and i have a lot of debt


Fun fact: The debt he’s referring to here happened between chapters 310-311. It took him over 200 chapters to repay his debt and he never once forgot about it this whole time.

I think that many healthy people are pretty clueless about how devastating obtaining medical care in the United States really is. We all know that it is expensive, but when I say “expensive,” I actually mean “entirely unfeasible for many Americans.” I didn’t really understand either until I went from being a healthy kid to being in the PICU overnight, only to leave with hundreds of thousands of dollars in medical debt before my 17th birthday (and I was fortunate enough to have insurance!). I cannot begin to describe the impact this has had on my life. I’m saying this because there’s a lot of insensitivity going around about sick people who can’t afford care… about how they are just “lazy” and want a handout, or how if they’d just get a job, they might be able to pay their medical bills without destroying their lives. Frankly, it’s bullshit.

In a system like ours where care is SO outrageous, and where health insurance is a necessity to make these costs even remotely feasible, it’s not just a simple personal failing due to laziness when someone can’t afford care. Particularly in light of what is going on with the ACA, there are going to be a lot of people voicing their very cruel and frankly incorrect opinion that people who can’t afford healthcare are just lazy mooches who don’t want to get a job. A little bit of sensitivity for such a complex issue would be nice. While there’s plenty that needs to be criticized and targeted about US healthcare, the patients struggling to get life-saving treatments aren’t it, and doing so just diverts attention away from the fact that US “medicine” has become a joke. And I’m saying this as someone in the thick of it, as both a chronically ill patient and a student doctor.

so the witch collected her debt & a twitching, laughing scarecrow is said 2 haunt the forests around the kingdom. some ppl say they can hear him wailing at night still hungry for revenge while others say hes doomed to look for his lost creation for all eternity THE END

i like…the idea of hayseed bein a cursed junkenstein like reapers pumpkin head is sum cursed witch servant i like it a lot & only wish i had more time to sit n doodle these days

Well, it happened. Donald Trump is the president-elect of the United States. And a lot of people have been somewhat soothed by the fact that his acceptance speech sounded like it came from some bizarro world non-terrible version of himself. He “seriously” noted that the American people owed Hillary Clinton a “debt of gratitude,” and went on to say:

“Now it is time for America to bind the wounds of division, have to get together. To all Republicans and Democrats and independents across this nation, I say it is time for us to come together as one united people.”

And according to the immediate media reaction, this comforted a lot of people.

Trump’s words there could’ve come from the mouth of any prior president – they were the sane, reasonable sentences of a statesman who truly cares about the future of his country. It doesn’t sound like the sort of thing Hitler would say. Except here’s what Hitler said when he took power:

The National Government will regard it as its first and foremost duty to revive in the nation the spirit of unity and co-operation.”

Last October, when the rest of us couldn’t conceive of Trump the Nominee, let alone Trump the President, my colleague and former Cracked writer Adam Brown predicted he’d win, and predicted that his presidency would be, in a word, Hitlerian.

I still don’t think that’s likely. But then again, I didn’t think any of this could happen. So in the interest of being prepared, I dove into history books about the rise of the Third Reich to try to build a hypothetical road map to American Fascism. When Hitler rose to power, Germany was still one of the wealthiest, best-educated nations on earth, and the success of his campaign came from directly targeting the millions of out-of-work Germans who had been devastated by the stock market crash in America (the Great Depression affected the entire world, you see) by promising them jobs and a better economy. Sound familiar? If it happens here like it happened there, here’s how it’ll start …

Think Trump Can’t Become Hitler? Watch For These 4 Signs

Two million f*ck yous.

Recently worked on a project that went wrong - all my crew did their jobs, but the people who got me to engage them all did so without having raised the essential finance, and lied about it. Hundreds of thousands of dollars owed to suppliers and crew by the time they admitted it. Horrid mess, lots of court threats, lots of people f*cked over, the legality of improper trading certainly questionable, etc. And my good name and reputation wrecked.

As it became clearer that I wasn’t going to be paid, I figured it was worth inflicting damage - the same company had enough cash to invest in other projects whilst refusing to pay their debts on this one, and someone needed to suffer. Quick shout to the tax office for starters pointing out that some of the reported figures simply could not be correct, and that they may choose to investigate. That’s just good manners. The real meat was catching an investor in time.

This investor was good for about $1.5M-$2M. They were very excited to have reeled him in to cashflow their other projects. By absolute coincidence a friend in the same industry was introducing this investor, and happened to hear of this crashed project, and looked up the records and saw my name involved. We go a long way back, he called me to ask about what had happened.

We had a long chat - it turned out someone we both knew was taking this investment to the company, had misrepresented the situation somewhat, and was due to make a personal $50k-100k from hooking this investment. It was a lovely chat, once we unpicked the maze of companies and who did what with whom and whose money, my old friend called the investor. This was on a Saturday, the paperwork was due to be signed on Monday. F*cking killed the deal right through the heart with a stake. Millions of dollars of investment and tens of thousands of finders fees all turned off in a single call.

They don’t know it was me, and never will as they are very litigious and it’s f*cked them over admirably in a very small industry. And all down to the generosity of the gods getting an old friend to get in touch with perfect timing. And I’m not finished, they’re still lying and not paying people and suppliers for work done for them on that project, so I figure I’m a secret superhero and if I get any more opportunities I’ll inflict more damage. I can’t myself ever letting this one go, at least until every penny has been paid. Maybe a little longer to pay for my reputational damage, too.


Hi guys, This is honestly the last thing I’d ever want to do ever. But I’m asking for some help. While I was away from home working, people were let into my house and they ended up stealing a lot of stuff. Most importantly the savings I’d been saving up since before Christmas to pay off my awful debt. After risking my mental health trying to save up and work when I was barely capable of working, finding out it was all gone was honestly heartbreaking. I’ll explain everything better in a read more, because it turned out very long. If you could even take a second just to read what I have to say I’ll be forever grateful. Thank you.

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This whole Pokemon Go drama of people bashing younger generations on social media has made me think a lot. All the comments revolved around the same: “why don’t you go and adopt an actual animal?” “Or why are you so immature?”

The answer to most of these people is very simple: this is all we got. I’m going to be 25 years old in one month and I just secured my first ever permanent job. At my age my mum had a 6 year old and had a permanent job for 5 years. My dad had his own business. They had two cars, a house and a mortgage. Do you know what I have? Student loan debt, high rent for a tiny flat (that doesn’t allow pets btw!), four plants and a bus pass.

Baby boomers accuse my generation of being lazy and immature and this and that when they literally fucked everything over for us. “How do you want to buy a house do you? Well get ready to fork out a quarter of a million pounds and a kidney while you are at it!”

Travelling, fandoms and nostalgia filled games are all we got. Don’t you think I would like to have children? Don’t you think I go to sleep every night thinking I’m getting older and I haven’t reached even a quarter of the goals I set up for myself? Don’t you think that I’m scared I will never be able to afford a family? 

I grew up hearing that I could be everything I wanted. That if I worked really hard I would be rewarded for it. Well guess what? You lied. You, baby boomer, sitting comfortably in your 4-bed house with your mortgage and your white fence. You lied to all of us. So the least you can do is shut the fuck up and let me catch some Pokemon.


Here is a story for an anonymous friend, that wanted to write a possession story about an adult man possessing a young student. I hope you will all like it.  If you also want me to write a story about you, just contact me and tell me what do you want me to write about.

I snapped a picture of me sitting in a car looking good as always and posted it on My story on Snapchat. Cool. Blues eyes were drawing attention and perfectly matched my new T-shirt that Alisha, my girlfriend, gave to me yesterday.

“Ok, time to go now.” I grabbed my stuff and put my phone into the pocket. “ I went straight to school from the parking lot. The way usually takes about 10 minutes, but today it took me longer, because I had an encounter with a weird stranger. He looked like homeless and probably a stoner, but I was happy to help anyone who asked me for help. 

“Hey could you please help me? You look like a well-behaved young man.”

“Sure, what can I do for you sir?” I politely answered.

“I got debts and I don’t have enough money to pay it all back. Mr. Bernetti, maybe you know him, is not a patient and a decent man like you. He is a mobster and threatened me to pay him a tax for my store. But not many people come to my store since Bernetii started to show his ass more often.” said the stranger shaking nervously.

 “Look, I would really like to help you, but I am just a student and I can’t give you any money. I need them too. Maybe you could ask somebody else or try to contact the police.”

“No. I can’t go to police, he has got his people there, I just can’t. But you could help me, I just need a hideout for a few weeks. And you would be perfect, he would never look in your house.”

“Look, I live with my parents, I can’t let a total stranger live in my house. I don’t even know you”

“Don’t worry, your parents won’t even notice I will be there. I fill fit in just right. All I need to know is to be you, to become you.” he said in a happy, but a still nervous voice and pushed me to the ground. 

“What are you doing? Get off me” I tried to push him away. He was touching me everywhere and screaming. “That bitch lied to me! She said that drinking that shit will be enough. I will kill her. Kill her!” Then he spotted a coming crowd of my friends and quickly ran away from me. They helped me to get back on my feet and came with me inside. 

I was stressed out. What did that guy mean? What did he mean by “become you” ? I was over thinking that moment all day. After school I headed to play football. I got changed and took my water bottle with me. I left it on a bench and went to play. I drank the whole bottle even thought that the water tasted a bit sugary. After practice I drove home. My parents were on their anniversary dinner. I unlocked the door and came inside. But before I could close the door that weird stranger came in.

“Get out, I swear will call the police.”

“You can try, but this time I made sure that it will work. Fuck, I will be so hot in just a few seconds” then he jumped at me again. But this time I didn’t collapse. My body just absorbed his and I felt like I couldn’t move. I felt paralysed, but still could anything happening around me. I could feel the wind, sweat drops on my forehead, anything, but I couldn’t move. But then my eyes started to move.

“Shit, that was a ride. Hey hot boy, you still in there? I hope you can see what I am about to do. I will stay in this body just for a while and then I will leave like nothing happened. Well I hope you agree with me, because you don’t have a choice and I can’t hear you. So…” came out of my body, but it wasn’t me talking. My hands started to move and touch my face.

“Please just get out, I will do anything, please.” I screamed, but didn’t hear anything.

“Hey I think I can feel your emotions in there, but don’t worry this anger will pass and you will enjoy being a passenger in your body. Now where were we?” he was touching myself again and posing in the mirror. “This is a really nice body. I have to admit you were taking good care of it. NIce abs, flat torso, huge biceps, damn bro, look at your nice package. Your dick is so huge. I need to get it wet with some hot girl. 

My whole life was in his hands. I couldn’t do anything. He bought new clothes, that I would never wear, stopped playing football, everything. All I could do was to be as much emotional as it was even possible. The first time he was with a girl, I tried to be disgusted and I think it worked. My… His dick couldnt get hard. He should have known that possessing gay guy is not going to be a holiday vacation for a straight homeless. Unfortunately he didnt mind. He found himself a nice twink to fuck and continued to ruin my life.

He is enjoying holiday now with bunch of other guys. It has been 5 weeks now and nobody suspects anything. They all thing that I just wanted to enjoy my life more. Maybe its better this way, but I would really like to have my body back one day, because it sucks to be just a watcher. All I do watch how he is having fun in my body, drinking  booze, using drugs and fucking other guys. “Hey, that guy has a cool tatoo on his arm, maybe he will fuck me later.

Okay but can we pls talk about this

Guys, he can show illusions to others

and I can’t get over the fact that it probably means: He will not forget ‘‘that person’’/Alma, and now he was finally accepting(accepting, not forgiving)everything that order did to him because in the end, after going through everything, having to kill his friend, try to forget everything that happened,etc., he met someone who helped him with Alma.

This person is Allen.
Yes, Allen! He helped Kanda a lot with Alma even in the end, remember?

He has a debt, and because of that he came back and accepted everything that happened(again, accepting is not the same as forgiving, just as forgiving is not the same as forgetting).
“Duh, he says the reason that in manga” but I want to emphasize not only that. 💙

He also wanted to return the favor and help Allen with Nea and stuff and this is just so beautiful?? I love these two so damn much

An apology, an explanation, and another apology

First off, I ought to apologize. I disappeared off the face of the earth without warning, and neither have I responded to any of the very kind asks wondering whether I was ok. The truth is, I was not ok at all, but in neglecting to even check in now and then, I know I caused a lot of people to worry. For that, I am truly sorry.

Normally I’m a very private person, but I feel that my long absence begs an explanation, so, here goes. In July, my S.O. and I parted on amicable terms. In August, I lost my main job, and following that, my apartment. I ended up in debt and sleeping on the couch at my brother’s, whose generosity I cannot praise highly enough. My mental health took a dive during this time, naturally. The problem is that when things get difficult for me, I kind of… shut down. I laser focus on finding a solution to whatever my biggest problem is, and everything else goes by the wayside. Dividing my attention in critical moments causes me extreme anxiety, and so my friendships and communication with the outside world suffered. As a result, Trix and I ended up having a falling out. I wish her the very best of luck, and I still love her, but we are not speaking at the moment and so I have lost my screener.

Things are better now. I have a new (single!) job, and while I’m not totally in the black yet, my finances are doing much better and I am able to afford housing again. I built a wall around myself, and slowly, piece by piece, it’s starting to come down. Running this blog has brought me a lot of joy, and neglecting it likewise made me incredibly guilty. I don’t intend to let it die. I’m still recovering, and so I can’t guarantee speedy or consistent update rates, but I’m finally in a place where I want to come back.

Again, I am so very sorry. Thank you to everyone who checked in on me, and I apologize for not getting back to you before now. I truly do appreciate your kindness and concern, and I love all you guys so much. <3

Expect more soon. ^0^

we can honestly extend that logic to undergrads in a lot of fields, i know that definitely as a musician and music scholar i have long grappled with the fact that we graduate far more professionally trained classical musicians than there is demand for. a lot of us like to hide inside ideals of the Liberal Arts Education and the university as a contributing factor to Better People but these kids are going into incredible debt to fund their education (so did i tbh). we’re profiting from the promise of their future labor, exploitation in advance.

Organizing My Life...Continued

I was very busy today and yet I don’t feel like I got a lot done. Like I said yesterday, my professional life has felt a little disorganized lately. One of the reasons is because I’ve been feeling a lot of pressure being a leader of several sailors. While it’s been a lot as of late, I have been recognized for my efforts.
I was named the Defense Intelligence Agency Sailor of the Year. This means I’m now up for the Navy District Washington Sailor of the Year where I will be competing against several other Sailors for that honor. The pressure to do well has been a little overwhelming. Anyway, this morning was the first step in getting ready for that professional test by getting my official picture taken.

The next part is getting my personal life in order. One part of that is getting out of debt. To do so, I’ve decided to take on a second job. Sure, I’ll have little to no personal life, but it’s only until the stress of my financial burdens are less stressful. The only place I applied to was Nike to become one of the Pacers. Today they called me in for an interview and less than an hour later I had the job. I have to do some paperwork and training and whatnot, but now after a year of being led by Pacers at Nike, I’ll be one of them. I think it’s kind of cool. 

When I finally got home I relaxed for a little bit before heading out for today’s run. While I was relaxing it rained so I was happy to have avoided that. It did cool things down a bit but it made for a pretty nice evening run. 

My legs felt a little tired so I didn’t push as hard as I normally do until the end. At that point I started feeling a little more like myself. Now, after all the stretching and foam rolling my legs feel tired. I’m ready for a good night’s sleep. 

Chapter 89 SnK

Well, I think this chapter has had more questions than answers, but we all notice how Isayama intentionally made this chapter offer us 3 new possibilities yet did not give enough relevance as usual.

The analysis will begin with the letter of Ymir

Well, I suppose most of the fans were disappointed with this and even Isayama managed to fool us completely with false indications of the “Ymir Goddess” (this I mention a lot in that wrong theory that Zeke devoured to Ymir).

Something that we will point out in this letter was with the intention of apologizing to Historia for not having chosen love and paying her life debt with the warriors and of course to tell her that she loves her deeply but it was not a farewell

Even Historia noticed Ymir’s timidity. Well, now we just have to ask ourselves why Isayama only dedicated so few pages to a character that we all wanted and we had so much expectation ?.

Also the letter was very interpretative but I leave something very clear.

This that Ymir is a girl who loves life and although she will surely face death she will do it with dignity but despite her situation, keep in mind that She in the bottom of her heart has hope.

Another thing is that she never harbored hatred or resentment against the people of Mare or the warriors because the suffering had led her to the path of true freedom and that she could meet her soul mate.

That is the interpretation of “without regrets”

I say this because Isayama never made Ymir write in the letter “goodbye Historia” but I leave these last words that if we think it were so confusing if this letter had the objective to confirm his death

Then we will notice that sarcastic humor that is typical of Isayama but what he really means is that this is not the end

We will note that Historia could not read the letter of the person she loved alone, nor let her cry or vent her pain.

Another very important thing is that they never showed us the thoughts of Historia

They did not seem curious all those details

But if this is not enough, we will notice how the subject of the letter is forgotten as something of little importance.

You know something for what I consider good Isayama is to give a good conclusion to the secondary characters as some protagonists always in one way or another are unforgettable, but this is the only time I saw that so little importance is given to a supposed confirmation of death

Isayama made some statements that Ymir (The lesbian to be clear) was going to reveal a great secret that would help to understand and solve all the mysteries of Snk.

Well, if she was someone of the royal blood or a reincarnation of (Ymir Fritz) this could have worked even if she was dead and her letter did not reveal anything equal would have relevance for those two factors mentioned and her death would work.

But we discovered that she is a normal girl without lineage or anything special, besides having the power of the titan and that in the long awaited letter I did not reveal any secret. Therefore, his death would not make sense

My conclusion about this is that the important role that Isayama mentions she will have up his sleeve. She will do it while she is alive and it is clear that she is going to die sometime, but this last chapter the truth did not confirm anything is but now there is more possibilities that this alive

Although if I could be dead despite all this, but I really think that its chances are 50% that this alive

I hope you have liked them and can give suggestions if you wish

PDTA: titan quadrupedo did not eat Ymir

anonymous asked:

Could you explain the post about the credit system a little more? I'm assuming you're referring to financial credit but I'm not entirely sure how it works against disabled people (I totally believe that it does and can see how it would in general but I'm just curious to know more info since I never really thought about it myself and I'm disabled.) If you're not up for it that's fine too though! Sending spoons!

So speaking from personal experience, my credit has been ruined by medical bills. I pay them off as soon as I can, but when you have medical equipment and other urgent care costs, shit happens.

Eventually the bill gets sent to a collection agency and then your credit tanks and you’re Doomed. Same goes with other types of debt, which is unfortunately a reality for a lot of disabled people.

Also for most credit cards, you have to have a job/significant income to even qualify. For a lot of us that’s just not possible. 

The only credit card I have is a secured card through my bank, which if you don’t know is where you pay the bank up front for the limit of the card and then you can spend that like you would with a normal credit card. But it builds good credit more slowly than a normal card.

So basically what little credit disabled people are able to build up for themselves is destroyed by unexpected bills that are sent to collection agencies and stuff like that.

Poor credit (or lack of credit entirely) stops disabled people like me from qualifying for home loans, even if we have some income and/or people who would help us pay for the mortgage.

We can’t get out on our own because nobody ever gives us a chance.


I’ll sketch a bust like this for $3 for the rest of the month, I’m in a lot of debt and my hours are still complete and utter shit (they have been since August and it’s IMPOSSIBLE to communicate with management, they’re so fucking incompetent it’s not funny).

Or please at least share this. I’m having an extremely hard time. I can hardly afford bus fare, I’ve sold just about everything I have that’s worth selling, no one can help me, my job is very likely not gonna get better anytime soon, I can’t find another job because no one is hiring. I hate to do this but I seriously need help, and this is all I have left.

I an only accept paypal for now.

When The Past Comes Calling

It’s uh, been a while, I guess! I have half a dozen unfinished drafts sitting around, so while I desperately try to get something finished enjoy chapter 1 of my incredibly self-indulgent film noir detective Nico. ~2100 words of past NicoMaki and potentially future NicoMaki with a lot of stupid internal monologue that was fun to write.

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ultrareginarules Could you please point out a few things Bex has…

Really? I thought since she was in lost and had that part she had steady acting jobs (albeit small ones) I had no idea she was in financial difficulty. No wonder she was so thrilled to get hired by Ouat despite the problematic nature of her character. Good for Bex! She’s a lovely person and deserves all the good things :)

“I’ve been through a lot of ups and downs in my life, in my career.  Just over three years ago I had no money and I was severely in debt and I was homeless.  Just over three years ago.  And I thought what am I going to do?  I think I thought I’d have to go back to England and move in with my mum and dad.  I had this audition … I thought this is it.  It’ll get me my own apartment.  I can come back from this.  And I got in my car and my tank was empty.  And I didn’t have any money and all my credit cards were overdrawn and what am I going to do?  So I called a friend who had two kids and she had to leave her kids with a neighbor and walk to to the Bank of America to get $100 out walk to Chase put it in my account.  I rolled down the hill on my brake pedal and found a gas station waiting for it to clear to put the money in my account and drove to my audition… and now I’m sitting in front of a thousand people crying.  You never know.  It can just take one phone call, one email, one moment for you to be the best person you can be.  I’ve said it before and I know it sounds cheesy but I just kept believing, I kept believing for that.  And Adam and Eddy called and asked if I wanted to be on Once Upon a Time and I said ‘YES PLEASE!’”
–Rebecca Mader, Creation New Jersey June 2016.

People don’t realize how hard it is to live even as a working actor on guest parts.

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I am so desperate

everything that could go wrong, goes wrong, and that beyond my imagination.
I am trapped and burdened in so many ways, I can’t take it anymore. I don’t know how much longer I can take the bitterness, the poison, the agony, the desperation. I don’t know how much longer I can fight against my misery.
I have to struggle with my inner wounds, the job situation, with my financial situation, the debts I had to make, with my cigarette addiction that burns lots of money, but I am too weakened already to be able to stop, economy is real bad so I can’t find a proper job that I could get by with. also I have several physical health issues.
I am so desperate, and I am out of ideas. It’s hard for me to feel the comfort of the Lord, even less trust Him or be thankful to Him. I am out of ideas and of strength. I am far away from being happy. I don’t know how I will survive this month, what I will eat.
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