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Tried reading my whole APUSH book and writing down notes 2 days before the actual test. I obviously didn’t finish nor do I think that actually worked lol. The test was easier compared to what I thought, but the type of essay that we got was the only one we never did in class so we’ll see how that goes. I just wanna burn all my AP stuff already. 2 down, 2 more to go! I also have the SAT tomorrow. Why must it be on the same week as AP exams. Just why.

Wrapped Around; pt. 3

Jimin x Reader x Tae // College!AU // 12264 words

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Summary: Freshman year was a mess and sophomore year doesn’t seem to be looking too good either. You know boys like them are no good for you but maybe they’re just your kind of type

Genre: Fluff, Smut

A/N: Man feels good to finally post this. Thanks for being patient ya dumplings (: ICYMI, there was a part 2.5 so check out part 2.5 before reading this!!!

Part 1 | Part 2Part 2.5 | Part 3.5


You were meant to be someone he’d use to get good grades and if all went according to plan, you were going to be a simple hump and dump but hell, he hadn’t even slept with you yet and he was already so hung up on you.

Your mind is all over the place, your hands shaking and your heart pounding but you try to push through. You pick up the next practice exam, exhaling deeply to get yourself to calm down but it doesn’t work. Glancing at the amount of work you had left to get done, you simply groan internally. You’re not sure what kind of luck it was to have 3 midterms in one week, each one a day after the other. Sighing, you set aside the papers for a while to unwrap the sandwich that was sat on your table.

You’ve put off sleep for a while now, not like you could really sleep to begin with but you get a maximum of 2-3 hours of sleep a day and it really was taking a toll on your body. Your anxiety interfered with everything from your ability to sleep to your ability to study. You distanced yourself from everyone you knew and that included Jimin, Solji and Hoseok. The library was basically your home now and you only returned to your dorm to shower and grab the books you needed. You chose to go back at odd times, making sure you would never bump into Jimin. The only person you saw from time to time was Taehyung when he’d drop by your desk to hand you a sandwich or a snack. You know every time he comes around, he had that look in his eyes. It was those puppy eyes, full with concern but he never asked you anything and you were glad.

He knew all of this well enough, having seen you done the same thing the previous semester as finals week approached. This time around though, he was slightly more concerned only because you still had 2 and a half weeks till finals but right now you already looked… for the lack of a better word, horrible. You often forget to eat meals when you’re stressed so he takes it upon himself to drop something off when he could. His heart hurt watching you abuse yourself but no matter what he did, he could never get you to stop and tell yourself that maybe you needed to take a breather or seek out help.

He remembers perfectly well the way you had snapped at him last semester when he pulled you out of the library to get you to wake up and see that your body wouldn’t be able to hold up if you continued.

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Happy Birthday Seiten Taisei Son Goku!

Chrysanthemum means longevity, fidelity, joy and optimism. White chrysanthemum symbolizes loyalty and honesty, while yellow chrysanthemum symbolizes neglected love or sorrow. 

Out of all (sketchable) flowers, I picked chrysanthemum because it’s the most elaborate and also, I like to suffer apparently.

Zig? Beautiful. Radiant. Seductive. My photography? …Not so much.

Normally, I would retake the shot/make it look less pink and dark wtf. Sadly, because I got a little bit distracted by this piece last night + spent an hour trying to figure out my printer + may have gone to bed at 3 am…I need to return to my finals prep. 😬 I’ve got 1 out of my 2 more exams tomorrow. Wish me luck!

But before I go! 😊 To conclude this piece, I finished the prismacolor portrait (ears and shirt), added some paper over the facing page (I thought dark blue/purple tones fit him well!), and printed/cut out one of my favorite quote from The Freshman Book 3.

I’m happy with this layout: portrait, background, quote. I am most likely going to continue this series with potentially a few other Choices characters. (I’ve got my eyes on Drake of The Royal Romance next!)

A big thank you to everyone who liked/reblogged my first photos. I was so happy to read all your feedback and v touched that you liked this as much as you did! Looking forward to sharing more pieces with this wonderful online community. 💗

(Also, I’m working on a few more playlists for characters, including Zach, Drake, and Part 2 for this handsome guy!!! I’m open to requests for that. 😊 )

8 April 2017:

Simplistic black and white spread! I finally got some form of a gelly roll pen (it’s a Glaze, not the regular one, but I’m fine with it lmao) and it works great with highlights!

Pens Used:

Faber Castell Brush

Uni Signo 207 0.7mm gelpen

Sailor Gelpen 0.38mm (I have five of these and they’re super cheap at the local Daiso! Highly recommend them for anyone who wants a long lasting pen, but don’t recommend them for people who dislike fountain pens, because that’s the ink consistency on this pen.)

Sakura Glaze Gel Pen, White

AP exams are in three weeks and I’ve made trackers for the 2 exams I’ll be taking in May, that I will post after they’re all over! Sadly, I’ve only been able to log class review (English) and only 2 days of AP Chem review this week :( hopefully tomorrow I’ll be able to catch up to where I need to be!

(On a more personal note, I’m still not over the 2017 World Figure Skating Championships and was going to get a pic of the men’s medalists to put on here, but it didn’t work out :( )

Welcome to our frat house!

Okay well, @dtk15 requested a snowed in version which I’ll be posting shortly after this post, but I thought I’d make another college AU orientated one. So thanks for the ideas and prompts, dude!

The tv lolled quietly in the background, a soft click echoing throughout the silent halls as Jonathan dug himself deeper underneath his teddy bear. The lights were off and his eyes trained fearfully at the horror show playing. Annabelle.

“Johnny! We’re home, mother fucker!” Luke’s voice echoed in the halls, frightening the lad on the couch to diving for the remote and a mix of hiding his face to muffle his scream or wave back and at least try to be friendly back.

He ended up falling on his knees and face on the ground, his teddy bear stealing his spot gleefully. “Why are you…” uke started but looked up and shook his head with a sigh.

“Another horror movie? Jonathan, we have exams tomorrow, you’re gonna hate not being able to sleep tonight.” Evan sent a concerned glance to his friend.

“I-I’ll be fine if you don’t purposely scare me, bitches!”

Tyler laughed, “I could do much better than Luke, trust me.”

Evan glared at Tyler before sighing and plopping next to Jonathan on the couch. Jonathan scooted against the arm of the loveseat(2-seat couch usually for couples), his left arm grazing against Evan’s right one. “We bought soda.”

Jonathan nodded, his face lightly red from embarrassment. He gladly took the can of pop from Evan and greedily slurped a quarter down before sputtering on a cough as a sudden wail from behind interrupted the peace.

Evan placed a comforting hand on Jonathan’s shoulders as Tyler snickered behind the sudden frightened male. “Come on, Ty, leave him be.”

“Fine, fine.” Tyler grinned, winking at Evan and heading into the kitchen to help put away groceries.

Evan softly smiled, hearing Tyler start bickering with Craig about breakfast, Brock cutting in to say he’d be cooking before school every morning anyway.

Jonathan shuddered lightly and grasped the remote in his free hand, slurping his pop quickly as he resumed his show. Evan sighed and snuggled close under the blankets, pulling Jonathan’s teddy bear from between them to his lap and setting him against Evan’s side with a knowing smile.

The two were left to their show in fright, joy, and satisfaction by their somewhat respectful friends. This caused a smile to appear on their lips as they cuddled even closer for more comfort against the frightening wails of the doll or ghost on the show.

Jonathan nuzzled his head in the crook of Evan’s neck, “Thanks buddy…”

“No problem. Love ya.”

“I love ya too, Evay bear…” Jonathan yawned, watching his show with droopy eyes.

Evan smiled, pecking his cheek before nuzzling his cheek against the top of Jonathan’s forehead, lolling off to sleep himself .

My first studyblr photo! Yayyyyyy🎉🎉 I am an engineering student and I like the idea of motivating oneself to study and be productive using social media. So here I am posting for the first time. I’m currently preparing for my maths 2 exam.. it’s an oral exam and I have it after tomorrow.. so in the past days I kept my notes organized .. been memorizing everything 🤓 using also a sort of flash cards! Wish me luck and I hope people get in touch with me 😄😜

But You’re the Bad Guy (part 3) - Theo Raeken Imagine

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Part 1 - Part 2 - Part 4


For the past month and a half Theo and I have been sneaking around town making out,going on dates so on and so forth. The same time i’ve been going back and forth from Stiles’ house to mine getting help for chemistry, today we were due to have an all nighter and study for my exam tomorrow so a sleepover was obvious. 

Today was pretty eventful Scott and Stiles had to create a plan to help Liam become team captain since we were all graduating this year sadly. Malia and Lydia have been stuck in the lab working on math and I’ve been in class for the most part and when i wasnt i was with Theo.

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