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"I don't want to lose you! You're all I have left!"


Was that Ymir?

Jean’s eyes snapped open immediately, and he winced as the lighting in the room made his head spin. He felt rather dizzy, chest clenched up in a pain that wasn’t very familiar to him at all.

Groaning, he looked up to meet Ymir’s gaze, taking a moment to register her words in his foggy brain.

“Lose…me? Don’t…be silly..” 

Why did he feel so weak? What the hell was that warm liquid dripping down his face?


Taking in another breath proved to be quite painful, and it was at that precise moment he realized what was going on. He was…dying?

“Not goin’ anywhere….y’hear me? Gotta…keep your ass…outta trouble a-and…raise…raise….Nina.”


Naomi: You don’t have a prenup.

Roy: That’s right. Are you worried about the apartment? Well, don’t be. I’m sure Sonia won’t begrudge me that, especially if I let her keep the marital home. That’s gotta be worth about 5 mill on today’s market.

Naomi: Our castle in Isla Paradiso only fetched 2.5 in the end. We thought we’d get at least 5 or 6.

Roy: Oh well, you know, the economy in The Islands is very weak compared to here…  

Naomi: All the proceeds had to go towards Raj’s tax bill, anyway. I was left with nothing. Nothing. 

Her eyes brim with emotion. Roy can feel her pain. It’s an actual physical ache deep in his belly, that’s how strong their connection is. He softens his voice.

Roy: Hey, I’m sorry you lost your home. That must have been devastating.

He pulls her close to his chest and smooths her hair. Her shoulders are heaving, her tears scalding his skin. 

Roy: Babe, c’mon. Don’t cry. What did I tell you right from the beginning? I’ll always take care of you. Always. Everything’s going to be fine. I promise. I promise, okay? 


Hunger Games + Book moments

I whip around. It’s come from the left, so I can’t pick it up very well. And the voice was hoarse and weak. Still, it must have been Peeta. Who else in the arena would call me sweetheart? My eyes peruse the bank, but there’s nothing. Just mud, the plants, the base of the rocks.

Peeta?” I whisper. “Where are you?” There’s no answer. Could I just have imagined it? No, I’m certain it was real and very close at hand, too. “Peeta?” I creep along the bank.

Well, don’t step on me.”