and i have a light up arc reactor toy

deadcatwithaflamethrower replied to your photo:Got an arc reactor for my birthday…

Best birthday present ever? ….Okay, if it generated real electricity, that would make it the present to defeat all presents.

It’s actually hilarious because this toy is basically “happy birthday, have some mild psychological torment”.

It’s a MARVEL SCIENCE Arc Reactor “Lab” toy. The top pops off, and there are six “chips” set in the base. Three of the chips can be rearranged in several combinations, and the idea is that you have to try (and track, that’s the “science” part) various combinations to get the reactor up to full power. If the chipset isn’t arranged correctly, the light revs up, flickers, and then dies, and every time that happens I think about Tony Stark dying. 

Me: *arranges chips*
Arc Reactor: *revs up*
Me: *holds breath*
Arc Reactor: *dies*

It’s fantastic.