey AU, you can check it out here (there’s super major spoilers for the story in this little one-shot, so just a heads up if you do want to read the whole story, I would do it before clicking the read more on this). For some context, this scene is set in between the original epilogue and the extended epilogue :) 

“For the last time, we’re not cancelling the holiday party and you’re not skipping out on it. The kids have been looking forward to this for weeks now. My due date is not for another four days and she’s going to be late anyway, I can tell.”

Felicity tugged her sweater down over her full, round belly and frowned at her reflection in the mirror.

Hopefully not too late though… I can’t take too many more days of being this huge.

“Oh you can tell?” Oliver echoed teasingly, coming up behind her and wrapping his arms around her to rest his hands on her stomach and eliciting a kick from their daughter. “She seems pretty impatient to me.”

“Laurel said she could tell that Rebecca was going to be late, and she was,” Felicity pointed out. “Besides, my mom isn’t getting here for another two days so she needs to at least wait until then to make her arrival.”

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Nothing more enjoyable than a 9 hour library session 😒 want to be properly prepared for my Algebra and Combinatorics exam tomorrow though, and I’m going over everything in detail so I can be prepared? At least my housemates are in the library too, the last week of term just means deadlines and essays, but we’re having a mini Christmas on Friday before we all go back to parents houses so I’ve got that to look forward to! It doesn’t feel like December when all you’re thinking about is the work that you’ve got to do 📝📓


I actually reached this when I was going through my move and wasn’t really on tumblr for a while. Since I was moving, getting settled in, dealing with school, and not having internet for about two weeks I didn’t really have the time to actually notify you people on this accomplishment.

I never really thought I would get this many followers and meet so many great people. So… I guess I’ll give out a lot- some shout outs to some people out there below the cut because it’s kind of long.

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for all of you looking forward (or dreading haha) a college decision in the upcoming weeks:
everything falls into place. i promise. if you get in, great! if you don’t, also great! whatever college you’re hoping to get into will have its own set of opportunities, but there’s also a multitude of them at any other college. if you’re the type of person that’s active on appblr, you’re likely super ambitious and hard-working as is. you’re going to do amazing at whatever college you end up in, and there is no final say. one email from a college is not going to overturn your life.
personally, i didn’t get into my dream college, and i’m so fucking glad i didn’t. i love my college, i love studying here, i love living here, i love everything about my life right now, and it’s nowhere near the life i was imagining for myself this time last year. stay strong! i wish you good luck, with or without that acceptance letter


Originally posted by jayfatuasian

Jay watched from his position on your shared bed as you bustled about the room. He’d been in that same spot for almost an hour now, watching you get ready for a night out with your friends. And as entertaining as it was, he couldn’t help but want to stop you.

You’d been looking forward to this girl’s night for weeks. It was rare that all of your friends had schedules that allowed for you to get together. But it was also rare for Jay to have a night off.

However, as his night off was followed by a day off, you didn’t feel so horrible.

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Question for my followers

First of all, O M G. I am so grateful to all of you for being so great and asking so many really fantastic questions. This has been a great week so far and I’m looking forward to continuing this blog for a long time to come.

I hope that you’re finding my answers useful. I’m still working through how much to blather on and how technical to get. If you have follow up questions, please let me know, and also I love it best when you tell me about your stories and characters when you ask your questions, so keep that up!

OK, on to the question for YOU.

I have had a couple of people ask me questions about law enforcement, and I have turned down some of those questions, but I am wondering if you would like me to do a special interview of a police officer. I do know one (and can probably track down someone else to ask questions of if he’s not willing to be interviewed). If I do this, I would like to have a bank of questions to ask, so is this something that you would like me to do? If so, please send me your police and law enforcement asks! I will save them up and answer a bunch at once.

If you have feedback or suggestions, please leave comments to this post if you can, or send me an ask.

Also, is there anyone else you’d like me to interview? Judges and social workers immediately come to mind based on the questions I’ve had.

Onwards to 2017!!

H-hey everyone!! So sorry I’ve been really inactive. My work has been making me pull 6-7 day work weeks because of the holidays and now I’ve been enjoying a little rest hehe ;;;

I’ve been working on content I can’t post (for work, and for commissions), but I’ve got some holiday time now so I’m looking forward to uploading some things soon!!

For me 2016 was a pretty mixed bag of a year, but I feel like 2017 could be much better if I do my best to work hard!!

Let’s all have fun in the new year!!

chatonmortelle  asked:

I have just recently had the delightful pleasure of finding your words. I would just like to mention how incredibly wonderful it is to finally find a place not filled with people who have no business calling themselves a Dominant, let alone a Daddy. I appreciate the time and effort you put into your responses. I have only in the last few weeks discovered Tumblr and so am new to all this, so please excuse my awkwardness. I look forward to reading more of your thoughts. Merci :)

Being genuine is something that is often passed over or discounted these days within our community. Technology and the changing age has paved the way for laziness and complacency to the point where we just simply dont even try any more. It makes me sad…. 

So I just do my best to serve a much needed purpose and fill the gaps for those who are lost, hurting and in need of proper education. I dont do it for accolades, nor to inflate my ego.. believe me, I am narcissistic enough and the amount of personal restraint that I operate with everyday is often very exhausting.

I do it because… well… its the same as my answer when someone asks me what the best part of being a daddy is.

The best part is being able to watch your little grow, flourish and become something better than she was the day before. 

That should be the ultimate purpose, and when it comes down to it… sex is the least important thing in DD/lg. Its fun and a great accessory to the relationship, but in reality those of us who are genuine are most commonly broken… we need each other, we need to feel loved and like we are a part of something bigger than we know. We are a special breed of people cut apart from the general norms and socially accepted. 

I commonly hear stories about those who never understood themselves until they found me… and it takes me back to my freshman year of college when I too was “found”… when one conversation unlocked a very deep door inside of me and my true self became awakened. I want that for everyone… and I want everyone to realize how important it is to embrace that true person that exists within and nurture and grow them.

A life half lived is a life fully wasted. 

Ive updated my master list of things, enjoy using up your day to grow and ponder over them.. .and thank you for being you.