and i have about zero chances of ever seeing it

mrs-riarkle-sanvers  asked:

The shirt is NO BIG DEAL. It's not offensive, it isn't trashing any actors, it's literally just REAL NEWS headlines about how S2 had some problems, not all of them are about mon*l anyway! If anything, you're making a statement about how feminism was lost this season due to love interests and white bread. Honestly, this is an amazing idea. Go and make a statement!! I support you!!

First of all, thank you so much! I really appreciate the message and the fact that you got exactly what I was trying to do.

And I’m going to use this post to sum up my thoughts on the matter because your ask pretty much nailed everything I wanted to say. I’ve seen a lot of talk about this shirt, both here and on twitter, and I feel like I just need to say one thing…

It’s a t-shirt. It is a t-shirt that just has pictures of article headlines on it that have been written throughout season 2 and one tumblr post (used with permission) about mon*l’s behavior.

That’s it. There is only one use of profanity on it (the word douchebag). There is no nudity or graphic pictures on it. It does not contain offensive content (published criticism about the second season is not offensive). And, as if I would ever do this, there is no bashing of any of the actors on it. Some of the headlines are about mon*l and some are not but the actor is mentioned nowhere on the shirt because it has nothing to do with him and is only about the character.

It is literally just a shirt of season 2 headlines that I decided to make for myself to wear one of the days I’m at comic con. And why did I choose this type of shirt? Because I am really fucking pissed off, to put it mildly.

We lost so many things that I loved in season 1 during season 2. Not to say that there weren’t things I liked (Lena, M’gann, and Cadmus to name some) but overall, where the hell did our fun, hopeful and emotional show that really did try to be feminist disappear to? Where did the real Danvers sisters go? Where are the space family moments? Where did the multiple supportive relationships between women disappear to? Where did Kara’s Kryptonian heritage, rage, and grief go? What was James (the kind, healthy season 1 love interest) doing 90% of the time? Why was Kara Zor-El isolated from all the support systems she had in season 1? Why did season 2 feel like a different show that wasn’t really about Supergirl anymore?

The answers are in the articles that all the shirt headlines are from. So I made the shirt and put it up and if others also want the shirt because they, too, are frustrated and hurt by the path season 2 took, then sure.

It is literally just a way for me to deal with a disappointing season of Supergirl, a season that did its best to not be about Supergirl and instead focus on mon*l. A season that took all sorts of red flag behaviors and tried to make them romantic.

And I saw comments that said why don’t I try a positive approach and focus on what I liked? Why not some pro supercorp shirts? And if things were better and season 2 had gone a very different route, I probably would have done this. But at the same time, doing so would make it feel like all of this negativity about mon*l is purely because of a petty ship war and not because of the very real problems people have with his character. And I love supercorp, but this shirt has absolutely nothing to do with ship preferences. Or actors. It’s just about the very noticeable problems of season 2, many of which do center around a certain character.

That’s literally all it is. Just a shirt with headlines I wanted to wear one day. And side note, there is no way in hell a shirt like this would ever get someone kicked out of a con. Much less SDCC. Have you seen what people wear there? On a scale of 1-10 this is a .5. And to those worried about what the actors might think if they see a shirt that has some criticizing headlines on it, the chances of them seeing it, let alone actually focusing and taking the time to read it in such a chaotic atmosphere is pretty much zero. And if that somehow happens, it’s not even criticizing them.

So if you want to be upset over it, go ahead. But it is nowhere near as upset as I am that my absolute favorite show that got me through some very hard times is now a show where the titular female lead got sidelined in order to focus on a toxic male.

Forbidden Love


Pairing: Klaus x Reader

Summary: Can you do a Klaus imagine were Klaus has to sneak into the readers room at night because her brothers Damon and Stephen are super protective and doesn’t want her near Klaus.

House arrest, that’s what your over-protective, controlling brothers said to you. They were keeping you on freaking house arrest to prevent any interactions with Klaus. You couldn’t believe it, the audacity, the nerve they had to pull something like this.

“Are you kidding me! You can’t keep me here” you shouted at the both of them.

“It wouldn’t have needed to come to this, if you had just listened” Damon replied, pouring himself bourbon.

Damon was the least sympathetic towards this ordeal, Stefan however you could tell felt guilty but Damon was just being a ass about it.

“Don’t think I’ll ever forget this” staring both of them down, mainly Damon before storming off to the confides of your room.

“Do you think we went too far?” Stefan asked.

“Nope brother, she needs to learn that messing around with Klaus has consequences” Damon took a sip and watched as you marched up the stairs.

Slamming the door behind you, the anger was getting to a boiling point. You hated being controlled, the biggest insult of all was neither Damon or Stefan trusted you to let you decide if Klaus was good for you or not. They practically made that choice for you, assuming they knew best just because they held the title ‘big brothers’, what a load of bullshit it all was.

Kicking off your shoes, not caring where they landed you fell on the bed. A shadowy figure caught your eye, panic set in and you took the fireplace poker ready to attack whoever was outside. The figure crept closer the doors, lifting the poker you swung but a hand caught it in mid air.

“Whatever I did love to make you want to hit me with a poker, I sincerely apologize”. Hearing his voice was a sign of relief, dropping the poker down you wrapped your arms around his neck, taking in his scent.

“I sorry I thought you were someone wanting to break in” you breathed into his neck.

Seeing his smile was all that you needed to lighten your mood, “When then I’m going to have to teach you how to swing, cause it needs some improvement” he mocked.

“That would be great, if I ever was allowed to leave or see you for that matter” you sat on the bed, feeling down all over again. This was horrible, a ridiculous decision that your brothers came too all because of their dislike for Klaus.

He dipped the other side and pulled you closer, “What have they done now?” he asked stroking your hair.

“Forbidden me to see you, like they know a thing about our relationship! I mean who are they to tell me what I can and can’t do, when Damon and Stefan have been pinning away for the same women”. You were in full on rant mode and weren’t showing signs of slowly done anytime soon. Standing up, you paced the huge room back and forth while Klaus just sat looking crossed between amused and outraged.

“They continuously talk about how evil you are, and how your going to hurt me. I know who you are better than my brothers and I can’t believe they have confided me to this house, all because they want to show me just how much power they have all due to the fact they’re my family”.

Taking a deep breath you carried forward with the rant, “Klaus I’m going to go insane if I have to stay here for another minute. I can tell Stefan at least has some sympathy, but Damon couldn’t even give a damn”. Letting out a frustrated scream, Klaus instantly appeared by your side.

“Love take a breath, I’m going to fix this” he said with anger.

Klaus marched towards the door, panic again surged through your body. Running after him you placed two hands on his chest.

“Whatever you’re thinking, please Klaus don’t make this worse. If you go down there they’ll know you sneak in to see me. Damon will do something extreme to stop that from happening…please let’s just stay here.”

Pleading with him wasn’t any good, once Klaus had his mind set on a task, goal or action there was little chance in stopping him or changing his mind.  Softly grabbing your face in his hands he spoke, “Trust me Y/N”. With that he left the room, you right behind him knowing this wasn’t going to end well.

You could hear Damon and Stefan in the living most likely discussing you. Klaus had that determined look in his eyes as he turned the corner Damon immediately stood up.

“Gentlemen it has recently come to my attention that the two of you have forbidden Y/N to come see me. Stefan I thought I knew you better than this, denying your own sister a chance at happiness”. You stood to the side, watching all of this unfold.

“I don’t know how you got in here, but I suggest you use the door that’s right behind you and leave” Damon snarled at Klaus.

At this point Stefan stood up, joining his brother in this western type showdown expect they were no guns, but if worse came to worse they would surly be fangs involved.

“Oh I’ll be glad too, but I won’t be leaving alone”.

“What are you talking about?” Stefan spoke for the first time since this argument.

He pointed to you and said, “If you think I’m leaving Y/N here then you two are even more idiotic than I imagined, she’s coming with me”.

Damon stepped forward trying to very hard to intimidate Klaus, “There is no way that is happening”.

They came eye to eye, face to face. Stefan and you shared a look, ready to intercept if things got heated. Klaus face changed to show Damon who he was messing up, and the reverted back.

“Try and stop me” Klaus whispered in a deadly tone.

He turned around and extended his hand to you which you gladly took, “Come on love let’s get out of here”. Damon vamp speed in front of the door, looking hella pissed.

“Take your hand off her or so help me Klaus”.

Klaus smirked and grabbed Damon throwing him across the room. Damon vamp sped towards him again and got in a punch, before Klaus pinned him to the wall. “I’m a hybrid and 1,000 years old it’s going to take more than that to stop me”.

He squeezed his hands around his throat, making it harder for Damon to breath. Stefan’s eyes went wide and used his vampire strength to free Damon.

“Do you really think this is the best way to convince us that we should let Y/N go with you?”, he asked Klaus.

"I don’t care what you and your brother think Stefan, because either way she’s coming with me”.

Damon coughed several times before straightening his posture, “How about we let Y/N decide”.

All eyes turned to you, not liking the fact you were front and center butterflies erupted in your stomach. “If I stay the chances of you and Stefan allowing me to see Klaus is zero. I get you don’t understand my relationship with me, but have I ever judged the two of you for being involve with Elena?”.

Stepping forward in front of Stefan you gave him a light-hearted smile, “Stefan please I know you understand, even if it’s just a little bit. I promise I will be safe and I’ll come back, but right now I want to go with Klaus”.

In the background Klaus was smirking that he won, sadly giving Stefan one last look you let Klaus open the door for you. Damon stepped forward but Stefan stopped him, the two watched as the door closed, as you had just walked out with their latest enemy not knowing when they’ll see you again.

Prologue (Season 13, Episode 1)

[originally posted 2015-04-01]

Darkness. Then, a point of light in the dark. Another, and then another. Stars fade in; the universe is booting up.

Miles Luna seems to have a thing about starting a season in darkness. Season 11 opened with the words “Journal entry: one-zero-one” before we ever got the chance to see the crashed ship. Season 12 had a good minute of pure audio before the titles faded in, as the lieutenants bickered with one another. And now we get a slow, teasing fade in. I suppose that’s the advantage of having the world’s longest running (and probably most popular) web series under your control; you can afford to take your time.

That applies to the storytelling here too; it’s clear from the off that they don’t want to thrust too much information onto you at once, and they don’t plan on getting to the Reds and Blues on Chorus any time soon. Indeed, it’s a few minutes before we see a character we even recognise, but it’s fun spending some time with the crew of the Tartarus first. These scenes do a great job of fleshing out these very minor characters, something RvB has always been good at (think the unique Insurrectionists of Season 10…because we might come back to them). Stasky and his friends are good company, and I particularly like the otherwise silent dude who says “That’s intolerant!”. You go, Intolerance Dude. Don’t let anyone get you down.

Well, except Felix. When the mercenary steps out the ship (to a great musical cue) the Tartarus crew are curious, but soon won over by his charm. As viewers, we’re much more suspicious, and it’s only a matter of time before the killing starts. If the captain had watched Season 12, he might not have hesitated so long before drawing his pistol. As it is, our badass mercenaries (yes, plural, OF COURSE Locus was on the Pelican!) gain control of the prison ship in almost no time at all. My highlight of this segment was either Felix joking around with the captain’s corpse (“At ease, gentlemen!”) or Locus’ gentle, menacing command: “Quiet.” It’s good to see neither of them have changed their tune much, considering how strong their double act is.

Going back a bit, there are some details in the preceding conversation that are worth pointing out. Apparently ships have been going missing, possibly with scavengers to blame. I did initially wonder if Locus & Felix were behind that too, but considering the way Locus talks about the prisoners on the ship I get the sense this is the first time they’ve pulled this stunt. Either way, Stasky reckons it’s the aliens (altogether now: “That’s intolerant!”), which (among other clues) gives me the sense that we might see the blarg-honking extraterrestrial beings again. There was discussion after this episode about whether RvB can do ‘serious’ aliens, and whether a character like Junior is too silly to survive in the post-Blood Gulch (and even post-Freelancer) era of the show. I agree that it would take something special, but I also believe that the people making this show are capable of something special; in fact, I look forward to seeing what it is.

The scene in which the prisoners are recruited or purged is horrifying and hilarious, and fits perfectly with the delicate tightrope of pantomime villain and realistic asshole that the mercenaries walk. Again, it’s all well paced, and taken slowly as can be, at least until Felix hits the big red button. It’s a great surprise, but there are more surprises on the way. Aidan Price, better known as the Counsellor, makes his first appearance since Season 10, and his first in-timeline appearance since all the way back in Season 6, after which we presume he was imprisoned for his association with Project Freelancer. Last thing we saw, he was pleading with Washington to not do anything drastic. In return, Wash destroyed the Freelancer facility, sealing the Counsellor’s fate. You can see why Price might want to help Control, and it might not just be for his own safety. I’m thrilled that the Counsellor is back, and I’m fascinated to see how he fits in with the dynamic of Control. Will he become an advisor to Hargrove? To Locus & Felix? And what the fuck is with this guy?

There’s been a lot of speculation about who this mysterious figure who has “experience with Project Freelancer” is. People want it to be the Meta, considering the end of Season 12. But even if he had gained a crapload of tattoos in the intervening years, the fact the he doesn’t have the Meta symbol tattoo (and he’s not hiding it under his hair, come on) should make it clear that it can’t be him. I even saw some people suggesting it could be York, considering the fucked-up eye. But that seems unlikely too; we saw York die pretty conclusively, and even if there were ways around it I don’t think they’re likely to cheapen the sadness that came with York’s demise for the sake of a cliffhanger shock. Plus, there’s one answer that has so much evidence, I’m going to be shocked if it isn’t right.

Compare the orange emblem on his chest with the identical tattoo on his back, and his ‘jaws’ with the one on his torso, and it should be pretty clear what’s up. Last time we saw, he was taking a Gravity Hammer to the face, courtesy of Agent Carolina. So we’ve got the Counsellor, who has reason to want revenge on Wash, and we have Sharkface, who has reason to want revenge on Carolina. Looks like a match made in hell for the Reds and Blues. Caboose and Grif share that sentiment – sort of – in the episode’s close, and Miles’ tweet from months ago now makes sense.

One thing is clear; we are in for a hell of a ride, and this episode delivers a brilliant first portion. When it comes to production quality, they’ve done really well; the animation is top-notch, and reminiscent of the excellent Team Fortress 2 movies. And the music…oh boy. David Levy has brought something special to the soundtrack, and Nico of Trocadero is stepping up his own game to match. The opening song is beautiful, and that epic version of ‘Contact’ at the end blew me away. I can’t wait to get my hands on this soundtrack, and I can’t wait to hear more of it in action.

Our reintroduction to Sharkface is backed by the Chairman’s speech at the press conference. His last line should stick with us as a sign of things to come: “All good things must come to an end.” Let us never forget that this is the season in which Epsilon dies; or so he would have us believe. Let us always remember that even when the good guys prevail, nobody is safe. And let us remember that all good things must come to an end. This good thing, however, is only just beginning. Let’s get started.

“And now, it’s time for everyone’s favorite game...”

“And welcome back to ‘The Shipping Game.’ I’m your host Gabriel. Let’s welcome our first contestant: He’s a hunter who enjoys reading, spending time on the computer and co-dependency. Let’s all say hello to Sam Winchester!”

“Uh… hi. Is that a microphone or a sucker? And why are you carrying a sword?”
“Well, aren’t you a curious one. Let’s meet our eligible bachelors…”

“Bachelor #1 is an Archangel with a rebellious streak. Say hello to Lucifer.”
“Good evening.”

“Bachelor #2 is a bad boy with a heart of gold. Let’s welcome Gadreel.”
“Hello, brother.”

“And uh… Well, Bachelorette #3 is a California girl who likes thing HOT! Everyone, meet Jessica.”
“Hi There!”

“Alright Sam, now you’re going to ask your prospective partners a series of questions. At the end of the game, you’ll get to choose who you want to be shipped with. Ready?”
“I really don’t think…”
“Great! Let’s begin!”

“Ok… Bachelor #1, describe your perfect date.”

“Hmmm, let’s see… I’d probably take you out, maybe go someplace warm or do a little cage fighting with my brother. And then, at the end of the night, I’d slip into something more comfortable, say… You!”

“Well, that sounds dubious. Bachelor #2, same question.”

“I shall be honest with you, Sam, I don’t get out very much. Maybe go for a walk in a garden… I like gardens. And I promise I’ll be good and I won’t hurt anyone ever again. Just don’t let them put me back in that prison *sob*”

“Yeah, um… Gardens sound great. Bachelorette #3, what about you?”

“Hmmm… Maybe dinner and a movie or a walk on the beach. We’ll just see where the night leads us *wink*”

“Well, I like the sound of that.”

“Of course, with you being Sam Winchester, if any sort of physical relationship develops between us at all, my chances of any long term survival drop to almost zero.”

“*Sigh* Is this really all you have for me?”

“Well, you can always have a taste of my candy *wink*”

“Alright, Bachelor #1, if you were a dinosaur, what kind of dinosaur would you be?”

(Part 2(Part 3)

On becoming a lesbian

I’ve come to discover, through this journey, a number of other women who accepted or realized the full extent of their queerness as fully-formed adults like myself. These women, like me, often had to divert the path of their lives to something new and terrifying when they thought they had their future planned. They too sought out others like them, people who became queer (or more queer) later in life. These women, along with Paul, many of my friends, my family, my therapy groups, and a lot of reading about queerness, have helped me accept this surprising change in myself. But at the same time, I felt there hasn’t been enough written about this sort of shift.

I don’t see the fact that I was bisexual as a phase nor do I see who I am now as a phase. When I was bi, which I firmly believe I was for at least 31 or 32 years even if I don’t choose to use the title anymore, I was absolutely bi. I liked women and men, in about a 45/55 split. It was not a phase. I was less motivated to act on my attractions to women and I ended up in long-term relationships with men, but both attractions were present at the same time. Not all bi people are that way.

In fact, bisexuality is as variable as the many individuals who claim that label.

That’s one of the reasons I’m loathe to give that label up. One of the women I spoke with mentioned that “about every six months or so” she wanted to be with a guy sexually but that otherwise she had no interest in men. Some women found their sexuality to be fluid, where some months they preferred women and some months they preferred men. Other women were attracted only to certain men, but besides that preferred women.

I find myself uncertain about what this will all turn out to look like as part of my life. Part of me still sees myself as bisexual, although I have zero sexual attraction to men. It’s entirely possible that at the end of this journey (whenever the hell that will be, if ever), bisexual will still be the title that matches me the most. But it’s also entirely possible that that’s only because “bisexual” is the label I’m used to putting on myself, even if it’s a label that doesn’t fit anymore. Or maybe I’ll get tired of rejecting men over and over because they’ll assume “bisexual” = “chance at a threesome” and will just use the label lesbian to avoid men. There are no absolutes in life, and I’ve been taught that very well this year.

I’ll admit that, frankly, besides Paul, there aren’t a lot of dudes that I see good in and the odds of me ever being with a guy again that’s not him are minimal if not zero. Women, though, women are magical. Have we talked about how gorgeous and wonderful women are? There’s so much to discover and, as sad as I am to lose my partner, I’m also excited to see what’s out there for me in the world of women. If I ever find someone half as amazing as Paul to be with, I will be a lucky person indeed.