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hey there, i'm writing an essay about how destiel is real for a friend of mine and I was wondering what you think the most important pieces of meta that i should put in? can you recommend anything?

Hi - wow, that’s some dedication. All I did for my friends was send them some links - and, on one memorable occasion, I spent one entire 30 minutes conversation occasionally glancing at my (female&blinded by heteronormativity) friend’s lips instead of looking at her eyes, and by the end of it she was uncomfortable af and half convinced I was into her, and that’s when I presented her with a list of gifsets like -

- and basically dropped my mic and sashayed out.

(Man, I wish my hair was long enough to be flicked back.)

She changed her mind after that, by the way. And it’s really weird how most behaviours and gestures are used on screen precisely because we understand them as human things we all do on a deep level, and yet we’re suddenly unable to figure out what they mean if they’re not about a man and a woman. Uh.

(That applies to me as well, by the way. We see what we know about, not what is actually there, and that’s just inevitable - but can be unlearned, with some patience and many, many mistakes.)

Anyway, here are a bunch of things - I hope they’re useful.

Also, the entire S8, which was basically a demented Jane Eyre AU, and the entire S11, because, again, that Amara thing didn’t make sense without Destiel subtext, and finally @deanswingsbothways’ drunken rant (spoiler: contains the line “Destiel is not a story we are telling each other. Destiel is a story we are being told.” and bless).

You should also consider pimping your essay a bit, because there are a lot of posts and gifsets about how Destiel is regularly paralleled with canon couples on Supernatural, or follows the same rules as romantic relationships in movies. Here’s a bunch of them: Destiel and Sam/JessDestiel vs Dean/AnnaDestiel vs Sam/Amelia, Destiel vs David/VioletDestiel and Spuffy, Destiel and Clexa, Destiel and Phoebe/ColeDestiel vs Charlie/Gilda, Destiel vs every other couple on SupernaturalDestiel and Lucifer having funDestiel and romantic movies, Destiel and the Doctor, Destiel and Belle/Rumplestiltskin, Destiel and Tangled, Destiel and Saileen, and, of course, the beautiful and despairing trainwreck that was Repo Man.

And finally, there was that one time I went crazy and spent an entire weekend mapping every single love trope they’ve ever used around those two idiots in love, because I was just that fed up and the thing’s there, okay, and the more they say it’s not the more layers of tropes and mirrors and longing glances and narrative parallels they keep slathering on top of this thing, so, whatever and who even knows. At this point, you’re free to say it’ll never go canon because they’re homophobic or assume their audience is homophobic, and you’re free to say it’ll never go canon because of internal narrative reasons (God knows both Dean and Cas are never going to believe they’re actually good enough for each other), but to say there’s nothing there at all - that’s beyond whatever.

Anyway, my post is here, and these were the final conclusions:

As you may have guessed, this is something I’m sort of interested in - I came for the monsters and started to reblog stuff out of spite when I realized I was being treated like a crazy fangirl who sees love everywhere because women (right). If you’re looking for more sugary goodness, I tag stuff as destiel, spn meta (my own opinions), awesome meta (other people’s opinions), love tropes and parallels, and you can also have a look at some excellent meta writers who have eyes and therefore see Destiel and sometimes discuss it - people like @elizabethrobertajones​, @grey2510​, @tinkdw​, @bluestar86​, @mittensmorgul​, @floralmotif​, @k-vichan, @treefrogie84, @thevioletcaptain or @postmodernmulticoloredcloak (and I know I’m forgetting someone - that’s what sleeping four hours does to you, sorry). So, again - I know this post is a bit ‘join our cult’ (which is what you asked for, but still), but really - what I like about this fandom is that we can talk about stuff and we can disagree about stuff and still be friends, but this new idea currently spreading in the real world like wildfire - that not only you can have your own opinions (totally legit), but you can also have your own facts - nope. I hope your friend reads your essay (you’re welcome to share it, by the way) and sees that yes, there’s objectively something going on. If they still don’t, the final test is, “What if Cas were a woman? Would you see it then?” 

(And we all know the answer to that question, don’t we?)

Seriously, good luck.

EDIT - More great meta

( @destielisgonnabecanon - you’re welcome! Go win that bet! 😁)

gif/graphic tutorial

i never know what to call these things, but i’m going to show you how to do these 4 different gif effects in photoshop:

you can find the original gifset here. while this tutorial will not have any part about the coloring, and only how to make these different effects, it is really in depth for each and every step (with pictures!). so then hopefully this will be easy to understand even if you’ve never done something like this before. all you’ll really need to know is how to make a gif, and it might be helpful to have an basic understanding of clipping masks. otherwise these aren’t too complicated! this i a really long tutorial so here we go!:

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Cause I’m a pilot anywhere
Cause I’m a pilot anywhere
lighting star shooting star
I’ll give you my Galaxy

A/N: as you all know, or if you don’t know you’re about to find out, hob is my ult. the boy means more to me than he will ever know and i could write a million love stories and they still don’t even halfway express how i feel about him. anyway, y’all did not sign up for these corny confessions so! here’s my hob fic that no one (but my heart) asked for and happy early birthday to the loveliest boy in the whole world

wc: ~2.8K

this is a touch smutty but mostly super super fluffy

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Time After Time: ‘Round Midnight

Summary: If it were up to Dean, he’d never travel through time again. But no matter how many times he bitched about it, his ass always ended up in the past. Chasing after the Greek god of time, Chronos, Dean gets zapped back to 1943, where he shot a Nazi, and met the legendary Steve Rogers and James ‘Bucky’ Barnes.
Characters in this chapter: Dean Winchester, Steve Rogers, Peggy Carter, Howard Stark, Chronos
Characters mentioned: Sam Winchester, Anrim Zola
Word count: 1,609
Warnings: Time travel, canon violence, language, major canon divergence [it’s an AU / crossover folks]
Author’s note: Inspired by this GIFset. Thank you @deansdirtylittlesecretsblog​ [AKA @captain-rogers-beard​] and @climbthatmooselikeatree​ for listening to me babble on end about this. Your patience and help means so much more than you can imagine.

My work is not to be posted on any other sites without my express written permission.


Someone is shaking Dean’s shoulder, that’s what pulls him from sleep. And judging by the vanilla perfume, it’s not Steve. “Stark called just now, said he has something on Zola.”

“That was fast. What’d he say?”

Before Peggy can answer, there’s a knock on the door. “You’re about to find out,” she says as she crosses the room.

“Your guy, Anrim, he’s not just some loan shark. It’s much worse than that.”

“How much worse could it possibly be?” Steve inquires.

Howard’s dark eyes flick to Steve. “Anrim Zola is working with Hydra. Turns out, he’s Red Skull’s right hand man.”

The silence is deafening; a pin dropping would probably shatter everyone’s eardrums. And then, the bubble of silence snaps when Steve lets loose a rageful shout. His hands are balled into fists and the veins in his neck are protruding, pulsing heavily.

Peggy jumps back, hand over her mouth, tears of surprise welling in her eyes. She has never seen Steve so… angry before. Stark wraps an arm around her shoulder, telling her, “It’s alright, doll.”

“Now it makes sense,” Dean groans. “I fuckin’ knew his name, I just couldn’t place it.”

Howard’s brows pull together. “What do you mean?”

“It’s in the fuckin’ comics,” he snaps, raking a hand through his hair, squeezing back of his neck. “I must’a read those things a million times.”

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On Others Knowing

This is a companion piece to On Octavia knowing, and it is inspired partially by this lovely gifset by illgivethattoyou. Thanks to jollyranchercube for the ask :) 

I think that besides Octavia, other characters also pick up on the feelings Bellamy and Clarke have for each other.  


The opening of 1x13, Raven, Finn, Clarke and Bellamy are in the dropship, trying to help Raven. We find that Raven is not allowed to move and Finn engages in a heated argument with Bellamy before leaving to get a stretcher for her.

The camera gets so close-up to the faces of Clarke and Bellamy that for a moment it seems like it’s just there in the room. Clarke gets right close to Bellamy’s face in a fierce bid to get him to join them, because she doesn’t want to leave without him.

In case you haven’t realised Bellarke close-ups are my favourite thing because you literally cannot escape – the focus is so intensely on them. Plus Clarke’s face matching with the tone of her voice. And Bellamy’s expression

But the significance of this scene lies in that it contains the basic elements of what we can now easily identify as the Bellamy and Clarke communication style - Practical, honest, heartfelt and assuring. I know that Raven was in a lot of pain and I’m not sure how much a person in such a bad state could have concentrated on her surroundings. But I think she must’ve caught at least a fraction of what went on above her head. So I’m thinking, Raven got a chance to witness an intimate moment between those two leaders and she knows the result – Bellamy, despite being afraid, defeated and angry, walks out the confines of the camp with the rest.

While I’d never seen that as a particularly romantic scene, I think that can explain why she acts the way she does in 2x05. When she’s outside the tent with Clarke and Clarke spots Bellamy, Raven doesn’t even hesitate before encouraging Clarke to go on ahead. We can read Clarke’s apologetic expression (Raven did stay up the whole night for her), but Raven knows that it’s something that Clarke needs to do.

Then we get to 2x09, where she gets paired up together Octavia, the camera allowing us sufficient time to take in their looks. Raven eyes are trained on Bellamy before she glances over at Clarke. Her expression isn’t as blatant as Octavia’s, but her lips are pressed tightly together as if she’s running through everything in her mind, trying to figure out what exactly she’s witnessing.

Clarke turns and leaves the moment she hands Bellamy the map and I’ll say this only as a speculation – I think she had a hard time telling Bellamy to go. After all, this is the guy that she specifically asked to stay because she felt she couldn’t lose him. The camera closes up on Raven’s face as her lips move in surprise, the look of worry evident on her face as she looks up at Bellamy again. This is the moment that convinced me that Raven at least sensed feelings on Bellamy’s part, if not on Clarke’s as well.

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Bri Amazing Angel!! Think I can speak for everyone to say you have NOTHING to apologize for!! Oh my gosh, that was! Yeah.. feel heat! Awesomeness! Lends so much more to the parts we already have to know that! I'm so glad it wasn't a mistake or something like that, that they both just couldn't resist and were fully aware they wanted/needed each other. And Kate's first time she got made love to from head to toe. Please write a small piece of the first kiss the moment they break, that was too good!

Yes I can definitely do this. First kiss based off of this post and a prequel to my unplanned pregnancy gifset series.

Kate knew that her skin had to be all wrinkled and gross by now but she couldn’t face getting out from beneath the cool spray of water. It was so hot that day and she desperately needed this relief. But then Seth was banging on the door and telling her to “get a move on princess!” and she knew that her momentary reprieve was over. She shuddered and made a disgusted noise when she turned off the water and almost immediately felt the wave of heat and stickiness settle over her.

Kate briefly considered jumping back in the shower but knew that Seth might just knock down the door to take his turn. After wringing out her hair and rubbing herself mostly dry, she wrapped herself in the rough bath towel and secured it beneath her arms before stepping out into the motel room. Despite the fan on the ceiling going as fast as it could, she felt no better and briefly wished that she was alone so she didn’t have to drag clothes on over her sweaty skin.

“All yours,” she grumbled, crossing to her bed.

It was the one furthest from the door. That’s just how they did things.

“Shit,” Kate heard Seth curse.

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Time After Time: Take the A-Train

Summary: If it were up to Dean, he’d never travel through time again. But no matter how many times he bitched about it, his ass always ended up in the past. Chasing after the Greek god of time, Chronos, Dean gets zapped back to 1943, where he shot a Nazi, and met the legendary Steve Rogers and James ‘Bucky’ Barnes.
Characters in this chapter: Dean Winchester, Steve Rogers, Bucky Barnes, Peggy Carter, Anrim Zola
Characters mentioned: Red Skull, Sam Winchester
Word count: 1,454
Warnings: Canon violence, language, angst, major canon divergence [it’s an AU / crossover folks]
Author’s note: Inspired by this GIFset. Thank you @captain-rogers-beard and @climbthatmooselikeatree for listening to me babble on end about this. Your patience and help means so much more than you can imagine.

My work is not to be posted on any other sites without my express written permission.


“What’s happened?” Steve demands, eyes flicking between Dean and Peggy.

“Something came across the wire this morning,” Dean informs Steve. “It’s about Buck.”

It is as if the floor shifts under Steve’s feet. He shoots his hand out, steadying himself against the wall. “Just tell me he’s alive.”

Steve chuckles, more of a scoff really. “You should’a seen him. He was… I don’t know what they did to him, but it was bad.”

“Hey, don’t do that. Don’t think about that. You saved him, and many others. They would have died if you had stayed on the plane instead of jumping off like some kind fool.”

“I still feel like something is going to happen.”

“Because of what Chronos said?”

Steve’s head dips, an embarrassed flush coloring his cheeks. “He’s right, I haven’t been able to stop this war.”

“Listen, war is going to happen no matter how hard anyone tries to stop it; even you. Yeah, you’re Captain America. You’ve got super serum running through your veins, and it’s made you damn near unstoppable. But this,” he waves his hand around the bar that is filled with men wearing every various kinds of army garb, “is always going to happen.”

“What about us?” Peggy asks, slightly annoyed at even the thought of staying behind.

“We are gonna set a fire under Johann Schmidt’s ass,” is the colonel’s arrogant answer. “What do you say, Rogers? It’s your map, you think you can wipe Hydra off of it?”

“Yes, sir. I’ll need a team.”

“We’re already putting together the best men,” the colonel announces.

“With all due respect, sir. So am I.” 

Bucky, Steve, and Dean are standing on a snow-covered mountain, overlooking a set of railroad tracks. They can hear the approaching train, the same one that Zola is supposed to be on.

Bucky leans in so Steve can hear him over the bitter wind. “Remember when I made you ride the Cyclone at Coney Island?”

Chuckling, Steve answers. “Yeah, and I threw up?”

“This isn’t payback, is it?” Bucky asks nervously. Rides at Coney Island are one thing, riding a rope down a mountain onto a moving train is something completely different.

Steve claps his friend on the shoulder. “Now why would I do that?”

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